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J. c. a ? ULI '
"*' How a Pretty Voting Willow Struggled nml
Tolled uiul Achieved n Triumphant Sac*
Prom tue Now York Journalist.
lt lins so often been slated that
.'women know no tb lng ol* business,*'
that it has come to bo accepted as a
truism by unthinking people. Yet
hundreds of business men owe not a
little ol' their success to cool-headed,
sagacious wives. A frequent modifi
cation ol'the first statement is thal
"women excel in small economics, bul
are unable to grasp huge business
enterprises," or if thov do they become
masculine ami lose that gracious
femininity which is (lie principal
charm ol' VOIP.m. The utter (nisi ty ol'
theso statements is nowhere more
Strikingly shown than in the case ol'
Mrs. Frank Leslie. With executive
ability, capacity *or work ami news
paper goulus possessed by lbw men,
she proservos till tho charin of her
womanhood and is as popular in tho
social as iii tho business world. Through
the loree ol' hoi" own personality, she
is at once one of tho most attractive as
well ns most important flgui'OS in tho
profession of journalism. For Mrs.
Leslie was a journalist, and a good
one loo, before -he became the head ot
the great publishing house which boars
her name In the management of her
ten publications, employing '!<>() edi
tors, artists, engravers, printers and
others, Mrs. Leslie lins displayed tho
very highest business qualities. An
untiring- worker, she ?< lound in hoi'
office every dav, from nine lo four
o'clock. She sign-; ali the checks and
money orders, makes all contracts for
supplies of ivory sort, looks over
proofs of all anides before they are
published, and approves the make-up
of every periodical before it is sent to
press. Slie is the head ol' thc whole
establishment. No woman in Amer
ica bas illustrated higher and grainier
qualities-a broader capacity, a loftier
courage, or a more indomitable per
severance under tho storm and pres
sure ol' heavy difficulties and burdens
-than she.
The story ol her life reads like a
romance. Miriam Florence Foll?n
v? as born in the French quarter of
New Orleans, she began early to
write for the magazines, her first ap
pearance in print being at tho age of
tl; lr teen. She was a hard student and
an accomplished linguist. She trav
eled extensively ami published several
interesting volumes giving thc results
of her journeyings. 11 ci- literary
work was crisp, frosh and evidencing
that editorial faculty for getting at ibo
root of thing- which has been so re
markably developed in her later work.
From the date ol her marriage to Mr.
Leslie she became his most valued ad
viser and most efficient coadjutor in
all matters a licet lng tho make-up ol
him many publications. She assumed at.
once tho editorship of the J.urfi/'s
JfagaxinCf and maintained ll general
anti careful supervision over thc con
tents of all tho other periodicals. To
rare literary ability, Mrs. Leslie added
unusual business capacity, and her
husband soon found her advice no less
valuable regarding tho mechanical and
business departments of his establish
ments than concerning the lei tor-press
of his publications, when Mr. Leslie
died in 188? there was no time left foi
the beautiful young widow lo mourn.
?She was mid is as dainty and relined
as the niosi tenderly cherished lady
alive, yet Ibero were before her stern,
unpleasant duties Which demanded
thc bonne strength that often fails II
powerful man. Tho Frank Leslie
business allah's scemni almost hope
lessly entangled. The high credit, tin
existence itself ol tho house, were
imperilled. A great -tim of money
ivus needed, and needed at once.
By a legal process and in response
to her husband's wish, Mrs. Loslic
abandoned her Christian name ol
Mariam Florence and became in thc
law and to Ibo world "Frank" Leslie.
To thc business world she becalm
even more than Frank Leslie. Whet
the slender, sweet-faced, gontlc-voicct
woman walked into hoi' husband'.'
office, and pulling back the sail an
llOUIIoing folds of her crepe veil
announced she had come to slay, hoi
gentle, gracious femininity won thc
sympathy of those about her. lim
when she caine tho next day as carl}
asijie earliest clerks, and tho next du\
and tho next, .something more timi
respect and sympathy for tito brave
little woman came hilo their regan
for ber.
She sat al her desk like a Napolcot
over his war maps. She developed it
remarkable faculty of knowing IU5WS,
for seizing upon ibo very things thal
caught and charmed the public mind.
A thousand and ono thing? in thc
history of Illustrated newspapers
originated in her brain, (ji)d were
executed for hov papers. All day Jeni/
she bent to her desk, and was her own
wise counsellor. The best ol'it. all was,
that Frank Leslie was not afraid,
Jiig contracts did not frighten he?,
note* to pay did not causo her to gol
nervous, reading Interminable page
of proof did not fret her, thinking oui
new features for her paper did nol
perplex ber. Always cheery in hoi
speech, and with consid?rale and hope
ful words for her employes, it is ne
wonder that both men ami women foll
in love willi tho new Frank Leslie and
gave her the best work of which they
were capable. Tho dying wisll?? oj
Frank /.esl?e hayo bren carried out,
but only after his widow has encoun
tered and trhirnphod ovfiv one long
succession Of difficulties and ob?-lacles.
Her pluck and gcnuinejiibilil v b.?s wet.'
for the hearty sympathy and kindly
feeling of the newspaper prose. The
average journalist is a gentleman, and
if there is one thing which he admires
more than another ll ls''grit." Abil
ity he lespects, but courage, especially
in a beautiful woman, he enthusiasti
cally admires. Mrs. Leslie said the
other day that she had never been
attacked, but had always received f)i0
kindest treatment at tho hands of tho
gentlemen of the press, lt is but just
to add th. i. she luis deserved every
word of prn'i. e which has been bestow,
ed upon her. Thc story of the wav
she worked up (he murder of President
'.Garfield abundantly justifies her rank
among thc foremost editors on the
weekly press.
It was only a short lime after she
came into possession of the property
that garfield was assassinated. Tho
first rumors of the event rea obed her
about half-past nine on Saturday
. morning, .lilly 2. Within an hour two
: artists were on their way to Washing
ton, and before sunset were diligently
at work sketching tho scones of Ibo.
tragedy. Oue of (hem returned to
Now York by tho midnight train with
their united sketches. The wholo
atairhnd been ordered to report tor
(July early ?uuday morning, and, by
diligent work that day, tho following
night, and through thc fourth of July,
the paper was able to como out on
Tuesday morning with lull illustra
tions of the chiof events and person
ayes Tho following Friday an extra
number was issued, and on thc noxt
Tuesday the regular edition, with
fuller details and illustrations-making
three illustrated papers published in a
single week, an achievement without
parallel in newspaper history. Thc
death of Garfield made a still severer
demand on Mrs. Loslio's ability to
grapple with a crisis. It occurred late
on Monday evening, September 19, and
tho ..Illustrated" newspaper had gone
lo press when (he ncws arrived. She
immediately ordered the presses stop
ped, destroyed the part of thc edition
already published, set the whole force
of the establishment at work preparing
a new edition with engravings of tho
sketches sent in over early Tuesday
morning by thc artists at Klbcron, and
before Wednesday night had on sale a
paper full of illustrations of the death
bed scenes. A week later she seized
another opportunity. The body of
tho dead President Garfield was to
bc conveyed to Washington on the
Wednesday after his death, and funeral
services to he held in (he Capitol on
Friday, before the removal of the
remains for Cleveland for the dual
ceremonies. .Mrs. leslie resolved to
anticipate (ho usual day of publication
the following week, and deposit in
Cleveland papers containing- full illus
trations of the scenes at Washington
on Monday morning. She sent for the
President of the American News Com
pany, and communicated hoi* purpose
ile was incredulous and doubtful: she
insisted it could be dono and should
bo dom*, and it was. Not less than
30,000 copies of tho "Weekly" were
sent lo Ulovolaud, where they sold so
readily that it is believed as many
more could have been easily disposed
Such achievements as these soon
vindicated Mrs. Leslie's claim to suc
ceed the founder of the great publishing
louise. Thc expenses were necessa
rily enormous, hut thc outlay was
more than returned in a circulation
higher than the paper had ever before
rcaehed, and in thc establishment of
public confidence ill the new pub
lisher. There iii nobody in tho busi
ness who possesses more thoroughly
the confidence ot tho heads of tho
great news companies with whom
publishers of illustrated papers must
have tho most int?malo relations. The
money got from the enormous sale of
the week nt the lime of Hie Garllold
assassination was that which largely
repaid the loan from Mrs. Smith and
put thc great house upon its feet
again, lt is now a splendid property,
worth nearly or quite a million dollars
and this lady is tho owner and head of
it all.
Personally Mrs. Leslie is a most
channing woman, a petite, graceful
ligure, a shapely, well poised hc.id,
set upon perfect neck and shoulders,
and crowned with mass of golden
brown hair, "a head full of first qual
ity brains," as au enthusiastic writer
rccoilly remarked. She has a (dear,
bright complexion, and the most glo
rious great ?rey eyes imaginable.
ISyes full of sympathy, of kindliness,
ol' laughter. Mer Kindness toward
\ oung writers is well known. She ie
ever ready with advice, and oftentimes
unostentatious yet substantial assis),
ance, lt is difficult to indicate in cold
type thoohnrm of a thoroughly woman
ly womanhood like Mrs. Leslie's.
There is that subtle magnetism which
words cannot express. Her voice is
i singularly sweet and pleasing and in
I speech s|?(> ?s winning and direct. She
1 dresses with exquisite taste. In her
; office in plain business-like black, hut
at the opera and receptions she is
? splendid ill diamonds and laces thal
1 were earned by thc resources ol her
own strong brain. She has many
warm friends among thc best known
? literary and artistic people of the day,
!, in this country and in Europe.
Willie There is Lifo There is Hope.
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i of the year can he averted by a small
[ amount of care and at little cost, hy
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. era Morbus and like complaints. ..Yo
i traveler should bo without a bottle, as
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? no doubt arise from the chango of
. water, food and climate, without its
i use. The most valuable medicine in
> tho world, contains all the best ami
I most curativo properties of all other
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i Herculean Remedy, lt gives new die
j and vigor to the aged. For ladies in
j delicate health, weak and sickly chil
( dren, nursing mot hers. See circulars
wrapped with bot/.!'.'.
[ C/1AM.ESTON, S. C., Sept. 1, 1bH?.
II. H. fcwUANK, ESQ., President of
: The Topaz Cinchona Cordial Co.,
Spartauburg, S. G. : Dear Sir-i haye
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Ask vim/ druggist for EWIIANK'S
no other.
,Snartanburg, S. C., U. S. A.
('omitieren of South Carolina.
Mr. !.. A. Ransom, who WAS appointed
hy (?ic Chief of tho Bureau of statistics of
tho United states TrcMury Popart mont to
preparo a report ou thc internal comjnercc
of South Carolina, lins completed thc wort?
and loi A ard? o thc report to Washington,
fl contains a sketch o? the railway and
canal systems of the State, stnlemoaj ol
produce and manufactures brought into anti I
carried out of the ttln?i. freight rates fruin
fitnilli Carolina to tho principal markets of
tho country, statistics of tho coastwise trade
of the State, tallies giving tho productions j
of agriculture and thc various classes of'
manufactures of tho state from tsiso io
ISM."), and detailed reports on thc commet
cial business of tho principal cities of Smith
Carolina, with sp?cial reporta on tho mines
ami factors rcsmii. c? and minerals. Tho
article will he published, hy thc United
States Treasury Department.
One Hy on tho ?0th of Mareil is repro
Rented by 800 op the Mfh of April; by 800
times ?00, equaling 00,000, on the ?HII, nf
Ma:, ; hy 27,000,000 on the Sd of July, and
hy 8.100,000,000 on the Hth of August.
fand a Hand,Jfay. Wc will lend a
hand in killing (hat My on tho 20th of
I March, lbW.
WASHINGTON, 1>. C.. July 10.--It looks
now ns If Congress will not finish work
Mild go home hoforo August. At least the
contest over the vetoed pension bills mid
tile situation of the appropriation bills in
the Senate have caused our lawmakers ia
both cuds of tho Capitol to settle down to
Hie iden of such a fate. The prospect of
sitting three weeks yet, and possibly longer,
bas a rather depressing effect upon most ol'
them. 'I'he obvious Impropriety of resort
ing to their shirt sleeves or of hiking off
their collars and cull's when they lind it
necessary to make a speech, makes a long
Hummer session very li ving to many who
aro in the habit of taking their case in their
own way when al home.
A summer session generally melts away
the inciting beginning willi the collar.
The Speaker sccs collars dropping down
one af ter another, and knows that thc mem
bers will soon disappear. Two or three
weeks of hot Weather, ?ind more than hall'
the House bas di solved so that there is not
a quorum present. Thc forty-fourth ( on
gross remained in session, I remember,
until the loth of August. Tho Democrats
had golton tho ascendency for thc first time
alter the war, and Hie impeachment of
Del knap and other matters kept them herc,
nit they had a bard time getting a quorum.
The members bad to he sent for and com
pelled to attend thc session.-.
Death bas laen busy hi Congre s sime
tiie present Administration came into
power. Ile has not respected parties, and
both sides and lodi branches of Congress
biive sulVcred. VTce-Presldcnl Hendricks
and Senator Miller, ot California, have
passed away from thc Senate Chamber,
while from thc House were called Repre
sentatives l'.vans, Rankin, linwood, Dun
can. Hahn and Cole. This is probably as
long a death ro'ltis any previous sessions
< an show.
There has been much exciting discussion
in Congress ever the vetoed pension bills.
During one of the stormiest sessions ol' thc
Mouse, one Republican member after
another had arraigned thc President in
language more positive than parliamentary,
(lev. t'uriin, of Pennsylvania, poured oil
upon the troubled waters by ?ploting an
ancient rhynie. Ile first licspoko Hie Pres
ident decent respect and decent speech,
said bc did no: know what Ibo pouding bill
was about, but the House had resolved
Its 1! into a political meeting. "Suppose
?hat members quit quarreling, and turu
their attention to public business. Let
them remember that their mothers taught
them :
Let dogs delight lo bark and bite
Poi' (bal luis made them so.
Let bears and lions growl and light
For 'tis their nature, too;
Hut Utile children's little bauds were
never made to scratch each other's eyes out
.te." When thc laughter had subsided Mr.
Allen, of Mississippi, spoke. Ile said bi
llielight he ought to apologize fordiscussing
pension mutters, as he- lani been a Confed
erate private, lt was said that Confodor
aies ought to ?lave thought of this matter ot
pensions twenty live years ago. Ile
acknowledged that, at thc beginning of the
war, bc had not given the maller thal due
consideration to w Idell it had probably been
entitled. (Laughter.) Ile had been quite a
young boy then, bul ?dong about the (hird
year of the war bc bogan to (hind seriously
of it, and so much had he been impressed
v. iib the fact thal thc course be was pur
suing would bankrupt the United Slates
Government in pensioning thc widows ol
thc soldiers he was killing, that finally, gun
ia limul, bc retreated across live or six
States with thc enemy in bis front rather
dian slay a whole army.
Thc simulier social season has dosed with
Mrs. Cleveland's last mid day reception,
which was beldon Finlay. She held six
o? these in all, and sonic regret v.as ex
pressed that they were to IM- discontinued.
I>uring ber brief sojourn a! the White
House thc new lady has seen aiaii evidence
of reid life herc, and a gr?ai deal of its liol
low glitter. Sonic of the experiences of
those who attended her last reception wen
very amusing, Many of them were liol
accustomed to carrying visiting canis, and
when tho doorkeeper ?cai Iud ins hand foi
illili diplomatic piece of card hoard they
could not have been more oslouishcd than
if he bad asked them to pay an admission
fcc. A few ol' thc wisc ones went out to
the niaicst stationer, ?md provided them
selves with blank canis, using the While
House icu and ink for thc inscription,
Two men who came together had one ( ard,
and one of them though! he hail solved lin
riddle hy writing on il. "Mr. Blank and
friend." A young lady came w ith two half
grown girls, and they picked up three
pieces ol white paper, On one they w rote
their names and handed ii and the two
plain scraps to the usher. This motley
collection of cards was kepi for Mrs. Cleve
land to look over.
A HUM- Hull Doa.
Thc rival nines Wi re made up of boys
under ll), omi Major. As 1 reached the
ground, il was bis miling, and bis master,
who phd mci) thc privilege ot Btrikljig for
him, was at thc hat. The deg- w as right
behind with one paw In ?idvance, and his
eyes on thc striker. In 001110 I ho twisters,
and Major nindi' several false starts; hut
finally, as the hall went scudding from thc
int. oil'he rushed for first liase, his cars
liapplng, his plumelike tail out straight lie
hied. Hut tia: sh irt stop was too nimble
for thc dog, and just In for, he reached thc
base the ball arrived there, and he caine
slow ly back, in., tajl hftnglng low, and a
very mournful expression iii lils great eyes.
"Maje's out-side out!" cried Hie boys,
and Immediately conceiving a method by
which ho could retrieve this disaster, tin
dog seemed to regain his spirits, dashed
Into lin. y.' i y oid w as speedily in his posi
tion as h it thiner, before nov o? t)io nlhera
bad rcnclu d their places,
In the preliminary "pass around" that
p."c. <!cd the play Major was not loft nut,
and 1 saw mai tue I alls thal w en- I brown
at lum directly wore quit?os swift of (hose
delivered from base to bose; onjl in justice
t;, liini, I never SOW him "mull." When a
billi was thrown ni blip lie settled bai k and
dropped his cr?ai lower jaw, Into which
tho projectile seemed In Ht; then, with tail
Wagging, he w ould hasten lo carry the ball
lo thc next ??layer. Ile W08 cqillill} prOfl
deni with low balls, cither catching them
.ii ,,;s mouth, or Stopping them with Iiis
broatl ebex), alio in ,i> !d;n(. he could, not lui
outdone. WllCO be caught a ball lie carried
it at full speed to the nearest thrower, and
not a few players were put out hy his quick
n:o,i.,':.- and activity.--fit, NiehoUu,
Potion Will Ma.ly Tills enif.
Dis. Hook and Husk of Galveston, Tex.,
on Friday removed an ovarian tumor weigh
ing fifteen pounds fruin thc two year old
doughier of K. II, Hors] nf Delta. Cortile
past six months thc child bad been treated
for dropsy, with no sign of Improvement,
bet abffomon steadily growing larger. Thc
patients is nov? considered to bc in a fail
wsy of recovery. Titi} operation lu known
us ovnriotony. Thc ody siinjln* COSO
Spoken Of in medical works is thal of a child
I years old upon whom this operation Wal
performed by Slr Spencer Wells In Lon
wo ? ?
What lio Un- Hru. :?M. Snyt
They know what tho ppPPlp ?OJ,
and they hear what their patrons sAy ns
to whether the medicine! they buy work
well or not. Mail, ll and Johnson, Hush
City, Minn., say, "Brown's Iron Hitters
gives entire satisfaction to our custom
ers." Klinkhatnmer and Co., Jordan,!
Minn., say, "Wo sell moro Brown's Iron
Hitters tb in all other bitters combined."
These aro only a few. Wo have hun
dreds moro just as good.
UBNKRAL Xl".WS urns.
Kaela of Intereal Gathered from Varloua
A terrible storm prevailed on thc 13th at
Newark, ohio.
There is a genuine smallpox scare in thc
K?stern District of Brooklyn.
Saturday Representative Morrison made
an unfavorable report on tho tariff bill.
Hugh W. Brooks, alias Maxwell, lins
leen sentenced to be hanged on the 25th of
Terribly dost met ive storms passed through
the Kankakee, Ul., section Friday and Sun
day nights.
Farms were laid waste, buildings un
roofed and crops scattered to thc winds by
storms In Illinois, Wednesday.
Thc rug weavers who have been on a
strike nt Philadelphia, have returned to
work under protest.
One hundred houses have been destroyed
by fire in Kotten, Poland, turning :100 fami
lies out of homes.
The strike at thc Knights' cotton mills at
Nade, R. I., extended from 175 weavers to
lit) other hands Tuesday.
At a Chicago boarding house lire Tuesday
several people were injured by jumping
from second -story windows.
The Sultan has declared for peace; and
has ordered that thc army and naval re
serves disband.
Gallo, thc man who tired a revolver in
the Hoarse several mouths ago. has been
sentenced to twenty years' penal servitude.
Il is again reported that Sarloris and bit
family arc shamefully treating Nellie. Cen,
Grunt's cup of sorrow was full when ht
One hundred and twenty convicts, ir
Dade coal mines, Ga., have barricaded
themselves in a building and defy the au
timi ?lies.
Serious rioting broke out in Belfast, Jul}
Kl, between Catholics and Protestants
Many persons were in jured and sent to hos
Tito Victoria election returns indicab
that the members of thc new Parliamcn
ure, with two or three exceptions, Govern
meut men.
Thc report that the Czar, the Empero
Willi nn and F.mperor Prances Joseph wil
meei during the coining autumn at K?nigs
berg or Kiel has been revived.
Rumor has il that Gen. (Jordon wouh
have been favorably considered for tb
Cabinet, but was "too near Wall street.
How about .Manning and Jordan?
About 12 miles from 101mlra, New York
in VYynkoop Creek section, the farmer
were exhausted Wednesday night, httvlnj
been fighting forest tires since Friday.
Captain Pater Van Pelt Monday endei
with Iiis own hand a long career of useful
UC8S and not a little distinction us ship new
reporter for tho News York Herald.
The citizens of Augusta have sent to th
Rev. Dr. O'Reilly, Treasurer, $500 for th
Parliamentary fund. Augusta sent in Jar
nary about $000 for tito same purpose.
Ex-Sheriff John Uenoo, ol Sumte
County, Tenn., was taken from jail a
Livingston on Tuesday hy a mob an
hanged, for tho attempted murder of hi
Mn?. Caroline Benedict, a well know
woman, who for many years has re-sided i
the little village of Moltville, in the low
of Skaneatcles, X. V., died recently after
fast ex ten ling 58 days.
One of the deputies r.t the Luke Shor
yards, Chicago, Tuesday shot and tried t
kill a man who remarked (hat his gui
looked as if it had come from a pawn shop
Trouble was narrowly liveried.
An epidemic of typhoid fever has visile
thc little millage of Waterford, situated i
the Northwest corner of Hacine County
Wis., remoto from railroads and entirely
Small pox of a very malignant typo ha
broken out al Santiago, Chill. 'I lie dis
case, which is epidemic and bccnnihij
worso every day, proves fatal in 70 per cen
of tin- persons attacked,
The Londsdale Company's cotton mill
ut Ashton. R. I., shut down Tuesday ii
consequence of u strike-2M spinners fuck
lng out .Mil) employees Cause-luSUtlIcU.il
pay and the discharge of an overseer fo
Mrs. Mary J. O'Brien, the wife of Join
J. O'Brien, chief of lim Bureau of Klee
dons, tiied of blood poisoning after a pain
ful illness lusting over len weeks, at he
leuce, N. V.
The grand jury have indicted Hern?n
P. Verne and William Hegarty on tki
charge of keeping their barbers ?hops opel
in violation of the Sunday law, in Boston
These wil! be test cases.
The reported purchase by ('ni:iu of i,t>0(
tons ?if Qdrtnaa .Icol rails hus caused main
conflicting nunora in England regard hu
tiie intentions of tho Chinese to humed!
atcly construct systems of railways.
On Saturday last a puma, which hus bom
infesting the neighborhood of Pilot Grove
Ti. vat, lor si.vcral wv?.ks, lore to pieces um
devoured Ih? one year old child of u farmci
living on Burns s tract,
The old sugar commission house of J. th
Hiver* fi (.'o, hus suspended, mid Henry C
de Rivers, the head of the linn, is missing
lt is thought that his mind is unsettled am
that he wandered away, not knowing when
he wi?, going.
A soldier attempted suicide in Roim
Sunday, and among his effects wax iou lid i
paper ullaring that im hud hoon (ioslguntoi
hy n secret society lo kill tho King, but thu
ho preferred death rather than do us in
structcd. Ho would not botray thc society
Judson C. Clements is thc first Congress
man from Georgia to secure a ronomlnn
lion. Eight years ugo Judson (Moment:
defeated Dr. Felton, tjie famous Independ
cut. who had wrestled thc Seventh Diside
from tia; Delma racy.
Thc aced motlier of Congressman Coli
was Informed of her son's death In Haiti
more mi Friday hint. Thoidioofc completely
prostrated her, find sin. died Sunday after
noon, a couple of hours licfore thc fu?era
of her son took place.
The s ensational reports put into circula
lion us to dittlciillics between Russin am
the powers regarding Katoura ?nive ix-ci
characterized in ofllcial rpinrtcrs us non
sense, possibly originating in stock ex
ohnngo schemes,
The boiler (.i n imrinbic engine C.\|>lode<
al Alton, Illinois1, Tuesilliy amt injured flvi
men, three fatatlly, Beside* the wreckiiij
of the tlirrcshing machine ami thc burulu;
of all |ho wheat hdjoeent, three or fou
horses were killed.
Mr. ('yins w. Field is endeavoring t<
Serve a process on Jumes Gordon Bennet
in a suit for libel. Thus fur the effort hu
proved Unsuccessful, the dilllculty lieinj
the fart Unit thc defendant n dijes in Puris
is often in America] und bas no re&qpop
in England) " ' .
Dr. Robert Taylor, formerly associatci
willi Dr. L. A- Sayre, of ^e\V vONL ri
ports ?he .."re ,?i R'Citi?) of traumatic- tots
nus, or lockjaw, resultant from H wound
which is said to lie thc only instance ii
whit h a futid conclusion to such an altacl
has been averted.
Shortly lieforc midnight of Monday th
Illinois Malleable [ron Work ! ,,(,. ?c,? in ii
th" .Nor;h;:yn Kunu of 'Chicago, took fir
and the buildings vero burned te th
ground. Loss on building, stock and mn
( hila ry estimated al $10,000. Only $5,001
worth of Insurance known.
Mrs. Ruth A. Mudgctt's liotir-.fner ! 1 i\s
in CbicflgO was burnt Vilely eibrn?ng
und 'he inman* only escaped dont h bj
jumping from a.second story window. Om
of tito Demons thus escaping wns Mrs. Gil
liert, whose hue was badly burnt, and win
also sustained serious internal injuries.
Tho Frond? mu playiug "Peek-nBoo"
with the Germans. Sixty thousand repeat
ing rifles will ho distributed to that portion
of hor anny on tho Alsace Loraine front by
August, (lennon forces confronting thom
have recently been armed with similar
A number of Berlin journalists have
been Indicted for a breach ol ino press laws,
in publishing documents relating to tho
case of Captain Karauw, recently convicted
of selling information lo France regarding
German fortifications, while the case was
under consideration hy the courts.
Many large towns In Russia have no pe
riodicals at all only because there were no
NirtlC8 w ho could suit tho. local governor
In thc capacity of editors. As regards local
oflleial matters the governor performs thc
role of a censor. Tims, for Instance, thc
session of the local representatives, thougll
open, cannot bo desi ?bcd in Ibo newspapers
without the governor's permission.
After (I week's investigation of tho vari
ons rumors which have been Uoutlugubout,
there is good autority for Slating thal ar
extradition treaty between the United Sttttci
and Great Britain has been signed, says 11u
New York Star, and that tho convention
provides, in addition to tho customary
clauses, for the surrender of dynamite mis
Statements prepared at thc Treasury De
pnrtmcnt show that the receipts Ol tin
government so far this month aro decided 1)
less than the expenditures, and unless ..1
Improvement occurs before tho end of tin
month the public debt statement to be is
sued on August 1 will show little, if any
decrease. Payments have been Unusually
heavy, over $10,000.000 having been pail
out this week on pensions alone.
A largely attended mass meeting wu
hold Monday evening at St. Qcorgo's Hall
In pursuance of neall upon "all English
Scotch ami Welsh residents of Philadelphii
to show .Mr. Qhulstono and their country
men 'across the sea' hat in America, :i
Great Britain, there i > a responsive throb ti
thc appeal for justice to Ireland." Th
following cablegram was ordered to bc foi
warded to Mr. Ghtdslono: "The lOngllsh
Scotch and Welsh residents of Philndcl
phia, in mass meeting assembled, extend li
you their sympathies in tho slmggle fo
justice to Ireland, and ask you to perscver
m thc light to the end.''
San Francisco dispatches, of July IS
give further details of the earthquake ii
Now Zealand. The severity of thc shock
caused thc inhabitants lo nish |n rill dire?
lions. Tho second shock produced a vol
cano, inagniliiocntly und awfully grand
which illuminated tho country for sivt
miles. The escaped natives, gathered i
groups ou the hill l idos, thu smoke, inn
huge masses of lire rc?cmbUug meteor?
presented a panoramic view lu all its rca
istic horrors which human nature desiri
not to witness, III ?east again, and the seer
of thc forest not at all.
Once and a while some man lltVSCOUrilg
enough lo marry a Vassar graduate, bul il
a rule tho girls don't step olf very wei
om of nearly ?00 graduates, only about 20
have been drawn in the liuptilil iiooso. Th
full blown buds loft have taken up vari ni
callings. There are I?physicians, 10 lum
keepers, 2 organists, 5 chemists, 13 si hoi
principals, .? farmers, 1 census clerk, " ii
surancc agents, 2110 teachers, (j artists,
law clerk, f? librarians, 1 copyist, li? niiisi
teachers, :i astronomical assistants, '.' joui
enlists, :l gymnastic teachers, 'J nilssiom
rios, ;i public readers and I authors. Vi
they say women have no chance.
A special dispatch from Grape Creek
Illinois, says; "There is prospect of ari
over the Importation of negroes hy Hi
G ra (io Creek Coal Company, to take tu
places of the striking miners. The striker
dei larc tho new mon can't work limier au
circumstances, and thal they will resit
force with force. Tho Sherill of hornill
lion Cornily has fully special deputies Ol
the ground, and will du in his power !?
maintain order if (he negroes conphulo ti
go to work. There we.ro over a thousmu
strikers w hen the present strike began, bu
the number is now reduced lo seven o
eight hundred.
It is rumored that tho commercial rein
lions of thc I'liited State; with SoUll
America arc lo be si?l rurthcrstrciigthcnci
by the luyin" of n direct cabio from this
country lo Brazil and thc Arg< mino Con
federation. Ii ih probable Ihat lite cabli
will bo in operation by January 1, willi
tho immediate result of reducing Hie rad
per worri from *v.".ii, (he present tariff, ti
%\, Under tho present system eleven ''re
peats" aro requisite between hero mid Bin
while with a direct cable Utemcssiigccouki
l)CSent with only three "repels, lu i,^,,,,.
a cable code, mid paying univ $1 a word
for transmission, n merchant can scud ti
long dispatch to South America for mi in
liuitcsimnl amount.
pinUrtmeott lu ou Tinte?.
Thc following brief record is reprinted
from the Hartford. Conn., ('mirant, under
date of Sept. 7, 17(11;
IlAUTPOltU, Sept. 7. - Last week. David
ComplteU and Aloxnndor Pettigrew wen
indicted before the Superior Court, sitting
in this town, for breaking open and roi.
bing the house of Mr. A bid Abbot, of
Winsor, of two watches, lo which indict
mont they both plead guilty, and wen
sentenced ca . Ol them lo receive tiftccn
Stripes, to have their light cars cut oil . aim
to lie branded with a capital loller li on
their foreheads; which punishment was in
Dieted on them last Fridav I 'ott ig TOW
bled so much from tho ampliation of his
ear thal his ^if.. ,vua in danger.
Th. tv??? fm, M aathtrtd from a tnt *f th? noviimt,
fTowlnf ?loaf ta? stn.ll ll/..mi In th? Routhtrn niau?,
toui.lm a itltaulttlef. fi pw wran*, prloclpl? that loownt
th? phltf m Bf ?Atrina lh? rttlf morotai costa, ?ad lilma
Uta? in? rhIM lo throw off th? ftU* mto-.br??? in troup ul
whooping routh. Wh*a ooraMnM with th? brallnf n.a/1
Uflo. ?i i. r 1 n <? 11> I . lath? nail, lt, plant of Pc ol i cult. ki t
Mt?? la Tin??'! Caaaon* lUvtev < ? fvtrr OHM AMD
Militia th? An*?? knowa tt.wAj fa, C?grf?.' Croup,
W?l?p.l?| -tu Jlli aaa I ontjtn jilin ; ac? m? i ?Ut?AU, ?oj
ft?.-M STTWAWB A. tATtol Atlanta, cg
iJ'?V"*.".?<??? MUCKI.KtlRRKY OOtt?TTiTfo,
?*o> t ^XM*M>' *** vltHrai VwialBf, fot wk hf
Simple*?, Mo?t DtiMhlc, Mconoinlc o. .m I I'crfctt
tu .... ? a.lea no crain; tirana lt routh fag ,o<rtt-V
Pt?sirl<ssi? Aurloiiliural Work?, TORR. Pa,
JSK/iuple fiT .' u-MUi'iailtiif ainu*.
VSi..l.vel<i Territory given.
-^.?TZgtf1 ''r'lTI kf'iiiroi.tieil. Aili|r?sa
J^KF*?^ 042 Orooi?iY,y, NKW YORK.
WAiNTK])-'/A1>V *^V6 ami
i? ???.* ? . '"telligcnt. to renie
sent lu brr own locality mi obi firm. Kefer
^"^a^rod. Permanent position and
gpl sahtry. OAYA!|UO.S.' 6 0wcliai
Browns Iron
Tho q to. 'lon hna pmliably lioon atkod t li,VIP.M w's
nf tiinoH/'llow MD BroMni'a Iron Hitters our? erory
thitiK?" Well, it tliMMin't. Hut lt dian euro any diaoaia?
fi>4- which a ropilla' lo pfawlolanwOttMmaaorlbe IBO!
t.'ijuiclans recount wi Iron <w th? h?vit ruatorntivo
Mont known to UM profosalon. ?nd imiuiry of any
loading chemical linn will Kuhatanttsto tnoaRamtion
thnt thoro ni? moro iiroparations of iron than of any
other Kubatancn used in incillclno This shows con
clusively that iron ia acktiowlodjrod to 1)? tho nw* t
Important factor in Htcioasful mudie il pi net U o. ll i ',
honorer, n rom ir!? nb!" fact, tint prior to tho disco.
.'.yoi IIKOHN'rillltlN IUTTI?KS oom il fi .. ?'.
ly ratlsfnctory iron combination hau over boon found.
h?adachn. cr prodnco constipation-nil oilier Irnrt
. . die ?- 'I... BRO WN'H IltON 1IITT1? lt H
CHITS IndJitoitloui BIHonnnoao, Wetikitr.*",
I i > "i" ?' i i. ninlarln, i'Miin mid Povcrv,
TirOd Fol li.. <? . i ; i : Mil Debility,I'lllll ill tho
Side? Back or Limb*, i Iradacbe and Neurn I?
n'm -for ail thoso ailment.-; Iron ll prescribed dail".
',? <??'?'?' LIVo nil other thoronRh modiciniw.it acta
Slowly, Win:i takon by mr; tho fimt armptoin cf
borant ls roniwod onoriry. Tlininiiaclpalhanbonnnii
finiior, tho digestion UnptnWM, tho bowels aro art iv?.
In rroatrn tho of?oct i l lisna)!)- room rape! .md marke I.
llio ..yos bogiii at onoo to brighton) (lie fV'.n olonN
lip: healthy e.il ?r comos to tho chocks; nr-muisnc-i
dl.cipuoarw; functional dcr.inn'monta become regit
?ar, and if n uuraing mothar, abundant sostonai co
I < supplied for tho child. ;t- rnombor Brown's Ir-;i
lotion lu tho ONIJY iron tnodiouio th.it ia not lu
jurions. I'hyiteian4 ?o' i>i n?i>jhit rttommtM ff.
Tho Gonulne bas Trado Mirk and cr med rr<i linos
on wrapper.
Mott of tho diseases which Afflict mankind aro origin
aily oauted by n disordered oondll lon of tim LIVER.
PDT all complaint? of thia kind, auch aa Torpidity ot
tho Liver. Biliousness. Norton.? Dyspepsia, Indines,
tion. Irregularity ol tho Bowola, Constipation, Flat ti
?..ney. Eructations and Burning of tho Stomach
(sometimos oallad lleaHuurn), Miasma, Malaiin,
ll! . ?ly Iii?, OhIUs and Fever. Un-akbona Fever,
Exhaustion before or after Few*. Oh ronlo Diar
rhoe, (jons of Appetit?, lloadsobo, Foul Breath,
IrrognlsriUea incidont.il to Efotnslss, Bearing-down
ia Invaluable, lt lt not a panacoa for slldlseaMrt
but /7*? 11? K? nil diseases of t!;" LIVER.
Ii oltan?oa th" eomidoxlon hom a wsty. yellow
lingo, toa ruddy, healthycolor, lt entirely r^mgyea
lim. ?twiil) spirit?, lt i< "no of th? """sf AL"
Tor kal-j by all Ortiguirte. Price $1.00 p<r bottle.
C. F. STADiCCHi, Proprietor,
.40 SO. FRONT ST., PhltDdcfthla, Pa.
Tho Best fy, w * www
Asi) I -f\\\ ??0 WORLD
Cheapest "cV^ii^.i:?ri:jAQ(atioD.
THEGommerclal College ?r^?V?.:Kyr:,'r'
111;:',, i Honor and Oold M. .In I < ur all other Collrc?.
iii.! Zffii?* ".r'P'""'?". I?' ^y?tcm..( Book-Wcopliia; .ml
?.? m rul I>,i, I,,, . i ,1,,. ,.11. 0ra4*alH la liu.l.
fi??ft ! ' r53tP1r??U'l>'oy?d. ?o.lof KulllliLlni aaConrai-,
^eluding Hill ion. sun,, lr,y -.",1 ll,,i(l|. nl*0O. Sliorl.
Maa?, ryp.arrllln, an t IrWravky I?lt|??T Na
?non. Kater- Haw, ?...!. .. . 1, - >, 1., i ).,,.... pot
ti'^uUr, addrCM W. lt. SMITH. Prcat, Lcilagton.Kj.
Oriitliwn-lr io dnr wi tn ?AV th u I Un
Inlicit Swift'? s,K < ir.c. I finvc boen iroiihlol
At tho bvuiiininit of cold ncatlier last isl! li 1
ha? never roiurntil. s. > s no doubt broke 111
nml l cot well lt ;il.s<. 'K I. rtte.1 my wife irrcail
euro of a 1 rciklna .?11 . . nu ii.n"lv ycM
Wall..HM III?-, t..? . F?-li 11 isv..
Trcatltc un nod Man OUeatoa mnlli
Tm; s
Tho Soliibi?'diiftno?te"a',hlgiily conceiiirnt(
Grado KertlllKOf tor nil crops.
two nrops ami rtlso IsrROly used i>y the Traci
A HI II .BY As?l KLEMENT.-A very elsi
ti!i;.i>r for I lotion, < oi n nail Sain!I tint?n (Ju
Vinos, etc.
i ii .pi rs -for uso alono ami in Compost heap.
For Tenus, Directions, Testimonial?, <tmi I
publications of th? Company, mKlross
TUB AS li li KY PHOSi1
Thcio pill'J w??b a wonderful fjisoovory. No other,
or Tflicvii ail nunnrr of tliieaao. Tb? iuformatioa ;
box of pill s. Fiivlont ~
abc* I them, and yon
will always be thank
ful. Ono pill a dose.
Parsons'Pilla ?orjUyiw
nothl^?, ItJUTofui, are j
eaajr to take, and
cause no inconveB* I
the aur'oloti) f"jWer of thea? pills, they would vail
without. &ent*by mail for 86 cents tn stamps. Ill
tho information is vory valuable. I 8. JOHNSON t,
Female Eeplator.
This ruinous remedy most happily htocta
tin? demand of tliu age ."?"' woman's pecu
liar and lu?ltrfoun ftfflIMiOlift: lt is a
remedy for WOMAN ONLY, mid for oitq
81T?CI \ li < l< \Hp nf diseases. lt ls a
ance! Ho for certain diseased conditions or
thc womb, ?ml proposes t ? ?o oolitro tito
Menstrual Kuiintloii ns to regulate nil tho
dcningcments ami Irreghlnrltlea er wo
Ipi proprietors claim for it no athen nt?dicAl
inoperty; ill ll lo doubt thu -nets that this
nieilloinc .'.(?. niMitlvory pos-css such con?
trolling ?un? regulating power-, is simply to
discredit thu voluntary testimony ot thou
sands of living witnesses who ure today
ex ? ? ting in Hie icst< ration to boupd health
anil hap'. Ines:.
Brm! field's Pe?nalo Reculator
is strictly n vegetable compound, nnd ls
tho piod'iu t of m?lica! science amt pr.icth
?il pxpeiler.e? directed toward? tho Gehellt
Suffering Woman!
lt ls the studied'prcsorlptlon of a learned
physician whoso speividty was WOMAN.
Jini; whoso rain" lu e.r..ic enviable mid
boundless bcuuuito of lus wonderful ano
cci in tho treatment ami *'mv ?/. fonmle
complaints. THE HEW?LATOR is tho
(JHA??DKST Hl?MEDY known, and rich
ly itocr.es it.; Iliitlio:
Dceauso lt controls a class of functions tho
v nions il niuiROtnotits ol which cause more
ill lien I til limn all other causes combined,
MM thus rescues bert rom a long train of
niilictions which ?orely embitter her life
an?! prcmntiuvly omi lier existence. Oh I
what tl unlit lt nile of living witnesses can
testify to hs elmrminfl ouectsl WOMAN!
lake i<> your confluence this
Precious Koon ot' Health!,
I! will reih vc y<Mi of nearly nil tte., com
plaints peculiar tu your sex. Kcbj upon it
;;s youl saree.:,u\l lor hcaUb, happines;
anil long ure.
sold by ail dvuuglsts. Send for our
treatise on tito Health and Happiness of
Woman, malled free, which Hives all par
Tiuc l'.UAiu na.n IIKOCI.ATOII Co.,
Hex 28, Atlanta, (Ju.
Writo for prices ami terms to
?.'olmnhiu, S. <'.
nk I nm rntiro!r well nf rrrcmi after Inutile
?il i u ?orv milo in my tve Muro tant f>prin?!
. MSI? .y turin appearance, bul went away nnd
ip. at lout il i>'u my $yncm ," rofiiiiilnn
?Vi'! l- '.M .V !"\k 'Jonche.awl mad? a iwrfoi t
OM daughter lam Hummer
KKV. JAMES VI Mi Mounts.
"<1 free
wi IT SIT.? inc; Cf?., Drawer..". Al'.auin, (.h.
KI Ammoniated Guano, a cenir,^ fI!Kft.
Ol NI)-A complete Fcrt'.djM for the?e
cora m ar Charleston for vegetables, e?!
ip nnd excellent Non-Ammoniaied Fcr
ips, and also for Knill Trees, (Jrapo
V ACID 1'IIOSIMIATK, of very Hlgrj
ror tho various attractive and hwtfrnetif*
HATH CO., Chnrl?*toii,?S.JC.
i like than ia UM world. Will pott* imf. MM
rou^toh box I? worth ua UaZT?^ST
twee, one bea will
flo "?oro to purify tho
blood and care chroa
lf> ill health than $5
worth of any other
??remedy yet dUeov
I ^Vered. If people conloi
r.?7^^^ *? rna Ww
100 ??.. t? *.? ? box if they could not hated
oatrated pamphlet free, postpaid. Bead (br it .
^CC, 83 Cu&Xom. Rou^StreA, BOSTON, llASs!

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