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li_!_J.TL"' ? . " -
J. (\ uAitLixarox, ?p/y'oi?,
LAURICH, ocr. :K h, 18S".
Subscription Prlce--12 Months, &1.00.
littles for Advertising. Ol'dlntirV Ad
vert IsouicntM, per Mililitro, One inser
tion, ll.iK); oaeh KUlMetplCllt Inxer
! ion, .m cents,
l.liicrnl reduction nenie for lttrtttt Ad
vertisement s.
0? Ci CiAKMNllTfjiK & io.,
Ijgggg; !-_
.ss vs. Rashness.
All are liable to err, but accord
ing to our opinion, nothing is more
valuable in a newspaper (linn bold
ness in the expression of its views.
Decision lind d?termin?t ion aro
characteristics absolutely essen
tial to success, and tile editor who
?seeks to "beat around" an issue
that is before the people, for fear
that his views are not popular, i.->
unworthy thc supper! of any com
munity. But we also say that
nothing should bc condemned more
thnn the custom, prevalent muong
some newspapers, of trying to in
fluence public opinion upon the
guilt or innocence of a party ac
cused of crime, before tho facts ure
presented to a jury. The press is
undoubtedly ti power, and its free
dom one of tho brightest stars that
mark the superiority of the Amer
ican government, yet it should
never be allowed to interfere ?with
or s ti pc recd e trial o.y J'art/.
To he tried for crime is II serious
thing, and our government de
clares that it shall be done fairly
and impartially; any attempt from
any source, to influence in any
manner tho minds of those whose
whose duty it is to decide, is con
trary to the spirit of our institu
tions and should bo condemned.
Honv newspapers seem ever ready
and anxious to publish scandal,
^.yeft..t'key appear to subsist Upon it.
*.:K1 mere rumor they turn into
facts, and in the harshest manner
prejudge tho accused.
More than once we have been
urged to adopt this course. Friends
have told us that it would make
hundreds of subscribers if we
-denounce certain accused persons.
Perhaps tins is true; 'he public
seem far too eager to read these
sensational and scandalous articles ;
hut, bo that as it may, lot us lose
every subscriber, let us turnup our
toes anti die, tho AnvEHTisKit will
never be guilty of such a course,
knowingly. We endeavor to state
everything that comes to our
knowledge, that it is proper to state,
and do SO in an impartial manner
to state no rumor as a fact, and
comment on it as such. If thc
public desires more, let them go to
n Polic? (iazeffe or other scandal
monger. We desiri* to injure no
one, and bold truth above price.
If you would read a man's char
acter, look at him while he ls pur
suing his daily avoca'io:-. Some,
can labor and toil from day to day
in lill ll) ble positions and all thc
while preserve a cheerful and hap
py appearance that is sure to draw
the attention of the most casual
observer, while others go about
their work with a downcast look
that throws a gloom over all who
come in contact with them. The
you ll ff man who stands behind the
?.minter and greets his customers
with a smile; who has a cheerful
.?'ord for idl, .rorth moro to his
employer than a dozen such as ap
pear to have lost even the faintest
ray of hope, and have not learned
to look upon the bright side of life.
The world-itself cold, bard mid
unyielding,-demands more than
simple respect. Ile who can gather
drops of cheefulness, even In ad
versity, ami bas gained the happy
faculty pf pasting rays of sunshine
Into tho lives of hi.? fellow-men,
will surely gain their esteem,
The time is fast coming when the
young men of the Soot li will roill
i/.e their condition. They will no
longer seek tho learned professions
In order to gala fl higher social po
sition, but the true dignity of labor
will be asserted and they \\'ll learn
that lt is not thft avocation that
elevates a mun, but the manner
In which ho applies himself,
He who enters upon the arena of
life without a consciousness of
ability to tftke a prominent rank in
his chosen profession, should be
warned by the experience of thou?
minds, who, by misguided judg
ment, have boen led to undertake
lOorp tiru" their natural ability
would Justify, and consequently,
have been wrecked ere the voyage
of Ufo was fairly begun, fn this
aggressive age, sharp competition
Js met with In every line, and true
\vo?'th and genuine merit alone eau
. HtfJrvlvo tho shocks that will surely
A newspaper has just appeared
in Dakota called the Headlight,
ami its motto is; "We believe in
bell down to half a pint
Tfij dering it nt a single
skilled Workmen.
Tho tendency of inodoro meehan
i es is toward specification. What
thc artisan loses in skill expanded
through tunny trade.*, is gained in
vallie anti rapidity of production
when ho is confined loone branch.
The vast Illili thor find minuto divi
sions of labor offer innumerable '?,
.huncos for Individual adaptation. '
After long practice, encouraged by I
good wages anti the Anglo-Saxon
innate desire to excel, workmen
exhibit untaxing skill. Tho high
est excellence can only titus lie at
tained. I Io who endeavors to ox
eel in all tho professions, oxe?is In
none. The juck-of-tratios-man ls
usually a loafer. In life, in the
I'liiled Stales, competition is close,
and an average good workman,
mental or mechanical, receives less
than a just rev. uni. If this was
iud so, progress would be snail
Wet knien ought lo conflue them
selves l<> a specialty. F.xcol in
some spoclflc branch. The ?special
ist, whether in law, medicine or
mechnnics, is the one v. ho com
mands place ami salary, for supe
rior excellence is always superla
tively rewarded.
Before AV hat liar.
If people occasionally take Hie
law into their own hands, is it not
owing, in part nt least, to the lae!
that they fear tim courts und Juries
will not do their duty mid punish the
guilty? And If this fear exists, is it
not owing, in [?art ul least, to rail
ings of certain newspapers nbont
.lawlessness'in thoState? We have
no douht of il. Thc courts in South
('?indina administer justice as im
partially ns any courts in thc coun
try; bul the tine administration of
law und justice has hoon interfered
with by arraigning persons an n < tl
ol' crime before tho bur of public
opinion, tis it'thal vere tho tribu
nal for their conviction or acquittai.
When iii?' public mimi has been
thus wrought up to the point of be
lieving a party gullly on <\- parte
.statements, and thc court am! jury,
after hearing ali Clio evidence <>n
both sities, tV.il io convict, i'm' pub
lie is letl to believe (lia! th" law ls
not enforced and lynch law follows
as a natural conseijueilt'C.- New
berry Observer.
-'l'?te State Democratic Com
mittee) Hon. John s. Harbour,
Chairman, me! in Richmond the
other day ami was in session sev
eral hours hearing reports from
different sections of the State.
The news generally was very cn
eouratcin.tr. From statements made
the committeemen feel justified in
asserting that the election of (Jen.
Fit xii ugh Lee for Governor ls as
sured, and thal they will have a
majority In both branches of the
(louerai Assembly, Ropre'sentn
tlves came from a number of doubt
ful counties to ask tho committee
for help, and were promised till the
assistance that tho committee
could alford.
-Miss Nellie Grant hus found
out at last that she mudo a mistake
in getting married-thal i-<, she
married (ho wrong man. she ls
probably aware ol the fad now
that Shakspearo knew what lie
meant when he said tho ''course of
truelove never did run smooth."
lier's was a brilliant marriage, but
it proved tho "vanity of vanities."
How much better for ber would it
have been if she had selected some
poor but worthy young mau, in
stead ol'the rich spendthrift. After
all, money cannot purchase* happi
ness. Miss Nellie is a general
favorite, nnd the husband must be
in fault tbis lime.
-Odils are being offered by a
number of Ohio Democrats that
Sherman will not ho the Ignited
states Senator. This is bused on
the theory that lhere hus been a
canvass of the new members made,
and inform?t ion elicited thal there
are several republican member
who will not support Sherman, in
ease the Legislature ls republican.
The outward claims from each
headquarters are that they will
each have three majority on joint
ballot, conceding that the demo
crats* will have Hamilton County
-The Secretary of tho Treasury
lias appointed Junios lt. Snood, of
Georgia, and !.. lt. He'd, of Vir
ginia, to bo chiefs of division i u the
Register's oftlce. Sneed was for
merly nsslstant-postmaster tit the
United state- Senateand secretary
to ex-fonntor NIH. Heid ls a resi
dent of Alexandria, Ya., ned was
formerly accountant of the Vir
ginia Midland Railroad. These
appointments were math' in placo
of Arthur Hendricks and J. A.
Heat ty, who resigned hy request of
Secretary Maiming.
- Il ls est limited that 72.000 por
Hons are held in penal conilncmerifl
In tho Uni tod States. This number,
possibly, only refer- to the convicts
In tho penitentiary ami thc large
prisons, Thousands more a rve
out short non toncos in Jails and
work-houses. There are thousands
more who ought to ho in prison,
but are kept out by money and in
fluence. This is a bad showing for
Our ?OUlftry. Wo need more mis
sionaries. Tho heathen ls al our
Pens aro cheaper food for pigs
than corn. They fallen them very
rapidly, although they do not make
fis solid pork as corn. Tin y have
this lldvnntagO over corn: They
mature early ami can be fed ns soon
ns lnrg?enough for groan pea ', the
pigs consuming vines and all.
Our MJlRnory Opening has boon niton.
? Mitch a Hiiectv.H, wo will continuo our
di ila;, duri hg F?ir week. Don't tail
to ROI> our styles itt Emporium of FftflU*
hm, '
\V, li. (?I l,K?Ki"4')X.
WASHINGTON, October 26.-The
Three several petitions hnvo pre
sented to the department ol justice
asking that* sails in equity be
brought to vacate the Hell patents
now owned by Hie American Hell
Telephone Company. Two ol'these
petitions wer? presented by tho
(?lobe Telephone Company and
tho other by the Washington Telo
phone Company, in each case the
department of justice has reft rred
thc potions, with accompanying
papers, to (lu? department <d* tlu*
interior for "thc report, advice and
recommendation of tho secretary
of tho interior." The secretary of
the interior in turn has referred
them to tho commissioner of pat
ents for his "report and opinion."
Mr. Montgomery has submitted
to bim a brief summary of cadi
Plantation Philosophy.
Dar's mighty few promises dat
bel's good.
De peartox! boy sometimes turns j
OUt ter 1)0 do lazies' man.
De <ptlek man ain't alias de bes'
ban' to do er piece o' work.
l>e bes' rain comes from ?le ?dow
Dar ain't no hope fur dc born
fool, De bigger de chalices yer gin
him to - h .w dat he bab got sen e
de mo' be will prilhc bat be is er
tool.- /.;.-..
-Judge ('nthrnn has decided
again-this time in Orangeburg
that trial justices have rn? jurisdic
tion itt petit larceny, tun ol' any of
fense of which the circuit court
bas jurisdiction.
- Agriculture is a dangerous busi
ness in California. Lust week a
squash broke loose Lom a vine,
rolled down :i hill, smashed in one
sitie of a barn, and killed ti horse.
- A. W. Shaw, better known as
"Josh Hillings," tiled at Monterey,
Cal., on iin" I li!? inst., of apoplexy.
The body was embalmed and sent
- Horse-trading is forbidden lo,
the york ville town em ?ne i I, and po
lice patrol thc lot.? to prevent vio
lation-- ol' ? ho ordinance.
-Tim trial of Ferdinand Ward
commenced un Monday.
- Hullion ia thc Dank of ICnghllld
? increased ?81,2011 during the past
- - DK \ I.KU I N
i Watches, Clocks, Jew
elry. Spectacles, cte.
?iSr AH work Ouuranteed. jg&
L A U lt 1? N S, C. IL, S. C.
Sepp 2, '80 ? ll"!
lied Rust Proof Oats, with and
without vetch seed, 00 to 75 cent,
per bushels.
Hurt oats, with or without vetch
seed, 7? cents lo $1,00 per bushell
Vetch largely increases the yield
nnd quality of t he < hits for a foragi
eroii. Reliable home grown,
('tish or refero nee with orders.
.IAS. L. F Ll?] M I NO.
Augusta, < la.
Special Notice.
All persons Indebted to W. L.
Boyd and NV. h. Loyd .V Co., cit bet
by note or account, are earnestly
requested to settle same by Novem
ber l-t, lind HIIVO cost ils we are
comp? lied to raise money to carry
on business.
NV. L. HO YD & co.
Sept. '8.1 <? 2nt
We keep constantly on hand
tx full lino ot' [Tnrclwnre, Agri
cultural Implements, Paints and
( 'all and see us lief oro lim
ing, and we win c ivince you
thal we will sci! . .?tis ns cheap
ns they cnn 1??) ii Jgbt elsewhere,
VV. L BOYD ?fe CO.
August .">, i Om
li i* admitted that WO need a
National Hank for Laurens. We
invite all who can be induced to
take an interest in tho project, to
come up with their subscriptions,
la rge and small.
No subscription will bc called
for before tllC 1st nf .lunn.irv next.
.1 NO. A. li A RK8DA LL.
Sept. 2!1, IHS?. 0 . Du
ALL poisons indebted to K.
F. <$c J. O. 0. Fleming will
pienso call and settle.
After Jan. 1st, 1880, nil un?
settled notes and account:* will
be put in tho hands of an < lill
cor foi collection.
Z I f you haven't got tho
money, wc will pay liberally
jor cotton on Account.
Sep. ?5, H td. !
c I - AT THE_5?-*?
Tho LA&aUBT HOUSE in th? Oity !
Thc Cheapest House in the South !!
Wo buy for Cash and cant toe Undersold.
PARLOR und C1IAMRER SUITSIn Quality ami Quantity never
before seen.
BEDSTEADS, CHAIRS and TA H LES by the dross.
MIRRORS, PICTURES and U RACKETS in cud I eas Variety.
HA HY CARR I Af JES, LOUNGES and Everything to bc had jn a First
Class House.
Call and SIM?, or write for Cuts and Prices.
813 Broad Street, Augusta, Ga.
Seventeen difForont Sizes ?uni Kinds in Stock.
Heating Stoves in great variety, for wood nn<l coal Tinware al
Low llguivs for Cusli.
Hus openened un Elegant Lim? of LA M ES1 A CHILDREN'S 11 ATS,
CA PS, ETC. Her stock embraces all the Novelties nf tho Season.
Velvets, fancy and plain, Velveteens, Plushes, Hraids, Hutton*, and her
usual supply of Notions. I laving secured Ibo most competent assist
ants, we have resumed thc business <a*
Parties pul of the etty crin bo satisfactorily lit ted- hy senti lng your cor
red measure. Yoar patronage ls respectfully solicited.
819 Broad Street? Augu ta, Ga.
G B ? G EI S,
901 Broad Street,
Boote <So JDicixg sstor-e
N E W GOODS! X I : W S T Y I, R S ! !
Wc are now receiving daily additions lo our Stoffe, und will entinto
to Increase the attractions, in both depart men tn, until the holiday*.
Remember we will not be undersold ?
Cou tal UH a largo assort men 1 of Hool; -, of all kind-. Hooks fur Hoys und
O iris, Toy Hooks, Juvenile Hooks, Chatterbox Hook -?'of Piel lon, I Ilstory,
Tin\ i-l -, 11 moor, Hi->f:rnphy, Religion, Science, Poetry, Music and Art,
The following large, l2mo. books, well printed and linndsoiholy bound
in Cloth and Gold, only Toots; each worth tl.-"?:
Robinson Crusoe, Thaddeus of Warsaw,
Arabian Nights, History of England,
Gulliver's Travels, French History,
Gil nins, Easl Lynne,
Jane Eyrie, Hon Quixote,
A nd a h hud red others;
Elo gant editions of all the popular poets, inclu
Tennyson, Whittier,
Hymn, Scott,
Shakespeare, Meridith,
Hums, Longfellow,
With fluent binding, gilt edge, only ? 1.2*1 j worth $2.00.
Prom lOcts to ? 10.00.
A complete Std of Dieken-, ia box, 12 Y ol ll ni es, bott nd ia Cloth mid
(Jilt, large priai, T12.00 for Set.
I-l om ?lOcts. to $8.oo-bound In leather mid plush.
Prom Kiels, to $2/50-cloth, loather and plush.
BEAUTIFUL SCRAP HOOKS from 20 cont* to *2.o0.
A full Uno of wi;) M NO DKSK8, TOILET SETS, W0KK-H0X i:s,
Ac, <Sre., Ac.
Latest isTcrvelties in 3ta/tiori?ry-.
Good Note Paper loots. p< r (jr.; Whlfc Envelopes ?iit?. pur pkg.
Lend Pencil-., with rubber upi, poets, per doz; also, ah
n iortod lino of Poryells, pon?, Inks, Inkstands,
Cards, Pupers, Picturos, Picture Fiann'.-.,
Picture Cordi Dominoes, Druught
Hoards, stereoscopes, Richter's French Harps, Law .Wanks, Sheet M11
sie, Ac., Av., Ac. Ill fact, everything that should bo found in ?1
First-Class Rook end I ?rug Store.
Ila I been replenished for the Fall and Winter /r.ade, and we ure now
prepared to fur lil gil physicians, and tho public generally, th? //rs/ goods
nt moderate RriCOa. Oise u.- n OUll and ?xamlnc our g<V.> tis before 'hav
ing. Respectfully,
Having greatly Improved o?r placo of business In order to ni ?ot t
domnnds of our increased trade, we now ooline to tho front with tl
largest ami most e Olli plo Stock of FAMILY GROOEKIKS, CONP?
TlONEHIKS, ocr., to he found anywhere, whieh we propaso to soil'
prices that
Hoing in nur own house, having no rent to nay, and buying gm,
from tho l>est houses, at lowosl Cash pri?es, wo propose to givo thor
Vantugo thus derived to our customers.
Highest ctish prleo paid for hides and furs. Top of the market pul
for Cotton.
This Space belongs to
Dress G-ood^
Clothings Hats,
Satisfaction Ouuratifbcd both as to
(Quality MIK! Prices.
And see and feel and be convinced, that
Have om-, of tho Largest nn<l Best Assorted Stocks of
G E M I R AIM E R C H A iv! D1S E I ? T H EC 0 U NT P.
Call mid oxainine our Stock of Ladies1 and Genis' Hos ?, (Hoves
Clonts? Collars and Cairs, Ladles' Jerseys, Walking Jackets. Now
Markets, Cloak's, Dross Goods/'Sllks, Prints. Hleaclilgs, Ticking,
(H rig hains, Shirting, Sheeting, Cotton Cheeks, Table- Damask, Tow,
els, Doylies, Moseys, Jetius, Cassimercs, and everything generally
kopi tu ?i first-class store.
Our Stock of Clothing ls completo this Season. Wo aro now
prepared to savo you money in this lino
Shoes, Shoes.
lu this line it is u ?cless for us to say anything, for our eustoniors
know that wc always keep tho lies! Stock Of shoos In town.
IlATsaud CAPS-in this line wo cnn sui* everybody.
We wish to call your attention to ?air Stock of Shirts. Our $1.00
Shirl turns dow n anything on the hill.
Groceries-Sugar, Collet', Table-salt, Cheese, Crackers, Canned
Goods, Soaps Starch, Soda, Hlning, Pepper, Spice, Chewing Tobacco
Smoking Tobacco, Cigars, AC.
The Big Eaglel
J. R. Cooper & Co.
Have lvrnnvod their St-a-k of Fancy and Family Groceries,
Oonfcctioucric?, Fruits, Aje.
Vegetable*, SVoodcn-wuro,, Boots, Shoes and Huts
to tho now store, Just completed, under tho sign of tho "Big Rngle"" Kasfc
si lc of Public Square..
Highest prices paul for Produce, Hides, Fte.
W"o thank oureirstomers for past patronage, and collett a con
tinuance of tile same. CUJI und ?50 us.
J. ll. COOPER3fcGO
Tlxe X-i?tTjL3?eiit3ville
Re-opens Monday, September 14t>
Fully equipad In all Departments. Apply
i tove on hand ir Lol pt KIM: tdVKT\LitU-?KD?ft. WALNKT
and Ul IS F. WOOD Rf PO Ai, CAS Ks .e*?K Wi S, ulso, n Lot of
Cheap Coffins from t??AHt upwards.
0?T Hear.ie fur ul d UM! on all occ-'!*iv5\
?TXjjyfia!! prier.

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