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ll? I jr M. .Wi ^
NO. 3
Th? OUI Dinner Horn.
I vu boord many n nt i ain that lins thrilled mo
With Joy,
Hui nour, I will say, slltCO tho day I was
lin? pleated mo BO much ns,when u small boy,
l board, on thu farm, tho old tinnier Loi n.
The trumpet was Un, :i yard or BO loni*.
And was blOWed 1er "the boys" Ut noon inn)
nt morn.
Tho mon?tono strain was piercing and Btronif,
Hut sweet, for nil that, wat tho old atanor
tV hon I'D i Min - tho fonco Or tossing tho hay,
Or reaping tho ?rain or plowing the oom,
With np|ietlto keon, nt tho noon of tho day,
Oh, sweet to my Boul was tlio old dinner
horn I
A mother's fond Ups pressed tho trumpet of
Anti blew her full soul through tho I.arley
mid corn.
Oh. I henr even yet the "Welcome, come In.
Como In. my dem- boys, to Um sound of tho
horn I
Those Ups uro now still, and tho bosom ts
Which sent to us boys tho Munt of tho horn J
Bho is wultlng In sleep, beneath the dark
Tho archangel's trump and eternity's morn.
-Joel Swart/., I). 1).
On my way across tho Sound I foll
in with two old sea-captains-John
Stroctcr and Asa Mot ton-with whom
I bad sonni slight acquaintance Street
er was ?bout three-score, and had fol
lowed tho sea during most of his lifo.
Morton was considerably youngor, but
still n .seaman of muon experience.
Tho subject of tho abolition of Hogging
in our navy cunio up in course of con
versation, and Captain Moi ton express
ed himself very decidedly in favor of
keeping up that time-honored institu
tion, tho cat-o'-ninu-tails.
"I nm not proparod to say," remark
ed Captain Streeter in reply, "that tho
condition of our incn-o'-wars-men will
bo in every case benefited by tho abo
lition of Hogging, though 1 am sino
that it might bo so. 1 moan that tho
officers have it within their power to
do away with nearly all kinds of pun
ishment- that is, oi course, for such
tillen .f, as aro usually punished on
'.For my part," returned Morton, "I
should not caro to take command of a
ship if tho power to punish refractory
seamen as I thought proper Wore taken
from mc."
"Woll," resinned Captain Streeter,
"I used to think just so. lu fact, there
wore few masters moro passionate or
?overo thai! I was. Men used to run
away from me, and, on more than ono
occasion, my very lifo has been in dan*
ger hom the vengeance of men whom
I hail abused. I used tho cat and tho
lope's-ond almost as freely as 1 used
my tongue; and I often wondered how
it happened that 1 always had tho luck
to get such bad men.
"When I was about forty years of
ugo I look command of the ship Peters
ham. Site was tm old craft, and had
seen full as much service as shu was
capable of seeing with safely; hut hor
owners were svtlling to trust a valuablo
cargo in her, so 1 would not refuse to
trust myself. We were bound to Liv
erpool, and nothing unusual happened
until about the eighth day out, when
wo ran foul of a small iceberg. It was
carly in lite morning, before sunrise,
anti not above ?ix or oight feet of tho
ice was out of the water, it having
been nearly all melted away in the
warmer water of the Uulf-stroam. i
did not think that wo had sustained
any injury, for tho shock was very
?light; but I was angry, mid gave tho
look-out a severe punishment, without
stopping to inquire whether ho co.dd
haVO seen the berg in season to escapo
"My cabin-hoy was named Jack
Withers, lie was fourteen years of
ngo, and tills was his li rsl voyage. I
had taken hun from a widowed moth
er, ami had promised her that I would
seo him well treated--that was, if ho
buln ved himself. Ho was a bright,
quick, intelligent lad i hut 1 soon mado
my-cit believe that he had au awful
disposition. I fancied that he was tho
most stubborn piuco of youthful hu
manity Uiat 1 hail ever come across. I
made up my mind that ho bad never
been proporly governed, and I forth
with resolved to break him in. I told
bim Pd curb his temper for him belora
I had dono with him. In reply ho told
mo that I might kill him if I liked; and
I flogged him with tho end of tho mi/.
/.on-topgallant halliard* till ho could
hardly stand. I asked him if ho had
had enough, and ho tobi mo that I
might flog moro if I wished it. I felt
a strong temptation to throw tho boy
ovorboard, but nt that moment ho
staggorcd back against tho mizzen
mast from absolute weakness, and I
left him to himself. Whoa I reasonod
calmly about that boy's disposition I
was forood to acknowledge that ho was
ono of the smartest and most faithful
lads 1 lind over soon. When 1 asked
him to do anything he would start off
Uko a rocket; but when I roughly or
dorcd him to do it, then came tho dis
position with which I found fault.
..Ono day, when it was very near
noon, I spoko to him, and told him to
go below and bring up my quadrant.
Ho was looking ovor tho quarter-rail,
and I know that ho did not hoar mo,
and tho next timo I spoko I ripped out
an oath, and intimated that if ho didn't
move I'd holp bim.
" 'I didn't hoar ye,' ho said, with
rathor an Independent tono.
" 'No words,' said I.
" *I a'poso I cnn spenk,' ho retorted,
moving slowly towards tho companion
"His look and Ids words, and tho
?low, careless manner in which ho
moved, firod mo in a moment, and I
grasped him by tho collar.
" .Speak to mo again like that,' said
I, 'and I'll flog you within an inoh of
your lifeT
M ?You oan flog away,' he ropliod, os
firm ami undaunted as a rock.
.'And 1 did Hog him. I caught up
the end of tho first ropo that carno
handy, and bent him till my arm
fairly ?ohed. But bo nover oven
winced. Jfk
.. -How's thatf' said I.
?Thore'e a littlo moro lifo In mo
yet that you'd bettor flog out,' was bis
""And I beat him again. 1 beat lum
till h? sank from myliand against tho
rall; and then 1 sent one of tho men
after my quadrant. When lt cn nw,
Abd I had adjusted it for my observa
tion, 1 found that the eua wu? already
past tlio meridian, mid that I was too
lute. Tliis added fuel to tho lire of luv
lUdd0088, and quickly seizing tho lad
by thc collar, 1 lcd him to tho main
hatchway and had thu ii atoll taken otb
1 then thrust him dowai, mid swore
that 1 would keep him there until his
stubbornness was broken* Tko hatch
was thou put on, and 1 wcut into tho
cabin. 1 Buffered a good deal that af
ternoon- not with nny compunctions
for what I had done, but with my own
temper and bitterness. It mudo mo
mad to think that 1 could not conquer
taut boy-that i could not break down
Iiis cool, stern opposition, "lint 1 will
do it,' 1 said to mysolf. 'Hy thc hcav
0U8 abOVO inc, I'll starve lum into it, or
iic shall die tinder tim operation!'
"After supper 1 wont lo the hu toll
way ami called out to him, but ho re
turned ino no answer. .So 1 closed tho
hatoh and went away. At len o'clock
I called ngaltl, and again I got no an
SWOr. 1 might havo thought the Hog
ging had taken away his senses had
not somo of tho mon assured nie that
they had heard him, not an hour be
fore, talking to himself. 1 did not
trouble him again until the next morn
ing; but 1 went lo tho hatchway after
broakfii8t and called out lo him OUCO
more. 1 hoard nothing from him, nor
could 1 see him; 1 laut not seen him
since 1 pul him down there. 1 called
out several times, but ho would make
mo no answer; anil yet the same men
loki me that they had heanl him talk
that very morning. Ho seemed to bo
calling tor them to help him. Ho would
ask them for help, bul he would not
ask me. 1 meant to break him into it.
'He'll beg boforo he'll star vc," I
thought; and so I determined that ho
should stay there. 1 supposed .he hail
crawled forward lo the forecastle bulk
head iu order to make tito sailors hear
him. Somo of tile men asked to bo
permitted to go down and look after
him, hut I refused. I threatimod to
punish tho lirst man who dared to go
"At noon I went airain, and as ho
did not answer me Ibis time, 1 resolved
thal he should como to tho hatchway
and ask for ino ere 1 went any moro.
Tho day passed away, ami when even
ing came again 1 began to bo startled.
I thought of how many good qualities
the boy bad ; and 1 thought of his
widowed mother. He had been thirty
six hours in tho hohl, and fully forty
hours without food or drink. He must
bo too weak to ery out now. It was
hard for me to givo up, but if the boy
died there from absoluto starvation, it
might go bardia1 with me still. So al
length i made up my mind to go and
sec him. lt was nol ipiite sundown
when I liad the hatch taken off, and 1
jumped down upon tho boxes alone.
A little way toward I saw a space
wiiero Jack might have gono down,
and to that point I crawled on my
bands and knees. I called out here,
but could hear no answer. A short
distance farther was a waler space,
which I had entiroly forgotten, but
which I now remembered had been left
open on account of a break in the
dooring of tho hold, which would have
lot anything that might have been
stowell there rest directly on the outer
planking of tho sh ip.
"To thu place I niado my way and
looked down. 1 heard tho splashing of
water, and thought I could detect a
sound liko tho incoming of a tiny jet
or stream. At tirst I could seo noth
ing, but as soon as I became used to
tho dim light I could distinguish tho
faint outlines of the boy at some dist
auco below me. Ho seemed to bo sit
ting upon ibo broken lloor, willi his
feet stretched out against a cask. 1
called out to him, and 1 thought ho
lookotl up.
" 'Jack,' I said, 'aro you thereP'
"And ho answered mc, in a faint,
weary tono:
" 'Yos; holt) mc! For Heavon's sake,
help mo! Bring mon, and bringa lan
torn; tho ship has spruuk a leak!'
"1 hesitated, at.il he added in a moro
oagor tono:
" 'Mako haste; I can hold it till you
como back.'
"1 waited to hoar no more, but hur
ried on deck as soon as possible, and
returned with a lantern,and tlirco mon.
I loapod down beside the boy,and when
1 saw it all I could hardly beliovo tho
evidenco of my own souses. Th roo of
tho timbers wore completely worm-eat
en to tho very heart, and ono of tho
outer planks had boon brokon, and
would burst in at any moment tho boy
might loavo it. Ho ?at tlioro,? with his
back upon it and his foot braced against
tho cask boforo him. Haifa do/.on littlo
jots of wator woro streaming in about
bim, ami ho was wot to tho skin. I saw
that tho plank must burst in tho mo
mjiit tho strain was romovod from it,
so I bado my mun braco themselves
against it boforo I lifted him up. Other
men wore called down with planks and
spikes and adzes, and, with much care
and moro trouble, wo finally sucecedod
in stopping tho leak and avortiug the
danger. Tho plank which had boen
s to VD in was si\ foot long by eight nich
os wido and would havo lot iu a gtroaui
of wator of this capacity. It would
have beon boyond our roach long ore
wo could havo discovcrod it, and would
havo sunk us in a vory short limo. J
know it must bo whoro tho iceberg had
hit ns.
"Jack Withers was takon to tho cab
in, and there ho managod to toll mc
his story. Shortly after 1 put him in
tho hold ho crawled forward, and whon
his oyos i.ec.une used to tho dim glim
mer that carno through tho doad-liglits,
ho looked about for a snug placo in
which to Ho, for bis limbs woro'stiif ami
?oro. Ho went to sloop, and when he
a wol;e ho hoard a faint sound, like wa
ter stroaming through a small kolo, lie
wont to tho opon space, iu tho cargc
and looked down, and ha was suro thal
ho saw a small jot of wator spurting up
from tho ship's bottom. Ho leaped
down, and in a fow momonts found thal
tho timbers had given wholly away,
and that tho stream was increasing it
si/.c Ho placed his hand upon th?
plank aud found it brokon, mid alu
disco*c<-< ' that tho prcssuro of tho wa
tor without was forcing lt inward lb
had sonso onoupdi to soo that if it g.dina
an Inch moro it must all go. and titi
ship must be lost,and perhaps all hamil
porish! And ho saw, too. thal if lu
could keep tho broken plank in its platt
ho might, stop tho Incoming Hood, St
ho sat himself upon ii od hi
for help.
"And Ibero lie !i. ! sui, iv ".th his foot
thus bracee!, for lour-nnd-t wouiy long,
tl roary hoto-:, with thu wa ur spurting
in tiny streams all over him. dreuoblng
him to thu skin. Il . ha I inought sov
cral limos of going lo iii? hatchway
ami calling for lu< ? ; ii .i a.* k ow that
the broken phiuk w mn hu forced m if
ho ?eft it, for lu; i.i i fool il leave be
neath him. His stroiigih was failing
him; his limon were IMOKIHI wit pain;
but ho Wotiiil not ::i\e u . 1 itnoal him
if ho should ii?n have r?v MI un ii i had
noteomoa.il did. lin uiiswored mo
that he could not have ?lone ll Wilde lie
had lite in him. Ile said ?io thought
not of himself-ho was ready tu ?lie
bm ho would save thu rest it hu cou hi;
and ho had saved us-surely saved us
- from a watery grave.
.'That boy lay s:ok in tho cabin for
many days-sick almost unto deal ii;
but I nursed him with my own hands -
nursed him till through his delirium;
and when his reason returned, and ne
could sit up and talk, I bowed myself
before him, and humbly asked his pal
lion for till tho wroug 1 had done him.
Ho throw his arms about my nook, and
told mo if I would bo good to him ho
would never givo mo causo for offence:
and ho added, as ho sat up again, '/
am not H coward-1 could iiulbc a dogP
"From ihat nour I novor forgot those
words;and from that hour i have novor
struck a blow on board my ship. 1
make my mon fool that they aro mon
that i so regard thom, and that I wish
to niako thom ns eomforlablo and hap
py as possible; and I havo not failed lo
gain their respect and conlidenco. I
give no umluo license, but make my
crow fool that they have a friend and a
superior in tho saino person. For niue
years 1 sailed in three different ships,
and had tho vory samo crow all tho
w hile. A man could not bo hired lo
leave mo stlVO foran olllcor's berth.
"And Jack Withers remained with
mo thirtoon years. Ho was ni}- cabin
boy; ono of my foremast hands; my
second nialo;and tho Inst time ho sailed
with mo ho refused tho command of a
now barque because ho would not bo
separated from me. Hut he. is a cap
tain now,and ono of the best ibis coun
try over afforded. Such, gentlemen,
is my OXperionoo in govern ment and
discipline on shipboard."
Keeping Wines.
Wino may bc kept for various peri
ods; but good ordinary wino is never
better than at tinco or four yours old,
though it may koop sound for twenty
years, lt is now very dillicult to get
puro wino. Water is often added at
tho limo of pressing equal lo tho quan
tity of wino and fermented with it;
thus tho two bocoino blended, ami pure
alcohol added gives the strength. Peo
ple used lo pure wine can delect ut
once any adulteration. Once wo lidd
ed something to our own wino. There
had boon a very abundant crop of
grapes, owing to an unusual amount of
rain having lallen when tho grapes
were swelling. Tho amount of wino
was moro than one-third above ibo av
erage, and though clear and puro it
seemed weak. Wo thought it could
not stand a hot summer, and consulted
a local authority, who recommended a
hollie ol brandy, or maybe Iwo, to bo
added lo e.tea cask ot about 40gallons.
The advice was followed, and tho wino
was spoiled-thai is io say, tho pure
taste ol wino was gone, although il ro
maine.i perfectly sound, li was no
pleasure to di'ink it, timi wo consigned
il to ibo domestics. A small cask that
bad not been doctored or fortified kept
perfectly wed, and turned out au ex
cellent wino. Tue best wino comes
from high ground, bul quantity gives
way to quality. Stony ground-often
old quarries-produces a high quality
of wino-bright, light, and wholesome,
lu thu plains below you have quantity,
but Coarse sud heavy wine. 'Hie tasto
of Oil rill is often discernible, and strong
manuring only increases this defect.
Hillsides, with a southern aspect, aro
tho be-i sites for vinoyards.- Cham
bers'J Journal.
A Pow'fal Looturo on Temperance.
Two colored barbers, ono an old man
and tho other a young one. Tho young
one took off his apron and started out
of tho door.
"Yo's gwan to got a drink, Jim?"
asked tho older.
"Hat's what I's gwr.u to do."
"(io and git yo' drink. I yoost tor
do de samo ting when 1 wins young.
When I wuz fust married dab wu/, a
gin-mill next to tho shop wini' 1 wuek
od and 1 spout in it lifty and sobonty
contd a day outen do dollah'a half I
satined. Walli ono mawnin" 1 wont
into do butchuh shop, and who abood
cum in but do mau wat kop' do likkor
" '(lib mo ton or twclvo pounds po'
torhouso steak,' ho said.
"Ho got it and wont out, I sneaked
iq) to du butohnll ami looked to soe
what money I had lui'.
" 'What do you wan'?' said tho
" 'Gib mo 10 couts' wuf of libbor,'
wuz n.y remark.
"It wu/. :dl I could pay fur. Now
yo' go and got yo' drink. You'll eat
libber, but do mau wat sells yo' do
stull' will bab his po'torhouso steak.
Do man hobin' du bar oats po'torhouso
-do mau in front oals libbor. 1 ain't
touched tho stuff hi thirty yeahs, an' I
am oatin' po'torhouso my ?elf."'-t'ox
boro Heporur.
They wore walking on tho beach,and
as Ciando hohl her little hand ho mur
mured: "I lovo to bo with you, Clari
bel; it sooms so bright mid 1 feol so
much frosher." "Do you dear? 1
should not think that possible." And
thon ho droppod her baud and turned
sadly away, lils sighs keeping time to
the surges as they lashed themselves to
foam on tho pobbly beach.-Boston
"I think it's absurd that young ladios
should kiss tholr poodles," said a Mur
ray Hill man to his friend. "There's
no reason for it."
"O, yos, ibero U; and there's also a
precodont for tho proceeding."
"Please explain."
"Tho reason is that most of tho girls
havo nothing bettor to kiss; the proc?
dent was established by Maro Antony
When ho said, 'Hsvoe, lot's Up tho
dogs of war.' M-?, Y. Journal.
Fact* or I ni. r. Ht, Uathorutl from Vnrloim <
Quarten. I
- War between I In rm ali ami the J
Indian Government lias been formally
-Tho Indians in New Mexico aro
again raiding ranches and murdering
thc whites.
-A land rent collector named Myers
was shot last Wednesday in Kilhcggat,
county Westmeath, Ireland.
While attempting to repair an iron
bridge near Keithsburg, III., a portion
of thc work fell, killing and wounding
a dozen men.
- All tho gambling houses in Cin
cinnati were raided Monday night and
several wagon ioadsofmen wore taken
to thc police station.
- Thc Hon. A. A. McKay, Judge of
the sixth circuit judiciary district of
North Carolina, died at Ids homo in
Clinton on Thursday morning.
-Mr. Wm. Jones, who lives in
Venezuela 2,700 miles away, carne to
Virginia and voted at Richmond ail
unscratched Democratic ticket.
--Tho Eliza, a vessel now loading
nt Quebec, is declared by thc Toronto
(?lobe to havo seen a century and a
half active service, and to bc yet a
staunch ami handsome craft.
- There has been an alarming in
crease in the number of suicides in
berlin within thc past several months.
Cases ar'- -cporlcd daily, and somo
days thc 'umber as high as ten.
-Th- wdl of the lato Gen. George
B. McClellan was tiled with the Pro
bate Court last week. It gives his
property to his wife, and after her
death equally to his POU and daughter.
-All thc public schoolsofSavannah,
(Ja., aro crowded to excess, and with
in the past few days ono hundred and
fifty applicants have been refused ad
mission for want of room in thc schools.
-Mrs. Martha Wilkerson, of Greens
boro, N. C., and her son had a disa
greement about the widow marrying a
hired man. The next morning mother
anti son were found dead from pistol
bullets. No clue.
-The Rev. John Wides, colored, of
Pittsburg, Pa., issuing several persons
of that town tor conspiracy with other
persons in Alabama, (where Knox
math: himslf obnoxious as a preacher),
to injure his reputation.
-Thc Empire Plaster mills, Nos.
21 and 23 bethune street, New York,
a six-story brick building, was burned
on Wednesday, and the walls fell in,
the firemen and neighboring houses
having a very narrow escape.
-At Montreal last week tivo men
were painting tho ceiling of a drill
shed when thc scaffolding gnvo way
and two of tho men were killed In
Btantly, a third died sbortlv after,
and the two others are not expected to
-The wife of Wilhelm Freund, a
German farmer in Henry county,
Ohio, gave birth to live healthy cliil
dren recently. She is thirty-six years
of age anti during her married life of
nineteen years has given birth to
twenty-one children
-A citizen of Andcrsonvillo, Ga,, in
1882 caught a very sinai I opossum,
marked it ami let it go. A few days
ago he caught, thc same opossum with
in two hundred yards of where he
caught him three years ago, and he
now weighs eight pounds.
- An Ottawa dispatch says that thc
death sentence passed Oil those recent
ly convicted of murder in connection
with the Northwest rebellion, will be
commuted in several cases, but will bc
carried into effect ivlth the remainder
on thc date fixed, thc 27th inst.
-Secretary Endicott has sent in
structions to military commanders who
tue stationed in the neighborhood in
which uprisings against the Chinese
arc apt to occur to have their troops
in readiness to on for CO tho provisions
of the President's proclamation issued
-Capt. M. O. McGuyor, of Cincin
nati, who cann? to Tennessee with
George II. Thomas Post, G. A. lt.,
was drowned In the Tennessee Uiver,
near Coulterville, while out duck
hunting nm! while trying to save tho
lifo of a colored boy who was with
him when thc boat capsized.
-Thc apple crop this year in tho
State of New York, as well as In sev
eral of the New England States was
thc largest yield ever known. Tho
fruit is of excellent quality. The nvcr
ugo prico is about $1.85 a barrel. Out
ol'this has to como tho price of the
barrel, leaving the net price of the
fruit about $1 u barrel.
-The closing of thc bars on election
day in Massachusetts worked liko a
charm everywhere. In Boston the
Eiolico authorities were astonished,
hiring October the number of'drunks
before the polieo courts averaged for
ty-two daily. On the morning after
tho election it was found that only
?even arrests for drunkenness had
been made-a smaller number than
liad been presented for at loast seven
-Near Kissimine, Fla., last week, a
gentleman riding along in a buggy
noticed a largo hawk pounce down
upon and fix his talons in thc Lody of
% black snake. Tho snako immediate
ly colled itself around the hawk's neck
and tho contest of life and death began
After watching them for some timo,
tho gcntloman got out, threw them
into his buggy and then drove to
neighbor's several miles distant. The
contestants each still retained the grip
rm tho other, though both were yet
?divo. They were then dispatched.
A True Bill Fourni.
EDOKriKLD. November 12.-Evening.
-Tho grand Jury has Just como into
Conrt with true bills against thirty-one
of the persons charged with the mur
tlor of O. T. Cul brent h. No bill was
found In tho cases of W. H. Hammond
ind Wyatt 8. Belgier.
AUGUSTA, November 12.-Report
wore current hero te-dav of riots and
bloodshed In ridgefield, but they provo
to have boon untrue At 6, p. m., all
A colored man died in CilOStorfiold
County last wook, "leaving his tliir
iccuth wifo lu mourn his loss." No
bolter evidence could possibly bo af
forded of tho vitalizing and bracing of
focis ul ibu salubrious oliuiatu of lids
?late. True, tho remarkable powers
5? endurance displayed by the old man
Appear to have b.on oU'sol by tho poor
Health of his successive wives; but tho
wives wore probably drawn from North
Carolina, just noross thu lino. - Charles
Ion (?. (J.) Ac?, j
Tho now paddle wheel built at Hus
ton for tho steamer Empire ?Staio con
tains 444 pieces of white oak, measur
ing 6,640 foot and weighing 28,000
pounds. Of bolts, straps and odor
wrought iron fastenings lhere aro,
?.042 pieces, weigai.ig a lolat oi' ll.
)V? pounds.
On and alter July I9th, 1885, Passen
ger Trains will run ?is herewith iiitli
ated upon this road and its branch) s:
No. 53-Up Passenger.
\ C Junction A io 30 a m
Columbia (C O D) lo 65 a m
Vr Alston 11 55 a m
Vr Newberry 12 ?s p m
Vr Ninety-Six D 2 11 p m
Vr Hodges 3 Ki p ni
Vr belton 1 24 p in
Vr (ireenvide 5 45 p m
No. 52-Down Passenger.
..v Greenville 10 00 a m
Vr Helton ll 21 a tn
Vr Hodges 12 34 p tn
Vr Ninety-Six 1 23 p m
Vr Newberry 3 os p m
Vr Alston I lo p m
Vr Columbia 5 15 p m
No. 63-Up Passenger.
JV Alston ll 68 a in
Vr Union I 69 p m
Vr Spart'g, S U & C depot 3 27 j) m
Vr Spart'g, lt & D Dop B 3 37 p tu
No. .02-Down Passenger.
JV Spart'g lt & I) Dep li 12 05 p m
.v Spart'g S U & C Dep G 12 ll p m
Vr Union I 18 p m
Vr Alston i 05 p m
No. 3-Up Passenger.
JV Newberry 3 l? p m
Vr Goldvillo 4 15 p m
lr Clinton 5 10 p m
Vr Laurens 0 00 p m
No. 4-Down Passenger.
JV Lanrcns 9 10 a in
Vr Clinton V 55 a in
Vr Newberry 12 00 m
.V Hodges 3 20 p m
Vr Abbeville 4 20 p m
JV Abbeville 11 26 a m
Vr Hodges 12 25 p tn
JV Belton 1 28 p m
iv Amleison 6 Ol p m
tr Seneca City <> 16 p in
tr Walhalla ' 0 46 p m
iV Walhalla 8 60 p m
Lr Helton ll 02 p tn
Trains run solid between Columbia
ml Ilctidorsonvillc.
A Seneca with R, & D. R. li. for
ttlnnta. <
A. With Atlanta Coast Line and
outh Carolina Railway, from and to
With Wilmington, Columbia and
LUgUSta from Wilmington and all
oints North.
With Charlotte, Columbia and Au
usta from Charlottce and all points
H. Willi Asheville and Spartanburg
rom and for points in Western North
C. Atlanta and Charlotte Division
t. & D. R. R. for Allanta and points
outh and West.
M. SLAUGHTER, (?en. Pass. Agt.
D.CARDWELL, A. G. Pass. Agi.
I. Li lind S., A. and K., and I*. It. and
A. Railways.
iV Wood ru ?T * 7 60 a m
JV Enorco 8 22 a m
iV Ora 8 62 a m
jv Laurens !' 82 a m
,v High Point 10 10 a m
iV Waterloo 10 34 a m
JV Coronaca ll 07 a m
tr Greenwood *11 35 a m
JV Greenwood 6 50 a m 2 00 p ra
Vr Angil0!? 10 25 am 7 00 p m
,v An<-u.ia ?10 50 a m *10 00 p m
Lr Atlanta 6 40 p in 7 00 a m
JV Augusta *1120ara
tr Chalesston 0 OD p m
iv Beaufort b' 05 p m
lr Port Royal 6 20 p m
Vr Savannah 7 00 p m
ir Jacksonville 6 15 n in
JV Jocksonvillo *8 50 p nt
.iV Savannah G 55 a m
JV Charleston 7 00 a m
..v Port Royal 7 35 a ni
JV Beaufort 7 47 a m
Vr Augusta 1 55 p ni
iV Atlanta *8 20 p in
Vr Augusta 0 10 a m
Ar Augusta *2 30 a ra *0 15 p in
ir Greenwood 7 00 p ia ll 40 am
JV Groonwood 2 00 p m
Vr Coronaca 2 28 p m
kr Watorloo 8 01 p m
Vr High Point 3 23 p m
Vr Laurens 4 03 p m
Vr Ora 4 43 p m
Vr Enorce 6 18 p m
Vr Woodruff 5 46 p m
.Daily. Connections tnado at Green
vood to and from points on Columbia
ind Greenville Railroad.
Tickets on sale at Laurens to all
Klints at through rates. Baggage
diecked to dest. nation.
J. r. BASS, Supt., Augusta, Ga.
Can always bo found a full lino of Medium and Cheaper Grades of
At lower price* than at any other house this side of Cincinnati. This work
is all nnulo t<> order, is lighter running and better finished than tho cla9S
of work generally sold as standard Vehicles. Hut I have just received a full
lino of Fino Family
Carriages, Phaetons and Cabriolets I
Just recoived, another shipment of tho30 Fino Open and Top Buggies,mado
upon special orders by tho host manufacturers North and East. Nothing be
ing used in the construction of these Vehicles but tho best m itcnals, and in
quality, style and llnlsh, arc unequaled by any other.? now in tho market*
lu stock a full lino of
All gradc3, which I will offer at lower prices than havo ever before boon
known In tho history of tho business. Milburn, Studebaker and Standard
Plantation Wagons, all sizes. Oak and Hemlock Sole Leather, Calf Skins,Shoo
Findings, Carriage, and Wagon Materials, Harness Leather, Belt Lacing of
superior quality, Rubber and Loather Belting. Aiso, a full lino cf
Guns, Sholls, Powder, Shot, Table and Pocket Cutlery, Plow Points f^r all
makes, Nails, Ax -s. Hoes, Picks and Mattocks. Pitchforks, Shovels, Spades,
Steelyards ami Scale Beams. Grindstones, K:ikos, Padlocks, Carpenters'
Tools, Files, Hinges. Window Sash, I> >ors and Blinds, Farm and Church
Bolls, which 1 am offering at lowest cash p'-ieos.
(Successor to R, IL Slay & Co.,) at tho Old Stand, opposite Georgia Itall
road Bank. 7'M Broad srreet.
Offer to the public at lat ge, the largest and handsomest stock of Cloths, Cassi
mers, Moutaignncs. Beavers, Worsteds, Meltons, etc., ever brought South.
These will be made up uno Suits, Overcoats, Trousers and Vests, at Prices
Unprecedented in tins or any other market. Perfection in fit, and handsom
est trimmings, as well as Lowest ol Prices shall bc our motto.
Sole Agent for Dunlap, Knox, Youman's und other celebrated Hats.
Also, a thoroughly complete lincof Underwear, Neckwear, Suspenders, Col
lars and Cull's, Handkerchiefs, Umbrellas, and undoubtedly tho cheapest and
best stock of Shirts in thc city. The best S 1.00 Shirt in the market.
Thc choicest stock of Overcoats in thc market-our o .vu make.
Wedding ou I ii ts a specialty, anti satisfaction guaranteed.
All of the above arc offered to thc public, and the prices guaranteed.
Tailor, Hatter and Furnisher, 718 Broad Street.
Steam9 Marble & Granite Works,
manufacture all kinds of
Home & Eastern Granite Monuments,
529 Broad St., Near Lower Market,
T il 12 t J H K A V srcVbl'KlS LS GtioKMl?*
stock Larger, I'rlccs bower tuan Kver Before?
Carnets and House Furnishing G . ids. the largest S ock S at th, Moquet, Brus
-els, 3 Ply and Ingrain Carpots, Rugs, Mats and Crumb Cloths, Window S lane?,
Wall Papers, Borders, Lace Curial ?, Cornices and l'oies, Cocoa and Canton Mat
tings, Upholstery, Chromos. ?-/,"Wr?te for samples and prices.
JAMES G. BAILIE & S >NS. Ag'ts.,
Mar. 17. 1835.-15 714 Broad S . -xurnsta. Ga.
I 111. li AI I? h.\>> B?K,
Columbia, S. C. Laurens, S. C.
A T T O H N li V S AT L A W,
LAURENS C. lt., S.
OFKICK- Fleming's Corner, Northwest
side of Public Square
ATT O ll N 13 V A T L A \V,
Oflico over W. IL Garrett's Store.
w. c. 11 KN BT,
LAUREN8 C. H., S. C.
LAURENS 0. II., s. 0.
Hy buying your Drugs and Medicines,
Fine Colognes, Paner and Envelopes,
Memorandum Hooks, Face Powders,
Tooth Powders, Hair Brushes, Shav
ing Brushes, Whisk Brushes, Blacking
Brushes, Bind lng, Toilet and Laun
dry Soap?, Tea, Spice, Popper, Ginger,
Lamps and Lanterns, Cigars, Tobacco
and Snuff, Diamond Dyes, and other
anieles too numerous to mention, at
Abo, Pure Wines and Liquors, for
medical purposes.
No trouble, to show goods.
Laurens C. IL, S. C.
A T T ( ) It N E Y S A T L AW, 1
LAURENS 0. H., S. 0.
AT TO lt N F. Y t? A T L A W,
LAUREN8 0. II., 8. C.
Pr. W. H. BAIfXc,
Oillco days-Mondays and Tuesdays.
August 5, 1885.
- AND -
201 Vine Street, CINCINNATI, 0.
Pelot & Cole,
628 Broad Street.
Pictures made m any kind of weather
by the
Instantaneous Process.
Special attention given to copying
Tho t, po iuo.1 on tau tu*** wa. ?a* by ibo ! wd onlftrging Photograph?.
?hov? foundry.-Hu. ma .> i

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