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v^.?urrm; f?iittrr?inrr.
./. C. QA A*/,/.Y(/7?;.Y, i,. /." '
LAU1U3NS, AIXQUST tl), 1,885.
Subscription ^e^&Konths; Si.";).
PAY A IHJI?? i X t\ l')V \ X'-' '*.
Rat's r-n- Ad vert Ist n?*. ordlnnry ' d
voi'tlninnoittH, poi* i?|U!iro, Ono Inn r
(tollt ?i.OOj-.?ftoll SO '?:*.'' I I' lit i M i
(Jim, BO ?.?.nts, i
Lt born I rod notion nindi) fer Itirgo Ad
J. c. OAltIdJS'(?TON A CO., i
Proprietors. 1
[YIotiunictitH <<> tirant In tho
Tho groat soldi- jr now ./ ?ts ho
nott th t't" od. \V . ? : /uro that
tho public aro hoar ti lt? tired of
hearing so much aiuiiy/the life and
death of (Jenoral (IU/NT, ?ind it i
not Tor th ' purpose Of eulogizing
"!';"' Idm that wo agata
!.. forth his ?(anio. Nor would
wo, nt this Illirie, Standing at tin
foot (d' tito now-made grave, iir
raign his elun'ticter. NV o are eon
tent to let liiiii rest where his poo
plo have lilaceil him, and let time
bring to/light the true olcniebis of
his churrnctor.
Thvu tin1 North s]?n;?.l worship
hinyas n hero; Cal it should never
.tiro in heaping encomium-* n ;i
him and makh .; it -rand .li. ; iy ;
at his funeral, !. not surprising; I
hut loos semi very strange lb us
that so ninny Southon ollie.? should j |
before the betty of t titAN r lia i bc n
placet] Itt til . tomb, begin making
preparations f< .. ( reeling monu
ments to his memory, while thc
g ?ve'of our beloved* LKK lies upon
thc idea!; ! C ol' Virginia, without
oven a Stone to mark hi ; renting
place. Almost every Southern
city of any size claim rs for a < irani
monument, which w< tdd statu! asa
lasting rebuke to tho South, and a
dishonor to (ho name whICh ol' a!!
ot her her. . sh Uld be dearo? ? to
thc Soi;thor.i | ? plo, so loa;; te the
grave of lion mt Ii. LBJ: stands ne
glected. Though the cause in j
which he fought he lost, and though
hy it we have uttered, let us not
dishonor this noble dead; I? t us
not treat him as a traitor, n< r for
got that asa statesman, soldier and j
patriot, he has never been execlh t.
When we have done honor io our i
noble 1,BB, it will then ho moro
becoming to pay tribute to his ad-1
versa, ry.
The Dignity ?.;' A . . " .... .
Deforo tho war the re were two
classes of white people in this
country. Thc large negro own
ers or aristocracy, and tho . wie?
owned a few or no slave . The
former class, ifengagod at all in agri
culture, were called planters, and i
t he latter farmers* The farmer wa -
synonymous with plodder, or one i
who follows tho plow, lint now j
things have changed. Oil A.NT J
fought und conquered, and with
tho conquest came a change <.;' KO
eiotyj achango in tho industries
6f mon,- amt tho very language we
speak. Tlie planters then were
rich and tie' farmers poor; now,
the planter la pi or mi (?tho fanner
is rich. Then e man was ashamed i
tobe called farmer; now ia- rejoices
n his name. Sou Hi Carolina pos
sesses an agricultural soil, mid
when copious showers fall, her
fields become as "green pasture ."
: nd lier crop; grow luxuriant.
Tho time is coming when Cte
farmers of our county will be t ho
most independent, the mostsocial,
the most aristocratic.and the rich
est. lt is true ul thc proton I lime,
a great many ol our I miers aro
j oor itu 1 thriftless, and are lite
sheerest Slaves of other inch, who
so often get them into their power.
The question may arise, if farming
ls isuch a noble employment, why
are so ninny of our people poor and
dependent .* Ju tho Hrs! place, In
the laf-.t few years il seems thal lie
very elements themselves were
against tho fermer, destruction
rode Upon the wind >\ oping away
habitations as well as crops, and]
the heaven.; became brui , refit dug
tosend rain Upon tho cart!'., lu
the second place, a great many of
our people tiro farming after live
old plans of shovel and scooter, no
on lands long since worn out by ne
gro slavery, which have not yet
become recuperated by hard nain -
try und judicious culler". The
leases have been from y?rir to year,
and, in this cou.-.'v;,, lio System
could be more injurious to thc
rolling lands, ami a gi . aler Impedi
ment to their improvement in fer
tility and Increased productiveness,
.Mother earth Must bo ?rotoctod
from the ravage:. ..f time and th"
destroying hand of man if she
WOUld preserve inho i her ra! ural
beauty, fortuity and productlyo
nc you roiist feed your lands if
you would have them feed you.
There are also some old fogies in
farming, who will not listen lo tho
advice of neighbors ns to th" mod ;
of culture or tho use of improved
(jrlculturnl implement-. They
$J*nd work to eal, not to improve
M?m#WH, and beautify their
:V?JK' blessing and hori
- ^fetlihlren, Again, we
. hnttho. liants from year
td year, jc?JiHispf tholr muscio, und
nfr%lil of bonof??tliig tho lnndload's
frcC'hokl, wink ouly about eight
UiO.pl h j ir. Ct o t v,-. Ivr. The uih'.?;-.?
ls M.-; truc :: i old, {inti HO litOjl emt
si?fcood |u nil arduous undertaking
v. itlc r,J p< i-i.-ter.i work, Work M
t-lio o iffy foti tutti lion o f rent happi
ness In this itfOj timi tho necessary
condition of luxury niul wealth.
Thc ?o aro some of Ibo hindrances
ind no ttoubl tho real causo of ile.
biting poverty of a groat tuaiij* of
our people,
On tho other hand, wo soo signs
of thrift, Industry anti woaUh
scattered over this up-country.
There you nco n fr r nd uni Improve
ment in the eil, tin1 cultivation ol'
crops according to tho most ie.
proved methods, ?ucl (ho signs of
plenty anti independence in living.
I lore yon s< o an Improved mansion,
which ls thc pride of thc nhl man
in his dei lining years, and thc cen
ter of nttructloii Cor tho different
lira nelie i of lils family. There hap
piness reigns, ami tin? sons, who
; have through their boyhood tasted
ami i njoyed this happiness, are nut
tl i H poi eil lo seek employment ho
lllud Ihccounter nor in the.schemes
amt tricks of employment in thc
West. To such farmers, thc cry
"Go w. t, young man," is tho
lu ight bf treason. Wo have ti soil,
' though n"t as fertile :;s that ol'
Texas or Arkansas, yd more (lt
vcr iii with hill and dale, amia
water-power unsuppassedya eli nutt'.'
? far more salubrious, water pure and
good, anil above nih otu' eidli'e so
cial fabric Is permeated with a pure
morality. The yoting ?nen of the
country shoti I tl be taught !" love,
not hale, agriculture. (Uve them
the best !i!< r:>.ry eileenfion po.? -i1'!!',
but not in such a way ns to muke
farming repugnant. There is :>
t 'udouoy among literary orators,
?rn commencement occasions e.!
colleges, lo inflame Ihc mind- of
i he yoting men with an ambit ion
after the learned professions of the
day. This we deem ?1 mistake;
The learned professions are now
well-nigh tilled, mid t?> succeed in
them requires a vast deni more
money ?ind work than it ?loe- tn
-ecci - i ie. tho peaceful pursuit ol
Agriculture? Wc need not fear
that we v\ i!l f.dI-hort of tin? power
of self-government by turning the
attention of tie.- young men from
!.. ok learning to farming, banning
do's not moah Ignorance, inkiness
nor vice? Physical labor in unison
willi brain culture presents tho
highest type ol* manhood. Il doe:*
not require tho eye of a prophet t.
discern the signs cf the Mutes Indi
cating thc th!" for the helter to Ulf
funner; tho beginning of prosper
ity, happiness and wealth. Wi
have Jus I passed through a greal
revolution, which i< no common
thing to do, in tho short lime o
twenty-five years. Things are new
fi?eklng iii? ir proper level. Men
love p?lice iso well, they sometime.'
ii.:':.I for it. Thal peace willoh i.
lite result ot' arms, has already
perched Itself upon '.'ne -taine <
American liberty. Why should ie;
nu ll H'O.i'fi foi* (hat peace willoi
honest toil gives, that sustohnuci
which nature gives, that IndopenC'
euee, wealth and power that agrl
culture ls beginning end w ill con
linne lo gi VC to the industrio!!-; nial
under I he healthful skies and co
pious showers in South Carolina.
"Not Aggravated."
(jjtorcmvUifl ih r?!-:.)
In the ease of the State vs. .!. \
M. Irby, charged with assault a in
battery with Intent to kill, ti pre
limimiry examination wan held 01
Satur lay last. In fhls case tho n
sault was alleged to liav? bee;
committed on Luther Palmer.
A ii affidavit was made by the De
fondant that ho <ihl not believ
(im! a fair and Impartial trial coull
be had before Trial Justice M Mei
who Issued tin- warrant, and th
case was transferred to .1. n. Put
rot!, Tried Justice. Clinton, s. c
who decided that the evidence dh
no1 sUsti in the charge, and he rt
i'e -tl to send Hie case to a IllgllO
court'.- Adi'cHtsc)', 5th Inst*
We clip tho following from Cae
fens Ad rc i-l i>i r. We have no ol
Jectlon toil curri ii report or jus
criticism of all.our public and oil'
i iel neis, hut WC initst euler e. pr?
tesl when. In a coportllkothoabovi
wo arc only partially reported an
tho public aro loft in entire Igm
raneoof the facts hi tho case. Thi
case lats been commented upo
through (he whole rounds ot' th
State press, and tllOfOllgllly di.
c .!.-?? ed t h rou;.-h out the County, nr.
consequently that we, the Tri.
Justice before whom the case wu
Investigated, may bo Justly repn
souled boforo tho publie, we glv
below the Substance Of the ev
donee, ns taken at the preliminary
.Mr. Rainier tcatfflecl: Mr. I rb
Cttjlod to nu? on the street und toi
mr that he had come to haVe m
v. ?tipped. I Ie dun sf ruck nie tw
or throe times with a stick. I nt
atid rt negro caught mr, and trb
kicked mo Once. Irby then calle
/. .. , . J .1 1 ... I .. ?. I II...I I.I
lui ?1 piHioi, a n o s 11 ni 111111 m ?vom
hoot Ihr first man that interfere
with mr mut the negro. Hr di
not threaten to shoot ni".
Mr. ll. M. Burger testified:
was standing n?ftr (he parties nfii
iii?, negro caught Palmer, and hem
Irhv -ay I will shoot any mun tin
Into?fOfefl with thin fight.
Mr. W. M. Hopkins testified:
Bfltvv I s hy walk up to Palmer an
say, "I have a num to give yon
whipping I" Irhytipp' I Palmer
hut two or three times with a sHcu.
Phi not see Irby hit Palmor. Was
standing about "tweetv feet uwnv.
M v. A. V. tvehol'iureer te* lilied :
I wu Iked iib to Irby a fi er the negro
caught Calmer, add told Irby to
stop and not carry the thing too
i'm*, t?id pot noa Irby threaten lo
shoot l'aimer. Saw tvby kiel? a.?
Pulu V once.
it. .J. ljuw&m testified: ? wes'
about twelvo feet frojh Irby when
homet Palm":-. Irby walked up
to Palmer and (inp d his bal wi tn
a stick, and sahl, " Yon have been
on your muscio for several days,
no\> ! have brought your equal to
whi?? you/' i viid not ;.e Irby
s'rikc min at nil.
I rby was charged In tho Indict
ment with a 'ault and battery with
In toril to kill. vVe .'. elded that lie
was guilty ol" a : Implo assault and
bal lory. Irby then demanded a
tried. A Jury was tin ;i empaneled,
and thou the prosecutor, for rea
sons unexpressed, wt/ueatctl tftejtn'y
(njin-! a ca'tlht of "nut fjutt'yr ll
was so doue and i lie defendant dis
.1. 13, PA ItitOTT,
Trial .J asl Ice.
Doing employed in this ease to
represent tho Slate, we felt some
hesitancy In reporting It, and tried
to give us fair and Just report as
we possibly ? ?nh!, if there is any
thing in tho above report thal does
Mr. PAKIIOTT injustice, we Tail to
HOC it, oven taking tho testimony
as given by him, as correct. We
SUpp?SO .'ir. PAUUOTT objects to
that part ol'our article which says
the case was tramd'^rred to J. P>.
PAhnoTT, Trie! Justice, Clinton, s.
C., who decided that the evidence
did not sustain the chawre. und he
I'Cjtl ?? (I ?O ?tOUj l,U' e./. c I ) n ///'///i e
cam i. Ho says, "YVe dei hied thal
he, (tho l> 'fondant,) was guilty of a
simp!:- assault and bad cy." ?Sow,
t'i's i ! ? trange law lo us, ile says
it wa i the decision Of lite ( 'burl that
tho def? nd?nt Wit ; "gullly of a
imple assault and battery," when
the Court had only examined the
witnesses for the State. Howe.::1,
a Trial Justice dee.,!.- anything as
lo the cai!! Ol' innocence ol'a partv
upon an i ,r pat'ti hearing. J hi
\"<;is a preliminary examination,
lite object of which was to deter
mine whether or hot the Trial Jus
tice had jurisdiction of the ease.
I fe could only decide the question
ns to whether or n? t it wns tin ag
gravated offence, fer this alene tl
K milnes his Jurl diet lott,
The Trial Ju dice tl? elded either i
this or else lie <1:<1 hot de
cide anything for il ls clearly the
only question upon which he lind a
right to decide, lie certainly
claimed jurisdiction ci' the ease,
a:ul lu order th do thl he < llher
had to go square against Hie plain
law as laid down in General Stat
utes (<}S21) which says that Trial
Justices may puni h by lino liol
exceeding one hundred dollars or
Imprisonment not exceeding thirty
days, nil assault and batteries,
ir tn ti Hu II J'I ncc l.-l not of U flt (/tl and
(i(ff/i'((C(ttc(l iKthtt'Cf or els ! he ?lid i
decide (hut this olfence w(t.t not of
a itigh and aggravated nature. In
our article ol'otb lui I. wo sa id that
he decided that the evidence ?Md
not ti; tain the charge, (I. e. an of?
fence of a high au 1 aggravated
nature,) and he refused lo send
the ca-e to a higher court. Mr,
PAUUOTT says Ibis repoid ls not
correct, lind what are wo to infer?
I le must deride (hut il" rc i.- noth
ing aggravated In n case, or ho
must send it to a higher court if
nervate.!. ile says we misrepre
sent h.iui. If so, it it is not ihtcn
tional, but because we fall to com
prehend hi- learned doch lon.
Lei e- sec If lhere was any evi
dence of aggravation before bis
l toner :
hi:;:r.i: PALM Blt, ir. M. RA li
lt Kit, SV. M. IIoPKIXH and lt. J.
1 ?A wt ION all testify that htnV had
a pistol in his hand, and said lie
would shoo! any man who Inter
fered In the light of PALMK . und
tho m uro. !'.om: i\s end l/AW
ur; testify (hat they heard "I nov
say he brought tho negro here to
whip PALM Bil."
PALM Blt (.. titled that "I fl Ii Y
struck him with a (duh. Told tho
negro to kill Illili. The negro beal
bim about tile head und shoulders,
luuvkiekedhi.il and (ailed fora
pistol, which was brought to him;
thal I un Y pointed Ute pistol nt
The testimony reported hy tho
Trial Justice i . correct so fer as lt
goes, but it falls to glvo all.
in our article of june ?tli, repro
duced above, vc made i ? charges
against Mr. I'AI?MTT, we simply
stated the facts in as mild form ns
we could, for the reason as WohaVO
already intimated, that we hap
pened to be engaged a ; coun?el in
the ease. It does seem strange
that Mr. PAUUOTT could fool him
self misrepresented by anything in
that article, unless his conscience
i ; not ul rost< Wo ul ade no accusa
tion against him, but according to
his own statement and the evi
dence, |)i our humble judgment, he
had no right to claim Jurisdiction
of the ease.
-An Irishman put up the follow
ing notiCOl "Whoever is eauglit
pit ing on these, grounds will
be given forty lashes en the r .
hack. Unit' the penalty viii be
paid to the informer "
I J?*?Z? -Mm jr.->^ ? jmmiWt?
v (Jrm.t'K l?iuintt
Th? romains lay In stale for fcwo
days [n tho City Hull, bf Now York
City. Tho pvocc.?- ?OM to tho tomb
in lil vr.si.'.o Park e >,iu-ler.' t 'I tis o
m U?atean fror ton 'bu tho morning
oftho Sth, willi (iou. i i.v:.-'.?<"..? nt
Its !.. adj and pu .ss J ?ig through tho
distance of ton iht?es, ended ni ?;0'l
;\ M. Tho hiio h Orso Cten. HAN
( (. !.: roilo became exhausted and
liad to l>-' exchanged for another,
i ii'.' entire \yay was thronged w ith
people a;?<l uedoVked With domon-i
st rat ions of mon ming. Tho rit ual
service Vi's conducted hy 1'ost
Com: itUulpr Ar.KN VS'OKlt li I* KO, Ut
tho lonih, Dr. N KW.M A N and BiSh
<!ji HAMMS roiul Hu* lili:.?I sorvioo
of tho Methodist t'ip.lscopal ( hureln
Tho collin wa . placed lu tho vault,
ti!;? last salute waa (ired, and tho
tomb was seated.
-We havo i;i ovory community
farmers of inri rited libljlty, nen of
tin - attainments and women of cul
ture, who fail t-? occupy tho posi
tions they aro so wi ll qualified to
till on account ol' excessive cl lill
o.t. ince. When called upon to do
something io tao presence of ?
room lllh .1 with people, they aid
donly forgo! what munn? r of men
and women they lire and suiror I
ti?:" i Ivo., io personate somebody
. ! ?e. if they would only remain
themselves and talk and roa
son as they do on ether occasions,
what ti fund of Information they
could Impart. lOvory human being
has a di linet Individuality, differ*
lng iii some important sense irani
n ny body else, and tho moment he
forgets this fact mid attempt.*! lo
personate another, lie not only fulls
but puts himself in ii false position.
The farmer should !.:. hlinself on
all occasions and (lo hi ; own work
iii hi i own ivay. Mxp' vv .; his
M. ughls in Intelligible language
and never apologist ? for the manner
in which lie manages i;? convoy his
Ideas, ll*you are uol prepared lo
do tho work assigned, Why don't
undertake lt, IhtitSj nil.
The Orari)! i ls us good n school
ol oratory as yeti need t > attend,
and if you don't Improve tinder (ho
Instructions imparted therein and
the opportunities lhere offered!, it
i- because you have not made ?
propel*use of tho means place i at
your command.- /.'?..
Wi nthor Wisdom.
rio- (''armors'Club of tin A morl
cnn Institute, lia . Issued the follow
ing toil r ile-; in relation to the
weather, which farmers would do
well-to cul "iii mid preserve for
fal u iv reference :
I. \\'h ;i tlio temperature fails
suddenly, lhere is storm forming
south of Voil.
.j. When th?' temperature rise*
. liddon ly, lin re i-> a storm forming
north of yon.
:t. Tho wind always blows fi.an a
region ol* fair wOathor towards a
ri ghin \\ hore ft -tonn i- forming.
I. Cirrus chaul-: always move
from :t region where n : torin ls in
progress toa region of fair weather,
Cumulous clouds ni ways move
from :. region hf fair weather lo a
region where a * tonn ? ; forming.
n. When cirril - clouds aro moving
rapidly from the ninth or north
west, llu ro will bo min inside ol'
t Won ty* fou r hotn , no matter hov.
cold it ls.
7. W lu n . *. us cloud i ar? moving
rapidly from the south to tlie south
wast, there Will be n cold rain storm
on the morrow, ir ii is Mummer, If
lt bo winter, there will bo a snow
stoi m.
M. Tho wind blows almo-; ia a
circle around thc stormi, and when
; blows frbtn the north, tho heii
viv'.t rain ls ead of .you j If it Mows
from the ail, tho heaviest i- wei t ;
?fit blows from tho eas!, tlo> hea
viest i south; it'll blows from tlio
\? . I, the heaviest min is north of
Th;- wind never blows unless
rain or -nov. is fulling, within one
lhousand mil of you.
in. Whenever a lu .ivy white
frost Occurs, a .-tomi is forming
within one (housand nilli s north or
north-west Ol' you.
- A Negro named Johnson was
yOtordhy sent to jul), on t lie charge
of murder. Ile was a train hand
on tho Air lam- road, und last Sat
urday boca mo engaged ina friendly
tassel with a follow laborer. J olin
n was used more roughly limn
ho expected he w ould he, and with
out nny provocation ho grasped n
pick axe and ont it crashing
through thc skull of his companion.
Tin- wounded negro livid until
yesterday when Ito died. The af
fair .;..< ti tri 1 near the < 'atwba river
bridge.-thurioitc Obscfiu a.
-Jus. W. Laurent was shot and
killed nt Chester, ?Vforris County,
N. J., lile Tuesday afternoon by
Samuel Wade, aged fifty years,
who had been drinking and was
loulous of Mr-. Swayze, with whom
ho and Lan rent hoarded. Afters
?Ilium I he hurried upstairs and
shot i,auront with n guri. Ho theil
gave himself in charge of aeon
stable and waa Committed to the
county jail lo awail the action of
the grand iurv, w hich moots in Oc
--Hendricks has no do-ire for
moro political honors, ile ls en
tirely satisfied with tho treatment
he luis received nt the hands of his
parly in 1*715 and in 1884. Ho will
never nguiu bo a candidate for
anything. He r?alises that ho ls
grow ing oh! and he w ill be content
lo retire in 1881! from nil political
excitement. Tho Oovcruor know s
that ho stands well with tho peo
ple ol' Indiana and he is w illing to
eni' his political career as Vice
-Mr. A. A. Uaw, of t'pper San
dusky, Ohio, claims t" have the
orininal of (?en. lt. K. lao's last
Ord?r to h h army, which was is
. m d ?ii Appomattox C.H. on April
IS, 1N?'.->.
?oli Conditions^ lor Sending.
considerable elujro of tho su?
ee>k willoh some if?'? achieve 111
rani)lng ls tho RSntll of wol! di
recte d o?Forb; to se/'uro tho be-t
much <uii-.il condition of the KO'.'.
IVriility ?> ext. :-e ly importan*,
llUl lt? V..ll'', IIS compared wit li
i 'SM' of kootymg soil i;i proper co: -
(11 (lo i for tho roots ol' thjj) various
crops, has IK-?'?I vastly (jjvoivralod.
Oito ol' IJio important oDIces of mn
iitirci ls (<i chango t'e* texture of
tho soils. It-si decomposition makes
heavy tolbi Mora p<>.ous, {ind sandy
.-.nils m.?se ebrtiptU't. Wo uti at
tach grout Importance to having a
degrqo of vegetable matter in tho
soil. Vet tho greater bulk ot* this
ls carbon, which haft small manie
rial vallie, li' wo could make
heavy soil-* pufllclontly porous MO
lind fr y would not bake in dry
wi allier, tlit* vegetable III iii tor Unit
they contain \voul 1 ho of little Im
portance either way.
Diifor nt crop - require decidedly
(MU ere ni characters in tho condi
tion <f tho soi!, l'V>r matty yours
tho prairie soils of tho Wost v. eve
too porous for th ' growth ol' winter
wheat. Tho fol I Hooded with water
froze and lieu ved in winter, until
all the wheat roots were thrown
upon the mirinee. Thlu condition
wa? Just adapted to growing heavy
(..u n crop;. Mini (?Ohl Wtis for years
entirely substituted for wheat. Of
late yearn these conditions have
changed. Cora lias become moro
precarious as tho M>?I !>.;.... been
compacted by the los of vegetable
matter, rei:! tho prc ont yetir
wheal has increased tn yield and
corn deuroa ?ed. 'i ii" failure re?
ported in win h r wheat the present
season ? ; n oro probably duo to
lack of phosphate.1'1, which l?astern
runners have haig been obliged t??
U>(I|IM sections where the wheat
crop lias boca grown extensively.
Heans ero another crop In which
more d?pends ou tho ?nochnnleul
condition of oil than on Us fe
Iillly, lt i v\. !? understood that
good crops ol' b;?nns can bo grown
: ;*. quito poor soil, provided il IS
made compact yet ll nely pul verlxod.
(>n th" prairie soils ot the West,
(?specially where Infested by
weeds, bonus are almost always
failure. Various* th?ories have
been urged t > i :c plain this fact, but
the true one seen is to ho t hit where
ii hirge inn .- hf v> gelable mutter ls
barb *! In the ?oil the !> *un rout- do
not gel linn held, Hie loose earth ls
washed hy rains on tho loav< sand
tho crop ls s pei lily ruined, ?Sonic?
tines iu beau-growing localities
farmers make the mistake of leav
ing tho plowing of hean ground
Until late, hoping lo gel mon- clover
or other gvc?n manure to turn un
der. Tills ls good for thc land but
had for the beau crop, w hich luis
io make Its, cat?n?growth and ripon
in so -hort .? period that tho '?iii
cannot lice..nu* KUlNcleillly solidi
fie:!. Possibly if' green manure
was plowed under two weeks be
fore bean planting, and (he ground
meantime thoroughly work' il v\ il h
the harrow and roller, nun h of this
dillleully would bo overcome,
Tho appearance ol' the surface
soil after rolling and thorough < . 111 -
ti vat ion ls not always an indication
of lt? Muess for. a seed-bed. Thu
roller pros ICH hard, dry lump Into
the >o?!, often without breaking
Iii?m. follow il with one of the
old-fashioned drags, :11.? i anyone
would be surprised at tho quantity
of hard, dry lumps brought to the
surface the - low growth of ninny
crop- after planting or sowing is
often dm* i*> failure ol' tho roots to
take proper hold of thc -oil. The
great advantage of n moist seeding
time is thal Hie rains help to dis
solve these buried lumps, solidify
ing the soil and ( mihling roots of
plant - io rue. throng!! il '..!"!. . freely.
Ie preparing ground for winter
wheat, which ls no\V in order in
many sections, a peculiar' conti I (iou
ot* >. :..!-!.? d IH required, lt must
bo in flue tilth and Is helter il*
moisi for two or three inches. Uo
!"\< i: should he hurd und compact
as it i-- possible to make ?. since
these conditions have been better
understood, tho average yields ol'
wheat have largely lncroaso(h li
Is not uncommon now for good
farmers to get yields of thirty or
more bnshols of whiter wheat per
acre. lt i- poi dblo to vet . nen
crops after spring gunin, o:its ?uni
barley, provided the soil i- plowed
n < moon as convenient and tho
rou; lily worked shallow until need
ing tine*, l'.y carly plowing the
land <*ols the fall bl itcflt ol* v, hat
ever rainfall may conic hefore seed"
lng. A great point ls gained If
cuttcrjng oats 11 ntl barley are
sprouted so as to be destroyed he
fore the wheal i? sown. The
amount of plant food that these
sprouted germs furnish i not large,
but it i^jn-u what the young wheat
plant heeds, Mini it ls quickly inado
available,' Tho ?owing ol' oat i or
bn'rlcy' to be turned under a? gr?eetl
m airo when two OT three inches
high, may seem an ?xponslvo way
of getting a very little plant food.
It lltlH not boon much tried, but in
preparing oat or bi ley stubble
for wheat tho advantage from bury
ing the sprouted, scattered grain i-'
OftOll so decided ns to HtlggOSt v. he th
cr this plan of preparing ? wood-bed
ini{_dit not often IK> profitably adop
The groat drnwbm k in preparing
stubble land for wheat i- the stub
ble itself. In a dry time the . ? uh
of oats or barley soon become hard]
and tliey Keep the land entirely too
open and porous. If plowed early,
while -onie of the juices of the
plant are still in the straw, tiley
decay moro speedily and thc soil
is worked into proper shape, lint
in inoSt cases for wheat Heeding,
burning Hu* stubble makes a bettor
(.eddied than turning il nuder,
with the further advantage nf des
troying insects lying in wait to
destroy thc crop.- American Quilt'
- Repre- .dative Connell, Of the
(icorgifl Logislutupo, ?M i adoned a
sensation last week hy introducing
a hill putting ail annual tux of $2.r>o
upon bachelors over ;;?? year* of
age, to create a fund for thc edu
cation ol' fatherless children. The
Legislature hftu already taxed tim
dogid of the .Stele.
fr 0 F
GO T 0
And seethe Ked 'Li?t, without feet or wings.
Also, tho HighaffinpDouble Buf-fln, Compound
Pressing* Squeeze!
He has the
on his Stock of S
Millinery, &e. 1
this time will n
Gents1 Straw Hi
Wo are compelled tn i
()f I 'ashien.
taney Goods, Notions,.
40 days, and during
prices on Clothing,.
|| and Millinery,
Wi stock nt the Emporium
This space lAifs to ,r. fi. CO(|IM?:R *t c< >.,
[j Dealers ill
Mll-fJ anti vi\n*ji B'<r
I R 0 N
All kinds of Maelii
of every description, mat'
as pood, and prices Low
Wc: mean what wo Bay
U N ?RY.
red. Iron anVl?rasa Castings,
n t not iee. ^ork guaranteed
i ls? had at anjbtlier Foundry,
rrito for prices)
RS & ckLE,
Lauris S. C.
WI' propose to close ont our
(ioods in tho ne ;t .!<> days, ainu.
We hAVd some bountiful Sum
tered. Also; Cents' nod Ludio.
Cull ut once, f<(v we \ofti fell
(i RAI ll* MARKS'
August \ I' S )
A Od A ?*???? ?rn *. -
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