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. 1
[. < Vegetables
; to bring good prices must have ;
both si'O .C^k
rich in [
1 We wi'l send our books, Riving full infor- >
M mutton about the subject, to any farmer who
Lchkhan kali works, i
Now York?!> * \n??uu S treet, or t
At'uiua, via. ' ?$ ? So. Itrond SL I
*v%w? ^WJ|
blunder of a Thirsty Ox.
A special to The State from
Walterboro, says :
Near Jucksonboro. in the lower
Beclion of the county at Jacksonboro
ferry, Jno. Smalls, a colored
boy about IS years old, was
drowned yesterday. It seems
that the boy was hauling lumber
in a wagon drawn by an ox.
When they approached the river,
the ox being hot and thirsty, instead
ol going on the 11 at, plunged
headlong into the river, some 20
or 30 teet deep, with the boy,
1 I I flu
luntner an<) wagon. mere was
no one in sight except the ferryman,
who was some distance
awav. The boy and ox were both
drowned heloro assistance could
be rendered them.
Just One Minute.
One Minute Cough (Jure gives re
lief in one minute, because it
kills the microbe which tickles
the mucous membrane, causing
the cough, and at the same time
clears the phlegm, draws out the <
inflammation and heals and
soothes the affected parts. One
Minute Cough Cure strengthens
the lungs, wards olF pneumonia
and is a harmless and never fail
ing cure in all curable cases of
Coughs, Colds and Croup. One
Minute Cough Cure is pleasant to
take, harmless and good alike lor
young and old. Sold by Crawford
Home Comtorts.
While the farmer should devote
all necessary attention to the arrangements
about the barns and
other buildings for his own particular
benefit, he should not for-1
get anything that will tend to
accomplish tho same purpose in
the house, and thtin aid in making
the home bright, cheerful
and happy.
Hero is where the lives of the
wives, mothers and daughters are
un 1 U r tral \r 1 oontl n n<l o m tl? i ??/* ;
K<.nDvu, i.nvi nil,) 111111% I
that rail ho <1 >ne ior convenience
find comfort in the work t) be
perfornie 1 should receive special
attention. This is particularly
the case now when help is so difficult
to be procured, both in the
house and out of doors. There is
in moat eases something that can
he done to lighten labor in the
saving of time and stepR, and
such things should not ho neglected.
Siiii'il l-'rom TerriMc Oca III.
The family of Mrs. M. L. Bo-jBitt
of Bargerton, Tonn., saw her
dying and were powerless tr> Have
her. The most skillful physicians
a d every remedy used, failed,
while consumption was slowly
1 A. 1 - I * * * '
uui Hureiy f-T.irg ncr me. In
this terrible hour Dr. Kind's New <
Discovery for Consumption turned
dispair into joy. The first
bottle brought immediate relief
and its continued use completely
cured her. Its the most certain
cure in the world for nil throat i
and lung troubles. (Guaranteed
Bottle 50c and $1.00. Trial Bottles
Free at Crawford Bros., J. F.
Mackey & Co., and Funderburk
Pharmacy, Druggists.
Said That Kussia lias Refused
Japan's Proposal.
London, Jan. 2.?The far east
ern outlook is gloomy. No fur
ther news has developed but the
fact that not a single telegram
from Japan has been received by
any London newspaper since
Thursday night in itself creates
alarm. The telegraph company
is not aware of any delav in the
transit of messages, and it therefore
is supposed thut the Japanese
government is stopping dispatches.
The feeling of apprehension
was rellected at Lloyds yesterday,
underwriters demanding additional
premium to cover a war
risk on all vessels, no matter of
what nationality, proceeding east
of Singapore.
The London morning papers
print alarmist statements. The
Daily telegraph in leaded type
says: "Even in diplomatic cir
eles heretofore sanguine to pence
there is a recognition that a rup
ture is all hut inevitable. Neith
er Japan nor Russia will abate
anything of their claims, and
there is no disposition on either
side to invite the meditation of
friendly powers. It in believed
sliat Japanowill take decisive
steps in the next few days unless
a conciliatory message is dispatched
from St. Petersburg, a
contingency which those better
able to form judgment do not anticipate."
The Daily Mail deils similarly
with the situation and savs that
it understands that Russia has
reached a decision which, when
communicated to Japan, must
precipitate hostilities.
The sailing of the Nippon mail
noai inana Warn, which was fixed
for yesterday from England,
has been postponed.
The Daily Mail's Malta correspondent
reports that five Russian
torpedo boat destroyers, which
are undergoing repairs there,
have suddenly been ordered to
sea in an unfinished condition.
A Wonderful Discovery That
Cures .Morphine, I.andantitii,
Opium, Toeuine and 01 her
Drug llalnls.
It is no fault of the ordinary
practicing physician that tin y are
not able to cure the awful curso
of drug habit. A great many
able physicians are a victim to)
this terrib'e disease. It is no or
dinary distntse and cannot be
cured by any ordinary drugs
or method*- ot treatment. It has,
remained for m to perfect, a wonderful
treatment that will cure
any case of drug addiction
known. It matters not. how it
when you got the habit* or
how much drug yon are using,
we guarantee an absolute cure I
without pain or detention from j
business. Do you want to hoi
cured ? If bo write us today fori
freu trial treatment. Strictly
confidential correspondence from I
all, especially physicians solici I
ted. Address, Manhattan Therapeutic
Association, Dep't B.,1135
Broadway, New York City.
It is awful easy to lie abed in
the mornings and plan out a successful
The world measures success by
achievements. God measures it
by efforts.
If you cairt feel cheerful, act
cheerful because of the good
your example will do others.
Bern ti>? /} h>? You Hara Always Bouott
Dropped the Subject.
"Five thousand dollars for a
dog !" he exclaimed as he looked
up from hjfc newspaper. Do you
believe any one ever paid any
such price, Maria ?" ,
"I'm sure I don't know, James"
she returned without stopping
her needle even for a moment.
"Does the paper say that much
was paid ?".
"Yes. There's pu article on
on valuable dogs, and it speaks
of one that was sold for $5,000
I don't believe it."
"It may be true, James," she
saicl quietly. "Some of these
well bred animals bring fancy
prices, and there's no particular
reason why the paper should lie
about it."
"1 know that, Maria. But just
think of it! Just try to grasp
the magnitude of that sum in
your weak feminine mind. You
don't seem to realize it. Five
thousand dollars for a dog! Why
hang it, Maria, that's more than
I'm worth !"
"I know it, James, but some
are worth more than others."
She went camly on with her
sowing, while he fumed and
spluttered for a monent and then
dropped the subject, especially
the weak feminine mind.
A turtle which is declared to
be the biggest of its kind ever
seen, was caught some tune agoi
on the New J*raty coast. Its
weight is 1,0S7 pounds. Ihel
legnth of its shell is ten feet 3 inrlies,
while its width is 0 feet 7
inches. A doz?n men can stand
on its back with comfort.
O/uO'27 r*. X .A. .
Bears the 11,0 rvini) Ha;9 Always Bou?bk '
T? I
o? jp r??.
li?fe. Al-Anvf reliable. I.mllc?, aak Pnnretst foi
I'll M il ?.SM:K'N K.KM.ISII ill Hert and
Hold nii'inilii boxes, nsled witb blue ribbon.
I'liUo no oilier. Ki'fiiw ri!iii|;rr?u? ?nlwl|.
tut iotiswiii imitations. liuy of your DrNiKlM, /\
or : le. .:i -lnni|ii for I'ai'lleulurt, I.ill
ntoniulit unl Krllt'T for I.mile"." in !rttrr.
b\ return .Hull, IU.OUUTestimonials. bold Of .
all DruKiiiiis. ')
SlOO nuilUun Hc|ii?re, 1*1111.4., PA. I
V elk tie II thn 0?pftr.
cy//"C///" .1,000
// C // CI III Young luon TO
7?07? GOO/) /'OS/770.\a
Eftfi CD?'/; SCIlOl.Alf^lllVH nrrifDvii !
UUU I nut WOlTno-Mt'To""*1*'
CPs^T?W/Vr P?ilro I F f Paid. 500
_ FKKK Courses Offered.
BBBnESCBBBCna i: ' riu .v. x
v obtain II. S. d:i*J Ktortlgn "5
:!i<l ino'lcT.aketi-it ur |.in,iocl invention tor\ H
f free report on patentability. F< >r fr> c I < < k, r
> i f. in T , Se.Miri.Vr* V u a r. #/ > . . J
I 'l
J The Old St&fida
I Otvw/o'c T
| V T V A
L has soooti t>he t>es
| over One and a Hi
| a!' inerit> appeal t*o
H Eacio??4 wiCh svsry Vottls is
Tlio Kind You Have Always B
iu use for over SO years, li
- and liu
C&yfftte&e ^v8,
AH Counterfeits, Imitations a
Kvi)l>l*illll>llf< il-ifl'k
Infants and Children?Exper
What is Ci
Castoria is a harmless subst
goric, Drops nml Soothing ?
contains neither Opium, Mo
substance. Its ajje is its gnu
find allays Feverislincss. It
Colie. It relieves Teething 1
and Flatulency. It assimila
Stomach and Dowels, giving
The Children's l'anacea?Tin
He Kind You Hai
In Use For 0\
(V V4 . ' >" V> ff
l^wsr I
We now have in stock a
. complete line of Coffins 2
tock races
From (he plain, cheap Collin up
'all ami see uh or send us your ord
ave a death in your family. L'rie
Lancaster M
Lancaster, 8. 0., Oct, 23, "02.?it
* I
' >. To A:;: Marks
CopymCHTSic. I
A nvo'if* ? IIik? pkotrh hihI <1> i rii?tton mny
qulcklv a-? ? >' im i?:u opinion freo wIu'Uht nn
Invention li prdbnbly PHtonUiblf. Pornniunloa*
tioi." :? iy?'-?nn?!*M ti.u. HANDBOOK on rv? uim
9t>i t fr? it. iniffiwv f.?r patent*.
i - takoii lli iuiiIi 51 unil a Co* receive
?pet , it ri' fire, \% if) out c.mrec, In the
Sctentiiic flrtwiwtt, '
A hnndoomoly HlnstraloA wookly. Inivofit olr- |
mint Ion of any* on tldo Journal, Term*, pi a
rnr; four months, II. fioiil by nil nawsdealara. I
MUNN & Co.:,oll"?J-??-Hew York
DruucU Oltlco, 025 F St.. WushluKtyn, I>. C.
>tiitercitior's it/Jiff Ituf/s.
My regular ntlico davs will
e on Wednesday and Saturday
f each week. The remaining
ays will be required in the
iseharge of other duties
L. J. Perry,
county supervisor. J
asteless CI
t? 25 v ears. Aver
ilf Miiiion bottles.
you ? No Cure,
a Ten Cent Package of GROVE'S BLA<
ought, and which has been
las Dome tno signature or
ls been inado under his pcrupervision
since its Infancy?
no one to deceive you in this?
ind "Just-as-good" are but
and endanger the health of
icnco against Experiment?
itnto for Castor Oil, PareJyrups.
It is Pleasant. It
rpliine nor other Narcotlo
ran tee. It destroys Worms
cures Diarrhoea and Wind
'roubles, cures Constipation
tes the Food, regulates the
liealtliy and natural sleep?
3 Mother's Friend.
re Always Bought
rer 30 Years.
nd will continue to keep,
ind Burial Caskets. Our
T\ ATT 1 T TmTTlfl
U UUALlliLi).
to the handsome Metallic Cases,
ler when so unfortunate as to
es within the reach of all.
lercantie Co.
*1,000 YOUNG MEN
A stri' ing illustration of the
almost unlimited demand for
voung men and women of business
education is furni-lioil by
the advertisement ?f Ilio <?a.A
la Business( ollege, of Macon,
(?a., calling for 1,000 young
men and women at once.
Tht|t world renowned in-titution
is said to receive so many
more calls for graduates than
can be supplied that it has not
only greatly reduced its rates,
but concluded to pay railroad
fare and give written guaranty
ot jio-ition to Jill graduates who
desire it. o'JH .Sin
Kodol Dyspepsia Cui*o
Digests what you eat
lill Tonicl
age annual sales i
Does t>his record a
, No Pay. 50c. |

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