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ll? I jr M. .Wi ^
NO. 3
Gnrpo Diem,
1 will bo morry In my eelf-docclvlng;
Leave mo to droams.though bitter bo tho wak
I know -1 know ibo (tanner In tho distance,
1 bo clouds thnt gather now will soon bo break
1 will Ito happy, though tho far horlron
flo dark with clouds, wbllo lightnings tinah
their warning!
Ftill will 1 lovo tho summer sunshine bettor
ltcmcmbor moro tho brightness of tho morn
Do rosen ?row les? perfect in tholr beauty
llecauso their notais full and fade to-morrow?
Bhall 1 not ?milo and sing to-day, forgetting,
Though smiles may turu to bitterest tears of
Lot me bo happy, lifo Is hard and gloomy;
Its sweetest pleasures grudgingly aro given
Bo stern, ut kindest, that wo needs must cher
Koch brlof reminder of our ruined heAvon.
-Holen Hawthorne lu Tho Cottage Hoarth.
Beyond These VOICCH.
Dead lovo, I toave theo in tho morning gray,
Khnnnlng tho heavens, wan und misty siuilo;
Not n'en it? brighter coming eau t>cguilo
My lingering woe. boro turns to theo alway
In passionate hunger. Memory will not stray
From theo and all thy radiant loveliness.
Wilt thou not waken to ono last caress
That 1 may ceaso my sorrow to bowray?
Faix'wcll, I uro well, unbodied hero 1 yearn
?rom thoughts of earth my vision to estrange.
God doth not heed I MAI) tnoeks nt my despair.
And llowcr-fllled hands tempt mo away to turu.
Yet blindly weeping 1 OMI novorchango
Love guards thy tomb and bids mo worship
th oro. -
-O. li. nuntin in DotroltVrco Press.
"Mrs. Smith, I am astonished at
Now, this was not by any moans an
assertion sui gonoris. In (act, accord
ing to his own stntomout, John Smith
was "astonished" at his wifo at least
ouco a day on tinavcrago. Mrs. Smith
was used to it.
Sho was a tall, slight woman, scarce
ly moro than a child in yoars, with
?bining brown hair, largo" dark eyes,
and cheeks that had boen as pink as
Boa-sbolls in tho days of ber happy
maiden life They wero wliito and
wastod now-a circumstance thal might
fiurbaps bo oasily accounted for by tho
ittlo babe on bor lap and tho 2-year
old ol? who was tottering about tho
room in aimless pursuit of kittens, sun
beams, and ol her baby delights.
"Things aro all at?1X09 aud sevens,"
wout on Mr. Smith, tying his cravat
?boforo tho mirror and viciously twist
ling it into a knot. "Coal wasted, but
ttor thrown into tho soap-groaso jar,
.dish-towols takuu for stove-cloths, and
any third-bost pauts sold to a dotti
<or in tinwaro for a funnel and two plo
plattors! I ne^or board anything so
outrageous in my life."
"Hut, my doar," meekly intcrposod
tho mucb-ondnritig wifo, "wo noodod
tho tinware, aud you had not worn tho
garments for a yoar. They woro full
of moths."
"Thero it is again," said Mr. Smith.
"Thc moths would Dover bavo got into
'cm if you had takon proper precau
tions. 1 not or hoard of a moth in my
mother's timo. And now you aro act
ually asking permission to visit your
brother up ibo Hudson."
"1 havo not been away from homo
beforo Hinco wo wero married. John,"
piteously plcadud Mrs. Smith. "I fud
almost worn out, and I think tho
chango would do mi good."
"And what is to become of mo!"
(sonorously domando! tho husband.
Mrs. John Smith thought of tho
day's masonic excursion last week, tho
trout-fishing expedition into tho Cats
kills a fortnight since, tho races at
Joromo Park, and tho drives lo High
Bridgo with Parker, Potts, and Prisbco
in an opon buroucho, all within tho
month. Hut sho said nothing except:
"It don't cost much to go, John.
And I'll only slay away a week. Do
lot mo go! Tho doctor says tho fresh
air miglit help baby along with his
tooth, and little Johnny is drooping
this bot weather."
"Well," said Mr. Smith, as ungra
ciously ns possible, "1 suppose you'll
havo to go. Five dollars at least it
.will cost me, and altogether our ox
<pouses aro ruiuous ibis your. Seo how
.Georgiana Troltor mar.agos for hor
.husband. I don't supposo it costs
ithoiu half to livo that it docs us. I
nuight havo niarriod (Joorgiana Trottor
ouco. I almost wish I bad."
It was on Mrs. Smith's lips to uttor:
"So do I!" lint she lookod at tho llt
tlo ehlldron and was silonL
"Yes," wont on Mr. Smith; "I sup
poso you mun go. Only, for pity s
sako, don't get into tho habit of run
running all tho limo. I needn't sond
up anything from tho bulcbor's, I sup
posoP I shall dino down-town, and
there'll bo enough loft ou tho cold
knuckle of yesterday's hom for you!"
Mrs. 8mlth abstained from remind
ing hor hoskin.! that ho had himsolf
(breakfasted on tho ronmins of tho ham.
.She only sighed and was silent.
"It's his way," sho thought. "He
means well enough. And I suppose
all men aro so. Only I wish ho had
kissed mo giod-byl"
Woman nature all ovorl She could
do without her dinner contontod, oat
ing a crust ol broad in stead, but her
heart yoarnod hungrily for the omitted
caross, tho ignored word ot tendernos*.
Poor Mrs. John Smith I How the
Btrong-mlndod of hor sox would have
pltiedand despised her!
No light! no Uro! It was droary
enough on that chill August ovening,
as Mr. Smith scrowod tho night-key
Into the latch and groped bis wey in
the hall. Ho sat down In tho bay-win
dow and stared about tho vacant room.
There wa* bl* wifo's work-basket on
the table, horlitllorooking-cbMr stand
log vacan? bosido lt, while Johnny s
forgotten tattle lay on tho floor olese
l y"l4*i deuced lonoly," muttered Mr.
HBpw with something of a shlvor. ' i
L^^BJenny won't stay ??<ng.
And a* he lighted his cigar end
9MK| away a guilty sense of bl* own
OMMOmlngs carno upon bini.
i^^Mttst havo boen ratbor a stupid
??Bker boro, poor ltUlo thing!
thought' "I might hare come
home early ? keep hor f0T**0?..;
great m.ny tim?, * d'd?ht ehU
tad n> ssw a graalkW ??r?.tho ch
fren. I tu.VTha ???t?* ?or"E
In* machino when 4,^ frultV and
AnhTon used lo brSr^H^ . r
?owers for bl,V' <Cy, .VBlf* }
wonder I nviSk A?f ?*<<?rjBn?/'
Ard. now I fM JE** ??
matter. Jen & *ulu ftud P*10
Ho moved his chair uneasily and
omitted a thread of blue, spicy smoko
from his lips vory much as if ho woro
not enjoying it particularly.
"I supposo they aro at Hil Worry farm
by this limo," said ho to himself. "I
suppose tho younker? aro in bcd and
Jonny is sitting out on thu piazza, list
onlnglo tlie whippoorwills. 1'vo almost
a mind to go out ibero to-morrow even
ing, and tako some pcaehos and ba
nanas and things. It w mid bo a pleas
ant Bttrprlso for Jonny, and--hello!
What's that! A ring at'tlio bellP"
Flinging his cigar into tho utiusod
grate, John Smith shulllud along to
tho door in his slippers.
"Oh - a tulogrnm! Now, I wonder
who should telegraph to me!"
"Well," said tito shivering and rain
drenched niossongor, "p'raps you'd
butter open it mid soo. Anyway, I'vo
no call to hang around hero un lou*.r
And oft* ho wont, while Mr. Smith
carried his buff onvclopo back Ut tho
parlor light and somewhat nervously
toro it opon.
CowoiucY, Aug. -,-To JOHN SMITH:
Railroad accident. Your wife is killed amt
your child dangerously hurt. (Jomo liv tue
next train. J A?na?.Mia?anrn, .Vf. 1).
Again and nguiu Mr. Smith's be
wildered eyes roved over (ho contents
of this appalling missive before hu
could fully comprehend its duadly
"Dead! Killed!" ho muttered to him
self. "My Junuy killod by a railroad
And then, catching a railway guide
from tho book-shelf, hu whirled over
its loaves with trembling hand. Tho
next train did not leave tho terminus
under an hour ami a half! To bim tho
time seemed almost, liku eternity. How
could ho enduro this awful agony of
soul for an hour and n half?
"Perhaps they aro incorrect," ho
muttered to himself, wiping tho bonds
of cold sweat from Ilia brow. "People
can't always j ml go exactly in snob a
moment of dismay. Perhaps ?ho is
only badly hurt, and I can nuns her
through it after ail. My Jenny! my
loving, patient, swool-oyod wifo!" A
strong sob roso up in lits throat as if it
would strangle him. "No. no, ?ho is
killod!" ho gasped, as his oyo foll once
moro on tho tologram. "Head! and 1
nover can speak to her again or toi!
her what a cruel-, exacting bruto 1 have
boon! (lod knows I didn't moan ii,
and now it's too lato lo make any
amends. Why didn't tho children gc
too? How can I bring thom up with
out Jenny?"
His head drooped low on his quiver
ing hands; a low, spasmodic groar
burst from his palo lips. An hom
and a half boforn ho eouhl go to Jenny
half au hour then, beforo ho conk
look upon hor duad faco; for Cowdroj
was an Insignificant way station sunn
oight or ten milos up tho road.
"if I could only live my lifo ovoi
again!" ho cried aloud to tho ban
walls, while tight in hi? arms ho clasp
od Jenny's little work-basket, with it
strips of unfinished hemming-all tha
wa? luft to him of tho fair, departot
Erosoncc. "if I could only spuak t<
er just once, and ask hor forgivonos
for a thousand things. Rut, no-it I
too lato-too late. And-"
Ho '.topped abruptly. Tho sound o
a hack driving hastily up to tho door
tho reiterated jerk of tho bull-wir
roused him onco moro into roluctuu
"John! doar John!'"
"Jonny, my wifo!"
He stood, palo and stupefied, starin
at her as if she wcro actually n ghos
returned from tho regions of ?paco an
..Th ero has boon a terri bio railroa
accident!" said Jonny, her voico faltei
lug, as sho laid tho baby on a sofa an
took l.ttlo Johnny lovingly on hor la
-"a few miles beyond Cowdroy. Thrc
or four pcoplo wore killod, but, than
God, wo . . .?pod unhurt. Of courso,
took tho first train back that I could
for I know you would hoar of it and h
unoasy. Aud only to think, doai
there was a poor mother killed, wit
hor little babe in hor arm?, and he
namo was tho samo as raino-'Mr.
John Smith.' "
Ho pointod ono trombllng fingor t
tho telegram, which lay open ou th
table. Mrs. Smith road it with dilato
oyes and pale face.
"Ohl my lovo, what a fright yo
have had! sho exclnimod. "Aud onl
to reduct, it might have bouu me!"
"Rut it is not. Obi thank heavoi
my own darling wifo, it is nott" gas]
ed tho husband, holding his rocoverc
ti ea on o eloso to hi? heart. "And
have yet timo to livo my lifo ov<
And from that hour John Smith wt
a changed man. To Jenny it senna
almost like millennium, but Mrs. Geo
giana Trotter turned up hor nose ai
"John Smith must bo in his dotng
spending ali his limo and money
carriegos to tho park, extra holp, ai
fino clothes for that pale-faced wifo
his. John Smith always was A fool
-New York Daily Newt).
? mt
Lie? Before Wicket.
Very young ladios, who enjoyed t
doubtful privilege of having sohoolb
brothers, woro sometimos permitted
compelled to join in their games
cricket So long as they reveled
tho short skirts of infancy the expo
ment was fairly successful, but tl
crinoline of maturor yoars interpos
an impenetrable screen between t
ball and the wickots, to the exaspei
tlon and despair of the bowler. G
lan ti y no less than decorum forba
the perpetual verdiot of "log before
which, In strict justice, should oft
have out short the fair crioketor's
nlng. This seriously interfered wi
the success of feminlno crickot, a
occasionally-such is the frank brut
Ry of boyhood-with harmonious
lations between the players. W
tho declino of this special branch
sport the question has really lost
praetioal intorost Rut it is to be fe
ed that tho difficulty, so far as it s
vives, must roi iain insuperable untl
rogonerate Eurone shall rise to I
idea of that "bifurcation of not
garmonturu" In tho opposite tex wh
vat the dream of a fair reformer aor
the Atlantic.--London HvcUty.
triton le the hotdo .tartars of
pet dog trade of the world.
Th? Kn?I of thr Wurdi I-.RH rod Out, niul
thn Period Pixed nt 1HIM).
Tho following singular ami very cu
rilla .calculation, by which tho ap
proaching end of tho world h deter
mined, ba? never beforo Leon m ulo
known to tho public, writes a Water
loo, Kan., correspondent of tho Lotlis
??Ho Courtcr-Juttrnal, aud may bc of
very groat interest to thone wlio have
been studying thc propli-ci?., or
watching tin? progress of lin ina II events.
Bellove tin; results or not. as wo may,
nevertheless boro mo tho ligures which
any reader can verify for himself. If
thoso results aro hore correctly fore
told, thou tho startling fact ?tares us
in tho face that tho world is within
ti ft oe n years of its close. Ill tho fall of
1899 tho linal winding up is to luke
placo. Hero aro tho calculations. Lot
tho reader carefully examino them:
To bogin. Thero aro several impor
tant prophetic periods made known in
tho scriptures, and various dates, as
well as significant numbers, snell as
tho groat period of 2,300 years mon
t io ii cd by Daniel, tho period of 1/290
?ears, and .tho period of 1.333 \ cars,
tosidos these thero are in tho book of
Revelation other periods amt signifi
cant numbers, such as the 1.200 years;
tho poriod of tho woman's sojourn in
tho wildcrnoss, 1,000 years tho period
of Satan's boing bound, and 660 tho
numbor of boasts. Enoch's age (30?
years), who prophesied of tho second
advent among tbs antediluvian sinners,
is also beyond all question a symbolic
Perhaps, like tho 3(50 days which
complote ono r?volution of tho earth
around tho sun, making ono year, so
Ins 305 yoars may bo symbolic of tho
groat proph?tie periods known as
"days, : one grand revolution of which
is to c?mplele ono of lime's groat\oars
and finish earth's career. ..Seven" is
also one of tho significant niliubors of
SOripturo, aud a "week of seven," or 7
times 7, still more so. Tho student of
scripturo will readily recall fr?quent
instances of this slgllllicunt liguro 7,
and especially the more important ono
of 7 timos 7, or 49- the number of linal
completion, tho finishing of all mys
teries, the winding up ol earth's allans.
Very well. Now, luke these ligures,
add them logelhor, and soe what you
2.300 years. Dan's great period for
the eicHising of tao sanctuary.
' 1.290 years, measuring Ibo continu
ance ot tho "abomination of desola
tion.' '
1,335 years, tho period of "blessed
ness" to the saints.
1,200 yoars, tho duration of tho wo
man's sojourn in tho wilderness.
1,000 years, tho binding of Satan.
OOO years, the number of thc "boast"
who is to go into perdition.
30? yoars, the symbolic age of Enoch,
tho great prophet of tho advent.
49 yoars, tho number of linal comple
Total 8.206 years.
. Mow reuiombor thal beforo all tho
catastrophes denounced on mankind as
tho divine judgments against sin thero
wore usually periods of "waiting" be
fore the jiidgiuonl fell, so us to afford
opportunity of repentance and escapo,
and these periods multiples of 40, us,
for example, beforo tho Hood, 120
years; before tho conquest of Canaan,
40 years; and before Hie full of Nine
veh, 40 days, denounced by the pro
phot Jonah. Now udd together 120
your? of Noah's warning before tho
Hood came, 40 yoars of Israel's warn
ing before judgniout fell on tho guilty
Canaanites, 3] years that thu witnesses
laid unburied preparatory to resurrec
tion, and throe years during willoh tho
owner of tho vineyard caine seeking
fruit und Unding none, at tho expira
tion of winch poliod tho tig tree was to
bo cut down, amt you have 1GGJ as tho
! sum.
Now, to apply t' eso mystic numbers
and loarn their (Uilleance, imagino
your life divided imo the four periods
of childhood, youth, mai.hood, and old
ago, so as to gol it in its completeness,
'luke your ago in yours, leaving .oil
I months and days, add it to itself tbroo
tiraos (ono for ouch of thoso four
periods), add to it tho mystic number
i 8,265 (tho sum of tho groat prophetic
periods) in order to ascertain tho full
sum of timo's revolutions, and divide
tho amount of four (tho numbor of
universality, became thoso calculations
apply equally to every human being),
subtract from tho quotient tho other
mystic numbor 166) (periods of warn
ing given to man beforo tho execution
of final doom), and from tho remainder
deduct tho numbor of yoars you have
lived in this sublunary world, and you
got tho number 1.899}.
Now it matters not what age you
take, that of tho little child or the old
man, tho result is tho ?niuo, Ibo omin
ous 1,899} always romains us tho ono
fatal poriod w hen every human lifo is
to close. Hut tho ono yoar in which
overy human oarcor is to torminato
and ovory life closo must bo tho final
year, tho winding up, tho conclusion
of all sublunary things, tho year of
A singular confirmation of this cal
culation is to bo found in tho fact that,
according to an old Jowiah tradition,
the world was created in tho fall of the
year, of which tho old feast of trum
pets, occurring in October, was sup-1
posed to bo tho memorial. And it
would bo natural to supposo that it
would be very appropriate for it to
oloso Us career on tho completion of
ono of its annual revolutions; in otho
words, in tho fall of tho yoar. And so
this remarkable calculation plainly in
dicates. The three-fourths singularly
points out that fact. Hence, if thoso
conclusions ara not erroneous, wo havo
the startling prophecy beforo us thal
when earth reaches one of hor great
milestones on tho highway of time In
Ootober, 1899. a mighty hand will bo
laid upon her and she will stop. Let
the world look out for 1899.
Au ancient burying ground was ro
om i y uncurl i.od in Paris while dig
ging a ti i nch ni thu Hue Salando. The
cullins of stone and plaster fouud thora
have boon traced to thu seventh, eighth
and ninth centuries. They pointed to
the east and had croesus insoribed
ou a circle, symbolical of eter
nity, ami other eiu.dc.nu of Christian
ity. . Tho collin? wore found Ulled with
dirt, their coven haviug given way.
Kitcia of Interval, Oi?ihor?-?i Irom Varlom
-Work on lin: Hudson River Ititi lld
is to bo resumed Ibis winter.
-Tin; mania now in Washington i?
for bridal couples to call on tho Presi
-Tlie New York Crematory Is ready
for business. One cnn get bm ned up
for $25.
- Ex-First Assistant Postmuster
Ooucral ll ay died in Pittsburg lust
- Bartholdi is coining over to super
intend thc erection of his statue of
- Morris Franklin, President of the
New York Life Lisurutico Company,
died hist week.
-Montreal is distributing smallpox
over the country with an impartial
and lavish hand.
- A Canadian crank says if you will
trim your nails every Friday you will
never have the toothache.
- King Alfonso has pardoned the
Cuban rebels Varona, (?'alano, Suinag
vora and Hollinan, condemned to lie
-A foot of snow is reported from
nearly all parts ol thc northern penin
sula of Michigan, blockading the rail
- A woman scored thc highest per
centage ever reached in a civil service
examination in this county. Il was
-Thc National Wholesale Druggists'
Association met in Philadelphia last
week. The proceedings were ol' no
public interest.
- Thc Catholics object to the ap
pointment of Ml'. Carry as Minister to
Spain, on occount of his denunciation
of their religion.
-John S. Wise has figured in thirty
six duels, which is not so very bail for
a left bunded man and a repudiating
Republican al that.
-John Jarvis, a well known turf
man of New York city, dropped dead
from heart disease ut the Jersey City
race track last week.
-Secretary Lamar has suspended
Chief Justice Vincent, of New Mex
ico, for improper conduct. This is
tantamount lo a removal.
-A vast quantity of potatoes arc
being worked up at thc starch mills,
the product ol' which will be greater
than for three years past.
-The Chicago Tr ihn nc, in its re
view of thc money market, insists that
the rute of interest will decline, what
ever ?nay happen to commodities.
- Mrs. John Conway, wile of a
dairyman in Kansas City, and her
daughter Kale were murdered in day
time on Friday, it is supposed hy a
-Italian Opera appears to be going
out of fashion in Loudon. Pa'll has
beeil engaged for this season at thc
ridiculous!) low price of $2,000 n
-(Jaded Ralph Bailey, ol Arkansas,
a member ot the third class at Annapo
lis, found guilty of baaing bv court
martial, has been dismissed from the
- It is stated that President Cleve
land tendered the Child' Justiceship of
New Mexico to Judge Benjamin Buck
ner, of Louisville, Ky., bul he will not
-The bucket shoji of P. F. Fried
man, Broad street, New York, has
suspended, owing $33,000. The ad
vance in oil and stocks is assigned as
thc cause.
-A mun, aged about sixty, who had
carefully removed from his ? lothing
and effects everything that would h ad
to Ins Identification, suicided in Wil
mington, Did.
- At a meeting of thc Irish National
League last week, in New York, pre
sided over by (.'bas. A. Dana, of thc
Sun, $10,(Mit' was subscribed lo aid
Parnell in Ireland.
-Governor Hill,of New York, feels
confident of election if the Democrats
of New Y'ork city will come to the
scratch like thc Democrats of thc re
mainder of the State.
-John Chatham, of Pine Station,
Pa., had been ou a protracted drunk,
and being given u pint of whiskey,
drank it off nt a gulp ami fell dead
immediately a ft o r w a rd s.
-A negro named Ward was hanged
by a mob last week thirteen miles
south of F?tanla, Ala., for thc attempt
ed murder of a citizen ami Ibo sup*
posed murder ot another.
- Nelson, Stewart anti Anderson,
Davis, colored, who burglarized ibo
residence of S. G. Strickhun, at Char?
lotte, N. C., have been sentenced to
bo hanged on November 25th.
-Steel is constantly being put. into
now uses. The latest noted is the
employment of eight thousand ton- of
steel castings in the construction ot' au
immense block of bonded warehouses
lu London.
-Dr. Dio Lewis says that a brain
worker should not eat more than two
meals a day, but Edward Everett
Hale, one of thc hardest brain-workers
in thc world, cuts ti vu square repasts
lu twenty four hourn.
-Tho conditions of tho landowners
in East Lothian. Scotland, is unenvia
ble and (ho depression is fell all over
Scotland. Ono nobleman w illi a rent
roll of $350,000 per annum has just
received $20,000 net.
- A cottage in Vernon Park, Chi
cago, was destroyed by firo and four
of tho bunnies-the wife and two
children of Mr. W. S. Bates and his
mother-in-law-were burnt to death
The husband was badly injured.
- Willie Schlenkcr, aged ten, n?ci
I dentally shot and killed Willie Engar,
j aged seven, while they were examin
ing a toy pistol last week, in Cincin
nati. Schlenkcr was taken into eua
today, bat afterwards released.
-Thoa. Whitely, a travelling man
from St. I<cui*, was married Saturday,
at Lincoln, Nebraska, and went to
St. Louis. Tho husband ami wlfo
were found In their room, dying from
the effects of morphine. Tho caso is
supposed to bo ouc of suicide.
-Six murders in ono month is (he
homicidal record of Fayette county,
Fa., in which it is said a perfect reign
of terror prevails. If some of the
reformers up in that country gave i
more attention to homo and less lo thc
South, they would he living; lo heller
-.lames L. Jackson, a member of
tho Goto City Guard of Atlanta, who
died recently, had a horror of his
grave hoing disturbed, but his com
rades promised to prevent it, anda
(Ictiol ot' lour men will watch the grave
nightly (or a month.
-A number of the descendants of
the Huguenotsasse nblod in thc Church
Du St. F.sprit, New York, last week,
lo cel?brale tlio two hundredth anni
versary of the IleVOCntloll of the F.dict
ot Nantes. John Jay presided, and
Secretary Bayard made au address.
South Carolina was represented by
the Hight Hew 1*. F. Stevens und
Messrs. Daniel Ravenel, Henry Com
din, and S Thomas, Jr.-all of Charles
On and alter July I Otb, 1885, Passen
ger Trains will t un as herewith indi
cated upon this Road and its branches:
Xo. 63-Up Passenger.
S C Junction A io 30 a m
Columbia (C (J D) 10 0.r> a m
Ar Alston ll 00 rt m
Ar New berry 12 OH p m
Ar Ninety-Six I ) 2 14 p in
Ar I lodges :t Hi p m
Ar Helton 1 2 I p m
Ar C reen ville o 45 p m
No. 52-Down Passenger.
Lv Greenville io un ?i m
Ar Helton ll 21 a in
Ar I lodges 12 :i I p ni
Ar Ninety-Six l 23 p m
Ar Newberry :i 08 p m
Ar Alston I lo p m
Ar Columbia 0 16 p ni
No. 0;l-l'p Passenger.
Lv Alston 11 OK a m
Ar Union 1 69 p ni
Ar Spart'g, S U & C depot 3 27 p in
Ar Spart'g, ll ?.V D Dcp H 3 ?57 p in
No. 62- Down Passenger.
Lv Spart'g H A- I) Dop II 12 06 p rn
Lv Spart'g S U iV C Dcp ti 12 ll p in
Ar Union l 48 p in
Ar A 1-ton 1 00 p m
No. 3-Up Passenger.
Lv Newberry >'i 15 p ir
A r Goldviilo t io p ?
Ar (.'linton 0 10 p rt
Ar Laurens '*> 00 p u
No. 1 - Down l'assengcr.
Lv Laurens '.I 10 a II
Ar Clinton 9 00 a n
Ar Newberry 12 00 n
Lv I lodges 3 20 p u
Ar Abbeville 1 2D p a
Lv Abbeville 11 20 a ii
Ar Hodges 12 25 p II
Lv Helton 1 28 p II
Ar Andei -on 0 ol p u
Ar Sene, a ( itv <i 10 p II
Ar Walhalla ' 0 46 p li
Lv W alhalla 8 60 p q
Ar Helton 11 02 p a
Trains run solid between Columbi)
and llcndorsonvillc.
A Seneca with R. & D. H. lt. fo
A. With Atlanta (Joust Linc am
South Carolina Railway, from and t
With Wilmington, Columbia am
Augusta from Wilmington anti al
points North.
With charlotte, Columbia and An
gusta from ( harlot toe ami all point
H. With Asheville and Sparlanhur
from and for points in Western Noll
c. Atlanta and Charlotte Divislo
If. .V D. H. I.', for Allanta ami point
Smith and West..
M. Si.w oiin.it, Gen. Puss. Ag*,
ll. ( \ ito wi.1.1., A. (i. Pass. Agi.
ii. I., ami S.. A. and Rami P. ft. a*
t\. Hallways.
Lv Wo, d: nil' *7 60 a
Lv Enorco . 8 22 s i
Lv ( li a . * 62 s
Lv Laurens ? 82 s
Lv High Foin*. li) lo ft
Lv Waterloo io 34 a
Lv ( loronnca 11 07 a
Ar (?reenwoo?I *11 36 ?
Lv Green i>ud ooo a m 2 00 p
Ar A usia 10 -_'0 a in 7 00 p
Lv Augusta MO 00 a in *10 00 p
Ar Atlanta 0 40 p ni 7 00 n
Lv Augusta *ll 20 s
Ar ( 'Indes-ton ? 0<? p
Ar Beaufort 8 05 p
Ar Port Hov al ? 20 p
Ar Savannah 7 (?0 p
Ar Jacksonville 0 10 A
Lv Jacksonville *8 00 ?
Lv Savannah 0 65 a
Lv Charleston 7 00 a
Lv Port Royal 7 30 a
Lv Beaufort 7 47 a
Ar Augusta 1 65 p
Lv Allanta *? 20 p
Ar Augusta 0 10 a
Lv Augusta *2 80 a m *<? io p
Ar (S reen wood 7 O') pm ll 40 ft
Lv G roon wood 2 00 p
Ar Coronaea 2 28 p
Ar Waterloo .1 01 p
Ar High Point :? 28 p
Ar Laurens 4 08 |i
Ar Ora 4 48 fi
Ar Enorco .> 18 11
Ar Woodruff 6 46p
?Daily. Connections made nt (ire
wootl ttl and from points on Colum
and Greenville Railroad.
Tickets on salo at Laurens to
points at through rates. Rnggi
1cheeked to destination.
J. N. BASS, Supt., Augusta, Ga.
Oiler to the public ht large, tho largest nm! handsomest stoek of Cloths, Cnssi
mers, Montaignaes, Heavers, Worsteds, Meltons, etc., ever brought South.
Thoo will be made up into Suits, Overcoats, Trousers and Vests, at Prices
Unprecedented in thisor any other market. Perfection in fit, and handsom
est trimmings, as well as Lowest of Prices shall be our motto.
Sole Agent for Dunlap, Knox, Youman's mid other celebrated Hats.
Also, n thoroughly complete line of Underwear, Neckwear, Suspenders, Col
lars and Culls, Handkerchiefs, Umbrellas, and undoubtedly the cheapest and
best stoek of Shirts in the city. The best $1.00 Shirt in the market.
The choicest stock of Overcoats in the market-our own make.
Wedding outfits a specialty, and satisfaction guaranteed.
All of the nbovc are offered to the public, and tho prices guaranteed.
Tailor, Hatter and Furnisher, 718 Broad Street.
Can always bo found a full line of Medium and Cheaper Grades of
At lower prices than at any other house this side of Cincinnati. This work
ls all made to order, is lighter running and better finished than thc class
of work generally sold as standard Vehicle?. But I have just received a full
lino of Fine Family
Carriages, Phaetons and Cabriolets !
Just received, another shipment of those Kine Open and Top Buggies.made
upon special orders by tho best manufacturers North and East. Nothing be
ing U8cd in tho construction of these Vehicles but tho best materials, and in
quality, style and flnish, arc unequaled by any others now In tho markst.
In stock a full lino of
All grades, which I will otfer at lower prices than havo ever boforo been
known In thc history of tho business. Milburn, Studebaker and Standard
Plantation Wagons, all sizes. Oak and Hemlock Bole Leather, Calf Sk i us,Shoo
Findings, Carriage and Wagon Materials, Harness Leather, Belt Lacing of
superior quality, Rubber and Leather Belting? Also, a full linc of
Guns. Shells. Powder, Shot, Tablo and Pocket Cutlory, Plow Points for all
makes, Nulls, Ax >8, Hoes, Picks and Mattocks, Pitchforks, Shovels, Spades,
Steelyards and Scale Hearns, Grindstones, Rakos, Padlocks, Carpenters'
Tools, Files, Hinges, Window Sash, D mrs and Blinds, Farm and Church
Bells, which I am offering at lowest cash prices.
(Successor to R. II. May & Co.,) at tho Old Stand, opposite Georgia Rail
road Bank, 704 Broad street.
Steam, Marble & Granite Works,
^Manufacture all kinds of
Home & Eastern Granite Monuments,
529 Broad St., Near Lower Market,
Stock Larger, Prices Lower tuan liver Before,
Carpals and House Furnishing G ?ods, the largest S ock S ?ttth, Moqu-tt, B>ii?
?els, 3-Ply and Ingrain Carpets, RiiifS. Mats and Crumb Cloths, Window S ta tes
Wall Papers, Hol ders, LaceCurtam?, Cornices and Poles, Coona and Canton Mat?
tines. Upholstery, Chromos. t2T*Wrlte for samples HIV! price?.
Mar. 17, 18S*>.-15 714 Broad S .. Atliruftta, Ga.
JOHN C. 1IASKK1.1., N- I?. DIAL,
Columbia, s. c. Laurens, S. C.
A T TO lt N K V S AT L A W,
I.AUUKK8 O. II., s.
( )t rit i:- Fleming's ( !ornor, Northwest
side ol Public Square.
" . r, . .. ?. J. O. OAKLINGTON,
liv buying vour Drugs and Medicines,
Inno Colognes, Paner und Envelope-, J ATTORNEY AT LAW,
Memorandum Hooks, Paco Powder-, I.AIJUKNS CH. s.e.
Tooth Pow durs, Hair Brushes, Shav
ing Brushes, Whisk Brushes, Blacking Ofllco over W. IL Garrett's Store.
Brushes, Blacking, Toilet and Latin- ~
drv Snap-, Tea, Spice, Pepper, Dinger, W- ?. UKNBT, K. V. M COWAN.
Lamps and Lanterns, Cigars, Tob?ceo Abbeville. Laurens,
mid Snuff, Diamond Dye?, and other BENET & McGOWAN,
articles too numerous to mention, ni .,"". .... i i \,r
Also, Pure Wines mid Liquor-, for hA Ult KN S O. ll , s. e.
medical purposes.
No trouble to show goods. J. w. I LIUM SON. G KO. K. YOUNO,
Respectfully, ITlKilSON Afc YOUNG-.
B. E. POSEY & HBO., 1 tV ?UlflW'
Laurens C. li , S. C. ATTORNEYS AT LAW,
I.AUKKN8 0. H., S. C.
lt. r TODD, W. ll. MARTIN.
A T T O lt NEYS A T Ii A W,
I.AUKKN8 O. II., 8. 0.
N. J. II0LMK8. II. Y. SlMl'SON.
August 6, 18S?. 1 ly HOLMES & SIMPSON,
' ~ AT T O R NEYS A T L A W,
LAURENS 0. H., a. c.
Pelot & Cole,
628 Broad Street,
Pictures made in any kind of weather
by tho
Instantaneous Process.
Special attention given to copying
Dr. W. H. B?IX,
Oftlco days-Mondays and Tttceday*.
- ANO -
201 Vine 8treet, CIMClKMATI, 0.
and enlarging Photographs. ^ffi?.?T W

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