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ALL FI VK or xiii: FXFUKSS ICO II ur ns
i N Cl s TOW.
A Mar? ?loti? Nurra! I? ?? ol Their l>?-t?-? l Inn
iii rough III? 11 II i > ntl <. ???-.. ot' Ringleader
Wllrui'k In Writing llie".l lin Camming*"
i Kr om thf Philadelphia l'huas,)
ll is rundo known through tho Pinker
ton detectives that they hu ve captured
und fastened the evidence upon Jive men,
who were concerned in tito robbery of
tho Winnis Express our ou thu St. Louis
aini San Fraucisco liailroad^on the night
o? October 20, thirty-six miles from St.
Louis. Tito most important ebie was
obtainable through the "Jim Cum
mings" letters to a St. Louis paper which
were written by Fred NYitroek, who,
with a man liainod Weaver, both engaged
in business in Chicago, wen; the princi
pals in the affair, A portion of tho
$00,000 stolen was recovered from thc
live men, from Willock.s wife and from
an iuuoceut stranger, who had in good
faith uudertaken to bold $-1,500 for
Witrock. Thc detectives refuse lo say
whether ISxprcsa Messonger Frothing
liam MUS cone? med in tho crime,
now i r xv AS DONK.
To-night the Pinkerton detective
Ollioials revealed the facts of tho arrest
of five men for thc robbery of tho
Adams Express car of 300,000 ou tho St.
Louis and San Fraucisco ilailroadou tho
night ot' October 'J?. Thc men under
arrest are Frederick Witrock, who is the
author of tho "Jim Cummings" letters,
and is claimed to he the man who per
petrated tko robbery; \V. NV. Elaight, au
ox-employee of Kxpress Company, who
is supposed to have nideil in planning
thc robbery from his knowledge of thc
railroad "run;" Thomas Weaver, a
Chicago laundrymau, who was with
Witrock before aud alter tho robbery.
I'.dwan! Kinney, a brother-in-law of
Witrock upon whose body was found a
considerable portion ol tho express
inonoy, and Oscar Cook, who hid Wil
lock after the robbery, mid divided the
mou ey anti mailed the "Jim Cummings"
bdters. The detectives have turned up
about $15,1)00 and estimate that from
^4(),iHiii to $15,00 is still unaccounted for.
ll ho detectives hit OD no clue to tho
robbers until tho *'.lhu Cummings" let
ter was addressed to the St, Louis Globe
Democrat, ami upon this they detected
the criminals. I1 irai tiley started to thiel
all the people who had loft the Bervici
of tin- Express Company during thc
year and lound W. \V. Haight, who had
been discharged for theft and who hail
been II mesBcuger between St . Loni.? and
Vinita, Indian Territory, thc ame run
rtpou which wasamployed Frothiugham,
the moaseugcr in charge of tho plunder
ed car. I I night worked in Chicago ior
Witrock, who kept a coal yard, bul left
tho city on October J7, saying that he
was going to Florida, Ile hud beau very
poor, but suddenly exhibited plenty of
Tho noxt Stop was tho discovery thal
W itrock and Weaver left this city on
October 12, woll armed and equipped
for hunting, which they said was their
object in Arkansas, whither they were
going. Weaver returned to Chicago
October 22, mid alter the robbery oc
curred tho Cummings loth rto tito ( llobc
Ocmocrat was received and stated that
he hod gone to a point ?rn the Missouri
river, opposite Labadie and tloatid
down in II skill. At St. Churl) s the de
tectives lound that tho two men answer
ing tho description of Witrock and
Weaver hud bought n skill' on Octobei
J I, but had goue up tho river.
From this point thc M an li reverted to
the bundle which ".Jim Cummings" said
in his letter be had lett at the I nion
Depot, St. Louis, und in it were discov
ered some printed ballads, ou one of
w.is ihe address 'Jills Chestnut
street, but so taint as to be only dis
cernible under tho microscope. Thin
was a boarding house in St. Louis kept
by "Mrs. Perry, who remembered that
tuen resembling Witrock and Wcnvei
had como to her house on October ls,
and Weaver left on October J'J, saying
be wu? going to Kansas City, Witrock
ostousibly following him on tho evening
ol' Ootober 25.
lu the rooms tho two men bad occu
pied were found two stumps correspond
ing to the labels on two valises shipped
to St. Louis from St. Charles, w hich
proved to be tho baggago of thu men
who bad procured tho skill' at St.
Charles. Then a watch was .set over
Witrock and Weaver's pinces in Chicago,
aud live weeks ago a daughter and son
O? Mrs. Perry cann- to Chicago identified
Weaver as one of tho men who had
roomed ut their house. Oscar Cook, n
close friend of Witrock, was found to
have gone to Kansas City, whore he
lived nt the bouse of a woman named
Cox, but frequently left thc city, his ab
sence being invariably followed by the
appearance of ono of tho "Jim Cum
mings" letters. A detective ingratiated
himself with Cook and accompanied him
to gambling houses in thc guise of a
friend, Cook always having plenty of
money. The lookout for W itrock was
kept up iii Chicago without avail until
last TacFday night, when anothoi
"shadow," whom tito detectives did not
know, .md a large mau looking like
Witrock entered Witrock s residence,
No. 10 Lincoln street. Kinney was run
ning tho coal yard for bim, and having
gone to Quincj a detective maun ged to
sec there a tolograw to Kinney announc
ing the return of Witrock to Chicago,
and signed by the latter's wile, Kose.
When Kinney returned to Chicago ho
Hud Weaver were seen to cautiously en
ter the Witrock House, the blinds of
which wen-( instantly drawn, although
lights could lie seen in-ide. On friday
mon,:..; tho mysterious shadow came
out of tho Witrock House, as dill ulso
Kinney, find, after making a careful sur
vey, Wltcock appeared. Tho men went
south on Lincoln street, showing evidonl
alarm all the while, and entered a liquor
Store kept by au Italian on Madison
street near Lincoln. Hubert A. Pinker
ton and two operativen shadow. ,I (la
place until Kinney went dat when they
entered and arrested Witrock utter n
sharp struggle. Tho latter attempted ko
draw a revolver, two of which wen
found on Iiis person. Ho protested
against the indignity, hui he wassearch
eu and $lJn tala n from a red p..cl.et
book found on bis person. The sbmlow
wa? searched aud $-1,000 was found on
his person. Tho shadow turned ont to
bo a young man namoi < .eorge W.
.Burnham, whom Witrock had met in
Savannah, Oft. He explained that lin
had come North with Witrock and had
shodowod tho hiller's Imune, as WT frock
bud explained that he had shot 0 man in
Chicago in u row and wanted to oAcape
Arrest. Ho was afterwards released,
when ho had explained to thc satisfac
tion of til? detect IVIS that he had no
knowledge of or oouneotion with tlie
Wlien Ktnuey reappeared he waa
searched and $1,000 in loose money was
found on bis person, while iu a belt
around bis waist was found $1,000 addi
tional. These men were ironed and token
to the Pinkerton Agency in a close car
riage. A search of the Wit rock house
resulted tu iimling a skirt on Mrs. Wit
rock into which $1,000 was sewed in $00
note!?. A bunch of money, $400 in all,
was also found on her person, together
with 4 carat diamond. Weaver waa ar
rested in tile coal yard about thu same
time, and in the basement of his house
was found $8,000 in some fruit jars.
Tho arrest of Cook and I blight was then
ordered by telegraph.
(thean Labor In Ou- w CHI Indira.
Now that cheap labor is id tract lug gen
eral attention, ami giving rise lo created
discussion, thc following, from one who
lins ?us! returned from the West bulli s,
will I?' read willi interest, no doubt:
"The negroes work on thc salt-pans, nu n
anil women alike, for ?l? cents o day and
bo.ud themselves, As lo the women, tb?
employers say they would rather have them
than the nu n because they work steadier^
spend less lime rolling cigarettes und smok
ing them. Hy salt pans you will under
stand that I mean those ari as ou which salt
water is Iel bl lo the extent of niue inches
ill depth lind from which three inches of
pure sall is obtained simply by solar evap
oration. l>o not think that because these
laborers obtain so low a rate ol wages that
they live poorly. Du Ibu contrary, they
live better than thc average of our laborers
id herc; thc reason of luis ls thal fruit of
till kinds is very cheal) and llsll is almost
valueless. The plantain -billimina is used
til nilli the same as we utilize potatoes herc,
they lire CUl ?U ihin slices and tired, and
boiled willi meat of different kinds: also
eaten raw in almost unlimited abundance.
The most of the work is dene very early in
th-- morning and lah- in thc afternoon and
evening. In Ibu middle of the day the
laborers take their siesta, and no matter
how liol the day may be, they sleep sound
It w hich is dunc as much because of cus
tom and practice as in consequence of Hie
rcipiiremciltS of nature: ami when nigh I
ionics and labor of the day is over, instead
nf resting themselves they, ?is il general
thing, ^o lo frolicking, such as dancing,
visiting und having a good time generally.
li is bul seldom that v on sec a drunken
pi ?-on on ano of the islands, although nun
i< very cheap: so cheap that tlllllOSl ever)
om- has it oil hand al till linus Those
who fret drunk are mostly Hui clews ul
American and Kllgllsh Vessels. The crews
ol lite vessels of other nationalities general
ly behave themselves better, w hen ashore,
I dian I hese do, as regards the use and abuse
1 ..r liquor."
the- Stille I ll I ll-ful I ' .
! Tin* li rsl meei lng of Ihe Hoard of Tim
ins ,,| thc Slide I'liivcrsby, under the
' changes elfected by the election of new
iiieinhets al Ihe late session ot' Hie Legisla
lure, ?as held in the Library of Hie Col
lege lasl week. The following members
vvere presen:: Governor Ittebardson, As
sociate Justices .Mcdowall and Mciver, I),
P, linnean. Presideiil ?d' the Stale Agrien]
llir.ll Society, Colonel A. C. Haskell. Cen
en I .bu nes I". Liar, ll encrai .lohn brutton,
lion. W. c. Coki r and Dr. Hoben Henry.
The vacancies in Hie Kxcoutlvc Commit
tee were lilied by the election ol' Governor
Richardson and illidge Haskell, in pince of
Colonel Mc.Masler und He- late Colonel
Iii?nt. Tin- Committee consists of tho
newly-elected members, Ibo .bulges of the
Supreme Court, and Presidenl Mcbryde ti*
l :h drinan ? < t>jHe?>j.
The billowing namul mem be* s were
elected us the KxccuHvc Committee of
ci.uiiii I'nlverslty: (.le?eraI J. f\ l/.lar,
Chairman' .bulge C. II. Simonton, lion.
iV. (J. Coker, Hon. (J. Lamb Bids) and
I >i Lobet Ihnry.
i tilouel A C. Haskell was ch i ted a
' nu uibi-r of Hu- Library Committee of die
S nilli Carolina College, III place ol Colonel
f. W. Mc.Masler.
The recommendation of Presidenl Mi
bryde. Ililli Hie "sub-colleglate"' depart
nu il bc abolished aller the close of D?
ctil rent session, was adopted.
I was ref? neil to the Hxccullvc Com
mittee lo l?ame proper rules and regula
lions for thu admission of bench claries, in
Obedience lo HlO Act passed ul thc recent
session ol' Hu- General Assembly. The
conuiiitiec will report nt the uoxl meeting
Of the Hoard, ill May next.
Will I fl 'Iii rr in I.iffl Titel'? ia Hope.
Many of tho diseases of ibis season
of thc year can bo averted by a small
amouul of caro and nt little cost, by
tin timely uso of EYVBANK'S TOCA/
li euros Diarrhoea, Dysentery,Chol
era Morbus and like complaints. "Yo
traveler should bc without a bottle, as
it will prevent any disease thal would
no doubt arise from thc change ot
waler, food and climate, without ?ls
ilse. Thc most valuable medicine itt
ibo world, contains all the besl and
most curativo properties of all other
Tunics, Hitlers, etir., etc., being thc
greatest Wood Purifier, Liver Regula
tor at.J Lifo and Health-Restoring
Agent, in existence. For "Malaria,
Fever mid Ague, chills and Fever,
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Sick Detul
in lie, Nervous Headache, Chronic
Rheumatism, etc., eic., it is truly n
Herculean Remedy. Ii gives new lifo
ami vigor lo the aged. For ladies in
del ion tc beal lb, weak and sickly chil
dren, nursing mothers. Sec circulars
wrapped with bottle.
CIIAHI.KSTON, S. C., Sept. 1, 1885.
H. L. EWBANK, ESQ., 1'resident of
Thc Topaz Cinchona Cordial Co.,
Spnrtuuburg, S. C.: Dear Slr-J have
used acaso <>f your Topaz Cordial in
my family, and us a Tonio and Appe
tizer I can cheerfully recommend ll to
all who arc Butlering from Debility
and luck of appetite. My chi biron,
especially, have boon much boneiiltcu
by ?is usc Respectfully,
11 U I SON LK.K.
Ask your druggist for EWUANK'S
no ot bor.
Spartanburg, S. c., U. S. A.
Another Ueorgla Wonder.
Mn,i t.lu i.\ n i t'., Ga., December "".?.
Thur is a gentleman in this city w ho can
outdo all thc feats performed by bishop.
Hu mind-reader. Ile oilers to take any
two or Hirco menin Albinia and let them
hide any article whatever in any way or
place and he will Ibid it, blindfolded.
Willi persons with whom bu is accustomed
he can wriicaii) name (hey may think of,
and will move to any pai l of the room and
lin I any arl ide they may think of. in this
cu-?- aiso blindfolded. As Il0 has never
pia. ticed his powers much w illi strangers,
lie linds it haul lo control their minds, and
Until he becomes accustomed to them he
will make a few failures, but willi hall a
(lay's association he agrees lo do anything
required. I lc cnn lind hiihf a articles willi
per feel strangers in a few minutes, and can
teach them lo do likewise in a few inimit?s.
Thc America?) Vapor Stove Company
lend other mauitfaeturcrs in tho matter
of u stove that combines all the elements
m i ' \ i ?i - I lenee. Read tho advertisement
in another part of this paper.
IJKNKKVI. M:\\* KOtfitf.
Tlw total visible supply of cotton for thc
world is ?),!?24,801 bides
SoiUC of the Philadelphia brewers have
yielded to the strikers.
The Philadelphia tinning Xt-ir* has been
eon veiled into a penny paper.
An old colored niau vs as lound ft'O/Cll to
death in ('.'linden. N. J., last Thursday.
Austrian Jews arr helug expelled by the
wholesale from Odessa and Woloeyska.
The Daily Morning 'i'elegnun, ol' .Mobile.
Ala . lias suspended publication.
Coal miners around lleuver Falls, l'a,
llttve struck for an advance in wilges.
Tho Sunday law ls being generally en
forced in New Orleans, and i. approved by
die public-.
The Judges ol' 1?0 counties bi Texas re
pori thai ?10,001) persons are suffering for
fl Kill.
The population ol' Chihuahua, Mex., Is
said lo be ripe for rebellion, and au; only
waiting for a lender.
About 120 tailors and I allot esses, em
ployed by Wm. Krall, of .Newall;. N. ,).,
struck yesterday.
A disastrous lire has occurred on Wood
street, London. atTeclhig the property ol' ',!."?
linus. The damage is enormous.
Cen. B, p. Aloxantler is conlldent of
whining his light tor thc control of the
Ueorgiit Central Kail road.
Twelve persons wera killed on Sunday,
in a railroad collision near S in Antonio,
Cen. Unsted will be nominated by Hie
New York Republicans for Speaker of the
House. No opposition,
Churchill has prodoscd lo red it .*c Hie
army estimates $1,000,000 anil Ila- civil
service estimates $300,000.
A memorial has been sent lo Congress for
ail toa World's Fair for colon ii people, lo
be held at Bi mingham next fall.
Ocn. Wm. Lourey was buried in New
fork on Sunday. Tin- funeral took place
in Grace Church.
The Prcsidcut is repot led to he in l>elt<r
beult ll than before ila- New Year. Ile
held the usual reception last Saturday.
Thc country aron;,cl Arcadia and Farm
vilio, La., is covered with lour indies of
( bolera is still riming in Argeuthic Con
federation Three hundred and tilly two
de .ths last mouth.
Burglars got into tin1 safe ol Hie South
West postal station. Chicago. Monday lilghl
aid stole If ll,?MO.
The races at New Orleans yesterday
were postponed till Thursday on account
of lllC cold weather. The entries will stand.
Three men were killed al Pewaukee.
NV is.. last nlghl hy a passenger train w hich
struck il sleigh load ol' Ice laborers.
The Adams lix press robbers, Fred Wit
leek. NV. NV. I blight and Thoma- Weaver,
were I liken io Hie peiiilctiliaiy yesterday.
The Minnesota Republicans have nomi
inned ex Clover nor Cushman c. Davis for
United States Senator. This Insures his
Thomas c. Maiming, ni Louisiana, ha -
in en nominated hy the Presiden) lo he
Minister io Mexico.
Thc failure of li, I)IIIUMU Sitillhi, of New
York, an advertising agent, i- ann uinccd
Liabilities amount to about $100,000.
The Alabama Insurance Company ami
Hie Citizens' I usu ranee Company, ai .Mo
bile, Ala., have made a general assignment.
Joseph Mauri, the Brooklyn druggist, and
hi> family, who wen- supposed io have
Ixen poisoned, have hemorrhagic smallpox.
Thc hippopotamus ni Hie Zoological (Sar
dca-, al Paris, killed om of it -- kccpci s \ e?
lerday, in what seemed to bea lit ot ?n-.au
A lire in Lancaster on Hie '-i?th destroyed
the ihmr store ol ('rawford ?V. Brinier. I
Total los* on stock and building i- s:'.. Y"i.
mostly covered by insurance.
A Pennsylvania Company hus ju-i be
gun to work Hie gold mino hi ( li.el in
county. Va. lt is said the yield of gold ore
is very satisfactory.
Tin- Democratic members ol Hut Legisla
tine of Missouri ht caucus at Jefferson i !lly
nominated Cock rel I for re-election lo I he
United Stales Senate.
An old French woman ol' Donaldsimville,
I/i . was murdered foi her money on New
Year's dav. The in uniere I has not yet
I? II arrested,
Creal fear-, are (Mili i'ta i ned al Rockaway,
L I., for thc safety ol live unknown men
H im arc out in open boats, bummed In by
Ice in tho middle of Jamaica Bay.
Latest advices from Mandalay slide (hal
tte British army of occultation an- within
tw o miles of the gn at ruby mines ol Bur
l ite Dolores Land and Cattle Company,
of Austin, Tex., has failed, willi liabilities
? \ -ceding $500,000. Assets estimated at
Tho British -teamer Dragoman from Sa
vatmidi, December 1'.'. for Liverpool, col
lide I with and SHIlk au unknown vessel oil
liardsey. Fourteen persons were drowned.
Thc Rev. Waldo Messaros whoso trial
on the charge of felonious assail 11 was in
pr. II i cs at Philadelphia lasl w eek, has been
ac-?uilted hy the jury.
The publie debt stalemenl, lo be iseiied
to day, will probably show il reduction ie.
the debt during the past month of a lillie
over $8,000,000.
The carpenters of Chicago will be Hu
next of tho building trade; to make a de
tel mined attempt lo obtain the olglll hour
The express robbers yesterday pleaded
guilty and w ere al once sentenced, Wit
rock and Haigh! -even years, and Weaver
live years hi the penitentiary.
Weatherby, Stevens A Co., dry goods
merchant, of Cincinnati, yesterday made
au assign uti m. Liabilities $155,000; assets
$ BIS,000.
The business portion of the town of
Hackett's Harbor, N. V?, was burned Mon
day. Los?, $50,000; practically no In
Wit rock Weaver and (blight, thc Frisco
express train robbers, w ill probably plead
gullly to-day and go to tho itenitcnainry for
highway robbery.
Au explosion of gas occured Sunday in
thc Cambridge barracks, ai Portsmouth,
lingland, killing lour men outright and
hui ?ed !> others in thc debris.
Ai ibo Republican legislative caucus at
Augusta, Maine. Rllgcno Hale was mian!
inously renominated for Uni tod states
Al a mooting of the leaf tobacco dealers
in New York the tax was branded us a war
measure and asa fruitful source of ofticlal
Alexandr losco, thc man who attempted
to assassinate thu Prime Minister at Bucha
rot, September io hts I, was sentenced lo
'JU years penal servitude.
'lillee Lancaster linns alone li td about
I.lido blank liens printed to their special
order hist Friday, lo slart thc new vent
Six thousand men and boys are thrown
out of employment by the striko of the
dock bands at Port Johnson and Kli/abeth
|Mirt, Penn.
lt ls again rumored that Mr. Lamar will
resign his place in the i Ahinot, Mrs. La
mar is said to he strongly averse to thc gu;
ROCial life of Washington.
A sled, containing SO boys, struck tIn
side of a bridge at Rutland, Vt., throwing
the boys headforemost into the stream
'I'wo were killed and one badly injured.
At thc signal office yesterday ?' w as stated
lh.it thc entire country east of the Missis
sippl River, with tho exception of tho New
Kurland States, is covered with snow.
The port of Baltimore is virtually closed
on account of thc ice, which is reported
tivc inches thick, and in many pluces
packed to a thickness of more than one
Tho election for county olliccts in Au
gusta, Oa.. held nu Wednesday, resulted in
thc choice ol' thcadministration candidates.
Charge* ot' bribery and other improper
means atc freely tunde.
A Itepubllcna legislativo caucus of Penn?
sylvania nominated Mathew S. Quay, of
Philadelphia, to succeed Mitchell In the
United States Sonnte. Thlsisctmal loan
Thc Delta Kappa Epsilon is in session in
Washington, in annual convention. There
arc :>i .haptcrs in the fraternity, of which
.ju are represented in thc convention hy
ab? ut 100 dolcgrlcs.
Prof. Joseph Tasso, the celebrated violin
Isl, died at his home in CovlugtOU, Ky..
yesterday, ia tho 85th year of his agc. Ile
was Hie' author of lliat qutrinl melody,
"Arkansas Traveller,"
Laura Varley, of St. Louis, was bullied
to death on Wednesday. She was assault
ed by a nemo in her room und in trying to
escape from him she fell ngalust a red liol
stove, receiving fatal hums.
Tlie Committee on Livers and Harbors
h ,- not yet acted on thc bill to appropriate
$500,000 for tin- improvement of Charles
ton harbor. Mr. Willis, thc Chairman of
Ila- Committee, says lie thinks $160,000
would be a liberal appropriation.
flic boiler in a mill at Elwood, Indiana.
exploded recently, killing Engineer Del
Lyst anil thc miller, Joseph Reid. The
houses wore wrecked and tin- mill scat
tered wide.
ltidhiour was indicted recently- ut Win
chester, Va., for thc murder of II roy, thc
voling man whoso body was found mitti
lated and hidden lieder thc leaves in a
dense wood.
A gas explosion occurred at Walker's
earring* factory, comer of Wabash avenue
and I lat t ison street, Chicago, and seven
li reinen, in extinguishing thc llames, wert
almos! sulTocated,
Tin- at Dartmouth, N. II.. Monday night,
destroyed tlie Dartmouth Hotel, in whirl
i: originated, and the grenier part of tin
bnsiuess section ol' the town. Loss Sjtt?iO,
001), with very little insurance.
The Republican legislative caucus a
Carson, Nevada,on Tuesday, selected W in
M. Stewart as nominee for United Mate;
Senator. As the Legislature is Republican
Stewart's election is .assured.
lu tie- North Carolina House of Repte
sen lui ives .lohn lt. Webster, the nominee o
i lu- Independent llemocrnts, w as olcctci
Speaker by a vote of 50 to 57. A Hepubli
can was elected chief clerk. Thc organiza
ima of thc Senate is Democratic.
'Ila harbor appropriation bill conlnhl
Hu- following items for South Carolina
Charleston harbor (including Sullivan'
Island), sl?iuioo. Creal Pedec river, .vin,
uno Sante e tiver. $10,000; NVllCCnmilW
Thc Mill of Lev. W. W. Downs ngahl?
tie- Lowdina Sipiaic baptist Church, ?i
lit.-ton, Mass., tor arrearages ot salarie
die- as pastor, has bren decided in th
plaintiff's favor, but thc amount of awar
is ; - yet to lu- determined.
I(eprcscnhitIvo Farquhar, on th. patt <
He- Printers' Union "I New York, is coi
dueling a light against thc confirmation <
Public Printer Ilene bet's nppohdmcn
upon the e rou lld that Benedict is not
practical printer.
(luv. Lill, ol New Vork, in bis aimil;
nc - ige to iii?- Legislature, recommend!
I he establishment ol' some permanent sy
icm |.>r thc employment of convict lab)
otb? r than the contract system or any phi
w bien ?$ i tpiivillenl lo il.
Tiie c. I i wave extends from Ihe Lalo
lo the valley of Mexico. At Chicago tl
mercury ranged yesterday morning from
io degrees below /.ero. In Waterlow
I N. V.. the thermometer registered 40 d
grecs below /( io.
NV. NV. Watkins, aged li, employed ll*
pi ?aler in Cincinnati, was charged wi
embezzling some money. Hctiekllowh dg>
lheolTcn?e, and IN fore he could bo Stopp
swallowed prussic acid and died instand
lb b ?re ? good character.
Thc joint convention of the State Leg
latine ot Connecticut assembled lo ell
Stale olin er>. owing to failure of the pop
lar vote to give any candidate a mnjorll
Thc result of thc balloting was the elect i
of thc Republican candidates.
A dynamite cartridge was exploded
the man bole of the Larkin street bran
ol' tin- Suiter street cable road at San Fr.
c i seo. Tin- Irai k was tom up anil wind'
panes in the vicinity shattered. No .j
was hurt.
A natural gas explosion al Voilllgsloi
ilc-troyed the new Andrew-, block and fe
older buildings Thomas brannigan, tig
I'] years, was cremated, and several Otb
ate reported missing. The loss will bool
$100 OOO.
A --pedal from Chattanooga, Tcunessi
says A construction train on the A labu i
G rea! So uluru road was wrecked TllCStl
morning, Knglnccr Dewes and Klrem
fowler were killed The engine simd
cow. left the rails and went down an r
Wm. P, Pearson, who pleaded guilty
emin /./ling $30,000 of the properly of I
American baptist Publication Society
Philadelphia, ny whom li? was cmphn
ai cashier and chief book kc per, was s
terned lo thc penitential* for two ye
and six months.
A committee on behalt ol thc laity
Hie Protestant Episcopal Church of
Philadelphia diocese hus presented His)
William bacon Slovens willi II certificate
deposit of $1,000. This was a mark
their esteem on Hie Ol Oaslon of tile Lishe
completing the 25th year of his prelacy.
Among thc petitions ,-md memorials j
sentid lo the United States Sennte w
(jilin a number praying for uppropriatin
and in simie casca asking the dotlnllesi
of $100, to enable the colored cilUcns
emigrate to Liberia. These petitions co
from various ijmu ter9. One is from L
caster, S. C.
A terrille explosion occurred nt a bu
in Youngtown, Ohio, \c--tcrday inonu
W ill SillliniUl, thc bookkeep.!, opened
vault and M ruck a match to light the
jet. Thc gai, which had boon cscap
since Saturday, exploded, blowing oui
.ode and front of the building, and bu
lng ihe bookkeeper seriously.
The Socialist ic clement was vlCloHoUf
Hie annual election of District Assem
No. .I, Knights of Labor, of ( Idea
Wednesday night. The conservativo i
nicht in thc Assembly is regarded ns sn
dullly strong, however, to defeat any
ceptionnlly radical action undertaken
the new oUlcers.
Col. .1. ll. (/'hovea, a tempor?nea leciu
from Kentucky, has instituted stilt in
United Slates Circuit Conn against
Mayor of Greenville, Alabama, for $50,i
damages for injuries received to his j
on. Mayor Perry recently assaulted i
beal ( heves al the Greenville depot for
leged slanderous remarks concerning 1
made by Chi ves ju speeches during the y
libation canvass in Greenville,
The biitterlno factories of C. A. Roi
son A Co in Pittsburg, Pa., und of
Pittsburg Melting Company, it Alicghn
r hised down recently on account of
state law , prohibiting Ibo manufacture
?.ale of oleomargarine, being declared c
Mltutlcnal. Over 100 persons are thro
.ut of employment. There arc $00;
invested in the two factories. What ol
margarine the com pan ?ci have ls lie
(racked and shipped to jiolnts outside
A Feroclou? Uparrow Fiflil.
With the advent of thc pugnacious Eng
glish sparrow, which, if it carried il hip
pocket, would most certainly bc liable to
em ly apprehension for carrying rene sled
weapons, more innocent monteen <? tho
feathered family took to (ho woods, and,
having no other food to face, these illrdnu
live agents ol' the Strcct-clcnulug depart
ment hglit awong th in si hes with ext renn
desperation und a fen 'less disregard of their
surroundings, yesterday afternoon two of
them, for reasons best known to them
selves, came to an issue, Midi seeking '<
clean place on the sidewalk in Mnin street,
went at euch ether ic un awfully wicked
way. There were no police insight tostop
the mill, and soon the two birds won Mir
rounded hy a dense crowd of men. I ii"
little belligerents- clutched ami Berat chert
and presumably swore ul emil other in
choice sparrow talk. Due of-tho bystand
ers tinnily stooped duwil anti picked i hom
up. They perched in his han,I Olid fought
with unabated fury. Then he pul lei I tin ni
apart, hut ihoy Muttered hack lo lite i l
walk and clinched nguiu. Oneo mo ?? ho
raised them in Iiis hand, ami with tia- -ann
result. Again ho drew them npatl und
again they returned io thu Icy pavement
?uni a settlement of their dlu'eiviice. Tho
crowd became excited and intu?a u rut h for
the centro. Thc principals, tuna/.cit ut ibis
wholesale interference, took lligjil till '< set
tied on tho telegraph wiro above. There
they perched and pecked away at. euell
other with it ferociousness thal ^;>'? posi
tively barbaric. After some uilmihx one
took Hight, and, followed by hi? Still tl lg!y,
chattering antagonist, disappeared ?vi r Hie
adjacent roofs in the dire, lion of tia Spar
row roost in Sidney Park. - LHumbCii /?'?
c ?rd, Jan. 7.
'llif I'ciilteiittary Hom.!.
Thc Hoard of Directors of Ilia Slulc
Penitentiary met lust week, nil thu mein
hers being present.
A number of applications fur the hiring
of convicts were rei ( ?veil nml considered.
The following contra?is, already existing,
wen: renewed: ll. S. Pringle, I"11 eon
viols; A. .1. Twiggs, Ititi; .loll? C. Scegcrs,
125: .1. I". P. Sims, HO; T. P.. Aughti .. go?
A. c. Di bert, leo. ll. W M nilton.' ino.
Allot' these contracts oulsiduof the peu i
IcQliarynro tor labor ?e. the phosphide \\ .a ks,
except in Hie eases ot Messi-. Sims Sa
gers ?ind Aughiry, who will employ the
convicts on plantations.
Touching the lensing ont of com ii ts for
faun work, tin- Hoard passed lite following
licsolvcd. Thal the Ihiiuiciul condition <?:'
the institution forbids the I lourd from
making any further contracts foi fauns,
beyond those with partit -- already under
contract, except tor Hie hire of convicts for
Tho Hoard discussed the question ol' con
tinning work upon lin 1,'ohinibiii Canal,
and reached the conclusion tint .-neb con
liuuaoco would lu- contrary m the inanilcst
intention of the Legislature, as evidenced
hy tin- defeat of the Act concerning tl c
canal at the recent M --ion. lt WAS HICK
fore decided that no mon- work should be
done, except lo save lliut filrcildy 'lom-.
The matter will be in charge ol tbuolllcers
of ibo institution, who will I itil i xe some ot
thc surplus labor ?n Ibis direction.
I lie llrmr l\ ll.- ol n bhrrlfT.
A negro mun named Monroe Huck, con
tined in jail on the charge ol burgling and
larceny, ul tempted to in.-kc his cseu pi i ?I
week, and would hive succeeded in doing
so tau lor the courage and prexeiiec of mind
exbibitcii b\ Mrs. Jigiah Hoar, who Imp
pened lo be on ila- premises al Ibo lime.
Buck ipdctl.i awaited his opportunity,
which came when Scipio, tia- servant em
ployed by the Sherill, ?>|>i ?ltd lill .i.
leading lo (he < tils in oilier tn i a cry up t he
mt al.- of ila- prisoners. I Ic utlto ke<| Scipio
vigorously ami succeeded in throwing ii,ie.
down. Hushing through Hie lower li-ill ol
Hie ?ail. he ran rapidly down the Kit p int i
tin yard nml dinted towan! tin- Iront : ai? .
but was stopptd byan imperious command
from Mrs. I )oar. who forbade his moving
or putting hands on her. She Iben culb i!
Anil lo the servants to let louse lilli il.
winn Huck, who had Marted for therein
td tho enclosure, surrendered uncondition
ally und liegged Mrs. Dour piteously not t"
set I ho dogs on him. Winn Sheriff ht ar.
w ho had been notified Of tho trouble, nr
rived on the scene, Huck hail boiil >ale!\
COU ti lied in j.ul again. Mrs. Dom s nihill
rabie conduct under these irving circiun
stances is worthy of thc highest t ominen
dation. There are fi w Indies ?a ho would
have tims braved tho fury of an csenping
jail bini.-? Uoorgtfairn KIV?H?W.
Two tiitiiiiini.it- I'rrluiam.
It is said of two of the most delight fully
fragrant Howers that grow upon this conti
neill-thc magnolia mill the ten ol I ve, living
in two or three o' Ibo Southern Slides
Hun their odor lins never been simulated in
pel flline. Ev pel ?un lit after I V)IOI ItllCIll lias
uecn made, and w hen ii scorned as if MC. -
cess hit! been obtained, the next iiioiiicnt,
belele Hie COlldllioilS COIlkl he livid anti
determined, it was lost again, 'l in re i nu
doubt, however, bul that someone will yet
lind a method "I' imihilliig llielr subtle nml
exquisite fragrance, whlcil Cullies illili goes
so ipitckly as onlj it? leave mi lin pression ol
llceting pleasure. The real ^kill of (be
perfumer Hos in simulating mich del icu h
odors. Those which mu stronger mid
coarser uri1 less agreeable, ?uni relined pen
plc de not like to employ Ibein. To me
perfumery skillfully is sn i,rt. for good
ttiste forbids thut there shall be ah, ut thc
person anything more than ii suggc i lon of
Home swt et-smelling ll|0880|ll| itud the liner
and mote intangible, while yel |>ereepiiblc,
the more agreeable ami artistic ll is. The
production of some of the most delightful
perfumes lins been the work ol years.
Secretary i.nmnr Married.
MACON, Oa., January ? 'Secretary
I.amar was married this morning ni I"
o'clock, ?it the residence of Hie bride. b\
Kev. \V. .M. Park of Sninlcrsville, to Mr*
WilliantS. Holl of Macon. Those present
at the marriage weir i apta i M lt, E. Purk,
\V. P. Virgin, Col. J. K. Joma mid llielr
wi\ea (daughters of Hie bride. Dr. lt M.
Patterson and wife and Majo: vv. u r >?.H
anti wife. At io o'clock tho Secretory und
hrltle entered the pallor willi joined hands,
Tho ceremony was brief mid original, last
lng only Iwo minutes, ('oiigralulnlious
followed. Tho brille was dressed in steel
Kray -silk, with oriimnonts of diiunouds
The Secretary and his bride left nt ~>.m th *
afternoon lo spend the evening willi (J >v
croor Gordon, ?md to morrow inoruini:
they will leave ft>r Oxford, Mi-- , to Visil
relative!* of Hie Meerctiiiy, ami then go to
Grass and Clover Seeds,
Seed Grain and Pot a too s.
Garden and Flower Seeds,
Vegetable & Flowering Plante.
Prices quoted on application.
Descriptive Catalogue mailed KRI K.
Correspondence Solicited.
M(|?tion this paper. n it IIMON I>, VA
MAXBX'8 GA., January, 18?C>. I
Tor twelve or fourteen yoaw I hav? I
ticen a great auftoror from a terrible fenn |
of blood poison which mn Into thc seo*
om.ary, and tinnily it waa pronounced n
tertiary form. My head, fae.' andi
shoulders beeunie almost a mose <?f cur
ruption, and tinnily the discus?' com
monoed eating away my skull bones. I
hecumc so liorribly n pul: ive that for.
thrcoyears! absolutely refused to_ lot
people, seo mo. t used large quantities
of most noted blood remedies and np-'
plied to nearly nil physicians nour mo,
luit n\? condition continued lo ?row
worse, and ail said thal 1 must ' .r ly1
die. My bones booamo the teat i t ex
ontoiatiug oohes and pains; my nights
wen- pi issi ?I in misery; 1 was reduced lu
ilesb and strength; my kidneys were
terribly deranged, and lifo became al
burdon to me.
[ ehanoed to see an advertisement of
ll. lt. D. and soul ono dollar to W. ?'.
Birehmoro .v Co., morohants of our
place, lind they procured ono buttle for
me. lt was used with decided i cm lit,1
and win n eight <>r len bottles bud been
used 1 waa pronounced sound und well.
Hundreds of sears can now he seen on
mc, looking Uko ll man who bad berni
burned and then rostoitd. My caso was
well known in this county, and for tho
bouollt of others who may ho similarly
iiiTceted, I Ihiuli it my duty t<> give the
facts to tho public, and to extend my
heartfelt tl mn ks for so valuable a reme
dy. 1 liave been well OVCftwelvo months,
and no return of tho disease bas occurred.
Honour \s AID.
MAXBY'KGA., January, 188tl.--We, the
undorsigncd, Know ?Mr. Hohert Ward,
and hike pleasure tn saying that Ibu facts
above stated by him uro trite, and that
bis 'N is oil" ot tin- worst casi's of Blood
Poison wc ever kuow in our county and
that lie has heirn otircd by tho uso ol D.
I>. I?. Ilotniiio Blood Hahn.
A. T. Hutonrw 1:1.1., Morolinut.
NV. C. BiuoiiMoitf?tV Co., Merchants.
,). 1!. IhtuiUTWixi., M. h.
.lons T. HAKT.
W. ti. CAMI'IIHM..
Ail who desire full information about
tho cause and erne ol' Blood l'oisons,
Scrofula and Scrofulous Swellings, Ul*
corn, Son s, Hlicuintitisni, Kidney Com-1
plaints, ( 'atarri), rte., can sceni c by mail ;.
free, a copy of our ?12 pago Illustrated
Book of \\ ondors, illlod with thc most
wonderful and .startling pt oct over before
known. Addie-:..
BLOOD BALM GO., Ulanta, (la.
?if this season
suffer from
i II * 111 Hm
Limbs, llaeh ami
hs. Hail Wood,
I ml Igt ?Hon, Dyspepsia,
Halarla, (JoustI pat iou .1 ii tdnou Troubles,
Ililli Moori m.i 1: lilli y Trou bli
hi.I ol .'ii Ita liupui lites, it
of lit? hotly.
. by cir Anni ns tb?
ulos 1:1 P?rU
Ncurnlfrtn, lvii.i- In ll .. Mint >. lim ; nml SIIIM, by
toning ibo n?fiti BittMicUit'iiiiig tito inusciti.
Iriilii.I nit Alni . ll lion, by nl<ll tilt Ibo Milln
I i"i rum I'IVKI II iiivb ibf|in.| . ruction or ibo
linn;.), li t il crv.tto* ii b? .i.-.-. |)|iruu.
I'M' ?'. nf iplrl t Weakness, by tull vett
ing i ml ii nlii : th- -yitom.
n: i . .. Puny i nt sickly Cblltlren.
lt. ilvltitiiirtil mu? nutritious ui it general Tonic.
Vollnn A1 mo uno ?ntl Ulnry
fur I NH?. A I . .
?.I .1 Ils, !.. , I! 1, mi,., i,.,,v . , , I nj-;
IH^KAM:* III (lo.MK Inn |ilrn?.iiii nnturnl ni.,.
MtlllCil. |il of nSu. iiotingotuuip. A lld ie*!
UAUVMOHC, MO., U. li, A.
is* T'tr
arness EilacaiioD.
Commercial College
111,-1:. .i Honor m.
of fc>.lnfky I uh.r.llj.
Lcilngton, Ky.
.-old Medal < ?er All other <?'.,,..
~..?~?ti, * Sy,WB ' '.?.<.'.-??.i'iii? ? il 1
?.i-nrrnl llimliiraa hilm-at lou. i."i.n ...M.I. |R"|U.|.
l?VUwll---r ; 1 <<'>!?'I ?ll llii.ln.-.i.<'uiir?r.
II iii Kling 11 . , ian, . . ,. . i. . ut?OO. rlUrl' I
Miad, r,p..Wriii0< ?mi wi,,,.,.., ipecmllle?. X,?fe.
?alte* Ul,, hon. i.'rW.al,. Ou.r.Bl,*? S"?"M. D ,
?i-,-Un) .K! l.e.iW.U. au U'H. I'.. 1, l^ilnVtori.K;.
fXtumrant f Jt-'jtYZT* uaw a?ir.u.njn.jr twuwmm
I ?
I V ;r < r. SB ?
* b(U IQ "
Pota-li \ uinu.
Oared by s. a. s.
S. S. S. vs.
tinto (ml btood polten fnrten Tears. 1 ki
imililpoj |N)taali in timi fm,- but it did inn no i
noil Itrp.bt wiro corercd \oih sorra, AI 1 J contd
mati-iii In n\j *hoqlUora. I look 8. fl s. mt lt h
mu t I h?yc tAkon. My far... bod; awi neck i
mgtwin .? Dtlr?t? pone, t wi i?tic<i iioponmi-tt:
\ :>i \i nods. My nrst bottle liclix d mc ^really, i
I v.ou:U not bo wiihout S. S. S. for si vcr.tt Innen
C. K. MIT)
Thcso pills wrrc a wonderful diicoycry. No other?
or relievo all mann ?r of diaoaso. The inforraatioa ai
?OX of pill. . Fool out BHHBfAw fJHB RH
you HHHA mkm fl|
will always be thank- Bsa^lBsl BBB mmm
a dose. fl^^^Hf mmm
Parsons'Pills contain I mW m
nothing harmful, are I
easy to take, and
causo no icconvcn-MH
the marvelous power of these pills, tai/ would walk
Without. Bi nt by mail for 2."? tents in stamps. Illu
thc information is very valuable. I. 8. JOHNSON &
Make New I
Moat hapnllv meets the demand of tUe w ior
.roi lau'a pcoitUar urtllctloua. lt lg a F?U?P%J??
.. rdlaeaacH. lt la a HpeclUo for certain ?uoueil
? un,m uni '.f rn- womb, ano so controla tao Mao
siruu) oriwnaiu io reun?ate ail ileraiigememaawi
i .-ni.i,i ts of her Monthly sicKiiea^. nie pro
prieto? ci?.for thia itoiueilj 0? mber WWI*?
".,,,.,t.. um atnuiiy a Vegetable t ..mt?-? HUI.
'heM tidied preaeiipuoii "f a learned huyalolnn
whose a> i ci fltv wis Kau AM* DnBASfc?,anu whose
tnmo bconnc tavlublo lieuaiec ol ula htteecas m
thc irtMtmvni nii'i eurool female cocpniaia.
<wiu r.H^ woman, u will rotlove yon <>f ucarty au
complainta p .? uliar lo your BOX.
For Mite by iliuvglaia. Write for i> mk, "Mes
loge io ft oman, ' malled free.
UHADKU?.H ltKC?i.1 i?'K i ii., Allanta, na.
From the World's Best Maker?,
Easiest Terms of Payment*
Eight Grand Makers, and Otar
Three Hundred Stylos to
Select From.
Chickoring, Mason & .Hamlin,
Mathushek, Bent and Arion.
Mason & Hamlin, Orchestral and
Bay State.
F?anos and Organa delirored, frelghl
paid, toidi points South. Fiftean days
trial, and Freight Paid Bath Ways, ii
not ?atlafactory.
Order, and teat the Instrumenta ii
your Own Homes.
Branch of LUHDEN & BATE?'
Bi. W. TRUMP, malinger,
sinci ' ^77 from 'N?i.im- lo California, am
never fails t?? pieuse, Tho
Sont Ii is the Place io lTs<
These SI ON OS.
i lanoline, M degrees, is thc lluid used
Ali tilt BO Stoves ai'O supplied with I
SAFETY TANK, which makes then
Balor than Coal <>;. wood stoves. Wo uar
rani our goods lite bosl in thc market.
I p' Agon tn wanted.
II Cn . M PLA I s ST., Ci.t.vri.Asn, ( hilo.
"V?) I Nv l TI ! ! 'K roi VOH Nf ? LA 1)1 Kl
il in the s,.ntli lins ndvantagus supe
"or to Ums? offered lieu? lu every dona rt
lUUIll I ntl, . \,t IUII| M,IMV. |)"h
experienced iiii.t iieeninpllahcd teachers
i he hulhlln? lighted with ?.vs, warme?
with Um I ?es I wrought-iron lu rune vs, liai
um and eolil waler ;.;itii^. mid Hrst-clnsi
appoint incuts as u Hoarding School lu
every respect-no school in lue South liai
Mlpt i i?.I
For Hom I ami Tunion . ; everything
m :. ll Colli .. iutc course, iuchulina
ancient ami hindern languages, per
HttS* loll ot Ju Weeks. . .?f(ir
Ui.o.. ; ii for two or more froia Miine
raiiuly .., nchrhhorhootl. Pupils charged
inly from ilulc of entrance
Hor Catalogiio, willi full particulars, ?id
hess J?i v. WM.iH. ATKINSON,
( ll.ll lotte, N. fj
Centum rt thould not eonfun our .<>> t ir ?
with .". . nutaerimt imitation?, tubttUuUt,
pokuh cw! tntretiry mijttirt* vkteA a"
iVii up lu t iii,', on t'v\r Oitn tiurit, '. i ! OH
th/ ?*>,: f mn rtm*d<j. An imitation i<
atteayi i .fraud wt n cW, taut ?fwy tt.ru:
mlyatthi yean 'Unl/romUtt art left imUatttf?
TWa/l ri 11tloodandSkin DUtOH4tntdt*U
fru. For mit by nil itnt?vijitt.
DratctrB, .titania. On.
v>w I ham tAkon ono ha nd red bottle* tit
k'ood. I.?-r ni m mor my fae?, nick, bod?
neareoly II? . my ?rm? un account cf rh< li
na done me moro %oon Utan all Other muli
If rf?? "T rloar ami citan, and my rhcu
lion I beg 111 C?" medicine, and I now welch
ind ?av.- me an Hp|M:tlio Uko a atron? mao.
lia welbie m gold.
JUELL, W. ?3d bl. Ferry, New York.
Ilka them In the world. Will paslf/rrcf? cora
ouad each box ts worth ten time? tho coat of a
lenee. One box will
do roore to puj-ify th,
blood and euro chron
ic Ul health than $4
I. worth of aay other
Jremedy yet dueov
? V| jarred. If people could
?aa^aWBi ^OMm^ he mad? to realize.
100 miles to get a box if they could not ha had
itrated pamphlet free, postpaid. Rend ito it
CO., 83 Custom Heus? Site,i, EGS??a, M Ass!

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