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JFrie Advertiser
Wr.iN, J. Holmes ban returned from
Casher's V allay.
Mr Conway Anderson, ?8 clerking for
('ant. Coggan*.
Colton ls Bulling ut ????, with a down
ward tendency.
Mr J. N. Wright i? now with W., I..
Boyd, Bolling hardware.
Mr* Seymour Whiting, of Kulshill N.
C, is visiting relut ives at th!? place.
Chief -Tus tice ..simpson and family, are
spending a few days hero on tholr re
turn from the mountains.
3uap! Soap!! Soap!!! al
Cooper tv. Burnside Bios,
Min? Lilli? Knox, who hus bren visit
ing Mrs l>r Rion peon, hm- Hinter, hm re
turned lo MlHSiosipjM.
The property of Mr Alexander NteCur- j
ley at thia plaeOi including u brick SHOO,
ha>i been purchased bj' Mr H. E. Oray.
Tho caso of Mri Nelson, whoso hus-1
band was killed wbilo In tho employ of j
the l> I. & S railroad i waa compromised
hy tho payinont of $1.800.
Mr J.C. linross, fo> un>i ly with Coop
er A Burnside Pro? , M DOW clerking I ?r
Capt. J M Philpot, wh't" be will be!
pleased to Ids frlonda.
Wo had a pleasant eall of a fow mo
ments from Rev. S. I*. Fulton on Thurs- !
day laut. Re is now looa tod ut bowreys- ;
ville, in Choator County,
Mr James J. Mowen, formorly of this
place, and lilas Wilmer Rawlinson, ot' j
VorkvUlo, wei? happily married a tew I
wooKS ago. Their home in in Charlotte, j
Best grados of chewing and !
smoking tobacco and cigars nt
Cooper ?j Burnside HJ*O.-?.
Tho opening of the Kolleg" u?t woes. .
witni?0 pupils and a Knowing ol'101 at
ho close o' tin? first week, in nil that
coul l ho asked and mort- than was ex- ,
pectoft by tu?) nv>nt sanguino friends ot .
the institution.
It is with pluAsniw wu announce to the i
public that Capt. Wron?, the photo
grapher wlioic reputatiou und work ia a '
matter which needs un comment, willi
opon a nailery ni tbly place Hu latter
part of this ruonth.
Hygeia tobacco proventa mala
rin, heart burn and nev voue nona ut
("moper A Burnside Bros.
Wr H. C David, hua placed on our t:?
bia a ?peo!men of genuine Karia Corn,
which he s.?ys is uudoubte.llv tho "po ?r
Dian's friend." flo planted " pounds
thia year on very poar land and will!
gather 30 bushels. Tho stalk is Uno ,
stock food white tho hoad is equal to i
corn and makes the rim..st flour.
Kfdlgious N'utieo.
Htaho,1? Fl O WO, W ill hold services at the j
l-l pian op al ('burch on Thursday tho iiOth,
at ll o'clock a ui. and probably also on |
Wednesday night previous at 8 o'clock, i
Notice. i
^Tbe O ill aera and Executive Commit
"tee. ol tho Lauran-* County Agricultural j
ana Mcohanicil Society, wd? meet at
Laurena<\ H., on Saleday in October,
to make arrangements tor our annual
Fair. N. .1. HOLMES, ?
AARON i "ANNO:.. Prealdon t. '
Secretary ?
M. - vere I .osa.
We regret to learn ihat on ihn night j
of 21 inst, theeotten gin, pr?-ss, saw mill,
gnet miil ami aoout t?.m balas of f ot ?on. .
all belonging to Mr O.-org.? i:. Andersou ,
of this place were dastroyo i bv fire, rio*
jrop'rty -vas loonted in Spar tan burg I
cou ri' v nod w ?j not i n su red . I ,'.-c, OS tl? .
mated at from $1000 to fi.20?.
A Heriuh of religious meetings bogan
in tho Presbyterian church hero, ou
Monday last which will beooutiouod for 1
?several days. Every mor mug at S o'clock
a prayermootlug ia hold, nod nt oight '?
preaching. Membcre of other churches
and tb? community generally arc cordi
ally Invited to attend.
(Joort Work.
Our city conned ar.- doing amur good
w.>rk m draining that portion of tho
city, in roarof thia othco, which is sub- j
ject to overflow and stagnant waler duv
ing hear\- mina. A deep ditch is h<iing
cut along Harper Btroet, which it ls hope
will oar ry oft'the water. A fall ot 27
luches is given allowing 2>4 to 10 feet.
While tho health of Laurene ia good, wo
hay?- no asnuramo th?t it will continue
HO unless drainage la attended io. Other
matters about town need attention.
Along certain afreets after dark the
stoQOh fron, bog peria und other sources
iii nut plea-nod to those in the Vicinity of
th?:<? nuisance.' if from only a sanity
ry point of view, these cansos nf com
plaint hhoold looked into.
"Million? In lt."
Thia is tb1' expression of practical I
med?anles who have noticed tho work- j
lugs of th" nev. invention af Mr Cl. W.
Pafketo?, of this place, A few months (
ago Mr Parketon conceived the idea :
that something could he done to preven'
tho great loss to onwors of steam an
giuos, by having grate hara HO often de
stroyed by constant beat. Taking this
asa starling point, hie mind began
to work, and now vie ha\e ?he result j
First, those grate bars aro nia lo hollo*', ,
aud so arranged that wator from the .
pomp ia forced through thom constant'
ly icto th? boiler of tho onglne. Tbo cyb j
iudrloal shape gives strength, while tho j
.vat* r provoots the heat from affecting j
the iron ; whUi tho facf tbnt bolling wa- 1
t#?r Instead of cold passes into t be boiler, !
lesson.* greatly the time in raising
steam. Tho aparatus bas boen placed
ou au engtae in the iron foundry here, j
and is a decided suceuses. A factory to ;
make these grate? will he established nt
this place at onco.
What True Merl? will Do
The unprecerdeated sale of Bcbve'e j
Oerma i svrup within a few voars. bas ,
aatonlsfced tue world.It ls without doubt j
th* safest and beBt remedy ever dlscoy- ,
er?d rn? th* speedy and effectual cure;
of congas, colds noid the severest langi
trouble?, lt sets OD an entirely differ-,
onvprinalnla from tho usual proscrip- .
'ions given by Physicians, as tt does not
dxv np a cough and leave tho disease
still iu thavsvetem, bu* on tho contrary !
fomovos the canse of tho tr ono'.., boals ?
tho part? egooted aud leaves them in s
onrely healthy oendltloa. A bott'o kept
in'ho house for ui o whoa th- diseases
rriakw ?i*ir npDoar ?uco will s.wo drvc
tors bills and a loni; spell of serious ul
noss. A trial will o nvtncevo i of these ,
farts. I? is positively sold by all drug- .
gist and gen?ral dealers t? ? *?.* land.
Prie* rs ?t<?., tsigab^'M^s.
The Latest ?ty lc?.
At this connon of th? year when ?adios i
especially aro ot? th? qui vf?",' as to what i
will li? .vern foi .ho next few months, i
TUB At/YRRTtftcn hus ransuokcd tb? j
faahlon platos and from tins labyrinth
extricates tho following mandatos of | ?
Dame Fashion.
lt isdcclduOly the tbingfor the j?irt ot ;
the period to appear with silver girdle, j
with silk rope ?md Uro gilt, about the j
waist. Jet bolts aro to be waru with ! ?
dark colored toilets, and likewiao, light j ,
colored,'or jot belts are to he woru ox- '
skirts ar?- more and more balloon-like, (
anti it ts only a question of time b-t'ore
we have tho old fashioned hoops again. 1
Brilliancy is characteristic of th?- colo- '
rings of this season, while tho ..ats prc
Sent a variety ol' ediapos. Folt and boa- :
ver bonnets ami round bats will be ?
nio^t popular.
I ]
'ibo lat'"?t stylos i/i ulstorj IR muda i?t
heavy serge, light colors, trimmed with ' (
largo bottOllS.
It is said the n??w style in bustles ja ,
not popular In Chinese cities; t ?r tho
streets being only four feet wld will
not wilow women to turn round, so
w hen she starts abe must po lo the end. .
20 Casen cream cheese Just reeoiv- ' !
od at Cooper A, burnside Bro*. (
Seed Bye Barloy und Dals ut <
Cooper it Burnside Bros. '
Court. ? j
Tho Court of Sessions hus closed a very ; i
uninteresting Term. Hut few tulls ot
indictment were handed out to the '. t
* Ira n d Jory, which shows wall for the ' j
count}. j
The following cases were disposed oft 1 j
.sta'.* vs. Watt 151 liai n--Manslaugh- |
tor. Guilty; four vesrs in Penitentiary. 1 ,
* I
State vs. ? burles Mason--Assault ?d'a 1
high and aggravated nature, and assault i 1
ami battory with intent t?> kill. (Ju illy; I r
six months in ibo Penitentiary or puy a
Tino of Jioo. i j,
state va. Jim Duvenport-Larceny. 1
Guilty; threj months lu County Jail.
Mme vs John Bryson--Larceny of a I ;\
bog. Guilty, Penitentiary 2yeais and a i t
tino of fr. 00.
Stat.' vs. Sarah F.Vans--PracttCing t j
physic for compensation without a li-1
cotise. Net guilty. ,
State vs. Deo Sullivan --Larceny.--Not ,,
Stale vs. John Goodwln-.-??rglarv j
end larceny. No), pros, at th? request ol ' ?
tho prosecution. : .
I ?
The Sessions Court olosod <>n VVednes- ?
duj afternoon, and the Common Fleas ?
opened. Considerable business baa1 ,.
berni done. I *
In tho Common Fleas tho Pillowing j
railroad caaes wara disposed of : . i
Ritas 3. Williams, (colored) va. The ^
Port Royal and Western Carolin? Rail
road .
Tbls was an action against the rall- 1
road for damages done to the plaintiff's
person while on gaged in the work of t
grading, Ho wax given f3G0. and coats ; ^
aa a compromiso.
'Plie ease of .lossie Dix, against loo
same road came upon au appeal hy the
railroad, but Die action ol Die former ?
Jury was sustained, which ??ave Mr Di*
$r,fi?. far the righi "f way through bia
let at the found ry.
Canned goods of every descrip
tion fresh from tho manufacturier
:it Cooper"tit Burnside Bros.
Foin i ly dour from $300 lo $000 at
Cooper A, Burnside Bros.
Cola Weather, but tbeBand 'jas a "p?cale."
A roupln at H'.'vrnty Join laolr Fortones
after being Parties to Nine Noptlala.
fires wore appreciated th io mor- !
niofr, (Saturday,) made HO Sy u
??harp, cutting wind, from thu North
east which continued until about '
noon, und wan then siiccooded by 1
"old sol" in all hip glory, who, wo :
hope, will continue Iii.1- rejgn, it few ?
weeks longer .so ?is to enable .til Lo
bo prepared for winter when it
does come,
Orangos and Bananas, ure begin
ning to appear in our little town,1
which makes the cool mornings
seora colder th:in they rosily aro,
and adds much to tho attractive- ;
ness of th?) nlroady attralivo stores. ;
Tho Hand ha?l quiten "picnic," nt
Mrs W. 1). Vance's tust night.
Evoiy ?"?to-, even tothe HUHS Hom,
seemed to enjoy themsolvos,
Cotton ls plentiful, both in und
out of tho field.
Visitors aro numerous, among
them, we notice, Mian Mamie God
bold, of Cokosbu ry and Miss Nora i
Copeland, the beautiful and necom- ;
plished daughtor of our County
Treasuror of Luurens, ,
Mrs M W. Liddell, bas been vol y
sick during tho past week. Wo
hope hbo will soon be so for reeov- j
fired ns tobo able tn return to her
work in tho school ronni.
An old colored man, whose years
ware Up In tho sovontiiv", aud old
woman, who could not have b'?cn j
loss th .in her lover, were married
by one of our ministers a short j
time ago. The old m an'* '"bettor
half" says she has been married
(ive times, and ho confesses to four.
The muchly married couple have
started out pretty late in thc season
oflife, but set rn :o think that their :
affection caunot bo doubted.
T. C. SumiMftrel * Bros., bavo
made quite an improvement in tho
outward appearance of their hard
ware store by tho addition of an
awning over their show window?.
Happening Around Ora.
What has Been Gstnored by Our Wide
Awake Scribe.--A word as to Cotton
Markets, an<l otbsr Matters
Our little town hoometh. New
buildings on every aide, aud moro
tobo constructed at an early day.
Ora hus justly rnorlrod the name
of being a good cotton market.
Our buyers havo been pay inc tip
top prices,and will continue to do
KO. Cotton has so far brought J.au
rons prices and our merchants are
soiling cart-loads of goods, on the
same basis,-Laurena prices.
Tho Greenville papers want to
know, why it is, thar Laurens and
Ora, have been paying 9 eenls for
colton, when the great un i good
city of Uree'iville, can only pay fij
oeufs for tho best colton. Verily
Laurena county i?? tho pride of
Northern CarolinU) but few of her
citizens realize thia fact, or they
would strive to develop her ninny
Tho Kooree and Laurens cotton
factories, sJeepoth, at least wcjudgo
io, Iron? thc fact that nothing isl
said concerning thora.
Are you going to see tho great
President, Iiis highness, Grover
Cleveland nt Atlanta (hi., on the
ICth, of October ? Round trip tick- i
ats from Ora to Atlanta, good for IO
?Joys for $4.05. 'i bis ls the cheapest '
rate wo will have this winter.
Mr Henry Parson has been gin
ning cotton ?ti this vicinity for the I
past wee!;.
Willis lliint?r, ono among the
most enterprising colored citizens.
)f tile county is grinding cane day
md night, making ns high ns 40
traient sorghum in ono day. H.
tias already made about ?UiO gallon* 1
>f molasses, and is only half
[brough. Oood for Willis, we!
tnight mention that Willi? takes
both of the county uowapapors and ?
takes groat interest in new indus
trios, improvements end newitoms.
Ono car of cotton shipped from
Jra this week and four ol' live mon;
?* follow. This ls a good week ro
>ort for our little burg.
Tho controversy between tho Hu
.aid and ADVERTISER, is amuse-1
ng. if not Innstrtictive. Wo rea-:
lora dont caro how long you "sling
nud," Just so you "Toto Fair1' with ,
.a. h other, mid koop cool. Ho far, |
min papers stand on an equal loot- ?
ng, urn! both says tho other is ?ntl- '.'
iclously-well,"you unother." Fun-!;
ty ain't lt !
Miss Jessio Richardson, of Lau-j
ens, is visit i ng friends and relatives I
Mrs A. Fox and MJssClaud Butt,
ire visiting at Lund ford and Spar
Operator Ked Fox, is rusticating ;
.un ford. 1
Alad ?as ? -ng-r made thc fol ,
owing nark a few days since: (
This ; moo mus! bo 17 miles away !
rein nowhere,and going to notti
ng.' We do not agree with her, '
mt think she is laboring undera
vrong impression. >
In three months tim??. Ora will
otro several conveniences slit has 1
iL present. It takes more than
iowspaper putts to build a town.
Mr Joseph FL Sullivan ami W. L. !
tray,paid us tt flying visit last
vcek. ,
8, M. Nabo rs of ?partaubutg, vis
tod thin plaee last week.
Miss ('an i.; Mcclintock, ls tr
ending thc Lnurensvillo Female I
Dont fall to call at
Cooper <& Burnside Bros.
bi fresh stick :wid french candles.
Frosh ur rix al-1 of fresh family
md ra ney groceries every day ut
Cooper A- Burnside Bros.
Items From Young's storr.
)ut new Correspondent Picks ap the Dots.
Baptism at Friendship.- -Cotton
Mooting at Branil?H's'- Mr,
Fowii.' bas a Tit'.ahivji.
Nut being nccosloined to writing
lows pu per articles, wo hope not to 1
l?o c nth Nert too severely by those
,vho should happen to re'd this coin- '
The ord i nanoo of baptism waa ad
ministered to Ihlrteen candidates j
it FriendshipClmrch la*t Sunday,
lu tho presence of a largo congrega
tion. -May tho good work continue, i
Some of the neighbor hov- have
Hie''blues'* sinco their girls have
11>ft for school.
Mr E. J. Burnside, has hoon quito
dek for the past week, lleissomel
better nt presen :. i
Misa Loin Kow lor, lott (hit week
[or Laurousville Female College.
Lula may your time be spent pleas
tully as well UH profitably.
Tho farmers art* very busy gath- '
?ring cotton. Several bales have
tlreadv been sold. We noticod 21
>alos puf Ked in one doy.
Wo understand that a protracted
noeting will begin nt Bramlott's
di u rch on tho bret of next mouth, j
Tim association delegates have
'eturud,and reporta good time.
They seem to be well pleased with j
im work of tho bod Vi which mel
it Union church.
Mr.I.V. Fowler, while on his i
ivay lo noe a young lady, happo nod
:o let misfortune overt ike him. I i e
?ogot livre all the same
lt wat-eur ptoa?ur6 to fetter: 1 the
dosing exercises of Prof. ilroy'a
ichool a* Orecnpond. Hs is an,
accomplished teacher, as was
jliewn hy tho way lu which his
icholars acciultod themselves. We
will not go into the d?tails, brit Soy
?ve had a good time, and enjoyed
mrselves hugely.
Meeting of Teachers Called.
Mr M. L. Bullock Dear Sir:
Knowing full well your smypa-l
thy With ibo educatloual lntoroi-ds
)( our county, outside of your du
ties as School Commissioner, I
would bog to make tho following i
niggesMon viz-to call a moeting'
Mall the teachoraof tho comity on--- [
jay, October 1st 10 a m, tor tho pur
pose of effecting a teachers organi
sation. I think sucn an organiza- ?
Lion can work great good by adopt
ing a uniform serios oftoxt book!
rates of tuition Length cf dai'y !
session in many other ways.
Jno. C. Cook,
?o accordance with the above re- !
fliest a meeting bu? been called to:
?onsidortbia matter <>Q October lat. !
IO am ia tho Court House at this I
place. A full attendance ls rcquee- !
M. T. TV'T.T.rrK School Cem'r. '
Laurens of 1887,
Starting on tho round*, at the
East sido of (.be public ?quart1, we j
find on tho corner next to Main
This firm was formed three years .
ago, of A. Ii. Martin and L. 8* Ful- !
1er. In 1878,Mr Martin duies his I
first appearance as merchant at ;
thia placo, although ho sold goods !
for a number of years previous nt I
bis place, 1 milos in tho country,
lie was associated here llrst with
J. D. Watts, in tho grocery and
supply business and was very sue-,
ceesful for throe years, when lie
wont into business alono. Thou
tho present lirm wan formed and
the sale of heavy groceries contin
Next door wo tiru!
J. M. V IM A NH K A,
wat'di maker and jeweler. He
moved to this place frotn Abbeville
in September ISTO, and opened in
tho Fowler block. Finding his bus
iness increasing, bc moved to Wat!S
block and added considerably lo
bis stock of Jewelry. fl?* now oar
ries a lui! Hoe of Jewelry, watches
clock? etc, and also continues re
pairing watches. On the second
Hoor. in the Martin block, cnn be
thc undertaker, who succeeded .Mr
Armstrong in business. Ile bought
lita stock of coffins, casket.-, burial
caeca, etc, on October 2oth 1880,
find, having also purchased a
hoarse and idded to tho stock of Mr
Armstrong, hui hold bis share of
Ibo collin trade. Hut this is an un*
profit i bio business for Laurens.
movod to this placo from Augusta
[Ju., in August 1885. lu the new
building of Ball A- Simpson, bai.;
i.n the silo of Hin old Dunn's Shop,
?ie opened up a flue assortment of
fancy groceries, confectioneries,
Chrirftm8.> goods and fruits and hat
leen very SUCCCSSful,
This gentleman was llrst Intro
duced lo the people of Laurens as
mauagorof the city Store. ile
crme fr*m Spartanburg and con
tinued in the dry goods trade until
it short while before the removal of
the Ol ly Store, when he cugaged In
his preseut business of taney groce
ries, an ! confectioneries, December
10, l^Sfj. Ile has a full stock of
goods and ls doing a good business,
.1. M. HAM PT'iN.
who is located in tho store of Mr
James, ls engaged lu brokerage;
selling heavy grocories at whole
sale and ls also Manager of the Lau
rens County Kcal Estate Agency,
which is ono of tho most success
ful organization of tho kind ever
started here. This agency promi
ses, from tho worn during the pus!
year, to do for Laurens and Lau
rena County, what tho Lan i and
Improvement companies i>." ibo
wost have dono in showing up the
resource of tho county.
fn 1885, J. R. ( Joop r, n native of
this c..univ engaged in selling
goods here for L. 0, Hallo A Co.,
Which lie continued until '81 when
with A. W. Burnside as partner he
opened out a line of groceries on
his own account. His stock was
Aral placed in the house now used
as tho Post < iifloo and in ho
movod in I he new building of R. 11,
(ludgons, "Under the Big Kugle."
During the present season J, IS.
Burnside, has boon associated as ti
partner i:i tho business, and tin
new firm ls doing a most substan
tial and successful business.
!'.. P. POSEY *fc UROS.,
in the newly titted np store belong'
ing t-? tho Craig l?state, bas one ol
the finest amt most complete drujv
-tt res in tho up-country. Dr H. F
Posey, v. hu has charge of thc busi
ness came bert from Colon S. C.
in 1838, and opened in tho building
next to his present location. Li?
han succcodod admirably In bus!
ness and now hus a heavy stock o
drugs and medic?nos un band.
ORR, OWINGH v uono,
occupy tim house vacated by Dr
Pusey, and deal In general mor
ch an diso. Mess Owlngs and Bobo
are Laurens County boys andan
well known. Mr Orr, formerly o
tireen viii" is one of aa illustrant
family in the .State, and has bot.
successful tn business for severn
yc?i'3. Those young men ar?- ful
of life Ml i energy and keep a larg
stock of heavy groceries and plan
tati'in supplies.
J, A. I.Ot K woori.
-?ame to tili.- place from Charlestor
In la?ii. For a number of years h
was engaged in the hardware st or
of John Kylo and about 13 year
ago, ho began business on bis ow
account near his present stand. II
sells fancy groceries.
was horn in Prussia. In 1885 h
anded in New York, from bis n<<
tivo land. Remaining in tho groa
metropolis 24 hours, bc proceded t
Laurens C. Ll. S. C., where ho work
ed for some months as painter an
gla/.ter. During thc cloue of tb
year, he opened a small stock?
candies and fruits on Harper Strei
aud thence to bis presont statut o
F.ast pido <d* Public Square, whoi
ho has a good stock of fancy gr?
the well known dry-goods and clotl
lng dealer, coni06 next In orde
and has .i store well filled at th
time. Ha moved to this placo i
1851, and was for A number of yeal
with Mills d- Robertson. lu '77 h
opened en hi*? own account, ar
has contlnuod business noar ti
same placo since. Going uroun
on Harper 9tr601 we find
who moved here from Greenville
.78, with scarcely a (loller cs pit i
Fist opening a saloon, they ha<
contiuued colling liquor ever sine
vVien thc lnw parmittPd. In 'f
Our Entire Dry-Goods Stor
the on ti re stock, consisting of ti
And the way we m au ugo is to ii
See the borton
We will sell youi
?V nice chocked suit .
Former price $5 00
5 doz Co rae tn worth flic ut
12-1G All Iden U3 iiud? T/OWO
Former prk-.; 2&c.
10 doz towels ai.
Double Width Dress goode
Single .* " ? i
Every article Be!
T_i .A.
they added aseperato store of bou- '
vy und fancy grocerios, and haye
done an extensive business. They
have on band a large stock and (tm ;
doing well. On tho opposite side of
the street we find
Ono. B. poor.,
w ho i;? al.?o engaged in soiling wines, I
liquore, cigars tobacco Otc. He
opened ut in Jami: ry '87. Just'
across thc alley, on Harper street,'
h probably the most widely known 1
mun in the county, and his natue ia
Elis elegant new saloon i- tho tln
ost In tho up-country. Tho conn?
tern and shelves ure made of na
tive walnut M\4 imported woods,
liing over 11.000 alone, while tho
building, containing two large i
rooms, two stories ia also well built.
Mr Zarek came to this country
from Prussia, in 1807,and to Lau-!
rous from Grcenvillr in 1870. Ho1
hs also engaged in tin livery bust- |
ness and drayugo. On tho same
street is
who was mice a noted politician in
tins county luis, since tho advent of ;
"homo rule" in South Carolina,!
boon content to figuro in the hum
bler sphere of selling liquor. ?
The Laurena (.aunty Rlblo Society has j
received another lot of Ul Mex, Tesla
np : ta &0,, ia various nt > les of bi neilin; H. ,
These aro sol latoi st. Destitute persons i
supplied vritti the Scriptures free.
Doposiiorv at atora ol I.. <?. Hullo A ('o. j
C. I.. FIKI3,
Treasurer. I
NOT i ci-:. !
AU pera ins indebted lo mo f>.r House I
Hunt, )si loor Account, will please pay
same on or before NOVKMBKR 1st' as tie- .
luis, neus munt bo sot tlc I up bv that time. !
V.'. !.. Ito Y D'.
Sopt.2t, '87 Ct
.?.i 11 i? i. T..?a -"T;r ? I
Tu? NEXT regular examination of
Teachers for Laurena county, will bo |
hold at Laurena Courthouse, on FHT- '
D W, tho 7th of OCTOBER, for whito ap
plioants, and SATURDAY, tho Sth of
October, for colored applioautH. Ploaao !
rcmoiti ber.
Meimol ( nrnm'r.
^Notice ef Sale.*
Notice ia hereby given thal on thu
' 11th day of Ootobor 18S7, I *iii Hell nt
I Laurens Courthouse, th* goodH and
chattels belonging lo Rufus fi. Bishop,
?I?.asod, constating of cigars, tobacco,
' ruin, wines, whlnkey, brandies, bar
j room fixtures, lumber, blinds, wagon,
. household and kllchon furnUuroeto,
? Terms fash.
Ailminlalrator .
Sept 21, 'sr 3t
! $100 to $300 ?o\^?
ns. Agonis prolorrod who can furninb
their own horses and givo their whole
1 time to the buainoss. Spare moments
? may ho profitably employe I also. A f?w
I vacancioa tn tow'us HOI! eities. lt, p,
JOHNSON A CO., 1013 Main St.. Rloh
? mond, Va. aug24rm
F?v?iCS Sots.
Bond Flvo canta in stamp* at onco for
ir alonantly iiiuatratod Catalogue.
Y. D. Joliuson A Son,,
aginia fwwMam st., Lynchburg, Va.
A new tobacco raanafactured hy
I Thos. C Williams & Co. Richmond
! Va. nndor a formula preparad by
, Prof. Mallett of tho University of
Anti-Molarial, Anti-Dyspeptic, fl
goodners ino ?ind on excellent chow.
Try it.-No Humbug
Fer particulars of its virtue? call
I for certificate at tho following
; places where the tobacco can ba
, had.
( J. M. Philpot,
J. R. Cooper,
Todd, timpson A Co.
Laurens 8. C.
.iSKL" nVCxxst
c. must bo closed up, and bei'oic d<
nest quality dress goods, whitu p
?A Auction Prices.
lake a stm-ll sum pay i'.n stacks
ii Drop, and Pria
st nice su.il oct 3-4.
33 loO
lo etd.
ld lUe
... . 1U0.
I nt 10c
, i", li??o
Wi; have SO UH
which COSt ttl
wo close out
fiedles flue <
Former ur
Ludios cash
w orth $1 (
( ivercoats frei
lETcw York Cost,
cr ES jsr s.
And is absolutely
I he wool from this little sheep has
rici?, .such as dress goods tor ladies, wh
storeof R. SITGREAVE8, who han u
"W ILD ?
Whose fur has hoon turned into cloak
Birds or 3
For decorations in Millinery. These
along wirh tho hide.1* of
BuLfTetloes anc
Mudo ir.lt?.Shoes for tho Millions. W
incut of Dry-Goods, Clothing, J Juts, ?31
ing Coeds, wo oiler Live Bargains!
Jewelry of Ever;
IEL ?itgri
liO.-tep Rod Block, .South side
Master' Sale
Pursuant tojudgments of foreclos- I
uro and salo made in the follow- 1
ing stated cases, I will sell at pub-j <
lie outcry at Lauren? t?. IL. on salo- j ?
day in October next, being Mon- I
day the 3rd. day of thc month, dur- | i
ing the legal hours for salo*, the !
property described in each case, j I
upon the terms spec! lied to wit, I I
In the case of Minerva Dial, vs 1
Addie It Hill. ! I
All that 1 ra. t of land situate ly- I
lng and being, in the County and (
State aforesaid, c-ntaining Oneil
ll unfired and eighty acres, I
more or less, rind bounded on j r
tho North by lands of Col. 11
J Washington Watts and Mi
liada i 're\es, on the east by lands I 1
Of Melinda Crews, on tho south by 11
lands of Allen Dial and W L Shell,
on tho west by lands of Allen Dial.
T ii RMS : One half of ibo purchase
money to bo paid cash, and the re
mainder on a credit of twelve
months, with interest Iront the
?lay of sale, secured by tho bond of ?j
the purchaser and a mortgage of
the premises. Tho purchaser to
I pay for papers.
In the case of X. B. Dial, vs
Charles B Sullivan and A P Sui-1
j liven. All that tract, niece or par-1
eel of land Hltuate, lying and bo
iug in the town of Laureas, in the
?county and state aforesaid, con
taining Twenty Five acres, more
Or less, and bounded on the
north hy lands of Addition Sullivan J'
and Myers, on the east by lands of|
Mrs Jane Todd, on the south by
i ?ands of William H Garrett, and on
! tho wes; by N H Dial, also all that
b>t of land in ca id town county and
state, containing t )ne acre, more or
. less, bounded on the north by lands
of Addison Sullivan, ou tho east
; by lauds oi E H and William Les
j lie, on thc south by new street, and
on tho west by the Greenwood,
Laurens A Spat tanhurg railroads. I
TERMS: ( 'ash, thc purchaser to
' pay for papers.
i In the caso, of David A Richard
son as administrator vs Warren
'.Walker, et al. AM that tract of
I land lying and being In the county
; of Laurens and state aforesaid,
containing Three Hundred and
thirty eight acres, more or less, on
tho waters of cane creek, bounded
by lands of Dolly Madden, G W
! Winns, lands formerly belonging to
i tho estate of Isaac Grant deceased,
- and James Pierson, being the lund
' upon which Solomon F Fuller re
sided at the time of his death.
TERMS: One half of the purchase
money to be paid oa*h, and the
balance OU a credit of twelve
month15, with interest from the
day of sale, secured by the bond
of the purchaser and a mortgageof
the premises. The purchaser to
pay for papers.
Sept. 3rd. I SH 7.
Master JJ. C.
i beg to inform thu public that I snn
.pured o serve them ss Tonsonlsl Ar
. : m m new Ytarters, under the Rob
Ding so, wo proposo to sell
joods, ahoes, hats, clothing..
of good?, " ' ' ' For irwtance
1 Sink thus:.
Origiraa.1 jprio?
? elegant dress robes
New York, $0 60 uaw
nt.$G 00 '
cali mere vests* 80?
i -u 60c
mein vests.70
n.$8 60 to $10
to Gloso Out.
certain that
> .
been woven into tho finest fab
ich may be soon at theono-prico
tlso captured the
s,and ho has brought down tho
3lu III BL g ?
things are now on exhibition,
L -?^lliga,t,oref. x
e have in ?took, a varied assort
?mes and Ctenth men's Furnish.
y Description,
i Public Square. Laurens, S. O'
3tate o?' HouthCarolina..
hy virtuo of authority in mo ves
od hy a power of attorney given
?y M M Black, P F Pyles, E J To
nn, J M McDowell and JV Mc
Dowell. I will sell for the purpose
if partition and devision on sales
lay in October m xt at 12M., all
that tract piece or parcel of land sit
?ate, lying and being in the Coun
ty of Laurens in .?aid; state con
taining Two Hundred and thir
ty three acres moro or less, and
mown as tho McDowell place and
?on tided by lands of John C Davis,
ands of Sallie Davis, lands of R S
?r?Hn and others, upon the fol
owing terms to w it, One half cash
be balance os a credit of twelve
uonths with bond of the purchaser
nul mortgage of the premises to
meure the credit portion, with
eave to tho purchaser to pay his
>ntiro bid in cash. Purchaser to
pay forpapers.
Attorney in fact.
Aug. 31, 1887.
I ? ill ?oil my stooko of
Coffins, Caskets and
Kt greatly roducod price? ?ad will de
ivi>r thom nt any depot in tho county
'ree of charge. Hearso sent when d?sir
td. Night calls promptly responded to.,
'nil in day timo ovor Martin ,V Fuller's
Moro; at night nt my residoneo in "Jer
e. w. corBET,
As Agent
-so :
Wo would respectfully announce
That we now have in store, A thou
sand undone things, And aro daily
receiving moro. Our round stacks
of goods, in part we will mention,.
But won't uso otto apace to bring
halt to your attention. Hufflco it
trt say, wo have dour, meal and
moat, And sugar and coffee which
cannot be beat. Our elegant can
ned goods will just make you smile
As you stand and behold them
laid pile upon pile. Of tobaccos
and cigars we have quito enough,
And cisraretts too for all to take a
puff. Our new and full lino of plain
and fancy candy, Is, to nay the least,.,
a perfect "Jiin Dandy.'? Now you'll
give us your attention we sincerely
hope, For we wish tossy a wordre
garding our soap. Wa d^fy com
petion and if equaled Oi beat, In
qunltity or price, 00 lbs. of soap, ia
I our treat. Just call and get price?
you'll be paid for your pains, And
for buying your goods from J. H?i?>
11 r. KI JAMES.
Laurena, Bent. 13. .?7

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