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ll? I jr M. .Wi ^
NO. 3
Diiaiakoii identity.
You miitiit nu wi ll soknowlodgo it. You
Kiss? (1 him on thc sly.
1 heard the sound,l?r I waa meet unfortu
nately by.
The bl UP lu s now commctfoo lo chuco
Knoll other on i-oiir ohcek.
o. never mimi, i understand, you bare no
need to speak,
YOU hold your blinds In nervous clasp,
YOU ro miKry, I suppose.
Ililli I oi t II ne was HO Itcklo thou your secret
to dh close.
?'oil, bore's your rlnjr, und hero, nias I
? our note ol yesterday.
1 ?Juro not read these words again, 'twould
drlvo uiy sense uwav.
How could you bo forget ill I, dear, and suffer
thai caress?
And In ii uiotnout lum tho lido Of nil our han
ni ness. ?
O, do not weep, lt brooke my heart
'Jo say these words; mid yet
ld willingly bo blind nguiu if f could but for
Tho dow Is KV liken from tho Dower touched
hy un allen hand.
Ah, love! tho wo that Wrings my henri you
cannot undcrsinnd.
Hal here he conn s-lurcn ell, my love
Nay, do not hold me buck
What! can it be? Forgive mo, dear:
W hy. It s your own hld!lier .luck'
For two weeks I Itali boou in a cre?lo
colony. Fifty dollars a month I was
offered for my services, timi ?is 1 ?md
not an acquaintance in tho country I
gladly a coop ted. That would bring
ino food, clot hing, and shelter-- moro
than 1 had boon nblo to obtain in dour
Frauco. My two pupils, M. Kahui as
sured ino. were well-behaved children.
Tho girl was just IA. already n young
lady, and tho 10-yoar boy was equally
apt at study. Af?er till, I was only re
quired to ttlvu itvo hours a day to
teaching. 1 he tesl of my limo was ul
toguthor my own, to he devoted cithor
to work or sleep ns 1 pleased.
It was a threatening day in April
well I remember it-when 1 started out
lo walk io tho great house whore I was
to earn my bread. As 1 walked on I
began lo dream. What future did tliis
now land hold ill reservo f-jr mc? 1
had not como lo it willi any Idea of
making n fortune-although a .young
man of 'J.R?. I had ttcqltirud otioilgh com
mon sense, lo save ino from such illus
ions-hut only to earn a good living
niul lay up enough to enable me, when
an old man, to return to Franco and
sleep nt last under tho shadow of my
own village spire. S ion 1 caught sight
of tho lofty chimney of tho sugar mill
-Hu n tho house iiself, buried in a
thick glove of mango trees, and, as I
foared being Into, 1 rjuickenod my step.
Under tho veranda, already crowded,
1 saw peoplo rushing bael; amt forward
-running, and no one noticed mo as 1
nsoouded the front, steps oxcopt a big,
fal negress, crouching nt thu entrance,
who sobbed and cr.cd with renewed
despair nt my coming. 'I bero on thu
Boin, at full Icugtll, lay a young girl
almost a child. lier long, bright hair,
ali streaming with water, fell over tho
back of the .sola, and had dripped upon
tho veranda until a litllo pooi hud
f. .med upon tho tings, Sho was winier
than a piece ol maride; tho violets of
death were on her compressed lips; her
lifeless arms lay rigidly straight by her
side; and M. Kabul, on Ids kneos be
side her, was kissing ono of her hands.
"Drowned, my dear .--ir, she got
drowned," said n good old lady of
about CO years of age, who carno tomo
holdiug out her baud in tho friendliest
manner imaginable. "Hut you havo
walked hore," shu continued; "you
must bo tired. Of course you will tuko
somothiug. Myrtlll"
"Mamma! Oil, mamma!" exclaim
ed AI. Rabllt, raising his hoad. "You
sec," ho said to mo, with a sob, "you
seo sho was out bathing; tho river sud
denly roso, and-"
His heail fell forward again over tho
litllo while hand to which his lips
"Myrtlll My nil!" again cried tho
good lady, "bring a glass of .Madeira
to tho gentleman. Or por haps you
WOttlU preter something oise?"
1 questioned tho family. Tho girl
had not been twenty minutes undor
water. And yet they had done noth
ing.-hud not even tried to do nay?
. thing.
I gavo my orders brtolly- thoy woro
Half an hour pns&od. Wbatl was
not that a Hush wo saw mounting to
tho colorless chocks. Oh, how forvont
a prayer ho uttered that moniont to
tho good Cod! And lt seemed to mo
tito arm I hold had become loss frigid.
At that moment tv horseman carno up
nt foll gallop.
"Myrtil! Myrlil! tako tho doctor's
I >rso to tho stablol" cried tho good
'?.dy, dosconding tho stops to moot tho
Physician. "Ah, doctor. I know itl
Your powdor could not do mo any
f'ood. Tho whola night, doctor, I was
n pnlu. Ahl bow badly I slept!"
Tho doctor carno directly to us.
"Good! young man!-vury good, in
doodt That is just what should havo
boon dono."
"Como, como!" ho crlod in a joyous
tono, aftor a low moments had palled,
"Wo aro all right now-wo shall got
off with nothing worso thau a fright!
Why, you old coward, havo I not al
road y told you soP Hore! lot mo soo
a happlor fnco on you?" And ho gave
M. Rabut a vigorous slap on the
Thon, suddonly turning to mo, ho
"But you-whoro aro you fromr 1
don't remomber?cvor seeing yon hore
hofore." .
"I carno from Brittany, dootor, by
way of Paris and Port Louis."
"Look! - look!" - ho had alroady
turned his back upon nm "*ho is open
ing her oyes!"
M. Rebut Involuntarily solrxnl my
hand, and dragged ino to tho sofa.
8ho oponed hot' eyes. Thoy wore
bluo-tho oyos 1 always likod host
"Helene! roy own Helonol" murmur
ed tho poor father, stooping to kiss her
"Contle! youl" oxclainod the doo
tor, pulling him baok, "Lot hor have
air, if yon pleaseP" , _
M. Rabat drew baok, without lotting
go ?Dy baud.
rrtll returned from tho stable.
"Myrtlll Myriill-well, how about
that broakfastP Is it going to boroady
to-day or to-morrowP'
"Ma fol! Pm ready for Ul" nvlod the
dootor. "That gallop gavo mo a fero
cious appotiie,"
"Why, Myrtlll servo tho MadelT to
my pavilion to return to the bouse. M.
B abut ciuuo lo look for ino ou tho yu
runda. "Come," ho auld, "you can
seo her uow."
Ho brought mo closo to her bod. Hor
dour ohio oyo? ?tili hud dark circles
uuout ilium; hut tho blood was circu
lating uudur tho cloar skia, for she
blushed at ray upproach.
"This is ho,-my Holono; if it hadn't
boon for 1dm"-and his voico choked.
"Don't trot any moro, papa. I am
only sorry about my lockot. Do you
think they will over bo ablo to lind
Tho lockot contained her* mother's
ll WM barely daylight whoa I roach
ed tho river. Tho negro who had taken
hor out of tho water had shown me tho
evening before tho preciso spot whore
tho current hud carried hor away, and
abo tho placo whero ho had found her
-about Hf ty yard? further down, lt
was a grout narrow basin, shut in by
great jumroscs, whoso tufted bruncbos
mot above and stretched from ono
batik to tho othor. Tho palo light,
dickering through tho loaves, made
gleams hore and there upon tho water
(tko tim reflection of moiton lead; be
yond tho darkness wus completo; it
looked perfectly black there.
I dived amt brought up throe Hat
pebbles! lint breakfast would not bo
ready until 10 o'clock; 1 had plonly of
by 8 o'clock tho bottom of the basin
hud no mysteries for ino. Thoro was
nol a singlo oabot-lish that 1 hud not
disturbed beneath bia rock-not a sin
glo camar?n ttiat I hud not compelled
to crawl backward into his hole. But
tho locket wus not thoro-accordingly
it must bo further down. 1 loft tho
basin and followed tho courso of tho
stream-interrogating all tho roots, ex
ploring all tho boulders, questioning
every tuft of grass. 1 was about to
pan on when I saw a liltlo serpent,
liko a thin silk string caught upon tho
root of a wild strawberry plant, wrig
gling in tho current. I seized it-it
Was tho loe <et.
Siie would not como down to break
fast, but M. Rabtlt told mo she would
coi lain ly como down lo dinner. She
was still a Halo wouk, but that wa'
Mun is u selfish creature; tho me
dallion remained in my pocket.
Whilo they woro laying thotabloth.it
evening 1 stole into tho dining-room.
When her father had led her to hor
seat, and she unfohlod her napkin, sho
found a little box in it.
"What is this? Another of your nt
tempts to spoil me, papa?"
Hut tho astonished look of M. Kabut
must iiavo convinced her moro than
his denial.
Silo opened tho little l)OX.
"My lock el! niv locket!" sho cried,
putting it to her fips and kissing it over
timi ovor again. 1 watched overy kiss
-I looked at her out of tho cornor of
my oyo. Fiually her oyos mot my own
-she understood, lint tho littlo mys
terious beauty didn't even say, "Thank
And tho long and short of it is, dear
sir, that I never gave Helene, who be
came my wife, a singlo lesson.
Ah, yos, par Idean! I taught h el
im w to swim.
A Reminiscence or ('hurley Backus.
Chanco placed Arthur Moreland in
the noxt scat to mo at tho "Kvangol
ino" initial Thursday night. Ho lias
aged much and wears a mournful ex
pression, ill becoming a fuco that was
so long wreathed with smilos, whon,
with u burnt-cork mask, ho pivotod
tho San Fraucisco minstrel somi-circlo.
Tho dissolution of that admirable or
ganization still preys upon his mind,
and while tho drummer was testing his
hoads botween acts Arthur harped on
his favorito subject. He told mo a
story about Charley Backus which I
think lins novor boforo appcarod in
type. It was whon Peter Gilsoy was
alive. Backus and Gilsoy sat in tho
Gilsoy houso cafe, lt was bitter cold
outside, tho mercury just buttering tho
/.ero mark. Tho conversation turned
upon tho stern dictates of fashion in
regard to malo attire. .
"1 don't euro what I wear as long as
I'm comfortable," remarked the como
"Oh, yos, you do." patronizingly
in , isled tho venerable I'rt er. ' "Von
wouldn't daru go out in tho street in
this kimi of weather with a summer
suit ou."
"That's just what I'll do for a bottlo
of wino."
"Muko it a cuso. "
..Call it a car-loud if you want," re
joined backus.
Tho wager was made, and Backus
disappeared. An hour biter be walked
?ute tue cato uttirod in a white dannel
shirt, straw hat with bluo band, corn
colored kids, Oxford lies, carrying a
bamboo walking stick, and wearing a
rose in his bultou-holo. Tho lunns of
tho wager required that ho should
walk lil) WU Broadway to Stewart's
storo and return. Ho ourriod it out to
tho letter, leisurely sauntering down
tho street, swinging his oaue, and ap
pouring ns comfortable as though ne
was on tho shady sido of tho street on
a July day. Of courso ho was tho cyn
osure of all oyos, but ho was accus
tomed to that, ead nppoarod uot the
least ncrturbed. Tho wino was won,
mid Gilsoy determined to have revenge
lu paying it. That evening, wheo
Backus' bud responded to tho fourth
oncore on one of his topical songs, he
was surprised to soo n box of M um m's
extra shovod over the footlights. Tho
andiene.) howled anti demanded a fifth
verse, lt wus followed by another
ease, and so it continued until twouty
boxes of wino had boon piled upon the
stage before him, entirely concealing
bis rotund form- Auburn Dispatch.
An El Paso newspaper says that
thora dice' a few days ago in the vil
lage of San Malro, lu Moxioo, Benora
Garcia de Chava* at the ago of ISO
years. Al the lim? of death she hud
.ix children, thirty-six grandchildren,
112 groat-grantlonildreu, thlrty-suvon
great-great-grandchildren, ?ad ono
gront-groat-groat-grandehlhl Her flesh
waa abViveled and dried up to lhat ex
tent that tho old woman looked like a
mummy. The deceased fall? retainod
hor mental faculties until ?boat four
TlIIO AGI? or msooviCHY.
A.t no timo Kineo inen liuvo dwelt up
on tho ont'lli bavo their notions about
tho universo uudcrgouo so grout a
chango ns in the century of winch wo
aro now approaching thu end? Never
before has knowledge increased so rap
idly; never bufurt* has philosophical
sp?culation been so . oiively conduct*
od, or its results so w duly di limed, it
is a characteristic ?-f organic evolution
that numerous progressive luudcnoioa,
for a long lime inconspicuous, U"W ami
then unite to bring abo t a striking
and apparently sudden change; ur tl
set of torces, quiet .j uci-umulutiuu itt
ono d?rec:ion, ;.t I, n. th unlock some
now reservoir of io:ce, and abruptly
inaugurate a new series of phenomena,
as wiiou water rises in a tank until its
overflow sets whirling a system of
toothed wheels, lt may be thal Naluro
makes no ?caps, bul in this way she
now and then makes very lon . s ri ors.
It is in this way thal thu course of or
ganic dovcloptuout is marked here and
there by nicinornblo epochs, which
seem to open new chapters iu the his
tory of tito universe. There was such au
opoch when tho common nncostor of
nscidiun and amphioxus tirst showed
rudimentary traces of a vertebral col
umn. There was such an epoch when
the air-bladder of carly amphibians be
gan to do duly as n lung. Greatest of
all. since tho epoch, slid hidden from
our ken, when organic lifo began upon
the surface of tho globe, was tile birth
of that new era when, through ti won
drous change in Ibu direction of the
working of natural selection, Humani
ty appeared'upon tho scene. Itt tho
career of tho human rnco wo can like
wise point to periods in which il has
become apparent that tin immense
strido was taken. Such a period marks
tho dawuing of human history, when
alter countlessjigos of desultory tribal
warfare, men succeeded in uniting into
comparatively stablo political societies,
und through tho medium of writlon
lungungo bogan handing down to pos
terity the record of their thoughts and
doods. Since that morning twilight of
history there has beou no era80 strong
ly marked, no chango so switt or so
far-reaching in the conditions of hu
man life, as that which began with tho
groat mar?timo discoveries of thu fif
teenth century, and is approaching its
culmination to-day. lu its carder
stages this modern era was signalized
by sporadic achievements of Hie human
intellect, great in themselves, and lead
ing to such stupendous rusiltta as tito
boldest dared not dream of. SUCH
achievements were thu invention of
priming, tho toloscope and microscope
tho geometry of Descartes, tho astron
omy of Newton, ibo physics of Huy
fliens, tho physiology ot Harvey.
Ian's senses were tims indefinitely en
larged as his moans of registration
were porfected; ho became capable o?
extonding physical inference? from tho
oarth to tho beavens; and ho made his
tir.-.t acquaintance with that luiuinjfor
ons other which was by and by lo re
veal the inlim.de structure ot maller
in regions tar beyond tho power of tho
microscope lo penetrate.
lt is only with the present century
that the vastness of the changes thus
beginning to bo wrought has become
apparent. Tho scientific ticiiievemouts
ot the human intellect no h.tiger occur
sporadically; they follow one upon an
other, like tho organized ami systemat
ic conquest of a resistless ai my. Each
new discovery becomes ut once a pow
erful implement in thc bands of innu
merable workers, and each year wins
ovor fresh regions of thu universe from
the unknown to Hie known. Our own
generation has booomo so wonted to
this unresting mareil ot discovery Unit
wo already lake il as a maller of
course. Our minds become easily
deadened to its real import, and tho
examples we cite in illustration of it
have an air of triteness. Wo scarcely
need to bc reminded that all the advan
ces m ide in locomotion, from the days
of Nonuohadnezz.tr tu tho.se of Amlrow
Jackson, woro as nothing comp.<rod to
tho chango that has been wrought
within a few years by ibo introduction
of railroads. In these limes, when
Puck has fulfilled his boast and put a
girdle about tho earth in forty minutes,
wo aro not yet, perhaps, in danger of
forgetting that a Century has not
elapsed since ho who caught tho light
ning upon his kite was laid in tho
grave. Yet tho losson of tho facts, as
woll as of tho grandmother's spinning
whool that stands by tho parlor (?resido,
is woll to bear in mind. Tho chango
therein oxomplllicd since Ponolopo
plied her distaff is far less than that
which has occurred within tho memory
of living men. Tue development of
mnchinory, which has worked such
woudors, have greatly ullcrod Ibo po
litical conditions of human society, so
that n hugo republic Uko tho Unltod
Stale.-, is now as snug and compact and
easily manageable as was tho tiny re
public of Switzorlaud in tho oignteonlh
century. Tho number of mun that can
livo upon a given aroa of tho earth's
surface has boon multiplied manifold,
and while tho mass of hu man lifo has
thus increased, its value has bcon at
tho sumo timo enhanced.-John Fiske
in i\ o vernier Atlantic.
A Practical Joke.
Mr. Morriboy stopped into Cheese
cake's grocery tho other morning, re
marks Bob Burdotto in tho Brooklyn
bugle, lu a groat flow of spirits. He
thought ho suw Choosecuke stooping
down behind tho counter, so he took
up a codtish, roached c cr, and bit the
stooping figuro n most resounding blow
across the br.ok. shouliug "UlsO up.
Sir Cheesecake," and with a shriek of
fright u nice, good, motherly old lady,
who was hack there tying ber shoe,
JTOflu Up. Tho horrified Morriboy
dropped tho codfish on tho floor, whon
a hungry moak of a dog started off
with it, and, rushing across tho atora
after it, Ut? joker knocked over a bar
ro! of oggs and tho dog got away with
his tUh. "By Jove," groaned tue un
happy man. "i foll, wbon 1 turned in
boro, that IM do something foolish be
fore I gol ou'.." And staggering to
the window ho sat dowu on a ?quaro
Iard ot fly-paper and buried bis face iu
ls bands.
Arranging for Org*nl?Uon mm? for m IV?
unlon Next T??r.
By request, a number of gentlemen,
members of thc Wallace House, met in
Wright's Hotel, Columbia, on thc
evening of the 1 Kit inst. Present:
P. A. Connor. Abbeville\ ?. S. Bam
berg, Barnwell; John B. Erwin, Lan
caster ; J. B. Humbert, J. Wash Watts,
Laurens; John 8. Vcrner, Oconoe;
I). F. Bradley, Plckons; E. S. Allen,
Spurt imbu n: : A. E. Hutchinson, B. H.
Massey, York. Tho following officers
of tho IIouso were present: John T.
Sloan, clerk ; W. McB. Sloan, assist
ant clerk; C. O. Marshall,doorkeeper.
On motion Mr. B. H. Massey was
called to thc chair and John T. Sloan
was appointed secretary.
Thc secretary handed the chairman
tho gavel used in tho organization of
tho Wal lato House. [Applause.] The
chairman slated that thc meeting lind
been requested for thc purpose of con
sulting with tho view of organizing a
permanent society ot thc mombers of
thc Wallaco IIouso of Representatives
who organized in thc Carolina Hall
November, 1876. Tho following reso
lutions were unanimously agreed to:
Resolved, That thc secretary prepare
and publish a lisl of the members of
the House of Representatives who or
ganized, in the Carolina Hall ou No
vember, 1876, known as tho Wallace
House, and that they be requested to
meet in Carolina Hall, in thc city of
Columbia, on Wednesday or Thurs
day of the next State Fair for thc pur
pose of organizing a permanent so
From Abbeville-W. K. Bradley,
deceased, lt. R. Hcmnhill, F. A. Con
nor, William Howl, T. L. Moore.
From Aiken-C. E. Sawyer, J. J.
Woodward, L. M. Asbill, J. G. Guign
From Anderson-II. R. Vandlvcr,
R. W. Simpson, W. C. Brown, de
ceased, James L. Orr.
From Barnwell-L. W. Youmans,
M. A. Rountree, Robert Aldrich, I. S.
Hamber!!-, John W. Holmes.
From Beaufort-Thomas Hamilton,
N. B. Myers, deceased.
From Chesterfield-J. C. Coit.D. T.
From Collcton-II. E. BisRcll, Wm.
Maree, deceased, J. M. Cummings,
L. E. Parler, Robert Jones.
From Edg?lleld-W. S. Allen, J. C.
Sheppard, James Callison, T. E. Jen
nings, H. A. Shaw.
From Sumter-J. H. Woodberry.
From Union-W. ll. Wallace, G. D.
Peake, William Jeffcrles.
From Greenville-J. F. McDonald,
deceased, J. T. Austin, J. W. Gray,
J. L. Westmoreland.
From Horry-L. D. ^Bryan, J. R,
From Lancaster-John B. Erwin,
J. C, Blakency, deceased.
From Laurens. ,1. B. Humbert, J.
Wash Watts, D. W. Anderson.
From Lexington-G. Lcaphart, G.
From Marion-J. G. Blue, James
Mc Rac, Rv II. Rogers, J. P. Davis.
From Marlboro-P. M.IIamer,T.N.
From Oconee-B. Frank Sloan, John
S. Verncr. ,
From Orangeburg-W. II. Recdisk.
From Pickens- D. F. Bradley, E. H.
From Spartanburg-W. T. Compton,
deceased, J. W. Woflbrd, E. S. Allen,
Charles Petty.
FroBi York-A. E. Hutchinson,
B. H. Massey, J. A. Deal, deceased,
W. Ik Byers, deceased.
Resolved, That ox-Governor Wado
Hampton, tho Senate and ita officers of
1876, tho Stato officers of .1876 and
Judge A C. Haskell bc, and they are
hereby, invited to attend thc meeting.
Resolved, That a committee of three
be appointed to invite the Hon. W. II.
Wallnce*to address the meeting on tho
history of tho eventful struggle of the
Walluco House, K hereupon tho chair
man announced Messrs. Vernor, Bam
berg and Allen, of tho committee.
Resolved, That a committee of three
bo appointed to make arrargments for
thc contemplated meeting, whereupon
the Chair announced Messrs. Erwiu,
Bradley and Connor, of tho committee.
Thc meeting then adjonrned.
-Miss Angelina Brown, of New
York city, has sued her physicians,
Dr. A. S. Purdy and his son Dr.
A. E. M. Purdy, for $10,000 damages
for having falsely reported that she
had smallpox and causing her to be
?cut to thc smallpox hospital on Black
well's I'.land.
-The census of Kansas, just com
pleted by the State board ef agricul
ture, shows a population of 1,268,432,
a gain of 372,466 in the past five years.
Tho greater portion of thia increase is
within tho past two years, during
which time the almost depopulated
western counties have nearly regained
former numbers.
-Mr. Thompson and Mrs. Wood
fall wcut to the agency at Lawrence,
Kan., to be married. The ceremony
waa performed st 9 o'clock a. m. and
Thompson died at noon of dropsy of
the heart and was buried st 10 o'clock
next day. The minister who married
the couple preached the funeral ser
mon, and in the evening married the
woman to another man.
-The Atlanta Prohibitionists offered
to pay the taxes of any colored man
who desired to rote the temperance
ticket st the election thia week, and
the liquor men, bearing of this, blue
ribboned two hundred anti-prohlbitlon
negroes, sent them early next morning
to the temperance headquarters ana
bsd two hundred votes qualified, st a
coat to the Prohibitionist* of nearly
-Somebody has discovered the dis
couraging fact that five Governors of
New York have dropped deed of heart
disease, ?tilt the position will be
sought After.
MM, WiKSLOw'n SoorvtK? SysoT sbouM M
ways toe aiwd tor ?tulorva btetalaf. Iteeoifcea
the uaw, soruaa ike sans, ?naja au jap?,
cur? wind ooiw, ajwi to maevj for
- King Alfonso is reported to be
dying. Ile is weak and emaciated, ids
eyes ave deeply sunkon and dull, and
though Dr. Sanchez Ocano. a famous
specialist, has undertaken his case, it
is not thought there is much hope of a
-Col. Robert G. Iugcrsol has sold
his tino 'residence in Washington to
Mr. A. B. McCrccrv, a brother in-law
of Mr. Justice Field. Col. Ingersoll
will hcrcnttcr have Ids home in New
York city.
-Secretary Manning is partial to
apples, but to red apples only. The
result is that tho negro peddlers
around thc treasury building keep none
but red apples in stock, and from thc
chairwomen to thc assistant secreta
dos all the employees lunch on red
On and after July 19th, 1885, Fassen
ger Trains will run as herewith Indi
cated upon this road and its branches:
No. 58-Up Passenger.
S C Junction A 10 30 a m
Columbia (G G D) 10 55 a m
Ar Alston ll 55 a m
Ar Newberry 12 68 p m
Ar Ninety-Six D 2 l t p m
Ar Hodges 3 IC p m
Ar Helton 4 24 p m
Ar Greenville 6 45 p m
No. 52-Down Passenger.
Lv Greenville 10 00 a m
Ar Belton ll 21 a tn
Ar Hodges 12 34 p m
Ar Ninoly-Six 1 23 p m
Ar Newberry 3 08 p tn
Ar Alston 4 10 p m
Ar Columbia 5 16 p m
No. 63-Up Passenger.
Lv Alston ll 58 a m
Ar Union 1 69 p m
Ar Spart'er, S U & C depot 8 27 p m
Ar Spart'g, R & D Dep B 3 37 p m
No. 62-Down Passenger.
Lv Spart'g R & D Dep ll 12 06 p m
Lv Spart'g S U & C Dep G 12 ll p m
Ar Union 1 48 j) m
Ar Alston 4 05 p m
No. 3-Up Passenger.
Lv Newberry :i 15 p tn
ArGoldvillc 4 16 p m
Ar Clinton 5 10 p tn
Ar Laurens G 00 p m
No. 4-1.JW1) Passenger.
Lv Laurens 9 10 a m
Ar Clinton 9 65 a m
Ar Newberry 12 00 m
Lv Hodges 8 20 p tn
Ar Abbeville 4 20 p m
Lv Abbeville ll 25 a m
Ar Hodges 12 25 p tu
Lv Belton 4 28 p m
Ar Andcison 5 01 p m
Ar Seneca City 6 15 p m
Ar Walhalla ' li 45 p m
Lv Walhalla 8 50 p m
Ar Belton ll 02 p tn
Trains run solid between Columbia
and Hcndorsonvillc.
A Seneca with R. & D. lt. R. for
A. With Atlanta Coast Lino and
South Carolina Railway, from and to
With Wilmington, Columbia and
Augusta from Wilmington and all
points North.
With Charlotte, Columbia and Au
gusta from charlottee and all points
B. With Ashcvillo and Spnrtanburg
from and for points in Western North
C. Atlanta and Charlotte Division
R. & D. R. R. for Atlanta and points
South and West.
M. SLAUGHTER, Gen. Pass. Agt.
D. CARDWELL, A. G. Pass. Agt.
G. L. and S., A. and K., and P. R. and
A. Railways.
Lv Woodruff ?7 60 a na
Lv Enoreo 8 22 a m
Lv Ora 8 62 a m
Lv Lau rc n s 9 32 a m
Lv High Point 10 10 am I
Lv Waterloo 10 34 a m
Lr Coronaca 11 07 a m |
Ar Greenwood *11 35 a m '
Lv Greenwood 6 60 a m 2 00 p m
Ar Augusta 10 26 a m 7 00 p m
LvAugn-ta *10 60 a m ?10 00 p m
Ar AiLnta 6 40 p m 7 00 a m
Lv Augusta *11 20 a m
Ar Chulcsstou 6 00 p m
Ar Beaufort 6 05 p m
Ar Port Royal 6 20 p m
Ar Savannah 7 00 p m
Ar Jacksonville 6 15am
Lv Jacksonville *8 60 p m
Lv Savannah 6 65 a m
Lv Charleston 7 00 a m j
Lv Port Royal 7 36 a m
LT Beaufort 7 47 a m I
Ar Augusta 1 66 p m
LT Atlanta *8 20 p m
Ar Augusta 6 10am
Lv Augusta *2 80 a m *6 16 p m
Ar Greenwood 7 00 p m ll 40 a m
LT Greenwood 2 00 p m
Ar Coronaca 2 28 p m
Ar Waterloo 8 01 p m
Ar High Point 3 23 n m
Ar Laurens 4 03 p m
Ar Ora 4 43 p m
Ar Eno. ce ft 18 p m
Ar Woodruff 6 4ft p m
?Daily. Connections made al Green
wood to and from points on Columbia
and Greenville Railroad.
Ticket? on ?ale at Laurens to all
points at through rates. Baggage
cheeked to destination,
i Kc T. CHARLTON, G. F. A.
| J. N. BASS, Supt,* Augusta, Ga.
Can alway* be found a full line of Medium and Cheaper Grades of
At lower price* than at any other house this side of Cincinnati. This work
Is all made to order, is lighter running and better finished than the class
of work generally sold as standard Vehicles. Out I have just received a full
Hue of Fine Family
Carriages, Phaetons and Cabriolets !
Just received, another shipment of those Fine Open and Top Busbies,made
upon special orders by the best manufacturers North and East. Nothing be?
lng used In tho construction of these Vehicles but the bust materials, and in
quality, style and finish, are unequaled by any others now in tho markst?
In stock a full lino of
AU grades, which I will offer at lower prices than have over boforo been
known tn the history of tho business. Milburn, Studebaker and Standard
Plantation Wagons, all sizes. Oak and Hemlock Bole Leather, Calf Ski ns,Shoe
Findings, Carriage and Wagon Materials, Harness Leather, Belt Lacing of
superior quality, Rubber and Leather Belting? Also, a full lino of
Guns, Shells. Powder, Shot, Table and Pocket Cutlery, Plow Points for all
makes, Nails, Ax >s, Hoes, Picks and Mattocks. Pitchforks, Shovels, Spades.
Steelyards and Sealo Beams. Grindstones, Rakes, Padlocks, Carpenters'
Tools, Files, Hinges. Window Sash. Diors and Blinds, Farm and Church
Bells, which 1 am offering at lowest cash pnces.
A. R. <;nonvi:tit, AOKNT,
(Successor to R. H. May & Co.,) at the Old Stand, opposite Georgia Kail*
road bank. 7?4 Broad ??reet.
Ofier to the public ht large, the largest and handsomest stoek of Cloths, Caesi
mers, Montaignacs, Bewers, Worsteds, Meltons, etc , ever brought South.
These wdl be made up into Suits, Overcoats, Trousers nnd Vests, at Prices
Unprecedented in this or an v other market. Perfection in fit, and handsom
est trimmings, as well as Lowest ni Prices ??!>all bc our motto.
Sole Agent for Dunlap, Knox, You man's ami other celebrated Hats.
Also, o thoroughly complete linc ot Underwear, Nt ck wear, Suspender?, Col
lars and Cufl's, Handkerchiefs, Umbrellas, nnd undoubtedly the cheapest and
best stoek of Shirts in the city. The best S 1.00 Shirt in the market.
The choicest stock of Overcoats in thc market-our o vn make.
Wedding outfits a specialty,and satisfaction guaranteed.
All of the above arc odored to the public, and dr- prices guaranteed.
Tailor, Hatter and Furnisher, 718 Broad Street.
Steam, Marble & Granite Works,
Manufacture all klnd3 ot
Home & Eastern Granite Monuments,
529 Broad St., Near Lower Market,
TM.fi CH ti AP SICAttPtir? LN (xtioKGIA*
Stock Larger? Prices Lower tuan Brer Before?
Carnets and nouso Furnishing G ?ods. the largest S'OOk S ?uti?, Moquet, Brus
apis, 3 Ply and Ingrain Carpets, Rns{S. .Mats and Crumb Cloths, Window Shades,
Wall Pap'Ts, Borders, LnceCur'm Cornices and Poles, Cocoa and Canton Mat
tings, Upholstery, Chromos. C3?~Write for samples and prices.
JAMES G. BAILIE & S ?NS. Ag'ts.,
Mar. 17. 1885.-15 714 Broad S .. Aneuata, Ga.
1 il h LA I HJt?Mb BAlw
Columbia, S. C. Laurens, S. C.
OFFICE- Fleming's Conter, Northwest
side of Public Square
LAURENS C. H., S. C. 4
Onice over W. IL Garrett's Store.
F. v. M'GOWAN,
LAUREN8 C. lt., 8. 0.
Hy buying your Drugs and Medicines,
Fino Colognes, Paper nnd Envelopes,
.Memorandum Hooks, Face Powders,
Tooth Powders, Hair Brushes, Shav
ing Brushes, Whisk Brushes, Blacking
Brushos, Blacking, Toilet and Laun
dry Soaps, Tea, Spice, Pepper, Ginger,
Lamps and Lanterns, Cigars, Tobacco
and Snuff, Diamond Dyes, and other
articles too numerous to mention, at
Also,. Pure Wines and Liquors, for
medical purposes.
No troublo to show goods.
B. F. P
Laurens C. H., S.O.
R. 1?. TODD. W. H. MARTIN.
LAUREN8 0. IL, 8. 0.
Dr. W. H. BALL,
Office days-Mondays and Tucedays.
LAURENS C. H., 8. C.
- AMD -
August 5, 1885.
201 Vine Street,
Pelot & Cole,
628 Broad Street,
Pictures mada in any kind of weather
by tha
Instantaneous Proees*.
Spacial attention given td eapyift^
irffi??ff Photoarsuns. '

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