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Vuets Bhowlng u Vino I'roupeot for the
l't-oolf of tills Sec (lon.
(Fron) tho ItaUlmora Sim.)
Long before the movement from tho
N<>rtboru ami Middle States sot in, tho
?Sun repeatedly called attention to tin
now field thut since the war was opened
nt tito South for industrial emigration
from tho Statis \ind from abroad. lt
pointed OUt ita vast underlying wealth
of eoal and iron oro, of limestone and
mnngnnoso, its greet deposits of kaolin
mid of copper and gold, to its variety of
woods for tho constructive and decora
tive jun poses, and its thousands of acres
of fertile soil. At thal time only a few
cotton factories \v< re in operation, some
kaolin deposits worked, and hore und
there SOUth ol' Virginia, whore coal
nuning had long bo i going on, some
feeble attempts mud at mining-princi
pally in Tennessee and Alabama-- where
ti tow furnaces had been built for tho
smelting of iron ore.
lt hud bet o demonstrated ovon Iben
that cottou fabrics of tho plainer kind
could be produced ut considerably less
cost than at tho North, and pig iron laid
on the bank ready for delivery at $11
per ton. Tho great drawback was the
want of ndetpjuto facilities for transpor
tation to a market, but not long after
wards some enterprising and clear-sight
ed mon, looking forward to the future
development ol this mineral wealth, took
up considerable bodies of land rich in
coal and iron ere, and waited until the
time should come to utilizo them. The
rapid extension of railroads throughout
the ?South supplied tho opportunity, and
while tho Southern people of tho cotton
belt were increasing tho Hin?ber of their
faetones in the vicinity of tho plantations
that produced tho raw material, Northern
and English capitalists were descending
upon West \ irginia, Tennessee mid
Alabama, and ?'Utting up furnaces, to bo
followed by rolling mills, in tho midst
of tho iron And coal deposits. Slow us
the movement was nt lirst, it has in
creased with blich rapidity that great
coke and iron furnaces now lino the
Chesapeake and ohio Railroad. Chatta
nooga and Knoxville have now bi come
hives of busy industry, and new towns,
destined to rival oitlCS like Pittsburg,
liave been founded in Alabama, which
have been christened Birmingham and
?Siieiliold- names lamons in langland for
the excellence of their manufactures of
iron ami steel. Birmingham is now the
sent of an active iron industry, lt hus
already a number of largo furnaces, and
mills for rolling iron and stool aro about
to bo erected. Lt contains at this time
some 8,000 inhabitants. At Shollield,
also, furnaces have boon built, streets
laid ont, houses erected, stores opened,
and population is hooking in. What is
moro important still, chea]) iron is at
tracting other industries. One ol' tho
great stove works at Troy, doing the
largest business of its kind ill the United
States, is to bo n moved, or may already
have been removed, either to Alabama
or Tennessee, other trades and manu
factures oro following, notably Clark's
works, which supplies a largo par! of the
United States with cotton thread. Tho
marbles ol Tanm s oo, for w hich Knox
ville is tho principal market, aro getting
to bo in request, and so many manufac
turing enterprises have, been established
there that the population has increased
from If.,ooo in 1882 to over ?10,000.
Chattanooga show.- a similar increase
and with it bas como a speculation in
building logs on whicli large profits have
been rapidly modo, bul which may bc
carried too far unless kopi within healthy
limits. Other Southern cities oro feeling
tho impulse, though in a lesser degree.
Lands are bringing better prices. Tho
hardwood forests of Tennessee and
North Carolina, which Jess than two
years ugo could have boon bought at
from sixty emits to a dollar and a quar
ter, an acre have been purchased by capi
talists, who aro gobing ready tosend the
limber to the Eastern markets. Great
Btrotchcs of pine land farther south,
within easy distance O? rail or water car
riage, have also bein brought up. All
. these facts go to show' that thc South
has entered upon a now ora of indu- trial
activity never know n bet?re, and that in
tho course pf a few years, she is destined
tb become one of the most prosperous
Sections of the Union.
A shrewd business man would jusl as
mitch think of going without his breakfast
every morning, and liobbliug to business
willi hut one booton for economy's sake, ns
to try and run his business without adver
tising; yet lhere are many men who never
advertise, bul W no w onder why their neigh
hors. .Mr. Uo-Ahcod and Messrs. Up-To
Sim if & Co., wilO do several lau; Ind per
cont, more business than Ikey do, gol rich
and retire, and thal OU a .capital far less
than that with which tho non advertiser
opened store. The COIltraSl bclWCOn tho
two is equally great tn other tilings', Tho
advertiser doesn't'ramble into hisofllco in
thc morning ns if ho had Just got oil"
crutches .md bul a minute before drunk n
quart of sour vinegar. Neither does ho
reappear al noontime from a cheap lunch,
looking tito picture of a hali Jed street cur
inulo. No. ?e.. Tin.- advertiser sweeps
nimbly in with a smile on his fa ec. as big
asa (irons hill poster, feels at peace with
all men, chirrups a good morning to all
hands, pi<-ks up ibo papers that contain his
advertisements, sii ?koa his beard willi sat
isfaction, and phlllge? into lilt' (lillies of
the day with confidence In successful clos
lng scenes al nightfall. Tho non-advertiser
doesn't smile only When llO savin a few
cents by reading tin- stoic porter's paper,,
nod tho smile i- so Ililli that it would lake
several skeins of I hem to make a single
hair thread of facial sunlight.
< Immune from i 'ul.?f. ii io \\ ino. Hand?.
Several months ag" lhere was consider
able stir over tho report that the Central
railroad had changeait): policy tn regard
to the employment cf whim laborers. The
management dei ?did lo give colored appli
cants preference for all sub irdlnnto posh
tlons in ila; shops and on ibo road. Tho
company's reasons for tho move were un
derstood i<> la- economy ol' management.
Colored Workmen wore chi aper, and it was
bel loved would not 1)0 SO dpi IO strike as
white workmen. Tin- ix nights ol' Labor
ami Fireman's brotherhood were nun h ex
orcised at tim move. When Alexander's
friends got control a month ago, ho beard
of a good deal of complaint against thc
policy Inaugurated hy bis predecesor, and
thc colored train hands appeared to bo
most objectionable, The Alexander man
ngomcnt has decided t<> go back to tho old
plan and give the preference to tko whites
for all positions, It is reported that the
change of policy w ill extend to thc other
-4? ?V
Any finnll H?y, with n Slick,
Cnn kill a tiger-if tim tiger happens to
lie found w hen only a little cuh. Si, con
sumption, that deadliest ami m08t feared Ol
diseases, iii this country, can assuredly he
conquered and destroyed if Dr. Pierce's
"Golden Medical Dlscovory" lu- employed
? ?
-Tho Boston (Hobo says: "Tho J'mv.
Sam Jollies has mudo the best impres
sion on Boeiou of any revivalist who lins
visited tho ody m recent years. Ile is a
man of brains and originality, und Bos
ton likos men of that stamp."
Tho strike ou the docks in New York
c inliuues.
Tho President hus approved the Mexican
pension bill.
Tho Prcsldoot hus appointed Nathan 0.
Brady postumster at Beaufort, 8. 0.
Thc ( stinmtc of tho national debt to-day
shows a reduction of ?$9,000,000 since ibo
i st ot* January.
Tito House committee on public btdltl
Ines hus agrcctl lo report ?fino.ooo for II
building ut Ncwbernc. N. C.
There is no chango In tho Senatorial
deadlocks in Indiana, West Virginia and
belfast is (iule! again, tho rioters arrested
S iturday night and last night wercnrrnlgncd
II id remanded tot trial.
An order has been issued forbidding
Hussion newspapers to publish oilier than
official notices of military movements.
The blizzard in Manitoba continues willi
unabated severity, the thermometer regis
(cl ing ?H) degrees below zero.
The judges have refused to transfer the
trial of the gOVOrUIUCUt cases against .lohn
Dillion to thc court of tho Queen's Hench.
Tho Cincinnati Hun has suspended pub
Hendon. This result was caused by radical
dilfcreiices Ol' opinion among the owners.
Hoodie Alderman O'Neill has been con
victcd of complicity in the Broadway rail
road franchise bribery.
Thc Hon. Geo. H. Pendleton, minister to
Merlin, has returned to tho United States,
to remain a month.
There was some excitement on tho Paris
bourse, yesterday, owing to the political sit
nation in Europe
The ?louse committee has reported ad
rsi Iv on tho bill to pension Mrs. Loguu
and Mrs. Blair.
Congressman Reagan has bien elected
United Slates Senator from Texas, to suc
ceed Muxcy.
Thc Sonate has on its calendar a bill tn
cede Ibo old arsenal properly in Charleston
lo Hie Trustees of the Porter Academy.
Till rc is an order called "Knights of tin
G dd ni Ragle," Wc suppose Iboasscssmcni
i i >;-.o a Knight.
Haymow) belmont, son of August bel
mont. Ibo well known bttukcrof New York
sir ! himself on Monday morning. Canst
The Supreme Court of Missouri bat
gl inted ?islay of the execution of .Maxwell
Ike murderer ol Prollcr, pending the deei
sion on his appeal.
The discussion of thc retaliation bill b>
Congress bas excited the people of (he D')
minion considerably. Their troops an
drilling actively.
A nullor is current in bondon that lin
army reserves of I he flrsl class arc about ti
b . called out. The fy((t>ul(ttd denies tia
n p-rt. i
The Pennsylvania Senate bas passed ;
ni: I pro\ hiing for I he submission of thc pro
hlbitioii amendment lo tho State Consult!
ti u lo a vote of the people.
Mis.' Yan /andi and August Spies wen
married hy proxy on Tuesday. Hie guion
liebig represented by bis brother. A sub
Urban justice of the peace officiated.
The President has incepted the resigna
lion of Cen. 1*. M. H. Young, of O corgi ii
Consul Ceiieral at St. Petersburg, but lue
not yet selected bis .successor.
No clue has laen obtained by the polict
of thc burglars who tried to mb the |x>si
office sallleo at dorsey Clly, which with
si i .?I all attempts of the burglars.
The new Academy of Mush- wes opone
;.? Danville, Va., Tuesday night. 1' Isow
the handsomest theatres fit the South
Tb . occasion was one of m eat rejoh lng fi
The Limerick municipal couw ii has re
fu.'-cd to celebrate the Queen's jubilee, oi
t:.:: ground that ihc Queen has visited lr?
laud only twice and has never assisted Iris!
. 'a irides.
Michael Davitt and bis wife arrived a
Dublin Wednesday und was enthusiast
cally greeted. They were escorted to (bel
hotel hy a torchlight procession and l and
of music.
Thc british ship K< .kunda, from bondi i
for Freemantle, Australia, December ll
with emigrants, collided with an nnknowi
M -el near the coast of brazil. Three lum
ii: i persons were lost.
A company has been organized in Nov
Orleai 3 in tippositiou lo Ibo American Col
ton Seed Oil Trust Company. Much ?.
Ibo stock o'.' tho new concern is held b,
pla liters.
The General Assembly of Alabama ha
n ; mi veiled, after a recess of 40 days. Tb
House passed a bill making the keeping o
a gambling house a felony, punishable h.
imprisonment in thc penitentiary.
C. I., /.. ivie, of Holling Fork, Miss,
who pleaded guilty to robbing the mail
was senti need to three years' imprisonmcti
in lin- Albany penitentiary
Governor Forakor, of ohio, hus public!,
iniiounced, in reply to an Inquiry, thal h
will ti"t be a candidate for renomination
isslgiliiig as a reason his professional ii
Hy the advice of counsel, the (Juiotl i':
:i!ic Railroad Company decidid lo coa?
ibo issue of all complimentary passes a
loon as the inter State law goes into oiTccI
Hie decision applies to every species o
freo travel.
Passengers on thc steamship (Jmbrii
ju ! arrived at Liverpool from New York
:Olilplain that the smoking ropm of th
..e.->;el was used as a "gambling hell." Tb
maller will bc investigated.
.!< ha i). Lisle, discount clerk in the Fi?
National Bank of Baltimore, ls missing
md his accounts show him to bo a d?faillit
n $30,000 He had deceived Ibo bank OJ
milner by Bhowlng bim forged notes.
.Vt the Vienna Council of Ministen
int Kulnoky declared that Austria's o
ll ms "?til HusMa were much im provee
ri io tension liol ween Germany and Franc
ic s lid was Increasing.
At a farm botlSO near East Jlanovci
Peoil , Rebecca Huck, aged Bo, was foun
lunging in the Attic, dead. Her desperat
Iced so ufTccCod Ibo mind of her mothci
igi ! ?3, that she loo hanged herself in (li
. mo plate.
About 1,800 of Lorillard's strikers ri
urned to work yesterday morning on th
inn's terms nail thc 9lriko is ondod. Til
iortllnrds have all the hands they will on
doy and every department is ii, oporatloi
An oki woman named Hinda living non
.oil I loyal Ferry was burned to death b
er clothing laking lire from a lire In th
'ard, She was 70 yea rs old, and her motin
s living and is over 100 yours old.
Ja tho lower house of tho Texas Lcgisli
m : a joint, resolution proposing n probib
io i amendment to Hie constitution ram
ip ou ils third rending, and, niter som
[.clinical amendment, w as passed by a vol
f 80 lo 'il.
In .Iones county, (Ju., lust Saturday, tw
o\ -,. aged 10 and 8, while in the wood
ti Iprlng brush, were attacked by Sui
?iv.ic, aged 17, and killed with an ax<
livina bas confered, saying ho hud had
gilt w iib tho boys.
Tin- .Supreme Com ? of Washington 'I'ci
lory bin* derided Hint the bill grnntin
rfu age to women u unconstitutional. Til
,cl w.n passed by the Legislature of I88t
nd women have boen voling in Ibo Terr
>ry ever si nco.
.1 uoi; '/jook uni! Jacob Hook, two wc!
Down farmors of Franklin county, wer
isl mt ly killed at Grand street crosslnp
hnmborsburg, Pa., by strain on the Mon
?Ito railroad. They attempted to eros
ic track In front of un approaching train
Anderson Perry, Janitor of tlio Medien
College ut Bollimoro, Md., on trial for mur
dor in Complicity with two other tOOU, who
had been convicted of killing people und
selling bodies for dissecting purposes, has
been acquitted.
The little town of Wollborne, nine miles
south of Ur) Ult, Tenn., was shaken twice
bv slight earthquake mocks last night,
causing windows to ruttki and houses lo
tremble. This ls thc first eorll . lake shock
ever felt 111 I bat sei lion.
Tire OU Mackinac Island near Detroit,
Mich., humed tin; Mackinac House, Car
son House und lour stores. The thermom
eter stood thirty degrees below /.ero. 'Ibo
.ou sts irom the hotels barely escaped with
their lives. Loss $00,000.
A high wind blew down 11ees upon 1 wo
camps of laborera upon Hie Norlin rn Po
ellie road, near Tacoma, Oregon, yesterday
morning. Nine Chinese were killed and
about 20 Chinese- ?nd whiles were badi)' lu
lu red. The wind blow 00 miles tm hour
The lire in the Industrial School al Koch
ester, N. V., completely gutted Ibo female
di pail ment. Thc remains of Mrs. P. J.
Von Hodson were discovered among du
rums, she was 80 yours ol* age. and was
employed lu the laundry department.
President McCrady, of tho Old Domin
ion Line, hus offered a reward of $10,000
lor thc miscreant who placed tho infernal
machine on the Guyniulotte. The da mago
to thc steamer is $1)00, and il has already
bien repaired.
A wreck occurred bu Ibo Virginia Mid
land railroad ou Tuesday. Twouty-four
height cars and tho engine were piled in a
iioap of ruins. All hands wi re moro or
loss bun. A brakeman, Kd. Martin, from
Albemarle, Va., was burned lo death.
Tho property of the Southern Telegraph
Company was sold nt intel lon in Hichmond
I- r $400,000, the purchasers being .l unes
13. Paco and .lohn S Wisc and their asso
ciates. Tho other bidders were Ibo West
cm Uuiou Company and a representative of
Ibo United Lines.
The House Committee on Ibo Library
unanimously recommend tia passage ol'
the resolution providing a joint committee
of thc House anil Sonnie lo consider the
expediency of holding an international ex
hibition In l&O?? in commemoration of tho
discovery of A mci lc?.
Mrs. I'M WU rd Walker, residing eine miles
noi l li of Devil*!! Luke, Dakota, perished in
attempting i<> go lo a neighbor's house
daring Saturday's blizzard, which prc
vented her husband's return from town.
He found her body half buried ill Ibo
Archbishop Kider authorizes 'ho state
ment (hat thc Catholic Church is . no wily
responsible for the organization ol n the
atrical company lo gather money io aid in
paying the Purcell debi, nor does bc in any
way sanction any such t?beme as was re
cently announced ill the newspapers.
Dr. Malt. Alexander, ti leading physician
ot Knox ville, Tenn., commuted suicide
yesterday afternoon, by taking live grains
of morphine. Ile had been drinking. Ho
1 fl II note, saying: "Idle willi malice to
ward none. I go to hell. Tell ni)' . tn to
go to heaven."
Mr, Parnells malady i- reported to bo
Bright's discaso. I' i-> thought probable
K at he will bo able to stund lite strain of
his Parliamentary work. In event of his
enforced retirement, Mr, Healy w ill proba
bly succeed him itt the leader id).. 1 thc
Irish party.
Henry George spoke ai a prohibition
mass meeting in Brooklyn last night. Ile
thought the conies! between the temper
ance factious resembled that between a lol
nf cala. He hlievod ihn side of liquor
could liol bo prohibited, and I lint saloons
w. re not so bad a.; r pre ?Cub il,
Itoprescntutlvo Lawlor ho Introduced!!
pr. nmblc and remlulions, t mi liing English
al ?ludo hiTho fisheries trouble. Pin ri >
huions ret i nest the Pre'.h M io inform
Congress what steps uro necessary to phi
our defenceless harbors in condition lore:
s'st assaults. Thc paper \\ ts referred t ?
Ki committee on appropriation.
Turner Birkbend, Hie own r bf a h.rue
h siery mill at Beverly, N, J., is removing
lils machinery to Burlington, and will lear
down his Beverly mill. Ile siiys Ibo
Knights of Labor are responsible for bis
action, and they have licen const andy
ci Hiing trouble between his oj . rat i ves mid
himself, mid be w ill noi submit any longer.
Charles Tadio!, aged 10, nihill clerk ill
the Quyosa Hotel, Memphis, lui! Ich (he
city, suspected of having stolen diumnndi
anti jewelry belonging t . Funny Daven
port, who was a guest III I he hotel. TIlCSC
valuables were deposited in tin- hold safe,
and they are now missing, They me said
to bc worth .?*('..000.
Governor Pierce, of D.d- ita, received n
message from President', loveland accept
lng his resignal ion lo lake clTecl ul once.
Governor Pierce Immediately turned ibo
olll.ver to tho Territorial Seerotary, Mc
Cor mick, who will act until Judge Church
is confirmed. Gov. Pierce bas slnrtctl
cai I.
A mob of masked nun. about 85 strong,
entered tho jail nt Seguin, Guadalupe
county, 7,oxn8, Wednesday morning, and,
after ovcr-poworing l he jailor, took three
negroes out anti hanged them lo a tree In
fu 1 view of tho town. < ?n each victim w ns
tacked this notice: "Killed for murder
and arson."
A sensation hts been created at Indian
ap >iis. Ind., among the Knights of Labor
by Kio receipt of an order, purport)n ."
have como from Hie ("encrai Bxcciltivt
Board, to thc effect that si' elgar makers
belonging to the International I ?lion must
he dropped from membership in local ?uni
elf si rici assemblies.
Ju o house ite ir Breslau, Long Island, X.
Y., supposed i" be unoccupied, the bod)
nf a man and woman ivero found, Tho
tn;.n's throat w as cut and the woman's head
wi s severed from her hotly. They natl
hen dead live or six days, and it is sup
posed they were murdered a rt I robbed,
Breslau ls Inhabited largely bv Germans.
Hie dead bodies were evidently Qcrmnns,
hui were unknown.
William Harris, eilinlt d by the Dela
ware Iron Works nt ., Ilmillgton. wa?
made the victim of a practical Joke by his
follow, workmen w hich cost hun his life
lb- WM dozing at noon w hen ono of bis
:ompanions threw some blazing colton
.sn te in his face and set hu clothes on lire,
ind he was burned .so badly he died in a
:OHpl,i of blairs. He refused lo loll who
ivas responsible for his death, although ho
William Gnllaway anti a clerk nnmod
Wo Leas, In .his employ, were shot and fa
nll v WOUIldcd al I lie former's general mer
.bundi.-*, store in Cnliaway, Ihr CO miles
roui Little Hock, Ark. Gnllaway anti his
llork went in the evening io bis store and
ound a gang td burglars going through
he premises. Galhiwuy opened (Ire upon
ho intruders, who fired buck ami mortally
pounded both him und his clerk; The bur
glars escaped unhurt.
The severest blizzard ef the w inter w is
ixpcrloncod in Dakota . a Sunday and
donday, The thermometer regis'ored 80
lograos below zero, Railroad movements
ire slid Mocked. In .Montana, near the
?anadian line, the temperature ranged from
:i to 85 degrees below zero. The losses ?n
ive stock are said lo hu very heavy. The
oads are Impassable A ?iago coach is re
torted lost, and a party have gone in soArcll
>f ll.
. - + t*
Thc play's the thing,
Vherein I'll reach the conscience of the
And equally truo Is It that Dr. Pierce's
Pleasant Purgative Pellote" (Hie original
.il I le Liver Pill?) are the most offoctual
leans that can IN* used lo reach the seat
f disease, cleansing the bowels ami sys
.tn. and assisting nature in her recupera
ve work. IJy druggists.
nu i< \ nu \< .
My dearest friend and must we part,
And bid farewell, In anguished tone?
'Tis like a dirge upon the heart,
W hen every joy on earth hath llowu;
Hut memory's voice will tenderly
A ftmj our grief, if ere you go
You'll just fork over now that V
We loaned you. Charlie, long ago.
A dissolving view-Growing blind.
'Tlr ro are a great many Orange men In
"That's a llame of minc!" as Hie bellows
aid to the tire.
Evening shoes ate again becoming quito
fanciful in color and design.
It costs over $8,000 to bury a dead Con?
grossman. Irish wakes arc cheaper.
No woman of fashion can have too much
jct mi thc Waist and skirt of her dress now
Kopulation is what men and women think
nf us: character is what (?od and the angels
know of u.*?.
Never lake a crooked path while you see
u straight one.
'Ta." said a little fellow lo his unshaven
tallier, "your chin looks like the wheel in
tie- musical box."
Never growl at Mic weather. Noah did
n. !. und he witnessed todays of the wellest
weather Hint man ever saw.
"i Say No" is the tille of a new sim v.
li sounds like a husband answering a wile's
rcqui f>t fer a sealskin cloak.
"What ails this heart of minc?" is the
nu loll lot 18 way in which sonic vocalists
refer lo nu affection of thc liver.
An exchange speaks of a niau who "lies
in a critical conailioo." Most everybody
will lie when they get in a tight lix.
Hy rubbing a ( Mt's back in thc dark you
i ,n seo tl.e electricly Hy, and when thc cal
claws your hand you can fctll Ibo shock.
Although pugilists seem to be willing to
appear in the ring they arc generally roped
into it.
I miuircr-No. It was not Sir Wm. Penn,
ir,:; pia!tl Wm renn: there was no handle
to that Penn.
The man who thinks he can comtmitli'
( aie freely by tell phone, is laboring under
a halloosfnalton. *
.. mic * nc waals to know if a bee is angry
whim ii stingy. Wc arc not sure about the
bee, lait Ibo vi? tim li?,
II is i-;ii?l there is a bitter feeling among
Hie maisters. Perhaps somebody luis been
putting hops in the beer'
Pythagoras believed that mau ascended
fr mi ?he luau. Ile probably would have
regarded bostonians as cannibals
I.ndics' hats now adays are somewhat
1' ?. aspiring for thc convenience of the folks
who sil behind them in the theatre.
V.r. Onion has jus?, failed out in Nebras
ka: but ii Clllinol be said that he has not a
si cul to his name.
\ burlington mother has miraculously
cured lier youngest hopeful of smoking by
tue laying oil "! hands.
When Mr. Carpenter married Miss |}IU*1M r
la.: week, not a newspaper in the land said
anything about the lututo race of shavers.
Two brothels in New York have not
spoken lo each other for 80 years. They
are deaf mutes.
A l'i-enchinan has conceived the idea of
h iving lady advertisers who will show his
oods on ino promenade
Pernicious egotism is another Hiau'c de
lo tell you about himself when you
w -a to tell him about yourself.
Win n an idler enters the sanctum of a
busy editor and thc editor says, "Glad t<>
-, yo ; ic back," w hat docs he mean :
Th" singer who understands the manage
iii of his bren!h is considered a {Treat
ar i t. lt ought to bethe sim.: way with a
. .'. .'. ' .ii [lie serenaded man, "I must
. > oui and make a speech. Something
!.. bc done to st-a? the playing of that
I band."
A newly married Texas man shot his
bl lc while she was mixing her first batch
ol biscuits. His plea in'court was self
''Yes," Sltid thfi Torre Haute man: "Im
rather glad, on thc wholo, that there's n
law np linsl ({ambling on Sunday. It gives
one day to saw wood."
A maiden lady says I hat if single life is
b'td a Blands to reason that double lin-is
?wit.- a- bud. Hut Indiesraroly understand
. Tlier .- is nothing now under the .mn,
sayetli the psalmist." This seems to hear
out the theory thal negro minstrelsy origi
nated in th" ark.
Why \i it that a woman with a costly
fan ll luis thc lltlliogphprc in the theatre so
w..ria while the man next lo her is think
ing of putting on his overcoat',
Chicago clergymen sincerely hope the
l allet is on its last legs.-Albany Argus.
Thc i lergymon have evidently given care
ful attention to the support of the ballet.
An Oakland, I ak, paper in referring to
ti e death "f a cili/OU recently, -aid that lie
i 'ie to a happier home." And now ,
it is -iud, ibu widow threatens i. libel suit.
A - a protection against cold, a newspaper
worn across the chest is recommended.
Uenllcmcn who bad a newspaper wanning
c.ui ic.-tify to its thoroughness.
Tlie wife <>f a Wisconsin editor brings
her baby's cradle into the ofllco while she
sc's type for \\ur husband's paner, She is
a good type nf woman for an editor's w ife.
lt is a moan servant girl who, lo gratify
a i city malice, will put eodllsh on Hie
range to hoi", when she knows that her mis
Ircss is entertaining company in thc parlor.
An oyster ten inches long was found on
the Long Island coast tho olhor day. Winn
oysters get up to (hose <linicns:ons thc
( besinnt church fair stew will lose.
A professor of palmistry in New Yo k
says il is impossible to teil a lie willi thc
hands closed, Ar. Yes, and it ls rather
(I,ni::, rous p, tell a man he lies who has his
bunds "closed."
A young lady writes, to Inquire how long
n young gentleman should IM- acquainted
willi her before she allowed him to kftfl
le i . bong enough for her father and big
brother to nave gone to bod,
A man who had bren drinking went
liona die other night and growled SO at his
win: Ilia' she called him her sour mash.
Mc s,iii| ti,,a jf she called him that ag tin
hu'd liquor.
Teach yourself to count a hundred both
ways before making an Impertinent answer
and when you w rite an angry letter keep it
tor u week la lore you send it, and then
burn it up,
"Vis," said bass, "tobacco ls bad for
me. I know il, 1 feel it. Iiis killing mc
by Inches. Hut I can't swear off al this
lime of year, you know. I don't want to
ildvorliso myself as an inveterate liar."
An American claims that the North Polo
ls the sile of the old gaideu of Eden. Then
Kvo's preference for fig leaves over seal
skin is explained; they covt more and had
lo be I m poi Nil.
\\ idow Van Colt gay?, "No Christian
?in affotd to usc tobacco." Tobacco is
iwflllly high, that's a fact. We hope Mrs.
Vail C"tt will use her inlluetice to have thc
ax reduced.
"What wi), you think of your beautiful
\ ile :'.') year? from now?-that ls tho (plos
ion," si.v Mgr. (.'(incl. Ob, bloss you,
aonsignor, ?ho H I?' all right. The comm
bum is, What will she think of us?
Tin M i- a ladies' oui door club in New
Fork. This is a step in Ibo right direction;
f thc w oiiien will only keep their clubs out
if doors, there will bo a bolter chance for
narrien1 men lo crawl safely np lo lied on
odgo nights.
Paying for Condolence.
It is said that Mrs. Logon hud to pay
$30 for mesanges of condolence sent lier
when tho General died. This is un ex
perience which luis come to ninny per
sons under similar oiroumBtonco8. Jt
seems so strongly the ease that good
tasto would diotftto the prepayment ol
suolx dispatohos to the sonders, hut tho
most considerate ami generous people
aro oftontinio thoughtless. As lor pro
pnymout of t?l?graphie dispatches Oil
other subjects it is probablo that more
como to Washington making inquirios
about matters which aro of more private
concorn to the .senders than to any other
city in tho country, and perhaps in tho
majority of instnnees tho man v. ho is
naked to give tho information is told th?1
dispatch was sont "collect".-Washing
ton Corrospondonco Baltimore Sun.
A l'roiiiriindlii? Ktarpnr.
.Mr. Frank Crittenden, a young man
living near here, wasun Thursday eng ? i.
willi several others, in raising a house < ;i
his mother's farm, which is about one mil'
ftom his present home. During the night
lu got ul? and drcssod himself ami walked
up io the plato where thc building was
hoing erected. One of the workmen lind
jail the tools away, and he, hoing lound
asleep, could not (1 ntl them, ile Bays I h ul
he caine lo the conclusion Still ash p
thai the tools hail been curried home, mid
thal he would go hack for them. ( iii h>
return, ho walked against a tree, striking
Iiis head with Biifllcictit force to ii waken
liiin. Hi-says thal lie war. very milch as
tonished to lind hims -If alone in the woodl
and in the darkness of night; hut, arter
collecting hii thoughts and locating lil
whcrctihouts, lie lost no time in making his
way home and to lad tlgnill.- Itichmoiul
lin Liquor Uu< Mimi in Lsncniitor.
This perplexing question will not down
at the bidding ol Illly man, ol' set of men.
Agaill tho maller of "license" or "no li
cense," is warmly discussed hore and I hore.
Men w ho luivo heretofore opposed license
and done all in their power lo cm li tin
evil in thi* community, have about come lo
the conclusion that ii is no uso to light ii
any louver upon the ptoscnl basis. Popu
lar appetite seems to control public senti
ment. And a chango Is coming over tho
people which ?sill demand from our next
Lcgislrluro tho repeal of tho present pre
hioitory law and enact a "high license law"
open to all w ho comply with its provisions,
The present law is "laughing stock" for
Hie world.-(Atncafter Ledger,
Running Away Willi in? Wini's Aunt.
James Medlin ha* been married for ?I
Years and l e and his wife have always
lived peacefully and happily together
Nothing lnul over occurred until last Tm
day \o mar their connubial happiness w lt? n
his wife, through motives unknown, run
away willi Joe Medlin a nephew of Jamos
and wlio i** also married and has ih( .
tl rou. They took with them about 673 in
cjothing and money. Mr. Medlin was in
town yesterday on lils way to Cleveland,
N. C., where lie hus traced the couple, ami
says all lie wauls is Iiis ( lollies and mon y,
The parties live in the upper part of lia
county. - Ord i.iHU +\\-ir,s.
(.nt,ii Panning,
Mr. T. IC. Cumiitigham Is one of th
farinera in ihjs county who has cxi*endcd
much effort in onrlcliitig ami I tn pros in : hin
land-. Hy drainage and other uu MIS lg
has gotten his farm upton high sta'" ol
cultivation. Tho past year he planted 130
Heres in cotton and made 10.1 hales ll vol
a; IJ> pounds per bale: H acres in wheal
and tundo 232 bushels; and M linrcs in corn
nud minie #nu bushels. Had Iho v> i
been good hp would piobahly have don
much better.-Lancaster I/niger.
Ur. \\ UOtlrVM i iMUVt ?? <r.
At Heir meeting In A ugusei yesterday,
the Directors of thc Columbia Theological
Seminary elected tho Hov, !>;.. <;. !..
Slrieklen, of Atlanta, to tho i ?i ilr made
vacant hythe removal of l>r. Woodrow.
I lr. C. ( !. I Icrsmtm w as eli ctcd to tho chair
of Biblical Ciiticism, vacated hythe l?< v.
C. it. licmphill. Tho election of a sue
cessor to the Bev, W. R. Hoggs was ] o3l
poned for tho present-thu duties of (hut
chair lo ho discharged hy tho other pro! .
.soi S.
.>n llnck l'n\ .
YY0 8tatcd last week that Mexican vt ter
ans past the tige of iii would "get hack pay
from tin: time they attained I lot agc. ?
letter from Washington Informs u* that
this Is not tho ease. Wc wrote (Ililli! r for
tho purpose of ascertaining, The pay will
bcglll Willi th?; (liing and approval of ibo
application with tho Commissioner, Tho
petit e of such hack pay was SO app?tent
lo our mimi as lo lend tis lo make lids mis
lake-liilytjh Ul (JhronicU.
The "Favorite Prescription" of I?:-.
Bierce cu rcs "female weakness" and kin
ilrctl affections, By druggists,
"How is it none of my contributions are
ever used V" asked uwouhTbo contributor
of nu editor. "You must bo mistaken
Do you write on one side of Hie pallor only '
"Certainly." "Then li's all right. Wc
write our editorials on tho blank side.
Never he afraid of your contributions not
lieing list ij."_
Grass and Clover Seeds,
Seed Grain and Potatoes,
Garden and Flower Seeds,
Vegetable & Flowering Plants.
Prices quoted on application.
Descriptive Catalogue mailed FRKR.
Correspondence Solicited.
?entiou this paper. HM jnipNO, yjL
frill i-a.11/ t:.. BL OOO i
til? LIVER ?nfl KiONfv? ?nd
llFhinK, ||," HK.Al.Tll iiiiiTviCI
OH of YOUTH lu i . lil,W?nt
of Ai.i-tlt... lt.... .. iM..,,I..1(k of
?.*. ....>:> ?oil 1 Ired Peelina sb
eoliittdr enrrd: RonSr, mi ?.
d'" null m r-.- i ? . ? ll IT?
force. Kntlttnt the mind
?nd mippli.-. Ilriiln Power.
? ? _ hii. iii-1
n. 1? I Wm O ...-.Miliar |..ll,. ir -. ? will lind
TONTO rt ?rife nnd rpemtr mm OI?f?r\? I. ?."?!?
tl r completion. Fr. picul /.lion.i tu ?. munt. . i. [t.
lAaonl/ ., .', i i tho i . of Ike r n, li Po
noteipnrlment -ret Uie OIIKUNAI. ASL In . r,
(_ Qr. HARTER'? LIVER eilis V
Cure C'onallpatlon.Liver Complaint and 81-Ul
Ileedache. Hamplo Donn and Dream Book I
melted on receipt of two teils lr postage, m
ft, Loni?, Mo .
Tho blood of man lias much to do in
shaping his notions during his pilgrimage
through this troublesome world, regord
Loss ol tin' um? MI ut ol present, or expect
nut rooney lu pookot or stored away in
bani;. Et is tt conceded fact that wo^up
pear us out blood lpukoa ns, and tito
purer tho blood, tho happier, healthier,
prettier mid wiser wo arc; heue?' tho oft
repoated interrogatory, "how is your
blood?" With pure stream - of life-giving
tluid coursing through our veins, bound
ing through our henri? and ploughing
through our physical frames, our morals
become hotter, our constitution strongor,
our Intellectual faculties more neut" and
grander, und nu n, women und children
happier, healthier and more lovely.
Tho unprecedented demand, tho un
paralleled curative powers, und tho lill?
mistakable proof from thou-of unim
peachable character und integrity, p?ilil
with au unerring linger to H. L. I!.
Botanic Blood Halm-as far tho best, tho
cheapest, the quickest and the grandest
and most powerful blood remedy over
before known to mortal man, ill chere?
lief und positivo cure of Scrofula, Bin ti?
mat ism, Skin diseases, nil taints of blood
poison, Kidney complaints, old ulcera
und sores; cancer.., catarrh, etc.
13, 13, ?3. ls only about three years old
- a buoy in age, H giant in power-but
no remedy in Amonen can or ever lins I
mude such u wonderful showiug in its
magical powens in curing und entirely
eradicating tho nbovo complainte, and
gigantic Kile.-; in the ince of frou/.icd op
position and would-be moneyed monopo
Lottora from nil point-; where intro?
doced ure pouring in upon us, speaking
in its loudest praise, Some nay they re
ceive more benefit from one 1 >tt!e ol* I!.
P>. li. that) they have from twenty, thirty
and hf ty and oven ono hundred !>:>tt;. s
of u boosted decoction of inert und non?
medicinal roots and huinches of common
forest trees. Wo hold tho] roof in black
and white, and WO also hold the fort,
All who desire full information about
tho causo uml cure of Blood Poisons,
{Scrofula and Scrofulous Swellings, Ul
cers, Sores, Bhoumntism, Kidney Oom
plaints, Catarrh, otc, can secure by mail;
ir? e, a copy of our ?3ii page I Unstinted
.Hook of Wonders, lilli d with tho most
wonderful uml startling proof ever before
known. Adan BS,
BLOOD HALM CO., Allanta, ( la.
Vo IN-S TITI TH for YO! \i; L ADI KS
l\ lu the South has advantages supn?
riorto those tillered licit! In even depart
un nt-*-Col login to, Arl lind'Music. Only
experienced anil iteeouipli: Inn) leaeln is.
The hnlhllng ls lighteil willi warmed
with the best wrought-iron ItitiineeJ, had
hoi ultu cold willer baths, ami fir belliss
appointments tis a Hon riling School in
every respect--no school in Hie South lins
* ii per lor.
For Hoard and Tuition lu everything
in mil Coll?giale eon rue, Including
ancient and modem languages, per
Session pl '?li Weeks..'.?lOtj
L'etluelixi for two or more flinn f-nnio
family or neighborhood. Pupils charged
unit i l'ou? time <n ? nt nineo.
I'or I'atalogiie, With full particulars, mt
. li. .- 11UV. WM. lt. ATKINSON,
I karlotte, N. C.
PvJWa?(53?fi '^'"TfiTTfiTffi VOW
] A Hpccliki l..rii'l disensos po I
jjcttlinrlo woatuii,such a< Pata
Ire, Stippii: . .1, ur li rv :
sMrnilriiailoi), l.iaio nr;.u;.i i?r{_
p ii
fe I ?IVftUOrasaiJJUtfVB Bbl
.mia MI
'j ii MI.. i. iittiins tia ? lAN?fe]
WP ll i-1., gi at H : : fl ii lllK ?a
" i ittitci vvl . o . io ul ted,
Kemi for our book/'Messaga lo Woman," malled
freo. l?ivir.M.ii IIK?IVI.AIOK co., Atlanta, Oa,
M iiiufnoturer of
[COLUMlliA, S. C.
I ' Printern1 Hollers cast on
the shortest notice nt the most,
reasonable rates. IFso Murks"
m : r
vi- SST A
Potash Victim.
s. s. s. vs. :
Ihm had blood poison forton year?. I kn
lotii.i." or |. i .-ii m that limo, bot lt did mo no u
ami Umbi \>tr- covered wah rores, and 1 could r
mal ?rn in tn/ ihonidow I look s s 8" ai.d lt ha
ClllM I ...... lAkcr My fare. |.?ly amt lurk *
rnatitm is entirety pone. I weighed its i?im.i< wh
i pounds My first bottle helped rn? eroatly. ai
I ?omi nut bo wimont s. s. a. /or leverM limes !
C. i?. MlU
mm mm\
Vs? r-illg were n wondorful discovery. Ho others
r rch- rt all manner of disease. Tho inforiaation an
ox of pills. Find out tMBBBMw Ma ^mm
>oa BflHfet JH? BB
lie thank- J?mYl?m M\\M W\\\\
One adose. M^^^?W mWm
arson&'Pills contain WK.
are mm^f^ W??? w\\\\\
?uso no inronven- MU
??o marvelous power of theso pills, they would walk
ithout. Sent by mail for 25 cents in alampa. Illus
ie information is very valuable. I. 8. JOHNSON tt (
Make New i
J| ^^^^^
ava'; and Surgical Instituto
Blaff of Rltthlcttd s.1 IH*1'IIMI??U ami Hkill
; .. . .?. I .II . mill MnrRoon*.
PntlenU tiento ! here ur til tliolr bonus. .Mirny
tir.iii i nt h,un ', liii-oiimi correspondence, iw
Buci o i tilly a . ii* Li*in? in pw ?<">. Como nuil
B . lis, or Bond lui . ut; iii ulampa lor om
"Invalido1 Dulde-Book," which id ves. all partie
Ul'.UU \ lillN I! V. IUI,ll -, DlHl'KNHAUY M Kill
ie i \--.i i MI IN, i I Malu St., Ilutado, N.Y.
Kor " wovn out," " run-down," doiiilitnted
Boll ni ton? 'rs, milliners, seamstresses, hoiiso
kwiHTB, anil overworked fronton m-nonilly.
I)r, nerve's \'n\ n'lto Prescription IH tho best
dt all restorativetonio?, lt Is n<?t a. " I'uro-all,
bul luluiltiiltlv l ulim ; a SIHRICIUUS of purpose,
hotnir a m-' pull ut Spoolflo for all tlioso
(.bronto Wt ilcm . mu-I OlHonsea povuliur to
T of ninny tnoUennua
"r HU li cnsi'H. nt tho Invalida' M<?t<;l mid SurK
I, ,| in mut luis an. ni' I II lnr?o oxporlonco
II, udiiptl lg i modi' : roi' tl" ii' ?'ure, and
B? Pierce's Favorite Prescription
lu ftio 1 vporlonco. For
j.... ,, II, ? ii kia uiuiatlon
mill itleerull in, il i- a spoolflo. It
[ui, ful ral, ni well nu uterino, tonto
, - mal Htl'i llKtll
(,, (ij.- , i oi ii .* wenkncBfl of
indi. Iml . !. . . ww*, hack,
in rvoim pn I nu lon, . In? net ton, nobility and
i.iu>.*3. In eli Ii ... s, L^iwrlto Prescrip
tion ls sold by ? ' iind?-'?' pur vwUivc
n;(,'i<irltr. ^? ' '. . :;; .' I.rulllld lindie.
****** r*r* <,1! HIX noiTI.ES
PRICE rou $o.oo.
BondlOconli In f> ? . ! : ' " ? l'i'.< <''a lamo
Tri'iti.- "u l>: .' ? ' 1 "omen (ICO paires,
B?'?Y MuniOAi, Ai M IA1 MW, COtTMuIn Streot,
Buttai .. :<. V-_---=
',?l?^\i!asa\rt LIVER
'?^?uwt.'s ma.
SICK gg*
Dtz?lno?Si Colli?! lpn- J(
lion, iml .?osti?n, ^f,'/,?\s
mut IIUIOUMAHIUtice? fg&??
promptly onrecl by ?>'.. ^?*V vt's RJB .?
florri"* iMoiiNnni WA^WPV
Pui-Kiitive I'oiii'is. : . ?a ^mpy
eentau vial, by Driiiitdsls. . .r\
From the World's Best Makers,
Easiest Terms of Payment
Eight Grand Maker*, and Of er
Threo II und rod Stylo? to
Select From.
Cincturing. Mason & Hamlin,
Mathushek, Bent and Arion.
Mason & Hamlin, Orchestral ?nd
Bay State,
r?anos nnd Organs delivered, freight
paid, toad points South. Fifteen days'
trial, and Freight Paid Both Wayg, If
not satisfactory.
Order, and tcBt th* instrument* In
your Own Homes.
Branch of LUDDEN & BATES'
W. W. TRUMP. Hnnagcr.
Con.vnr.sr? tloult Mt C?nf'Ut (Air SpttijU
U'l/A tit numeran? imitations, lubttitutu,
potifh i nw -.ry \nlxturti ir'.i. \ an got
Un U)> tn ttl!, iu ; "., tlslr oicr\ irvrit. bu i on
lit meilt ' f our rttmty. An imitation il
nJinv/i i.>n><./ an t u thtqt, wt they thin e
only<ut"icycan t'salfromthiartlcitltnUtiti I
Trtollwon /,t.^n>, i skin Di-muumAi:* I
trt4. J r . tn ' y ail JruyyUtt.
UrairrrS, Atlanta, Ga.
rn? 1 h?vo uken on<> hundred tmUlwi of
txxt. IJi-l ni,marr my fuco, ntrk, liody
? ir.-.!) my s rmi OU ?CCOOflI Of rl?ou
* dom rn? in iriHvl ihun n i ??ilior IHKII
r* w ff. . ll) . li ar und clean, and my rh?q.
cn I DP^nnthe latdiclnc. and I now wfl?h
nil K?vr mu nu eppoUU liko a Btrutiif nuu.
li? weight tn fv>lit.
UliLL, Vi. jjd St, Ftiry. New York.
Ilks them In the world. Will positively ear?
lund each box is worth ten times too cost of a
Ue.ce Ono box will
do more to purify th?
blood and eure rbren
ir ill health than $5
wcrth of any other
remedy yot discoT
ered. If people could
be mads to realise
100 miles to fet a box if they could not be had
tratad pamphlet free, postpaid. Bond fer it|
JO., 32 Custom House Street, BOSTON, MASS.

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