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ll? I jr M. .Wi ^
NO. 3
My Oottage.
My <jottngoptnTul < upon n .'?.ntli> hill,
A mi ?? VI'^I'^T i1 '' /'">' ' v?W kwn,
Ann nt Its fool Innoea o Inn lilli?- rill
mS??S?Ki^ 5 '"'T'" th ' u i?mord.twni
Binding l's VOftUOt- hymn, icitnthow t
Ov.Tlliyl.MMlv il.?! V. ".." wooded PU'it,
ll?.- mynleuu fin:, i slowly io tho v.- .i
-"dork B?,W thr?bttm' ,! '? Ihrouff?the
Ovor my ootlflgo. in n tnnjdo rtotl,
?ii: i?i M 1 J,,">;"-">'- 'm l olcmtiMa
.Vllllll), lil.PIT JOItloilSOVOry litt lo nicho
Hiiijrswed blossoms t<> iii? broczo'M kWs:
Ann oil iii., / tho u il.i birds, winter-red,
? Wyrt>?olind *-in nnd uuinl . 'mid iho ti.
While th.- lin ?Askyitirk, lost ?;i bino o'orhcad.
? ours wuv?? ul mu to o'or ino sunny leas,
Ins:?]? tr.ii -**?f(a memory holds hoi* sway
In pic-.-,iI CM, Bi?C!ikliii?o?tho lovel nod lost!
In hool ?, ihc faithful Mond of <... ?.: -v dnvt
in ir (|o?. lovo ttnpitscd nt count I ? coe'ti
An 1.1 inpimr Timo it n*y dcllniice, HOUK
Mo. ..uns " Tho eui nt Hi;-, tho Uro grows
IV. undo both boan And baud have Borvod
110 lou r,
> ??ur oottngo claims my glamour, H-J or old."
-All tho V. ir Hound.
A Itlrtlidny Story.
surely moro blessed togivo than
?ab ronalvo. Arthur H decidedly not oj
tthul (.{.inion, i would give you his on?
dire n:uAi? sud tho mun? of hw fri? ntl,
tili.- gonnwd, hui you ... !' milly .? .>> wliy
li lind better omit tin m. Arthur ?a hhdi
|y d'woonton.Poor'Arthur!Tho g :?
eral and th? general's w,t1 i and Arthur
Sro us ninch ono an thu ling IN of tho
hand. Whoever sec?' ono Invariably
socs ono of th<'oilier two nlniosl in n; -
dintoly ?. M. c. But? by :? singular chano*?,
one seo* Ailinn-undi lo? general's wibi
togo! he, inoro frequently ||mn Arthur
and div ?vnernl. lt is ?vident thnt ono
must In n-"fortuno a little, und Ilion ?ho
will ?nni?ti upon one.
t The n.-ivrnl'.; wife is vs. Such n b .: u
tiftn ago! With her Intimato ... du?
tanrcs she answer.: (o tile charming
nama of Gnnovieve. Bbc hail served Iii . ?
yours in th.' greet tinny of married poo
plo boforo abo know Arthur. She was
married nt 20. Fi va nnd ihrco ere i Ighl.
Tho hi ! ihruo years may bo counted ns
spent in the reserve cori s. As lier birth
day was near at hand tim general took
his friend Arthur usido and .-;ii<! to him:
..My young friend, ii l .!.> nOI provt ni ii
you may purpotral i lim samo folly this
?ear thnt you tl d las! year, by ivnioin
eriiiir my wife In ii sonsi loss extrava
gant manner. That would bo highly
. disagreeable to mo. Wo are on too*
friendly terms for mo to hesitate lo speak
. my mind plainly IO you, aro wo not?
Last year you gnVo my wifo a ni agni I
, cent vase, sot with rubies, valued by
, connoisseurs al 2,600 francs,ai, thc least.
' Thal is loo much.1'
"lint my means warrant-"
. "SonioUiIng handsome, but not ex
.'J assure you-"
"A* an intimate fri. nd of tho hoilSO
WQuihairo a right to rctnombor u birth
?A?t.v with Hio usual conventional polite
, ???.?. ?lo 6onv sui lani i viii. 1 consent
*_ 'tuti killingly. Bul I ?ht not under
Btntid *46>xv , thal you should re*
pay toni.'****' the:Htilo tl in mrs and sup
pern von h. *w? reopiiVod at our house."
"And thc r*h'uln?W and nllootlonnto
eonsldoratlon th ,lt stfwmnd m In your
home! Doll;, v con '' '. ' , ,
"My il ar boy. ':< al * fe1T \
You would not wi. li to' p^>' '"r Hud I
But, In a word, 1 do nov wish 7011 to
spend mon' than 800 fr00< h?r ,liy
wife That is a responaihln nnvounb"
..Von pul mp in a very ? ml
position. Nothing respectn bio eun bs
bad for that nntotint. It is a bc;
"l>ah! 1 never spend moro f< r my v?s
tcr, and what la good enough for her
will do for my vi l?o.*'
.?Lui mo >'t> a-, hi ii a . C ' fra ucs at
"Five lum.bed thonP"
..No! No!"
"Four hundred and fiflj ?"
"Four hundred; (hut is th'' n'm< rt; ii
your ))rescni e<>da ?'.bi) i';?? tu 1 \%.!! re
itnrn lt. lilt costs 6C0 franca, 1 .!:;:!! l>o
isngry. li ii costs more than that, it will
ibo tho last of our fri ici bip."
* . .
Clcnovlcvo continually di?oovored new
; fallings hljior husband. Sho had 'eng
had a .cousecr n .; d si o t 1 008.H ! s a
boaut'fiil liltlo b>'ouzo candolabra that
cost 1,800 fran.*:. Indot d, her husband
carried his nw horlty a l t le too tja',
What rigid had boto m.uldlo with hor
private matt >??? I>.<1 sho trouble bor
self about tlc pa.VlUcnl of the soldiers
In tho brigade? No! Then why did ho
not ebsorvd a similar dis riitlon In re
gard to her nlYaU'H? Was olio not old
enough to d?oido what she should r?j
'. oolvo and whnl rofitso? On this ground
. sho paid no ait* ntlon, but dealt with ber
1 friend as if her httshaml had treated her
v wishes in thc nc isl congoUial spirit.
"J)o you romomber what I said to you
Yost year when you gave mo that ox?
?qulsfts JlttRVprrsontP 'Dear Arthur, you
CO beyond all n con.' Those VVoro my
very words, were tl., y not? I have i> ion
afraid von v.oiil.l repeal that folly, and
BO f have In vi. xv s?rtu thing more raod
o*t, tluttt you mlgh) pr soul u> mc if you
aro Inuit upon doing somcllnng."
..inls thoughifuinesa was entirely un?
jBOP4iS.'ary. ftlv ufleetion -"
..Your nft'ection jieetls no proof of that
"fictieviovo, <) fietievi. ve!
"Tell mo what you have in view."
"Well, my friend. Ofter l'>tig ti arch.
I found at last a little Candelabrum at
Barbizon's; a candelabrum, mind, and
il i* a superb piece. LoOlil XV. style.
And, Just think, it ?oats only 1.H?0
franos. You see my husband S inu r
fcreiieo wtis milice. sVi ry. iain ivason
ablc myself; but, if I do n<?t mr niko, the
gi-npral wont still further. Ho liwd tho
limit for you, did ho not?"
"Yea, 400 franc."
"That Is certainly modest, but moro
than enough."
Arthur declared ho would revolt
ngrinst the general's order, but she
would not hen- to it. However, ho held
to bb resolution In spite of lier oppo
sition. Rmillj they came lo an agree
ment, ft was M tiled that ho should send
the candelabrum to Ii in dear ( .. nevlcvo,
but should assert and maintain to the
'Mineral that lt did not cost omt 400
ffane*. A
. . .
When Attjair made his call of con
. gi at ni at ton oin the birthday of tlmipnor
al's w?f? ho wu angrily received by tho
Honer ul.
A ott acorn tu hove torgullett our re
cent conversation out!roly.41
"Why, what ls thu mutter, gonoral?"
"Ahl Ami thia oandelnbrumP11
"Well, whal of Itt Perhaps you don't
believe .This candelabrum diu not ctol
a sou over 400 lianes."
"Jl is as I teil yo;!, it cost mo trouble
enough, though,to ibid them; I - wore nt
yon not a little."
''impossible, whe/o-did y ou rake up
such ii fabulously cheap UiingP"
"At -bul il ls of no importance."
"ll ifl a pure curiosity- ?win roP1'
"Al Rill bi/.on's."
"And yot people soy Hint llarblzon is
thc doored) bion/.e?dcaler in Parie? Four
hundred francs? Incredible!"
"Von do liol doubl my words?"
"So little that within an hour I shall
order one like it nt Mnrbl&on's. For
four weeks 1.have nearly split my hoad
trying to think of something to bm for
my sister's christ* nlng ahhivoranry.'Now
I [nive it. Siio will dolo on tho candel
* * *
Arthur entered Ha.b'y.oh's breath?
"Slr, yesterday.morning you sold mo
a Louis XV. candelabrum for 1,800
fran (a. Do you remember mer"'
..Certainly, Herr liaron.11
"A gt ntl- ina:; i.. coining to you who
wishes to order one li!.* ll. rou mu 1
toll him that you have no more in tho
Bt< "e."
?impossible, sir; we have, three for
..How unfortunate! Pul listen. J
have tv request. Von must rim dor mc
n little service, A singular circum
stance, v, hl< h I have no tm 0 lo ? xplain,
compollcd UK lo declar?lo th person
thal tho caiutch.bruni bought :. iv cc 1
only 400 tropes."
.'And ha hdti ved lt?"
"Strong reasons you hoar-ver
strong reasons force ni . to conceal th
truth. If he wi h s a at nd lar camlet
nbruin tl> n?) charge hhn mom Ibm
'?10 lotti ; fl or: I will ptvy tho ili/VorOlcc.1
..That is Mit:, tai lory.11
. f." *
Ten minute.- lalor a gentleman cn
te: d I lio afoi'ti lind wished to buy 01c
of I': . thieu ? -ad -labra. Faithful to !?;.
agreement, Harbison a iked tildy Mit.
franca. The iltircha?' r look d' very
mneli astonish 'I- "Four !. m.'.-.vd francs!
Please send mc two.11 Rurbhtdn trem
bled at thlti unexpected double, ordur,
buihe. rumepili rod Arthur's anxiety,
and wrote down tho order in his book.
Fifteen inln;; :- lalor th s general cn
ter tithe shop ti h's;'-: r. "One ol
my frh nd-; bought a candelabrum
yon yesterday. I s lu you have moro ol
Ibo sumo kind. My friend told mo ha
paid 400 francs for it. ls that right?11
..Saporlot!" I hough I iii . dealer, '"I
have gol myself Into a nice lix. The
i HI rob asor who was jual ?tere was not thc
baron'.- man. So urie!, (he Worse for
han. 1 low could 1 know?"
"Ves. .s-r," turning to the gonoral af
ter his brief ninio'.o 11"Il is right.
The candelabrum costs 400 francs."
"Wonderful! Yt i v wonderful! Will
you huvo tho goodness to Scud one ol
thom to my sUtor? She will give you
h r add rc -."
"Yes,11 di . huly? much pleased,
"ami i will luke I ho other two with nie
into I ho e nm try."
"Tho other two, madamoP They aro
sohl," r. pill il ?le- Ihirbtxott.
"There ls no hurry. I have time, ll
you ci\h havo thom In flvo months it
will do. Hy that limo you eau got sonic
" ,\o wi h to present them to mn
fri; lids, Herr Ihiroizon,11 added tho gi li
erai. "Tho French industry must bo
encouraged. You cnn safely order five
or si v. 1 pledge mysulf lo tuko them.**
"lilli -Ut thal rate tho order stand;
BOV n t ami 'abra for th-' Herr Cen ral
and two for madame. Have I linde;-.
.-tomi you corr ctlvP11
"To make au even amount 1 will say
tciu'lmi1 makes only 4,000 francsl11
.? . .
* .?
Poor Arthur! Daring the following
woolf hu went back and forth botwo 11
lite geJlOr/rt'fl hotel and Rami/on's shoji
oftener than ever. Tho orders fa.'ly
poured down? Tho story cost him aol
h s than 35,000 franca,
l do noi know whether Gonevlevo's nf
feetlon was rt ally worth so much to hun
Ol' not.- Tra 11.ilaU dj/vni thc GcMlftnltU
Margaret 0.1'olk:
Modern surgery has achieved tl great
triumph In Germany. Eleven yoars a ro
Professor Nuasbaiim, Of Munich. t<>< li
charge of a boy M> malformed and erip
pied that bo was obliged 1?? craw l about
on all fours, Nine serious operations
were performed, four crooked bone.-,
wer?! broken, three stiff joints forcibly
exit tided, sever, ! sinews cut through
and ?ervos str< lohod. Weights wore
then attachtal lo Col'talll mus-les, and
by means of massage baths, ointments
and electricity so much progiv-s was
nuulo that in a few years the boy vf ai
able ?0 walk crec? with the aid of
crutches ami a special apparatus .liston
ed to Ids h.t. Subsequently ho was
al !" to throw away this apparatus anti
exchange lilsorut?hcs for a cane, and
to day ho ls ? healthy, Vigorous youth,
ablo to walk, danoo and ri lo On horse
back. _^_
'I'le French government, would like lc
give"tho anny the privilege Of wcarine
beards? but feels the noooesjtj of fh-*i
consulting several high militurv author
il ios, -.in tho opinions on tho subject art
contradictory. Meanwhile the prov
falls back ?IJ history, and linds that tin
conquerors of all ages were about equnllj
divided b: tween the shorn and unshorn
The great Mev'ean voit ano Popocnte
beti lias ju t been r.-measured nhu fount
tu bC 17.MUO fret above the nea. Tilt
crail ., wldcli Is completely ohsourct
within by sulphurous vapor, is abeu
t WO and one-half miles in circuit ant
l,00d h i t deep. Tim entire center o
tho top Of the mountain seems to b
solid sulphur. Width is dcpOSltCll at th
rate of a tan a day.
Stii rup-? of solid silver, silver |>onnur
and ornamenta w orth I hon antin of do]
lara may bo seen oh tho saddle of th
gaucho, thu mod ph timm mo oharoete
in the two Americas. Honie .'.-oldina 0
the. t i i b ns nun h as th . riders
aboii! -.vinMC iadf* rows of silver Jingk
Thc. gaucho shvi
paper, (1
eigarott" at foll gallop,
Tlio Description of tho I'racCMtjj of Mano,
faoturc of t il?- io Imitation Cicmt).
Tho workroom ol tito pearl-blower,
pays Sauztiy In his "Glass-Making in
All Ages,'' jusi Issued, i< mos! simple.
It is composed of a small Inhlo about a
yard in length, on willoh ia placed a
lamp with a largo wick. This lamp,
fed titi? ir with oil o;" lardi gives a long
jot of Hame blown by a pair ol hollows
under the table, which arc put in mo
tion with tho foot.
On (Iiis bible are placed tabes of hoi
low glass of two hinds some of com?
mon glass, which servo for thc manu?
facturo of common pearls; tho others, of
a slightly Iridescent lint approaching
opa', aro only employed for the liner
pearls, designated in commerce Oriental
poa via.
Tho si eis t of tho composition of ibis
latter ff]ass, due to ibo ?vs nrohcfl of M.
1'i rn ?ot, a < hemist who died a few
veal's air'), now oolongs to the lirra of
Vttlcx & Co.
The first material iv o r known, lot us
now sci lt lo Undi t - land by what, means
from il tube of hollow glass, in every
respect like those which children uso ns
pea-shoot< r?, liso malo rs fitiecoed, with
out using tiny mold, in making pearls ot
all sorts, from the Mo?! common to
llioso which In shape nnd opalescence
im?talo y rfootly t?o- ? ist splendid
pearls of tho Kast. (Thc only oxcop
lion to Ibis is for tito pearls called
Huted, winch nm : !.. dono in a mold.
As they are nov nd . ? fashion, we shall
Buy toothing mor? nh ut Ihcir muiufac
titiv, which b things moro to Ibo subject
of blown mid uiohh d ri ii ?sos,')
The blow r KI alud nt Ins labio has hts
lamp before hint . . tl ;t ins right hand
aro placed lui . ; uboiil .mc-third of
nu inch in dbi meter und <m? foot in
length, i i. . I . .!*.. .> . ol fm tube to ho
employed)) io;; n ci sarily in propor
tion loth i:y.i of th . pearls to bo made,
tho Iinji labor of thc blower is to draw
out tho tub -that ls to say, to increase
i's length by iliniin: thing it; thickness,
When !!?.' mbe ls made of tho size de
sired ho break'! it in fragments of from
four lo si;? luchos; afterward he takes
ono of tiicso and brings one end of it
10 thu huon. As soon ns tho glass bo
gin lo molt ho blo\ * gently dm.ugh
lim tube, \yliich, although drawn out,
has always preserved Us 1 fi tern al bore,
nnd, thc nh*so n diintlmr tho heated ox?
'>..? inity, it ball appears. lt is this ball
that ls to becomn a pearl, hut it is still
only ht a nidi mon I cry state* Three
operations aro ucccusury t.i make it a
First, tho piercing of two holes for
round pearls inti lided to form a m ck?
lac i, or of n f ingl ono it tin y are round
or pearl-shaped, lo bo sot either for
necklaces or carrin;fs, or for buttons or
pins, t lo.
S coud, to give tho form, round or
p; 'ir-.*. I tu ped.
Third, tho interior coloring.
The doubl . piercing, indispensable
for ibo < ord to pass through which unites
flin pearls and forms a necklace, la clono
at thc moinont when tho spherical glass
adhering to tho tubo is still ductile.
The lir i holo is made in the lower part
of tho pi url In tho breath only of the
workman, and the second is naturally
formed by thc opening lo tho tube when
tho pearl is si paral, d' from ii by means
of a light blow.
This work ls requited in tho prepara
tion of lill beads; but. lu fore pltsslltg
on, we would call tho attention of tho
reader, and especially of ladies, lo ono]
kind WO moan Oriental pearl-, which, j
ns lin n* name indicates, must be tho
most exact imitation p tssiblu of llioso
produced by Nature.
Although made in exactly tho same,
manner as tho mosl ordinary hoads,
thc e pearls are yet distinguished from
i h. in, not only by the employment of
opalescent '.'ia-vs, but ?till moro hy tho
care tho blower takes in (hoir format ion,
as well us by tho different coloring they
ri ce.vc in the lui irior.
As for thc hape, every ono knows how
rare it ls to ?ind a pearl without defects
and defects uot in material but in form,
un 1 si ll moro in color. A singlo exnn
plo will Bellico P? siiow how difficult it is
to lind immy pearls almost alike in
form am! lint? Tho peatl necklace bo?
longing to the ux-Kmprcss of thc French
is coinj ? al of only thlfty-lhrco nonrts,
cud, in order to complet . lins limited
number, it i- scarcely possible (.> bollovo
i lint, after having chosen from among
all tlc: ut? -., pi ti.et ones French nier
chunts could oil* r, it was ! ?ce.--ary to
have roCOUI - Ul I hose of F.nglaml.
The wot:, of the blower hoing, as wo
have said, t.> imitate nature as much a?
possible, lil talent consists not only in
destroying tin- exact regularity obtained
by tho blowing, but also In producing
011 t?;? fal e pearl the defects Usually
found in natural tm s. This work 1*0
fiirce much practice, nnd is only tho
nit of lon.: Observation? The good
o ty cr. the artist, should be sufllcii ntly
.quainted With natural pearls to exc
elle tm hl? (-wu tinly the defects which
|nmv Incrcn ..tic value ?>f his work by
skillfully pu ; ar. d rollcctlons. To ob
tain lids' liupi rtnnl result, tho blowor,
profiting bj ibo moment when thc pearl
still adheres lo tho (nbc, tokes a rory
small h rib palet, with which ho strikes
lightly ci ri tin parts of iho small mal
leable pearl, and it ls only hy this last
opt ration, which places hero a protu
berance, ti,, rv a flnttonlng, both almost
Imperceptible, that ho succeeds in pro
ducing a pearl which, losing its mathe*
math al regularity, la conies tho perfect
nutation of nature.
Tiler, thc work of the blower ceases;
for lt I? then that thc pearls' which, it
should b " lemar!.cd. mc still only ob
|i oti In coterie - gins i nw to pa 11 into
the hand ? Of workwomen charged to
color cooli Of them. Hut, before dis
missing th'1 blower, we nui>t be allow ed
to go u lilli?! into sta'i ?tic*. The reider,
however. fleed aol bc akiriiiod; WO shall
l. '\.?. I-rief. We merely wish to say
ihut a good workman cnn make SOO
pearls m a "lay. nml is pnld from 2s to
??a C<1 tho hunih'afc.
roM?MMi OK I'At.Ci r.CARIA
Although the work ot Coloring of
Whh h [yo or ..; ..' t i sj.i'ak is the same
for all pearls, lt win bo easily under
stood that, a'n. c pc '.rls are divided into
onlina v and Oro nial p< wis, ii ls poo
. lo have Iv.ti eta ol wot kia opie.
This 'labor id ecu. ;.|iy iitinudcd to wo
mon-some specially employed in color
ing tho common, ?md others tho finer,
Wo shall only occupy ourselves with
the work of tho latter, which, wo re
peat, merely differs from that of tho
other from its greater ('?nish.
Each workwoman has before her n
serlos of small compart ments, contain
ing altogether several thousand pearls,
arranged so that each of them should
present the side having thc orifice
pierced hy tho blower
Before Introducing tho coloring sub
stance, which Would bo too easily de
tached from the gln&S ?f p were not by
some means moro llrmly theed, every
pearl has lo receive inside a, very llffld
coating t f a glue which is perfectly
colorless, being mad? from parchment.
This la}er being equally spread over tho
Interior of every [wari, tho workwoman
takes advantage of tho moment when
tho glue is .--till damp and begins tho
work of coloring, properly so called.
After having taken up the thin and
hollow lube, and soaking it in tho bleak
paste, tho workwoman Introduces a
certain quantity into each of thu pearls
by her breath ; and would \ou know
how many she must do i.i a day lo ( li
able her to car i thc modest sum of
from '?9 7d io 4d? Forty thousand!
For every thousand glued" and lilied
with tho paste ls only paid at the rate of
about one pon ny.
Colored beads are il? nc in exactly tho
same way; but, Instead of the bleak
tiaste, a paste' ol tho color desired \i
down Into them.
Mountaineer Trout.
Not long since. I followed one of theso
da lling 1 rout-streams from tho valley
up tho mountain
Nature seemed lo have done her best
to ploted the li',!.' lidies that lived in
thu dark deep po ?]s and eddies. Tho
high or I climbed up tho mountain, tho
morn lish [found; tho stream became n
succession,of falls, sonn? of which wore
three feet or more in height-tho brook
In ?ts track forming steps down the
mountain and 1 began to wonder how
the fish carno lo be up there.
In the village, 1 chanced to mention
the subject lo a friend who owned a mill
on tho Mime, stream; and ho told mo
that the fish s* ascent was Q puzzle to
him. until one ?lay his boy callad him
out to tho ?lam, where tho riddle was
solved. Thc dam was nearly four feet
high, and to relieve the stream, several
auger-holes had been bored in it, allow
ing a small stream of water to jot fore!
hiv out and go splashing down into tho
char pool below. As my friend ap
proached the. spot, and looked through
tho bushes, several lurgC-sizcd trout were
moving about under tho mimic fall,
evidently in groat excitement, and dart
ing into it ns ii enjoying tho splash and
roar of thc water.
Suddenly, one of the tish made a quick
rush that sont it up thc falling stream,
so that ii nbuosl gainedJJui top; but by
nn unlucky turn it was caught and
thrown back into the pool, whore it
darted away, evidently much startled.
Soon another made the attempt, dart
ing at it like thc first, and then rapidly
swimming up tho fall, but only to meet
the fate of its predecessor. This was
tried a number of times, until Anally, a
trout larger than the others made a
dash, mounted tho Stream, and entered
the round hole. Tho observers were al
most really to clap their hands, but it
was not successful yet. As tho water
stopped (lowing for a moment, they saw
I (hut though the athletic trout had sur
mounted the fall? th(i hole was too small
i for it to pass through, and there tho
poor ll -li was lodged. Tho lookers-on
na t' ned to relieve it, and lound that
its side or pectoral lins worn caught in
tin- wood, but by pushing tho Hali ahead,
which you may be .-ure they did, they
liberated ii, mid ?t darted aua\ Into tho
lipper pond.
Hero, then, was the explanation. The
trout climbed tho mountain by swim
ming up tho fulls, darting up the foam
ing ina--es. and adopting every expedi
ent lo accomplish their journey. For
these fish di posit their eggs high up
stream, 80 that tho young fry. when
hatched, may not he disturbed by pred
atory fish and other foes living in the
lower waters.--C. F. Holder, in St.
A Born Drummer.
"Do you think you aro fitted to be
come a cnn VOES ?\ Walter?-'
"I do."
..Well, suppose you were calling on a
Customer, should you consider it a hint
lo lea ve if ho ord. red you to clear out of
the room?"
"I should conaidi r that an invitation
to remain."
"Suppose ho kicked you down-slair ?"
"I should regan! that asa plea-ant
"What should Voil regard as a hint to
h ave?"
"1 will tell you from my own exper
ience. Last winter, wishing to study
Greek, nud li iving no money, I cast to
remain nt tho Presbyterian hospital as
an invalid. As ill-hiek would have if I
grew so fat in tl for!night that, groan ns
loud as I would, tin y told me lo h ave,
I only clung (ho Closer to my berth.
The good doctors then kicked mo ont of
(ho door, hut 1 climbed back though the
window. At length they told nie that
all the beds were taken, and that l must
sleep in the di--.1 cting-room. I slept
like a lop for a week. But one. day n
drunken student carno into thu room
brandishing n huge knife, und cried
out: '-Where's that now subject?" 1
loy still till ha bael thrust his knife two
or throe inches into my side. Then,
fearing that all my members would se*
Cedo unie-s I did something desperate. I
cried out '1 take thc hint,' und skipped.'1
A correspondent writes: I noticed in
tin- Kn ni tu/ Post ot Nov. 3 a specimen
of (?crinan translation which brought to
my mind a sentence I took from nn old
(ii mian grammar sonic tinto ago, which
perhaps may be now to you: "A blind
becoiuo hen, who to tho scratching ac
customed was, ufter that sho blind bn
eani" censed not to scratch. Of what
to tho poor fool availed it? Another
M cine; hon, who her tender feet wished
to sparc, (his observing, yielded not
from her sido; and as often as tho blind
become hon o grain ujiscratchcd had,
ato it tho seeing ono away."-N, x.
livening Post.
OKMKllAI. N10W8 IT?M?.
IfOOtt Of Interest, Catlierei] from VltrloUB
-Bread riots aro occurring near
Q i. bc
-Crime is on thc ii crease in New
-A revolution has broken out in
?-Tho Sochi li si s in Euron i ure urg
ing revolution.
Tlie roi (hivers of the Fourth ave
Hilo linc in N> w York arc on a strike.
.lohn Dill ii ( Celares th u an lii-h
l'a .lament is it thing ol the near
tut . ...
-There aie said to he RJO hon 1 -
teni distill Chicago b< ctlUho th-?V uro
said MI he haunted.
-lt is understood that the telephone
suits aid h ? tnnu?i.i to trial in Co
lumbus, < )hio, ix l. 1. a jury.
li i- istiuiatttl dial thc depreda
do - of Hrh ?sh -1 a? i o v - . 1 ngia id
las \ear will n eel
? The bri nkiug up of th ' rc gorges
at lie Non h wt ii cau-o " loss td'
m ion? ? f do hu s wm th of prop? ri \.
-A Stearn Velocipede luis been i;;
vcmrii H >vs ,.. i.ud um h nitidus II
.sped oi 1J1 : 1 au h mr.
-Business is (?nile hi-k in Savannah
in neatly all lines of trade, wholesale
merchants being us busy as bees.
- Riots have occurred in Leicester
and Yarmouth. England. Tho un
employed woikmon aro bto ming des
-Two Americans have been ex
pela d ti . m Holstein, IVuvMii, f ir
'Mi ivlng m ide themselves troublesome
lo die uuthoritics."
- It i~i gen niiy h 1eil by the
Delaware- peach growers that the bud?
have beep almost entirely destroyed by
thc cold.
- Lula lim 'S MI uuetLm dr. w
.Slot) uni) i r poe e s and 1 w -ic
is laking au edi.catie al bb 1 tr Col
ergo Ivanhoff, recently rrcstcd
by In- Uu?slan police, wa? un? ol thc
NI li?-ii< coi.ceriiud in tho ult der ol
Al Mindel tl.
- 1 lines Madison Well?", ?' fumons
Rep idieaii politicim ul tl 0 lie
sti ll (in ci a ot L??Ui lau lu s bei'Min.
old, 10?ir and blind.
.h il' ison nu ?Samuel t? ' - , I roth
er , bud <>. rel lu Ch-uiattonga
Tenn., when tho latter waa shot througl
the tic..-, linn Killi it.
- A 8 tght shook ol an etirihqunkc
was iclt along thu T mbigbee Liver,
Alalia ma, on Mituid ; , but 110 . iiuuigi
was done.
- Henry Sullivan, colored, win
crushed to death between two cars ['
th - 1 i onal I! dread Height yard ii
Augu-tn 011 Tuesday.
-Governor* Kio.., of .*Kentuok>
says the Slate Ji?.u-l have more peni
ten lar> r?? li , and have il id once tm
wit.lout uni mo <. fooling.
-In the Mississippi Legishmm 01
last Saiuidoy, in u eoittcsO'd 1; i el ri
.seat in thal body between a negro am
a white man, tho negro was seat. tl.
-(?co. R ibinson and S. J, dames
colored des 1... e-, nciu .\. l id il
Louisiana mi Thersd ty -one ni Mon
lue and ibo olllci at Rea ll reg 1? il.
?lohn ll < ion. I , the renownet
toni, ci anec edvnenl , Wits struck wltl
nanilv>-ifl in RliRiidelphhi, while leclur
nig last week, ard his condition i
consider? d ?1 rious.
-- During tho Presidential rcceptiot
on I* i ulai night, .Mis. ex-CJovcrno
Croome, nf M i y hind, lust tl Villiiabh
diamond earring, li via not rc over
-Two colored convicts were killet
and others severely injured bv th
'Xplosioii ufa b.iistoii tho Spartiuihui'!
lind Asheville R.tilloild, on tlc lol
.fohn Halford, hi? wit" , sinter mu
toar chi birril, of St. Legar, Mo., wei
ein?bt in a heai i si ow storm and si
bad Iv fro7.cn that their lives are de
paired of.
-The great McCormick re iper wm k
nt' hicagoclosed down last week nu
1,400 emploi 6 an- idle. A strike wa
threatened unless five non-union me
were dismissed.
- .lames A Deland, of New York
n?/i tl t lil ry t) -live yeal s, Sn peri n tem le II
of tho Boston Ait (lob, shot hiuisol
at the club ro on, dyiuji instant j
He leaves a \i ?tl.? v. and seven childi Ol
-Two miners, Perry and eic.is.,
had a (lillh tilly III Red CHU, ? oloi'adi
and tia; hitler was killed. A ni
afterwards look thc; mardi rei* fi*nu il
Shot ill and hung him from a rai I rot.
water lank.
-A revolutionary conspiracy, ?vii
ramifications in Rare l u?a, .M .1 .. 11
Cartlovtl timi M'Ville, has been disco*,
ored lu Madrid. A quantity of di 1 ?
mite, revoh- it Otc., vi a-cap! tired.
- J.-...is Ebie, his wife, fallieran
three children and Mr?. Kinney pei
?shed in then but ni residence in Ci cet
bush, Wis., The hired mau escape?
and bc is suspected of selling lire t
tho building.
-A drunken brutotold Mrs. Mai iii
Johnson, of Rewind, Vt., a Indi <
years old, that her sou had dro| po
dead in tho street. Tho story wi
untrue. Tho obi lady went Into coi
vulsions and soon diotl from tho shod
- lt is a notable, fact that on Monda
belele last tho period ol'mourning |
tho army prescribed for t ho Into (?ci
Grant censed and, on Tuesday can
orders to put on budges of inouruii
for (icu. Ham-nek. who had died th
-John Ahearn, who was convict(
of bigamy in Scranton, Penn , ai
sentenced to eighteen months in il
Rastern Penitentiary, died on thc tra
while on bis way to Phi (adelph
with eight other cohvicts in thc cu
tody of tho Sheriff.
-At Atlanta eight sat down lo
quiet game of poker Saturday nig
in a private room. Belora tho van
wound up on Sunday merni og * I. h
hud been lost. One actor lost
and another showman $?.*?(). 'I hr
drummer boys scooped in all l
Intel o lint; r r M * UH of un littoi-o?llttg IMcd -
Their v linty ns n Itarouiolcr.
Ono of til? unchallenged d ed amt ion 3
of the gospel of our Now Knglniul folk
lore, ns u])plicd to Ibo changes of tho
seasons, says tho Hartford Times, is tho
Baying that whon sovcrtd Hoi ks of wild
.rec-:; are seen heading southward in
the late fall it is a sure Bign of speedily
coming cold wontln r, and il is apt to bo
so. lt waa Ibo hoi lei of our forefathers,
?ts it is of their descendants, that the
spring und autumn migrations of these
great hirds unerringly heralded tho real
chango of the seasons-tho former pro
claiming the approach of spring weather
and the latter the coming down of the
northern wlnfc r. '1 ho Calinda goose is
credited with the character of a weather
prophet, a part which, it must bc admit
ted, he sustains mon: creditably than I
some of tho weather prophets among
thoso other ?r ?esc who, without wings or i
its Intelligent forewarning instinct, con
tinue to put forth their meteorological
predictions for each coining year. For
tho Hocks of wild geese, in their last I
mid heaviest southward migration, do
undoubtedly foi? teil tho rapid coming of j
wintry wea'thor. True, they begin that
long southward journey, ninny of them,
in scattered, earlier Hocks that aro seen
al intervals in sonic years all through the
month of Ootobor, but ibu hitor and lar
g r companies gem rally come swooping
down Iron th . fur north lb rough the
cold and leaden -Vi s ot late No vom bi r.
Wilson, tie! ornitholori t. says of this
birds "Th 'ir first arrived on tito coast of
New Jersey ls early in October; and!
their first numerous appearance is the
sure prognostic of severo wcathor."
How far do they go in seeking a nost
Ing-ploco hy (he shores of tlc northern
Sias? And how lollg or how far. in
their return . ?uthwnrd, do they ll y in a
singled y? Ornithologists toil n's that,
thc wild goose (Anser Ccinadcnsis), M
the rule, "broods in tho most northern
portion of tho continent,'1 passing tho
reason of incubation beyond the bound
nri< s of tho L'uitecl Slates, ?md generally
along tho ? .i!d shore;! of northern Labra
dor, of Hudson's bay, of southwestern
(h'cenlnnd, and tho shoiVil of both sido
ot Ballin's bay, cl eo-: oniheedgoof
th.' unending kv and snow. Instances
ol hs broccunir on the New langland
C >USI ) t>; i . aal, al Martha's Vineyard)
have been re|K>rtod; bul such statements
. 1 :.i m need conlirniatlon. Wild /reese
: have a wider range. Their habit is to
I hived in ibu far north, though sonio of
j them do not go further south, on their
i return, than lin- bays and sounds of the
North Carolina coa-!-. KOA- far they
, li v without reding may bo a loss easy
qu ti<m to answer. Tho poet, Bryant,
who 'Vits a '."iud observer, says:
AM any thy winn* luiVo ftuui'd
At tl .: lil- l:> i,. I :. Ill col i, t'.;iii ntmOB|>h0rO,
I V' ; -i .'.|> n it. woury, t>> tho wi Icoinu lund,
'IVi'H.-.'.i theil irto il'jjlU ls neat -
, whh ii would imply thai they liv, day
j ?ind night, till they reach their rcsting
I '.: . in "lie . .; . v.:;, . Ji-j^ioV. they seek,
?md win ve. (the po. t continues, address
ing tho gun .) "re ds shall bend, soon,
<i", r thy sin herod nest." This is proba
. bly crediting the wild goose with too
i gr at pow. ty of lUght, lie mu t, ami
, d . :. pausii at I'M ; for ivst, food and
recreation, in some open witter, dis
cern d. from Ids "fur height," beneath
him in tho land over which ho di reeta
j Ida Hight i rtnd tho best testimony seems
i to be that lind Ilighl never Ls continued,
unless is happen < lo be nuder the pr?s
ure of very raro 'hvuihstances, beyond
I 24 hours :.* c. ? r.e. and generally not
inue,i h \...?,1 il! ;-. !::!.. wild gootfO
often do Hy ?,. iii.' iii ht; but ibero ls j
reason to believe thal ... . ?1 I hov ?lo they
rt in some river or bay for n few hours
(luring the day. They seem !> know,
i\tn in the dark* t hight, when they
are over ti rivi r. This w as shown once
in a wild November nigh! of sion a ?m.I
sleet, win 11 a l?" .!; of these great bird?,
Unding their wings laden with Ibo ice
that froze upon tin in, doset adi d with |
great clnuior in: > the Park river In
; Hartford, jil t m rill Of the Ford stree*
bridge, wilt re s.n.;-'. I thc mi ?tUea ?.t (lie
I olinda s the <>ld ht il Qv. h ich stood
near ?ho bank) ir. id of Other a- ai ht nts
i they con tri vt il, willi gn id din o' scream
ing' end iii .: ul iring abd divin : lo clear
their win ; of iee, and rise again into
the night, lind go sail ng on toward
lui;.'.?ter skies.
Their rate of spe d varies somewhat
under different circinus*, ancos, and
si em not to bc very n< mutely know n.
Hut, though th ' - ilighl i ?ienvy and
laborious, 1 ls p, lu . i\ swift. Watch
ing n Hook of - . ni liity th iso large
witter/owl as lb \ .<.-.?.; Hying oyor tins
eily Simd nj morning ci : journey
low;.rd ii.luiul ot cotton," (hi r mo
lion, as well ie iii lr wild {fob!in cries,
could 1? i iii lin fly M -vk d. The (lock,
which was un( fornn d in the. customary
triangle, iv t in a great Irregular curve,
w:,s Ktill led by tho old gam!, r, und his
d e t)i) r ii ote i nhl occasional ly t> i. urti
nmidst (ho t'.':? nt tho wild', r fly voici s
of his gabbling Hoe'.. Ho may have
been cnutiOnhi lum lo koop well (o
gcthor, and promising a good ll mu
ahead if they lo ?il hrnvefo lo ibo
work--stud ti).' lil , of the company,
as ls opt id be Ihb 111 e, were nil talking
ut one?, and eagerly giving nil rcv\^ ol
goo'v assurances, lint tho Interesting
thing to note was thc speed of tho llock.
They swept on through the SOOWljng
sky at a tremendous rate; much faster,
apparently, than that of thofa8tCSt rail
road train. In making such an estimate
allowance mu t bo made for the abson.ee
in tho -ky of ail standards of compari
son, Uko those windi, in tho fdmpo of
hills or cities, or ode r torreStlal objects,
afford in the case of the express traill
some means of realising Ita rato of
speed. And tlloAO loquacious gOOSO
swept on like tho w ind their long necks
?trotohod OUt Straight ahead, and their
gurgling, rcody erics sounding al most
Those erics, perhaps, only three days
before, had blended with the fierce
trumpet bia ts of the Mirill northwester
as ii swept rai' hnd wide over the now
frozon wastes along tile snores of llud
son's Mr.i'.ts -or e\? n, it may be, of the
lower part of Pu ?ll n's bay; for there
?.<? u s to b? no reason to doubt that
these large, sirong birds, in (heir long
migratory journey, ticing from the win
ny w rath to cone", do really accomplish
liva Inmdrod to six hundred milos udny,
Looking at the groat continental Hight
of thc w ild go v .-, one is tempted to np
pK to him some suoh hyperbole as that
whick- tho enthusiastic l-VcncliMian,
luicholot, applied to the frigate-bird.
"Iie sups in .Senegal and breakfasts in
North Aniericu." In a similar spirit it
might bo said of the wild geese-th?
take breakfast one day on the shores .
Labrador, die noxt on L<ong Isla
Tliey th from tho realm of cold nod
darkness." Out of the bleak world of on
coming winter, with ita ice, its chill
shadow, ?is piercing blunts, and the
reign of nature's death, they speed on
und away, living faster than tho wind,
and heading over to the land of light
and lif". wlicro the um broods bright
and wann all day on the still lakes and
lagoons of Florida, or the gulf shores o?
western Louisiana or Texas. What at?
instinct is that that drives them so un
erringly on", and how lino it would bo
if we, loo, could travel like the conti
nent-sweeping wild goose, and, leaving
the northern winter far boll hui, dart on.
ulm.>sl ?a a day. to tin- /.one of unending
sunshine and v. amit h !
inc late Or. Humphrey Sandwith, of
Kars, when lu- stood f??r Marylebone
Borne years ngo, was told at an election
eering meeting that he wnsn't a work
ingnuin. **1 don't know exactly what
you nusan by workingman," was tho
cheery reply, "but I have worked hard
all my life. For several months I
groom- d mv own horse, and. w hat is
moro, I ate liim afterward."
Some nu n wliile, fishing in White
river, Indian:!, ono night recently, built
e. lire, using for a backlog what they
thought was a section of a larg?! elm
tree. As the fire grow hotter one of the
mon noticed that tho "backlog" kept
cracking, and tinnily burst open, er
radier transversely across. Investiga
tion revealed th-:" fact that th0 "back
log" was hoi:.- a hug-j femur of a uio
1 ot lon
Columbia, s. < '. Laurene, 6. C
A T T O lt N 10 Y S A T L A W,
LAUUKN8 C ll., S. C.
?rTipK-Fleming's Corner, Northwest
side of Public Square.
Offlco over W. II. Garrett's Store.
W. <;. BENET, F. P. M'liOWAN,
Abbeville. Laurens.
lt. 1' TODD. W. IL MARTIN.
A T T O lt N E Y S A T L A W,
A T T () ll N E Y S AT LA W,
Er. W, H. BILLI*,
Office days-Mondays and Tuesdays.
By having your Drugs and Medicines,
Fine Colognes, Paper mid Envelo)*!*.
Memorandum Books, Face Powders*
Tooth Powders, Hair Brushes, Shav
ing Brashes, Whisk Brushes, Blacking
Brushes, Blacking, Toilet and Lanie
dry Soup?, Tea. Spice, Pepper, Ginger,
Lumps and Lanterns, Cigars, Tobacco
and Snuff, Diamond Dyc9, and other
articles too nu morons Lo mention, et
Alao, Pun: Wines and Liquors, tor
medical purposes.
No trouble In show goods.
B. F. l'OSEY & BRO.,
Laurens C. H., S. C.
Augnst 6, 18S5. 1 IT
201 Vine Street, CINC.WMATI, 0.
Th? typo twa* on tl? P??*r *.? .** ?"?u>*
abov? unuKlry.-B?.

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