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The Advertiser.
y. (.'. QA UL TNCmj K} ?V 01TOI?
l.AUUMN?i, Nev. ISth, I?H?.
Sti?scrlr>*icn Pr:oo--lJ Mon tho, 81.00.
Hates for Advert Ising.- -Ord hui rv Ad
VortiscmoYitn, porsmuire, <>u< invi
tion, $1.00; ouch sulisoquonl hitter
lion, .">l> c outs.
Liberal reduction made for largo Ad
SThc Negro and Polillo?.
I_Ono of tho most difficult problems ?
that tho Soii I hern people hiivo ovor
boon culled upon to consider, is met '
when wo attempt to lind the proper,
place for tho negro in tho politics j
of tho country. In'fnct, tho negro .
question generally hes puzzled tho |
minds of the wisest and best of oiy
statesmen and philosophcjE . Olid t
is liko'y^to go down'^.he ages, still
eusltrouded in mystery. Ono thing
is, sure; it is not probable that
South Caro.'i nu can long maintain
peace ami prosperity among all |
classes of her citizens, and^ attain
that degreo of prosperity so much
desired, so long as we have a das i 1
of citizens in our midst who are;
subject to our laws, and yet in poli- !
tics are virtually ignored. While j
from*e.vperioneo wc have learned |
the utter Incapacity of this race to ;
govern themselves, yet it is to he ;
regretted that we of the Sic.ith ',
have not been aide io convince thc i
negro that the white dom >eral is
his friend. Whenever this is done;
whenever he finds that the demo
cratic party ls friendly to his race
and will alford him that protection '
which he has a righi to expect;
whenever he is brought to see tin
benefits that dow from democratic ,
control,"and is induced to embrace ;
this party because of its superiority;
and more especially, when he see's
that he Jins a voice in the election
of officers, then wo may expect to j
see this race become more content
ed; we may look for their ara Ina!
There was a time when thoy held
the reins of government, and it is
acknowledged that the success of
tho democratic party In 'Td was i".
a large measure due to their voice
nt the polls. Now that they have
aided in establishing good govern
ment, is it right that they should
he denied some placo in the
political picture.
It behooves every '.rue ami loyal
democrat, not only wh( n danger
threatens, hut now, as at all times,
to urge the colored people to fall
into democratic ranks. They have
a voice, and though for a time it
may he hushed, sooner or later il
will hurst forth and demand recog
nition, like (he spontaneous desire
that seized our forefathers and
caused them to throwofftho British
yoke, or else they w ill see!: some
country that does recognize their
political rights.
Oiling; Advice.
It is bard forman to conceive
an easier task than giving ad
vice. From lin; youthful school
boy who has scarcely learned tho
Creek alphabet, or heard of such
a thing as a Latin Primer, tojthc
most venerable old fogy (hat ever
pointed out dangers to the "young
America," or breathed condemna
tion upon the advancements and
progress of civilization, we lind
that free advice con- (tutes thc
chief stock In trade with all, and is
given in wasteful profusion noon
every occasion.
To tho experience of others; tho
history of the past, ns handed dow n
to us in worlets (hat are the offsprings
of superior learning and wisdom coll
ided with tho experience and ob
servation of ages, we aro indebted
for the attainments of tho present
age. It is only hy viewing the suc
cesses and failures of (hose in whose
footsteps we aro treading, that we
can make substantial progress. Ho
who undervalues tho advice of
those competent to advise, or .seek -,
to steer his hark irrespective of the
beacons on the shore, or the dan
ger slguals In bis course, will sure
ly meet disaster.
It ls not difficult to distinguish
between true and genuine advice,
administered for tho purpose of
improvement, and (hat which,
though often given willi a show of
earnestness, Is only tho effusion of
chronic growlers, and being un
solicited, ls seldom appreciated.
Many are anxious to tell others
how to do that which, during a
lifetime, thoy could not accomplish
On the 13th inst., the Jury in tho
ease of the State vs. BKM.IM.I <-.,
ebnrirod with tho murdcrof Hu,KV,
the colored beckman, In Charles
ton, came into court and Announced
that they could not agre'? upon H
verdict, and a mistrial wa?ordered.
Farmers in this county, who
have tried tho tobacco experiment,
claim that il will boat cotton at tho
..i . i ,
-?- rt ." " i
How fco Kill il Town.
In aimed every community thero
cai! bo found ?ollie person* when k*^iti
b;> ' t uko M poe lt? I palo's to lip'iak dis
paragingly ol' f tr* - i ?~ oxvfi towri. If
there he any such !:i Luttrells we i
jrlye n pimple receipt, v hi 'li ir fol
lowed will kill the i? xu in s'i:w.'?
li. distant to alrnngors and !.?..!< i
upon every now coiner with sus
picion; he Jouions ll lui , uv!? .?!'
your neighbor's prosperity; don't ?
forget to grow! nt everything; don't
patronize your local pap?, r. but
semi to Un" city for your Job-print- !
lng; abuse your business rivals;
stay sway from cliuroli lUid criticise
all new entorpriseSi never allow
you rsi-ir (o appear social; buy your
goods out of town und let your mer
chants live the best way lho> can;
send your children. 'off" to school
:tml let tho schools of your town lake
caro of themselves,
,.? Tlicf'iiiirrow Gunge,
Those Interested in tho proposed
railroad from Frultland lo Oreen
ville, tire moving In ti businesslike
manner, and although very little ??
hoing said wc may look for il com
pletion before many of our neigh
bors, interested In other lines have,
ceased bandying words ns to the
strength of their respectivo com
panies, ?iud tho nd van tagen ?ff the
dureront routes. Private bona%fide
subscriptions to this rood to thc am?
mount of $01.OOO have been made
and tho outlook ls certainly encour
As wo have said before, this rall
.".md will afford un outlet ton I urge,
scope of country in tho nor?h-west
ern portion of Liiurous county
which ls a rich and thickly settled
While il will be of m> benefit ti
our town, we;'heartily favor tin
proposed road, believing Hint i! wil
benefit the county, and it ls In lin
Interest of Laurens County that wi
At a nu cting of tho stockholder
at Ninety Rix on tho 18th inst, Coi
11, l'. 1 rummott wos ' eb ele<
President and Capt. W, j. Ivlrk vic
Pr- sideiit.
The following directors have '??.
eleeted: Capt. K. A. Ki.iy.lt, of Pi !
Kef; Col. i.Iames Mc? iullougli, ?.
i Oreenville; i>r. T. VV. Ohih s .
j lOdgefteld; Q.T. J ?ch ..>;., of Ninet
Six; \V. Scott Vllen, of Fruit Hi!
F. A. Connor, of Co!:. . I il ry j \V. .
Hewitt, of .John don's; C. M. Moor
J of Ninety Six; .'. B, Humbert, i
j JO u ron.-.' -
LAUJU.N.H, S. C., f
Nov. 7, IsM.J
To JTenry J\ Moore amt ot tu >vi,< oi
mitti o, A aguata, Ca.
j OKXTI.?'..\?KN - I; is mutter of si
cero regret Chut 1 cannot ucee
your >. .vltutioo lo lin- banquet
celebration of thc completion of ll
j Cl reen wont I, Laurens mid .sparta
burg Railroad, thal connects us I
! rail ami steam with your beau I if
and nourishing city, your yu',-.
! prising nnd progressive State-ai
"the winde world,i and thc res!
I mankind.''
Ir. attempting io compass t
accompli th mont of this groat woi
it is difficult to know whether
am most swayed by tho r ecol li
tioilS of th" past, ?lie joy ol' t
present, or thc expoctat ion- of t
future. My earliest recollectic
embrace Augusta ns tie* comm
elsi metropolis of my pooji
whonco Were obtained ibo gc
things from market. In ?a
years when i? seemed that upi
Carolina Was literally to he "bottl
up" hy a certain well known rt
road syndicate, Augusta was t
source from which we ?vero enco
aged to .-trike f ir commercial Int
pendence. in making this iii"
and in tho throes of the part uratl
<d'this enterprise whoa wo of Cn
lina woro threatened with wori.
division among ourselves as to t
1 person io whom we should entr
this gn at work, we turned for h
to one of your own honored cl tizo
whoso Justice, prudence, sagac
and energy nt onee (piloted all i
cord, harmonized all rivalries, a
inspire?! that boee nm] eonfldei
which led lo (lit* glorious consu
motion. Few no n could lu
wrought out for this enterprise wi
was achieved hy Eugene F, s
dory! And good ami honor,'.hie
has been Ids succoss in building i
road, ho hits achieved still a grin
er triumph by Illustrating what
brotherhood can bo made of cltizt
of rival States.
This occasion, moreover, ban
"economic" lesson ed' no small val
No one who knows the history
this enterprise-how it wasiuaU]
rated by only two counties ofSoi
Carolina, Laurens and Spnrtanhtt
through an exercise of CO-oporilti
effort by county subscriptions-s
full to 800 the value and offecti
noss of co-operative effort, wind
i he secret of much Northern :i
Western progress, hut which ls
Stliictlvely antagonized hy <
Southern Individualism.
But there is hore n still grata
and more encouraging lesson, 'i
traveller, whirling tit llghtul
speed ulong that beautiful ? . ;
between Enoree ami VVobdr
passes through the estate of o
cpliot and modest, hut promlnpn
identitled with the railroad dov
opinent in upper HoUtr) (.'areli
in December, I860, l>r. lt. F. 1
goretheh ?i representative in'
South Carolina Legislature li
the COUntj of Mpnrfanburg, plan
fjjo seed, frort! w hich have Hpn
the Spnrtaiihorg and Asheville, I
Charlotte and Atlanta Air Ll
and the ( .? reen wood, l ?no rons u
?-?.?vi IMSHmKSM11?LVJTTK-V.wv? r?v*-i?wcAT>-?-??"??gp
?f luci plo in railroads through eoun?
I.-, subscription;. He if was, who
lutrodu?ecl loo iirst Lill In tin- South
C*eV(di?u t ? gishd ovo (December
: ?>.und v/Utch wini passed, nu
rhori/ilng s\?b$<o*iptloris tn r^Urotuls
:.,.intios. ?lo <""(l thin too with
u'fuil knowledge thal ii W ohs re
n un ! him lo ;? ivnto Ufo, as li- did.
tlc- (.-hu ??! to IIJH '..>>:,tugues from
&pn?M? nburg(among Wlvom w^ustho }
\viilor),th,nl lis w.as awnrorthnt ho
u digging his own political gravi-.
Never ?ii i a patriot moro ompheti- ?
'.ally "draw around him ibo <fvap
ory i if Iii - couch tun! loy him down
(o pleasant dreams." 5 lo Introduc
ed l!>'' bill-it was adopted---and
its adoption was followed hy ?
stormer Indignation, such as han
not occurred in Spartanburg county
either since or before, within tho
memory of ibo "oldest inhabitant,"
An election was held May lIS<><N
for a county subscription to (be '
Spartanburg and Asheville rail
road, then known ns the French
Broad railroad, when tho "No Sub
scription" prevailed by n majority
oftWo to one. Not only tills, but
the indignation of a largo nm joally
of tho people was so Horco that it
threatened to ostracise forever all
thc mein hers from that county, all
of whom warmly supported -aid
act. Ami Dr. Kilgoro, as tito mover
of the bill, was tho <pcciul object of
the anathemas nf Ibo "No subscrip
tion" voters, and was toft ai home
in i!ia next election, while none
were re-elected, save after an uii
precedenl "div bitter canvass, caus
ing ostriingomohlsj never healed to
this nay. Vet. po true ls it that
..truth crushed to art!', will rise,"
(Mat afterwards ia I-Ti? tho people
of t!i.> Hame i uunly ia. bly redeemed
ii by vii \sig a liberal county sub
scription (ii;!?)t>,boi in tho Charlotte
lind Atlanta Air Line, ami again,
in I87?, In voting.aliberal subscrip
tion to tin- Spartanburg aral Ashe
ville road, a:ul again in voting tin
other 'minty subscript lon ie the
Greenwood, Laurena and Spurt a n
buvg rotul. And this la d road, one
of the flno;-*{ in tin' Mouth, evolved
by t?ie projet** i ive spirit of the tige,
Ilk ' a veritable "Pact?los," rods its
golden siream almost by the door
of the patriot who chose tho good
nf tin' count ry in prefer? nee lo the
j hu::/:: . of i'-c multitude. Men
sometimes nil vance tie ir Individ
ual Inleresl by disinterested dis
charge of duty, if "curses come
I hmm.' lo roo:.;,-' und< r thc Dlviil
! ily that "shapes our ends," in un fal-j
j torlugly discharging duty, ls some
i line . om-', highes! cain! Wo are
j Cuts taught the Importance <>f
truth, and that lt will Dually pre
vail over t!u- passion ol'the hour,
j Regretting my inabili ty tola- ul
participator in yon" Joyous ot ca-j
i sion. ? dm, yours ri spoeti'ully. 1
.! A M ICS FA UiiOW.
Augusta's Kxeursion, Banquet
lind Bull,
j Augu ? a hus wpn tin* henri of all
! those who had the pleasure of par
ticip?t.nu; in the rece?? Fxcurslon
i I
; Banquet mid Hall given in honor ?
j of t'nc completion of tho G., L. & H.
Railroad. Seldom hu- it happened i
. that tho people of Laurens have
enjoyed a mort' pleasant occasion, i
the verdict of ail h (hut Augusta
hy lier cordial welcome and open-j
lniuded hospitality, hi' - completely j
i captivated tho people of upper'
i Capt. Bass and the ci m pr?t tee ia I
eluvgo of tho special train, pro
'; vided every comfort for the guests,
; and upon tho arrival of the nine
Coaches filled with guests, a long
i line of carriages Were ready to
i convoy thom to Coe hotel ami for j
drives around the city, froo of1
charge. The street, cars were also
free to lin- visitors, and everything I
that tended towards making the
visit pleasant was provided hy the
various committees in charge.
Ai the Banquet Hen. Patrick
Walsh pre ^'el d and Introduced tho
speaker. lion. Joseph (taiiahl
delivered an eloquent a<i:l?r-? of
welcome, to which .Mr. .1. li. Car
lisle, President ol' the Spartanburg
Board of Trude, responded lu be
half of Carolina. To th" least to
"South Carolin:!," Col. 1?. \\\ Hall,
of Lauren?, responded; "Railroads"
by Maj. Joseph Gannhl; "Our Mer
cantile Interests" hy Mr. John F.
Arm-wrong; '-lite Press" by Colo
nel a. li. Randall; "Manufactures"
by Col. JB. D. Coningham, of Lau
' r?ns; "Woman" hy C. If. (.'eben,
I K: <?., of Augusta.
Everybody enjoyed tho Ball.
I Such occasion* cannot ho fbr
gOttoU, nial WO mg for :t time
when we of the Carolina side, can
show, hy more than words, that
such treatment ls appreciated.
i:?:.\s ( oi N TV,
IN PROH VTR cot ii i".
W borons, O, VV. shell,c. c. e. i?., im?
nppliod ti? un- for Loiters of Administra
tion, on tiio listnto of John C. Kidd lo,
These ?ire tboroforo to < ?i?) nn<i iwlmon*
ish all niel ulnuulnr th? Klndjfod And
r?rod I torn of Kidd doo?ns?d) to bo Alni ap
rtonr hoforo me id n ('our! i?f I'roba tc lo
bo.holdon nt my oflwo nt Lau?ona Ci H.,
on tin- I rah day *<f HccpinbCij is^">, nt lo
o'clock, A. A.. to slimy cause, ir Arty
llx-y cnn, why 'letters should not bo
Ifran tod,
CHv?n Under ?ev hand sfrti'senl this,
tho: ni iiny of November, WM,
A. VV. BFRNMIPJj, J? e. n. '..
Nov. ."!. I88? l-l (?t
ALL persons ?mlelitotl to Ji.
V. cfc J. <>. C. KleiniiiK nil)
please call and sett lc.
Airer Jan, 1st, 1886, all un
settle,! indes and accounts will
he put in til? fronds ol* an Offi
cer 1' '1' eolleel lim.
i. AT THE -
JET" XXXvlJLX "CT* X^^lc^wXu
s?s ?hfc?A? STitl&?T vin;? STA GA.
Tho LAEO-SST SOUSE m tito City !
The Cheapest House in the South!!
We buy for Ca3li and cant be Undersold.
PARLOR anti CH AMI* KU SUITSin Quality and Quantity never
before S0011.
SIDE-BOARDS, WARDROBES ?md 1?OOK-OASES by tito hundred.
BEDSTEADS, CHA I LIB und TABEES by tho G rons.
M tltltOUS, PICTURES und BRACKETS In endless Vnrioty.
BABY CARRIAGES, LOUNGES and Every thing to be hud in u First
Class llouso.
tJ.iZT Call und see, or write for Cuts nod Prices.
813 Broad Street, Augusta, Ga.
Seventeen di tTert tit Si;:es and Kin ?tis in Stock,
Heating stove- in grent variety, for wood und coal Tinware ut
Low figuren for < 'mdt.
Hus oponenod tm Elegant Lino of LADIES'? CHILDREN'S 11 A TS,
?WPS, ETC. Mer -tock embraces ?ill thc Novelties of tho Season.
Wive*-, fancy and plain, Velveteens, Plushes, Braids, Buttons, nod her
usual supply of Notions. I hiving secured the most competent assist
ants, we h ive resumed tho business <>f
Parties out of the city eau bo satisfactorily titted by Hooding your cor
rect measure. Your patronage i-> respectfully solicited.
?318 Simd Street, Augu ta, Ga.
<n P ? ?'{ v- j} Q
ir ii ll h JV M O *,
901 Broad Street,
wt"? ii PST*
vf 1 h' ? Et VJ
Book gc JDxrvL^ Store
N liW GOO! )S ! N E \Y S T Y I. E S ! !
Wo nr.1 now receiving daily additions t'> our Stock, nod will eotiuue
to Increase the attractions, In both department*, undi thc holidays.
Remember wo w ? not be undersold I
Contains ti I urge nssortmont of Books, of nil kind-. Books f<?r Boys and
< ?iris, Toy Books, .Iuvenil" Book-;, Chatterbox Books of Fiction, History.
Tra vols, Humor, Biography, Religio, Science, Poetry, Music and Art,
Thc following large, l2mo. books, well printed und handsomely bound
in Cloth and Gold, only 7octsj oneil worth ?M.25i
Robinson Crusoe, Thnddeus of Warsaw,
Arabian Nights, History of England,
Gulliver's Travel?, French History,
(iii Bin , Ens! Lynne,
Jape Eyrie, Don Quixote,
A nd a hundred ol hers.
Elegant editions of all the popular poets, inclu
Ten ny son? Whlttlor,
Byron, S<-ott,
shakespeare, .Morid i tb,
Burns, I <ongfcllow,
With finest binding, :4?n edgo, only ?111.20) worth t2.00,
Pr?itJ I Octa t(? $1(1.00,
A complete Set of Dickons, In box, 12 Volumes, bound In Cloth and
(?ill, largo print, $12.00 for Sot.
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From mets, to J2.?0-cloth, leather and plush,
BEAUTIFUL SCRAP BOOKS from 20 cont? to *2.?0.
AC, AC?, Arc.
La.testltfovel-ties in Stationery .
Good Wbte Paper Mets, per (jr.; White Envelopes ."els. per pkg.
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assorted lind Of Pencils, Pons, Inks, I nkslumls,
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Picture Cord, Dominoes, Drought
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sic, Ac., Afr, Ac. in fact, everything that should be found in a
First-class Book mid Drug Store?
flus been replenished for tho Full ami Whiter /rade, and We HIT HOW
prepared to furnish physicians, and the public gonoraljy, thc si goods
al moder..te prices. Givo tie ? eal! and examine our goods before buy
Git*3? C l?' ft?B?h
e/5.? V.??-<?." ?**..>#? W.'.A. ? .
Having greatly improved our placo ofbusinc aa in ordor to innot tl.
cmutul.s of our increased trade, wo now como to tho front with tho
irgest und most complo stock of FAMILY ?ii?< 'Kit HOS, COXFKC.
'IONEHI ES, iHJ., to bo found anywhere, which wo propose to soil ut
rices Unit
(I?oing in our own house, having nc? rant to pay, and buying goods
rom tlio boat houses, ut lowest Cash prices, wo proposo to glvo timad"
anl?ge thus derived to our customers.
Highest cash price paid for hides and furs. Top of the market paid
or Colton.
- von -
Bj?Ll^a-j?JE?Srf? I2KT DR."Y"-aOODS,
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Cheap Cash Store.
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Leaders OF LOW Prices*
r--*-r 5?
Prom early morn lo dewy ovo
Tlie people (tome in crowds to HCO
Tho handsome stuck of M. <v J.
The nooda aro cheap von nm st hoi ti \*o,
VVhoir every towSsnfp gives tho praise
Codon i* low ! tho farnier.H cry,
Who will our winier ?tock Bl?pply?
Wo cannot buy. n<> un'. ,?t nil,
! s wc buy from Minter & Jamloaon.
And see and feel and be convinced that
Have ono "I" ila- Largest nn<l Bes1 Assorted Stocks <>f
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kepi in a first-class store.
t lin- Steel; of Clothing is (ann plo te this Season.
prepared to save you money In this linc
Wo ure now
Siloes, Shoes.
In tim lino it is useless for us to say anything, for our customers,
know that we alway.- kia p tho best stock of shoes in town.
HATS and CAPH-lo this Uno we cnn unit everybody.
We wish to call your at lent ion to our Stork of Shirts. Our $1.00
Shirl turns down anything on tho hill.
Groceries-Sugar, Coffee, Pablo-salt, Choose, Crackers, Canned
Goods, Heaps Starch. Soda, Hilling, Peppor, Spleo, Chowing Tobacco
Smoking Tobacco, ( igars, AC.
The IO i g Eagle!
ir you wisii to soo riim, a,nd lo\xy
groceries low for Cash, call ax
:JVR, Cooper & Co's.
Highest Prices io ai ci for Country
DProclvio?, P?icios, <ScO., at
Tlxe X-jiStxxrens-ville
Re-opens Monday, September 14t*r
Fully equipped in (ill Departments. Apply

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