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JHT ^j KE &\l '
Work ?t rutting in the Protec
tion Switches Hegun.
Special to The State.
Saluda, N. vJ., Aug. 27.?Worl
has been begun on the "fiafetj
tU(9BL^;4^t >1 ? ?
Mftvucuer, ine pian aevisea dj
the engineers of the Youthen
railway, in order to render tin
' grade on Saluda mountain lea
hazardous. The grade,well knowi
to patrons of the numerous sum
mer resorts along the liue fron
Asheville to Spartanburg, is on<
of the finest pieces of construe
tion on the Southern's pysteni
Nevertheless, >t is very danger
ous, as has been ^roved by tin
casualties occurred upoi
It. the wrecks of the presen
summer and the recent catastro
phe in which Engineer Averil
and Firomanllair lost their lives
have convinced the heads of tin
system that something must bi
done to lessen the danger to thi
human freight that is daily car
ried over the line.
The plan that has been dovisei
was fully described in The Stab
some days ago. Running off fron
the main line, between Afelrosi
! I B3BT
and Saluda, will he placed tvn
spur tracks running up incline
so steep that the impetus of i
runaway train will be gradually
K7*" ^^check^d. Watchmen will be sta
frouefi at these switches nigh
and day and the switch will b<
cut in on the main line at al
mm times.
The engineer ot every trail
going down the mountain iiiub
>^giye the watchman a signal tlia
his train is under full control
Otherwise the switchman wil
ff not
let the train continue on it
course but it will be vent on th>
Two spur tracks will be put in
for the reason that a train afte
passing the first may gain sulli
cient headway to be practical!;
a runaway and will then be sen
in on the second spur.
The hrst spur will be locater
f about a nnle and a half from Sa
ludft, not a quarter of a mile fron
Big Out, whose walla tower 10<
feet above the track. Thoswitcl
will be placed at the end of i
section of the track which rum
lor a few hundred feet practi
cally in a straight line, thus al
lowing the train if necessary t<
leave it on an easy angle. Fron
the switch the spur will extern
1,000 feet into a cut dug tbrougl
^ .jts high sand hill with little rod
in it. Starting at a percontagi
of 2 feet in 100, the grade wi!
gradually become steeper unti
at its further end the percent agi
will be 12 feet in 100.
"If the grade were any stoepe;
the pilot of the engine would d.j
into the ties," said a young con
struction engineer this afternoon
The work of grading is beinj
done by !I. L. Coe, a contractoi
of Asheville and late the road
master of thip divisi in. Mr.W.H
v: u
( Uoe 1* in charge of the work anc
ha? i gang of 25 an n buey at th<
firnt ppnr cutting into the moun
*v: ? yon At one phoe kh; pm* wil
be 39 feet deep. The end wi!
be perhaps 300 feet from th<
main line, although entirely bid
den, a huge wall of earth ntpara
ting the two.
Th^ peeond spur will be locator
jupf beyond Melrowe and will al?(
be about 1,000 feet in length
Work will b^gin bin in a fon
daye. 1 t
I til l?i- W piiiil i.i lut) QiOi.t ) iiiii
rrl remedy that the engineer*
COU... I n? aiiaiiirtuvt
ia fch'^idoning the Saluda gradt
* \
. altogether. This would be an (1ALEII I1
enormous expense and according
to roughly constructed theories
would mean a track from Green ^ East Ju
river bridge?four miles above jest>
Saluda?to Melrose, running behind
the ridge upon which so Georgetc
many of the homes in this resort third trial <
. are situated. The station here Galeb 1 o?
would have to be abandoned and nlur('ei
Saluda would be several miles ,n ,Tf,miar.v
j from the road. before nooi
The Southern seems determin- ioiposiug tl
s ed to put this division in as good hanging 1
order as possible, an appropria prisoner w
tion of $35,000 having been laid penitential
aside for it at the first of the j''e senteni
year, so it is said. Heavier rail jury, "Guil
has been laid and rock ballast is death,"
being put in. A forco is constant- c?urt at
i a i. n.- ii a hundred
IV Ml woris. ri-pniring me rimuueu
on the grade. court room
1 In view of tho recent accidents rpad, and t
t three air brake exports ure sta- prevailed.
tioned here and make careful ant^ each
I inspections of all trains before j ^ict ?f Kui
allowing them to proceed down ! lowers sa
J the mountain. attorneys h
In spite of the dangers of the H motion f<
3 grade the tlock of tourists ever Arthur C
increases and the trains crowded, the victim
It is a novel experience to chant at
j many travelers to see the great j 8Pent his
B mogul No. 255, "the helper1 she over three
3 is called, move up behind the 11100 ?f 'he
p train as she stops at Melrose to i H con8Pira<
o take on coal and water before broke dow
s beginning the climb of 750 feet hearing th<
in the three miles to Saluda. A Powers
blast of the whistle, and pulled twice befoi
in front, pushed behind, the train trial in w
( begins its slow steady climb hug- in a verdic
0 giug tho mountain side, the sharp ^)n his pre
j curve of the roadbed following with a lif
the bends of the great stone hills, dence was
_ On one side is the wall of rock against hii
and oa tho other tho cavernous inflicting
} gorges. Beyond the deep ravines All three <
rises the opposite mountain ridge, at George
the rough sidescovered by a thick them he lit
1 mantle of living green. most able
j procured.
e - Mr.D.P.Daughter}*, well known The last
throughout Mercer and Sumner by tho fact
i, counties, W.Va.,most likely owes jury j
r his life to the kindness ot a neigh- . ,
bor. He was almoPt hopelessly 1,1 ft .ou,? J"'
atllicted with diarrhoea ; was at- himself
k tended by two physicians who attorney, w
t gave him little,if any, relief.when pleading f
a neighbor learning of his serious those who I
I condition, brought him a bottle , ..
. of Chauiberlain's Colic, Cholera u ^ ll) '
and Diarrhoea Remedy, which Special
cured him in less than twenty afternoon
four hours. For sale by J. F. motion for
i Mackey & Co, druggists. trial to p0,
the senten*
? MAVItK IIK KNOW S WHO'S After a dt
(i Li IL1 V. oner, "1 a
Indianapolis, Ind., Aug. 28.? the court
When W. 8. Taylor was asked to- next as the
i night for a -tatomftnt in recr.ird to a^orn
J . , ? secured tin
, the conviction of Caleb Powers for the ci
t at. Georgetown, lie said there was court of ap
e but 0110 word to emphasize bis! i overs i
. , to the oc?
I fooling in tbo matter. 4 I am iie|(j thero
5 horrified!" he said, "simply iior- his case.
? rilled ! It is a monstrous crime ;
but it was no more than was to , for a bilh
r , _ lam s Storm
have been expected. His con n quick curt
" viction is the most diabolical J t.Maeki
political crime of (he ape. The
verdict does not in fact, nor in the A I 1101
i .
minds ot just men anywhere,
make him any more guilty than Paris, A
did the conviction and execution received I
i of Robert Emmet make him R?ni Moro<
> guilty. Caleb Powers is an in- imperial fo
nocent man." rt*'if
t . manded h
'| A Punitive Pleasure. stirprised a
J| It you ever look He Witt's Little by iiihwren
-j Early Risers for biliousness or The Ten
. constipation you know what a
r i 'i t r the engagti
purgative ploasure i*. Ibese fa,
mous little pills cleanse the liver 'nK Lh
and rid tho cystem of all bile i bored JLOf
> without producing unpleasant j Hmbnshed
lenectH. winy do not Kript\8ickon I
r or waVon, ' 'it give tone 8n(j ovor on? tf
' atrox>gth to !'? *;*< uos and organs 1 clmVng ?r
' invfilvnrl W ft Hove'tof Tfonefnn ' i i
... | n Olv, Ki? O 4
Tex.flftVR "No better pill ran be
' nond than Littin ftarlv Ri?orH fori
' | nonet)ration <*u>k noarinrha, ate ."I ftoaoi r
s | Sold byU rawfurd Hroa. | Drnoo
L _i
__J_1 . REJU V
l8t,c? KiM,s 118 M#- People of Alkoi
' in Kentucky. ed |n ,h|>,
wn,Ky., Aug. 29.?The Special to The
>f ex-Secretary of State Aiken> Aug
rers for complicity in por|g in fhe paj
ot Gov. Win. Goebel, Hamburg chart
1900, closed shortly he considerable
i today with ? verdict, the facts in the
lie extreme penalty of respondent has
or the distinguished Aiken end of tl
ho had been in the 'ar a3 'itlowu 'u
y for three years ou town of II
56. The verdict of the rePelale'1 18J
, . . . 1 lie town wai
ty and the punishment tere(Hn IS9Q !
was reported into the which lhe b|lgy
11.20 today. Several 4ueul|y built
people crowded the Slate. It was
when the verdict was German named
he moat intense silence a town, but c
The jury waa polled were attached
man declared the ver- charter might 1
lty to be hia (inding. chartei
t unmoved while hia certain lands w
, , . . . the State, and t
isked tor time to make , , '
, ed moat of the
>r a new trial. . .. , ..
. . . . , ..at that time '
*oebel, the brother ot counly and ,|1
and a prominent mer- ceruing the Stai
Cincinnati, who haa obtained only
timo and fortune for records at Edge
yeara in the prosecu- to land in Han
>se accused of being in are clear, ehart<
;y to kill his brother, It is true the
ti from the strain upon pealed some tin
s verdict. ? is a's0 ,ru'
, , . , , whs rue bartered
has been convicted . ^
. . tl .. , 18o5 that chart
re, this being the third ivillg tho towll
Inch the jury brought ft|1 i?iHm]ant an
t of guilty againft him. tion oflicials. ll
vious trials he escaped wa3 iutrodu
e aent^nce, aa the evi- hiture in 189
not sufficiently atrong charter of thn
n to lead the jury to but on record <
the extreme penalty, show that the
>f the triala were held ^r- *) I
town and in each of was m (Jniumhi
,d (bo aeeigtance ur the ?nd ^ue"<i?>'l ""
. , ... (iantt searched
lawyers who could be .. ...
ale 111 the ollice
of stale for se
trial was distinguished tw ftmi ,-0n0WII1|
that Powers addressed affecting the
n his own behalf and Nor does the s
Byiew of the case show- Carolina cove
to be a competent contain the 1>
diile his eloquence in charter ol Hani
or his life astouished ihere is no
liad watched him care- county clerk s 1
, trials of the case. -how whether
Ti u uu- .u repealed or not
fudge Kobbins this |he m(,a,
formally overruled n movement 01l
the granting of a new ,i)e oUl town ,
svers. He then passed j|8 former posit
ce of death upon him. and this move
claration of the pris- terest to evorj
tm not guilty, judge," county. Ham!
fixed November 25th was tiio cotnme
) day for the execution, section but lor
eys for the defendant gusta, (Ju., out*
9 granting of an appeal overshadowed
ise to the Kentucky ing is lelt of it
peals. to whether the
vas immediately sent lH rt chartered t
:>tt connly jail to be government Ian
pending th. appeal of ,, ig 8ai(1 ,,
charter was reji
the repealing
)..s attack take Chamber- u lhis ,H HO
ich Hiid Liver I abl^tfi and
is rortain. For sstp by former streets
ey A Co., drugKiHttf. occupied by s
nnivi i w I /n I 11
liNAN D N0LD1KUS , tlie
RILLED. ,l,e H,?te < ? ?
i ho 1 ands then
ufs. 29.?A dispatch an(1 |)0?K},, U|
iv the foreign office Hamburg can t
^ro says that a large sibly the tradi
irce which was going n):,Y ',e vitalize
f of 11.0 troops com- ?' lhB lu,"r('a,
, , , same advantag
V the sultan hati hoon |na[ A,
rid almost annihilated would be supj
tn.g sources thai s
ips publishes details of wosb Iho Sua
lent in Morocco, show- ?dv?'dHges offe
ty are obvious :
,mPer,Bl ,ro?P "??- s'ion would be
1(1 men. Tliey wore industries open
with the result that zens. The rju
lousand of them, in I the lawvers to
ven native governorc,! ^oned Hor
,lP u,,,.,..! i '|ina?o that wi
i or wounded.
j uini iitjr tftiiu i ut?l
dyspepsia Ouro btuii?* fc*
ta what you oat. ! The famoi
l Deeply Interest \ n
State. Field j
29?From there- makes a'(at purse. I
>ers regarding the, A fertilizer without
er, there seems to sufficient
uncertainly as to w ^ gS9
case- Your cor ^ F O LclS ll
4i i Our books are complete treatises
ire, tilO Charier Oi I on fertilizers, written by ^M
anibii-g was not | wriu^them."
originally char- wok**,
town was subse- ^
Schultz to found ? ??
ertain conditions O AITrpiirD TVT DV
in order that a OUUlllJjllW III
>e obtained. But schedule incrroct Jan. 13. hum.
r was repealed,
APa r?v?rl In Ki'ttU Down Kend Up
erjj 10 revert to No.ra. L>atiy No. 34. Daily
liese lands iuclud- > Opm I.v Charleston Ar 3 50pm
Tl , 3 2ipm At Summervillo Ar 3 11pm
town. Hamburg 4 5Upin Ar KiitBsfille Ar 13 50pm
iviu in ItVlirofipM Theso trains. N< s. 33 and 34, will stop only at
vy ,\n in ijugBiiBiti Summerv ille, Drauchviilc, Orangeburg and Si.
> true tacts con Matthews.
?i t llotween KlngijvUls and UlacKHburg
Les claim can be Rea? Oown u?,,iup
by ^searching the Nora, Daily N0.34, uaiiy
< " i | ?:.i 5{t pm I.v Klnitsvlllc Ar 135'ipia
tielu. oOllie titles Olnpm Ar Camden Ar ll 30am
tbitrtr nt fmiran 8U0pm Ar Catawba Jet Ar l? to.im
lOUrg, OI course, g iipm Ar Uoek 11 ill Ar 0 tnaiu
sr or no charter 8 59pm Ar Tirzah Ar 8 54<ici
no coarier. 9o0pm Ar Yorkvllle Ar 8 42am
I charter was re 9 82pm Ar Shuron Ar 8 2?am
? V 35pm Ar llicuorv Urovo Ar 8 i5ani
HO 111 the7 (0s, but. HlOpin Ar Smyrna Ar Ho.iain
?L. 4 ?l iu mpni AT lil;kCK8Dlirg l.V 7 4anin
9 mat til? tow n Truins Nox. Hit and .1? atop at unimportant
in 18S0 ami in dtMiuua between ivtnKsvlllu utid niackabur^,.
, , Hotwecll Rook Hill unil Marion
or was amendod, Uoatl Uown Read uP
i the right to elect N?-3A- ouiiy no.iw. ouiiy
GOoum I.v lfi*'k Mill Ar IU ionm
1(1 Other Corpora- 6 19am ArTirxahAr IU 11 put
nyv?.:i i? ii,?k .. rt8lum Ar Yorkvllle Ar lOOlpnt
1 is possible that a u pViiu ArSiuron Ar u ittpm
<?<?rl iii (lit? lmri^ Twfcun Ar Hickory Oiovo Ar Hitapm
Ltu 1,1 Lllt! 1Lnlb 7 10am Ar Smyrna Ar 9 2npm
2 to repeal the 1;1?,:ini Ar iiim-kaburB lv s-ojpm
* 10 4-uim Ar Marion l.v ftMlprn
own ot Hamburg Nos. Si Md M Hop nt principal station* boJan
be found to Rock Hill lunl Markm
Between Marion uLil Mlai'lrnlinrK
bill was passed, it, ikI Down Read Up
tv of NVarrenville ox T M . ^?K'l,*lly
0 Ola til I.v Marion A r 8 50 pm
U on last Monday *(*>pin Ar liluckaburK Lv 2 50pm
,1 urifli 'I rain No. S3 will coiniQt: at Rock Iltll with
tl Willi o( crt l art Savannah ,tlii.-.o.i No .w foi; tint, lot te, Wash*
I ho records on lux ton uud New I ork.
ino irtuiui on 'piuj? nu. 34 will inako connection at Kook
I Ot tllO secretary "ill wiili savannah divedon No. 3d irom Charlotto.
Wa-ihln&ion and Now York,
yeral years prior n<>- 33 unit in handle thnvi -n cuiiman oruw<
ourt l i '*onm alcplnp earn between New York anil
I l.V.'2 Utld no law i;uari<'*uni. via Camden and Kock Mill, ami
.. , IMuitp'Car between Itock Mill and Washingcase
was lounu. t?n. Km further Information ad-ir ss,
tatutes of South 1! \\ V-l'vi1',!- s
* W. M. TAN I.OK. A.G.l'.A., Atlania, (.a.
ring that period *s '( maui?wick.(?.ka.. Washington, o.c.
iw repealing the ??????
record on the RAILWAY COMPANY
)ooks in Aiken to
the charter was
' , . Lv Lancaster } 1.1 a m 4 45 p m
itime there is a ',v Fort Lawn... 734am siopm
I v ntiweomviPe. 7 44 a in ft tlf? p tn
toot to resurrect Lv KichMirg 7 sua in 135pm
, . ... . Ar Chewier HISani " f> p rn
111(1 build it up to Ar Charlotte?Sou. Ky 9 5N a in s ml p in
ion nl' imnnrlunru Ar Columbia-Son Kv 1 3ft ,> in I I.N a in
ion OI importance Ar Atlanta?S.A i. Kv. ...4 .Si i> iii
ment is one of in- Ar Trenolr CAN W.lly ...2ofinm 0 CO a tn
7 #>li v/un aI A ?U/\m
vl11" " WI i v.I.c 'loir C .tN \V Ky.... H(*i i? in ' W p m
)tir<> lit nnp Miro?" '* AUanU?sA I. Kr ... Uflpm
Mirj. HI, one rinr- Lv Coluinola--Suu.Hy......6 W si in i Id i> m
rcial centrebf this i?vciiurioitb-sou.. ... ?^l>m
Lv('hem??r 9 15 n m s 15 p in
some reason An- i-v Richiiurg ?s.'iiin 8:?pm
... .. Lv lliiHcomv llo . MO? i? in S 45 p m
srew it and linally l.v Fort Ln^n lOISnm Xiiflpm
. I . ? A. LuiiViitU r IJ i, .. in . 'J 15 i, in
it lltlill HOW IlOlll- Ai Ciiiiidcn Sun. Ky sMMptn
l>Ut lllO (loilbt as ArC..a.l08Um-s?u Ky 7 45 pm
A. I'. Mcl.LKK. Superintendent.
former emporium i.kiioy s'muncs. rr.-i.u.nt.
own or ? l.nf', ol ; _KS13Cri?STeR,S ?f43USH
,Lr:;r,en {::> pewwyhoyal r;u.$
act has been lont.
then what ? The c? ft
and lots are now s?& *//
(| u at tors, who aro c?0<A '
possession of the p*
, nlunnc I l i *"*'' Atm ayn rrliAbie. r>ruK<'.at fot
i slale Claims. ll , <rji<irvNT?:irw knuijui In and
u<>:a metallic iwifs, .*.i:i ti..e r bbou.
I ' ' ' '' ^ (.111111 I'* ft\k? no oilier. KrfuM' dangt ri.ui ibill.
. i,? ... Ka ....1,1 toll?n?Binl ImllaUon*. Ku> of} our lirugRlttl.
I liest- Can lie sold r.r vuid le. in .lainpA for I'arlli -lara, Trailr.
nn,| i I... y,f ?*?oi?li?l? and Belief fnr rm." in Utter,
L> Ullll I lie IOWU OI iij rtlnru M?ll. lu.uooTfit'..:.......au. Hold L>y
_.l..:i, __ i . All UrnR8Km.
>c rebuilt and pos cHiointaTKR onuMiCAi. ao.
lions of the nast *,0? a?io??? *q?ir?. i'hii.*., pa.
MntUoi, tfclt
kI into t he realities ? _?
e? of water route |
u p ply her sislerif^| g\
?nn.h a?,. <??|Uyspepsia Lure
red to Aiken conn- J I I
tier taxable valu [ LfljJCStS what yot! eat.
increased and new TH? preparation conta1* at' of the
cd up to her citi* i Ih iitid digests u?i Kinds of
.. 1 food, it gives Instaut relief and never
estion is one 'or' fails to cure. It allows yto eat all
settle and it i?? tho food you want. The most, sensitive
nethine will |PI^,. i oau uko iu. v/ . v i^any
,, _ ^ ilio iaiiUj o. uyspept -a 'ota
II benefit Aik^i I onred after everwtblntr failed. Ie
relore her cit i/oim j| niienuuiAtici io? too biuiuat u. cmlu*
wj ren with weak stomachs thrive on it.
Ply IfffiQrs 1??f ?ton??cw*n?mni?g
IA lit tlo mill* ' Pr^parM only F o. TirW?rr * cr; Ohi. a?o
i il. UolbluILutOc. 6U43.

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