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In? for Kvery Good Democrat.
Tho Convention of tho Democratic
party of South Carolina was hold in the
Opera House, Columbia, commencing on
Wednesday tho Ith inst. Qon. damos P.
Izlar, Chairman of tho State Executive
Committee, called tho body t<> order.
Col. J. <?. Marshall, Secretary pro
tem., read the call of tho Convention, as
issued by tho Executive Committee, after
which General J/.lar nominated (icu.
Johnson Hngood to be temporary Chair
limn, and ho was unanimously elected.
On taking tho chair Gen. Hagood said
that ho was gratified by tho honor con
ferred on him, and in view of the im
portant business which tho Convention
had Indore it ho would proceed at once
to tho work of organizing the body.
The Secretary called tho roil of coun
ties, and ns each was called the creden
tials of the delegations were presented by
the chairman.
Tho roll of delegates was then called
for tho purpose of seating the delegates.
After about one hour consumed in this
business the roll wasagain called and each
delegate answered, or, failing, was .sub
stituted by an alternate. There were a
few delegates who failed to answer, but
after the roll was completed the entire
818 members had responded.
Governor Hagood announced a quo
rum and stated that tho Convention
would proceed to elect permanent
Mr. Hoist, of Charleston, moved that
Hon. Johnson Hagood bo elected presi
dent by acclamation. Mr. Orr, of (?leen
ville, seconded tho nomination, Alr. Buist
put tho question to the Convention, and
Gen. Hngood was unanimously elected.
On hiking the chair he said:
"Wo aro assembled here to-day as
Democrat*. Then; is no man here whose
allegiance to tho D?mocratie party is. not
sincere and single. It is not that iii likely
this 'oftyear' any questions will arise to
create dissensions among us. lt ia not
firobablo that any distuibiug issues will
ic raised to threaten the harmony of the
party. Wo must not forget that wu are
child ren of a common mother, and tlint
our proceedings should bo marked by
calmness and patience. My individual
op'nion regarding ninny questions is de
cided. J agreo with some of you and
differ with others. I shall not attempt
to direct you, but will learn your will
and attempt lo execute it. Again, gen
tlemen, permit mo to thank you for the
honor you have; conferred upon me and
to bespeak your kind assistance."
John S. Verlier, of Ocom e, and .lohn
A. Moroso, of Charleston, were elected
Mr. D. S. Henderson, of Aiken, moved
the subjoined resolutions, which wer?'
;ul< roted :
"Kesidved, That tho Democracy of
Sooth Carolina, in Convention assem
bled, ?end greetings and congratulations
to their follow-Democrats of tho I nion
upon tho return of tho National Domo
oratio party to tho administration of tho
affairs of tho nation.
"Resolved, That WO heartily endorse
tho wise, patriotic and statesmanlike ad
ministration of President Cleveland and
bis Cabinet."
Mr. Geo. W. Croft, of Aiken, moved
tho following resolutions, which were
".Resolved by the D?mocratie party of
Mouth Carolina in Convention assembled,
That wo have heard with profound re
gret of the death of the Hon. Samuel J.
Tilden, of Now York.
"Resolved, That this illustrious oitizon
exemplified in his lifo tho true patriot
and devoted supporter of constitutional
liberty, ami that by his death tho nation
has lost one of her most eminent and
useful statesmen; that though by fraud
deprived ol the office of President, wo
?hall ?till cherish him in memory along
with Jeflerfou, Madison and Monroe, ami
the other groat statesmen that have held
that high nositiou, and have by their
Wisdom and love of liberty brought such
rich lustre to the institutions of our
The President then announced that
nominations wore in order for seven
Y icc-Presiden ts.
C. H. Simonton, of Charleston, was
nominated for tho 1st District; G. W.
Croft, i.'f Aiken, for Ilm 2d; W. C. benet,
of Abbeville, for the ltd; D. R. Duncan,
of Spartanbnrg, for tho 1th; W. lt.
Davie, of . Chester, for thc 5th; J. G.
Dino, of Marion, for the Otb} Wm. Kl
liott, of Beaufort] L>r the 7th-all ol
whom woro elected by acclamation.
Mr. Ansel, of Greenville, moved to
adopt tho nih* of thu House of Repre
sentatives of South Carolina for the gov
ernment of tli?o Convention. Mr. Kelly,
of Barnwell, moved to substitute dish
ing'n Manual, but his motion was not
?vi.nde.i. Mr. Ansel's motion was then
Mr. Haskell, of Richland, moved tho
appointment 0? a Committee ol one from
euch Congressional District who should
prepare a platform of tho Democratic
party of South Carolina, and to whom
should also lie referred all resolutions
submitted in the Convention, without
Col. Hoyt, of Orecnvifla, moved to
amend by making tho committal one
from each county, which, after sonic
alight discussion, wa? accepted, and thc
rc??hition, aa amended, was passed.
Under thc oi>eratiou of thu resolution
a number of resolutions were then pre
sented to Ute Convention ami referred.
Tim I'reid h ut thon called for the
names of delegates from each county, so
loctal as members of tho Committee on
Platform and Resolutions, and their
naaaoej wore announced as tho counties
?wets ?oiled:
Abbevitta, W. 0. Bradley; Aiken, C.
E. Sa,wirer; Aadetwon. R. W. Simpson;
BevmwclL J. W. Holmes; Beaufort,
TOftomos TeUbird; Berkeley, 0. St. O.
MttJklo* Charleston, A. T. Smythe;
Cheater, J. Ii. Glenn; Chesterfield. P. J.
Konnedy; Clarendon, J. F. Kimmo;
Colinton, W. P. Murphy; Darlington,
R. \V. Boyd; Fdgoflold, B. R. Tillman;
Fairfield, A. E. Davis; Georgetown, W.
Si. J. Mn/.yek; Greenville, dames A.
Il<<yt; Hampton, J. W. Mooro: Hurry,
ti. Norton; Kershaw, G. G. Aioxandor;
Lancaster, K. Ii. Allison; Laurens, .J.
ll. Hmnhcrt; Loxington, H. J. Boibols;
Marion, W. J. Montgomery ; Marlboro,
C. S. McCall; Newberry, G. B. Cromer;
Oconco, R. A. Thompson; Orangoburg,
J. P, [?dar; Piokons, ?. E. Brown;
Richland, J. C. Haskoll; Bpartanbnrg,
.J. T. Mooro; Sumter, W. O. Cain;
Union, G. D. Teak; Williamsburg, H.
J, I layncswortli ; York, 0. E. Spencer.
Tho committee mot during tho recess
and organized by the election of ('ol.
.John C. Haskoll as chairman.
On motion, Col. J. Q. Marshall was
appointed Treasurer of tho Convention,
and tho Prcsidoilt asked that delogatos
would hand their contributions for the
expenses of tho Convention to tho
Nominations for Governor being in
order. Mr. Guattlobaum, of Horry, nom
natcd Wm. D. Johnson, of Marion. Mr.
Montgomery, of Marion, seconded the
Mr. Brimson, of Orangoburg, nomi
nated Gen. Edward McCrady, Jr., of
Charleston; seconded by Mr. Heyward,
of Greenville, and Mr. Brawley, of
Mr. Bradley, of Abbeville, nominated
tho Hon. J. C. Sheppard, of Edgollold;
seconded by Mr. B, lt. Tillman.
Mr. brown, of Darlington, nominated
the Hon. William C. Coker, of Darling
ton; seconded by General Moore, ol
Mr. Henderson, of Aiken, nominator
the I lon. John P. Richardson, of Ciar
endon; seconded by Mr. Rhume, ol
.Major Hart, of York, nominated tia
Hon. (oles J. Patterson, of Chester
seconded by Col. D. R. Duncan, o
Spartanburg. Mr. Williams, of Barn
well, also seconded the nomination 0
Mr. Patterson.
On motion of Col. J. C. Haskell, tin
nominations were closed.
The President appointed Messrs. D
S. Henderson, J, J;. Orr, W. J. Mont
gomcrynudJ. B. Capplemann tellers, am
the voting oonunenced. As tho nama 0
each dclogato was called, he arose am
announced the miine of his candidat?
which was repeated by thc President am
recorded by tho tellers,
fl U.ST i ;AI. LOT.
Whole number of votes east ?118; nccCJ
Bary lo a choice l(>o.
J. 1'. Richardsou.ll
J. C. Sheppard. ti
W. C. Colo r. 1
t! .J. Patterson. :|
Kel. McCrady.?i
W. I). Johnson. S
The following is a statement of th
vote by counties:
Abbeville' recorded niuo votes fi
Sheppard and three for Richardson.
Next oana: Aiken with ten solid vol?
for Richardson.
Anderson divided her ten votes out i
follows: Sheppard three, Coker iou
McCrady two, Johnson one.
Barnwell's twelve votes were divide
as follows: Richardson nine, Skeppai
two, McCrady ono. (Mr. W. R. Kelly
Beaufort gave a plumper, oigk*. vote
for Richardson.
Berkel? y's twelve votes were (livid,
between Richardson and Sheppard, tl
former getting six, ami Shoppard liv
Mr. Cain voted for Mr. Coker,
Tho Charleston delegation voted
follows: For McCrady twonty-ono, She
pani three, Richardson throe, Johns,
Chester polled a plumper for Patt?
son, oight votes.
Chesterfield gave three votes to Rio
ardson, two to Coker and one to She
Claroudon, <>f course, plumped her?
votes to Richardson.
Colloton divided her twelve votes
follows: Shoppard niue, Richards
Darlington polled her ten votes 1
('?dior and never change?! them.
Eklgeliold gave Sheppard her twel
votes through the titree ballot?, oi
changing after tho elootion of Coloi
Richardson was secured.
Fairflold was divided, her eight vo
being casi as follows: Coker four, P
(orson two, McCrady two.
Georgetown gave live votes to Ri?
ardson and one to Sheppard.
Greenville also divided her ten vot
giving live to Coker, three to Ricka
son, ?me to McCrady and ono to Jol
Hampton divide?! her votes, three
Richardson, two to Shoppard and th
to Coker.
Horry vote?! solidly, six votes
Johnson on two ballot.., and on
third, after tho withdrawal of Chancel
Johnson, voted solidly for Richards
Kershaw voted solidly, eight votes
Lancaster' for Patterson, six votes.
Laurens divided her eight vc
equally between Richardson, Col
Sheppard and Johnson, giving two
Lexington gavo McCrady and Co
one voil! each nu?l tho remaining fou
Marion gave eight of ton votes
Joh n--o 11 nial divided tho other two
tween Sheppard ami Richardson,
Marlboro voted Johnson two, Cc
two, Slu ppanl ono and Richardson i
Newberry also divided, giving SI
parti three, Coker throo ami Bichan!
two votes.
Oconco gave four of her six vote.
Riohardson and two to Coker.
Orangcburg divided ncr twolvo V
as follows: Richardson three,-1
Sheppard throe, McOraity one.
Pa kens gave five ol her six votci
Biehurdson and tho remaining om
Rich In nd gavo ton ot hpr twolvo v
to Richardson, ono to ShopiMuol ( Ur.
ley) and ono to Johnson (Mr. Htarli
Spnvbniburg voted eight for Patt?
and two for Johnson.
Sumter gavo Richardson fonr? S
parti four and Cokor hor remaining
Union gavo Shoppard six and Pa
son two votes.
Williamsburg gavo Richardson
Johnson ono and Coker ono vote.
[ York closed tho call with a pinn
j ten votes, for Patterson,
Mr. O. J. Patterson's ?amo waa now
Messrs. Murray. Brown, Sawyer and
Qlazo wore appointed tailors, and tho
Convention proceeded to a second ballot,
with the following result:
J. I?. Richardson.137
J. (\ Sheppard. HO
\V. C. Coker. 85
NV. I). Johnson. '-'<>
Ed. McCrudy. M
Mr. Montgomery withdrew tin name
of the Hon. NV. I). Johnsen.
wa.s entered on, und when it was ended
it was ovidont that Col. J. 1'. Richardson
was in thc lead, lacking only about ten
votes of election. Dr. Tulley, of Rich
land, rose und announced ins vote
changed from Hon. J. C. Sheppard to
Mon. J. 1'. Richardson. This was tin
signal for a g ni ul break. All over the
house delega s \ ero on their feet, call
ing vocifero ly for changes of their
votes. The ? test confusion prevailed
but nftcr much hammering of tho gavel
Mr. Shnonton, who occupied the. chair,
succeeded in Rotting tho chunges record
ed, and then in a few minutes tho report
of tho tellers showed the following re
sult, which tho Chair announced:
Votes cast, 817j necessary to a choice,
Coker. Ol
Sheppard. 50
M cC nely. 1
The Chair announced Mr. Richardson
as tho nominee of the Convention for
Governor of South Carolina.
"lt is impossible to describe the furore
of enthusiasm with which tho announce
ment was received. A tumultuous roar
rose from tlie floor, was caught up by
tho parquotto, und tho densely packed
galleries and corridors joined in thc p:ean
that rolled up in a volume which seemed
to threaten to lift tho roof."
As soon os order could bo restored Mr.
blackwell, of Edgoflold, rose und moved
that thc vote of thu Convention he made
unanimous, which was seconded in a neut
speech hy Mr. Drown, of Darlington;
and thc motion was unanimously adopt
Thu Chair announced that nomina
tions for Lieutcnnnt-Governor were next
in order. Several ineffectual attempts
were made to induce tlie Convention to
take a rec088.
Mr. Ira 13. Jones, of Lancaster, placed
in nomination Gen. W. L. T. Prince, of
Chesterfield. Mr. E. J. Kennedy sec
onded the nomination.
Col. John 0. Haskell ut this juncture
moved to shut off nil further speaking in
making nominations, hut his motion was
At this point Dr. Tulley, of Richland,
made a motion to take a recess until 8.30
p. m., but tlie motion was lost, und the
Chair announced that tlie Convention
would proceed to nominations for Lieu
tenante lovornor.
Mr. W. T. brooker, of Edgoflold,
nominated Mr. C. J. 0. Hutson, and
Col. Ciando E. Sawyer seconded the
Col. James L. Orr placed in nomina
tion Dr. \V. L. Mauldiu, of Greenville,
whoso nomination waa seconded by Mr.
W. J. Mongomory, of Marion.
Tho first ballot was then taken, with
tlie following result: Mauldin, l l'.); Hut
son, 13H; Prince, 80. Total vote cast,
317. Necessary to a choice, 159.
Mr. E. J. Konnody withdraw tho nanto
of Gen. W. L. T. Prince.
The second ballot was then taken, with '
tho following result: Whole number of
votes cast, 818, of which Mauldin ro- ;
coived R'.??; Hutson 144.
On motion of Mr. C. J. C. Hutson tlie ]
nomination was made unanimous, I
Tho Convention then adjourned till 10 ]
o'clock on Thursday morning.
Mrroml liny.
Thc Convention assembled promptly
ut 10 o'clock, with Governor 1 fugued in '
tho chair. ,
There was no nbnteinent in tho ?ute
rest manifested in thc proceedings, every J
part of tuc Oitera House being crowded
with spectators.
As soon ivs tho body was called to
ojder, Mr. Blackwell, of Edgoflold,
moved that all nominations bo submitted
without speeches, which WOS adopted.
Mr. Henderson said that if tho impor
tant matter of platform and resolutions
were not attended to before the nomina
tions were mr de, they would not bo
likely to receive tlie attention which
their importance deserved, und moved to
cull np tho report of tho committee Thc
demonstration was decided from all parts
of thc House, that there would bo no
interruption allowed to tho nominations,
and a motion to tallie Mr. Henderson's
motion was adopted without dehato.
After some timo spent in substituting
tho name* of alternates for ubseiit mem
bers, on motion of Mr. Thomas, of
Union, tho nominations wero proceeded
Tho President announced that thelirst
nomination in order was that of Secre
tary of State.
Mr. Hoyt, of Greenville, nominated
(len. W. W. Humphries, of Anderson,
which waa seconded by Mr. Oliukscales,
of Anderson.
Mr. Clark, of Kershaw, nominated Col.
W. Z. Loitnor, of Kershaw, which was
seconded by Mr. Kennedy, of Kershaw.
The nomination wo? received by loud
and continuous demonstrations of ap
plause, and so many delegates took tho
tloor in all parts of thc house to second
tho nomination that Mr. Murray, of An
derson, felt const rained to ask if thors
Was no rule to limit thu number of .sec
ond? to a nomination. The President
said there was not, but a motion would
bo in order to make such a rule; where
upon Mr. Murray moved thut tho num
ber bo limited to two, and on the sugges
tion of another delogate made it two,
but the motion was lost.
Messrs. Jone?, Croft and Johnstono
were appointed tellers, and tho ballot
was taken.
Tho President announced tho rosult,
as follows: Wholo numlier of vote? cost
816, of which Col. Z. W. Loituer ro
ooivod 'i07 and Con. W. W. Humphries
reoeived 100, and Colouol Iicituer was
dooli.red tho nominee of tho Convent ion
for Secretary of State.
Tho announcement was received with
deafening roars of applause, w hich lasted
for many minutos.
As soon as order was resumed, Colonel
Hoyt moved that the nomination lie de
clared unanimous, and no objection
being offered it WOS SO ordered.
The President announced tho nomina*
lion of GomptroUer-Genoral ?s next iu
order. Mr, Haskell nominated tho Hon.
W. E. Stoney. Seconded hy Mr. Dou
On motion of Mr. Hayward, of Grcou
villc, the Prosidontwas instructed to cast
thc vote of the Convention for Mr. Stoney
willoh being done, lie was declared
the nominee of tho Convention.
Tho next nomination in order was that
of Attorney-General. Mr. Henderson
nominated the Hon. C. lt. Miles, of
Mr. Gillam!, of Williamsburg, nomi
nated tho Hon. Jos. H. Barlo, of Sum
ter. Tho nomination was seconded with
enthusiastic und prolonged cheers, indi
cative of tie1 result which followed.
."Messrs. Olnzo, Ilcmphill, Wagner and
Davie were appointed tellers.
Tlie President announced thc vote as
follows: Hon. J. ll. Earle, 171; Hon. lt.
C. Miles, 141.
Mr. Buist, of Charleston, in behalf of
tho Charleston Delegation, moved that
tho nomination he declared unanimous,
which was done.
Tlie next nomination in order being
that of Treasurer, the Chair appointed
as tollers Messrs. J. (?. Marshall, Jorvoy,
Unison and Ma/.yck.
Mr. I/lar, of Barnwell, nominated
Isaac (J. Bamberg, of Barnwell, and tho
nomination was seconded hy Mr. Orr, ol
Greonvillo. Mr. Croft, ot' Aiken, nomi
nated Col. John 1'. Thomas, of Richland,
which was seconded hy Mr. Hutland, o?
Fairfield. Mr. Marshall, of Richland,
nominated Richard Singleton, seconded
hy Mr. Sinkler, ol' berkeley.
Tin? Convention thou proceeded lo hal
lot, with the following result: 81*1 VOtOi
wen? cast, of which General Rundiere
received 190, Colonel Thomas 71 ami
Mr. Singleton 50; and on motion of Air,
Haskell, on hehalf of thc Richland dele
gation, thc nomination was made minni
Mr. Brooks, of Edgoflold, nominate*
(?cn. A. M. Man ?gaul t for Adjutant am
fiispcotor-Gonorab Mr. Mookbco, ol
Chester, nominated Col. I. O. McKis
sick, of Union. Mr. Humbert, of Lan
rons, nominated Mr. Hugh H. Farley, o
Spartnnburg. Seconded hy Mr. Dun
can, of Spartnnburg. Mr. Marshall, o
Richland, Mr. Smith, of Horry, and Mr
Sparkman, of Goorgotowu, seconde?
Genend Muniguult's nomination, 'lin
vote on tlie first ballot, niter ntimcrotl;
changes, was: Manigault, 150; Farley
150; MeKissiok. .. Number of vote
cast, did; necessary to a choice, 157.
Mr. MeKissiok was withdrawn hy Mr
Thomas, of Union.
Ju the midst of cheers for Manigual
und Farley, tho < ry of "Hailed! ballot!
was raised. 'The second ballot resulte?
ns follows: Mnniguult, 182; Farley, 15(1
Number of votes cast, 818? necessary t
a choice, Kitt.
Amidst excitement, it was moved I
make tho nomination unanimous. Agree
(len. Janu s F. I/lar nominated fe
Superintendent of Education Cid. .)
Coward. Seconded hy Mr. Davie, (
('bester. Mr. Childe, of Piokons, noni
Hilted Col. .lilil?es II. Rice, of Ahhcvilh
Seconded by Mr. Howell, of Collctoi
Tho ballot resulted as follows: Rice, 18(
Coward, 128. Number of votes cns
?11 1; necessary to a choice, 168,
On motion of Mr. Hart, of Volk,
motion to make the nomination mian
mons was carried.
Notices of time and place of thc m CO
bigs of tin; Congressional Convonlioi
were given. Most of them met In tl
Convention Hall immediately after at
Mr. Haskell, from the Committee (
Platform and Resolutions, sent in a r
port. He stated that while there was
difference of opinion among some of tl
members of tho committee, there won
he no minority report, hut that cat
member would state his differences i
Hie lloor ol' the Convention.
The 1'resident appointed the followil
?ommittco to notify the successful cast!
lutes of their nomination, and ask tho
lo address the Convention: Messrs. I
i. Henderson, .1. Ii. Orr, R. C. Hinkle
ll. W. Brown and NV. R. blackwell.
At 1.45 a motion was mude to ftdjou
lUitU 3 o'clock.
Afternoon K.-mloii.
Oil tile opening of the CoUVOntio
Mr. Haskell submitted the report of tl
L'ommitteo on Platform and Rcsolutioi
The platform was taken up for conni
?ration, and Mr. Dawson said that
ibservcd that tho committee, while co
forming tin- instrument very olosoly
In platform of 188-1, had omitted t
dvd service plank, which was first ado]
xl in INS'J und r atlirmed hy thc Convi
ion of 1884. I ic therefore proposed
imcndmcnt which restored tho civil s
rico claus?! ns it existed in the foni
flatform and made an earnest iirgunn
n its support, He saiil that the om
don would bo oolonlntod t?> place I
Democracy ot South Carolina in antaj
liam to the policy upon which Mr. Clo
and 1 inti boon 0100ted President of 1
United States, ami he appealed to I
Convention t?t hositata indore odoptin
..our.se which would in effect bo constn
IS a rebuke to the national Demoeni
.arty and tho administration of Pr<
lent Chivohmd.
Mr. benet accepted tho propoi
Messrs. Kelly, of Barnwoll, Murpl
>f Collcton, and barber, of Cilest
moko in favt?r of tho amendment ; wi
Messrs. Clarke, of Kershaw, Murnty,
Anderson, timi Haskell, of Richlu
ipoke on tim other hitle. A motion
able thc amendment was then lost h
roto of 158 nays to 140 yeas. 'J
unondmont was tuon adopted.
Th? Platform,
Tim Democnitio party of South Cn
ina in State Convention assembled,
iflirming their allegiance and dovotioi
ho principles of thu Dom oe ratio pai
loo lure tho following to Ito tho prinoi]
md polioy of tlie Dumoorutio party
itato and Federal alluirs;
Firnt. Wise nial just l?gislation;
inpartial ??Iministrution of cipiul In
iflloionoy with economy in ovory dop
neut of the State government.
Second. Popular education is tho 1
yark of free institutions. Liberal I
lort for tim public schools for tho wi
Third. Tlio present protective t
axes tho many for tho benefit of
favored few. Tho duties on imp"
ihould bo decreased. An carly repot
: he duty on cotton ties, on tho mach
ry used in tho manufacturo of co
md wool, and on tools and ogricult
i- ? glemont s, will stimulate main duct
and bo A measure ol* relief to tho farmers
of tho country.
Fourth. The public credit, National
and State, must be maintained.
Fifth. In tho conduot of nffairs in this
State tko Democracy have boon actuated
by tho desire to promote tlu! greatest
good to tho State. Democrat ic unity is
public safety and private security.
Sixth. In the State, justice and equali
ty for all, to insure harmony and good
will between the races. In the I nion no
sectionalism in policy or feelings an in
dissoluble union of indestructible States;
ono flag, one country, one destiny.
Seventh. Civil service reform. Ap
pointments to mi.au ollices under tests
that win indicate tho qualifications of the
applicant, promotion by merit, a lixed
tenure of ollice and no removals i xcept
for cause.
The nominees of the Convention (ex
cept General Manigault, who was not in
Columbia) were now introduced, and
each made an appropriate speech.
Tho Committee on Resolutions to
j whom were referred various resolutions
! amending thc Constitution as to tho mode
of selecting tho candidates, respectfully
submits the following report. The fol
lowing amendment, tiny red nun ital
shall bo adopted as a substitute for all
tho proposed amendments so refero d to
Amend Article XII by adding thereto
the following:
"Each Congressional District or judi
cial circuit in this State shall be at liber
ty to adopt tho method of primary elec
tion instead of tho convention p?an foi
nominating candidates for Congress m
Solicitor, provided such method bo de
termined upon by a convention regular
ly called in tho manner hereinbefore
specified, for that purpose among others.
If such method bo adopted, tho conven
tion adopting thc same shall lix the time
when, and prescribe tho rules under
which, snob election shall be held: Pro
vided, That snob primary election shall bo
held in each county composing snob dis
trict or circuit: Provided, further. That
no election either for delegates to a con
vention or umler tho primary plan shall
be hereafter hold prior to tho first day ol
September in ovory year.
This report elicited no debate and was
agreed to, there being no minority re
Tho Convention, byan overwhelming
vote, r< ascii to lay on tho table, and
amendments proposed were then adopted.
A batch of adverse reports were then
Colonel Haskell, representing" a mi
nority of the committee, moved to tabli
the unfavorable report on the resolution
favoring a Constitutional ( 'onveiitioii and
to take up the resolution.
After a parliamentary lilt between
Messrs. Haskell and Smythe, the motion
was lost, and tho unfavorable report
adopted tn au off-hand manner.
There was an unfavorable report ul
Mr. Murray's resolution providing for I
gcnoral speech-making day for all can.h
date s for election in the counties, mu
prescribing a canvass of the State befon
the meeting of the State Convention b;
all candidates for state ofliccs,
Mr. Murray moved to table tho repor
and take up tin; resolution. Ile orguci
that tho views of candidates should hi
known before and not after the nomina
The Convention, however, refused t<
take up the resolution and adopted Un
committee's unfavorable roporti
Tho resolution providing for tho nomi
nation of all State oftlccrs, Congressmci
and Solicitors by primary was also unfa
vorably reported, baton motion of Col
onol Orr it was taken up for considera
tion and caused quito a debate.
Mr. Benet moved to amend by ??bsti
tuting Governor and Licutcunnt-Gov
ornor for State o?leors. The nmendmen
was lost.
Mr. Henderson moved to table th
original resolution.
The roll was called and the State pri
mary proposition was tabled by the ilcci
sive vote ol' 171 to 00.
Tho following is (lu analysis of th
vote on thc motion to table:
Ayes. Noe
Anderson. 0
I Joan fort. (5
Chester. 7
Chesterfield. <".
Clarendon. ?J
holleton. !.
Georgetown. I
Greenville. 0 1
Hampton. H
J lorry. fl
Kershaw. 0
Lancaster .... . 1
Lnurens. <J
Lexington. ?5
Marion. 1
Marlboro. fi
Newberry. I
Oconce. i
Drangeburg. <*
Pickcns. 0
9pnrtanburg. 0
Sumter. B
I nion. 0
Williamsburg. . H
York... I
This disposed of the reports before* tl
1 "(invention.
Colonel ( >rr moved that tho Commit!
an Resolutions bo discharged,
A motion was interposed t<> adjou
uno die, There was thereupon a gre
Inibbub, which at last ceased snfOcienl
for Colonel Orr to continue. Ile sa
that he made tito motion to bring out ;
unendincut to tho Const it ut ion prov id ii
for representation in Convention in pi
i?.itooi to tho number of Democrat
votes cast at elections.
Colonel Haskell, of Columbia, ai
Colonel Croft, of Aiken, opposed t
On a viva voce vote the propos
amendment was lost by a largo majori
roto against it.
Colonel Henderson being called to t
mair, Colonel Haskell offered tho ct
ternary resolution;* of thanks to I
orticers of tho Convention, which in tl
Base at least were thoroughly deserve
Thoy woro unanimously adopted in co
mittoo of tho wholo and presented
Colonel Henderson to President 11 agni
who upon receiving thom said :
"Gent lemon of tho Convention:
thank Voil for thc kindly fur-lings ex
pressed in your resolutions and congrnt
llluto y<tu upon tia- work you huvo done.
In my opinion il has been wiso and ju
! dirions, and will redound to tho credit
cf tho Domocracy of South Carolina, 1
Iii.I you heartily a pleasant return to
you)- homes."
Tho gavel foll and at 0.36 p. m. thc
Convention of 1880 ended it?labors.
The Stoic Executive Commit Ice.
Thu following is tho Executive Com
First Congressional District-W. H.
(hawley, Charleston; S. P. Wingara,
Lexington; NV. .1. Fishbum, Colloton.
Second District-Li. T. I/.lar, Darn
well; .1. W. Moore, Hampton; W. J.
Talbert, Edgoflcld.
Third District (Seo. H. Mower, New
berry; 13, I'.. Murray, Anderson; John
C. Cary, OcoUCO.
Fourth District-J. A. Hoyt, Green
ville; I>. Johnson, Union; G. W. Sholl,
Filth District-P. E. Allison, Lancas
ter; I. ll. Clark, Kershaw; G. W. S.
Hart, York.
Sixth District-C. H. McCall, Marl
?boro; C. A. Wood, Darlington; J. F.
Rhmnc, Clarendon,
Scv. ntb District-S. Porcher Smith,
K. rkilev, li. I). Leo, Sumter; J. M.
Rhett, Beaufort.
'I in* llcmoeralle Blonda rd-Ileo rere.
AH a fitting conclusion of tho report of
tho Convention, tho State ticket nomi
nated is here appended:
of Clarendon.
W. h. MAULD1N,
of (?reenville.
Secretary of State:
of Kershaw.
Coi n pt roUor-( ! encrai :
of Berkeley.
of Barnwell,
Attorney ( ?moral:
of Suinter.
Snpcrinti ndent of Education:
. IAS. ll. KlC1?,
of Abbeville.
Adjutant and Inspector (louerai:
of ? leorgotown.
nu: HMM ?i MUi.u Mi;i:riMJ.
Some Intcrr-Ntlng Work, Despite (he Overaknd?
ow Inti lm|iurlaiicu of the Democratic <<>???
\ pillion.
Tin- joint Bummer meeting of tlu-Stau
Grange and thc State Agricultural So
cicty, in Columbia, was completely over
shadowed by the nominating Conven
lion. Many of its delegates were als?
delegan - to thc latter Convention, nm
e. edd aol attend tho sessions of tin
Farm? rs' Convention. Others, althougl
not conni ctcd x\it 11 the political Conven
lion, preferred the excitement of boinf
prisent while the nominations won
being made t<' ioitieipating in tia: farm
rr -' meeting anil bearing farmers talk.
The joint sumiller meeting was to hav<
held a session at '.> o'clock on Friday
na'ruing, but so few of the member:
made their appearance that a recess WOJ
taken until 3 o'clock that afternoon. A
Ibis session a very excellent essay, cuti
?hd ..Some Thoughts on Our Agricul
tura! interests," was read by Dr. E. J
Koaliert, of Sumter. Tho essay touchet
upon many important State ami Na
tioiutl questions. The extremo hardshi]
md injustice ol' the protective turill' wa
hvelt upon. Tin: silver question wa
dso touched upon.
At the conclusion <?f this essay, Stat
I'licmisi I'. E, Chazal was requested b;
.be Convention to give thom some in
[ormntiau about tho analysis of fertili?
?rs. 'the request was complied witL
\t 5.30 the meeting adjourned until 8.3
[>. m.
The night session was largely attended
flic collin.ittee appointed in Charlcsto
Inst february to select a suitable pine
for tile inter-State Agricultural Fueaini
ii. nt reported that they had chose
Spartauhtirg, as that city odored mot
idvnntagcs tuan any other placo whio
.ad competed for the encampment.
A rosalution was passed requesting tli
Koa ol of Agriculture to allow tho Con
ni isioncr of Agriculture to exhibit mil
.rats, timbers and other products of tl
State at this encampment, to bo held i
Vugust, 1887. Tho committee appointe
for tllO purpose reported that the Nort
Jaroliun, Georgia and Tennosseo Agi
?ultural Societies had berni commun
tated with and bad expressed their wil
ngnoss to unite with South Carolina i
las ing this encampment.
(b u. Johnson iiugood read an caso
ipon mixed husbandry. If tho CSHI
?on1.1 have been lu ard by all tho farr
irs in South Carolina, it would hiv
lone moro good than a do/.en farm
.(inventions. Oeiieral Hagood had pr
mied tho essay carefully and in snob,
miniver that it could he understood 1
my one. He gave numerous, cxampl
d' w hat bad been doiicwith hay, mcloi:
?uits. truck farming and cattlo raisin
Ills own experience on a farm H?UCO 18
vas recited in an interesting and i
itnictivo manner, and he clearly ilh
rated that a diversity of produots w
nore profitable and safe than ouo orb
Colonel John W. ll, Pope address
ho Convottion upon tho tariff and
u'ecls on Southern farmers, Coloi
l'ope showed that the inhabitants of tl
?dato are paying SI- ti head each year
ho Federal Government. Ho suggest
hat if tho people complained of t
imall State tax tho Lunatic Asyh
hould be enlarged immediately.
hint?' llnnk Url urn-.
Nearly all tho State Banks of Geor
lave tiled with the Governor their rein
>f the Condition Of their business on
tot h of June. Among the Interest
?obits dovolopcd hy tho returns is thc I
hat 30banka have on deposit from tl
?at rons 15 484,737.80. Tho largest anio
?f deposits is w ith tbs Southern Bani
he Slate ot Georgia at Savannah, wi
ma $1,831 II is estimated t
here are more than 12 000,000 of dol
m deposit with thc banks of all doc
io ie in the State.
A Prominent Figure in lb? llbrtory ot" Aneri?
cnn l'oliilrtt Paaaea Away.
YONKERS, N. Y., August 1.-SnmuelJ.
Tilden died at Greystone tliis morning,
ut ten minutos liefere if o'clock. Ho had
been enjoying bis usual good health up
to last Saturday ovening. While Hitting
on the stoop of his residence, at sundown
on that evening, bo was taken with n
slight chill, which settled on his stomach
and bowels, producing billum ination,
from which ho suffered nil night. In tho
morning ho was slightly better and was
allie to ride ont. On Sunday evening ho
felt much worse and continued to grow
weaker, hut until lust night thoro wcro
no fears of tho consequences. This
morning it became apparent that tho end
was near. Dr. Charles E. Simonds and
Miss Could, a relativo of Mr. Tilden,
were at Iiis bedside. A few moments be
fore ho died lie tried to speak, but only
moved his lips, failing to make any
sound. Ho passed away quietly and
,\ iin/.iir Crank.
.'Do you know" said my barber tho
other dav as he finished whistling
"There's Hazers in tho Air," "that there
is a newspaper man in this city who
keeps thirty-one razors on hand ready
for usc all ibo while? Well, there is just
snell a man here, and ho hasn't oven
boon mentioned as a candidato for tho
insane asylum, cither. I was down in
Qrabonslator's barber shop a while ago
and this uiiui carno in and inquired how
much tho 'honing' of his razors would
bo. I naturally supposed lie bad two
razors. Imagine my surpriso when tho
tonsorial artist said 810, and handed out
a bundle as big as a loaf of bread. I in
quired into tho mutter and discovered
that each razor was numbered for a day
of thc month, and no razor was used hut
once within that length of time."-bullido
About six months ago u story was pub
lished in some of the Georgia papers of a
young man uamcd William Jones, n com
positor, who was said to have come into
possession of a fortune. Mr. William .Iones,
who attained his majority on Sunday last,
has taken charge of his fortune in Charles
Columbia, S. C. Laurens, S. C.
LAURENS 0. H., s. e.
1. T. JOHNSON. M\ lt. R1CUKY.
OFFICE-Fleming's Corner, Northwest
?ide of Public Square.
LAURENS C. rt., S. C.
Oflicc over W. II. Garrett's Store.
Abbeville. Laurens.
C. H., S. C.
fc?" Oflico over store of W. Ii. ROYD.
)flko days-Mondays and Tuesdays.
iy buying your Drugs and Medicines,
.'ino Colognes, Paper and Envelopes,
lenioraiidum Rooks, /ace Powders,
L'ooth Powders, Hair Brushes, Sbnv
ng Brushes, Whisk brushes, Blacking
bushes, blacking, Toilet and La un?
Iry Soaps, Toa, Spice, Pepper, Ging or,
jampa and Lanterns, Cigars, Tobacco
.nd Snuff, Diamond Dyes, and oti.er
.rticlos too Humorous to mention ut
Also, Puro Wincsfnnd Liquors, lor
nodical purposes. M&^dfe
No troublo to ahowjgoods.
Respectfully, ? >*ZM
Laurena C. IL, S. C.
Auguat o, 1885. 1 ly
.-AMD- -
201 VIM Strati, CINCINNATI, &
Tba typo uMd cm tbie paper waa wat by tb?
ftbort (?\xxtrr,-BP.

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