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i. ~.-*.
/. c. OAltLlN(iT(K\\ KDfTOli,
"LAritlONS, SEPT. doth, 1884.
Subscription Price--12 'lonthn, Cl.00.
Kates i'm- Ad 'tislng. Ordinary Ad
vertisements, per square, < lue Inser
tion, $1.00; eaeli subsequent Inser
tion, 50 eeiits,
l.ilieral reduction linnie for large Atl
J. l\ OAHLINfiTON vt CO.,
No mn.
During tito prosont Torin of lite
of tin'Court the (I rn ml Jury have
failed to Hud true bills in a number
of eases. Among thom uro some
for retailing liquor, libel und as
sault and battery.
The facts connected with some
of the ensos have been generally
known and commented upon
throughout Hie county for some
time. Various and conflicting opin
ions have been expressed as to
what would be Hie verdict of tin
jury upon ibo trial, but no one
thought it possible that tho guilt or
innocence of thc persons accused
would not bc established because
of il failure on the part of the <: rand
Jury to find a true bill. We
have no rig id tocritieiso this action,
and we have no desire to do so,
because it is impossible for us to
know what evidence they hud be
fore them. The deliberations of
the G rand Jury arc not known to
the public and we min t presume
that they did their duty, and that
sufficient evidence to establish a
prima fade ease was Ilot before
them. Whether the w itnesses for
the Slate by any mean.- withheld
evidence, or tho Jury misconceived
their duty, it i- unfortunate that
the cases referred to should have
terminated in this manner. When
over tho people are led to believe
that them' is a strong probability
of ti violation of law, and hy any
means thc matter falls to bc tho
roughly investigated, the accused
person evades tho ordeal of a pub
lic trial, or where any ein utnstan
ces appear that savors ol'inequality,
tho invariable tendency ls to cre
ate distrust In the machinery of the
courts, lt lends to lynch-law and
disturbs the pea? c and good order
of society generally.
While Grand .Jurors act as con
servators of Hie publie peace, and
should protect till persons against
w hom no primo facie case exists,
against thc annoyance ?d' a trial,
yet it should bc borne in mind Hint
they have no suth discretionary
powers as to decide upon the guilt
nor innocence of the accused; nor
ia it their province, after they arc
satisfied as to a prima Jude case, to
smother thc matter upon any
other ground.
As soon as the probability of Un
offence ls established, then the dis
cretionary powers of the ( ? rand .lu ry
must end. The course which they
should pursue is marked out by the
law. If there arc circumstances
which would excuse thc violation
of law, it ls a matter which be
longs to another brunell of Hie
court, and with w hich thc ('rand
Jury have nothing to do.
As wc have said, We cannot
know thc cause for Hie action of
UUr Jury In the cases referred to,
and wc arc bound to presunto they
did their duty, us those who com
pose tlii.-- Jury arc true men. They
ure men of intelligence and doubt
less need'no instructions as lo their
duty; hut if au error is mad. , :! is
far better it should 1)0 made in
forcing'an innocent mau to undergo
trial, than in allowing the guilty to
Under our system of trial bj
jury, it seldom happens that un
innocent man is convicted bf crime.
"F." and t!ie Koad Law.
Two weeks ago we lind ll hort
urtlcle on tho Hoad Law, and while
we frankly admitted that we kn; w
of no system by which tho w ork
could be belier done, yet \VQ toil
.. sidered tho result of the present
system unsatisfactory, and there
fore advocated a change, Last
week a correspondent under the
signature "1'." joined issue with US,
. and in a lengthy article, attempted
tri show that tm chango is needed,
"IV says: "it seems to be a met-?
a physical Impossibility that a man
should discern defects in a sy.'tcin
ami not be able to conceive of a
better plan."
lt appears to UH that anyone who
travels our public roads can scarcely
resist the Conclusion that they ure
.not properly worked, and yet, per
haps no fVpO tuen would agree as to
the best way to have them worked.
He says further: "Tho conception
of a better plan would-bo tho ti cans,
und the only modOs, by which you
should nhl rm difficulties in tho
system." This language appears rt
little strange to say thc leustofll
For years mir public roads have
been worked-as they are now, and
yet wc sec thom in a bad condition.
Year after year the hand i perform
the W.'iA' >t t apart by tfttf l VCl' < c;
and yet no material improvement
tn the roads can be -eon.
Wo* ailinn that fh? pre rut sys
tem Khouhl be ehnngod ; iiphjiocuuso
we know of :i heiter, but because
we know that tat? IHC(/KKI (h>e.-< not
accomplish the rost?t intended.
Common sense would (each us thal
some better system eon!-! I>e de
vised. UV do mu know the bes!
method, nor ls it exactly ?".!,. prov
i nee to figure the unit ter out. IT
Wi' OOUhl suggest WO WOUld do so;
bul ns it ls, we wiil leave Ibo ques
tion ns to thc most available sys
tem where it properly belongs, and
only reiterate 'our opinion thnt
the roads are not properly worked
under the present: Kystom, und a
change should be n?tido.
lt appears thal ?MU- "metaphysi
cal" friend ls determined to criti
cise our whole artteio, mid news
papers generally. When he says
"newspapers aro not the only or
gans to (Metate lo Hie Legislature,''
we entirely agree. I twas not out
intention to dictate to anyone, but
to give om* views for what I hey
are worth. Surely he will allow
th?> much. Ii is not righi that
newspapers should dictate upon
any siibjet t, but whenever we lind
a system accomplishing no more
than is dom under ibo present
mode of working the roads, be may
:i>> quito sure we will ! penh ont our
V, hither Aro Wc Drifting :
When we confront Ute fuel that
every few days Hie horrible details
of -omo tragedy, an account of
soii:e high-handed act, ls Umist
upon Ute community; whpu wo
j see the low value (hat ls placed on
human life, we utmost doubt
whether ur not we are advancing
in civilization.
Tho news comes nov. from ridge
field thal <>. T. t'ri.nuKATi!, des
cribed as having been "a ga I lu ni
Confcdrnto soldier, and for many
years was esteemed un honornblc
gentleman and :i worthy citl/.en,"
j was shot down by ti hotly of musked
men, while in the ollicc of hi- law
It appears thal (V?/huRATH had
separated from his wife. On the
night of i!>e !:.'(li Inst., a young mun
named HAMMOND wau shot ul Strs,
t": i.nitEATii's house. While milny
suppose that <>. T. CIJIIUHKATII
committed the crime, or v. ;:-. Ihe
principal agent in the nffair, ye!'it
wns purely .< supposition. No evi
dence could be found, nol oven cir
cumstantial, yet the life-blood of :i
citizen must be shed to Satisfy ah
Infuriated mob. Tho perpetrator's
of this vile and rockie.* - ucl di cl ii e
that they sled Ci bu u KATI I ho*
cause thc evidonce was nol sufll
elenf to convict him In (.'ourt.
liven Iii the darkest ages of Hie
world's history, a psi nil Iel ensecan
scarcely bc found, A man shot
Uko ?i dog becnuse, forsooth, Ibo
evidence was not strong enough to
convict him. Whoso will such
(liing.*- cudi Well niny innocent
men tremole If such recklessness!
be sanctioned by Hie com mun tty.
Thc ridgefield Tragedy.
(..Special tv tho AVanti Vottrlcp.)
TUKNTON, September -.">.-The
coroner's jury in the < hil brent lt case
rons emblcd thi- morn:uv" al lu
o'clock, their sessions growing
moro deeply lnt< resting each ?lay
and being attendod by Increased
crowds of anxious .-?peel;!tors day
by (Liv. Mr. I). ( >. I Ja rr, who lives
nboul six milos from tho village on
thc rond leading lo Antioch Church
nm! (he(.'ulbreath Section, (estitled
(hal n crow d of mounted men as
sembled in his woods pu s turo, ly
ing on the road, on Monthly even
ing, linter in the evening he weat
tohis pasture to drive home Iii.
< :itile, his negroes refusing lo go
on account of tho crowds of men
UK y knew (o be lhere, and he came
np with Wyatt L. Holmes, George
Vance and Steve 11 um mond, willis!
tb'y were drinking water at the
brunch. Holme- told him lhere
had been two hundred men along
lu (be woods a lid thal this crowd
wits ii demonstration <>n (he Ham
mond side. Burr says ho shirted
td go In ihe direction of (he crowd
w hen Holmes udvlsed bim not to
gb any further and lie returned
ko.no. Thal night about io o'clock
Darr was aroused and on going lo
Ihe door saw three men, one of
them being Holmes, bul the ?Iber.,
were masked. Holmes (old him
(hut he, Uarr, must koop his mouth
.-?in!. The three men then left and
went in tho direction ol' Antioch
Mi Wood ti stifled <h:d 0U Mon
day evening he saw .several mount
ed men 111 the near vicinity of An
tioch, and recognized among the
number Ned Bus-ey. Collier Ham
mond, l*a( Hussey, George Vern e,'
I >. Hussey. Jasper Talbert iih.d three
of the liol in 08 boys, not remember
ing their names.
Other wltn?ssoi* to-day testified
tu recognizing (ho purl lea or most
of thom .mentioned above? After
un all-day scanlon the jury Ibis
evening ri turned a verdict (hat O,
T. Culbreath, thc decofua d, came to
his death from a gunshot w ound at
tin* hands of Win, Parkman, and
flint Wyatt Holmes and oilier par
ties unknown to the jury were uc
ee.- s,?rios thercio. Arrests will ho
next in order, und quito a ll uni bot!
will be arrested.
- rive prisoners under sentence
from thc r. 8. Court for IllegaJ
w hiskey soiling, broke jail ill Wal
halla ort efunda V night hi il.
Speech ol" linn. A. I*, lintier Be
fore tho Lisbon Fnniiei*?'
J/"r. (tyaMekt Ladies alni (;< nf fe
inen i '? . Kf?
lt gives me grenf pleasure to be
! with you to-day und to learn <>r thc
! Nourishing condition of your Ciwb.
j lu 1882 your Sec rc tn ry wrote nie
j "we lip ve un our roll, I suppose,
fifty mouther-. Our regular at*
. tendance var?en from llfteen to
. thirty. Wo have a good many
I members who live some ?ii: tuno*'
! from place "of muet lng who ilo not
attend regularly. Those members,
however, nil take a deep*interest
in thc club and Invariably apolo
gize fur not attending moro rogu
? budy. We have not fulled to have
a meeting of the club moro than
half u Uo/oii timos since date of
organ l/.ntioji-Mnrob INTO. ?We
have oudotivotcd from time* to
j time ti? induce our brother farmers
all over thc county to organizo
similar associations,.null are d< !< r
mlncd, wltethor they do or not, thut
we will keep ours alive. NVe think
the intluor.ee of our olUb'ts being
j felt all over our county, manic- dod
, by the desire of farmers.< from all
I parts of the enanty to join US.
There ls a growing disposition ou
?? the pnrt of our members to. use
'? improved Implements, hiipr?'w*
live sioek mal make our farms self
sustaining. Improved hiedes of
culture are being adopted, Und
more attention ls hoing paie! (M
food crops fer nam ?md beast. Wo
expected the past summer lp llave,
an exhibit ol' farm anti gurdon
products, household proditi t .?, stock
Ac. Wo find the social features of
?>ur ob i) exceedingly plensanl, es
pecially during < he summer months
when we hilve the ladles with es.
We fee! thal if our farmers all
over the State would organ ixe into
similar clubs wc would then be
helter itbJo' to assisi Ibo -Agrlctih
; (ural Department In it- great
; work."
This letter from your Secretary,
written two years alter thc Organi
zation of your club, satisfied mo
? that you hud (ho right spirit among
yum and I am gi.ol of thc oppor
i (unity to congrat?lale you upon
: your decided sheet ss, Thc fact
j that you lill ve maintained your or
' gtrnization so w t ll for six yours
demonstrates conclusively that
you value and fully appreciate the
vast hctic.lt of such societies. To
undertake, therefore, t<> talk to you
about tho Importance of such As
sociation, would bc like "carrying
coal- to Newciistle." You have
; the proof of ii here lu your own
; club, und it- results ?a your own
I efforts.
At the suggestion of one ?d'your
members 1 will speak to you to
day of tho State department ol
agri ulturo and how it-; work has
been discharged.
The Department is/charged with
? the m an agon teal of tho Phosphates
of Hie Stn te j I he protection of the
consumers of cutninercinl fertili
zer.-; the tish inti rust of tie? State;
the collection of agricultural sta
tistics and luf< ruintion j the. inves
tiga (ion of nil subjects relating to
i agriculture anti -tock raising; and
j generally tho development ol' tin
mit ural resou recs of the State.
Th-- phosphate territory of South
j Carolina ts the most vahinble prop
erly owned by the State. Tin
value of tho M.?nial production ol
South Cat'.?ina phosphate rock i
len limos'as great ns the value ol
all the gold and silver mined in ail
tho Southern states. .\t this tttyi
lhere arc en git ged ill mining, rock
. fourteen companies, and eleven
, companies are in operation i.tania
fact tiring this rock i nb i com mon lal
forttll/.< rs. They have Invested
ll ht Ul I six million- of dollars anti
employ about 8,000 hands. About
four thousand lons of rock ls miser!
every year from tile rivers ?ind lam!
mines, and about uno hundred and
(Iffy thousand tons of fertllls?ors an
, manufactured. Foreign vessel.?
nov. come to our ports loaded v iii
. sulphur und take hack willi thoiii
! cargoes of our rock. Tho State re
. celves annually alunit one hlllldrci
' and li fly thoiismul dollars royalty
on the reek mined, or equivalentTi
I lieittiy ono third Ofthe State taxes
I You w ill readily perceive from titi
' brief statement bf fads that this i
M very important hui fist ry mid rc
quires a grout ced of Http nt lol
, from the Department. Wisely en
couraged and fostered, the benefit*
froth it to ail oar popple will liv
J creuse every year. Tho lu par!
incut lifts II Special Assistant it
inmediate chnrgeof this work nu
dov Ino supervision of tho Douri
and'Commissioner, and tho lai'tei
makes an annual inspection ol' (hi
phosphide mine- mid'reports Un
results, w ith such rccoinmondai.ion.
ns they niny deem proper, u> flu
legislature, since this worn hm
hcen done by tile Dcpurtinoht, Hu
sum td'seven hundred fAvonty-fotu
thous:.nd doll nrs in royalty Inn
been paid Into thc State"Ircasurj
by flic mining companies.
The analyses of commercial fer
tiii/.ers is Otto of the l/iosr, if no1
really thc most, important duly J?
thc Department, liocotu u li poi
Hie quality of litase mannie
almost wholly (i?p6n<if| t.lu
agricultural productions' of tin
state, ff the standard df. thosi
'goods w as! lowered it would indie
almost irreparable loss upon Hu
farmers of jfhc State','.?iep?use thej
would not only, lose tlie a motin
c\pendi;d for for tillite ft! (Iud weil
'three ?ind f.uir millions, of dd] ta I
every ,\ oar) but the crops also. I
ls hecpasnry, thmvforo, that tXitil
should be fully tested every season
llllfl in order io (io this thoroughly
tho Department lina established ;
complete analytical laboratory tim
put in (dung.' of it one of thc bes
practical chenils! in tito South
'/.very season w'V st nd out [lispee
tor-; to every section of the State
w ho are required to draw sample
from every '?t <>f fertilizers lino
may find and forward lo tho ehe tri
1st for analysis.- Ill order lo prc
vent even a suspicion of eolliisioi
between tho chemist and tho manu
facturer, the . Inspector number
the sample and the chem Isl ropoH
tq tbO t.'oiunii -ioncr the resulto
his analysis- of such a nuinbei
Thc 111 a ii U f*C' I *i rc r i . required ti
I ?11111 I !???.-Il Ililli I III WW I.I
bram! on his bajr the amount of
Ammonia, Phosphoric Acid, find
Potash" that he may claim, and If
our analyste shown any material
deficiency in any nf these Ingre
dients Illa gooda are liable to soi/.
I ure ami condemnation, and tho re
sults of our analysis Ure published
I for tito benefit of consumers. This
is dhe way in which oar OlHehvl
i till a ly sea are made, but we will
also make analyses for Individual
, farmers w hen desired, under cer
tain rules and restrictions, ami we
are always ?vlad to have them soul
us snell samples, li a farmer w ill
; draw a sample when he purchases
i his tran no, seal il np in a (dean
j bottle and have ll w itnessed hy a
; responsible party and som! it to us,
i we will analyse it at the dose of
: the season, If he lias reason to be
lieve that it w as not w hat i! WUS
'guaranteed to him. Voil will all
I understand thal we cannol under
' take lo make such uunlysos merely
j for the gratification of the farmer,
beean so it would vivo us mor?'
w ork I h.'ii w e could possibly per
? Corm, but. If the farmer has reason
fi? .h- li>. v.- tl Ut I he has been Impost d
upon, w o will m'tt-ke the analysis
for him. If it i-< necessary to sus
pend all other work of the Labo
ratory to'do it. Since tho Depart
ment began work \Ve have made
about six hundred and ninety
analyses hf fertilizers. The impor
tance of orllelid analyses are gener
ally acknowledged, but I have re
cently ?ead a communication in ti
Northern Journal that show s this
so .forcibly thal I repeat it here;
. Tho ?:st aldis line n! of a Slate |)o>
, pnrtiuent of-Agriculture ie Nor J h
Carolina.dn 1877, (lid much i<? en
courageai ml lo .extend the use ol
commercial fertilizers. Previous
lo1 this,-ehivlldenCe " was l>eing lost
j in the vallie: of fort i ll xe ra put upon
. the market, and thc sales had di
j niloishod h> lesa than 4.0,000 tons
Hut since their composition nm
salo have been made subjects o
State supervision, thc an.mal -ale
luis steadily Increased to 100,000 a
, present, a nd, ut lh>' ame time, fb<
price has decreased and tho (puillt j
i The ? 'hem 1st of tho i lepa rt men
gives Ids entire time to our worl
ami is not permitted, without tie
authority of the lb ard <>r Cominis
stonor,'to do tiny other work, ll?
I ls now prepared to make analyse
of ores ami mineral waters, and
; invite you to send us anything o
tili- kind thal you would like teat
ed. Analyses of any kind mad;
i for tho farmer- tire made wi thou
' cost lo ! hem.
I Von all recognize and appreciate
tho Importance of thc I'Msh Interest
, ol'the State. Wo hoveondonvoree
tn promote this interest (otho ex
tent of our ability a nd Increase th
supply of food fishes. The Depart
ment now luis tl Imf ch I ng house i.
Oconec County for propagathi]
.ahnen, trout and such species, ll IK
another on the 1*1??isto Ulvor, ii
Coljctou County, for hatching shad
Wc have- also broodi-llg ponds fo
( ('arpat Columbia, and, although no
extensive, wo have obtained fin
re bli- from them, This work i
under thc imm?diate siipervisio
of a practical Kish-culturlsl wit
? gives ids whole time to it. Shu?
I the work v a- commenced we hov
di (tributed in Hie streams of th
j State, 7,?tl:|,000 Simd, '102,000 Sa
I mon, I2,U00 Trout, and distribute
: to iiwin rs . ?f pond s ? |,000 ( !nr|
: The salmon planting was an OJ
perimeiil willi all ihe Souther
States, and ve an- not yet sat lalle
( that it will prove successful. Til
results of the -had hatching ai
. already .-cen in the Hdisn Hive
i whore an Increase in thc n'a mix
of these tish i-; reported, The sin
I cess attending earp culture In ti
Citato lins been remarkable mid ci
Uroly satisfactory, Any fnr?u
who desires lo faire these li-.il, wi
. be supplied with enough to -tock
pond without any cost, except tl
express charges on the Uah, froi
Columbia, w'hich amounts to u mei
t rtile. The ?Superintendent of Pis i
eries luis recently Inspected il
st reit tua In lue upper coiiiltie
where obst niel ions to the fri
pit isngoof migratory fish exist, ai
hali way- w ill be constructed ovi
, the dams in those streams by il
H rsi of e Ictober, and wc hope
have lisli ways in all of them at
I very early day.
Th . ndvomsomont of tho r
I sources of the State is another ii
portant duty. To do this (borong
j ly rorjuires an exte lislvo corr?
pondi 'lu rc .. ad hu iaiUK-n.se anion
j of lime and Work, bul wo have e
ii' :".'nr. 1 to do it (is fully as po.-t!
j ide. Since the organization of ll
Deptlrtlll'onf WO have made t\
, exhibits of our resources nt N
j (ional e.? hilii! :on>-ono at Allan
, in l8SI and the other at New <
, lean.- in 1881-188"?. Time w ill I
permit mij to describe these e
f hi bi ts. I'hud-mailed a number
I copie.- of our report on flic exlil
to your Secretary for dis'trlbuti'
to your member-. Till.* report ce
laina full d?scriptlons of our Nt
Orleans exhibit, and I think Hi
aile r reading I Wyon will agree wi
those who sa.w it, that il was
emu plc te exhibition of oil r resourt
and hid nat rios, and that it w
alike creditable to our gr??t Stt
a nd'her patriotic people, Wehn
advertised the State In other wa
also, lu 1882 the department
stied fyQOO Copies of a llandilo
:conttiiUing a full and comple
roy low of the Social, Agricultui
Kineaf ional, Industria] and Ce?
. m ere hil condition of the St,tte, a
this book has been universa
pronounced one of the best pul
Cations ever issued by any Sta
lu ti 1 lit ?on lottie Hand Hook t
I>c mont has published 2">,<
Annual reports, 220,000 Monti
reports, and over 80,000 Itl?seol
lieoilH publications. TllCfiO ?lo?
incuts have gone to all clviilh
portions of the world, The mon
ly reports were chiefly distribu?
.among our ow ii people ns they w i
published, priii'-ipully to give
rnmiatlon to our farmers.
In order to perform lt? We
sat i-taetorily, the Department I
pureha-ed a ItUTgO building fO?
nnrpo-H s. In this building is 1
laboratory and the oftt?es of i
depart merni, and the large lu
will be used for li permanent
dilation of the re-otin-e ,.|
I State. To this building wo extend
il special invitation to all farmers,
and hope that they will consider
? thal it has boen purchased ll) their
I Interest and that they will come
ami advice with us os to the best
moans of advancing that interest.
ll is tho earnest desire of the
Hoard and Coniinisslonor. to estab
lish nt) experimental farm ut nil
early day. This would have been
! done long ago if other matters re
quiring; nil expenditure of money
! bad not been more pressing. It
I will be done as soon as tho funda nt
j our disposal permit. You all reul
! izo that a department of this kind
? (.ikes tillie lo grow nilli develop,
? and we hope that its growth ami
; development will always be in tho
I right iii root ion.
In conclusion, 1 trust yon will
! pardon me for detaining you a few
'minutes to explain to yon bow tim
Department is maintained, as this
is so much misunderstood. No up
j propria??<m Cor ils support is mude
from the State Treasury. When i
! the Act creating il was passed, an I
appropriai ion of $0,000 was made'
j from the phosphate royalty, to be
used until the tax on fertilizers be
came available. This appropria
tion was never touched, tun I at the ;
end of the year was covered laiek
; into the Treasury, Tho law re
I quires all manu fact tires of eommer
I dal fertilizers to paya tax of twon
? ty-llvo cent- per ton oil every ton
of fertilizers sold in ibo State.
'I he fund arl dug from the payment
; of this lax ls used exclusively for
thc benefit of thc Department. So
thal while the Department has
charge ol' the phosphate territory
, of tho State und looks after thc
collection of the royalty, no part of
j thal royally,'nor any part of the
i state taxes are appropriated for its
Corrcspoudcnh iron: the Agri
cultural Societies, (1 muges and!
I Clubs, and tho Department has
hoon Warmly supported hy Hie
pi ,;.!.? generally, and bas bad tho
! cordial endorsement of the farmers,
I individually and collectively.
! n conclusion permit me to thank
i you for the opportunity you linve
? a Horded nie of bringing tho work
I of tho 1 >epartntent to you attention.
I trad Unit Hie statements I have
I made will satisfy you thal we lui ve
. accomplished some good for our
people, and that with the oxpo
'; rience we have gained wo will lie
able to do much moro En the future.
- A dross does not make tho wo
'? man bul often br?ales tin man.
' "flood [gracious," said the ben,
w hen sho discovered the porcelain
< gg in her nest, "1 -hall bo a bi iek
Inyer noxfc."
! -Tho South Carolina Agricul
: turu] Society w ill hold an indus
' trial exposition in Charleston on
! Hie ot" November.
-Sam .lom ?, tho evangelist, has
op 'ned a campaign to "save" Chi
cago, Hin .'T -:d-grandchildren w ill
! curry on t ho I ti 'lucan at the old
j stand.
! -Iva S. Davenport hus boen nom
i hutted for Oovornor of New York
! by the Republicans. Ile is a weak
' man and Iii? nomina; ion is a sur
I prise to everyone.
- A glass hodslend has la en made
al a Itirm.'nghntn, Kng., factory
for il ( 'aient,??i millionaire. It is ?if
solid glass, Ute b gs, rails, A,-., be
ing richly ct.i. Tlie King of Dur
I mah also int,-, one.
j -Tho eas*? of Cluvorious, Hie
Ilidimond murderer, will probably
, be reached hi Hie Supreme Court
sometime next mouth, The pris
oner maintains his cheerfulness
j and confidence. There bas been
? no chungo hr publie opinion as to
bis guilt.
"Say," said the editor's anuri
. little son. as ho entered a Hlore,'"do
you keep knives?" "Oil, yes," res
'. ponde.I tho *torokoe|K>r, "we've
? kept them for .year-." "Well," res
ponded (bi Iniy, as he -tarted for
the doo.r, "you ought lo advertise,
. and then you wouldn't keep 'em so
i -Mr. Doney, Section Master on
the Laurens Hallway, was arrested
in Newberry .Satunlay afternoon
by a Laurens constalde upon a
? warrant charging him with assault
and bntery wit lt Intent to kill
shooting lal Satterwhlte. colored,
the day before it (I old >i 11 e. Sat
; terw bite was not much hurt.
.\'fic!>< rt\i/ Obten tr.
- Yesterday a Chinese store
keeper who kept mik handkerchiefs
sale was induced to soil one for
UOe. which lie lia?! asked )|t2.?*i0 ba
al first. "How much do you make
on ibis, icio?" as asked after tho
trude was made. ''Ob, Pue." wa
the ronly. "Hut bow can you make
Otic, when (hat i- all you get for
lt ?" "Ob, nie ste MI uni," coolly re
plied the Chinaman, as ho threw
] the money into the drawer.
_,_. _
- No doubt romains tim t a lorri
, ble lamine ia Impending in India.
The crops in the Deccan have all
I failed for want of rain, while in
Henge I tho crop- are ruined by an
excess of rain and llo.nl-. Tho
country for Arty miles ubini! Cal
j cutta is completely submerged.
! Nearly all the railways in tho
provinces aro injured hy Hoods and
landslides, The railway nt Lacker
? Sera has been completely swept
away. Public HiyInscriptions have
been opened in Calcutta, and in nil
the large t?Wll all possible prcpa
1 rations ave hoing made U> provide
uga i us I the famine whlc.li la now
Inevitable, and to mitigate ita hor
LCT I'S OlftJAM/t.' A NA
lt is admitted that vcv need a
National Hank for Laurens. WY
invite all who can ho induced to
take an Interest In the project, lo
(onie up with their siuWi i pl ions,
large and small.
No suhaerlption will he called
for I.cloie the lat of Jitrwury next
SAM l l'.!, H. TODD,
J SO. \. IVA H KS DA Li:.
Sept. 20, 1885. (?j tfn
Tixe Stoek of
X^C'U.st be sold
Swithin tie next thirty days.
Thc Stoc k consist? largely of
Those wishing to buy should examine this stock
if they find anything tho)' want, it WILL BK
as NO PROFIT on the goods is desired
A. R. \.AX( i:r
as Assignee*,
as Af?ent.
'V.V/UiL/ J
S KPT KM UK lt 21st t SSA.
Our IBio: Drive.
IN order to make ROOM FOR OUR
Mammoth Stock.
Ve aro i?ii;,- ;t! greatly reduced pri?es tho following gooda*
;os, Dross goutls, Kemnants of Dress good?, Table l>aii?
aak, Towels, Hulks, lodging, Laces etc., and n Great
Variety of g<aids too numerous to mention,
call the special attention of the ladies to-our Stock of ?ine
s, every pair guaranteed to give satisfaction.
<. als?? carr) a Large Stock of men's children and? Misse?
S, which WO sell as low as thc lowest,
onie one, come all, and sue for yourselves.
I R 0 N F 0 U N D R Y.
All kinds of Machinery impaired, iron and Brass Casting**
ol every description, uiadc "ii short notice. Work guaranteed
as gooti, and prices Lower titan can he had at any other Found"]?
We mean whal wc nay. Call or write l'or prices;
Laurens S. C.
August .">, 188/?
Tlie Sig Eagle!
J. E. Cooper 8s Co.
??tive removed their Stock o? Fancy and Family Groceries,,
Confectioneries, Fruits, ?fco, ^
S'egetahies, Wooden-warp, Hoots, Shoes and llHfs
to tho now store, Jual completed, under tho alga of tho "Big Kagle," Kastt
. ddo of Public Square.
Highes! prices paid for Produce, Hides, Et?*
gJXT Wo thank our customers for [nwt patronage, nwt goffet! aeon*
(I mut nee of tho Hame. Call and ace ns,
J. Iv. COOPER ft CO.
(JLO'I 111 X< ? ! ?LO?HIN?l!
O Hi O
1 M O
Davy Crockett .
Was on TOP when ho said, "Be sure y?>u aro
right, then OO AHEAD.
Tho vlehrtttod buyer, .1. NV. Leake, liitght (?14,000 worth of Clothing
right ut I'OUURI) BALKS in New York and v e are going right ahead.
^a"> Suit* i'.-r Mon, ?it ">.
187 ? H ? at j |.H.->.
500 " " ? AtH.ftOO. .V.O.
600 t,? Tts? worth dibble,
Fine Stylish Suits for Youths mid MoVf.
KIO Sample lint.* at 73 cent? worth a cJLl??r,
HlO Colt louted Stetson llatn and Heiser's Shoe?, on top.
Plenty Shirt?, Collara and Draws for ?fr?ry tuxly.
opra your Hearts and Pockets u lunion como lu our Store.

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