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ll? I jr M. .Wi ^
NO. 3
A Memory,
Through tho oriol window tho eofl'ncd ?un
illino ?oil;
Ami H?nv from tho distance Ibo muslo of
pooling t><-ll
Cume. ?nil u soothing cuddie.-faillite and
rlxliiK lilith,
Cliuivliijr wi*ii iv'ry whisper of tho low
wind H wall und HIKII.
Q uo quaint room. ri. ii in ?torr, murmured In
Minn ul luya
OT lovfl and Joy and Borrow, hallowing by
gone day rt j
Arni Bolomn eyes of warriors arid faces young
und fuir
(Jk-omcdon Um wait's ?inn background like
hpirits pinioned there.
Over an opon volume, on ita mystic words In
With bearing oa'm and thoughtful, ii fulr
h Hi rod woman bent,
And tho lender B Wool nf 88 of her fuir, Madoii
nu face,
Was botgh toiled by tho beauty of lier Bur
mont*' simple grace.
A bunch of mixen lille? upon tho niblo lay.
Yloldlng their dainty Incens? to light O? thc
dying day.
But shu who leaned above them Uko ionio
rnrv-doworod queen,
Wus fairer than tho Howers, BO noble did BOO
And I who silent watched her from out tba
window ? Ide -
nuint? by tito mighty power o? passion mid
of pride.
Then, and foi O Vcr after, had counted all pulu
cm ot
Could i but bow repentant, low knoolinii at
har O ct.
- Aiinali Ililli.ski lu Chicago lnter-Oceau.
"Tum out. Fred, turn out! Joo says
there ia ii herd ot buffaloes in sight
from tho next riso of land. Biggest
kimi of a liordl Ho lively now, or you'll
losu your buffalo skin.'' I opened my
eyes sloopily na Frank grasped mv
nrin, but was on my foot boforo ho hail
Ihiishod speaking. Joe, our guido sud
cook, a half-breed Sioux, was hurried
ly boiling our oolloo, and Qoorgo was
getting tho guns in proper order. Wo
were on our first buffalo hunt, and it
was my highest ambition Just thou to
tacuro ii pair of horus lo mount and a
robe IUlitio from tho skin of a b?llalo
killed by myself, lt did not tako us
long io swallow a hasty breakfast. In
lifioen minutes wo wcro ready to start.
"Rere," said Joo, as wo galloped
over (he risc of ground.
Not A milo away wo saw tho herd
(??ding contentedly near n small slroum
that passed us on tho right. Joo sud
denly swerved irotn tho diroct courso
?mi fullowod tho bank of tho stroam,
go wo wero partly hidden from view.
1 shall never forget it! Talk of "buck
fever" on a moose hunt! That is not
to bo compared to what an amateur
hllllter feels whoa ho socs a thousand
or moro buffaloes.
"Como now," Joo said, as wo stop
ped opposite tho herd, felt for our car
tridges, and tightennd our saddlo
girths. We gavo tho liory littlo mus
tangs tiio roin nud thoy sprang for
ward with a snort of excited joy. Per
haps they remembered wheo thoy too
wera as froo and unfettered as tho herd
boioro us. Tho wind was right for us
i-and wo approached quito nonr with
out being seen. Thon ono groat bull,
glaring from beneath his shaggy mano,
f;uvo tho alarm, and soon thoy all woro
n motion. Tho reports of lour lilies
rang out sharply, and ono buffalo foll
to tao earth. Wo had all missed our
gamo but Joo! On wo dashed closo at
thu hoids of tho roar ones, whooning
liko madmen and firing into tho bellow
ing muss ns rapidly ns possible, loav
lng tho doad and dying beiiind us. I
singled out a wounded bull that was
painfully galloping niter his wounded
comrades. I was not suro I had wound
ed him; but Iiis horns and liido took
my fancy, and I dotorminod lo finish
and claim him. Moro than onco 1 was
savod by tho quickness of my watch
ful mustaug as ho charged ut mo dos
{lorately. Otico his shaggy mano
Hushed my log, but, as ho turned
nguiu, a lucky shot laid him low, and
tho corded prize was won. 1 had
beril so interested in my own gamo
that 1 hud not thought to walch tho
other*. 1 snw thom now, nearly a
milo away, still pursuing tho herd.
And I saw something olso too, some
thing which I was at first unable to
understand, but which sent a thrill of
horror through my reins when I com
prehended its mo-nlng.
My horso sniffc tho air orcitodly,
his oyos wild and uneasy and rnoring
to and fro as ho neighod nervously for
his companions. Away in the distanco
where tho prairie met tho sky in ft
honied, qutveriug line arose ft dark,
warering cloud, small at first, but rsp
idly'sproading. ' Tutus the prairie on
fire! Tho wind was blowing almost a
galo directly lowurd us. und tho long,
doad grnrs was as dry as tinder. Joo
saw lt Wit^ ihout to warn tho oth
or? ho wheeld,3 horso and galloped
toward ino, creely followed by George
and Frank. Tho buffaloes saw it also.
Tho black mass moved slowor, and
finally turnod and followod my frionds
as they had been following thom a tow
moments before. Our dangor was now
more lu hoing trampled to death than
in hoing burned. I leaped to tho ground
to start a "baok lire," but found that I
had loft orory routoh in camp.
"No match," cried Joe, as they
neared the placo whoro I stood. "Get
on horse-run much fast- Dovil's run
-sarod." " ,
"Devil's run is ton milos away," I
answered blankly, as I sprang into the
.addle. "Haren't you any matches
oither, boysP"
"Not ti match. I don't soo what in
the dlokens wo woro all thinking
about," said George
"Of the buffaloos," said Frank. "All
we ean do ia to run for it now."
The mustangs knew their danger as
woll as we, and needed no urging.
east a regretful glance at my pmev
my first buffalo-as wo galloped away.
Wo could plainly smell the burning
grass, and tho dark, rolling smoke
overcast the sky ?boro our heads.
On came tho buffaloes, shaking the
ground with the thunder of many feet.
Joe mattered something in his lingo,
nod hie face grew ashou as he looked
back at tho herd, which was now so
near that we could seo the flecks of
foam that flew from tboir mouths. Bat
it needed no words to tell us that oar
timo had como! We felt that all WM
lost? when th? herd suddenly divided
to tb? right and left. A moment more
amt w? were between the lnmberlng
massos, which loft a elear space as they
thundered by us, closing in again M
"Heapgood!" ?Jaoulateu Jo?, ?ad
then hu turned to watch Ino tim wl:i ii
wu lind overlooked in the grouter Un -
nor i loit menaced us. lt was fast over
hauling us, but it was not tho inky
Oloud willi Us iow line of yellow gi ro
that cn use 11 him lo start and listen ....?
eagerly. Thorooumo a .so.md wnicii
wo had noticed buioro-.1 oiitu.d
squealing-mingled with tho sumo
rumble of many foot mudo by tho beti i
loes, and a dark moving mass was ot
adv anco of tho lire, i looked to t? > . lo
solve tho mystery.
"Wild horse!" ho orlod, us ho drove
tho spurs into his mustang. "De\ nev
er turns out-Devil's run live iuiie -
me boc six."
bliall 1 over loroot that ride.' (; i
wo WOUt, tho lire momentarily draw
lug nearer, tho billows ot smoke eau :
instant growing denser, and thu heat
moro suffocating; while the friglitenn i
BqUOldil of tlie coming wild horse-, .., :?
gicd in a horrid dionis with lou roar
of tim wind and lire.
One mile-two-?-and our ponies hold
their ground brmoly, novor halting,
uever stumbling, they kepi limit" evon
strides neck to neck, bul foam lieeks
covered their steaming sidos, and i
felt sorely tho burden upon I hoir bi;o;<s.
Like a promise of sato ty tho slabby
trees near Devil's run 1 uulioned to us
in Hie distance. "Can we nuke ii.
Joe?" 1 shouted as I thought 1 read
hope in his swarthy fae?. "Me mo so,"
ho answered with indian meouicisin,
but ho bowed low upou his horse's
neck and drove tho spurs into Illa reek
ins sides.
Ihne-four miles were passed.
Could our gallant mustangs cover ibo
lift li and laslP Thnro was now eui a
contused medley of sounds behind ns,
tho roaring, squealing, nolgidng, ami
rumbling-?ll mingled in one horrid
din. The smoke-wreal hs whirled
around us, and we could not seo how
Dear the wild horses were. My eyes
seemed to bo starting from their sock
ots from tho smarting heat, and my
horse's breath wu- q.lick and laborud
as he Staggered bravely on. Joe rode
straight for the fording-phtee. Frank,
and George, and 1 gave a cheer as the
cool water splashed in oar faces, and
if ever mortal man was thankful we
wero thankful then. But tho danger
was not over. Although tho wild
horses, mad with terror, ?lid not know,
perhaps, of the nearness nf water, they
were blindly rushing Hie rig'il way.
"Come!1 commanded tho half-breed,
as ho turned up ihn stream. We were
still in sight ol tho ford whoo tho
horses rcaoho.1 it. Even in that mo
ment of peril 1 foll keen regret and
covetousness, as I gazed upon their
proud bounty.
Wo drew undor tho overhanging
bunk and waited in breathless anxiety
to seo whether they would choose to
go up tho stream or down, knowing
thal instinct would teach them lo keep
to the water. Ono niairnilieent fellow
tossod his silken mano in the air as ho
espied us, and stood there a second or
two, tho perfect picture ot equino beau
ty, thou willi a snort of surprise ami
alarm dashod down tho stream, follow
ed by his comrades. Joe uttered nu
exclamation of thankfulness as tboy
disuppearod. Tuen then: carno a roar
and a rush like that of a tornado, tho
long, red llames overhung tho b.uiK,
almost roaeuing us as they drew back
foiled of theil prey, lit t le pull's ol smoko
started on tho other side, und soon tho
banks of Devil's run were covered with
blackened, smoking cinders, whim tho
(Ire, springing up anew, swept on in
its work ?? destruction. Saved I lt
was un lo. - or moro before we retrac
ed our steps to the ford, and climbed
tho bank to the opon prairie As far
as tho oyo could .soo, the brown lovel
was changed to black, and, away o.'or
a riso of ground, we could see the bil
lows of smoko as tho tire rushed on.
"Camp burned now-grass gono
butValo gone," said Joe, and ho turned
Iiis horse's head toward t he .seit lenient.
Wo reached it before another day. i
was hungry, tired, ami sore, but still
mourning tho loss of my buffalo robe.
Joe could not be inducud to try nguiu,
but would answer, us iio pulled away
ut his old black pipe, ami lazily walch
Bil tho smoke curling above his head,
"No grass-no buffalo. (Jomo next
roar." - fred Minuit, Jr., m Chicago
Hooks Cur ile- Qui'M Chamber.
At ono lime 1 was slaying in a liouso
where tue guest chamber contained 1 s
among the furilituro u lillie sholf of 8
books. 1 have often thought of them'1
lince, willi a wonder taut moro carotid i 1
Kostesios did no', ?e..vide ?ho sumo. |v
Nights when 1 COU . not sleep, and '
mornings w.ieu 1 wailed in my room i11
(or tho breakfast boll, 1 dipped into
tho contents-a Volume or two of
poems, some short .stories, und In*
Unresting travels contprisod I ho whole
and 1 found liol the least p.casant part
of my visit in those quiet moments by
tho window which overlooked tho
great, oid-iusiuoueU garden. Any
housekeeper conni sparo six or eight
bocks noni her library, ?uni almost
nay guost would bless her for tho
thought. A little work-basket fully
itookod; pen, hilt, and paper ready to
hand-tho visitor cares nearly as much
lor theso us for fresh towels ar.d extra
coverings. I no golden rule, which is
& guido lo till branches of good house
keeping, as to nil bru??nos of all busi
ness, comos to oue's aid hore, and
what we onto most for in auothor's
homo wo should endeavor to give tho
eomer to our own. - liulh ??til in Uood
Ex-Uoss Ehiupherd ut Washington
City, who lins been digging gold nug
gets out ot Um ancient mine? of Mex
ico for tho last sc von y ur.-, is .soon lo
risit his old home. Ho ts lo have u
reception worthy ol a conqueror.
[Irateful cili7.cn? who appreciate tho
Ability with winch he improved and
beautified the town aro preparing u
grand banquet. The fact (Dal tho b >ss
iqiuuidoreu something like 92U.OUO,*
DOO in polishing up ibo plr.ee -one
third of winch went into thu pockets
of ringster* und J?bber?? - hus bonn
forgotten. Tao gtuudoj cilis-Jiis only
reallao now thut they inn on pretty
olly, and they think I hut limy owe tho
groat Improver soinoliiiug. lint mauy
an obi i?spayui will keep away from
the faust und ihn triumphal proco?
.lou.-.HIP lor? : ct tdd
A.? i", ?-i . ? ..IN rm?."
General l.owb \? . luce, lulo Minister
to Turkov, am! inti lim-ol te vocal popti
Inr novels, WK s tolling me recently of
some (.:.;.. r ..!>. e.- in Loudon whiell
ber, u! if ii..y Illustrai' Ibo relations of
publishoi . un i im tin #iv ol 'bis ?.? un try
timi ICn.ibiii'l. What In? r?'i?ii:.> is R
stroiir i umeul it> i ivor of h?*uvun?
tiona I eui ir?;.rln. . ! ottnd on roach
ing London about ton mouth* ?. ??.)."
saiil (i nero I Wal nco. "that in. i ? vol
of 'I' -i Uur' w.i< mlversio'il I?) M -.srs.
P. W..rU0 & Co. :;s from tn>' i -os.
riioy ulso nd veri b;o t lionise, vus as
Agontu of li e (.' nln 'i Compati*) o? Li?ia
oily, ami 1 lim! by looking nt thu mag
azine tb ii they aro so recognized by
the publishers boro. Of ocurso 1 know
i luci no legal rights in Ungi.uni, bul
I was naturally CUl'iou !. ) know some?
thing of the stylo in which the bool;
was reproduced in langland, tho ohnr
ador of the hotlSQ priming i:, ami
something about tho sucoo-u which it
bad mot with abroad. So I c tiled ii.
their place and asked a clerk ii lie h itt
a novel cabed "Hen llur." Ho handed
mo a copy, price two shillings, and i
paid lum for it.
1 asked several questions WU loll lod
naturally to the inquiry as to what salo
tho English edition had met with.
Tho clerk told me that they had sold
2,000 copies in lou past fortnight-a
thousand a week. That was ll mer
ing, and I told him 1 was glad io hoar
it, ns I was the author. "IndeedI ' lie
exclaimed; and nt tho same momonl
he roached oui and look hick Ihn
volume le> h. i sol i mo. ii . thou
asked mo if I tvoiihl liol romaiu where
1 was for a moment. Ho disappeared,
and returned in a moment without my
book, out willi a reqtlo.it that 1 would
.see the principals of tho house. 1 was
very glad to do so. timi going into thu
private o III co I mt two gonilomon
Who were intro iuced to mo as mem
bers ol' tho brm. My bought copy of !
my .-'.ok i book lay en Ibo labio, and 1 j
look it u;> ia lite c uiso of tho oottvur- i
salton willoh followed and glanced al
it as wo talked.
At first lite conversation was pleas
ant enough, hut glancing ai tho tit lo
pago 1 tomi i tilat t.i" stlb-l ile luid
been changed from "A Tale of thu
Christ" to "Tho Days o: Christ."
That was annoying, and la ;od who
had aulhoriisod tho change. Tau re
ply was liiat Um publishers had done
it lo avoid hurling tho sensibilities of
religious read- rs iii England, in other
word-, ihey ha 1 nnproprUtod my prop?
orly and had changed it to suit liieir
own views ot what it? lailgllngo and
lone should be. "Have you made any
other ot these unauthorized clinngesP '
1 as kori. "Wi ll, wo have omitted two
of the tales told by ono of tho char
acters," an s wo red Ibo speaker of the
linn. You can imagino 1 was gelling
warmed up by this limo, and 1 spoke
rather strongly. But ino next dis
covery enraged mo beyond measure.
They had neilla ly written up and in
serted a preface lo tho novel. No, not
a publisher's preface, li was without
signature of any sort, and to the ord i . -
ny reader niu-i nave road it as if l>>
tho author. 1 have written no preface
Whatever. 1 demanded to know of
diem what they proposed to do in tho
iv ny of romuuoraling mu for laking
md for alluring my boote. They
promised to give iho maller due con?
lidoralion. l'iiat wa- icu months a :o,
iud 1 have never hetti il from them."
\. Tribune.
How ri ms? od ('-<.<: ibo Onvel?
"I make no secret ul acknowledging
list where I ?earned to use tho gave!,"
?en. Unsted went on to say. "It was
II iho Masonic lodge. 1 divulge no
inroveaiod mystery ol tho order when
say that tho gavel is nowhere so su
iretno ns in tho Grand lodge, lt is
tipremnoy itself. To it lue dologatos
?end us quickly as privates in a great
.riiiy, ns lim members of every purlin
ncntary or deliberative body should,
remember an incident iii my career
it Albany which is timely here, lt is
mstomary whan ibo exigencies o? busi
loss-as in tho caso of tho election of
ogonts of the university of thostato of
?low York or United Stales senators
all tim senate und ussonihly into joint
ession, for ibo lower to receive tho
ipper house in its chamber. Tue
lourtesics and customs tf these ses
loilS demand that on tho entrance of
he senate tho assembly shall rise. On
ovoral occasions before I ll rs I ht e mo
peaker of the assembly, I had wit
ICSSOd those ceremonies. I iceni.ed
ho fact that in each case the speaker,
vhon the .senate was al the door, re
iliostod tho assembly to risc. To my
lotion this was exceedingly inuligiiitiud
nd roHooted on the deportinout of ibo
sieinbly, who oiiglil to know its duly
,s well as its prusiding oflluor. Think
mw a gent Icinan would feel "'nlkiug into
i drawing-room to be told thal he must
lot spit on Die Hoer. I rosolvo 1 Unit
f i ever became speaker, and 1 am free
0 confess I hud no doubt oi it. Illings
rou ld bo differently done. During my
irst term a joint sossion became noces
ary. Tlio lookod-for opportunity was
t hand. Du Ibu day llxi'd ami at tho
tour tho sorgoant-at- ii'ms nnuouuood
lie arrival ot tho sen..to in thc usual
orin. During thc pause Willoh iol
owed 1 raised my gavel, and looking
al inly at tho house brought it down
breo times iu succession. Tim next
noun.nt sovonty-livo men were on their
cet. and nutttrally those wh > did not
espond at once avosn by Inspiration.
1 s.ligio blow later on, when ti . -..-nato
las received, brought lim Whole ..s
eiubly to ii sitting posture. Afiur ad?
imminent an ox-spoaker c oi. lo nu
0 inn! out how ii happen ul thal tho
ssombly arose without lou u .: d l e
inest. 'I asked t te mininer, lo ri
said. 'No,' my Inqiiidtivu p odeous
or siiid, 'you oidn't, for liol a w ad
??as said.' dim,' i snider1. III de the
isunl request with my gay>'i. You
leard '.ho throe blow*?' ?li that a
1 sonic slguP he usKud curiously. *1
lld not say so,' JUJitS my np in ?.e. Tlio
;nvcl at any rato hud done ino I ilk*
ag."-. yra'cu>t'. (A. 1.) r>t lit tl
Tho largest amt probably tho oldest
lg tree iii ibu world, standing in ibo
ardon of .h:; C-?puciu Moitaatary at
losidil', ls : ?'-on i io no sohl, lt war,
luuted in lii-'l UN oruuohoi cover a
paco of 481 -ipi no meters-suthoienti
> shelia' 4 JU poi sous.
- , umtmm*^** H^JM^CrjjrrS EBB V Tn
Varls of Interest, GnthoroU from Various
-Hawkins & Hons, colton spinners,
ol' I'reslon, Ktighind, have Tailed.
Liabilities ?78,000.
- President Cleveland's message to
Congres-, read on Hie 8th inst., is gen
erally regarded as an unusually able
- Senator Colquitt, of Georgia, luis
been nominated for Vico-Presidoiil by
an indiana clergyman ol' the Northern
Methodisl chttroh.
- Gen. Don Crrlos linell, well !. nowa
as Commander of Ibo Army of (ho
Ohio, bas been appointed Pension
Agent al Louisville, Ky.
-Nelson Stewart and Anderson
Davis, colored, convicted of burglary,
wore hanged within the jail c. ne. loan rc
in CharlollO las? Wednesday.
- At Northampton, Mass., Allen J.
Adams, tor the murder of Moses IS.
Dickinson, of Amherst, ten years ago,
was sentenced last Week to he hanged
on Mardi 12, 1880.
-At. Akron, Ohio, lust week, a
sewer being constructed caved in,
burying seven laborers. Four were
crushed to death and thc other three
wen* fatally injured.
-Tho buildings of tlie Southern llii
nois penitentiary at Chester, III., weir
badly damaged and some ol' thc ill
niales seriously injured by a CVCloiU
ou Tuesday night, Nobody killed.
-Tito ten-year old daughter ol
James Dunn, of Xenia, III., died last
week from trichinosis. Ii is said thai
two weeks ugo tho girl ate raw pork
and that her death resulted thorcirom
-The llOUSO of Wcsloy dicer, ai
Cnnuonaburg, Pa., was blown up bj
natural gas Tuesday morning and tin
occupants, Greer and bis wife and
two children, SOVCfOiy but not fatal I)
-The faculty ofVniulorbilt I'nivor
?.?ty on Tuesday adopted resolutions o
respect io thc memory ol'the patron o
tho University, William ll. Vender
hilt, and suspended exercises in tin
institution for one day.
-An explosion of natural gas oe
curred at tho supply station 'of th
Philadelphia Company, nt Sand;
Creek, Pa., last week. Tho oxplosioi
was followed by a Uro which destroyci
tho building. No ono was injured. "
- Dust Tuesday evening, at th
crossing nf the Texas Central Hail
way, at Bryan, Texas, the Kev. II. T
Wilson and two daughters were kille?
by an engine drawing a pay car. The!
horses were killed and their wagoi
was demolished.
-A special to the Chattanooga Tinu
says that W. D. Kellett, United State
deputy marshal for the Northern dh
trict of Georgia, was waylaid on Kool,
out Mountain, thirty miles from Chai
tanonga, last week hy moonshiners nu
-Daniel Mcsweeney, the Irish "sill
peet," who loomed up in tho la
Presidential campaign, ?ind has sim
haunted Hie Administration for n
ward, has at last received (Ul imper
I or sh ip in tho San Francisco Custoi
House, worth $1,800 n year. Titi
place was created (Ol' Ililli, hut dor
not by any means come up lo his iden
af w hill lie ought to have had.
-Tho cases of the Louisv ille, Ky
Law and Order Club against thc gan
biers were on trial ill tho Circuit Coin
last week, ami fifty indictments again!
?ighteen local professional gnmblei
acre indefinitely continued in tem
>v>/', on the gamblers' confession <
iuilt and their promises never lo ci
.'age in the gambling business ?gab
Fines io the amount of $10,000 wei
ISSOSSCd against the above gamblers.
- At Richmond, Va., last week, tl
?aliens of tho Democratic members <
lie General Assombly rc-noininatc
he heads of Stale departments. Tl
inly change made was in the office I
State treasurer, tor which A. W. Ila
non, ot Kuckbridge county, was non
tinted in placo ol' Isaac lt, Karksdal
he present, incumbent. The Hoi
Ino. W. Daniel will succeed Biddi
jorge I' in thc United States Senate.
THK anuna*/ undress beforo tho Sou
'andina Bur Association wnsdoliven
a the Hall ot Representatives <
Wednesday hy the Hon. John Dillo
me of the most prominent ami su
.e-st'ul members of tho New York bu
[lo delivered an address before i
Vtnoricail Har Association at Snratoj
n 1881, which has been proilOUllci
>y competent jud'cs all over the cou
ry as a masterpiece of learning. I
s the author of work on munich
tor po rat ions, which is high author)
loth in England thi^ country. T
Association was fortunato in sccurli
bc services of -o able a jurist.
Tim grand jury have rotui'licd
rue bill against tho mayor of the ci
)f New Orleans fot'OXtortlcn in offli
a their report they say that tim cnti
(itv gOVOrnmont was lound in
V ret ohed condition, und that the pol
'oreo, besides being insutllcicnt for t
c?vico, uro ol' very little prOtCOtlon
he Inhabitants of tho cit j. They t
menlo a gonoral roform in thc c
dial rs.
THE Vlrglnln Sonate lins recen
Hissed a joint resolution illStrUOtl
lielr Senators mid Hepresentatives
Congress to voto for thc Blair edu
ional bill, or any other mensuro li
ng for its ptirposo and object an i
imprint ion for Ibo benefit of tho pt
ic kchools of that and other States
minnon. They believe in a divis
?f tito surplus rovenuo of tho Fcdc
TIIK Democratic caucus of thc \
^inia legislature has nominated
ion. John W. Daniels for Cid
?tatos Senator ovor John S. Barbi
>y a volo of sixty-five to thirty-o
II him Virginia will find a true rc\
IT is rumored that neither Mine
'endlcton nor his wifo aro satis
vit!? tho German capital, and timi
viii soon forward his realgnntioi
iVasUngton and return to Amerioa
Senator IS Vii ft? W \".? f Ki?lioUS dur?
lng his urgumuiii in Hiv Hwyl witt casu.
"1>- liiuouy baa buuu introduced," auld
lie, "showing Iiiiii liming ida sit- muss
Jesse Hoyt liad MI:1cred from u high?
so mid i tl* diseas-i walch, in plain lan
guage, l.i tiif ito;?. Wo have buon .told
lliul by reason td heb Josse Hoyt
was ineapabbi of io!.ii.- u will; that
lu- ntoi<I was WV . u'd. il :i luau's
mind lt vvreeKOil bucausi he lias tho
itch, tv hal, i r iv, tv i11 become of tho j
grunt Seo tell anti Why, the thing
^.o?:s le? Hi: boa i l! J-Uill dalnes Ste
phens olino sahl ol' ::i '.uotuh. 'Every
hoot oil un; : is ii : . ai) itu>< in tho
O inp.e ol i a no!
On and after October III , 1*85,
Passenger Trains will run us here
with indicated upon this road and ?ts
branches :
No. 63- Up Passenger.
J.v Columbia ((' Cl I)) 11 00 a ni
Ar Alston i_> uo a m
Ar Newberry i 03 p m
Ar Ninety-Six D :>. 19 p m
Ar I lodges :? 21 p m
Ar Helton 1 27 p m
Ar Greenville 6 60 p in
No. 62-Down Passenger.
Ev Greenville 10 Oo a m
Ar Melton ll 21 a m
Ar I lodges 12 :? I p in
Ar Ninety-Six 1 26 p m
Ar No wherry 8 12 p m
Ar Alston I 12 p m
Ar Columbia 6 l? p m
No. 63-Up Passenger.
Lv Alston 12 06 p m
Ar Union 2 17 p in
Ar Spart'ir, S U ?fe C depot I l? p m
Ar Spart'g, li & D Dop B 5 00 p m
No. 62-Down Passenger.
Ev Spart'g lt & I) Dep II ll 06 a in
Ev Spart'g S U & C Hep G 11 l? a m
Ar Union l 12 p m
Ar Alston -1 05 p m
Lv I [elena :'> 32 p in
Ar Laurens G 30 a m
Lv I.aureus 8 Of) p ni
Ar Helena 11 00 a m
Ev Hodges 3 l? p m
Ar Abbeville 1 46 p in
Ev Abbeville ll 00 a m
Ar Hodges 12 00 m
Ev Belton 1 32 p ni
Ar Andetson 6 04 p m
Ar Seneca City 6 17 p m
Ar Walhalla " 0 46 p in
Ev Walhalla 8 .'50 a i
Ar Seneca City 8 60 a .i
Ar Anderson 10 27 a m
Ar Belton ll 02 p m
A. With South Carolina Railroad to
and from Charleston; with Wilming
ton, Columbia and Augusta Railroad
from Wilmington and all points north
thereof; with Charlotte, Columbia and
Augusta Railroad from Charlotte and
all points noi l li (hereof.
H. With Asheville and Spartanburg
from and for points in Western North
( 'andina.
C. Atlanta and Charlotte Division
R. A- 1). li. R. for Atlanta and points
South and West.
M. SLAUOHTKU, Gen. Pass. Agt.
D. CARDWELL, A. G. Pass. Ayl.
Cf. h. mid S" A. and E., and I*. R, and
A. Ka il ways,
in F.MVct September 27,
Lv Spartanburg :5 00 p m 7 10 a in
Lv Moore :l 27 p ni 7 60 a ni
Lv Woodruff 3 is p m 8 26 a m
Lv ICnorco 4 ill p tn 8 51 a m
Lv ( Ira 4 20 p m 9 16 a m
Lv Laurens 4 :5S p m 9 45 a m
Lv High Point I 69 p m io li) a m
Lv Waterloo 5 h> p 111 io 35 a m
Lv Coronncn 6 30pm ll 60 a m
\r Greenwood 6 60pm 1140am
Lv Greenwood 660am 200ptn
Ar Augusta '.? u? p m fi 62 p in
\r Ail.ona 7 00 a m
Lv Atlanta 8 16 p m
Lv Augusta i l? a m 8 10 a m
VrGreenwood ll 00 a m l 26 p m
Lv Greenwood 11 00 R m 2 (I - p m
Ar Coroiinioa 11 20 a m 2 26 p m
i\r Waterloo 11 41 a in 2 66 p in
iVr Ililli Pe'.i 1163am 311pm
Ar Etui" - 12 M p m 3 10 p m
Ar < . a 12 :.<'? p m 1 10 p m
Ar El 10roo 12 ;V_> p ni 4 44 p m
Kv Woodruff l 09 p m 6 10 p m
Kv Mooro 1 82 p ni 6 46 p m
\r Spartanburg 2 00 p m (i 26 p m
Lv Augusta 11 ?50 a m fi 00 a m
Ar Boaufort fi 06 p in 6 25 p m
Kv Port Royal fi '20 p in 6 45 p in
Ar Charleston fi 00 p in
Kt Savannah 7 00 p m
Ar Jacksonville 8 56 a m
Lv Jacksonville 7 20 p ni
Lv Savannah 7 30 a m
Lv Charleston 7 35 a m
Lv Port Royal 8 10 a m 5 15 a m
Lv Bcnufort 8 22 a m 5 31 a m
Ar Augusta 2 00 p m 6 20 p m
Connections nt Croon wood to and
'rom points on Columbia and Grcon
. ide Railroad. At Spartanburg with
Asheville A Spartanburg R. H., A. Sc
J. Air-Lino for points North. At
Augusta with G iorgia, South Carolina
ind Central Roads.
Tickets on salo at I .aureus to all
Klints at through rates. Baggage
ihecked to destination.
J. N. Baas, Supt., Augusta, Ga.
Can always bo found a full lino
ojipjerv ^vi>?ri> i
At lower prices than at any other 1
is all ruado to ordor. is lighter rum
of work gonernlly sold as standard V
Uno of Fine Family
Carriages, Phrett
Just recoived, another shipment of
upon special orders by tho best mani
lng used In tho construction of those
quality, stylo and finish, aro unequal
In stock a full lino of
All grades, which I will ofter at lo\
known In tho history of tho busincsi
Plantation Wagons, all sizes. Oak and
Findings, Carnage and Wagon Mate
superior quality, Rubber and Leather
Uuns, Shells, Powder, Shot, Tablo a
makes, Nails, Ax's, Hoes, Picks and
Steelyards end Scale Beams, Grim
Tools, Files, Hiuges, Window Sash, L
Bolls, which I am ottering at lowest t
(Successor to lt. IT. May <fc Co.,) at
road Hank, 704 Broad street.
Oiler to the public at large, the largest
mers, Montaignnc.s, Boiver?, Worsted*
These will bc made up into Suits, Ovi
Unprecedented in thisor any other mai
est trimmings, ns well as Lowest ol I'r
Sole Agent for Dunlap, Knox, You rr
Also, a thoroughly complete line ol 1
lars and Cud's, IIniidkcrchiefs, Umbrel
best stock of Shirts in the city. The I
Thc choicest stock of Overcoats in tl
Wedding outfits a specialty, and sati
All of the above are offered to the pi
Tailor, Ha
Steam, Marble ?
Home & Eastern G
529 Broad St.. Ne
Tilti CM IS A Pl sr CAI
Stock Larger, Prices I.
Carrots ami House Furnishing <; i ils.
?Hs, S fly ami Ingrain Carpets, Rugs, v
Wall Pap TS, Borders, LacoCurtHO ?. Cc
tings, Upholstery, Chromos. ?T*Wrlte
,1 A M
Mar. 17. lRS?.-15
JOHN' 0. II ASK ill., H. U. DIAL,
Columbia, S. c. Lauren*) 8. C.
DFPICK- Fleming's Corner, Northwest
side of Public Square.
Office over W. II. Garrett's Store.
,V. 0, BEN KT, V. P. M (IOWAN,
Abbeville. Laurens.
LAURENS 0. IL, 9. C.
LAURENS C. H., 8. C.
Dr. W. H. BALL.
3ffico days-Mondays and Tuesdays.
- AMO -
201 Vine Street, CINCINNATI, 0.
Th? typo tined on thia payer wa* cs<* ty UM
of Med lum and Oheapor Grades of
?ouso this side ol' Cincinnati. This work
ling and butter tlnisiiod than the class
'chicle?. But I have just received a lull
ma and Cabriolets !
those Fino Opon and Top Buggies,ruado
ifacturers North and East. Nothing be?
Vehicles hat tho best materials, and lu
lcd by any others now In tho market.
vcr prices Chun have ever boforo boen
i. Milburn, Studebaker and Standard
1 Hemlock Bole Leather, Calf Ski ns,Shoo
srials, Harness Leather, Belt Lacing of
Belting. Also, a full linc of
nd rocket Callory, Plow Points for all
Mattocks. Pitchforks, Shovels, Spades,
lstoncs, Bakes, Padlocks, Carpenters'
) mrs and Blinds, Farm and Church
:ash prices.
che Old Stand, opposite Georgia Ball
anti handsomest stock of Cloths, Cassi
:, Meltons, etc , ever brought South,
?..renais, Trousers and Vests, at Prices
rkct. Perfection in fit, and handsom?
ices pim 11 he oar motto,
mn's and oilier celebrated Hats.
Underwear, Neckwear, Suspenders, Col
las, and undoubtedly the cheapest and
best S 1.00 Shirt in thc market.
ie market-oar own make,
isfaction guaranteed.
.1 bl ie, and tho prices guaranteed.
Her and Furnisher, 7IS Broad Street.
i Granite Works,
a all kind3 of
ranite Monuments,
tar Lower Market,
KPH Tri L.N (>H >iW\ A?
iOH'cr '. Int ti Ut ?r i .. fore,
tho htrjg.U S . ?.'? S oh. M -qa . Bru*,
lat* and Crumb Cloth*, Wi ' >?? .'.. ? .?
irnh'etnu'.Poles, C?ai inndC'iua ; M.? .
for entup? .- un I > r <. w,
IKS C.. HAILI K ? S 'N'S Ag n ,
714 li . . s i u?.-u*i ?. CT.
By buying your Drugs and Medicines,
Fine Colognes, Paner and Envelopes,
Memorandum BOOKS, Paco Powders,
Tooth Powders, Hair Brushes, Shav
ing Brushes, Whisk Brushes, Blacking
brushes, blacking, Toilet and Laun
dry Soaps, Tea, Spice, Pepper, Ginger,
Lamps and Lanterns, Cigars, Tobacco
and Sn ll fl", Diamond Dye?, and other
articles too numerous to mention, at
Abo, Pure Wines and Liquors, for
medical purposes.
No trouble, to show goods.
Laurens C. H., S. C.
August ?, 1885. 1 ly
Pelot & Cole,
628 Broad Street,
Pictures mado in any Kind of weather
by the
Instantaneous Process.
Special attention given to copying
.nd enlarging Photograph*.

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