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The Laurens advertiser. (Laurens, S.C.) 1885-1973, October 07, 1885, Image 2

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<jm^ > lum .wmu.'.'.v?.' . xuiti-ii? III III.
&mtmtu filHtrrfitfrr.
/. C. ff. I HLfXdTOX, K/>1 tOll}
LAVRKNS, OCT. Tt.!, 18?T).
Subr.crlpttoa Pr'.c3--i? Korcha, Sl.oo.
l'A V MILK IN \'*v \ v?
Ka!?"* for Advertising. Ortlllli.r.V Ad
vertisements, per X'j un rc, (Mit1 nscr
lldlt, $1,1X1; euell sui -i r ( 11 ? . 11 : I utter
lion, "?? routs.
I,literal reduct lon nuuk1 for large Ad
Vi I! iSclllCllN.
IV UAH Ll Nt {TON ?v <
Hope tor Fanners Vet.
UAt.i.t'. II. September JO.-Ono
eau always distinguish tho toba T?I
fariner fruin him who grows eot
*.tn. The liTttor ls alway- e.\j lain
ing how he failed to make any
money the past season, and ex
pressing grave doubts about ino
suc?es and results of bis [?resent
<?r prospective. He complains
about labor, about fertilizers, about
the swindling business In futures,
which always puts bini at a disad
vantage, lie declares. Your tobaei o
grower i - ti prince beside him. I le
is never, as (be saying is, "hard
up." Ile always bas money, and If
he has nut and needs it. why, the
warehousemen advance it with 11
careless ease that i- charming.
Cotton men as compared with
tob?ceo men are indee ) penurious, |
contracted ill idea, limited ill hope
and ambition. Why. tobacco luis'
act nally in t wo year-' time, eli an ged ,
the current of ideas and ambitions
here. People have advanced years
and years, and what is equally to
the point, the land bas advanced
too. Sensible men say thal Wake
lands have appreciated l" percent,
in value in eighteen months.
Verterduy a farmer, a young man
named Hunt, was here. The past
season he raised on three acte- of
land in Greenville County, tobacco
which he sold in open market for
#1,7110. Negro grower- of the weed
in this county oldened as high
ligures as lie-$1 per pound. This
man Hunt says tile Wake lands are
equal to those in Greenville lu all
respects.-Cor. Xv icu (i)t(t Courier.
To say that a man actually real- ;
l/.etl $1,700 on three acre- of hind ls '
-aying a great deal. Hill suppose
only half of titi- amount eau he
made, i- it not enough to open (he
eyes td'some ol' our farmer- who
are just now complaining of the
low price nf cottonV never
'near an agricultural address Ilia!
dobs not advocate (liVet'sifv Ol'
?.?Mps. Progressive farmers, and m
nu t, ail, agree that this ti:,, great
need of our country; and yet, from
year to year, inwti ad of practicing
what they pr? adi, they ge on plant- :
ing cotton exclusively. Turn and
twist the mattet as you will, the
fact remains that cotton is King!'
lt cannot he otherwise m thc
Southern States. Cotton will, at
at least for jonie time to come, cou-1
tinue tobe the?duef.product. Iud it
does not follow that wc are ; > raise 1
eotten exclusively. There tinnier
ons crops that can he made tn dove
tail With tho "fleecy sta; i-' and
bring ready money ai :t tillie
when money Irs most needed,
while the work required tn make
them will lint bo mi- .. ! from Hie
codon Heids.
It is a lamentable fad that our
State ls far behind almost all t,'> .
other Southern Slate-, liol only in
advanced methods in cultivating
cotton, but in an agricultural point
Of view generally.
With every .natural advantage
enjoyed hy others, we uro conten!, j
to plod along in the beaten path,
made for ?is by our forefather ,
looking only to tho present, und |
contented if at tile Olid of Hie year j
we como ont even,
"Nor*.i Carolina is to-day in the
front rank. No State is making j
greater strides towards prosperity,
and it ls dna tu tho tobacco crop.
What tobacco luis done for North, j
it will do for South Carolina. On- J
ly an Imaginary, inv i able line di-j
vides us. Our lands ara equal, il ?
nut superior to hers, and ns well- |
adapted tn Hie cultivation of to
bacco. All we Want ls for oar
farmer* tn realize that lhere is
money ?nit.
On Saturday last Dr. liol ll niger
shot and killed Stepney Kiley;, a
colored democrat, of Chu Heston.
li ls claimed that the killing was
done in self-defence and Hie mat
ter will he thoroughly investigated.
We are sorry we cannot send
down a "special reporter" io write
up Hie affair, so that the public may
khow something as tn the action bf
official." In tho model city-the
seat Of the "oricle."
Tho National Camp Meeting
Holtness Association have erected
alargo toni '?' Augn-la, similar ti
that of n dren* tvnd propose to bold
a great campm.entlng. We Hus;
thal goori may result, but il ls cer
tainly au open question as to
Wlioihcl't'or not uich sertfiiiHonnl
pro;'ch i M g .ts is h?dulgo?l Iii by Hov,
.lone/ and ntilers cali accomplish
more it it ?np: good than thc ?al rb,
deliberate uVg'.imoitt.i of ci ne t
fi and forcible mon, mud? hi p1 mo*
g : lion ..: is v iging near
fan un1 11, Ciu, and farmers aro
"alarmed for ?bob.' mtor meat sup
1>1 v.
- MU mmi -. ? ? tn-nwVTCZDOJjTjmur .x r ??
Oid-Tlmc Courting.
Uvr. OAK, TI.A., jimunry ?ll.
"Don't hev n?? ich ?nitart-ilkc court
times now i". \>v usoter hov whoo :
I u .>. -.? youri in' and luidn'i ?row i d
my hon?? y lt." saki tho < !<l c:'.f! :.
tis we v ;m??.' dow iv th" court tuVuso
stops after'lls.tt,-ulng to :'. ioinowlrot
dreary trial, "looter hov lots of
fun in them tlu?r days, ?'<m aow .
evorytliln's quiet and pOtu'embol
like an' tin1 sheri* la .(>" Jail to put
Iii.? prls'ners lu, Ult didn't usi ter
he t!.:ii way lu my Una-sixty
sixty years ago or more; 1 'ni 'lo
ber, when l was llvin' in old \Fay
ette e<> '.ut v. \, . > H . t r hov .i glu'rul
IVolle ov'ry eon ri (lay, an' many**
the time I hov helped ter guard
nils'nor folks whti ; the J edge was
n ffcns'sln ol' eui." 1
nix KI JUT LOY ti.
"You see i mended my fust wo- :
mau down in ole 'Fayette, au a !
likely pt I she \ -a -, too, although
she played ti bhimo-tukod low-down ;
trick on nie onct," mid tin :i tin "?il ?
fellow broke int<? u lu arty kiugter.
"J low was thai diele SP l said, !
..Tell nie ;;il about it. mel then we'll 1
seo it* their alni .? ? I e; : t ; . of red li
* 111? . i* <oniowhcre near hy."
The old man euekled, eontortetl
his weather-beaten etuintenauee '
and replied :
"Well, let's il down on this yere '
po'eh an' l il tell you. Y<>;i kin '
print hit il'you like, au1 p'raps hil
may be er WM rn in' to staue on them 1
yankees what think.- they is st) |
dog-goticd pearl an' sharp like. !
Dog my skin of I didn't Itelp t?> '
??I ve '< m Hts 'bout twi uty year ago. '
Hut I'm glad the hhinic-tukcd war
air ?iver, fer I've tit ali i'm a-irwine
ter. j
"Oh, yes, about that trick lay -.??I? '
played oater mc, eh'.' Wal her j
pup's farm joined my pap's farm, 1
nu bein' >!..<' was a right smart turn 1
of a gal 1 ?jin into love with her, 1
and linerly made up my minti t<> '
ask lier cf she would hev mc. I 1
lied .icrn a-readin' of au oh- paper 1
paper some ono lied sen! pap, an in
liit was a hull lot er truck 'honten
a feller named Alfonso ?rn' how he
list his gel for to hov him. Hit
said he :40t down on Isis kneen an' 1
said 'fairest of your sect, I love you; >
will you be mine?' ant' -. : * - ; 1 like. *
1 was josi big omi fr' calf fool tobe- j,
lleve thet an' 'lowed it would he
sorter tine like cf I asl my pfc I in
thc same way. lier name was Ucl ,
Slathers. She weighed hundred
and sixty-five pound, nu' was 0/ (
strong oz ;t horse. C'u'd lute cot
ton ekul to any man in them parts, .
an1 fry middini'! W 'hy, Lord bless
yer, when she died I fell cz ii' I'd 1
rnther ;i los' tiny h uss i lied.
'.One nlglll ?11 waterinciling lime .
I weill over ter lier pu {i's detar- t
mined to put my arms arouml lu t' ?
an' ax lu*r lo bo my \\ ifc and ckaily u
dctarmineti to ax lier like that Iber li
-tory paper saith When l got thar j
1 saw Ucl u-stundin1 by the winder
of the lcnu-to and aliint lier in the
winder wa one of the higg? d incl- '
mlngs I ever seed. When Hot seed
nie n-eoinln' she yell out haul 'nuIV '.'
tobe heerd ?vay ter the cowjieih '.
'Vcr jest in tiniCj ."-i; con:, yer anti
gil some wnteriiielllng.' When I
got dus' to whitr she wa : 1 seat
'No, Hot, I don't eur' for no mclling
now,1 and Iben !.' e cr hlOntctnked '
fool, 1 ?I rn pt outer h > knees
sex I: 'Fairest of \ ; ai " sect, i love j ,
you. Will ytai he my wifeV ?
wants y?.ti for ?ny own,' au' ? um:;
untre sieh Ib?lishno...--, Sile land'
outcn u lafl'and sc/.she: 'You wniib .
M piece of this yere moiling, ii tisser,
I reckon,'an brung Hie hull dog- J
goa -i! thitij; right down <..) my hod, , ?
I had a purt,\ h ti.! lu d in t'vm ?
day-. The melting was don 1 ripe
an' iiit bruk ail' st pin ho-) ail ovei
nie. My oyo.? win fu1!, of the juice, '
my ears full of soc-*. .-,"> j nigh''bout 1
strangled ni tu'., He! was la flin'I
(ll ter kill, h ., v. hen die ; < d nie
nz up she, know* ? my dander was
np, le* , .'in' she I'i tait fer Hu v nods.
II o', pap lied je? ( kern Up from thc
'.lille lol lill' Wheti ho -ced ii .. ul!
kivorod \. it!, slush ii!:.-, he bud oui
laffin', too, bul he had sence lin' lu
soc se/la : 'Chase her, SI, nu' <.!'
ytnlcotch an' kiss lier she's yourn.'
M ebbe i didn't run, an't lion M?'.:I?I>.
inebbe 1 did.
'?.'I K lt A CK V f.OV I?.
"liol seed me u-comin' un' she!
tdd aliiiul sonic laishes, on' whilst
I was II lookln' for her she doubled
on nu- lin' put I ni-k for Hie Itouse
josi as fiiMt asshec'u'd go. i eoteh
\ ed her Jed VA she gol ter thu l'once,
an' dog my hide cf she wan a blow
I in' like a deer. I ?lilt her by t?.?ili
! her hands, an' so/., 'liol Slathers
you've gol to <.--i\.- mp a ki-- fer
that.' She said not h I ii'nu' 1 sorter
loosened of my grip, so's to put my
arm 'round her nech, when slu
fetched m . ?1 left-hander 1 rion;;- th .
jaw that t -'ly made my teeth raith .
That made nie madder yet, un' 1
grabbed lu-r ngia' an' hill un' st|uo/.e
until sin- so/., nv/, she 'Oh, Si, Pin to
beat out I kin liar'ly stand up.'
Se/. I 'kiss me, t hon, aa' say you'll
luv mc' Hoy,shedhl,too. Kissed
me righi Hop on my mouth, tin' hil
wa ;i drawln' oz 11 plaster, I>MI hit
made nie feel us If I was full honey
way down to toe-nails. When we
got 'nark to the house her ole pap
se/, to mci 'Si, yon cotehed her ?ike
a mah, an' ? want? t<> toll you righi
now. 'There's a (plaider section 61
iligil pim- land tr>?e.? with Hutt Rill,
an' I low Hie ole woman kin hunt
up a COW or two for you."'
. '."..?wari ?'ole m nu. colored, was
killed 011 lite t'luirlol jo, Unlit ni Mn
ard Augusta Hail toad, on Sunday
Ilhorn i ug, the 27 til Instant, Hound
u companion wore Hitting on tho
end of a ffi'oss?tio of the road, in
i .lexington Ooirflty, .ii bou I 4', mil
from < Vd Umbi1 ou th,- rtbovo dnt<
about- '? A, M., when a NortheV.
;.-i-i ? rain ; ruck ('olemnn "O tl
: inn k, ti . ., . . A U\fi\ oblitpicly on
t\U 'rr.! U (Hui fn'ilsnlng Um i id< ol'
his huad, by which lii?t*niJ death
was ino.!!!-. iii' (tOinpt\'lt|oh
Wit? li:' ' . !.. :..i opposite <li
.ioa i na I.ut slightly wounded.
Trial Justice Clark held an inquest
over the remnim' end a Verdict of
. death by Heeldent was rendered,
. ' ( 'olunibht lit ; <? <!.
Typhoid Fever.
When typhoid fever occurs ii ls !
important ti? know liow it ls con- j
voy?d ftvnii otk" lo lihntiier. It is j
nut n tli?i'itw communicated, like
scarlet fever ur dipthorta, hy the :
skin <>r Itvcath, therefore there is
neil ilia! (langer in entering tho j
ro -iii that there i- with these other
diseuses, lint scrupulous euro must i
he used lu the,disposing of tito t'?-.
ct; matt. r. ( ?' should aol he de- .
posited 111 Hie privy, us it i - : : : .. I ?1 ?.?
id contaminate t!: . tl', lind uil
;. 'intently lind Us way Into the'
weil. The vessel which :< used
should i1":!!;'.?;! til the time ;i -ii -in- ,
I'eetaut, and a soon ;.>- used it
diould he covered tightly, and re
moved .1 i..!.".? lil.-tunee from tl"
liousi. and hurled deon In tho earth, ,
motile one ot* the disinfectants .?tleh
t - ca rix il li* acid, solution t?l'c ippt ra?
?r chloride online heilig itsed free
y, '."Iiis is o?* special importune*'!
tu I should not 'ir forgot ton or no
lu regard lottie communication j
?fill's infection, unfortunately, we
nive ii"' tli" ineaiiH i f preventing 1
??o t'ompletely n- we could wish.'
vYo cannot al all Hines govern the ;
'omtition of n distant swamp or
ow iiiarsii laiul. !>n? this wc cnn
lo, and if it i- faithfully carried
?ut it will largely diminish the
hinger ??f Infection :
(.'ti refill ly retiioviug decomposing
milter i i" whatever kind which
fathers around the hon xe mid otit
aiildiugs will help to prevent its
nvashon I his should he thine three
ir four times ;i year, ellh.er hy
fathering ii into :\ largo pile and
turning it, or hy htirylng it i.i ;i
argo excitvatlon, Tho former is
he hesl method, us Hie ashes, puri
lcd of any poison, are sorvlccnhlo I
? i many ways, orean ho added to
!i" compost heap for fit!uro uso ns
'ortlliwers. Uy attention to those
hings t ??o liahility lo tlie s tatemen I
ionio io the ope it lng sentence in
hi< paper might he largely ohvl
>l r. Kelly's ? 'ol or.-. .
't ls stated in Washington tlial
?lr. Kelly i- considering ?i pro) tu
ition to make New York Iii- future ,
. uno, When ii" w< nt ahmad ho
loved up everything till ??is Utter
-ts in Uichmond, and lhere ls
Kithing to take him hack there.
if he gnes to Now Yt irk it ls with
lie understanding thal he will i
?liter u|x?n tm active polleal career. ?
hu whether he decides to go, ur'
'liters nilli hil life ht Washington, j
i ls understood that he will i>:ir
ieinate in the coining campaign in
Cow N orie Stale. Tho politicians
?ollevo that willi his rece?? s. ^.-t :
nd lo- life-long connections, uoi
o mention his powers as an orator,
>! r. Kelly i - iii" man nhove all
ithers in tlii- count rv t<? rallv anti
mid Hie Irish vote.
Vi ino Bullied (n iMin Hie,
While in Dunville ;; i - saitl thal '
olin. H. Wise, th" Republican norn? ;
nee for < I overlier, was calle I on lal
lr, 'V 'inple, of l'util place, and
harged w Uh slnndorlnj; I h" people
if I tu nellie, hr. Ti inple, it i- .,oi,
i lie rofl ti? ?.:<> willi Mr. Wise t?? ??
oom and settle lt. < " : * i ? ? . .;. do- '
Ute d m do so, hut -.Mil', ho would
ommunicntc willi 3>r, Temple
i >r. Templo i- n prmnlnenl phy
. 'io ' f Ihieylih^jnd md ed for hi
(ff: .IIOll . O'.llMyjrTy ?i- WO1.! tl- Iii
onde iy. Wi.- ,-Jy .i li\; voil his <;:in
nil'^n ?mooch iiflFlartinsvillo, Ihlr
,y-sevon miles from Danville, '.!'...
hiv after lids interview, hui lo Hie
surprise of his political friend.*
'allied ;<> denounce the Danville
teople for ( Ito riot,
Horse Thier.
(/.V?/ii t/t? ??jHiHi?n)
On Munday evening M posse of
lorsemen passed through Hpartan
?urg in ipiesl of ?i stoi:".i horse. :
>n Saturday Mr. Pol'!. Taylor was
'(?turning from (own I?) his home
i ear Euroka, and gave M tramp
if(. When Mr. Taylor reached
mme tho tramp wanted to stay ?ill
light, hui this Mr. Taylor refused,
Hial nigh! ?Mr. Taylor'sstahlc door
was hroken ojien Mini his horse
doten. Pursuit was made tho nexl
morning omi tho tramp w as caught
.-it!: the horse in his possession,
near Woodruff, ott lils way (<> Au
{ledit, Ho :;.i\i' his mi,nt- MS Tcl
I'nlr, and comes from near Augusta.
-A* malo inmate thc lunatic
nsylum madti his often pt fruin Hie
Institution ?'ii I'Vlday nlghl hy
roroing the Iron liars of a window
w it li M hon slat and letting himself
to the ground with a rope n?tido of
his heddi Hg. While Hie ti! tondants
wore looking for (ii" escaped lit
mate, M day ur two after, M telegram
wns received from hi? w ile in char
leston rou, uost I tig. thal lils trunk !><?
sent home, where lie lin n was,
<'niUmhin Iii' iiril.
Mrs, Woodworth ls said t<> make
ton rouverts where Haili .loni's
makes ont?, Au Irrevercnl sinner
in the Louisville, Ky., Poul acctisi H
lier of "pernillig experiments, in
religion- niosnieri.-in."
-He mt tor lintier, sheppard Bros'
nod M nj. w. T. Clary will defend
the lynchers of 0. T. C'lllhroittll, Mini
(inry & lOvlns will assist Holleitor
Houham in the proHccution,
~-.Mnreha nil le failure in the
United H?tite?J foi: tho (piarter end .
lngHoplemher HO, hoing the 'hird
ijiiarter of the year as reported I v
Dun v< ('o.'s nu i i ?int il" iigw?icy,
: ?. >*.'?;.' ii.? iigiijllsj .;,-"',?*? jil
I rrt'fl :. f/labilith .. - hov. a !-o?'eir?.
ahlc decltnoi nniotinthig last ti?tar<
tor tn ?'?' ''?');'" compafed w \t\]
tiU(l,(IOU In bhc t.hji'd riuartoi' of
I-'si. l-'or hine Iponthrf, ending
wlti' Hei>t6ftiher, i.-.iiiif s uhow
slight Inert list in mind.or of thoso
of hist ye;ir, hilt :i very niarUei'i de
el lim in liul.iliti"-. For nine
mouths of i vs"?, failures foot up in
n.uniheV r'jK,?, ?is compared willi
/. -ii fur ? rsi nine mon til? ol lHH4i
an iiierniso of :)| I.
Helpless in tho ilouscboUl.
tyWtaMip&itt Call.)
Yoting V,?'?iMeu-jj.jrttke ti* big Mun
der i r i hey do not' learn to ttike cu re
of n homo, tr ls ti griovlous nodal
?uni moral wrong when girls aro I
brought up helpless i" household
lUjcj. How often we see mothers
Vjiflly engaged in domestic duties,
like a slaye, In order that the girls
univ enjoy every luxury and do
nothing; indeed, ni.my hardly let
their daughters -;..'! their hands..
No Woman ought t<? marry who
cannot louie well to tho way-; of her
household. In ease sin? ?nay not
herself ho required lo work, she
ought lo be able to seo whether the
work is done In ii moper manner.
A woman ls out of her element un
less she ls lo a certain extent ac
quainted with the sciences of hake- |
ology, hoil-ology, and stltch-ology,
niuk-nlogy and mentl-ology. T?tere
never was a greater blunder than
io substitute good looks for good
Thc reason why so many mon do
not make homes for themselves m
these day.- is because they cannot
alford it. The women ave too
averse to working .::?<! too ext ru vu?
gant in all their ?a des. VYe want
more frugality, Industry anti sys
tem; if we could Introduce tltese
virtue- into our higher society we
should diminish the envy? Jen lou y
and suicides of the single, and the
wretchedness, the bickering and
tb i divorces of the married* livery
girl (night i.i i>e brought up to have
regular daily domestic dulles.
Idleness should ho forbidden her.
The only dignified life ls a useful
Light tiing in Tropical Cl I mn (?es.
My experience confirms the re
marks ol Dr. Van Danckleman in
Xuturc, respecting thc little dam
age done hy lightning in tropical
< Iiinutos. In the plains of India ut
the commencement of the mon
soons, storms occur in which the
lightning run- like snakes all over
the sky at the rate of ihr.r four
Hashes in a second, and the thunder
i'>ar- without a break for, frequent
ly, one or two hour- at a time.
During twelve years' residence in
India I beard <?f only two ?inman !
beings and. I think, three buildings j
being struck, although in parts ol'I
Lower liongnl the population;
amounts to more than finn to the
- piar.- mil;'. I alway- attributed j
the scarcity of nein'cut - lo the J
great depth ol' thc stratum ot* lu at- ;
od air ncxl to the ground keeping;
tiie cloud- at such u height that
most of the Hushes pas- from < loud ?
to cloud, and very few reach the J
earth. Thc ?dca ls supported by t
ila-fart tba; in the Himalayas, at
15,0011 feet, objects ere frequently
struck. ' have omi inore than u
dozen pine (ree- which had been ;
injured by the lightning on the top '
ol'one mountain hot ween 8,000 and
0,000 feet lng!,. In the llrltish Is
land- thu .aler storms are salli lo
bc more dangerous in the winter I
than lu the slimmer, and such ttl
fact, if true, can be explained by
ih" very t'nln stratum nf air then '
intervening between tho clouds
and earth.- 7,on<ton X<ttttn\
The Mud lind ol'a Komuit-ee.
A man giving the name >f Howe
died about three weeks ag? ? at a
benevolent home ia Atlant: t, (la.,
.md w n < buried i M ? be ?'< ?I lei 's
Held, lt bas -ince been lo:\rned
that Ills re?d name was MtL'sdcu
Waddell, and that his hoine wm m
I.ennrk County, (Junada. Iii.- fam
ily ls one of the wealthiest In thal
section, Dining a visit to Th reo
Uiver- be became acquainted '' iib
a pretty Kreuch girl named ! lor
?ense Latinean. The girl's par ?nts
were so bitterly opposed to him on
account of his nationality that ho
w a ?'oren I tu elope With her.
Reaching the home of his paren.'-;,
h.-found (hat they were equally
opposed to tho (taught* r-in-Iaw and
disowned the son. True to lil . wife,
he erossetl the line Into the I" ni tod
States, ami tinnily settled down in
Walhalla, S. C. Melding with no
success, he left lils wife there and
went to Atlanta for the purpose of
making a hume for ber. '?'here be
was taken ill, and hoing in poverty
and unwilling lo drag Ills family
name into notoriety, entered a bc- I
ncvolent hume lintier an assumed
name. His parents erenow trying
to make amend.- to their dnilgllter
-'flu Pontt has had an Interview
with St. John, in reply to a ques
tion whether the prohibition move
ment, as an organized sentiment,
i- mal.;ng innen progress in the
South, St. John said: "It hits, been
making most wonderful advances
in that section of country. Look
fm instance at the Alabama elec
tions. In IH8-I I polled a little over
I,noa. This August the prohibition
vote showed an increase of I,?IOU
percent., and it carried thirteen
counties. Look at (Joorgitt, loo.
Il is nearly a prohibition State.
Tlie number of its dram shop- in
proportion to those Now York
State anti In proportion to tho ros
pOCtiV0 population, are RS one tu
seven. Mississippi lui- sn.) dram
shops to California's 10,000. Pro
hibition is in favor in Tennessee
and even in Texas, lt is, in fact,
growing everywhere."
-Ono of Rantums employ?es d?
chires in an Interview that Jumbo
v a lead on the t rack af Sf. Thomas
for ?he express purpose of being
killed. Jumbo wa I .-'iff. 'mig from
an Incurable, pulmorinry trouble
. ml was fast becoming worthiest
ann i? was Wjtfl feared M.. ? ff the
public (earned this they woit.h.1 !'"
cumo indignant ttl linrnnm for
ern.'!y o.\*hll>U'lfjg the Iiiige pot,
who \V'a# almo-t ip.)itt to walk ut
all. ConsoqUOnily Il0 was to be
killed for advertising purposos, in
Hie moat tragic manner. An at
tempt has before been made al
Montreal?hut miscarried. Hnrmwi
hhs sued the railroad for ?^0,000.
Returned ?m $25,<)0O.
Lula Hurst ut hollie Is .-tili t;t
I tructing attention und the Ix)y* of
i North Ooorgln aro nil anxious to
Hud out !.< w much cash whoelei'taie
I and muscular maldon salted down
] on lu i- tour of fie world. Tho Bul?
lotln boy of Homo saw pupa andi
i mamma Hurst trotting into tow n
i the other day and fastening on to
their i'll.:, v Inquired ii bout Miss.
"Oh, fciho la wolli thank you,'' ?aid
Mrs. llui;st, "and jus! happy us she
eau i>i> to get back home again. ;
I VVo were ti fra ld she would bo rest
less and not co?tent to settle down i
j at our country home, ul'ter travel
i:;:v -o much. But she anp^kt',.-'
it ire .MU! of !:< 'itu- than < ver.''?f?ps,
.'.l> there any truth In the rumor j
that she has Io t her power?"
"We are not aware of the fact,"
replied M rs. ll, 1 The last time
she gave an exhibition, \\ Lieh was
: to a crowded house In Knoxville,
the exhibition was entirely satis
factory. Wc do not tesl it ai home,
because I do not int? nd for Lula to
; I ra vol nay more."
"How much have you* mude tm
V.is- Lulu's exhibitions, Mr. thirst .'
There was a Jolly twinkle in tin *
old gentleman's frank blue eyes
when he answered :
"That's what all the boys want
to know. I nm wttisficd with the
result <>?' the exhibitions, for Lula
certainly .lifted that mortgage off;
of our home while she was lifting
around editor , senators, governors
;md congressmen. Wi- are all at
home now to remain. I want you
to conic ont ami spend a couple of
days with us."
This invitation was heartily sec
muled by Mrs. llur-t, and the re
porter promised to accept at tii
first convenience,
i It is though! that after paying otr
the mortgage on her father's farm, ,
Mi.-s Lula had a snug little bonus
of $20,000on which to retire from
the.stage.-Au{/uxt(( Keening AV KV.
-Tl if Washington corre.-pondont
lof the Cincinnati Kin/uiret' say?:
! "1 have it on the best of authority
j that the Hon. Jame- (?. Minino Is
; at present hard at work witing ap
I the pins for re-election to thc l'iil
ted States Senate, and that he ex
pects to succeed Kugono Halo. Mr.
.Hale's prescrit term will expire on
thc third day of .March, 1887, and j
Hiere is ."ci\ roOSOIl for deli.-viii,;
flint M r. Blaine will be h's -an -
.cesser, lt will ho remembered that
Mr, 1 lah? was elected to the Senate
more through the efforts of Mr.
Blaine than any other man. The
contest In 188n was between Mr. ,
Frye and Mr. Hale, with ile- chan-:
ces in favor of the former. Mr.
Blaine at the same time expected
. to go into President Garfield's Ouli
: incl, and it ls understood that Mr.
j Blaine persuaded Mr. Frye to with
; ??raw from Wie eontesl on the ns
i surnnco that he would aid him in
[he election to fill Mr. Blaine's un?
; expired terni."
Various News 8ti*ndat'ds.
..Si me papers Lave peeulitir
? Idea- about orderin?: now -." wild tl '
? New York correspondent.
"You'll rind th:i! the . tandard I
Varies With the place. In St. Lottie i
! they want mur.?e.! - and lynchings, '
j in Cincinnati -ca mais. In Chicago
. railroad news arni crime, and n
Boston '?elontHie matter. In Now
Vork each paper has it* particular
, feature, bul thc hardest paper I
ever tried bi please wa! the haiti?
I move Sun. All it wants in the way
of a special service is births and
Idenths around Maryland, and tho
: horses that } .> lame. It'- odd, hui
i;' II fact, it will pay more for a
crippled horse than for a llrst-olass
-cn-at ion.-Atlanta (.'outfit ut ion.
-The great Socialistic meeting
al iou I which so much has been said
and which the polie . (hi .atened to
-uppi.-, was held'at Llmhouse
without interference. Fully 40,000
persons took part In the demon
stration. The speakers Indulged
in violent denunciation.' of th"
pu sent slate of society, hut* no un
due excitement was displayed by
the audience, and thc affair passed
oil* in the most peaceable manner.
The police kept carefully out of
-Minnesota lias Just hanged a
man under i's re-1 a Iii ?di men t nf j
the death penalty. Seven year.?
figo a law was made to leave to flic
jury the decision whether tho con
victed murderer should Le killed
or imprisoned for life. The Jurors
Invariably chose the living punish
ment, Irrt poet Ive <?f the at rocity of j
Hie cri me. Then the plan of letting j
the court designate was tried with
thc ame result.
One of thc reasons for nulling
the Democratic party Into office
was tho desire of the people to
Lave the "Look.-," which Bo pu bib
can Lad been keeping for twenty
live years, Inspoeted. Gradually
(he Looks ar? being opened, and
the tales they ure telling Justify
the popular suspicions to the fullest
extent.-Da Ha H lierai ti.
-A trial Justice lil York County
luis (U citied that sica?ng water
melons (rom th? vines is not lar
COny, Ho rule; that under flic
common law the taking of nhythlna
constituting a purl of tho freehold
is not larceny, and that tho special
statute for tho protection of grow -
lng crops spank ? only ol' coll?n,,
rico and other grain-, and -ays |
nothing of fruits or melons.
i! i I admitted Mao' wc .need a '
Nhtli ?i :' linnie for ? aurons, Wo
invite :dl Who Clin h I induced to
take au Intet ? l in the project, to ;
como up with ?heir sub.-crlpt ?mis,
large aad small,
No NUbscrlptlon will be called
for bofore tho ist of Jonuary next,
Sept. JD, MM, ?> |",
I Living great Iv^improvod our pl ave of but-i noss in order tl
demanda of our increased-tlfade, wo now conn; to tho fron]
largest ami most comple stock of FAMILY OROCBRtES,
TlONKRIKB, &C, to bo found anywhere, which we propos'
pri?es tiu'.t
Doing in eur own house, having no rent to ray, and buyl
Ci-om Hie best houses, at lowest Cash prices, we propose t<> gij
vantage thus^dorivod to*our customers,
1 Highestcash price paid hides and furs. Top of the in:?|
This Space belongs to
- l ?KA I-Kits IN -
Dress G-QO&S,
Clothing, Hats,
Satisfaction (Juarantccd both as to
Quality and l'i ?ces.
IN order to make KOOM FOR
Mammoth Stock
.< i v
We aro neilin:; at greatly reduced* prices tho following
Calicos, Dress i;??ods, Remnants of I Ires* goods, Tahiti
usk, Towels, lldfks, Edging, Lacon etc., and a GlJ
Variety of goods too numerous to mention.
We call the R|H*eial attention ot tin- ladies to our Stock
Slices. every pair guaranteed to give satisfaction.
We also carn ;i Largo Stock of men's children and|
Shoes, which we sell .".s low ns the lowest.
Come <>ru'. como all, and se?? tor yourselves.
All kinds of Machinery repaired, [ron and Brass 0
of every description, made ?ni sinnt notice. Work guai
as good, and prices Lower than can b?*had at any other Ft]
We mean s\ bat we say Call or write for pi iocs.
Laurens S.1
August ."?, I s's,-,
Tile 3E3 I g Eagl
J. SI, Cooper & Co.
[lave reinove<l;their Stock of Fancy and Family
Confectioneries, Fruits, cte.
Vegetables, Wooden-ware, Hoots, Shoes and Hats
i i tiie n w -torc, just completed, under thc sign of the "Big Ka^b
sid?- of Public Square.
Highest prices paid for Produce, Hides, Ftc.
?.f9~ We thank our customers for past patronage, and solicit|
tinuanee of tho same Call and see us.
J. R. COOPER to C{
TTlxe Laurensvi
Re opens Monday, September 14th, 1881
I'nlly equipped tn nil Departrn? otu.
A indy for circu?
I have on hand a Lol ot FINK M KT ALLIC, CK DA lt, V/ALl
and UOSKWCOJ) III K1AJ. < ASKS and CASKKTS, also, n \A .
('heap Cotilas from )r*.w\ up tards.
g&T Hearse furnMicd Wiall occasions at ?until price.
H. H. 11 I N TI:iq

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