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big job of Clothing
_Baltimore Fir?.
Tho llrlllliint Coon l>y Which aii.wer ? :?<
Huffled-Humpton mu? ituiicr mid Their
Stair* tli?> l.nnl to Oos* Hie ItlidKB-'MuJul
Harker'* Heroism.
To tho Editor of tho Nows aud Oouri<
Tho artiolo writt u by Gout r,d i lampton
on Bentouviile is another illustration of
that modesty which lias so much en
deared him to his pooplo, Tho Oouoral
has not given all tho buds in regard to
that critical moment, when tho army o?
Uoneral J. K. Johustou waa imperiled
by tho advnueo of Oeuerul Mowor's
division on the extreme loft ol tho Con
federate position. Ho has not bided
fully tho part ho b ?rc in tho repulao of
that most serious attack, lt is due to
him and to tho truth of ititi ?ry that
those who wein present should tvcoid
their testimony as to tho facts hoforo
they become Bilont forever. "Honor to
whom honor is due."
On tho lliird ?lay of tho buttle General
Johnston's anny was almost BUri'OUinlcd
by tho legions of Sherman. Jin- Con
federate lines extended in tho fenn of a
hone's -hoo around Bentouviile, the
bise heir,;; u boggy orook or nm, called :
Mill Oreok, over which there ? is hut
ono bridge, and that one nour tn the
villago. L'ho columns of Oener.d Sher
man, wero convtrgiug iiround ibo r ; ; ?. 111
au?! c?Mitro of < louerai ?I oh liston',! works,
which wuro rather crudo aud con Iructcd
hastily. On ot.r exlrome left, 'o ar tho
villago of Boutouvillc, tho lino \..is '-?i i,i
by skeleton regiments of dh mounted
o vvalry, aud your correspond* nt, then
in command of Ibo 10th Georgia r. ?,;- i
mont of Youno,'a brigade, Hot I r's di.
vision, was mar Ibo extremo einl of th?
works. Voting's brigade ivan Ihen c nn
mantled by Colonel Wright, of thoC >l>''
logion, which command, with t ?. Jiff
Oa\ is legion, tho L'hilhps legion mel tho ;
10th Georgia, constituted Voting's |'
brigade, i
When tho hentl of Mower's divinion 1
ma 'o its appearance, covered h\ a clou !
of skirmishers, Hiero was no force t i in
sistltinour works. It swept past the
lino, and was moving lo>v... 1 : . bridge
over Mill Creek, taus tbruauig itsili
directly upon tho liuo ol Goticral JUJU
s U>n'a retreat and bia only wa j out, bo-1 ?
causo it would not have been p ?suhle'
ior General Johnston lo have fought his
nay out nt Hint Into dato Ihr nigh tho
first closing lines nf Got.oral SIIVIIIHIU'H 1
irti v. Gcuerui Hampton, n t i a. o irs i
an ; iriers only, I rouglit Into a t on
: battery of urtillerv which w t mar
iv n ton ville villago mid ordere i < o'..ucl
vVright to attack tho dank of Mower's I
oohiuin with bia dismounted nu ,. Tho '
order nc? prom j liv obeyed, au ; ... nicko *
ensued, ni whioh tho o iinuinmls ?jot in?I*
termixed rtud engaged abuu;d li:uul-tu-j
Jiui.il m a revue struggle. 1! ill. ;'. tv i
JP every direction, and the on) u I of thc
10th Georgia were Mint down talco in
ten minnie:4, lt bas nl'.?ajs bet n a
wond? r to your C ji rcRpomh r.l bow'1
Genoral Hampton escaped ou ll .( ihy
Wbibt these u<" ps woro hotly ougagi ?i
General Hartley's column caine in sight
and charged with tho lb.bel yell. This
Sut a stop to tho advance ?>f Generali
lower, and ill ll b W inonu nts in ? whole , i
eolnmii was in full rotrout and our lines <
ro-CBUtblislnsl. i <
Tho nukid truth in that but for (ion- '
..nd Humph n's prompt action, with in
adequato tacitus, as it was, tin charge
uiado by General Mowor's division w ?uki
h?ve resulted in tho ocouputiou pf Ben
lonvillo by tho Federal troops, anti t>
tlislodgo thom Would have required moro
force than (icm ral HtirdeOluid, Lisbmall '
command being iii (bat was ju resorvo.
Any con ll iel ol a serious nuturo in tho
rear of General Johnalon's works would
^lavo have demolished his troops, air? udj ! '
a??ii'prcssed and under a heavy lire,
both of small arms aud artillery. lt
follows that although Oem ral I birdie
did ?Irive book Gent rd Mower's division,
it would h.ive l een impossible, had lt
not have been ohecked by General
Hampton, with his diumounted ea> drj
aud biH scouts and cc miers. General j
Sherman may say that hooulore?! Mower
back, but that coluinu was forced baok,
and did not wad for ordern. 'I he gre md
where tho C<iiite.it took plaCO wa litton d
with (lead and wounded of both . ?di ;..
Had not General Hampton ntl a ked
tho advancii g column ol General Mower
it would have billi tune to corno itu
alignment ?nd cover tho cart h works,
which they had pabstd, with ?lhirp
shooters and artillery, s<> that General
Hardec would havo found 't a ililli suit
tank to dlslodgo him. lt was the sud
denness of tho attack and the fact thal
it was mudo from both Hanks id i nc<
which oheoketl tho advancing troops
Just after tho lino wan ri formed and the
wo.'ks r COCO Ulli od the uuitu-r was bi.'
of by tho officers present, and il wn
then tut general opinion ihal liamj on,
and not uti > Ono else, h ul Hived tho r.riu;
from being Wkeu in reverse and doubled
ap on itself, it J" Ono tb a tho final
disaster toon followed, but had UH C D
federabas at Bentonvilhi bern ci uipi ilod
to light their Way out tho lois ? ? iii?
must lice bi ??i very gnat, and j.I,\
unavailing at last.
(hi Hie nt nat a stand was inado nt
-.boit-. \ 11 ?e. Your correspondent ri
tailed id preparo tho co vt red bridge ai
that point for destruction. Thoinu lr;
and almost Al) the artillery pow^d ovoi
fi ht, wbibt tho" cevuir.v Wits lioldil ?/ Hu
town, Illlputriek, ivilh infantry sup
port ?, and several light batteries, pr? ttl
fot ward with sangwuo hojas of nul . ?
off tho Confederates, who were m ti.?
east aide ?-? the brid.?', sud he lim
actually reached the baniof lh.?
.i' .'v and below tho bridge, bi l-re ? ?
laii the cavnl ts crossed, Bul lets tv
s ?wing tho air from b nb direction \ cu
'binerais Hampton and lintier, vs it lt
their stall's, rode into and IbrOllgl tilt
bri-'ge, and nt onoo Hi?' torches, al Ij
lighted, descended, and tho whole- i tte
turo, wbioh bsd been previously bo 1
and supplied with rosin and ttirpci 06
?a heap*, was enveloped in lurid il mt?.
la that way a start wu? tccund to ?Ul
retreating forcea ami tin esgerm '. oi
Kilpatrick ballhal, General Butloi ?. ?v
?red tho rear of .Fohtndon's atm) aid
\vi\8 constantly cngugcd iu holding tho
F?deral? in check.
On tho occasion, during tho retreat
from Smithville to Uah igh, tho artillery,
Which wns quito a Illl'gO body, ns it hud
ruofd of tho guns of ( hmcrai JobuBtou's
nrmy, with touch rcKcrvo ammunition,
hocntuo embedded in u morusa or bog ou
tlic road, and time was nee. usury t<> ex
tricate it uud corduroy Pie road. Maj >t
T. O. Barker was Kent to tho rear to use
such means as might be at bis command
to gain tho necessary fimo. THO luth
(.borgia wan then in tho extremo rear of
our column, lt wa? faced about nod
deployed in ii ?icon ?>f wooded laud
crossing tho road. Major Harker took
his position in tite front ol tho ontumand
without < ven availing himself of tho
cover of ile- large pine.;, which gave
some protection to thu men of tho rcgi
Before long tho advance skirmishers
of tho Podoml force carno itt sight. They
"demit d eutiroly across tho hoc open
fluid in our froid and overlapped our
troops on both ll in!;><.
lt wan manifest that our position waa
untenable, yet Major Barker was Bent
there to hold it until a gun should indi
cate that our artillery was once more eui
the march. Any insu who look vd nt his
clearcut protilo and compress^! lips
could read Ibero tho tb teruiin.. ion to
carry ont those orders, even if wo lost
our whole command. llu ro aro J .ny
si i ts of penh in war, and various types
of courage may be scott, with somotimoa
a conspicuous abficiioo of that quality.
Of all trials none can exceed that of a
man who knows aud rodizes bis danger,
yet faces it Iii inly for duty's sake,
Major Barker had been twice wound
rd he kuow that it was only a question
ufo few moment-) when '.!..? whistling
bullets would giv< us moro music thau
wo wanted. Ile knew tba', there was to
bc HO excitemout to nervi- li ; that wo
were too weuk to make j* charge, whore
ul. M uso of danger i.< drowned ill the
ri id whirl of the blood. Ho km W weil
that if shot there our bodies, nUve < r
[lead, would .'all into tho band? of iii?
I'licmy. Yet there ho sat, bis Hue lac?
looking like a carved osmoo. Your cor*
respond? nt admits that lie ans v? ry bul
ly scared, l ut what was lo be done?
Nothing, except to wait ami mska th"
h st ?o could td ibo coming iiuequal
foulest, und hopo for bllCCtSI. Our
Ohm ces Wi re shin, indeed. lin ir guns
could out reach ours, tin y were utuot,
wo v i ro mounted. They had largo sup
potts approaching, wo hud noue. They
wein elated with a year of past success,
wo wer.- depressed with past nod pres? nt
misfortunes, il wan o tri iug tinto. Yoi
tin re li o k- r sat, inexorable UH fido und
Bahn n:. :? monument.
Prest lilli the lire opened ?md by good
luck tho Fidel als overshot ns. liny
were us ug long range niles and wo won
t io clot-o. i hey cut Ihn tree limbs OVOI
mir heads and cm-ed us to wino?) willi
the ne rea m of nu occasional ul,el! \\'<
returned the iii. and tho lino nt tppod,
We w.ie ordered to continuo to tiri
rapidly so as to causo our number to Ix
overestimated. We dui so- md tin
i if ct desired was product d. Ilowanxi
otisly the s .und ot that gull was waitot
For tm liiHii can tell. Before it- boon
w is heard tim federal lino bud boon re
i f ic.d and hail lecontmoneed tis nd
lance. Tho signal c on-.' none loo soot
I.? t> ive our wi -ile command from capt ur*
iu from destruction.
M n y a time Hu.ce in t'tinki' g o ver tit
?vt . ta of thu war-tune your correspond
[.nt luis seen iu his ''mind's exe tl'
[omi ol Major Harker sitting still wail
iug for the sound of that gun, who?
detonation his living ears might nevi
pave ht ard, a limn chained by ilillexihl
. I e,hence t<i or-h-rs to a post where dut
looked squarely into tho ja ws of death.
B. W, M.
M i ii I ug ni I In- Nu rt li Pole.
lt may not be generally known tin
important mining operations uro carim
on within tho \ref.c circle. (Jryoltlc
brought from ' Ircculull 1 to Pliiludulphi
by tho shipload to bo used in thc makin
of candles. At Alton, m ar tho Kort
sapo in Finmark, extensivo copper mun
have bi en worked for n long tim
When it. is rcmomborod that most of tl
work lui" to be done under ground, au
that heat H vtmti ibo workmen suh".
most iroiu, il become} apparent at ont
that mint's muy ho almost ns profitih
in these high latitudes as they would I
on our coast. The main thing is
h ive communication oj en u v ar f>
bringing bupplica and carrying away tl
An engineer who visited tho mines
\it ?n a few years ugo, to study rho oo
dition iu w inch they wero work* d, foin
that tin- elim it?? inti rpmo.l no ohsttto!
Tho minos, when fairly deop, ure wari
er itl winter than in summer.
In such wmk aa hus to bit dolli! abo
ground, Un re is scareelv any interru
Hon. ll.iring the three dark monti
when- the sun ?I ?es not shine, there is
lack of light to tlc eye accustomed
tho conditions, 'lim sky is olear a
starry, tho aurora itt playing most of !
limo, and whntovi r light there is tho
ll eli? >ii from the snow in cn asea and
Moro than 150 years ago minni;; v
ca rrieil on extensively about tho sho
of tho White H:a by Baxon workmi
Silver, Copper ftftd. b ad were prodil"
in ci nan titles,
Now that tho whale flshory hus
olinod, milling ciiterprlaos seems in
likely of nm thing to promote . xph
lion and settloraentwithin tho Aitic .
ole.- Youth's Ot inj anion.
DartnolaTt*Uta?of "lebrilj Kuluflitriili ,
Will ho a reminder; of personal ll ht
for hg? M to come. <>?> Just as Mire u
,1 .lion liss Dr. Pierce's "0 ?hil n Mi il
Discovery" boon binned, and If. wit!
through tin evils Of lim? t. u lill DU
to tin.- physics! eiuai cf] ult it of lhou?a
who by its usu have been rel levi I
consumption, consumptive night
bronchitis, coughi, spilling of hhs il
lung**, ami other throat And lung nfl < ;
Pianos anil Organ*.
All of tho best malu s. $2 . Cash
balance November 1, at fc?< t, cash }
ou a Plano, 8li' cash ami balance
vembor li at spot cash j.ncis oil
Organ, Dalivorcd, freight free, al ;
nearest depot, Fifteen dajs teat
mid freight both ways if not aatufuot
Writ? for circulai H.
j ? Colombia, H.
AM Kttrnrst I'arpwsfa lu llecnnto Mu: L'end
of lilt' I.Illili NUtlWIIS.
lind ho wished to publish his whole
thought, it i-i probable that Signor
Crispi, on his return from Pricdtirichs
nilio, would hnvo rondo ? declaration
moro imprcssivo than n mutilated ooho
of tho tnobsago boruo from Berlin by
Beaconsfield, "I bring peace with
honor." Uuquefctionably a linn leugne
hotweon tin throe central powers should
t<>n?l to tho maintcnancu ol poacu in Ku
ropo, nuil might oven bo deemed to
guarantee trnmiuilitv, if tho policy of
Pru nco wcro not so likely hi bu shaped
by passion, and if tho colimo of llussiu
woro not dotormincd by tbo feelings ot
au autocratic ruler. Hy anything that
evi n pont poned the. outbreak of un F.u
ropeatl war, all the States of tho Conti'
neut cannot hut profit, mid muong tin ir.
Italy, lint, besides ll share ol" the gi u
erd blessings flowing from pence, the
Italian Primo Mini.der in believed to
ooutomplate certain special advantages
U) aoomo t i bin country from partner
Bhip with (lormany mel Auustiia. It j
wus not, in otlu r words, pea co only that
Signor ( i isp i brought back from Fried
criohsruhe, but thoeonviotiouthat Italy,
whether peace or war awaits her, hus ut!
Inst H prospect of recovering tho head
ship of the Lutin nation H and tko tuc- 1
ponderaucc which once belonged to '
Uenoo and Venice in tho Mediterranean. 1
In the breast of every patriotic Italian I
since the unification of tho peninsula, i
thu belief bas been looted that be, und i
not the Frenchman, is tho rightful rep-11
rcHontativo and distined upholder of tbo'i
Latin civilization ami tho Hornau fame. I
Ho contouda that his country, if the
nriuciplo of nationalities were faithfully 1
tarried out, would even now cont lin as f
immy inhabitants as Franco, while its!'
IKipuladou Will expand much faster 1
brough thc operation of certain physio- -
ogicnl tendencies. Wretchedly poor a*> <
ire the masses of the Italian pout-nntry 1
ind incessantly depleted ns they ? re by i^
'migration, they yet increase so rapidly <
hal italy, it has beru computed, must, i
.ven without territorial accessious, over- ?
nke und outs!rip FrttUCO ill the course I
>f a .- ingle g. ii. ration. There are, more.1 i
ivi r, many millions of Italian-speaking I
lunuiti beluga that mo still oubsido of I
IviHi; Humbert's dominions. They be- ?
ung to that Italia ir ridout a, the longing c
ur winch, although of luto for politic t
?noons less loudly uttered, romulus in
ixtinguibbablo. C mid Italy incorporate i
iii t'i.it pi r ams to lu r by race, language ?
md 'usn neal associations, Mio would I
nke ?ro?a tho I ri i ell Llcpubho Nico, i
savoy mi i Corsica, ami from Au tria m t fl
inly tho I'reiitiuo amt Trieste, but the
vholo btrian, Sri..vornan and I )u bunt ?tm I
.oust of tho Adiii'i*, which once w?:s I
.?din and afterwar.ls Venetian. Front' i
I'urkoy, also, idio would ulai il Albania, i
hus acipiiring tho wbulo lllyrimi and c
?'picot sen coast down lo tho Strait nf 1
bianbi, and making tho Adriatiu what >
t used t i bo before the advent of tho 1
lltomam nu Italian lake. v
That is what ul I Italians behove they i
night to have, im*, having recovered i
heir bored i Ul ry possessions, they would '
mt stop (here. Cone? ding to their Ails-(
xian copa:t uris Sutoumn, tho wlioio 1
mi them seacoast of Hie /ltlgcatt and the .
robublo reversion ti Constantinoplr, ?
hey would claim (.'.india mid ?d tho o i
slaiids of the Archipelago, now Turkish, 1
nit which fell t > Venir . on the punition \
if tho (Ireek empire. They woo d claim '
Tripoli and tiuit const ttack of Hared 1
ivbieii waa ao populous and fruitful un- '.
1er tho narnu of Pcnt.ipolis. Nor would I
hey, in the event of a BUCCOSsftll Mar s
E\ it li Fnuico forget that in l'unis tho l
resid? ut Italians out number tho French- x
m n lon to mr'. At Alexandria, also, s
md throughout tho Delta, thoy co list i- ?
ut.', next bi tho (?reek, tho strongest 'J
lenient in tin European population, ami >
brough thu good will <d P.uglnud nod I
inppott of (lormany, tin y may look for- s
?ard to ncpin ing tho iiiffiieneo formerly i
io?ACRsed by France in the Nile Valloy. >
riirougliout tho Levant, in fact, Italy, i
f Hbo net in concert with langland, may ?
Iream of supplanting France, purlieu- t
arly if thu Euphrates Hallway is built ?
vith English oapital. Moan while at tho '
vebtern gato of tho Mediterranean, c
italian, dorman und K iglish ironclatls I
we preparing to CO-oper?\tO fi r the do- .
eat of French designs upon Morocco, '
,n tho theory that m> European power I
Ult Spain cnn sundy bo allowed to oren I
iv tho Strait of'Gibraltar. From Spain t
Italy has nothing to fear and much to (?
jain. I ?"
Such are Um perhaps unacknowledged t
?ut nally cherished visions of every j 1
I laban who loves bis country and bo
ievoH ber destined to prove by ber j
ichic vernon ts Un t sim issn nxamplc, uot '
>f nain.md decrepitude, hut ot linux- 1
minded youth. '
... ! 1
i *
\\ lien to hu? Oat?. '
lu order to ci capo danger of winier ll
tilling, oats should 1)0 sown early iu tho j
[all. Throughout tho northern j art of
hl) Ci tion belt Sept lober IS tllfl bl st
nonth. South of tba middle line, ( lcto?
li r mid November sowing! will answer,
l i m idea ia b> got a str< mg root d o elop
nent lr foro cold weather sets tn, giving
dm p! ?nts a linn hold on the soil. Not
withstanding somewhat discouraging
failures of lato y ears, wo think it good
iviliov to sow a large area in tho fall. If
killed by Cold tho seul Bown will bo tho
principal loss, ns the bind may bo io
.ceded in January or February, or eau
lie planted Hi other crops in tho Spring.
The ol I winb r oat should be brought
ngain Into cultivation. It has ul ti u
proven a good practico to BOW oats in
[bo promeut cotton fields. This may bo
d mo wit out RCriotlS injury to th" e d
lor, plowing in willi a Ollltivatol', ar?
row or sweep, just ns if otiltivalb;
aol ton, tho operation to bo preced tl l y
tho eotb U pick? r t if t bern ls SU) Colton.
On our own farm we have bad Bue to
milts from Uns plan. l'ho stamin g Col
toll stalks OUI DO easily "knocked tlowik"
cold mornings iii iTault iry or Feline ry,
And prove Braal] obstacles in tho way td
??es Nervous debility, premature
di i line of power In tither tex, spoodi'? sud
IHirinsni ully t ined, barre bo ?lt, ll) <rut*
in ?tumpt. World's 1 lUpunM ry Mt I cal
\BAoelatloii, c.ii'J Malo il reel, Buffalo, Ne?
Anew tut coupler U bel?g tried u Ibt
C , C. A A ?hopi, ns we go to press. Il is
the invention of a gentleman from Flor
ence and has nttmeted muck favorable no
ile? from railroad men.
-- tm~mmmmi~wt~~~mtami?~mxwa~~m wmi m?mi ?
1*. Y.ST I: I I? AMI Tili; DOU's
A Pitiful Aceontit of iii? Dumb Vlotliu* of
I lliii lllill lull ?I>0?*tOI*H nt Wolli DIMIIIIH
ul the In von tl on'ii "> niuo.
(Parla < .rr? Bpondonci of UM Y. Tribuno )
Pasteur bas score I another failure.
Pudro liiiiz, tbo Portugucso pru -t who
WHS bittou by it nuul w<.it last July nod
placed uudor'realincut at tho instituto
in tho Huu Vauqucliu, ?lied two days
ago. lt ia not truo that tho youth who
mot with a similar niisfortuun nt tho
name timo ami piuco and oamo with bim ;
to Paria lias also shurtd thu Patin s fut -, j
On tbo contrary ho bas not yet shown '
syatoms of hydrophobia, but is in good
catv. Ho was bitten in oyo, check and
uoso. A peasant who waa kai full,
lacerated by tho mad wolf's tusks iu.il
.vim was nut treated according to tho
Piisteuriun method ia quito well. 1 went
to-day to Die Uttc Vaiuptolin where tho
instituto lino been created. lt is very
noa*, not maasivoly built, but airy , clean
and spacious, Howls of tho most dismal
sort proceed from tho basement story,
limy aro sont nj? by dogs which have
been or aro to be martyrized for tho
plory ol'Pasteur and (lo believe him)
ibo K< oil of humanity, li tho saints
under tbo altai erie.I Imlf SH piteously
"How long, oh Lord? How long?"
Heaven must bave soou lent au o,ir to
their supplication1! und angels have been
?ml to iniuihtor to them. Ono can dis
tinguish tbt) bark ot t bo does which foels
that rabies is st culing on bim, or (bat
Ins trepnunoil bruin is feati ring and
hiving il ia mud. i here is thc kirk
that CoUlCS. us it were, from almost ont
odo tho throat, whick is n sign that
lings and larynx aro getting paralyzed,
riier. them oro varietioH "f plaintive
DDWWOWH wliioh cay "1 know thal I am
<oin<; to show myself n wild, wioked
icant, but it's not my fault and I iiu
>lojo ytAir pnrdou." Thoron uo sadder
'ight tm earth than that present-d by a
lug which knows ral ios is coming on it
md \-* not yet frenzied, It* looks K>
inppltant, and sad, sn sorry, and evoiy
mo of its gestures lugs pardon bc foro
land for what it is d lomod to try to ?lo.
lite ?log which is captured by Past our
cnowH there is rio room for bop?' in tho
uforno into whioh it has linen thrust.
Its tb? i t fnn-l.s ii. a thing t > make tho
bibb 'i ip. I I'nifi behove thu! such
.nelly as that t" which it ia a victim
tau bb pru ni iced with impunity in the
ittnto ?'t science,
(ii. traversing tho court ronderod <lis
nal by thi de profundis I wont into tho
iiitc-cbiuiib"r to tin' ?m-p? n-wry. it ta
tu n?, airy, Bunny, anti merely furnished
vim benches that run aloug tho wall on
?very i-itlo. L'bey wero nil occupied,
loose who ni le newe inn is bad a relu
.iv?, ly fr? .it k ok. Tho om s who bad
iceu Mime days ttliderg iin"g tho trent
nv nt badi fagged or jaded air. Theft
v ir live children on mat. ruo!Inp*, Tia
ibiulren Wi ... ail p i Hy, nil guy, atl rest.
cid thc mothers all hap gard iron
inxhiy. lb tiger youngsters wore cry
ng as il nervous und Beared. A lit tin
.'..ri wanted lo know il hbo Aere to bi
i'Utiii puuoturod, Another whom I knov
:ui?l abo was fevtrish and thought sbi
ivan Hiiro to g" mad.
Pasteur wita out -f towri "at :
ly glenie congress," mid to mo ono o
da assists nts, "Whom could I seo ii
us steadV' I asked, "c'or what?" " l i
ci i* for a newspaper all abont tb
I'u ne lilli/.. ' I was shown into tho die
loin try, \iu re Hr. Che nu was at work
iS b o I've attended to I beso people,
ii said, "I !h.ill bo ut your MI vico,
they cuino in in Indian file, and each ii
.asbi?);; before bim bared the pit ol th
'.omach to bo inoculated with thc tum
iius. Ii ioh tilo was A category. Thor
vero ton cm gorica and ton glasses wit
>tuff like yellow ? tandi in them, i ii
lulen nt Aloa had t!u ir rev. ral glasse!
iiio dojtor worked bi silenooand >.in?
mt to iodize that bo was operating o
un.ian In ?ogs. There wm not H ruy
yin puthy shown for tho poor creal tin
si o w? re gushingly grab ful, When li
vus through with bis task 1 went up t
nm. He took a telegram out of a pi!
>f LI-'H graphic messages. It auuouncc
ho death of tim priest, He then oj eat
i day book in which was this outr;
'ltodrigucz Bairro Lniz, ago f?8, j rion
muting from Cahauuan, Proviuco <
ns rs Montos, Portugal, Ihtton i
Inly 0 at 7 ni tho morning, lr
Vi tinda, namely, one in tho nock, one
!.o cht ok, t?no in Ibo forehead, ono
Hie lip and ono in tho arm ; tho omit
be lip greatly tumeiied aud most da
(erous; admitted t ? treatment August
in td bo had bs-n cautoiized by tl cou
ry chomibt with a yell iw burnt!
?quid, but did not know what it WAS."
Tho doctor then shut tho register ai
nit it in its place. Ho proceeded los
bat nothing Short of a miracle cou
nive t-avi.'d tho priest. "Why?" I nskt
'Ilocalise," bo answered, "ho came t
ato. He should hllVO OOIttO before t
.ontli day of incubation. That won
nive saved bim." "lint," I said, "1 i
nembor that M. Pasteur claimed nhill
0 nive alter even a month's iuoilbatioi
.Von remember moro thon I do,"
du?! Ibo doctor. "When did ho t
"Why, wiitin bu appealed to tho wbi
* ?rbi to subscribo to bis institute.
1 ist i nolly announced that dwellers on I
1'iU'ilio Co ist ol Noitb and South Amt
lu would, ii bilton by rabid ailinn
nive timo to emmi to Puris to bo sa\
rom rabi's."
The 1 n t.ii did not answer. A tr.
iriof pauso he said: ''Pastern's remo
ikoovory othot oure, is only eflloacii
AIU o not appliud too hit??. Patii
OHIO to ns twenty, twenty-five, tin
?.nd forty days nit i they bovo bocu '
,en. Wo toko them in simply to et
heir in r>-If they ?be tho syid tn
mt nt fault."
Ti o M i\>'r - t down John Hlftun<
[riinl.c.11 C6i iiuti"conduct, for ten tiny *..
. m ihn introduction ol a rosoluiim
ibo Knights id Lfiboi Convention pro
mg dud no dinners should Iki gr.ui'n
>.b"'nihill."? of "r'.l" ni IntCi'S, Mr. Po wit
.nd lb? General Mi en luv stu,,I, ?.
[?nat lipplflUSO, that no SUch Charter?1
BVt r hern issued and none ow r WOlll I
A sensation hus boen duvolopcd by
nnnouiicemenl that thc municipal sud
ties of liOUsvillc, Ky., aro about los?.
oidlcintHitH itgalnst tito Prealdenl ano
rectora of Ibo Louisvillei Oas Comjtsn)
huyiog the olectlon of <.< nain ?stab Icu
tors with thc Idea in view of scenic
? lt irter from thc lAyislatutc Riving
c.arnpany tho exclusive right to make
boil iniu?n Louisville, lt is charged ih
thc faat olectlon the coiiipatiy apenl $1.'
to elect legtalaUire.
The Mitti "\Vlii> Would Ackimwledioi 1
If<? Could not Kim H N*J\\>IHII?I:I N< t ' ' .
("HleronymouH Crank" In Vcmpli 1 mo
I havo nov tr yot discovered 'i . t; it ti
who would acknowledge aujthiug cl? ;
bo might cou fot-s that lie had mi lakm
hi? catling in becoming a miniMer; !;
might say that he was never buill foi a
lawyer, or that medicine was not lo ..?>
taste; ho might own up that ho emil i
not run ii KHV mill, u loci motive, .
school, a hoUd, a Bt caral mat or a salo??! ;
but uever admit that lu could nil uiuki
newspaper ii howling success.
I discovered ibis psychological fuel
. < V! i ii years UKO win. ii a fin ud ni" mun
took a trip to Europe iud asked uno tn
iou li Lt paper for him while ho wan
away. Now, if there waa any on . thing
that i thought 1 could do then, it was t<>
londuul H nc wapa per; BO I promptly
>?< ' i to bis h 'pi< -t and wis installi il
aa id.tor. I determined in tho lir-t
pim that I would sound public senti
tut? t, and tit.il nul acciirub ly what my
reade 'ts wm.tod. Hero arc a lew ol their
opinii .in:
"Ymir edil rials ar.? lo i long. IVople
don't icad anything longer limn tlfteeu
Hui's nowaday e. They believe m para
graphs.'" .
"Why don't you give us sonic ed
itorials. Those Bbort commenta uro not
worth reading. They give u.: lio idea cl
l subject."
"You ought to giv'- moro personal and
* ;oi< ly news. Surely tl>e movuiu mt ? "i
rcapectablu jun?lo aro of much mor
imporbauco than tho records of thc po*
lico court."
"What makes you lill your paper with
ill this nlu^ii? No ono eures lo read
dial kind of Btu fl."
"I can't ooo why you lill your paper
with so much tri val local news when KO
?nany important oveuta aro taking pluei
..For goodness sake give un tx rest . :i
lie foreign nowa. NoOody here caro?
ivhat tho royal idiots are doing ill ling'
..Why don't you cater more to tho
adiea? i hoy aro t ho greatest no wapa pi r
enders and it sccnis t.? mo you sligld
bom entirely. '
"Look here] You are milking n ? . -
ako in publishing a womau's'p.i] .?. i!
rou expeot ti snooted, you will ha*, o
0 put :-omolhing stronger iu it.
..Aa soon aa you ip|it puhli liing 11 ii
nf er nat base hull nowa you ci .. rein
ny subscription.
.'Whnt'a tho nial ?' willi your ; .i,
?ow? lt Ima no luise bull new fl in 1
L'.nit'H tho only department 1 res I, nu ;
f you ctin't givi UM more limn y.ju
ithy, jim i tin slop niy ....} or "
..You could greatly impr'o'vu ybtiv
taper by punli-ihing i etea <.:' . . Lei.I
iiiniorists occasion illy."
"1 eim't understand why y< Ubli
?olumiiH with th . ?i leg? il humor i-C 1**11
Nye, linl> I lu i (lotte und tho funu*
impera. No ono wanbi to read Unit ka.il
jf Milli'. "
"Well, I seo you aro publishing i i<
iiol prohibition paivr now. Von w11'
nuki' a gnu? many onemic? by . m br j
ng lb.it folly."
"1 hear it (^illili mi ny complaint!
mi on g prohibitionists of the luke-vi? i
less of tho paper. They say I' ..t ji'i
nive gone back mi Iii- c inn...
"There is ono thing lacking in >
?aper. You are not i picy und pvr.-.n..*..
iiioiigh. f'eophi want personal!! s i
1 days. They want to be shook nj ."
"You ought, not Ui i ? ii 111 if BO mci
0 persboalities. Maiutiiii ii judicial
nui-, nial uvoid anything Uko heat ol
nu I ico."
"If tho paperJmd moro sporting news
V it ami fowl r r? ligioils notes, it won! I
ic moro popular."
"IleligioiiH people complain ?i groal
?al about you lilhug your paper willi
?porting nows, nud neglecting the affair*
ii tho ? burch."
oneil Was tho advice I got. lt W?IH
iluin that iu order to Batisfy overybotly
[ liuil to doubla tho ??zo of tho paper or
b continue its publication outirely. I
>. minded lo adopt tho advice in see
lions. acamo by turns raptuQusly
tilt, nsly and sublimely ski?prica?. 1
vu t UK?? a litoratour ono week, an I
ike tho correspondent ol a Bporting
carual the next. 1 constructed ponder*
ms articles on tho t.irifl' un 1 as an nd's-1
nonet rated tho giddy of tho giddies ami
lashed up an editorial mi tociety. 1
ivroto i arm -tly ab mt baso ball ne 1
leveloped an easy cow-boy Htyle iu mj
literary critiques. I uoticed i .t r-, local
[dank walk that had hoon laid and every
watermelon lawn party timi Ltd been
given oue week ; nod tito nt \t I wrote
i'mut tho early extermination f fturope.
1 gave my views about ugricult ire in II
way tlmt infatuated tho entire Oranger
'lenient. 1 Wlute lip ll public ofllCUll Ul
i judicial way, and no QUO paid any at
lenlion to it. I denounced another
ifllcial in a lurid, red-head d style, and
?ontrooted a serious case of doctor's bill
m account td it.
When I had been au editor for six
greeks 1 boco m : aware of thc fact that ii
iho owner of tho paper did not return
icon ho would Und nothing ol Ins piper
? ft ex s pt tho mortgage on tho typo
ind pr? f-H.
>m llrarlnji im?
U I?. AoiiicwliHt sinnige Ihiil li in oiu{ the
ii|developcd indu liles of I lie Binti MI
w per-??ns have llmllghl ?! (Vj dh j:
niitfpy in nut bisiring trees win n li ? II il
ie made one of the mos! lin point nt bruin lu .
if horticulture, lind, unlike most . ibu
dis, ls sufe from ibu danvers of over pin
hieiioli ii ? til ?end rt century, Mn mg
int bearing tree*. ,h lillierl, walnut rum
diestnut deserve ppcoinl ilbtlec, hut ; . i
;nn Is indeed tim pilnen of nil ;t|i?? mo I
l.e uillful ned syniinitilc il, the moil i i .
iud lohg lived, the most |x>pulitr um) lb'
IIIIIRI pt?llbib'.c No nun Itjdilfttvy Iii IL
nut cult'.tul line will p i) to large lt 'H
riot evi n Ibo fainmu oiling? grove ol
Plotldn Tids treu I* ?ol ni all ehoiicif
^.ils will grow nliii ; mit whore, on lilli
mil B, in reeky pise." \ i sulUUlo f r ul
ilvailon, nr mi hluli . ndy Igcs- ?hut will
arow faster and mi j/er If plnnted on molli
ffrtdc anil. Broad nrea-i if lund ).i eui
rt ute, now Vrduelcsi to tho owners, Wouhl,
Ina nhort linn, alnmsi without expense,
yield Immense prollts if plante I i ? p can
m-iH. Burch it ls tem! out people ain
giving Hil" Industry stMiilmn. find evert
Farmer should tiave n grove of sOitclypo
mrs-"tho pride of tiie neighborhood, Hie
td miration of t lie tojournois, ibo b> tune
of its owuer."
The Bparklo of repcutant tears reachel
?.??.'. . 11 u Vinci* i in 'lin m iriwrji?i?
i . i ?. .1 .. i vt ? .?; inn,i.
VVIlt ? .ii ?. ?. ..J. t (illili!. Un yliU of j
;.. . . . . i i ii It 'fo ? ?' v J. ny '
l. in s . u ny I.i tii?\in>>-Teilt? 'Hie Order
.y'lN'sr.vt oi.is, o ?- :, r -Tho Kilter
,.<;..-i i In (Jeuerul Miistei W i kainui
I'owthrly np u UK-iitdui'le of ibo dithol
< h. ti re h * nvaid dei Kulg?iti of Lab ir, ano"
ivh:cll hi bot H ii waded iv ii li more thun I
or<hmi?y interest by H.?' rn? tnt ? rs .,f the I
nul i tin mghout liv c Sultry, wit? linn'ly
i ?'H; I '? un ichi, timi will be pu ?enteil
ti . ic i .; A Kielli ly luUiorrow morn
i- i', r .1 . ni i'oiio\vt>:
. In 'ii mouth ol October of last year
Cu ..:n 'Ji' b >ns e illcil ?Ii? aivtibi' li ip? in
Mii' ii i .i i in r io iit-r i-,- !>e tuts uiiiitor.
ipi .-i'lite . u bi '.Itu < (mri li In lids c stiitty.
Hie i- ? ii'ipil iiitimtg iii- -?. lu-ho rt!
eui >ti>iiip ol lin-. r?l?.-r of Knights < l huboi
.>v t'i heeii.i n'tiittl -.. I'r-.tiMlii'iH nie1
Ca holte? i.une deeply Interested "i iii
iud : l whhlilhc?c iwelve powerful pro
. I ;ii. . wh . ute a> ila- bei ul of th? American
liiemrclty, would luke wah refeiiine to
ill.- I iii .i i at* i li ..m. j
"lt hail i COM i< j"e-eni< tl lo the cc !. -i.-: .
; Hi il iuilhurl"ILM iii.,' I!,>. Kn. gil M wote I
seeking i" rev iltnlotuzo generally iitvepud
; I nilli.-,iee: I I principles) hy elnlin . .. I"i
I i nn l!ie Hulll '<. ?lui ile lo Capital mill in
hil munni r v.. . .'\Ut.\ I > billig ?Uto lull
: . i ?> pnl'if ovt ielf;ii!y m oppoMi:on to
i .val?; i teilt?; tnnl lla.-y wi-rc fodow nellie
11 .\ nnpie ol Ute I'renell : i< Inli<>ts timi irro
.! ne lo ? linn---Iv. v the righi ol' . : erin?
. iil< n whenever b M ii Uti meir pu
?uni by 'in- . bloke? ? -. ? i. . ile i,-.;' lile
lind I'M- di-urnc'ion of piivaie pi rrly;
jami Itt.il should die Order prosper \ 'iii--I
I pei ni- ?un** piuieiple.i ii ?o i?-e,-it?bly
j li nd us ineiub'irH neil Hit! A 11, ,. s. , j
I generali) from Insubordination to n ireh)
I lind hoe; di in. lt ile* prim :pli . . the
I Knight--: wi . ever i" p ."-iel line .; thu
ne p e, ltd di ?o.d i elidion would u. , revel
. I, sun; i-1 in ..in country
" I tn a ki- int) enemies of ... -. ../--.i ,
i ti. ? io . j
' ? nun.'.ia'?:.) lifter tho Close of io bul
. ; lue Lien?rul Assembly i.i Idell
i in??!.?!, ?i air i.it a. s'.Or vvot.ltmn:] rt.
j cd ye I li . . ii-- .s liivit'iliotl fi.in Iii?
I.e... i fe. Iii < *. j i ! ? I In ('OHIO lo Illili
. .. : i> ;.;i i e- lhere wai rt?( hied
lr1..- ..i i.?T-ii ii le-sd.ly ou
. : : . - . ..... j? lin; (let. .?. i .".pon
". ut' .. . ??-i) .... ... .. .. .. - o pim . . r in- I
: :. h
. .V.II
!'- >ii '-. i'.. i . . ,. . itpttuy uni ! ; ', ilil j
inc |Helato> iv lu ilccPlro ia lavin
I.I. : ; .
itu: ?due .I iii ? vvetikt? iigid ' lite
?'' t no cMiri'li i i juil'iy Wii'tii?i i*dnsl
?l???e :ii'i or^iuibvtlioiis. i m . i- . ??-il
of MO rei :y wi iure dio eil? ls . il . . li(i<b
o? tii'ga ii/.iti ?a ?IO j .-eli .' !?'. .- .! . '?'?.?..
liiise.-s a pnsutnpditi li:! ili.-.i- e i-oiiio
tili .:; vs ,. 1 III not li.'ir I? . Iti'lll < t illy
"Tili! ( ii ii itle ' hurC.i i- nil -i \: ibio' bi
al '-.i-.i o |i ni j i' ii-1 ; i i" ly ,1111111?
H?niiiSI seer ey ami e.oiitreahiieiil.
.. . rbi; e.. ?ne ot I be r gill lil ii.'- > : ll tell
t.. interl'.ic van h. i el.ilib'uU ttlien sin
f> m s t Im! ie. :. ui iirsu is..tiinj.'eroUs lo n.ornl?
j or i '? 111 ii - L.t.. hteitrity ? >i Hoelet j ?? mn a
P.- .s :-i ' .-.( in tiny W'iy. eli her upon t' un
elie or Ibu . M i l ICiiCtlHU" 01 pim l i ii.'*
'Organitioti is Hie h IM?S ol ail | ., reas
p ?l;i.<- ,1. i>oeinl un.! I- lijii.>;;s.
" ' We c<-nileinii tim. work ol An- . ilits
bike Sun- ni f <?'.'>. ilieV w u,d I 1 pu l
ilowii the eil.lice ?>f !... lion ihulion whieh
sle.lt' ts ti.iiii. even ilnuiyli tie y sltoiilll
perlsU lu ibo rubis Tina utan iii ;' would
emit-:,vor to ti ?Ii imine im1 Inws ii1(I nis'i
lu I ions of lldii great ami LO ii iou'*. 1 >i,ntry,
llevuve- Hie bile ol' Un? r wini , .i-i , ...lane
llli'l'tb '"I Hu1 '.! K ,'f 'ir liv liifi 1 i 1!.
"8 ii i.il -.n is cindi mn- .1 I?) ii..-1 Html
. iu un ... um i rei I lentis, unu failli hi ie 01
gitlii/ntion IM expressed a? lom* ns 1 lian
' gerotiH factor is kept ft mn i's run kn
, Til I M r ili?n i.'orM on t?. sn) i . Hie
j rmdi ial lUitl hud ile- muller liol' Hi.
I Vatican ip n Ids rei ?jul vidi ru I uls
lo lili'preliile ?li- eni.r.' credit ol v. luting
. iver n p' :!.ll>ftl I;.MII| v\i:l np t ir .1
roi der. 11.0 <aiier llie eutlbiid i xp'i; ul lb
'lim l'Ope w Stt ti 'il lioslDc lo reli'itibi er thc
eliureh, I .ii I ?1 thc Cunirftry ginel!'! niiliitl
ti.? e u-e ? ? tell ?lon ny in ! ?lng tte 1 lucile
hers lo tai teiupo'tite mid i\\ nindi It
es ic ' ! ei. Inhal obedience lind its 1 .j-.cls
v\ ere wi orihj .1 the extieiuo
; I .. . rev- ron ? pr? I ile 1.: li Wi .' 'i tn
.show whnl s' - ii n.e ru.ier In d il . in
lllbilli'li' li. ,i|) ' I ' ' : 11 evil', lili'l 1:.. ||ig||
est ein i ?I 'u p?- i|i ?. Idith i.. .' ?Vet"
I liv? ii Uer rieuil'M . . f I Iii? I ni.- di .li -
lr.(I Ci, IliUi! t' irlth'f U'ils er W. i tltiall
a - Ulli ?-'.!- iM.C<'a>i:iry lo biko U 1 .nm
I -.onie s .. .! i * 1 ! s I ii ,t Mich un riifll
sliotil i I . ci mb inned, li ittgued, woultl
' be un v ll e. i? :>t, ri ie. \. just
j [Jo\y un- . ..1 i.i I Unit tint) Hi" t'n
in'.-'. nil i>'? I c rn!. ..mali, m Ililli ..in.
Mr 1' -\ lei I) ihefi ; 1 s on tn j. . u
d'i ..? ? ' ????> - Iii ''ll in ?:iilli| ! 1.11
i,-- ? ? . ' il vol ney "i i ne. i i ig i . MI i.
I....is for i;.i- flit tiru ;: ive nimmt S I jin"
'.fhril Miss ilfJiici ls n ' loukii ? "?III,
i lll't iilO? '
"\ . Hid she'd ho Ihn bode ol l it town
if ii WHKti i for c ie lld tig."
' . ? ? lint s (lull? '
..sit,- leta catarrh so bud li tiopb.itml t
?i i-e ?um le r. ;MI.- h i, irieti ii ifi.xeti
ie ) . :i ,1 ii" liing helps ina- l u :: s ?rr),
i i I Ike bor, hui '?itt doesn't inttke ii HL>
1.isa nine tot ". 0 10 hu afouii ! lier.1
.I- 1 ll H\A hu| used Dr Suge'd f'shiffh
.len. 't , !?? e WOlltd hftVfl liecU IV Ml I Og Ol
thu .1 .u Isl I, foi it will euro culurrn ? very
an e.
Family th-?-Nine children.
Livy, l-W?.
LUI i.- waa < oiiHKii'U.MJ.
Uood Advice iu Ml ?neu \\ hu lix poa? Their
Slll| MliitU.
(From li.ii pei '- Bazar.)
A Imbil willi our thoughtless young la
'.II- wno do u grout many lliiugs quietly
M Iden Uley wouTtl uni 11 iv.-1-> have koo wu
i ul home -a habit deserving of I he strong
- si cnuiit-miKition-lu thal nf promiscuous
eoriespoiuioiico with geiitletneu, whether
die aeiitlomen lie married or single. 'i'Uo
young ladies who Und pleasure in tills habit
use their pens un any pretext that torus up,
md M unei i ikes on no pretext at all. Wu
i e III t li-ul . 8Ute th il ibU dOOH UC?t ronni
e s under the hend nf an undesirable habit
than a -in, for Mien ia nu iud. lie.icy about
t quite amounting to Immodesty, of winch
no y ri who respei ls heiself or w ho desires
tho reaped uf others will hi-guilty.
The e young letter writers, however,
?enera I ly gel a lit r ward for their thought
lessees* or their culpability, if their cor
? spoudeui i- a iiiuii of systematic habite.
h. ir let i ern ?ie iha ki le I and in ki lod, and
iii? clerks ?.ave us much nf a laugh ovor
i hem ns they w sh; a -I it' lu- is not a sya
leiuat . tuan, then IhoeO h tiers are at Hie
m H y ul any and everyone who CllOOSCS
11 waste time in reading them. If their
corres pm.deni is a married mau, then bia
i.salon of their letters, eveu ot thc moat
II I vial Mu?, placea the SM1-rs nt a disad
vantage. Sonni r ur Inti r the letters tull
into tho hands ul his Wife, w ho reads the
oliy <>r the wickedness: with clear eyes aud
holds the writer nut only ia coulcuipt, but
in her poner. No yoting girl Clin lie sure
dial her corr spon'h'iit i- not merely amus
ing himscll willi r, ami it is ol ten the
case ibid 1e r lotie*? IU'C unwelcome und ft
II en e. and hu does-Hot check Hiern, and
doe? icply lo iheni, uni luau Interest iu
hoi. ' a nu H Ij m inly ehuuh y.
\N nen the writ' r lins recovered from ber
'. ly, or forgotU-ii ubJU her idleness, there
lhere la thu letter, icndy to risc, like nu
a w| ul bet ray I tit* ghost, afir she lierself
hus pos-lhly undi rgone a i hange, that will
inaki o i i ce burn, bruutleil with .shume,
should the i< l . r ey. r chance to confront
her, or pei Imps even lin.- memory of it.
:! r uiolivi iimyliavi h -on all innocence at
lin lime, hut il is Iell forever under doubt;
ind, in biet, exec) in the ll ddcsl business
lilfalr, iheie cali ho no excuse, aud thoro
ton: nu inn icon e, in ihu mutter of a young
glrl'ii wiitin rs io any mau in t her
personal relative .-r guardian; for about
ni os I ol these h- h rs ihiii i in m,maiden
II!.eas al - si. mu mutin- lo indecency, and
in ibo end her < irres* indent himself never
think- other than lightly of her on account
liwitliiitrf Hf. Ch-voUnd.
MINN;., I u... Od. l;i.-Tho ex
iloiticiu iicc.-is:ioi.e.| ;,- .he a ??pea. anet, in
.Munn upo'tii , .? i ii me m iruiug
i! er I*i*- d?lit devi hiutt'a visit, bf au edi
* *11 . ? letti rcs ou me
lib 11 istt . itiiil the 'ii inner of con
.i llul tin Trih t.u cu led thc '"tour
i1 v . - . ...... a ul w In n A. J.
pr ,>i...... . ; ibu Tribu m, was
.. i .. ? ligy :. . ero w tl of indignant
I ne ? \ ? -, i i iki ii lo tho editorial
. . . bee! p ?ne?pilly nil Ibo language
med with II i. ! Mrs. Cleveland and
w !i eh wes follows:
.'And i i M i N einelv hard lo reaped
Hu i ine.r.hei i Uti fau.il) now touring
t r vol tis Mia. l.'iiveitiiid isa huudaomo,
uni ure w?niu?, np; ...-M'y several years
oilier il. -a Hhe ku?d M he--al least she
..- old cn ugh : ' u .V.- exl ;..:.??.. I hoi own
tn . i IOSI e ia n .. ry ug (Jri - i Ch velnnd.
i i >. c ivalile t nil --iii- should have
li : hiin except lo obtain the position
... ,|i ess it Hie While 1 louse. Kueh u
i. i.i' ig? would never have been thought
of um jor tin- astonishing political acci
dei s which in thee mai ul two or three
years brought Mr. ( loveland out et the ob
-..muy. which i- h - proper element, lo tho
aighc.il posh ion In Itu uaiioh. Il is hard
. nave ri sj- et foi a woman who would
.? ii h< i>o!l to sn gross mid repulsive a man
? s Gi S ? Ul vtl.i?il, and one with a prl
/ate recoid so mali dorons, for tho bauble
?I a b iel social use ndnucy. She ii? now
tn m.j .-. ?. - I curiosity ?md ieuiuik for
gnp'ng crowds, and her photographs ure
i idilios) :? un' (ptite, as freely US Mrs.
biiigtiy .? Snell i- hoi icwiud. If she
i i n si cure re eke i ni for Glover, she will
nive finir yu-ms tn no ol gralilictilion wh'ch
i he highest social prominence gi voa an . of
iiti liehgul wi tiullugghiu nesispapci nolo
i. ty, .oiir thai she will simply have to
put np with luie,; Ute ss,!.- of ns itislguif)
caul and ? '-cnn- i iiiuii us au cx-l'rcoldent
? ul I possibly ! .-. One Canum Itel pa pang
of sympathy for her, but stu- b is chosen
it- i : 'I iieliberutely."
lin- eilig) burners wore h i by Mayor
A A. Anns Ade. I. ir-.:. ; ile- i Hlgy, the
erovtd prot.'ci (lcd lo Ute Tribune building
md H.ade fit ititi di ?o II orations, hut wita
a.. ills dispersed hy the po|.r:Ot
lllethen regards Hie altair ns a joko ott
Mayor Ames un i mc crowd, us important
husinoss kent him as.,, from tho lr ibu M
. . a I itsdii niglll, ano in- knew
nothing whatever . : .. Article lill it up
pe.ired on Wednesday morniug.
Tim Bliiry ??r a Pol Icy.
Tho Valley Mutual Life Association,
of Virginia, hogan business SoptombOr
.bi, 1878, Uuarantoo fund, invoatod in
nonos and ru or.gages tdrat lien ?ul real
estait !, $108,01)0.
1 ho Vallo) Mutual Life A~H toialiott of
Virginia is tho largest mid tho b-ailiug
Life Association in the South. Over
no million f dollars has boon paid in
"di to tho families of deceased mom
1 tic i In ii] mi s "f tts phill ia domon
trated by tho experience of those who
aro insured, tu illustration of ibm foot,
v, tako 1'oHoy No. 3, held by Mr. W. P.
Lams, t i-. i i tim Augusta Nuiioual
liauk, Staunton, Va., I'obcy issued
Si pt- miler 23, 1878, -$1,000 -uonao
[Uontly il has shored every cost that has
como agaiust tin- Company. Tho outiro
?oat to Mr. I una in eight yonre and six
luonths, Momborship i ee, Annuals, and
ilortality pay monk , hos boon but $70.44,
ir au uve rage annual cost td $8,28, At
li lalo ol . iuuurau o Mr. ruina was
i' years of age,
A polio) ut oven amount and dato in
..io oi ila- 1.1 . t p ipului (" . Lino ooia
mii H on 'tn ordmury ole plan, payable
t doath only, would lin o cost bim
11?. .,.">, or $21,00 per year-a saving of
i.122.81 m lavoi m fie Valley Mutual.
Theories atti i i ndvanood and joal
a , rivals abound ia thuin, but facta can
iot bo refut d.
Tirst-clusrt ag.mt-i can gel ?boral Con
rads by applying to
Manager So. Ca. Department.
? he reine ly for sipienkiug IKM)U is put
ing pnwdorcd simpstone bet ij ten the.
h ui hers of Ute sol?.

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