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W ? BB- ""V
A Golden Rule
of Agriculture:
Be Rood to your land and your crop
will be good. Plenty of
in the fertilizer spells quality j * , j
and quantity in the liar- . yd .
vest. Write us and tf''we
will send you,
free, by next mail,
| our money winning
S I S . i;:,I 1 <)lt OilI I'AKMEIIS.
Hot l? Make Mot foil a Surplus
and Paying ( top and yet Produce
More Corn Than
N owfi and Courier.
To the Editor of The News and
Courier: For years The News
and Courier haw urged the fanners
of South Carolina to plaut
and produce enough of the
cereals to render themselves selfsupporting
and independent, but,
inasmuch as no plan was suggested
by which the farmers could
increase the yield of cereals
without curtailing the acreage of
cotton, the advice, though wise
and sound, has fallen on deaf or
inattenti *e ears.
i propose to present in this
paper a system of farming hv
which the small farmer, and the
big planter as well, may double
his production of corn without
diminishing his yield of cotton,
i and at the same time fultill a
promise made to the farmer edi
lor of The News and Courier. I
can think of no better way to do
this than by submitting my own
RVHt.-m fit ni*.?r.>?ri Iltr nliaiifnm
~ I"'*'
und cultivating a crop.
I liist break my land with sixinch
one-horse ploughs. Then
lay of! the whole of it in rows
four feet apart, purposing to
plant every two consecutive rows
in corn, leaving tiie adjacent
rows to be planted later in cotton.
In the furrows to be bedded
for cotton I put all of my stable
lot, cowpeu manure and cornpout
as far as they will go, and to
that add two hundred pounds of
acad phosphate, and whore commercial
manure alone is applied
I put four hundred pounds of
acid phosphato and cotton seed
meal, mixed in equal parts, per
acre. About the middle of March
I plant my corn, dropping a
grain in eacn step of the plough
man, who opens the furrows
atr-sh, and u cotton planter fol
lows, covering the seed. That is
to say, rows one and two are
plantod in corn, drilled about
two feet, apart in the furrow, and
rowMhree and lour are loft to
be planted afterwards in cotton.
Then live and six are plantod in
corn, and seven and eight left for
cotton, and so on, till tiie whole
crop of corn is planted.
About the middle of April the
rows left for cotton arc* bedded
at.(J .the cotton planted with a
planter. When the cotton rows
are planted it will bo the same
ns if the corn middle had bean
freshly worked out, and all the
subsequent ploughing of the cotf
/\ vi will It a \f ?k Ka r\f n!/?in#h
>six the corn that much.
Ap soon as the cotton ha? been
planted the young corn will be
large enough to be plowed with
h hull-fongiied plough, and a furrow
on each Hide of the corn rown
will be boliicieut lor tue time.
Later unother furrow lapped
upon that with a pix inch turn
nig plough will leave the corn in
condition tor the cultivation to
be finished with '.a sweep, while
ploughing the cotton.
A farmer will sec at once that
by this system the cultivation of
tl.? cultoi\ ho far an the ploughing
iB ccrjcerned, ia clear gain,
for all tin ploughing that ib done
t/i i iti* 0'\ ?\ a*/.n 1.1 ho nu li. f >
/ \
' <v?r? not thorp, Poh!tip?r rjio
corn with this ploughing, which
would be correct, the cotton costs
that much less to produce. Then,
by combining the two crops, tho
viold of corn is doubled. Kv thin
system a farmer would always
have earn to sell or to dispose of
in some other way, such as feeding
more hogs, cattle, poultry,
etc., and while doubling his
yield of corn and increasing his
production ot cotton ho can culI
tivute more land and at less cor-t
j than by the old system in which
I the crops of corn and cotton are|
I plumed in separate holds. Ail
being together, the working of
! the corn is not neglected in
i rainy seasons in order to got the
! grass killed in the cotton held. 1
jsaidthnt a fanner planting by
rnv system will always have a
i surplus of corn to r-ell or to feed
to cattle, hi gs or poultry, and
when a majority of the farmers |
ul South Carolina got in the way
of feeding large quantities of
corn to cattle and hogs and poultry.
and selling some to * ho merchants,
the railrouds will cease
to haul mildewed Western corn,
rancid butter and soft most
| into the State to be retailed at
1< mh ii111 oiii iuii. iiioii k' uniM aim nuiry
' Whom tne <1 ivin?* Cordo'la of the vour.
K on pitying Spring, will vainly strive to
King, that no subjects man nor beast may
Discrowned, unlan'htered ar.d alone ?
Yet .shall the great (1ml turn thy (.tie.
Ami bring the back Into ihy monarch's state
Ami snaj' sty immaculate.
H? , through hot w.ivertn -s of the August morn
Thou givest from thy vasty sides forlorn
Visions of great treasuries of corn.
It I pa I.ir ;c-sc Ii igor.nz for sonte holder heart,
Tli it manfully shall take thy t-irt.
And tend thee,
And delond thee,
With .antiipt. sinew and with modm-n art
Alfred Aldrich.
Barnwell, May 21.
One I>omo Convince**.
Mo/ley's Lemon Elixir acta
gently on the bowels without
,any unpleasant effect. It is a
i perfect liquid laxative. 50 cents
Char'es {Stiver? secretary c*!
the Anti-Vaccination league ol c^?;> '^9S
Minneapolis, died Irom smallpox ^
April 15. He had Irequently |L^?.- ? :;arj!
denounced vaccination us inel- H
licacious and a oui batons prac
The Postal Cable manager in
New York city expects bv July 1 if'
to send a message lo bimseli i -Ch l? y'J
around the "orld in 40 mi nous. ^ ^
!| ji a. * '
There are at the piesent too i|v^'
ment in France 200,000 houses j
which have no window-. iveiui-e [ AYivjehUcI oppor.
-incredible as it n.av seen- ^
there is still a Jbreuch window , L and
door tax. |
Important Notice. ; Protrovr.ni&^'ic
r t U Dt'SS tiiXi ilt'Sl.COHl
Not ice is hereby given that it } Ppium.Mor plane i
:.t a .1 ) '.lion ot law for am r>< : . ! . I tsO 4'C Av* c:o"
awaraea to those making the
highest average at this examiuatiori.
Tlie next seuien will open \ JLf V
about September 1G, 1903.
F?t further information and a I
catalogue address Prewdont D. mS/JW .
H. Johnson, Rock lit 11, 8. C.
t!7m 10 th ri
'r DESIGNS " Prrrv^^
Anvino nen<1lii|t * (.Jiatnh a?.d description mnj inc.
quickly <u?cert?lii our opinion freo whether ?n ,
invent n it iiu'imlii) i i.r-i. ii oiniiiunir*. jCo f% a I tHO fr* |A
I tons-i rlcl ly coinhluiiUnl. HANDBOOK on I'lltrnu )ksj 1131 13 i IJ KiiJi
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yc ir . 1 ur months, tl. 3ui4 by all tiowudoulcrn.
MliNN & (!0.36iBroadway. fjeW YOfK | ^ .'
HrntioU Oltico. 636 F WftftbtUifton, D. C. ' [ ,m
1?A'Ji, \r?vr ay^r*y w; q
ja "?? Formula tells the story:
-Grove's Chron
Not a patent medicine : a thin <.pirituous Lq
Fluid Extract SLACK ROOT
Fiuid Extract IXJG WOOi> PARK
1 It Cures the Chills t5j?t e ther
(double the price that it will costl
nut own people to put these commodities
on the market.
Am soon as the farmer begins
to feed and fatten hogs and cattle
the land about Ins homestead be
gins to improve permanently no
j matter how poor a s tnd hill ho
may have chosen to build on. In
! the tar East the cow is regarded
I fiR n sacred animal, and she
I ought to be so considered here,
i for intelligently managed she 'm
:im unmixed blessing. Any far
nier, no matter flow poor his land
may be, with this system of farming
can in a tew years become
independent and self-supporting.
It is a lixed fact that no farmer
! fails to prosper and progress who
I habitually hells corn or corn
{products, such as bacon, pork J
I butter, beef, etc. On each Bidet
ot every corn row cow peas should I
be piauted, and fertilized with
phosphate, the cheapest fertilizer
in the market, but the best for
peaH, then the next year when
the cotton is planted where the
corn grew the preceding year
there need be no expenditure of
money for nitrogen, which cotton
must have, and which is expensive
for the pea roots store up
i nitrogen' sufficient for any suc!
ceediug crop whereyer they grow
I luxuriantly. Velvet beans are
! Hotter than peas, however, for
i sandy land, because t.hev vield
j so enormously of humus if propjerly
fertilized, and seed grown in
thus latitude used for planting.
! The Florida growu seed will not
I mature here in time. The first
I velvet beans that I planted were
| disappointing, hut I planted the
few peed that matured, and the
following season found that my
beans matured pleritoouslv before
frost, as Mr. Varn, the Florida
planter, told me would happen.
This year I have about, half mv
crop with velvet heanw climbing
i the corn stalks while the other
! half has the running cowpeaa on
double rows. This system of
farming would in five years'
time, if generally adopted, so
build iiu the State as to cause
those who see it now to wonder
then. It would make true for
the sand hill of South Carolina
what the poet in prophetic hen
saw for the gullied, red clay hill
jof Georgia:
~ - - ^p imrnhia 1
a uitin
BiZL#' ____ It; j For Infants and children.
}$??& ' ]Ths Kind Ysa Have
_ * * -i Always Bought
nt ion For As- pg
milttegula-1} &
dBowcisoi' m gears the / \
Signature /W
sp rh^.u M *=> /^r M*
iiins htHSier i ~?r F. * ?j
ior>tiivcrol. ; ..! 01
? ii 4 * vp
azrrrv.zR j"*H a
) I la* 1
tk # ? 1
h.Diarrhoeti |3{j 1 14f _
for liver
_ I r v i
lure cT
Thirty Years
""" v i tin 1A
T*?r NCW vO?* c?^y.
, ?rjsas BBSa p u ffi
i fiija m h%J8 ^Sfeik v?
" -B i $ a 13 ^3? B
rifwa a nn'OPTMC ?
tilli)! lurnlio!
re in stock and will continue to keep,
! of Coffins and Burial Caskets. Our
sh^ap Coffin tit> ti?lho hYmlsome, Metallic Cases.
us your ??r<! ?r v\ lir-n so unfortunate as !o
lr family. INiivs within tho re>u*h of all.
ster Mercantile Co.
Oct. 23. *02.-11.
- jx;." ?\
. . 1 r "
Complete Summer Resort Folder
Mailed Free to Any Address.
W. A. TURK, S. H. Bardwick. W. M. TATI/SR,
F'asa. Traffic Mgr. G?n'l Pass. Aj;ont, Asst. Gen' 1 Pass. A.gt.
, ...J)
ft: ivm * v.: - :' rr3?F,3E
\ie. f*hi11
? /V <J* -Sfcjz' ?? <JB/ MJ
uid, of a pleasant bitter taste, made cf
FK'.ud Extract POPl.AR BARK
Chili Tonics Tort'l Care. I
jrr, Ni'x
. . " ' I III
oOii or corporation within the*. , C)
limits ol Lancaster county.to sell , H cmnrs.uw.
or oiler lor sale any pistol, lille { /i-nyta*
cartridge or pistol cartridge with- | i?i<?'sJuotit
first, obtaining :i license trnrn ?
the county board of commission- I f"\ *
ors Ij #J lVrrv i *
lj- ? 1 ^riJ> # i hmLrp^rimw:
County Supervisor. | t
r Apcrfsrt Remedy f
?-> j . T j. [ lion. Sour Stontac
Bridge to Let* i Worms ,C,onvulsiot
I will let to the lowest re- ness and Loss o
sponsible bidder on Monday, the FarSunitc Signn
20th day of June, 1903, at eleven
o'clock h. m. the contract to ^ NEW YO
... ... .. ~vyiucn, |jtj r.3&^
near Plat. Creek church, Plans j,I1
and specifications will he made LF*"*" ' >- "
known at the letting. The right I
to reject any or ail bids is re- 8 exact copy of *
served. L. J. Perry, "
County Supervisor. BP1WMMWBI
In Paris 256,000 families oc-1
cupy but one room each.
- ThntTlirnbliiUK
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you used Dr. King's New Life ^*4g?5>r
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MM MM gj
up your health. Only 25c, money
back 0 not cured. Sola by Craw- w* nrv.., U
ford Bros and' J. F. Mickey & VVC now n.tv
Ce. Druggist. a complete line
??: . _ ? ==!:" stock (*'" races
Winthrop College Scholar- ATT C?"
ship and Entrance . ^JjJj JJj
Examinations. , , .
1" rom tho plain, ?
The examination* for the award
of vacant scholarships iu Win- Call and see us pi\?
throp College and for the admis- . , .
e ? . , . -i,. ill have a death in voi
sion of new students will bo held
at the county cuuit house on Fri- *
day, July 10th, at i) a. m. I ll Hrl
Applicants must not be lose
than fifteen years of age. Lancaster, S. C.,
When .-clioiarships are vacated
after July 10th, they will be

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