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JFhe Advertiser
tuiiscrlptlon Price--12 Months, $1.00
Untes for Advertising.-Ordinary Ad
vert let* men te. por Miliare, Oneiiisor
Won, ll.oo; each subsequent Inser
tion, fill cents.
ld boral reduction made for larg? Ad
?."i * - - - f ?
LAURENS, S. (\, Cet. 19,1887.
A Nation of Shepherd* f?n<l Cattle llrrrd.
ern- Klr|ftl<*Ml on th? Marrh.
Tito Karn-Kirgbeso are essentially a
nation of shepherds and breeders of
CoUle, and think it i; a "como down" in
life \vbe:i eoutiH'lt'.il to resort to Mdt Iel
m. cupe. i. ms. Tliej are not so rich ?a .
KM ir brethren ill tito plains. Very few
< ti as immy aa 2.00U hones <T 3,000
heep. Al.-? they hive fewer camels;
but. on the other l and. |toase*8 an excel?
lent breed of oxen for traversing the
mountains. Tin ir cowa are large, but do '?
not yield much milk. Y;:Ls are kept by
I hon i instead. Their cattle breeding
claims f -.r less lalor than agriculture, but
it is i?xjM**"cd to great ri-ks. For the sup
I rt of a nomad family for a year are
required eleven head of large and tell of
BUiall cattle, und to provide bay for the
wintercoiii.umption even of thi. number
exceeds the working |?ower of one house
I v. as much interested to see ?.onie of ;
\)w Kirghese 1 n the march. Tlieir wan
?dering* are thus conducted. When tho
(iSAlUru ill a neighlxirhood ia eaten, ono
or two of the young tuen are scut to
?elect a spot for another encampment,
and to clean out ll>f" wi lls. This done,
the women pack tin- tents and the men
fi rm tho cattle in droves, The camp is
ready und starts before daw n, the g<x>d
women of the family riding in front. I
met i ne old Indy iii this honorable posi
tion, mounted astride a bullock and look
ing anything but graceful. After her
came the < liier women, variously
mounted on thu b j? of carpets, teakettles,
tel Ls, et . the whrle liebig made to
wear, ns f:,r as possible, a festive aspect,
loo length of aatagc is from thirteen to
Seventeen mires, and the aul traverses
ubout twenty-five miles in twenty-four
On arriving nt tho place of encamp
ment it is tlie oflice of thc wife to put up
the tent. I chanced to see a wor<yin be- 1
gin to do so, and would not stir from tho
si?ot till I had witnessed the whole opera
tion. The principal parts of a kibitka or
tent aro largo pitees of felt to cover a
framework that consists of lintel and sido
posts for a door, and pieces of trellis
work surmounted by jxilos that meet in
the center. On this trellis work are sus
|>C?dcd arms, clothes. l>ags. basins, bar- j
ness nnd cooking utensils. Not that there
ia a large variety, however, of tho last, I
for most of the cooking is done ina largo
open saucepan that stand-) on a trinod 1
over thu lire in the middle of ?ic tent.
Crockery ware is not abundant, t?ing of
hazardous carriage, and metal goods are
not cheap, wi that leather bas to do duty
not only for making Uglies (specially
those for carrying koumiss), but alao
pails, sonic of which ure furnished with
. a spout. I met with no small saucepans {
.or teakettles of English shape, their place
liebig supplied by kurgnns or water
. ewers, somewhat resembling ft coffeepot.
Hound thu walls of the tent uro piled
boxes, saddles, rug? and halos of carpet, i
against which the occupants lean, the
head of tho household sitting opposite the
door, and in front of him the wife in nt
. T was honored w ith tm invitation to
dine in ono of tlioso tents, tho dishes
being put lieforo us accortiihg to our>
rank. I beard nothing of grace lieforo
moat, but I never taw anything to exceed
tho alacrity with which tho dishes wore
cleared. Hands Were knives and fingers
were forks. Hie meat being torn from tho
bones as by the teeth <4 hungry dogs. It
ls considered jxdito for a Kirghese su
jx rior to take a handful of pieces of ment
r.nd stnlT them inlo tlie mouth of an in
ferior guest, AU ??k-ganry I saw practiced
.on another, 1nit from which, mercifully,
I myself was excused.- Dr. Henry I^ans
.dell bl Ilarpor's Magazine.
?Snprrst Itlon? About Wood Demon*.
From tho TyrwA, from Switzerland,
from Germany cr from Brittany, come
veil ascertained accounts of the popular
belief in certain wild spirits of thu wood,
who are painted in all tho most frightful
simpes th? imagination can suggest, anil
j:ro characterized by their delight in
every possible form of tn: i . valence.
They kidnap and devenir children, lie
witch the cattle, and lead men to kiso
their way in tho forest. They can na
cunio ?ny size, from tho most (linunutivta
to tho most gigantic; nor is any form of
bird or beast ail impossible inqwrsonation
of them. The Bkonguian, thc forest
i-pirit of Sweden, is like a man, but tall
ns thc highest tree; ho decoys men into
the wood, Olid, when they have hopelessly
lost their way, mid begin to weep for
fear. leaves them with mocking laughter.
The conception is well nigh identical
with that found among tho natives of the
forests of Brazil, showing with what Uni
formity similar conditions produce similar
< fleets on tho human mind. But the
Hussion spirits LjeHohl (from a 1'olisb
wn d foi ,vood) aro oven moro dgnlficnnts
ft r not . uly nro tho tr m.I diabolical at
tributes assigned to them, such ar the
leading of men astray or tho sending to
them of sickness, but also tho conven
tional diabolical features. Tlieir bodies
nro after thc human pattern, hut they
have the cars mid horns of goats, their
feet aro cloven, mid their fingers end in
claws. Tho Russian ve? ?od spirit is, in
fact, tho devil of medieval imagination
and nothing else.-Gentlemans Maga
Time Flin* ftwlftlr.
An old grandma with a small boy
boarded a Grat lot nvenuo car the othe r
day, and tho collector rang tlie register
"What's that for?" rho asked.
"That's 9 o'clock," answered the boy.
In a minuto or two another passenger
got on, nnd ngnin tho register rang.
"Three o'clock 1" exclaimed th? old
lady ns abo bobbed around on her seat.
"My stars! but bow limo does fly in a
city." - Det-eit Free Press.
Parres Hint Seldom Slettp.
Uceent delicate scientific oiperimonts
have discovered the fact that tito surface
of tho land ia never absolutely at rest for
moro than tidily hoiirrt ot a limo. Thus,
tie. e great cartbonabes whioli make
ojiochn bi history aro merely
...fua*H of forces thill seldom sic
11 edt ??Itt? antraordinai j a St ot ?f. M flu
Malaria. Bowel Complaint*.
Dyspepsia, Siek Meadaelsa,
Constipation, . Biliousness.
Kidney A -'crt lona. " Jaundice,
Mental Oppression, Cull?.
Ko Household Should h Without It,
and, ?y being kepi r?>ndy for im m. .1 au aa*,
will (uve many Ita hour of miUVrlnjf nnj
many aUollftr in limo und doctors' bills.
3?e thal you jct (ho genuine with red ' Z"
cn front of Whoper. Prepared only by
J. H. Z" I LIN ?L CO., Sole Proprietor?
I'll, LT!. I; . \ Vt IMtICK, 01.OO.
Executors' Sale.
By virtue of nuthorify vetted in
us wc will sell, on Sale Day IQ No
vember next, being tito 7th day of
the month, at Laurens C. IL, at 11
o'clock, or ns soon thereafter as
possible, the following property, be
longing to the estate of Lemuel O,
Willinms, deceased, to wit:
One tract of land, (No. 1) situate
in thc County of Laurens and State
nf Sun th Carolina, containing 217
acres, mora or less, bounded by
lands of J. O. C. Flouting, S. M. Na
bora and tracts No. 2 and 3.
Tract No. 2, containing 184 acre?,
more or loss, bounded by lands of
J. O. C. Fleming, estate of J. H.
Fleming, deceased, and Nos. 1
and 3.
Tract No. 3, containing 178 acres,
more or less, bounded by lands of
Rutherford Bramlett, Austin W.
Rramlctt, Wm. Bryson and tracts
iVb. 1 and 2.
The land herein described is on
the lin? of the C., L. A H. Railroad
and tho Spartanburg dirt road,
about four miles from Laurens C
IL, known as the L. O. William?
place. F.aeh tract has tenement
houses and is well improved.
Terms-One-half cash, balance
on a credit of one and two yearn
with interest trom date, secured by
bond of the purchaser and a mort
gage ?f the premis*??. Purchaser
to pay for papers.
Parlies desiring to purchase at
private sale should call on the un
dersigned before Kale Day in No
Plats can bc seen at the office ot
Rrobato Judg*.
f?. F. Mos KI. KV,
F.xrs estate of L. (J. Williams,
Probate Judge's Silts,
State of South Carolina,
County of IJ'A'II rena,
Pnrsnant to Judgm ri.If sale in
the following stated cases, I will
sell at public outcry, at Laurens C.
H., en ?al? Day in November noxt,
being Monday, the 7th day of the
month, the property described In
cadi case, upon the terms specified,
to wit:
In the cate ef Melmoth Fleming,
as Administrator of f?corgc M.
Fleming, dccM, v.?. Mary Simonds
et al.
Thc Homostead, Tract No. 1, con
taining Two Hundred and Fifteen
Acres, more or le?s, bounded by
lands of John Lanford, T. it. Dc
sliicld-? and others, lying on both
stdes of Greenwood, Laurens and
Spartanburg Railroad, within two
miles of Mountain ?'boals. Cpon
this tract is two good tenant houses.
Tract No. 2, containing Ono hun
dred and Thirty Acres, more or
less, bounded by lands of A. Y.
Thompson, estate of Wm. Mills and
Tract No. 1, lying on both sides of
said Railroad, near Mountain
Shoals, and within one mile of Ora
Station. These lands are well wa
tered, ?ne bottoms and in a high
state of cultivation.
Terms-One half cash, and tho
balance on a credit of twelve
months, with interest from date.
The pundi iser to give bond and a
mort ago of tho premiso? to secure
credit portion, and to pay for pa
In tho caso of Irby D. Putman,
as Adm'r of Elizabeth Putman, de
ceased, vs. Peyden Putman et ai.
Tho following described property,
lying, hoing ami situate in the
County and State, aforesaid, to wit:
Ail that tract or parcel of land,
containing Twenty-eight Acres,
more or loss, bounded by lands of
Martin Hiddle, J. M. Leake and
Lansen Owens.
Terms-Ono-holf cash, and bal
ance on a credit of twelve months,
with R.'tereat from date, to be se
lectired hy bond of the purchaser
snd mortgage of tho promises, with
leave to th? purchaser to pay the
entire bid in cash, Purchaser to
pay for papers.
In the ease of David C. .Smith, at
Executor of Joel W. Anderson, de
ceased, vs. ian? Marla Smith.
The following described property
of the estate of Joel W< AnderAov.
decensed, lying, being and ?U?atea
in the County and State aforesaid,
to wit:
Tra.H No. 1, Tl .onestoad. contain
ing Two Hundred and Tlilrty-flve
nvre or less, lying betwe.'n
ind Habitu Creek,
dd creeks and by
er less, lying on both ubina of Rnbun
Creek, and bounded by lands of
Samuel ll. Todd, John II. Wharton,
Jaoo M. Smith und by Tracts No,
1 and 3.
Tract No. 3, eontalnlngTvro Hun
dred and Thirty-five acre?, niora or
loi??, lying en lia bun Crcwk and
Reedy River, and bountied by lands
of Samuel R. Tvdd and by Tracts
No. 1, 1> and 4.
Tract No. 4, containing Two Hun
drod and Thirty-five acron, more or
lea*, lying along Long Lick Creok,
ami bounded by landauf Mr?. June
M. Smith, John If. Wharton, H. A.
Anderson, B. F. Wllcutt, MM. il. I.
Dunklln, Anderson and by Tract*
No. I und 3. Pints eau be ?cen in
Probate Omeo.
Terms-One-hnlf oath, balance
on a credit of twelve months, with
Interest from day of pale. The
purehasor to giva bond and a mort
gage of the promise? to secure
credit portion, and pay f<?r pupers.
A. W. Hr usai nr.,
Judge of Probate.
Master's Sales.
Tbe State of South Carolina,
Pursuant to judgments for anio in
the following -tated eases, I will
soil at public outcry ut Laurens C.
IL, ?ni Salo Day in November next,
being Monday, the 7th day of the
month, during tim legal hours for
sales, the property described in
each case, upon thc terms specified,
to wit :
In the cuse of Robertson, Taylor
it- Company vs. II Hill & Brother
rt al.
All that tract of land, lying, be
ing und situate in the County and
State aforesaid, containing one
Hundred mid Ninety-six Acres,
more or los*, and bounded by lands
of H. L Coleman, by lauds of John
Odell, known as the Gilliam lands,
by lands of James Odell, nnd by
the Wesson lands, now or formerly
belonging to John W Hill.
T?rms-One third of the purchase
money to bo paid in cash, und the
balance on a credit of one and two
years, with interest from thc day of
sale, secured by tho bond of the
purchaser and a mortgage of the
premises. The purchaser to pay
for pupers.
In the case of William I* Wood
vs. Samuel F Eppes, as Trustee,
et at.
All that tract of land, situate lu
the (Vmnty and State aforesaid,
fronting the residence of tho bite
Janies M. F.ppes, and containing
Thirty Acres, more or less, begin
ning at James Stone's land nt a
stake corner, from thence to a red
oak between (i II Jordan and J
H. Humbert, hounded mi ?mo side
by G H Jordan and on the other
by A W Sharp.
Terms-Cash. The purchaser tc
pay for pupers.
In the ease of Robert Sibley vs,
H. A. Wharton.
All that tract of bimi, lying, be
ing and situate in the County and
Stnto nforcsaid, on the waters
of Rcnvcrdam Creek, containing
Two Hundred und Twenty-five
Acres, more or less, nnd adjoining
lands of J Ii Wharton,-Hill
and L S Fuller.
Terni:-Cash. The purchaser tc
to pay for papers.
In the case of J A A R G, Wal
Inc-tv, ns Administrators, ?{-c., vs.
Sus?? Admits.
All that tract or parcel of lund,
lying and heine: lu the aforesaid
County and State, containing One
Hundred and Suventy-two Acres,
more or less, nnd adjoining the
lands of Silas Adams, Jus. McCru
vy, Thomas Fuller nnd others.
Terni'-Cash. The purchaser tc
pay fo?- papers.
In tho ease of James T. Nix vs,
James S Withers mid Lucian H.
All that tract or pured of lund,
situate in tho County mid State
nforcsaid, cont; nlng Forty Acres,
more or less, uno bounded by lands
of Abner H. Bubb, F.dwurd Nash,
Unico Bubb mid thc Kellett estate.
Terms-One-half of the purchase
money to be pu bl cash, anti the bal
ance on u credit of twelve months,
with interest from tho day of sale,
seen rmi by tint bom) of tho pur
chaser and II mortgage of the prom
1st!.??. The purchaser to ??ny for pa
pers, if purchaser fulls to comply
With terms of sale Ibo property will
bo re-'old ut bis risk.
In the cuso of Joshua 8.Craig vs.
M. F.mmii Workman <./ at.
All Hint tract of lund, situate, ly
ing nnd being iii tho County mid
State aforesaid, known ns a part of
tho estate of Noah Smith, deceased,
containing One Hundred mid Eigh
ty-two Acres, moro or lesa, and
bounded b/ binds of Win Slm-tids,
I Hmm Peterson-, J Warren Hin ke
lcy and others.
Terms-One-half of the purchase
money to be paid cash,and the bal
ance on u credit of twelve months,
with interest from tho day of sale,
secured by tho bond of the pur
chaser and it mortgage of the prem
ises, with leave to thc purchaser tn
anticipate payment. Tho pur?
chaser to pay for pn|icrs.
In tho case of W A Burns ct al
vs. Corry Owlngs ct al.
All that piece or parcel of land,
situate, lying nnd being In tho
County and State aforesaid, con
taining Klghty-fivo Acros, moro or
less, and bounded by lands of M O.
Garrett, Rluford Burns,- Rob
ertson and W A Rum*,and known
as thc Robert. Burns "homo place."
Also, all that piece or parcel of
land, situate, lying and ticing In tho
auld County and State, containing
Nineteen Acres, more or less, and
bounded by lands of Lewis Hums,
M G Garrett and R c Rums.
.Terms-One-half of tho j. urchnso
money to bo paul ensh, and the bal
ance on a credit of twelve months,
with Interest from tho doy of sale,
bond of Ibo pur
In the case of David C. ?Smith, Hs
Executor, Ac, vs j II Wharto \
All that tract or parcel of land,
situate In said County and Stute,on
the waters of Kaboo Creek and
Long LL*k Creek, formerly thc
property of John B Craig, ami con
taining Five Hundred und Fifty
Acres, more or less, mut bounded by
lands of Joel Anderson, Lafayette
Teague S. H. Todd ami others.
Also, all that tract of land, situate*
in tim County and State aforesaid,
containing Two Hundred A ?-res,
more or less, commonly known ?ts
thc Fleming tractt and bounded by
land** belonging to estate of Joel NV.
\ndcYson, lands of j. H. Wharton
ami others.
Terms-One half of the purchase
money ti) b*? paid cash, omi thc bal
ance on a credit of twelve months,
with interest from the day of sale,
secured by the bond of tho pur
chaser and a mortgage of Hie prem
ises, but with leave to the pur
chaser to pay th" entire bbl in cash.
The purchaser to pay for papers.
In the case ot Toi I ver Robertson,
as survivor of Mills A Robertson,
vs. Urilla Taylor, Eugenia E Nel
son et al.
All that tract of land, situated in
the County anti state aforesaid,
about three miles east of Laurens
C. iL, containing One Hundred ami
Fifty Acres, nutre; or less, ami
bounded by lands of Henry Day,
Richard Hunter, Samuel Temple
ton and others.
Terms-One-half of tho purchase
money Jo be paid cash, and the bal
ance on a credit ot twelve months,
with interest from the day of sale,
secured by the bond of the pur
chaser and a morl gage of tho prem
ises, hut with leave to the purchaser
to pay tho entire hid In cash. The
purchaser to pav for papers.
In the case of Charles I?. Rhodes
vs. Elizabeth A. Burdett and Allen
\V. Burnside.
All that tract of land, situated in
the County and State aforesaid, eon
faining Seventy-seven Acres, more
or less, and bounded by lands of B,
A Martin, M C Cox and others, ami
known ns the Reuben Burdett
Terms-One-half of the purchase
money to be paid cash, and the re
mainder on a credit of twelve
months, with interest from theda)
of sale, secured by Hie bond of tlu
purchaser and a mortgage of tlu
premises, but with leave* to the pur
chaser to pay the entire bid In cash
Thc purchaser to pay for papers.
In the case ?f Witte Brothers vs
Joseph Bea rec.
All that lot ami pureed of laud
situated In thc County ami State
aforesaid, contaluiiiff One I lumire
ami Forty-five Acres, more1 or lo?,*
and bounded by lands of V B Rob
ertson, J B Harris and others, nm
known us the John Milam tract.
Also, all that hd or parcel of land
situated in the? County and Stab
aforesaid, containing Ono llundrci
i and Fifty Acres, more; or less, mu
bounded by lands ed Mrs. Lol
Puckett, Henry Puckett and other
sud known as the Bendy Rive*
Terms-One-half of the? purdies
j money to be paid casi), and the- hal
ance em a credit of twelve' months
with Interest from the day e>f sab
secured by tho lanni of the pin
chaser and a mortgage of tho pren:
. os, with leave to tim purchaser t
pay entire bid in cash. The pm
' chaser to pay for paper*}.
In the ease e,f Robertson, Taybi
A Williams vs. Lewis Martin.
All thal tract or pureed of lan?
situate* in the County ami Stat
i aforesaid, em the wators of Salmi
River, on the South-west side* c
the Augusta road, adjoining lund
1 of Mrs. Emily Daniels, the* sui
Lewis Martin, IL 11 uti* and other
containing One Hundred and Sb
teen Acres, more* or le*ss.
' Terms-One-thirel e>f tim pin
chase money to bo paid cash, an
the balance on a credit of erne? ye*a
with inte*re*st from the day of sah
secured hy tho bond e>f the! pm
chasor and a mortgage* of the pren
Ises. The purchaser to pay for p.
, pers.
In the case? e?f Robertson, Tayh
A Williams vs. Thomas A. lim
gens anti wife*, Lila lludgens.
All that plantation or tract <
land, situated In sadd County nn
State, e>n the? waters e?f Buhu
Cre?le, adjoining lands of Lew
Dial, A. W. lludgens, Wllllai
Cathcart ami others, containiu
Eighty Acres, more <?r less.
Also, all thal plantation or trai
eif lune?, situate in same County, <i
Rabun Creek, bountied by lands i
W. Hold, lots No. 22 ami 24, nu
designated as lot Xe>. "Jd, ns wi
more fully appear by plat of C I
Fike noel John Davenport, Surve*;
ors, nnel cemtnining Three 1 lumire
ami Sixty-eight Acres, more or le*n
Also, nil that tract or paned <
land, situ ite in the same County, tl
tho waters of Dirty Creek, ntljoti
lng lands of A. W Teogue, W J
Shel I ami others, containing Sixt;
seven Acres, more e>r leas, bein
land sedd by John HmlgeMis to Re)l
crt II. Hudsons, excepting the pu
Hon thereof sohl ami convoyed I
Robert li lludgens te> A V
Terms-One-third of tho pm
chase money te be pabl cash, an
tho balance on a creelltof one yen
with interest from eloy eif sale, q
cured by thc bone's ortho purchase
or purchasers, and mortgage i
mortgages of the promises. Pu
chaser or purchasers te> poy for p
In the caso of Robertson, Tayh
A Williams vs. Downs C. Bnrksdal
All that tract of land, situate
tho County of Laurens In ?a
State, on water? of Dirty Cree
containing One Hundred nt
Twelve Acres, moro or less, bonn
ed by lands of W L Shell, T
Huelgens and others, known ns tl
lands formerly of Ambrose 1
Tem.s-One-third ot the pu
j chufle money to be paid in cash, ai
the balance em a credit of ono ye*;
In the case <?r Thomas McCoy vi?.
William T lloyd, Adm'r, Ac,
and in lils own right, ot ni.
All that tract of land, lying, he
mi- and situate in thc County and
State aforesaid, in thu section
known ns ??The Fork" of Rood,, mid
Saluda Rivers, containing * Two
Hundred and Ninety-five Acic-,
more or loss, und bounded hylands
.?r w T Smith, l?state of An ron
Hill find other-; und Reedy River.
Terms-.One-half of tho purchase
money to hr paid cash, und thc bal
li ll ce on a credit of twelve months,
with Interest from th- day of stile,
secured by thu limul of'the pur
chaser and n mortgage of.thc prem
ises, but With leave to the purchaser
to pay entire bid in cash. Thc pur
chaser to pay for papers,
In tho case of James R Higgins
vs ii Washington Martin ot al.
All that tract of lund, situate in
th?' County and State aforesaid, con
faining Ninety-six Acres, more or
less, bountied on the north and *a*t
by lands of O NV Martin, on thc
south by binds of John Lunford, on
tho wost by hinds of J. R Few Lr,
und known as tho homestead of
Janies It Higgins, Sr., subject to
thc life esfato in Don or of Caroline
j S. Martin.
Terms-Cash. Thc purchaser to
I pay for pupers.
j In thc case of Tho Geiser Manu
I fact tiring Company vs. John A,
Martin et al.
( ino Six-horso Geiser ("l'?crit ss")
Steam Eugine
Terms-Cash. The purchaser to
pay for pupers.
In tho case of Susan K. Ander
son, as Admliiisl ratrix, Ac, vs. John
C Hunter, us Administratrix, &c,
and Angie Mcclintock.
All that tract of lund, lying, be
1 lng and situate in tho County and
State aforesaid, oil tho waters of
Rush River, containing Sever. Hun
dred acres, more or loss, and bound
ed i>v lands of James 1'. Pearson,
R. <?". Fitts, estates of Thomas N.
Dendy, deceased, and II. R. Young,
deceased, and others.
Terms-One-half of thc purchase
money to be paid in cash, and the
balance on n credit of twelve
months, with interest from tho day
of sale, secured Dy the bond of the
purchaser and a mortgage of the
premises, with leave to tho pur
chaser to pay tlu . : bid in cash.
Tlie purchaser t? pn> . pupers.
C. P. 11 .VU l<*j ? ?? i ' .
All persoi 'ur . ''.?im against
the Cotllltj >" ". IM st pre
sent said c. Ibuir oft '.nin
ty < 'omni; ion rs or thc dork of
said bonni, to bc Hied on r.r Ly the
gist of o, ; . . . I ss", thorwlse
said claim v. ill col be [mid from
lllXeS collecte;, lil
J.v ? Ks HF.I.D.
.('burn. R. C. C. D.C
October Otb, 1887, lt
Female* College.
With a full corps of assistants tb<
Lnuronsvlllo Female College will
reorganize and begin fall session
Sept. I tit ti. Rooms comfortable
Standard high. Special attention ti
all Female accomplishments. New
and splendid Pianos. Non-secta
rian. Government parental. YounJJ
ladies under tho immediate euro oi
Mrs. McCaslan and Mrs. N. C Jor
dan. Pupils received -t any timi
and charged until end of quarter
? Hoard ? 12 per month In advance
Tuition $'20, $30, and wltli elnssicn
course $ bl per Collegiate year, pay
able monthly. We solicit and hopi
to merit public patronage. Foi
any information address,
LAURENS, S. C., July 20, 1887, ly
Wwi KO: TO borrow fl ."?00,00 I'orthroi
years with the prlvtllciro of live years
A libo al interest will he paid mid mort
li llie on Heal l?state glvotl.
W w ruo: To buy n .Small Farm, PK
tO 150 aeres. Well Watered MIK! timber
od land desired. A portion of tho pur
chase money will be cash, lill bu leo or
annual installment.
Pou SALK: A number nf resiliences li
tho Town of Lauren^; id BO vacant lota
great bargain* offv rod I
POM Hi:\r: Thron or four good atari
Rooms tn the Town of Lauron*. Loen
Hons good.
Fon Rus r: Tin e" or four largo rcsl
donees in the Town of Laurens, besldof
a number of cottages ami callina.
I'DIIS.U.K: (1000 acres laud Indifferent
porlioiiM of Lan re nf County. Also a val
liable plantation near Ninety-Six nm!
Orconwood in Abbeville eounty.
Pon SALK: One brick aloro room
also, one half lutoreat in tho Ploininjj
ware-house, in Hie Town of Lani cns.
Pon SA I.I . Ti.at elegant traetof Inml
ono and ono bnlf milos weat nf Lamont
r'otirtbouse, Itnoi n nat lie 1 ran! Flem
ing place. Thin pl uni dilan acres
and la well Improved. flood voter
(mod bulldiii! . Lnnrt fortil nd ll
good Htato of Oil
Por Sale:
We offer nomi rnr< .? ? ? innnlm
proved bu Idii 11 ll l "Brooklyn'
aldeoftown. liaaj lonna,
J. M. U V MPTOiN Manager
All persons indebted to mo for House
Rent, Note 01 Vceonnt, will please pnv
?niuo on or boforo NOVRMIIKII lat' na Ihr
liiiHlneaa must be sett led up by (hut Hine
W. t* ROYD.
Sept.2l, '87_ nt
i. bog to inform
Now i-t tho time to get ticke? nt the
Kron tickets to nil our customers
which utlmlta to overy depart
ment, Including n sight nt
Tile only animal known that cnn
dig down to tho center of the earth.
has gone
Ilelow thc surfil?e oT tho earth
und there, shut ?nit from mankind
; lins ndjtlstcd our pri?es so low that
! they cannot bo duplicated.
We have in '.tock, n varied assort
, ment of Dry-Goods, Clothing, Huts
shoes und Oenth men's Ku rn lah in fi
i Goods, in which we offer Live
Eur decorations in Millinery w<
have now on exhibition ii linc Hut'
? luis never been surpassed.
1 ii addition we ?1 line of
# EOEliRY*
Of Every Description,
In which WC cnn stive you money
Don't forget tho pince,
E. Sitgreaves,
South side of tho Public Square
2Qscp Lou rons, 8. C._
- ALI. K1?1DS OF
Iron, Horses nndMulo Hlioes, Null*
Axes, Plows, Steels, Hollowware
Huck Thorne Eence Wire, Pocke
lund Table Cutlery, Guns, Pist?d.?
Wooden war". Ropes, Cordage, U*p
per, Sob- mid Harness Leather, Hug
g y, und Wagon liarnos, Ungo
und Ruggy Materials, Windin
(4 lass, Paints und Oils, Hubbe
Rooting etc
i Agricultural Implement*. Rpo
(dui attention is called to Penning
ton Cultivator for putting in grail
All of willoh wi I be sold us iowa
tlie lo . est for cash.
The friends ol' Mr Wright wi
li bim nt his old stund, und eve
ready to wait on them. Do not fa
to cull und examine before pm
cbasing elsewhere.
a i
A llioettlg of Tux payers (
Hie countyof Laurens, will lie bel
in the Court llonsoon Saturday th
20ml, nt ll o'clock n m. to ch et nc
less Hun three or more than dele
?rato- to represent the stock of Lau
reu? County m the (J reen ville nm
Laurens Rui I road Com jinny nt
melding of the stockholders tob
held in Augusta on Tuesday the Isl
dti.fof November next,October HI
1887. J A M KS RELL Chi
lb CC !.. ?
$100 to $300 ;
monti) eau h
made working n>
ns. Agents preferred who nan fu ru ni!
their own horno? nod givo their whol
Hmo to tin business. Spare moment
may be pro. tul ly om ploy o I also. A 1Y\
vacancicH in towns and citlos. ll. 1
JOHNSON A CO., 1013 Main St.. Kiel,
mond, Va. nugVMni
Send I'MvoeontH In Htnmpn at oneo fo
our elegantly Hhialriltod Catalogue.
1?". D. Jolinsou ?V* Son.,
mri n m . 802 Main Ht., Lynchburg, VII
Ol'iee over National Hank,
ce days? Mondays and uesday*
Lu MUKN'S,..?,, <
? Steam & Kater
ROIr,; in
Cotton I Yes UH
Unit* Val vea
s:i tm NU
ll A Nfl HRH
Water \Shwh
; Ri .IRS and Iron
A Full Stecli ot Sup,lt??, (http tnt gool.
?a? iv r?r..-? yea
PBOMPf O 4.1.1 VI. HY.
QEO. fi! L0M3AR0M&G0t
Kern dry, AU lone end Huller
Works. ACOi. H
'JR CAeitircoKB
We would respectfully announce
That we now have In ?torc, A thou?
muid and ono (liing.;, And aro daily
receiving more, Our round stack*
of good-;, in part wo will montiert,
Hut won't usc one .space to bring
bali to your attention. Suffice lt
t?? say, WO have Hour, meal and
meat, A lid sugar and coffee which
cnn not be beat. Our elegant can
ned good1 will just make you smile
As you stand and behold them
luid pile upon pile. Of tobaccos
und cigars we have quite enough,
Ami clgttrotts too for nil to take a
putt'. Our new and full line of plain
I mid funcy candy, Is, to say the least,
i perfect 'Milli Dandy." Now you'll
give us your intention wo sincerely
hope, For we wish to say a word re
gnrding'our so.ip. Wo defy com
ped inn and if equaled <.r bent, lu
ifllilltity or price, lib lbs. of soup, is
our trent. Just call and get prices
you'll he paid for your pains, And
forbuyingyour goods from J. Meit-*
UK UT J A M r.s.
Laurens, Sept. lil, .87
ii.M KKNs C. H., S.O., Sept. 7th.
I will attend ut the following
named places for the collection of
Tuxes for Laurena < 'minty, 8. C., for
thc Hscill year commencing Nov
ember 1st 188(1, us follows:
October 15, nt rylorsvlllo In Scuf
fle's Township from Kl A M to 2
V M.
October 17 ut Jos. Duenna tore ill
Jack Township from 10 A M, to 2
V M.
October 18, nt Il Y H Dell ?toro
in Jacks Township, from 10 a in lo
2 p ni.
October, li? nt Gohlsvllle, In Huh
lorTnwnshlp from io a m x to 2pm,
Oct .ber 'o, it eil iton in ?Munter
Town.-hip, from lu, a m to 2 p nt?
October 21, at Spring (?rove in
Cross Mill Township, from 10 a m
to 2 m.
October22, at Cross Hill from.
Ki, ii in to 2 p m.
( ictober 21, nt Waterloo in Water
loo Township, frc ni I (bi ni to 2 p Hi
October 2"?, ut ll t. HcudcrtrfuVn
slore in Waterloo Township, Iroin
lu u m to 2 p m.
October 2(1 nt Hrew'orton in Sul
livan's Township, from io a m to 2
i m.
October 27?n Tumbling Rho nhl
Sullivan's Township, from io a ut
to 2 m.
October 28 nt Dial's Church lu
Dial's Township from 10 a in to 1
p m.
October 29 at W II Stoddard In
Dints Township, Irom lt? am to 2
p m.
November :i nt Young's Store lu
Voiing'sSo\vnship,trnui 10a into
i p m.
November 5 :it W H I'lir-mi's
-tore in Young's Township, from
lu u ni to 2 p m.
Oct lill. Nov 1,2, nt Laurens CK
from lu u m to ? p m.
(?II mid alter thu Otb, tiny of No
vember thc treasurer's office will
be open at Laurens C II, s U, for
the collection of said tuxes until
the loth, of December 1887.
The tax levy for Laurens Coun
ty for llscnl your ls ns follows:
Stute Tax, IJ.
(anility u I.
K lt " 31.
School ?.
Special on .Sullivan OA,
Total 13}.
Foll Tux 01,00.
(>i TICK Floniiug's Cnrnor, Northwest
?.lile of Publie Square.
LAURENS, (Mt., . . . H. 0.
A T T 0 lt N K Y A T LAW,
LAU UK NS C, IL, rt. C.
Office over National Hank.
w. 0, il KN RT?
v. r. M'UOWA?*
W. H. Martin
LAC HENS C. II., . - - 8. O
2S?. Q .HL^R/R/E?
frr*onbe over atoro of W. L. Royd.
N.i. Hot,M KS. H. T. SISMOS
L JRKNSC. U., - . . R.C..
j. Wt Kiat'i . s??y. c. c,r KATHI HS ?ON M
LAUREK0C. li., - - - H.
Nt 1TI0K.
A new hrldgo acres? Indian
Creek, Jack? Township, known ?.
Mason's llrldgo will he let ?nit to
Ilia lowest bidder on the 2}>th dav
of October, 1887, at 12 o'clock M.
Stieelflcatlons presented at the lut
tlng of said bridge v Ith tho right
to object to bids. . M," .
Chm'n. D.C. C. lo ? '

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