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ojjCitumm ^ffttrrfinrr,
LAUBENS, SEPT. '.Uh, 1885.
Subscription Price--13 Mouths, $1.00.
PAYAI!!,!', ! N <\ UVANCUO.
Unies for Advert i xiii;:. O rd I miry A<l
Vcrtisenietils, per K(|U<I < . ' '?? hl8Cf"
lion, $1.00; catch subsequent ?'mis
ti?n, 00 eenls.
Libernt reductlon nimtc for largo Ad
.1. C, UAIUJIKUTON A : <?.,
Church ::.'><! ;-1... .
Whatever niny hy Mic o oi
thc light between Mic ilcn
tiona! colleges anti the Sta
vera!ty, it is in our opinion ?
In tho wrong direction? I lin il ?..
is a proper subject !'. legi 1 ttloi -
It is eneumbent upon Mic Stat tn
provide as far a- it ls abb . for tb .
oducation of Hs citizens. U the
different Ileliglous nenin tin
see proper to ai-1 i" |i::< work by
establishing private instit niions ' r
tlie education of young tuen, il :
right that they should do MI. in I
tlds wo see no wron lint \. !' . it
conics to sin Ii a t hiv?;-'a-, represen
tatives of th? se denomii . !
n.rt-.w (-'schools sitting hi eon il
purpose of illida ting to thc
makers of South Cnn linn i 1
course sin.nhl he pursued we ty :'
is. an uncalled for, at temp! cn
part of tho Church to t nt
poli ; ivs.
If in the history of . .. . agc . Wo
e,a"n?see any one fact inore promi
.neut than another, it is thal to in?.N
religion and politics will bri ; ' .
aster to both, surely m> one wJI
question for a moment, tho dui
yea, the m a-?ne J of attempting .
unite Church and NJ.?lo.
In order that We may pre i .
intact the llboi lies which have bi > o
transmitted to us by o iii* fore
fathers, and which have stood the
tost of time, wc must see to it that
these two great powers are kepi
separate and distinct. A union of
Church and State cannot hen cfit
politics, it will surely dis troy relig
ion. The work of thc Churches,
while ir may bo as important, is
certainly different from that of tho
State nod should be accomplished i
without its aid, and fair-play de
mands that the stat.? be allowed to
transact its own affairs without tho
aid of religious denominations,
We are unalterably opposed to 1
anything thal tends ('-wards bring
ing religion into polities and there
fore condemn the course of the
denominational colleges.
A Too "Gloomy "View.
We are not only suffering from
business depression, bul our so
cial and political surroundings
are emin Hy discouraging and
gloomy. Tin ;-; ls much lo lin dis
pelled on every hand before woes
touch bot tom once mor v -Colin o
Perhaps our esteemed cotoinpo
rary, of tho capital ci ty j i- coi.ct
as to the outlook Iii lils "nol
hood," but we, ol' Mils rich Pied
mont country, are nol taking ll
gather such a gloomy view of th
c-'l-.'WAtion. Just at this Mme, Ne po- j
Utica! hornet is buzzing' In our > irs, ?
nor are we troubled by tho si fid of
a social scarecrow pres nt, bul
each man is content '? i attend wit li
fidelity to his own a IVs in and is ?
striving to gather into hi gurner,
the reward for his Iii hi ... of thc p;
twelve months. Indeed, bvr poo
ple seem nu ?rc than lisna
happy and content? d, Ti ic lani .*
wears a genial Smile, ns he ll ! ' ;
crib with full developed cara of cn II
and watches with prhh the op i
lng Of the fleecy staple, "i'.y iner
chant has ceased lil . Coiuplaht!
against "dull times;" while (bc ac
cbanic ls content to labor, know!
that a good crop means a lu tier
time for all, Infaet, an luipi tu i .
given to every.trade anti proft - lei
and it ls lime wo should turn - mi'
attention into other channels, and
not forever brood over Imaginary
evils thal never lu.vt existed.
-A million dollars In gold welgl
!i,(!s."? pounds avoirduj>o?s. Tittil ex
plains why KO io ? ny editors : .
mund shouUh ced.
-A revolution has broke", oil! I
in Voneziitdn, South Ahierlctv. 'i he
revolutionists have aaptitrod :?
steamer w ith prom!deni bihebv- oil
-An Indian named 'Man-Afraid
of-Nothing" marrieil a white Woman
in Montana recently, anti in one
Week after the wc doling applied to
his hine lo ?nive his name changed.
--The Philadelphia l're*? says:
President Cleveland has ridden for
t> seven miles over mountain roads
in a buck-hoard wagon.. This sheds
some light on thc recent remark
by an an able organ to tho effect
that Mr. Cloveland was about to
give things a shaking up.
-Miss freston (to OHM hail pitch
er I) "I aa-' pr 'se thnt at e game
this afternoon, Mr. Ilomoritn, audi
admire?! vour pitching so much.
"Your curves r mini' e of Ho
garths line <d" beauty." Pitcher
(Of college club;) ''Indei d!
nine doc H JCegui tl) jtiUb for .'
Tournament ami Kall at Gleim
Perhaps the mont delightful day
of thc season nt Glenn Springs was
the oTd <>f Beptombof. At an early
hour tho crowd begun to assemble
on the grounds selected for tho race
und great interest was manifested
hy tile poet.?tors in surmising as
tn wlio would probably bo the most
uoeos fol Knight. Tho tuimbor
of K nigh? < WHS 1101 US great 5is was
expected out tiioso present ac
quited themselves becomingly, and
tlo fi ature of tito day passed oil'
very pleasantly. Mr. lUitlodge
liiiv -'ii won the laurels, having
Succeeded in capturing 8 out <d' !?
rin?... in three ri?::<. and placed tho
crown of honor upon Miss Gibbes
. ?i' Dillon . Mr. C. V. . Thomson <>f
?tai burg came second and gave
tlie crown to Mis.'?. Mumie ?htck,
form rly of Laurens, but now of
Limestone A charming young
Ind} nf Newberry, Miss Helen
SViirdlnw, wnvlho favorite of Mr. I
Kldi i ii Davis, the third Ividght.
I I oems ; hal lids time-honored
timii oment, i"-- i'ournument, hhs
los! tionb of its interest'. Al'toi'tho
race was;tiver a permanent orgau
o/.vrh?n ..a oflVctcd und tlie follow?
?hg titUcer.'i elected. President 1!.
S. r.f i ?rf Spartan burg. Vice
President : .!. r. Met lowan, of Spar
taiilmrgj h (fi Thompson,of Union,
I .CViiuty nod .1. C. (tarlington or
[ !, ?..'... or. The next tountinient will
I bo on i!o> second Thursday lil Au
lini; hy fl r th:1 most enjoyable
! [uui of Che dity wa ; the grand hali
ut lin hotel in I ?ie . vening. The
i ball, room was ulled tb ils Utmost
: ci iiiu tty, anil Hie "tight fantastic
I po" was tipped until Ibo "woo811111'*'
[.nur??s v'f i well represented,
. : ! (lu gi ::?..!...! opinion seems to
have been that for pretty young
. (ad?o,-', ! :Vuvo.n;'y is < 11 titled to Hie
ll, rsl prize. The yoting I Ucl I os who
etiiied, wei'b AiisMc^ NH*Parla lid,
ihtveriiport, lllehar I-mi, I .iltle und '
I' rids, Tho voting (nen wiro'
Mtv ? ???? J. I). Watts, Vi. li. Irby, C.
\\. ( iarrett", I 1 e S?nij -.. n, Hick
il ?ri : . C. Crisp, Dr, \V. li. Dial
lind J. C. GaHtnglon. While all of
our y.oung men seem lo enjoy Ibo
day vi ry nub lt indi ed wo cannot
-. y that i ?o y wore altogether tts
pop? Inr n.-> our ladles, however all
are favorably Impress with Glenn's
and feel well mild for the trip.
Why the President Gets Mail.
ti 'buniborburg (Pu.) Valley spirit.)
Mr. Hughes F.nst, the Private
Secretary of Vlco-Preiidont Hen
dricks, snitl to a Spirit representa?
ti ve: "Mr. Cleveland is mad, that's
the long anti short of it. And be
has a grievance against some of
your Pennsylvania politicians too,
for I learn that two or more of
them, In order to settle sonic per
sonal matters, have urged upon
bim subordinates appointments
which ought not to he made."
A case in point is that in which,
in a recent conversation with a
Democrat of this County, he gave
expression to his purpose. Thc
Democrat referred to spoke of an
unlit person appointed to a respon
sible position. The President
asked for Hie name of the Individ
ual. When lt was given he said:
"Yes, I have heard bini complained
of before. That is a case in which
1 want to got something tangible.
Now, v. ill you aid int? ?'' The kenl
oi ral ..' .'!< ed bc would do so if he
cot? ;. "Then," said the President,
"make on in writing:: phill) brief
staten dit of tho f?bts. I do not
ask for youi*'name, to bo attached.
i simply want these point- to re
fresh my memory. Although tho
commission given this man does
not isstit from ino, I will undertake
personally to Investigate, Ibis case.
. Now," li nddod, "If yon will do
your part 1 w iii do mine. If i lind
out wit til ! li Iii vc ..ill bo proven,
: will sob iii.it liol only (Jiu man
lippi lilted will go, i 'ti i with him the
mi n v bu appointed him," To this
declaration be added: f*The otllehil
who niitki s hts oillee a puddling
place for dirty politicians and de
g?a?b - Ids position by questionable
party service ls th-" more offensive
lome beCtmSe be seeks to maire
my pledge's empty phrases and
dec?an by bis tu is that my protn
ii .- ii vuluelt ss."
'I he wu ri) lng is olio timi tho
"d.lty politicians" ought to heed in
Lbii 1. '1 he fe I lo\i s v. bo persist in
engaging in "questionable party
irvJcc," !.hough directed iii the
t! j rad lug -work hy ofttcials hlglier
(!nin th(-arisclycsj havotvt much
I r t llilb to 1 et ii: oui of (he Wilt,
T?tere' . un av fal shower coming,
a?.d we lure!.;.- serve tl ni ely liotieo
to ail concerned;
.- \ ?['tteei' ern u luis broke:; out
in Georgia which is creating eon
. i lei'ubh < Ki IteiiK ni li? the North?
. . fib rn port lop bf the Stol". A
qiociui dispatch from Mark ita
.ive. lin following particulars:
"'i'm' Northen.* tern portion of Geor
gia hi U Viist holiness eanip. The
??ne lion of sanctifient lon bas been
i'igti>Oilsly preached until now it is
oe: i Dough to bl n Methodist, hilt
per fob t fret dom from sill must bo
pro fe's ?< I us well, The Pe'-. W.
A. ? >. D?dgo.itnd the He\-. William
Park ar? apostles of this new doc
trine, and under their preaching
numerous faith cures have berni
disputed by tho doctors. The re
cen: suicide of the Hov. M. 1). Tur
ner, who declared Hutt ho had lost
Hu; faith, bas intens!fled tho feed
ing. At a meeting tu Tilt. Zion last
week some remarkable .statements
were made. A curious feature was
the presence of Mrs. Mary Scrog
gies, who arose and stated that
she was 101 years of ago. Ninety?
live years ugo she Joined Hie Meth
odist Church; seventy years ago
she professed holiness, since which
time ?lie has never bad even the
inclination'to sin. Hbo ascribed
her long life to a Arm faith that
she W?uld not die. Mrs. Scroggins
lives (ive miles from the church,
which distance sive regularly waites
evefy Sunday and on prayer moet
in-; nights. Site looks end acts ?Ike
a w ell preserved w oman of forty
icggrs mu? Chickens?
(Cor. American Cultivator.)
Tho rust object of overy poultry
keeper- who wishes to succeed tn
his business ls (<? hnvo hin produce
ready for market when tho com
modity la scarce, since of course he
eau secure n much higher price
then than nt any other time.
Whore there is a large and poi" un
neut population eustoniors ca
ways bo found for really fredi eggs
and plump well-fed chicken* ut tho
beat [)i*ice.
A very frequent eomplaint
amono, iioultry keepers is that
they eau gel any number of
eggri at that time when they ure
plentiful, and therefore cheap, hut
when eggs uro scarce they got few
or none. What is wanted is to
keep only those hirds known :i<
prolitic layers, such as Leghorns,
Minoras, I landaus, Muck Ham
burgs, Lnngidmns, or Plymouth
Hoi k s-. Tho mat tor of housing nnd
feeding should ulso have thc ?reat
os I attention. There ure ninny
peep! - who have tho right kinds of
hirds and who house and feed them
Well Ililli yot who cannot obtutll
eggs very early in (ho year, and of
eourso cannot have early chickens,
tho entire cause being that their
hints are loi. lalo. Hirds above two
ye;ii> old do not commence laying
until the cud of February or the
beginning of M arch, no matter how
good layers tiley may he, and If
only (?iey bo list .! theil IK ither
early < ggs or chicks can bu ex
Po obtain early eggs, only young
hirds, that ls pullet -of Ibo llrst or
second your must he used. Hirds
of thc various breeds named above,
if hatched in Mareil und April,
will begin lo lay at least ?? Sep
tember, October or November, mid
will continue to do so right through
t be winter. At H rat tho eggs will
ito small, but will gradually im
prove in this respect, and pullets
of thc previous year will, it* well
housed, begin lolay*ubout Decem
ber, und tltulr eggs will ho largo
and well formed. Under careful
imtmigemctil i? ls hot very il illicit lt
16 obtain a constant supply of eggs.
li ?- of no ti-!' expecting that
May or Juno hatched birds will
commence to lay much before tho
sprint:. Tiley may do so If thc
autumn and early winter bc very
favorable. .January ami Februury
hatched hirds ure too early lo bc
used as layers, und do not, as a
rule, answer for this purpose, tts
they begin about August, fall into
a moult a little later on, ami aro
very uncertain in their produce
during the wlutor. For eggs, there
fore, hirds hatched in March ami
April, and not mon* than two years
old, are preferable, in a well ar
ranged yard, half the stock of lay
ers will be bred each year and half
will he killed annually.
Those who wish to have early
chickens must ftdlow the same
rules. Tho hens should lie mated
together early in November for tho
earliest hatches, and later ia the
month all those not required so
soon. By using pullets of the tirst
year for the former and those
twelve months later for the hitter,
with young and vigorous cockerels,
fetlle eggs limy he expected within
ti few days Ol birds being mated,
and thus a succession of ehleons
produced to be ready at any time
when they are scarce and dear.
Of course the number ol* pullets to
each cockerel must bo regulated,
and should not exceed half n dozen
at the outside, and thal number
only for thc most vigorous breeds,
The birds V I squire b> be housed
comfortably nd fed well, and in
winter time tho eggs should ho
gathered as soon aller they ure
laid ?is is convenient.
Parnell's High Hopes.
Ireland on tbs Verso of Victory.
[Wcwu (oui Courier,)
l>? ni iv, Sept- m ber.-A banquet
was given hy thc Lord Mayor nt
tho Siansion I louse (bis evening in
honor of Hornel und his Irish col
leagues in tlie House of Commons,
'ibero v. en- th roo hundred gue-ts
present exclusivo of members of
1 II I . peech l'arhcll said that If
home rule Wore refused thc Irish
they would make it Impossible for
thc English lo legislate, langland
. mild either gram Hie right to rule
themselves or make thc country u
Crown colons-. The latter WOllld
i prue I loully tantamount lo tho
former. Ile denounced outrages,
saying that tho continuation of
them would 1)0 a terrible blow to
tho Ii i .i.b < ?ilise. ' vin- land question
WAH tho great question in1 Ireland,
Parnell wns enthusiastically
ebi t red throughout his speech.
Ile rcmlnded-hls hearers that the
.-taK-niriit that home rule in Ire
land wnw Impossible, emanated
from tito same man that once said
that local government wu-; impos
sible, deferring to moonlight out
rages in Korry, though lie thought
the perpetrators had some excuse
in H\eir desperation mid po <Tty,
lie prayed Lrlshmen lo forbear, as
such actions only Injured Hie
cause, With equal emphasis he
asked landlords during the conting
winter of farming depression to
show tho stuff they av * made of by
refraining from exacting rent i
which tho soil refused to yield, if
landlords persisted lu exalting the
full pound of flesh in the future,
there would he Utile ?losli loft to
extract. Harnell said litt was con
fident Ireland was on the brink ol'
-A Cl orman wont inton rei.(mi
rant, and as ho took bis seat nn
Irish waiter came up and bowed
politely. "Wie geht'sV" said tho
(tarma ii, also bowing politely.
"Wheat eakins," shouted tho walter,
mistaking the salutation for an or
der. "Nein, nein!" sahl thc (tar
man. ''Nine!" said the waiter.
"You'll lie lucky If you got throe."
-Prof. Wiggins prowfots an ex
tremely cold winter, owing to thc
great planets Jupiter, Saturn, Ura
nus and Neptune being all so nour
their i T!1I<Hon.
*> - w
Against Freo Tuition.
TIV r.H Ol?' 1) li NOM 2 N AT ION A l<
A conference of tl?c representa
tives of tho denominational col
leges of this State who were se
lected by tllO trust?es of those In
stitutions WHS hohl nt the residence
of Col. James A. Hoyt, editor of
tho Jtuptht Courier, in Oreen ville
on last Thursday night. Tho fol
lowing gout lomon were present:
For Erskine college, Prof. Hood
and Representative lt. lt. Hemp
hill, editor of tho Abbeville Me
dium ;
Wolford college, Dr. W. NV. Dun
can the Representative NV. K,
N'owborrv college. Senator J. A.
Sligh and Prof. C. NV. Wolsh (dep
uty ror Dr. I W. I tolland);
Furmun university, Col. J. A.
Hoyt, editor of tlic Ihtptiat Courier.
and Maj. li. II. Murry, cd' Hie An
del son Cutt llifft 'naer.
Tho conference was in session
about three hours and discussed !
the State college thoroughly. Tho ;
sentiment of tho members was
tinnily given slut pe in the following
which uns drawn up and unani
mously adopted:
"Tile members of this conference
representing the several denomina
tional colleges of South Carolina,
hereby declare that we have no
opposition to the existence nod.
maint enanco of t lio s. ?ut li Carolin ti
i University, and would favor any
appropriate action of the board ol'
trustees to muke it a University of
tl;-' highest grade.
"Hesolccd, That we aro unaltera
bly opposed to thc cxlsiting feature
of free tuition which prevails in
the South Carolina college, because
we believe that il ls wrong in prin
cipio and injurions in policy i<? ll: 0
tin' taxing power of the State tonf
ford collegiate education without
charge to those w ho aro able lo pay
therefor, by which the college is.
brought inio unfair competition
willi tito ol her colleges of the State
on a basis oilier (ban their relativo
merits of < xeollonoo.
"Jiemleed. That we favor the
i change of the act regulating the
tutilion charges In the State uni
versity so tlnit tho miiuimum
charge for tuition therein shall be
at lea d fifty dollars per annum."
A committee was also appointed
to preparo a presentation of the
views of the conf?rence, und con
fer with Hie Trustees of tho South
Carolina University, and the np-'
propri?t? committees of the Senate
and House of Representative.
looter hy Lightning.
Tho London Sportxinan soys:
"Making butter by lightning in the
latest cra/.e of the electricians.
Thc patent taken out for this pro
cross is very simple, A puir of
electrodes arc placed in a large voa?
sid of milk and n current runs
through. Directly the milk fools
tho force of tho electricity, and it
undergoes a curious change. Little
balls of butter form upon the elec
trodes and subsequently detach
themselves and float to the top.
Tho butler is then collected, placed
in a kneading machine, and worked
up into tho "best Dosslt" ns fast as
the operator can turn the handle.
i Tho process ls much quicker than
\ thc old-fashioned method of ( burn
ing. The <>nly drawback to the
butter so made is tittil it will not
stand Hie ordeal of a thunder storm.
1 luring thc providence' of any
severe atmospheric disturbance the
j rolls nf butter st: nd on end, give
out sparks, and often leap about
j tho place. Curiously enough, this
does not s:>oil the butter, but it ii
found to lie nu plea saut at tho break
fust or tea (able. Cheese can he
made by a similar process, li is
now proposed, in order to save
time, to apply an electric milker to
the cow. This w ill sort the butter
J and cheese as the milk leaves Hie
teat. The quality of thc cheese ls
determined by Hie fond given to
j Hie eow nnd**tho strength of the
current. The most powerful cur
\ rents are required to produce (lor
I gon/.ola or Limburger eheose,'bu1
not safe to make much of the int tor
kind, because the cow i.- always
greatly exhausted afterward."
A Tnle of Tnllttla.
ATLANTA, (i.\" August 27.- Wil
liam Forman, of Mew Orleans,
enure boro to-day from Tallulah
Fulls for meilieal trout ment. Ile
: tells a most wonderful story, all of
which has boon substantiated.
While climbing up tho rocks at the
side of (lie fails lils font slipped and
he fell, rolling dow n an inclino of
?loo feet, and thou foll over a pre
1 clplcc <'57d feet. Ho fell into a soft
marsh. For more than thirty
hours ho remained whore he foll,
unable to move and ainu si too
weak to call for ai dstance. At
. .no time be saw members of n res
cuing party within thirty yards of
bim but was unable to make him
self heard. Fortunately ho foll near
a small sin .un and managed to ob
tain w aler by dipping his handker
chief Into tho w ater and sucking lt.
Ho also spread Hie handkerchief
Over Ills face to shut out tho rays
of tho scorching sun. With lils
teeth ho tore off pieces of the al
paca coat which bc wore and made
a sort of pad for his head to rest
upon. The distnuco he fell hus
bron measured and all Iiis state
ments have boon fully proved.
-"Do you know a mun by the
mime of Legion?" inquired Dun
ley of a friend. "Legion? No, I
novel* heard of him." Jenkins told
me last night that I had been called
the biggest fool Jackas? on earth,
and when 1 demanded the man's
name he said lt was Legion. I'm
looking for bim."-i'ucA:
-Miss Hose Kli/aludh Cleveland
is said to have tinnily consented to
permit lier pi (lt ure to appear In the
subscription edition cf ber remark
able hook. This will meet the re
quirements all 'round-tho essays
I .showing bow who stand and photo
?- ra pl i r< \ ealing bow- - bc .-it ?,
Tho Piedmont Fui v.
Tho ?tock holders of tho Pied
mont Fair Association met yester
day morning, transacted routine
business und elected oflleors for
the ensuing yenr ns follows: Pres
ident, O. 1'. Mills; vice presidents:
James McCullough, W. T. hong,
W. C. Goodwin, U. F. Cravton, Ii.
A. Mills, J. li. Humbert, I). Wyattt
Aiken, F. li, McKenzie, H. S. Crit
tondon, Augustus Huff, \V. M. Ha
good, Allen Jonstone, .Innies Mon
A proposition to do away with
gambling and liquor selling on the
grounds was submitted and consid
ered, and it was resolved not to sell
gaining or liquor privileges this
year. Thc fair will therefore be
run without those accessories and
minus the addition? to the income
of tho Association hitherto derived
from thom.-G re cn vt I le .Yens,
Health Hints.
For toothache try chowing cin
namon bark. #
A bag ol' Ind sand will often re
lieve neuralgin.
Hop pillows ure successful used
by many people who otherwise un
abb' to sleep soundly.
For ringworm of thc seul]) try
ten grain.- ol iodine dissolved in an
ounce ol turpentine; apply ns a l<>
oii I ron ictly a flor the diseased part
hus been thoroughly washed.
To cure felons, mix one ounce of
Venice turpentine with one ounce
of waler; stir with a rough stick
until thick; theil wrap :i good cont
inu of it around the linger with a
cloth. Another method ls to wrap
thc part i';\ < !oti with a linen cloth
dipped in u lim lure of lobelia.
-Thc National electric Light
Association is holding its conven
tion in New Vow. Delegates from
the principal cities in thc country
tire present, and much interesting
mutter is presented. Among the
least known devices of electric
lighting i; thc system by which
tho city of Octroi is lighted, by
cluster- of lights on towers |A0
feet lu 170 high, (treat success ts
reported to have attended tho ope
ration of this system in thal city
during the past two year--. Uy it
a city.ol' 1:50,000 is perfectly lighted,
al nu expense for tho current your
of ;>:i,:;no. The electric light tow
ers httve taken the places of 4,780
gas and naptha lights.
- A spirited young lady from
Chicago is rcpotod to have termi
nated a promising courtship simply
because her lover insisted on con
ducting his part part of the corres
pondence with tho aid of a type
writer. Hbo declared that she
could easily rend his manuscript)
and did not propose to flic away
any more machine made love lot?
-A Georgia mun, in climbing ti
fence, got caught and hung four
days with his hoad down ami heels
up before hoing discovered and
relieved, lt lu believed he will die,
tis no Georgia mun luis ever lived
three days without u drink of
whiskey. The limit in Kentucky
ls two days.
-"Tommy, dbl you hear your
mother call you?" "Course I did."
"Thou why dont you go to hov at
once?" "Well, you see, she's ner
vous, and it'd shock her awful if I
should gO tOO .-liddell."
-Thc treasury department paid
out $10,000,000 in pensions during
month of August.
- innocence is like an umbaeiia
-when once we have lost it we
muy never li ope to sec it back
-Thc pine tree, says an author
ity, serves as n refuge for more
than 400 species of insects.
JOHN C, llA.SKKI.Ii, X. n. DIAL,
Columbia, S. C. Laurens, H. C.
I. \ flt KN S < '. ll., S. C.
J* T. Johnson,
OflitM - Fleming's Corner, North
West side Pu hilo Hq un re.
LA U K IO N s , C. IL, s. c.
J. C. Carlington,
hAI/RENS c. IT., R. c.
OIWQO oxer W. IL Garret t's Store.
Abbeville. Laurens
A TT O It N ll V S AT L A W,
J. Wi I'KiUit soN. ORO, K YOUNO,
KA l' It MN'S, ti, V.
lt, P. TOI>I>. VT. IK .MAUTIN.
LA It 10 NH, Gi If, ti. Ci
V? J, uoi.M KS. 11. v. SIMesox.
Tlie I-ietTjLrens-vill^
Re-opens Monday, September 14th, 1885.
Fully equipped in till Departments. Apply for circulars.
All kinds of Machinery repaired. Iron nud Brass Castings,
of every description, made ?>i? short notice. Work guaranteed
aa good, and prices Lower than cnn be lind nt any other-Foundry.
Wc mean what wo say. ('?ill or write.' for prices?
M Y EltS & COLE,
Laurens S. C.
August ">, ixs"> t l 8in.
This space belongs tc J. R, COOPER <fc CO.,
Dealers in
Ii AURIC SH C. H., S. C.
WE propose to close out our o lire Stock of Spring and HumuiQr
Goods In thc next 80 days, almost Jjrnrdloss of Cost.
Wo have sonic beautiful BunimjfjJ)ress floods, which will bo .slaugh
tered. Also, (?cuts' and Ladies 1. |V CUT SHOKS Ac.
Cull ut once, for wc will ?ell,
AUgU Oy IS8.3 I 1
ao ip
G I L K E M 0 N ' S
And see t?o Red Bat, v^ipout feet or wings.
Also, the Highaffln, Doul| Bulfin, Compound
Pressing- Squeezer.
Ho has the
on his Stock of Staple and ??ty Goods, Notions,
Millinery, &c. limited to ^fcays, and during
this time will make speciatilfces on Clothing,
Gents' Straw Hats, Parasols ld Millinery.
Wc ure compelled make room Xi>t <iu|? Ht<H'k at tho KT?">rI?n?
of F, -Mun.

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