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mMUmmW?????mmmmwg?mwmmwmmm~M-m*mmmmmmmmmm---^-.-.- .- ........ . ' ._[_
jpi 1 1 ' . i.n. sm i _j jj m.u. [W. ;L- _. ?j . ... . __
VOL. ?. LAUKENS C. H., 8. C., WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 13, 1880. NO. 24.
i iii ?uni Death.
There ls danolng lind drinking and lani*liter
niel snap,
Hut tho bnno tu tin? oradlo smiles not with tho
tim.II:- ;
There lt* Bllunt lan., utlng mid nmows hot
tea r.
But a ??milo wreaths thc tn co of tho dead <>n
th- blerj
Why lho (junco h r n birth? Why the tenr fur
a deuth?
There'd thc punting or woo in an Infant's first
brent h,
Min kllOW net tho limos for their Mutlos or
their tears,
When |f I tm li>,:,e wonhl liio.'in tho air wares
with tl - . ?.eon?.
A da v ls a liri ? ? nw-what 1? death but a nicoli?
\\ hen pion <!o?... o'er ttio wino oup 'tl? treach
erous ami (JcO|>,
True hato I? b?*ol ? I unco-FOO not the content
Or tim thron? ulngiug songs through a lifo
Hmo iltapent.
They rise MU IT from oouohea or down In tho
And blush .-<? ?.no swoal-ilriips of toll that
Boarcoly Ci:o.rn ls tho wall or tho tubo at Its
1\ line -> ,va|io loin Of OgO Uy bo laid 111 tho
V-.rn tho road of thin lifo ilotuh ia only n
? pim.
hrom tho bato to tho Ind und tho hui to tho
Trou) proud manhood to ago and from UKO to
t li?' lion tve,
Vroni tho baptism's sprinkle to funeral ob
*> ! som W'K tho Blani|> on tho brow of tho
Hut tho r set in graveyards nocd no DU nish*
lng thord
on slow funerals le fixed tho palo infant's
Dut Urti ojci rtho dead socs cu rnltv hinze
Why, lin n, sinl ?. ltira lilith, iiinl why WOOD
fur n tomb?
Why tho loi o i in tho sunlight? Why doned
eyes in thc ?. Im m?
While ihc . ii., lound my oradlo 1 smite nt
their t.iets;
None know tb > ti uo good I nt tho kingdom of
u hopis,
flow empty to jo\ ?vcr ono born io dlol
For enc dyne, for life, oh, liow empty tho
Kil ll
Sin n one In lit CIIU80 for nnurs Sorrows and
Not tho <. ii mn tho danoo, hut'tis vii ino
thal ylii'i'i ?,
When my lime l-l a I bttVo come, and Death
s'a:' * at my Side,
And a c. (Du lu I. ci vi i my streagth mid my
Huvo da du? mu? drinking und laughing and
H- ll?.'
A6 ?ho ti. uttcd my birth bonnay e< Din along.
- hit i, n w imams.
bJMnrr/r.^i ?matamn
Thdrb is n lonely mill, closo beside
tho little hamml ot Udorf, near the
Rhluu shore, hui ween tho villagos of
H?ntel and Ursel, on thu lett bunk be
low Bonn. Tula mill is said to iii.ve
been lim scene ot tim following story:
lt was on u Sunday morning', "ages
long ago, thal tim miller ot inls mill,
and his whole family, went forth to
hear tho holy nines nt the nearest
Church, in Ibo Village of Hersel. The
mill, which wm uiso his rosidonuo,
was lett in ohurgo ol a sorvaut-girl
named llunuchen, or Jenny, ii stout*
hearted lass, who hail long Iii ed with
hun in that Oitpncily. Au infant child,
of nu noe until for church, was left iu
ber charge likewise.
Tho girl was busily om ploy od in prc
1luring dinner for thu return of
UH* muster and bia family, when who
should enter ul! of a .sudden hut au old
.WOOtllOUrl of Lo; s named Heinrich
Bottulor. Ho waa an idle, graceless
fellow, whom the milier liad torbiddon
his house, bul whom .lenny, willi tho
amiable perversity peculiar tu her sex,
only liked, pul'hups, all tho better be
cause Others gave him no countenance.
Siiu was glad lo see bim, and shu told
him so, loo; un.i although in the midst
of her work, ulm not only got him
something io e.ii ut onco, but also
foti ti .1 time to sit down wait him aud
have u gossip, whoo jiu dispatched thu
food she sui before bim. As he ate,
however, bu lot fad his kniio.
.T'ick that up, my lass," said ho, in
a joking way t" tho guod-naiured girl.
"N'a_\, Heinrich,11 sbo ropllod, "your
back should in* moresuppio dian mine,
for you lin vu loss work luiuako ii still".
1 labor an dav loug, and you do
nothing. Hu :, never mindi 'twould
go harn wini me ntl 1 refuged lo do
mole Ulan that lui'you, bad though
you be."
Tills was spoken bali sportively, nnd
half in good caine-.:; tor, kindhearted
us Hie gu i wilsi m.ii much us .-.he liked
tho scapegrace, she noa too honest
and ind lift 11 ions hursulf to oncoui'?go or
approve of idlonosa and a suspicious
.course of life in anyone else, howover
dear to hor. Sue stooped down, ao
.cordingly, to pick up the knife. As
?ho was in tho act ol rising, however,
tho treacherous villain droW a dagger
from under ??is oor.t, and caught her
hy tim nape of ibo neck, gripping her
throat firmly, with bis lingera,to pro?
veal ber sot eil ming the while.
"Now, lass," he said, swearing out
lt bad Orttl? at tho ?ame tune, "where
is your master's money? I'll have
that or your Iii??; BO lake your choice."
Tho terrill ?l giri would fain have
parleyed wini the i lillian, but ho would
hour nothing -do could say.
"Your maxtor's monoy or your life,
lass!" was all tho answer lin vouch?
sated to her entreaties and adjurations.
'.Ci?i?se ?I once." was the only al
ternative hu ofJbrod her; "tho ?:ravo or
th? gpld!"
Shu saw that there was no hopo of
morey at Ills hands; and, as she saw
it, bur native resolution awoko in hor
bosom. Like tho generality of hor
sox, she was timid al trilles; a scratch
waa a subject of fear to her; a drop ol
blood caused her to faint; an unwont
ed sound lilied her soul with foar in
tho night. Bul when lier onergies
vrero aroused by an adequate cause,
?he proved, as her sox has ever dono,
that in courago, iu endurance, in pros
asnee of muid, and in resources for
.very emergency, sbo far surpassed
tho bravest and coolest man.
..Well, well, Heinrich!" she said, re
signedly, "What is tat*be, roust bo.
But if you uko tho money. I shall eren
goalong with ye. This will bono
homo for ino any nunc. Ilutoaso your
grip of my neck a bale-don't squoo/.o
HO iiard; l can't move, you hug nie no
tight. And if I can't ..tir, you can't
Set the money, timi's clear, yon know,
iosidos, time presses; and if it bo
done at all, it must be dono quiokly,
as tho household will shortly bu back
from Hor.-ol."
Tho indian relaxed bli grip and du
ally lot go his ?mid. lier reasons were
all cogout with his cupidity.
"t.'oroo," ?ho said; "qu?okl quick!
no delay. Tuc money is iu inastor'a
Sho tripped upstairs, gally as ti ?ark;
ho followod closely nt bur heels. She
led tho way Into her mailer's bedroom,
and pointed out tho coffer in which his
monoy WM scoured.
"Hurv," sho said, roaching him an
wincn lay in u corner 01 tnu room,
"this will wronch it opon at onco; ami
while you aro tying it up, 1 shall jnsi
slop upstairs to my own upnrtiuoiit,
anti got a low things ready for our
Hight, ns woll as my own little saviugs
for tho last livo yours."
Tho ru illa ti wus thrown off his guard
by bur opounoss and apparent uiixioty
to accompany bini. Liko all egotists,
Im deceived himself, when self-deceit
was most certain to ho bis destruction.
"Go lass," was all ho said; "but bo
not loug. This job will be douo in a
Shu disappeared ut tho words. Ho
immediately bioko opou tho cheat, and
was soon engaged in rummaging its
A* ho was thus employed, however?
nb jobbed in tho contemplation ot Iiis
prey, and oagorly occupied in securiug
it on his person, the bruvc-Uourtud girl
stole dowu tho stairs ou tip-too. Creep
ing softly ulong tho passages, she
speedily gainod tho door of tito chain
ber unseen by bim, and likewise un
heard. It wu's but tho work ot a uio
uiout for her to turu thu key in thu
wards ami lock him in. 'i bis doue,
sho rushed iorth lo me outer door o?
tim mill and gave tho alarm.
.?FlyI fly!" soo shrieked to tho child,
her master's little boy, ali infant live
years old, tho only onu within sight or
sound o? lier. "Hy! fly lo father! fly
on your btu! Toll him we snail nil bu
murdered au ho busto not back! Ft)!
Tho child, who was at play boforo
thu door, at onco obeyed tito energetic
command of tho brave girl, ami sped
as last as his tiny logs could carry bini
ou tho road by Which ho know his par
ents woiil.i roiurii from church. Haini
chen cheered him onward, and inspir
ed his little heart as lie ran.
'.BlOSS thee, boy! bless thee!" she
exclaimed, in tho gladness of her
heart; "an master arrives in timo, I
will oller up a taper on tho altar of
our blessed Lady of tho Kruutzborg,
hy Bonn."
She sat down on Ibo stans Hooch hy
tho mill door to enso her over-excited
spirits; ami bho wept, as ?lin sat. al
thu thoughts ol' her n ippy deliver
n nc".
"Thank Cod!" siio ejaculated,
.?thank God for this esau pe. Ohl tho
deadly villain! amt 1 .so fond ot him
A shrill whistle from tito grated win
dow ot tho chamber in willoh she. and
shut the millan Heinrich, caught hut'
ear, and mudo bur start ut onco to her
..Di?therl 1).ether!" sho heard him
shout, "catch thu child, and como
hillier! 1 am fast. Como hither!
Bring tho boy here, and kid tho girl!"
Shu glanced hastily up al tho case
ment from willoh ibo imprisoned vil
lain's hoad beckouod to sumo ono in
tiie distaucc, and thou looked anxious
ly alter her infaut emissary. Tho little
messunger hold ou his way unharmed,
however; and sho Ihought to herself
that tho alarm wus a falso ono, raisod
to oxcilo bur fears, and ovorcomo her
resolution. Just, ho wovor, as tho
child roached a hollow .-.put in Ibo next
held-thu channul of a natural drain,
thou dry with thu heats of sunnnor
sho saw auot her rutilan start up from
tho bod of the drain, and catching him
in his arms, hasten toward tho mill, in
accordanco with the directions of his
accomplice. In a moment she per
ceived her danger, and iu a moment
moro she formed her futuro plan of
proccoding. Ruireatiug into tho mill,
shu doubly lockud aud bolted tho door
- tho OUly appuient entrance to tho
ed dice, ovory other means ot obvious
access to tho interior being barred by
moans of strong iron gratings ilxod
agaiust all tho windows; und thou
took her post ut au upper casement,
ti' terminen' lo await patiently either
lier niastor's roturu, und bor couso
qucut delivery from that dangerous
position, or ber own death, it it wore
"Nevor," said sho to horsolf, "nevor
shall I leave, my nnutor's house a prey
to such villains,-or permit his property
to bo carried otT boforo my oyo* by
them, while I have life and strength
to def,-nd it."
Shu hud baroly tiino to socuro hor
solf within, wiic u Ibo ru Iii an from with
out, holding tho haploss child in one
hand, and a loug sharp knife in the
otiior, assailed the door with kicks,
and cursos, und imprecations of the
most dreadful character.
"Confound theo!" ho cried, apply
ing Ibo luulest epithets of which thc
freo-upoakhig Teutonic languages are
so copious; "opon the door, or I'll
break ii in on yo!"
"li you can, you may," was all the
noble girl replied. "Cod is grealoi
than you, and iu him I put my trust."
"Cut the brat's thro.a!" roared the
imprisoned murin above; "that will
bring her to reason."
stouthearted as poor Hannohoii
was, sho quailod at this cruel sugges
tion. For a moment ber resolution
wavered; but it was only for a mo
ment, sim saw that her own deutti
was certain if sho admitted tho assuil
ant, aud she kuow that ber mastoi
would be robbed. She bad no reasor
to hopo that even tho life ot the in
funt would bo spared by ber oompli
anco, lt was to risk all against noth
lug. Like a disereot girl, she cousu
quently held fast in her resolve te
abide as she ?as while life remained,
or until assistance could reach her.
"An ye open not the door," shontec
the villain from without? accompany
lag his words with the vllost abuse,
and the fiercest impr?cations, "I'll
hack this whelp's limbs to piooos wltl
my knife, and then burn tho mill ovoi
your hoad. 'Twill bo u morry bia:..), J
"1 put my trust lu God," replied tin
llannilo* i girl; "nevor shall yo set fool
within these walls whilst I huvo life t<
prevent yo."
The nullan laid the infant for a mo
ment on tho sward as ho sought a bou I
for combustibles wherewith to o vent?
lils latter throat. In lois search he es
pied, perhaps, tho only possible elan
destine entrance to tho building. Il
was a largo aperture in the wall, com
iniii ii-ding with Hie groat wheel and
tho other machinery ot tho mill, and
was a point entirely uupiotceiod, foi
the roasou that tim simple occupant*,
had nover snpoosed lt feasible for uti)
one to soek admission through such i
dangerous inlot. Flated with his dis
covory, thc nilli in roto rood to t ito in
fant, and, tying Iii? il audi and feet of
tho liulc innocent, .throw it on tito
{[found oven us a luncher will liing a
anib destined for tho slaughter, to
await ins tinto for slaving. Ho thou
stole back to thc aperture, by which
ho hoped to elle et. nu entrance All
this was unseen by tin* dauntless girl
In thu moan ti ino lier mind was bus
ied with a thousand cogitations, Sho
clearly perceived that no means wo dd
bo lott untried tu effect au entrance,
and she knew that on Hie exclusion of
hot* foo depeudod her own existence.
A thought Strock her.
"it is Sunday," .she said to herself;
"tho mill never work* on tho Sabbath]
suppose 1 set lt agu? Hg no wP lt can bo
soon afar oil"; and haply my master, or
some of Ills neighbors, wondering at
thu Bight, may hasten hither to know
tho causo. A inc y thought, she ex
claimed; "tis (inti Ul il to me!"
No sooner said :tu ..one. Doing all
her lifo accustom*, ' J mill-gear, it was
but the woi ;? of a moment for her to
set the machinery in motion. A brisk
breeze Which sprang up, as il wore by
a special interposition ot' Providence,
at once set tue sails Hying. The arms
of tin: litigo engine whirled round with
fearful rapidity; the great who';! "'"
ly revolved ou iii axle; tho smaller
gear turned, anil creaked, and groan
ed, according as they cann' into action;
Hie mid was ;u full operation.
ll was al that very instant thal Ibo
ru iii a ti DioUior had succodud in
squeezing himself through tho uport
Ure in tito Wall, and gelling safely
lodged in tho inleti?r of the great
drum-wheel. J1 is dismay, however,
was itldoser'tb tble when lie began to be
whirled about with its rotation, and
found that ail his offerts lo pul a slop
to the power/ill machinery winch sci il
in motion, or lo extricate himself Mom
Iiis perilous situation, worn fruilloss.
His cries wen; most appalling; Iiis
MU.oks woro indy leitrim; ins curses
and imprecations were horrible to hear.
Hauuoiiau hastened lo tue snot, stud
saw nun cangai, litte lim reptile as bo
was, in his own trap. Il need not do
added thal sue di l liol liberale him.
Silo knew thal hu Would ne .nore
frightened than hurt, ii he kept wit lt in
his rotator)- prison; and shu know, ul?
so, Hitit unless he attempted to escape,
Uluru was no daugol' ot los tithing oui
ot it, ? ven though he woro insensible
and inanimate ?di ihn while. In tho
meantime, Um wheui went round and
round wan ?ts steady, unceasing mo
tion; ?iud round and round Weilt lue
ruffian along willi il, steadily and un
ceasingly, too. lu vain did hu pru tu iso
the stout-hem iud girl to work her no
harm; in vain did he implore her pity
on hrs hapless condition; in vain did
hu pray to all thu powers of heaven,
amt adjure all the powers of darkness
to his auk Shu would not hoar nor
heed bim; and, unheard and Uti heeded
O? tuoiU likewise, muttering curses, he
was whirled round aud round in ibu
Untiring wheel, until at last feeling
and perception faned him, and Itu saw
aud hoard no more. Ho fell sense
loss on tho bonum of thu eugine, but
uvou then his luauiuiate body contin
ued lo bo whirled round, ami round,
aud round, as before; inn bravo girl
uot daring to trust to appearances iu
connection with such a vfilaiu, and be
ing, therefore, afraid lo suspend tiio
working of ibo machinery, or stop tho
mill-gear and tackle from running at
their lullest spocd.
A loud knuckin;; at tho door was
shortly after heard, and shu hastened
thither, lt wits her master and his
family, accompanied by several of
their neighbors. Tho unaccustomed
appeal ance of tho mill-sails ill full
swing on tho Sunday, had, as sho an
ticipated, attractod their attention,
and they lind hastened homo from
church for tho purpose of ascertaining
tho cntiso of thu phenomenon. Tho
father boro his littlo boy in Iiis arms;
ho had cut the cords wherewith tho
child was tied, but was uiiablo to ob
tain any account of tho extraordinary
circumstances that had occurred from
tho affrighted innocent.
Hainichen, in a few words, told all;
and then Hie spirit which had sustain
ed her so long and so woll while the
cmorgency lasted, forsook her at once
as it passed away. Shu fell senseless
into tho arms of tho miller's oldest son,
und was willi great dillicully recov
Tho machinery of the mill was at
once stopped, and tho iuauimato ruf
fian dragged forth from tho great
wheel. Tho other ruffian was brought
dowu from lils prison, bot li were
He n bound, and sent oil'to Donn nu
der a strong escort; and, in due course,
came under tho hands of tho oxocu
lt was not lon? till llannciien he
camo a brido. Tho bridegroom was
the miller's son, who hud loved her
long and woll, bul with a passion pre
viously unrequited. They lived thence
forward happily togoihor for many
years, and died at a good old ago, sur
rounded by a flourishing family. To
the last hour of lier life, this bravo?
hearted woman would shuddor as she
told tho tale of horMangor, and her
What tho Htitr Toll*.
Proctor considers it a mistako to re
gard the new star iu tho Andromeda
nebula as supporting ibo nebular hy
pothesis of Laplace, as that celebrated
guess at wm Id-origins oalls only for
changes in nebulous matter so slow as
lo be imperceptible. Tho roal truth
taught by tho sudden bursting forth of
tlds star is that the Andromeda nebu
la is not, as many astronomers sup
pose, a vast galaxy of brilliant suns so
di .tant ns not to bo resolvable by the
most powerful telescopes, but that it is
simply a star-cloud forming a part of
our own galaxy or universe. And what
is truo of tho Andromeda nebula is
probably so of others, so that it may
be concluded that none of tho nebulas
or star- clouds are external to our own
galaxy, and that the othor galaxies of
which so much has boon written do not
Among tho Sioux Indians <t is the
custom that when st borrowed kettle is
returned sumo of tho food that has
boen cooked in it bo loft l:i tho bottom,
i'boso who .disregard tho custom can
aovor borrow again.
A < i ii ?rism of Cleveland's Criticism of
Certain Loud inj: Newspapers.
{bram the Charlotte Observer.)
A few days ugo thc President wrote
a iel ter to Mr. Keppler, ono of the
editors of I lie New York Puck, in
which lie took occasion to say that thc
newspaper of tho present day was
wilfully mendacious.
Thc denial of thc assertion is being
hurled hack into Mr. Cleveland's teeth
from a thousand presses, from Maine
to Mexico.
It was an unfortunate expression for
the President to use if he really meant
Wayland, in his Moral Philosophy,
asserts thal there is much more truth
in the world titan falsehood.
In tlie everyday newspaper there are
a thousand truths, where there is one
Indeed, SH a rule, editors, correspon
dents and reporter? endeavor to get
facts and publish truths.
A newspaper writer who would do
anything else ought to bc, and would
he, kicked out of thc editorial room of
any respectable newspaper.
Wc do not know what Mr. Keppler
did, nor tlo wc care, that culled forth
the caustic letter from Mr. Cleveland,
We only know that Mr. Cleveland
has gene out of bis way to assail Hie
whole press of the United Stales.
He is Hie last mun in thc country
who ought to do anything of Hie kind.
Thc newspapers made him Governor
of New Y'ork, and
Thc newspapers made him Presiden'
of Hie United States.
The cartoons, of even Puck, were
largely instrumental in determining
tile final result which placed Mr.
Cleveland in thc Whim House.
Au election alwavs is, or ought lo
bc, an expression of popular sov
ereignly, and popular sovereignty in
America is but an expression ot pop
ular opinion.
A political election in this country is
therefore, when successful, a regis
tered minority of thc. voters who have
deliberately come to conchuuons as to
men and principles, as they arc pre
sented by tlic press.
Wc well remember* when nearly two
years asro the managing editor of thc
Observer wrote down inc names of
about fifteen gent leinen who were at
that lime regarded as probable candi
dates of the Democratic party tor the
Thc merits and demerits of each
name was discussed and name after
name was scratched from the lisl.
The name of Grover Cleveland re
Ile was unknown to Hie public.
Ile bad been sherill' of Erie county,
lie had been mayor of Buffalo, and
Ile was the Governor of New York.
There are three thousand sheriffs in
Hie United Stales.
There arc several thousand more
mayors, ami
'l here are thirty-eight Governors of
States in this country, and there was
little belter reason for nominating
Grover Cleveland, because ho had
been sherill", anti mayor and was then
sitting Governor, per sc, than any of
tlie six thousand other officials to
Which we have referred.
lint tho Democratic newspapers
thought WO could win w ith Cleveland
ut thc head of thu ticket, and they
went to work and put him Hiere.
Tim politicians fought and kicked,
but Hie press won, as it always docs.
Mr. Cleveland was nominated, and
Mr. Cleveland was elected.
Ile was made a candidate hy the
newspapers, and
Ile was made President by the news
When Mr. Cleveland goes to sling
ing his caustic irony around ho ought
to remember that "whom the gods
would destroy they would tlrst make
made," and that under tho new dis
peusatioil while the old Roman myth
ology lias been relegated lo tho shapes
of thc past, thc newspapers ot the
United Stales arc even moro powerful
than tho "destroying" gods two thou
sand years ago.
Tho Kindly Comments of n Lending North
ern Newspaper.
Tho New fork World recently pub
lished a very complimentary notice of
Senator lintier, of South Carolina,
Which will he read with pleasure by
every South Carolinian. Tho World
Senator M. c. Butler is certain to
bOCOine very prominent in tho debates
of tlie next two or three years. Ho is
uno of the ablest ami clearest-headed
men on thc Democratic side. Ile has
never taken very much part in tho
debates, but yet has spoken often
enough to show that ho has unusual
powers as a debater, while he has that
uggrc9?ivo quality and steady courago
which arc so necessary to make a suc
cessful leatlcr. Ho is very quiet and
gentle in his manners. Ho is one of
the best bred mon in tho Senate. Ho
would never begin a quarrel, but
would bo the last man in tho world lo
mu away from one. He has had a
number of very sharp tilts with Sena
tor Edmonds in tlie executive sessions
rf the Senate. It is said of him that
tie has held his own very well against
the tavage thrusts of th? keen-witted
Vermonter. The Senatoria very near
ly fifty years old. Ile waa educated
is a lawyer. Ho lost a leg in the war
>f tho Rebellion, whero he roso to tho
rank of a major-general in tho Con
federate army. Ho was ono of tho
earliest of tho Southorn men to accopt
the results of tho war, and has always
iron a consorvativo. Ho was ono of
thc few whito Democrats in South
karolina who opposed tho Illaok Codo,
which bis Sfato Legislature adopted
loon after it was readmitted to tho
Union. Ho lias always been a peace
maker between tho warlike factions of
Ids siaie. Through partisan misroprc
loutation for a time ho was made to
ipper ? in tho North aa a leader of tho
whites nt thc Hamburg massacre. Yet
it was dearly shown afterwards that
tio wont there only after tho fighting
began and in tho interests of peace.
Through his : ^rsonal efforts alone, a
treat many h i<ocent lives wore saved.
Facta of Interest, ?notieren from Various
-Tho Charleston cotton need oil mill
has suspended operations.
-A licavy fall of snow in England
has delayed railway Hains.
- Miss Kate Bushardt, of Peak's,
had her ann broken by a vicious cow.
-I). If. Day, ;> well known cili/.en
of Atlanta, was killed by a passing
train last week.
- Five-sixth of tho [fish people, a<:
cording to Herbert Gladstone, aro fol
lowers ol' Parnell.
-The failures for las! week were
336-i bc largest airgregato in any week
since January, 1886.
-Thc Richmond Whiff has been
bought by a company, and will be pub
lished us a Democratic organ.
-A tire in Mobile, Ala., on Friday
night destroyed $160,000 worth of
property. Insurance $110,000.
-Tho postoffico at Jucksousonham,
Lancaster county, was recently robbed
of several dollars in molloy ami a quan
tity of stamps.
-At Jackson, Miss., tho Domocratic
caucus last week nominated Messrs.
Walthal and Gcol'gO for re-election as
United States Senators.
- (Jen. Jubal A. Eill'ly is described
as a man ol venerable appearance, bis
long, white beard reaching to his waist
ami Ins Inuit llguro indicating tho rapid
advance of extreme old age.
- It is pretty clear thal thc Irish
question is still far from a satisfactory
solution, i otwitlistaudiuu1 the sanguine
anticipations in which Mr. Parnell natl
his lieutenants have been indulging.
- Thc Legislature having made pro
vision for tho new juli in Lexington,
and part of tho necessary funds being
already collected, tho county commis
Bioners will take carly steps to erec t
tho building.
-The Virginia Hollie of Delegates
has appointed a committee to inquire
into (bc COM of building a new M ne
House. It i-? proposed thal Ibis bulbi
ng shall be of granite, quarried in Vir
ginia by convicts.
- A Bixtcer vear-old girl, hlghlv es
teemed in thu Creole circles of New
Orleans, sank down demi while waltz
ing on Saturday evening ai a reception
in thai city. She hail previously been
in apparently tine health.
-The ( i al veston NeWS calls attention
to thc tact that willie tributos lo (lie
memory ol "Boh" Toomba have plen
tifully come from all parts of tho coun
try, none has been dated from Beau
voir, Miss., tho homo of Jcflbl'SOII
-Thc salary of the Fren-h President
Is $P20,000 a yetta, With an additional
$60,000 for household expenses, mak
ing a total of $180,000. M. Grovy,
Who has jllSI been re-elected for a term
ol' seven years, is now seventy-two
yeat s old.
- Ice men along lin? Konncbcc and
Ponobscot [livers are preparing to
gather this winter's crop, ll' ali tho
Maine houses now empty be tilled, it
is said tim crop will be tin; largest ever
gathered in that section -footing up
far above 1,000,000 tons.
- A petition for Hie pardon ol'Sher
man Walk up, colored, of Lu n cast cr,
was recently golton up for presentation
to the Governor, but on conferring
with, the superintendent of the peni
tentiary il was lound t hal the convict
had been released by death.
- A cave-in occurred d Boston Run
near Mahoney eily, Pa., last week, and
:l block of houses went down out ol'
sight. Thc families living in the houses
made a narrow escape. At hist ac
counts thc surface was still caving, and
live more blocks were expected to go
- Friday last, January S, was
"Creole. Day" al tho New Orleans im
position. The ceremonies of the day
included everything representative of
tho Creoles, Bpceelics by prominent
Creole gentlemen, and vocal and in
strumental music by tho best Creole
mu noians.
- Miss Sarah Althea Hill, plaintiff
in thc celebrated Shui'Oll divorce case,
was married last l'luirsday morning to
David T, 'ferry, ex-Chid Justice of
the Supremo Court of California and
Miss ll il l's leading conns i. Mr. Torry
is known in ceuncctioi, .villi his duel
with Senator Broderick, in which thc
latter was killed.
-In thc cattle convention lo bc belo
ibis month at Denver, Colorado, die
basis of ropi'Csnlntion requires that a
member must own 60,000 hoad of cattle
to secure a seat, 'flus occasions groat
dissatisfaction among the cattle men
with limited constituencies, who arc
Linn deprived of a voice in tho pro
ceedings and uro left out in the cold.
-A singular snit has been (locidod
JV a Sun Fr' cd SCOjustice, 'flic plain
ill', Oscar beldam, sued to recover
?2!l!) damages for contracting thc
Mun ber's itch" at the shaving saloon
d' Solomon Cohen. After hearing ?ho
cstiinony, Justice Burko said it was
loubtlul whether the disease was con,
racted at Cohen's place, and ho gavo
lim a verdict.
- A Richmond, Maine, Ibo sudd MI
told has caused the ice to jam and the
Hemleben River is full of iee from flvo
0 ten feet thick for from seven to ten
niles. There aro thirteen ico houses
hero with a capacity of 650,000 tons,
iud thousands of laboring mon de
>eiident upon the ico industries for
Itnploymont arc waiting anxiously for !
ho jam to bc broken.
tte dot Ills Title from SH,tell ami Minion.
RICHMOND, January ti.-Tho Clerk
if tho Virginia House of Delegates tins
v.orniug received a lotter from W.
1 reen, of Loudon, under tlatc of Dc
:embcr til, in which tho writer says:
.Do mo tho honor of Informing mo
vbat steps I ought lo tako to obtain
ho rel8Siio ot tho commission of hon
irary major granted mo towards tho
dose ol the Confed?ralo War bv
Messrs. Slidell and Mason, in COltsld
iration of tho invention of a projectile
or pei lo, and whether I may now claim
he further recognition ot tho rank in
he United States army." The Clerk
if the House will reply to Mr. Green
ind refer him to tho Stcvotnry of War
Can always bo found a full lino of Medium and Cheapor Grades of
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lino of Fino Family
Carriages, Phaetons and Cabriolets !
Just received, another shipment of those Fine Opon and Top Buggles,made
upon special orders by tho best, manufacturers North and East. Nothing be
ing used In tho construction of these Vehicles but tho best miterials, and in
quality, stylo ami finish, aro unequaled by any others now in the market*
In stock a full lino of
AU grades, which I will oller at lower pri?es than hive evor boforo boon
known lo tho history of tho business. Milburn, Studebaker and Standard
Plantation Wagons, all sizes. Oak and Hemlock Sole Leather,Calf Skins,Shoo
Findings, Carriage and Wagon Materials, Harness Leather, Belt Lacing of
superior quality, Rubber and Leather B siting. Also, a full line of
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Bells, which 1 am ottering at lowest cash prices.
A. is. (;??I)YI:AR, AQKNT,
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road Bank, 7<'l Broad s'reot.
DEST (J OO US ! I A ) \VP?S11 IMU O!
Oiler to thc public tit large, tho largest and handsomest stock of Cloths, Cassi
mcrs, Montaignocs, Beavers, Worsteds, Meltons, eic, ever brought South.
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Also, a thoroughly complete lincoi Underwear, Neckwear, Suspenders, Col
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The choicest stock of Overcoats in the market-our own make.
Wedding outfits a specialty,and satisfaction guaranteed.
All of the above are o ile rea to the public, and lh? prices guaranteed.
Tailor, Hatter and Furnisher, 71S Broad Street.
Manufacture all kinda ot
Home & Eastern Granite Monuments,
529 Broad St., Near Lower Market,
TU I?: cHUAPrsr CA ur i? r? LA G?U?IUIA
stock Larger, L'rlccs Lower luau liver Before*
Carrots and FIouso Furnishing G > ls. tho largo ? s r?ck Smth. Moquet, Bru?
els, ;} Ply and ingrain I !arpnts, Ru .:s. Mal * and < ?rumb (/lorin. Window S'iadrs
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tings. Upholstery, Chromos. ??y*Wrlte o,r pampl - ond i rices.
JAMES G, BA 11/EA S INS, Ag'ts.,
Mar. 17.18S5.-1? TM i' d S .. intrusts.Ga,
Columbia, S. C. Liiurciis, S. C.
A T T O K N E Y S A T L A W,
LAUKF.NS 0. M., s.e.
OFFICK- Fleming's ( lorncr, Northwest
side of Public Square
LAURENS 0. ll., S. <'.
Office over W. II. (Jarrett's Store
\\ . C. BKNKT,
r. V. M COWAN,
I .uiircns,
LAURKN8 C. H., ?. 0.
LAURENS C. fl., 8. C.
Dr. W. H. BALL,
?fiico days-Mondays ami TltO?dnyS.
- ANO -
Hy buying your Drugs and Medicines,
FillO Colognes, Taper and Envelopes,
Memorandum Books, Face Powders,
Tool h Powders, Hair Brushes, Shav
ing Brushes, Whisk Brushes, Blacking
Brushos, Blacking, Toilet and Laun
dry Soaps, Tea, Spice, Pepper, Ginger,
Lannis and Lanterns, Cigars, Tobacco
ami Snuff*, Diamond Dyes, and other
articles too numerous to mention, at
Also, Pure Wines and Liquors, for
medical purposes.
No trouble to show goods.
Hoped fully,
Laurens C. IL, S. 0.
August ?, 1885.
201 Vino Street,
Pelot & Cole,
628 Broad Street.
Pictures made in any kind of weather
by the
InatantaneouB Proeem.
Special attention given to copying
The type mwd on thu paper wn. orurt by the | ftnd en]nrg?n?r Photograph!
above townrtry.-KD.

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