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Metro lor 11.4 lh??t~r.
.m . i ul li. I. , consolidated Mar,
Ami ?-corot mystery nf wheels aud things.
3 hut tuakoH uur ni'uHhiy Mils fm- gas mount
And Into OVcry household trouhlo brings!
lloro would yon UAW bo loaded with tho curs
Of a nc i v men wh? i>, revilement vlo,
Could these poor, bunnin, weak, ?nd halting
(lot over Words *. fast as you cnn lie.
How meek and op?n-f?cod your dire dolli?
* sion I
How secret and In?., dnblo your slnl
How quietly you work In safe seclusion.
Dally and nightly dragging dollars lui
Explain your VMt %rui wondrous powers of
Tho secrets ot rou? prison-house declare I
How does it huppen thut tho rate's rctluo
llecomos a mockery, a fraud, a maro?
What |? thor?(4 your cortuorantlst munro.
Your meo?t.nlnin wlord and Intricate,
That 111 uk ? < yon swallow up a Legislature
And hold ?nd hind tho people of a stater
."i"" Mm t?io rulo of law will be completer.
And i?y an honest Legislatura icu
Strict justlco will ho meted to the meter.
And peace at last possess the souls of incn.
-Now York World.
? -r Itoportnr lieeamo
?./Ith III* Future Wife.
How H Newsp
If I may trust tho fluttering truth of sleep,
My dreams presago some Joyful news at
hand :
My hosom'8 lord sits lightly on his throne,
And. all this day, an unacoustomod spirit
Lifts ino ahove tho world with cheerful
Edward Manchester aud I were boys
togothor. Wu fished in tho samo
brooks, OOCUplod tho stiuio desks nt
- school, and climbed tho old New En
gb?"' hills in company. Tho current
of <>?. . youthful lives ran in the same
channel, until, when standing at tho
porUls of carly manhood, our paths
wi?t*iy diverged.
Following tho guidanco cf his am
bition ho booamo a printer's appren
tie*, drifted into oditorial work, and
finally crossed thc Continent It was
then that I lost all trace ot hun. I en
tered collogc, in duo thou com ploted
the proscribed course of study, and
after graduation bocamo attached to
tho United States const survey. So it
hnp]H3iied that niter iiftecn years' sop
nrntion wo mot again nt Los Angoloi,
Cal., whithor I lind been ordored on
duty. Of cou I'M- our boyhood's friend
ship was renewed. Ho was now tho
editor and publisher of a prosperous
journal nod tho saine hale ami haart*
good follow of my early association. To
His hospitable homo I wns invited nnd
it Was the happiest, chceriost fireside1 at
which i wns ovor privilogod to sit.
" His wifo, who was at least ten years
his junior, was a woman of raro men
tal qualifications, ami her assistanco to
him in bis profession, mid likeness of
spirit, bad brought tho pair into per
fect harmony* which it was most piqu
ing to observe.
Sitting in his library one ovonifcr;,
just Kt tho bogiuniu<* of tho rainy Ma
son, when tho cheerful wood-lire in the
open grato is an actual necessity, otr
convorsation turned upon ??ho auhjevt
Of dreams. I doubt?d whether tioy
woro in any' deg reo pr?photic, and.
maintained with ardor tho opinion lint
dreams woro simply due to a disorpr
od net vous system, citing ninny loam
ed psychologists in support of niy'tlo
"You may not believe, inc," said ny
friend, "but, nevertheless, 1 knowjtlat
dreams are sometimes forecasts of
things to occur. I say I know tull to
bo truo because tho most hnporunt
ovont of my lifo was brought tot piss
through tho infiuonco of a dream). It
is perhaps true that coarse- nature)do
not 'entertain angels unawares' mon
?loop hovers ovor them and cuchi 11.s
thoir souses but there afc lino or
ganisations possessed of a sixth sti.se
and that extraordinary attribut? is
only awakened whoo ail tba oth?nuro
in repose.'^K
.That is Va novo! Idea," I roblad,
"and I do not caro to accept it al tao
without doliuile ami convincing ?nof.
Howovor, what waa your dreamP| iftcr
I have hoard it related and am iifrrm
od what carno of it perhaps I nat] bo
como a convort to your now pn?os
ophy." .
"knocking tho ashes from hu ligar
and settling uimsolf comfortably it his
oasy chair, my friond procoodooj o re
late the following cxtraordinnfy inci
"Some yours ago I was cnip
the repot tonal Staff of a Chica
paper. It was up-hill work,
salary was not munificent,
thero woro frequently times
ends uttorly and positively r
meet. Ono night I ropairo
sixth-story room a good do
humor with myself and t
Llko most other newspaper
grown cynical, so plainly
.hara? and^doeoits ot hu. ant
to my viow in tho courso of
tasks. It was in November,
wind blew (n from tho lak
which my room faood. I t
fire and sat, down to com
myself. The blaze disperse
heat; a xe a so of warmth a
stole over my heart and
after a little I foll fast osle
fa$t ash-op, and yot I har
that was ray actual comfit,
all my slumber it soemod to
was possessed of ovory facut
"I was transported to Ar ia. Tho
sun was sinking hohind a ty cal East
era. city, and its fading glori? lighted
up tho domes and minarets oman v an
Imposing m?sque. I was iujroublo as
to tho course I should pWuo. The
people woro all strange an<$>rbidding
in appoaranco, and ottoredlt a word
a? they strode on, with ?tim in thoir
hands, toward tho city, wfo in tho
opposite direction to that ?which my
course soomed to He ronoM tho ap
parent unonding. drifted Ids of the
& . oNMori Vom ino city a .
sweet epioM was waftod,
tho 4??rt % hot and wi
assailed mo with Its seor
"Soddenly a woman
mo. I could not tell fror
ter she had approached.
In the gerb of an Arabian
Ieee artfully concealed ls
ban, from whieb depena
voil. She spoko to rae-)
hoard but one other volco fawoet ano
?n?lcal-and ?ddrewod n jin my ni
do*, thoa/f,??
i'd on
d my
I fact,
m tho
ked to
o my
rat of
I had
0 tho
old up
y daily
a chill
ed tho
[no with
In; and
1 say
, for in
e that I
ame as of
die from
Lng blast
at quar
waa elad
aldon, her
th a tur
a heavy
jhvo never
she inqu?rod.
".In truth 1 do uot know,' was my
response. 'Duty sooius to doniand
that I should cross tho desert waste be
fore mo, but my way ls not plain,
neb her do 1 belie , n 1 shall survive tho
trials and fatigue of the journey. "In
clination impels mo toward tho oity,
where all is ropose, and whoro tho
most luscious fruits tompt my eyes and
Hie perfumo of raro exotics is grateful
to my sonsos.'
.* 'Touch thom not. Tho fruit is tho
apple of ?Sodom, and is ns nslies upon
tho tongue. The odors which scorn so
delicious and entrancing aro deadly
poisons; whoovor broathes thom is con
demned to foro vcr wear u heart of
stone. Follow mo; and I will load you
to a haven of safely, for hus not Allah
i 111 rusted you to my carot* Doubt not
mv sincerity, for if you do so you will
fall and faint by tho way.'
" 'And who aro you, good lady?
How can you resist tho deadly perils of
thu trackless desert? If 1 trust you,
what assurance havo I that you will
not lend mu forth to dio und bo forever
lost in Hio over-shlftlug sands?1
" 'Ask your own heart, and bu mind
ful of its d?ctalos. I oannot doceivo
you if 1 would, for Allah has created
mo to koop watch and guard ovur you.'
"I was convinced that tho maiden
spoko truly. Turning to my veiled
companion, after one lust glance to
ward thu city, I said:
" 'Loud on. I will follow you with
out reserve. I put ?ny trust in you, al
though tho way appears dilHoult und
tho end is ns closely veiled in obscurity
und doubt us aro your features hidden
from my sight.1
"Sim turned and walked llootly
across the desert, and soon the blissful
city was lost from viow below thu hor
izon, and all around us lay tho silent,
merciless sands.
"Day after ?lay and night after
night wu plodded on. Sometimes an
awful scqsu of weariness oppressed mo;
my feet sunk to tho ankles in tho re
morseless, yielding sands; the intenso
heat shriveled my skin and parched my
lips. Hut my companion was never
weary and paused not. If I turned
laggard shu prompted mo to greater
exertlou with tho words: 'Even tho
desert has an omi. Youdur lies your
way. Tho troubles you now enduro
aro but blessings in disguise. At tho
end thcro is eternal pcaco and a laurel
wreath for your brow. Would you
fall now, after you havo suffered so
"At ouch sound of hor voice my faith
was renuwed as if by magic and iiiy
.strength came back to mo.
"lt scumed to mu that months had
boon consumed in our journey, whoa at
last wo attained tho banks of a limpid
stream, beyond it was a stretch of
nairns and cedars, intermingle;! with
luxurious plants and the most exquis
ito of tlowors.
" 'You have attained tho reward of
your.sullorings,' .said my guide. 'Huro
at last is rest and peace. All your
journeyings aro nt an end and now
comos your ruward. Honeoforth you
will never know a want, but pass your
remaining days on earth in doing good
to your fellows. Our paths lio a littlo
apart from this time, but I will watch
over you. A sonso of my prosonco will
always ho vouchsafed to you, and in
Paradise wo shall bo reunited.'
"'Hut,' I implored, 'why must you
leave mo? You havo been my good
angel, my guido, my savior in all tho
trials Which havo besot, my oath. Re
main ovor at my sido, for I may yet
fail without your aid.'
" 'I would that it might bo so; but I
fear it cannot Hu patient. In anoth
er stnto of cxistenco wo cannot bo part
" 'Thou lot mo soo your face once
boforo wo part. Your voico has sus
tained mo-to look upon your features
would be far greater bliss.'
" 'Know you not that tho face of an
Arab malden is evor voilod? Even so
it is with the angels when in human
company. If you should but look into
my oyes I should bccoiuo human liko
yourself; though our companionship
could novor end.'
"'And that is my chiof desire' was
my responso; and seizing lier veil I toro
it from her taco. It was not a cotiu
tonnuco of raro beauty, ns tho world or
dinarily jlldgOS tho Mandi-,!.melli-, of
women; but it was puro nnd swoot and
true, it touched my bQfl|fr a? novor
had woman's fnco appealed to it be
"Tho groat soulful oyes looked stead
fastly into my owu. 'You havo found
mo, aftor yoars of vain searching, and
roloascd mo from my bondage. Hence
forth nm I with you lo tho end of lifo.
For yon I was croatud, and faithful will
I romain unto you until death; and
oven thu gravo will not ludo us from
each oilier.'
"I awoko. Tho Uro had diod away
to einher.i, and tho room was growing
cold. Long I marveled what such a
dream could portond. Wooks rolled
by, and tho fuco of tho Arabian maldon
was ovor before, mo. Tho months
pa-,-ed into yoars-and still every lin
eament of tiloso nngolio foaturos and
tllO expression of tho deep, soulful eyes
remained implanted In my memory.
Half unconsciously I scanned thu facos
of thousands in tho busy streets, but
among all tho hurrying throng that
faco Was nOVOr encountered. Still, I
was impressed that one day I should
lind lt. 1 pm .levered In my profession,
and, when downcast by adverso for
tines, that silent fnco strongthoncd
mo, os it had in my dream of.tho jour
ney across tho desort."
"I had becomo Intousoly lntorestod,
for my friend was an excellent story
teller. At this point ho paused.
"Well," said I, inquiringly, "what
carno of lt?"
"Two yoars ago," ho continued, "I
canto to Kan 1 ranoisco. Ono day,
shortly after my arrival, I was stand
log on a streut-corner waiting for a
car, and in tho rooantlme turned and
carelessly glanced at a caso of photo
graphs displayed at tho foot of a flight
of stairs loading to an artist's studio.
I gave a start tis my fnco rested upon
ooo face. Tho doop, dark oyo? lookod
into mloe, tho rogular foaturos, th?
vory folds of tho bair, caught up grace
fully ovor tho high, Intellectual fore?
hoad, wero those of tho maldon of my
d roam I
"I lost all intorost in tho car and
hastened up tho stairway to tho studio,
Tho photographer evldontly considered
mo an oscapod lunatic.
"You lia vc a picture, in your caso bo
low-whoso U it?' I inquirod nervous
M *A picturo! Wily, thero aro two
hundred! How should 1 know wh'ch
ono you mean?'
" 'Very true; I did not think of that,
lint, pardon me, sir, ono of those pho
tographs reminds mo most forcibly of
an absout friend whom 1 groat,y desiro
to fiptl. Will you bo kind enough to
lend me your aid in tho matter?'
'* 'Certainly, sir. Your manner
when von Hist carno in lcd me to doubt
your sanity. However, 1 am now re
assured, and shall bo most happy to
sorvo vpn.'
His* kindness availed little. Tho
photographer could not tell to whom
the picturo belonged. Ho concluded
that it must bo tho order of a transient
visitor to tho city; tho negativo had
beon destroyed-and so I departed in a
moro disturbed condition of mimi than
"I had intended to pursue my pro
fession in Southern California, ns clo.o
attention to work had induced a pul
monary complaint from which in this
mild climate I hoped to obtain relief,
but all my energies were directed to
wards Unding tho original of tho haunt
ing evasive photograph.
"I secured au engagement upon tho
stall'of an evening nowspapor. Wher
ever 1 went-in church, theater, or lip*
ou tho streets-my whole soul was ab
sorbed in searching for what a major
ity of persons would call an illusion.
In the fulfillment of my duties I was
sent to furnish a roport of tho com
mencement exercises of a woman's
college at Oakland, just across tho bay.
Some straugo impulso moved nie to
send down my roport and to accept an
invitation from tho president of tho
faculty to attend an evening reception
at tho college hall. This was not in
consonance with my ordinary habits,
for a peculiar and sometimes most un
pleasant diflldeoco lett mo to nvoid
rather than seek public assemblages of
thc kind. Tho night was warm, aud
tho ladies sought tho pleasant balco
nies overlooking tho bay to enjoy tho
refreshing brcezo from ibo Pncitic. As
I sauntered up to ono of tho windows I
observed a young woman, who in sumo
mysterious way did not impious me as
a stranger, gazing abstractedly into
the starry depths overhead. Thinking
that it was some one to whom I had
been introduced during thu evening. I
aroused her from her reverie by a com
monplace remark. As shu t urned her
fnco towards mino our oyo* met I
starlod back in astonishment. 1 had
mot the lady of my dream!
" 'Pardon ..io, but we liavo met bo
foro I believe, ' I said h al I-apologetical
ly, us soon as 1 could colloct my scat
tered souses.
" 'I do not know,sir; thoro is certain
ly a familiar tone in your voice.' Sho
spoke in tho same sweet and bewitch
ing tones so deeply fixed in my mem
ory. In nay coe fusion, I quickly ad
*. 'It must havo boon in Arabia.'
"Tho eyebrows wero arched in sur
" 'I think not, sir,-I havo ucvor trav
eled in tho K?st.'
"Well, to cut my story short, a last
ing friendship was formed then and
there. You have met Mrs. Manches
ter. She lins proved nil that my dream
foretold. It is true that sho lins no
recollections of having boen my com
panion in the desert sands of Africa,
but I am none thu loss convinced that
die is tho 'tacwin' from whoso lovely
faco I snatched the voil."-Edwin Hus
iell Morse, in Chicago Tribune.
What u Writer Th to ka of Society.
"Society rogulatos collectively tho
morals of its members."
"lu society there is no friendship.
These people aro an aid to you so long
as they fuco you; lot them turn their
backs and you aro in tho dark."
"Socioty novor forgivos you if you
disappoint it in its ostimate of you.
"Thcro is nothing socioty is moro
willing to do than condone, particular
ly where tho sinuor has no ncod of ac
tive partisanship."
"Ho could say 'thank you' with the
infloctlon that made, tho commonplace
like tho condensation of a sonnet."
"Ho could put on a glove with such
a graco that tho woman who saw him
would havo kissod his hand."
"There won't bo a smile given you
to-night that tho person giving it does
not count on gaining a percentage for
tho amiability shown."
"Ho's Uko a sentiment of Byron, em
bodied in tho most perfect shape a
man can take"
"Tho court paid him was merely a
form of supercilious condescension
which wealth and 'birth' sometime i
amuso themselves by lavishing on wit
..Self-interest ho had found to be the
key of human action.1*
"Tho world doesn't give its wholo
heart to tl.o ravisher of its favors."
"Ho was sonsitivo to tho proprieties
as only those aro who take on retin?
me nt through extraneous teachings."
"A self-made man, he secretly
adored tho conditions and heredita
monts that no genius, no efforts can at
"Ho worshipod monoy, and panted
for the precedence lt giros in a new
socioty, whore oharactor ls slow in pro
ducing its due in Hue II co. "
"Tho spear of truth is singularly
blunt hefoin the armor of egotism and
habit ongondered by social rivalries
and human frailty."
"in a largo city a man is soraotimos
well thought of evon if ho cannot pro
duce a troo exhibiting revolutionary or
Mayllowor ancestry: in tho Valodos
novor!"-Maxim? from "The Money
mm . rn*
"So you say you wero onoo chased
by Indians?" said Ethelinda to her
bashful lovor, George. "Yes," replied
George, "throe of us woro chased an
entlro day by a band of hostiles."
"And you rcooivod no Injury?" "No.
We got away from thom, but lt was a
pretty tight squeeze." ..A what?"
"A tight squeoso.'-' "What's that?"
"You don't know what a tight squooae
ls? Well, or-that ls to say- by Jove,
you know-I, or-jjt?e*? lt's about
timo you did know, I-ur-will gira
you an illustration." And ha did.
Tho IlnrthoWtt Htntuc.
Whou Patrick Henry put his old cast
iron spectacles back ou top of his hoad
and whooped for liberty ho did not
know that somo day wo would havo
more of it than wo anew what to do
willi. Ho lillie dreamed that tho limo
would come when wo would havo moro
liborty than wo could pay for. Whou
Mr. Henry sawed tho air and shouted
for liborty or doatli I do not bolievo
that hr knew that tho timo would como
when Liborty would stand knoc-doop
in tho mud of lledloo's Island and
yearn for a solid placo to stand upon.
lt sooms to mo that wo havo too
much liberty in this country in somo
ways. Wo havo moro liberty thau wo
have money. Wo guaran toe that ovory
mau in Amorica shall fill himsolf up
full of liberty at our uxpouso, and tho
loss of an American ho is tho moro lib
orty ho can have. If ho desires to en
joy himself all he needs is a slight for
eign accent and a willingness to mix up
with polities ns soon as ho can got his
buggago off tho stoumor. Tho moro I
study American institutions tho moro
I rogrot^that 1 was not born a foreign
er, so that I could havo Boniothing to
say alu mt tho management nf our groat
land. If I could not bu a foreigner, I
believe I would prefer to bo a Mormon
or an Indian, not taxed.
I am ofton lcd to ask, in tho lan
guage of,?bu poet? "Is tho Caucasian
pTayod out? Most ovcrrbody can
havo a good deal of fun in this country
except tho American. Ho sooms to bo
so busy paying Iiis taxes all tho lime
that he has very little limo to minglo
in the giddy whirl of tho alien. That
is tho reason that tho alien who rides
across tho United States on the "limit
ed mail" and writes a book about us
boforo breakfast wonders why wo aro
always lu a hurry. That is the reason
wo have to throw our meals into our
selves with a dull thud and have no timo
to maintain a warm personal friend?
ship with our families.
Wo do not caro much for wealth,
but wo must havo freedom, and free
dom costs money. Wo havo adver
tised to furnish a bunch of freedom to
everyman, woman, or child whocomcs
to our shores, and wo are going to de
liver tho goods whothor wo havo any
left for ourselves or nob What would
tho groat world beyond tho seas say to
us if some day tho blue-eyed Mormon,
with his hoart full of lovo for our
female seminarios and our old women's
homos, should land upon our shoros
and lind that wo wore using all tho
liborty ourselves?
What do wo want of liborty, any
how? What could wo do with it if wo
had itP It takes a mau of leisure to
onjoy liborty, aud wo havo no leisure
whatever. lt is a good thing to keep
in tho house "for the use of guests
only," but wo don't neod it ourselves.
Therefore I nm iu favor of a statuo
of Liborty Enlightening tho World, be
causo il will show tiiat wo koop it on
tap winter and summer. We want the
whole bioad world to remember that
when it gets tired of oppression it can
como boru to America and oppress us.
We are used to it, and wo rather liko
il. If wo don't like it we can get on
tho steamer and go abroad, whero wu
may visit the olio to monarchies and
have a high old time.
Thu sight of the Godduss of Liborty
standing ibero in Nuw York Harbor
night and day, bathing lier feet in tho
rippling sua, will bo a good thing. It
wdl bu tirst-ruto. lt may abo bu pro
ductive of good in a direction that
many have not thought of. As sho
stands there day after ?tay bathing her
feet in tho broad Atlantic, perhaps
some moss-grown Mormon moving to
ward thu far West, a couliriuod victim
of tho matrimonial habit, may lix the
bright picture iu his so-called mind,
and remembering how, on his arrival
in Now York, he daw Liberty bathing
her feel with impunity, he may bo led
tn aftor years to try it on himself.
HUI Aye, I'M Moitun (Jiobe.
Do you know bartlett's? It is the
homeliest, quain tost, coziest placo in
the Adirondacks. A score of yours
or more ago Virgil bartlett carno into
tho wood?, and built his houso on tho
bank of Karamu: river, between tho
Uppor Saranac and boned bake. It
was thou the only dwelling within a
circlo of many milos. Tho deer and
boar woro in thu majority. At night
ono could sometimes hear the scream
of tho panther or the howling of
wolvos. .Hut now the wilderness has
begun to woar tho traeos of a conven
tional milo. Tho desert is blossoming
a little-if not as the roso, at loast us
tho gilly-tlowor. Fiolds havo boen
cleared, gardons plantod; half a dozen
log cabins havo boon scattered along
the river; and tho old houso, having
grown slowly and somewhat irregular
ly for twenty years, has lately como
out in a modest coat of paint and a
broad brimmed piazza. Hut tho Vir
gil himsolf, tho creaturo of tho oasis
well-known of hunters and fishermen,
dreaded of lazy guides and teamsters-'
"Virgo," tho irasoible, kind-hearted,
indefatigable, ls hore no longor. Ho
will do his friends oo moro favors, and
put his foes to oonfusion no moro. His
short, imperious figuro will not,. moet
us agaiu at tho landing. For ho bas
"gone out of tho wilderness," anil no
man can All his place. Po a co bo to
thy momory, old friend! There are
somo who will not forgot thy kindness
es in tba good days that aro past.
. Tho charm of Bartlett's for tho an
gler Hes in tho stretch of rapid water
which flows just in front of tho houso.
Tho Saranac river, 'breaking from its
first resting-place In tho Uppor Lako,
plunges down through a great bed of
rooks, making a succession of short
falls and pools and rapids, about a
quarter of a mlle In length. Here, In
too spring and early summer, tho
speckled trout-brightost and gamiest
of ab fish that swim-aro found in
great numbers. As tho soason ad
vances they more away into tho deep
water of the lakes. But thors aro al
ways a few straggler* left, and I bave
taken them in the rapids at the vary
end of August What could bo more
delightful than to spend an boar or
two in the oaf ly morning, or about sun
down, ot oftch day, Ta wading this
rushing stream, and casting the fly on
Its olear waters t-Henry JV Vam Dyk*,
Jr., in Harper'i Maqaiin* for July.
ix ct* of Interest, OatliereU ii. Various
-Tho Great Eastern will ho sold by
auction next month, by order of thc
--Hid, thc Canadian half-breed, has
been respited. Ho may yet escape thc
-Dr. J. B. Hamilton, surgeou-gen
oral of thc marine iiospital service, has
- Miss Mattie Leo Price, a liftecn
ycar-old girl, is another Georgia won
der of thc Lula Hurst order.
-Thc international yacht races in
New York harbor last "week, resulted
in a victory for thc American boats.
-Judge Alexander Rives, the old
est judge in Virginia and a leading
Republican politician, died on Thurs
day morning, aged eighty years.
-The Now York schools opened on
Monday. There were 3,200 teachers
nt their desks to instruct 121,000 chil
-Tho time from Atlanta to San
Francisco by thc Southern Pad tlc
Railway-three thousand miles-bas
been reduced to live days.
- .lohn L. Sullivan, the Huston slug
ger, made $900 playing base ball in
Cleveland oil Sunday and was tined
$1.00 for breaking thc Sabbath.
-Thc cholera in Spain is still slight
ly diminishing. Tho number of new
cnBCs in thc whole kingdom is about
nine hundred daily, and thc number of
deaths about three hundred.
-A severe ?pid?mie of flux i.* raging
in Lee and Scjtt counties, Virginia,
Many people have died from thc dis
ease and many more are sick. The
disease is on the increase.
-A New York detective states that
an organized scheme is afoot to flood
tho largo cities with counterfeit money
and that "it would bc well for all who
are handling money to bc very cau
-A man named William Lyons, a
car-builder from Chattanooga, commit'
ted suicide in a marble yard in Au
gusta on Wednesday night, by taking
laudanum. No cause could bc ascer
tained for thc act.
-Thc annual reunion of thc National
Mexican Veterans' Association was
held at Indianapolis last week. About
.'loo veterans, including representatives
of thc majority of the States were
-Judge Tourgoc, for some years a
resident of North Carolina, author of
"A Fool's Errand" and other produc
tions, is a candidate for thc State Sen
ate in thc thirty-second district of New
-Thc cotton factory at Chattanooga,
Tenn., is fairly booming with business.
It is now working to its full capacity,
has heavy orders ahead, and will soon
make Important improvements. One
day last week an order was received
for 26,000 pounds of yarn.
-Ex-Governor Seymour, of New
York, rather likes thc "offensive par
tisan." He says "the offensive parti
san or strong party mau is a very good
sort of a fellow, and generally more
inclined to bc fair than thc cold-blood
ed style of politician."
-Thc annual convention of the
American Hankers' Association will
bc held nt Cll'cagO during the present
week. Addresses on topics connected
with the business interests of the coun
try will ho delivered by members of
thc Association and others.
-Three cowboys met thc Las Casa?
stage south of Kansas City, Mo., on
Sunday nnd began firing at the pas
sengers. One of thc occupants of the
stage returned thc fire and instantly
killed one of thc cowboys. Thc two
others rode away.
-Mrs. Hester Ford, an aged lady of
Philadelphia, Pa., was so affected on
Thursday morning by reading of thc
suicide of another woman in thc neigh
borhood, that she went to her room
ant hanged herself in a similar man
ner She was dead when found.
-Judge Clough, of California, be
camo insane and while in that condi
tion resigned his oflicc and another
Judge was appointed in his place.
Judge Clough has recovered his sanity
and disclaims his resignation, and thc
new Judge has to give way to him.
-In thc election for school commis
sioners at Bhrghampton, N. Y., tho
women generally voted. This had tho
effect ot bringing out avery large male
vote, and thc total number of ballots
cast was twenty times as great as usual.
Many young ladies tried to vote who
were neither mothers nor taxpayers,
and their ballots were rejected. Thc
scenes at thc polis where women were
electioneering wore no vol. Thc women
generally voted for tho successful can
til Of ItUhop Lay.
Bishop Henry C. Lay, of tho Protes
tant Episcopal Diocese of Easton, died
last wet k at tho Church Home in Bal
timore, bishop Lay had been ill for a*
long limo and went South for tho ben
efit of his health, returning a few
weeks ago. Ho was thc first bishop of
liisrdlocc80 and was much beloved.
Bishop Lay was born in Richmond,
.Va., in 1823. He studied for thc min
istry and lind charge of several par
ishes in Virginia until 1869, when ho
was made bishop and was sent to Ar
kansas as a missionary. In 18f>9 bc
was transferred to the diocese over
wldch he held chargo up to tho time of
his death.
Wise nulluni In Dim ville
While in Danville on Sunday it is
said that John S. Wise, thc Republican
nominee for Governor of Virginie,
was called on by Dr. Temple, of that
placo, and charged with slandering tho
pcoplo of Danville Dr. Temple, it is
said, offered to go with Mr. Wise to a
room and settle tho matter. Captain
Wise declined to do so, but salo ho
wonld communicate with Dr. Templo
later. Dr. Temple ls a prominent
physician of Dan ville and noted for
his personal courage as woli as his
modesty. Wiso delivered his cam
paign speech at Martinsville, thirty
seven miles from Danville, tho day
after this interview, but to tho surprise
of his political friends failed to de
nounce the Danvlllo people for tho riot.
AJ? HIIKI?HII Opinion.
An English coachman, ovidontly a
fresh importation, was holding forth
in a saloon much frequented by bia
countrymen, yostcrday afternoon. Ro
pontod mugs of alo had loosened his
tongue, and his opinion of San Fran
cisco aristocracy Mowed fast and free.
"I liko tho hold gont woll enough,"
snid the coachman, "but tho ladies hot
tho family don't suit mo a bit. They
'uvon't tho right style babout them,
you know; and they aro too fond hoi
showing my haeccnt hoff when they
visit people who 'aven't an English
coachman. They 'Thomas1 me all thc
timo. 'Tis 'Thomas, do you know
whore airs.-lives?' When I
reply, they say, 'Thomas is awfully
English; lived with a marquis before
wo took him.' Then I know tho hold
man is hafraid of mo when I wail on
tho table, foar he'll do something
crooked with his knifo. They all seem
sort of awk'ard when I'm in tho 'ouso,
because, I suppose, they don't feel
quite, suro they aro doing tho right
tiling. Tho hold man likes to talk to
mo about tho great pooplo at'onie, and
1 givo liim a now dook or marquis ovory
day. Tho last dook took bini so that
he talked of raising my wages at the
bond of thc month, and I'caril him tell
ing tho missus that 'Thomas was a real
treasure' "
"How do you get on with tho other
servants, Thomas?" asked an acquaint
"Tho 'ouso maid is pretty, silo's
Hirish, and she bolicvos hall bof us
should be blowed up. They may talk
of their baristocraey 'ero, but there
hain't any baristocraey. My peoplo is
wulgar, Lawfully wulgar. The young
man is friendly, but bo's wulgar, too.
He comes into tho stable with a bottle
of whisky and basks mo 'ow tho llen
glish young men baot, au' inf 1 hovel
saw a young lord that ho reminded mc
hof. I never did, but I tell 'im he's
tho born himago of ono I know, and
this pleases 'im, and bo brings bout
thu cigars. I ncvor saw peoplo so
greedy for hovervthing Hinglish. I'm
not BUl'prisod those Now York girls run
away with ?tour follows Inf their young
men hare tho sanio as I've met 'oro."
This interesting disquisition was cut
short by tho entrance of the young
master himself, who greeted the coach
man with warmth, and in a lordly
manner invited bim lo drink. - San
Francisco AUu.
Oatmeal, long considered n good ar
ticle of diet in dyspepsia, is believed
by many physicians to bo a prolific
cause ot that affection. Mr. Bartholo
mew says that Carlyle sufforod greatly
from dyspeptic symptoms, which wort;
invariably aggravated after eating oat
Columbia, ?S. C. Lau rons, 8. C
A T T O It N E V S AT L A W,
I.At'KKNS <'. H., s. c.
Ol vu K- Fleming's Corner, Nortbwesl
side of Public Square.
LAU HENS C. II., S. 0,
Oflicc over W. H. (Jarrett's Store.
W. 0. H KN KT, K. V. M'OOWAN
Abbeville. Laurens.
lt. I'. TOi)D. W. ll. MARTIN
T01>1> A MARTIN,
A T T O lt N E Y S A T L A W,
LAURENS C. II., s. 0.
A T T O R N E Y S A T L A W,
LAURENS C. H., 8. c.
8 A V li
Hy buying your Drugs and Medicines,
Fino Colognes, Raper and Envelopes,
Memorandum Rooks, Faco Powders,
Tooth Powders, Hair Rrushes, Shav
ing Brushes, Whisk Brushes, Blacking
Brushes, Blacking, Toilot and Laun
dry Soaps, Toa, Spice, Pepper, Ginger,
Lamps and Lanterns, Cigars, Tobacco
sud Snuff, Diamond Dyos, and other
articles too numerous to mention, nt
Also, Puro Wines and Liquors, foi
medical purposes.
No troublo to show goods.
Laurens C. IL, S. C.
^August 6, 18??. I ly
On and altor July 19th. 1885, Passen
ger Trains will run as licrcwilli indi
caled upon this Uoad and its branches :
No. 53-Up Passenger.
S C Junction A 10 30 a m
Columbia (C (i D) 10 55 a m
Ar Alston ll 55 a m
Ar Newberry 12 58 p m
Ar Ninety-Six D 2 ll p in
Ar Iloilges 3 10 p m
Ar Belton 4 21 p m
Ar Greenville 5 45 p ni
No. 52-Down Passenger.
Lv Greenville io 00 a tn
Ar Belton 1121a m
Ar I lodges 12 31 p nt
Ar Ninety-Six 1 23 p m
Ar Newberry 3 08 p m
Ar Alston 4 10 p m
Ar Columbia 5 15 p m
No. 53-lip Passenger.
Lv Alston 11 68 a in
Ar Union 1 59 p m
Ar Spart'g, S I ' & O depot 3 27 p in
Ar Spart'g, ll & D Hep B 3 37 p tn
No. 52-DoVn Passenger.
Lv Spart'g H & D Dep II 12 05 p m
Lv Spart'g S U & C Dep G 12 ll p m
Ar Union l 48 p m
Ar Alston .! 05 p tn
No. 3-Up Passenger.
Lv Newberry 3 15 p m
Ar Goldvillo' 'I 15 p ni
Ar Clinton 5 10 p m
Ar Laurens G 00 p tu
No. 4-Down Passenger.
Lv Laurens '.) 10 a tn
Ar ('linton 1) 55 a m
Ar Newberry 12 CK) m
Lv Hollges 3 20 p in
Ar Abbeville 4 20 p m
Lv Abbeville 1125am
Ar Hodges 12 25 p in
Lv Belton 1 28 p m
Ar Andeison 5 01 p ni
Ar Seneca City G 15 p m
Ar Walhalla ti 45 p m
Lv Walhalla 8 60 p m
Ar Belton ll 02 p m
Trains run solid between Columbia
and Headcrsonville.
A Seneca with R. & D. R. R. fot
A. With Atlanta Coast Linc and
South Carolina Railway, from and to
With Wilmington* Columbia n..d
Augusta from Wilmington and all
points North.
With Charlotte, Columbia and Au
gusta from Charlottce and all points
B. With Asheville and Spartanburg
from and for points in Western North
C. Atlanta and Charlotte Division
R. & I), lt. R. for Atlanta and points
South and Wost.
M. SLAUGHTER, Gen. Pass. Agi.
I).CARDWELL, A. G. Pass. Agi.
<?. h. and H., A. ?iud H., and I*. R, aita
A. Uni I ways.
Lv Woodrntr *7 50 a m
Lv Enoroo 8 22 a m
Lv ( )ra 8 52 a m
Lv Laurens i> 32 a RI
Lv High Tobi! 10 10 am
Lv Waterloo 10 34 a m
Lv Coronaca ll 07 a in
Ar tireen wood *11 35 a in
Lv ( i reen wood 5 50 a in 2 00 p m
Ar Augusta 10 25 a ni 7 00 p nt
Lv Augusta ?10 50 a ni *10 00 p m
Ar Atlanta 6 40 p in 7 00 a m
Lv Augusta *11 20 a in
Ar Chalosston G oo p m
Ar Beaufort G 05 p m
Ar Port Royal G 20 p ni
Ar Savannah 7 oo p m
Ar Jacksonville G 15 a m
Lv Jacksonville *8 50 p m
Lv Savannah G 55 a ni
Lv Charleston . 7 oo a m
Lv Port Royal 7 35 a m
Lv Beaufort 7 47 a m
Ar Augusta 1 55 p m
Lv Atlanta *8 20 p m
Ar Augusta 6 10 a m
Lv Augusta *2 30 a ni *G 15 p II.
Ar (? reen wood 7 00 p m ll 40 a ir
Lv Greenwood 2 00 p m
Ar Coronaca 2 28 p m
Ar Waterloo 3 01 p in
Ar High Point 3 23 pm
Ar Laurens 4 03 p ni
Ar Ora 4 43 p in
Ar Enorce 6 18 p m
Ar Woodruff 5 45 j? tn
* Daily. Cou nert ii. ns made at Green
wood to and from points on Columbia
and Greenville Railroad.
Tickets on salo at Laurens to all
points at through rates. Baggage
checked to destination.
fi. T. CHARLTON, G. P. A.
J. N. BASS, Supt., Augusta, Ga.
Dr. W. H, BAU.,
Office days Mondays anil Tuesdays.
LAURENS C. H., 8. C.
- ANO -
201 Vine Street > CINCINNATI, 0.
Tho typo naad on talr^ywr wa? WM* l?r tbs
?Vor? towarr .-KB. ^*

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