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a The Advertiser
. Abscrlptlon Prico--12 Months, $1.00
1. ?
Kates tor Advortlalng. -Ortllnnry Ad
vertisements, per square, Onelimor*
timi, $1.00; oneil subsequent limer* I
tum, Pal vents. . i
Liberal reduct lon imulo for largo Au*
LAUREN'S, S. C., Nov. 16, 1887.
Editorial Paragraph?.
There is nu hunior lu treatisg serious
questions in n clownish way.
When ?rc wc to be repaved from I'm
bunion of tho Trial Just:ce system.
The New York olect'on tuny bc i*Oll* I
aidcrod th? Primary election of Drover j
(levi land for a soeoilil terni.
Why ia lt that tho number of appeals
t<i tho Supreme Court from tho circuit
< 'ou rt s have Incrensod so rapidly bi Into
Capt Tillman ami Sonator Y miman?
will hold a joint dis.Mission on "Till- I
inanism" nt Kdgfleld Oil tho 21st. The (
Captain promises the Senator a hearing ?
I lits time.
?? ?
The mau who makes boin hs, ?shall by
bomba he killed, is the doctrine of Anar
chist Lingi*. Unod doctrine. A doctor
should never hesitate to take his own
medicine. ?
Honor to whom honor 's due. Cover
nor Oglosby who isa republican, had
the courage to stand for Un-right. Ile
"hires do all that in iv become aman,
iv'io dares do more is nono."
A newspaper up in Connecticut came
ont In mourning for tho d'art ann re h. I
isis. That night tho stockholder*, pat
th?thing in tn . h inds of a rceolvor, anil .
tho mourning .'ontinues.
Tho tour anarchists who wore hanged j
hi Chicago wore editors, ami six of the
sovoil coudomr.od wero editors, and yet
thoro aro min who still long to Join the
fraternity of quill-drivers.
A govornmont explorer has unearthed
a city in A razona, and oxltti med 'J*'
skeletons Hoar Salt Uiver. This ex
plains what has booomo of poisons who
have been blown up Silt Uiver.
. .
Mo willows ever die? This quest inn In
. suggested by the official aintouncemont
that after thu lapse of ii century thirty
II vc widowso." tho soldiers of the Rovo*
lutionary war still draw pensions f.om
the government.
A great many persons have tho idea
that tho "farmer's movement" UN it is
s* vied, is an effort to reduce taxation.
How do thoy roeomdlo thin with the
latest utterance nf tho Originator, that
the "soul of the inovomont is an ngrb
eultural college.
A few days ago Charleston had tho
la.-gost crowd perhaps, thsl ever assem
bled in tho city, and tho next week, the
Capital city was never so full. This is
asuro indication that's" isa prosperous
year and that many and fervent will ha
the thanks gi ving-oiToriogs sont up
bom lins fair laud on tho 2t4h.
. .
WV venturi! to predict that Augusta,
will heat tho record nf Soiithnrn Kxpn*
sif'ons. Carolina friends have not for
gotten tho royal receptions tendered
them on numerous occasions, and from
what we know, we may reason that this
r.xposition will bo all that an Kx position
should be. Success to tho scbomo.
. .
Some timo av,o n spring in tho South
ern portion of Pcx as was discolored (
whleb gave wator said to possess the
smell and flavor of the "Ardent." Of?
e inrso antis in tho prohibition campaign
were jubilant ; but, sines snottier COU ll*
ly has given water of a decided lemo
nade flavor, it seems tho fight must con
tinuo with nature neutral.
bishop Keener thinks it probable that
the " Garden of Kilon " was located near
tho city of Charleston. Ilo does not
press the Iden, howev.-r. Whether
tho garden ot old was no ir Charles
ton, we know not, bul certain it ls thal
the "(.ardon spot of Creation " ls nt
least within Ihn same political bounda
ries, ami in t ne nort h-western sect lou of
Hie State.
The World, Timos and Tribune, fought
Col. Hollows, the noni I nnns of tho d?mo
cratie party Of New York, willi a deter
mination ami presistoneo seldom show
by newspapers. Mut despite tho World,
riet.li and the Dovll, Col Kellows was
elected. The World should remember
that greater orbs have be ni shaken ro
really There ls a limit ttl tho power
nf all things terrestrial.
To .soiul a Southern man to stump the
North, waa ail experiment which man
agers will ooitsblOi weil heforo repeat
ing. Tho time will come whoa thoy will
bo heard, but lt must ho a'ter such men
as Henry lt. Jackson loam lo sponk tho
.Ollllment of tho South or bo sllont. The
ono unfortunate remark ot tilla brave
and truo man, moro then offset the
good work of tho gallant (Jordon.
. .
So far ss a "inovomont" aneka to re
duce taxation, to purify tim administra*
(lon and urg? tho passago ol laws for
tho Common good, it Will have tho hour
ly support of honest -non, ho they tiber*,
of tile soil, or hewers of wood and draw
ers of wator. Ro far as a "movement,"
ft matters not whoso "movement*' lt ho,
looks lo array one class anni nst another,
to ant as a boast of bunton to convoy
unworthy mon into ofllce, or lo gain n
point under a falso protonso; Just so far,
just such ? movement will luect disas
ter nt overy turn.
Mince astronomers have brought th?
neighbor world Mars, In auch clone
proximity to Karth, as that a protry
good map of its surface la m ado, and the
question oflnliabltants settled affirma
tively, now lot Holonoo go a step farther
and give us sonic idea of th? complex
iou, disposition and general modo of
ll ring among tho Marshes. The Iden is
udruticod bv one astronomer, that If the
standing arinloo of the world were di
verted from military exploita to Mian?
tltlo invontluatlon in thia direction, In n
short wilde wo could notnnly tell th?
hon nd.o ?o' thu Murtatn .vorld, but
would Ue in friendly Intercourse with
ita inhabitant*.
MOU J : on 1.1 :SM.
A very intelligent old gentleman,
Mr Kvans, of Darlington, Introduc
ed a resolution in tho "Old Far
mers Convention" to tho effect? that
ono of the causes of tho present ti
naucial depression ninon?; farmers,
i-i, "too much credit."
In all agricultural districts, a
certain amount of credit is neces
sary, but wo believe Mr Evans hus
struck the true cnuso of ? large
proportion of the failures of farmers.
When credit is so easy, that labo
rers can net Independently of land
lords, and landlords ure allowed to
?pend all they make before the
crop is In the ground, we may ex?
poet little else than general depres
don. The trouble ls not so much
?ll tho laws of State us In the prac
tice of our people.
There is au element in this state
darner I tig for greater credit. To
ibtnln it, they want thc homestead
Abolished. Now, bow does tills
comport with tho above resolution ?
Do tho farmers-the overshadow-!
in?? majority of our people ask that 1
the homestead provision betaken
from our constitution, or is lt the
merchants und Shylock's who thus
i lamor.
As will be seen elsewhere, lion
J. lt. Humbert succeeds Cob 1>. I*.
Duncan ns President of the State
Agricultural and Mechanical So
ciety. Col. Duncan has managed
thu affairs of the Society with
marked ability and success, and
this unprecedented prosperity is
due mainly to bis fine administra
tive ability. Hud the members of
the Society made a thorough can
vass of the State, and the sur
rounding States, no more worthy
successor to the uncumbent could
have buen found than the man se
lected. Ile is n man of who'll tiny
Statu should be proud to honor,
and a representative farmer, in
?very way qualified to promote the
best interests of the Society.
[Hy thc pro tem Kditor.
More il.dit-paying principle is nee
ded. Wo do not know the am >u:?t
of private indebtnoss in Laurens
County. Suffice it to say it is lar
ger than it ought to be. No doubt
some honest men are HO heavily in
volved tis to be unable to muet all
their obligations now, but a will to
pay, coupled with nu effort, will
eventually free all such from debt.
Try it. For the payment of our
debts It is not so essential to have
large sums of money us to keep
what we have mosing. One hun
dred dollars started to-day anil
kept moving will pay thousands In
three months.
A credit system without individ
ual credit is ruinous. In thu ab
sence of Individual credit liens und
mortgages are thu basis of credit.
That system reduces men to shive
ry,-they have no credit of their
own and must buy regardless of
prices where t heir property is pledg
ed. Men of Laurens, ure y?u thus
circumstanced V The world is full
Of money nt low rates of interest .
Your simple promise to pay will
scuronll you need If you will build
upa credit, by always meeting
your creditors at th J appointed
time a ml pince.
Very few cnn alford to pay inter
est. Many Huffer themselves to be
burdened with ousts of litigation.
That cnn bo avoided by paying
your debts in full ?it or before matu
It la bad principle anti worse
management to pay a lawyer fifty
dollars to save you from paying
an honest debt of twenty-live dol
lars. Your creditor is not needy?
That is no concern of yours. Poy
your honest dr hts. Your creditor
hms not pay himself? That does
not excuse you. Two rascals are
worse than one.
?t is not. claimed that Laurens is
dither bettor or worse than other
[Hirth ins of the State, but wo need
more individual credit. Let every
nan in the county make an effort
io establish an ?undoubted credit,
ind he will rarely be asked to give
?thor security than a simple prom?
se to pay. One's word ought to be
me's bond.
The following recipe for keeping
amp chimneys from cracking is
aken from the Diamond, a Leipsic
. un nal devoted to the glass Inter
.sts: Place your chimneys, tum
?lers or vessels which you desire
o keep from cracking, In a pot flll
MI with cold water and n llttlo cook*
ug salt, allow the mixturo to boil
?veli over a Are, and then cool slow
y. Cllnss treated in this way ls said
lot to crack, even II exposed to
i/ery sudden changes of tempura
iure., Cli I m noys are said to become
/cry durable by this process, which
nay also be extended to crockery,
itenewnre, porcelain,etc. Tho pro
fess is simply ono of annealing,
md the slower the process, espocl
ill the cooling portion of It, th?
nore effective will bo the werie.
TfasteFs Sales.
The State of Sooth Carolina,
PurAtu\nt to judgments for ?nie In
the following stated eases, I will '
soil al nubile outcry, at Laurens C. ,
H., on Sale Day In I'coomber next, :
hoing Monday, tho ?th day of the ?
month, during the legal hours for,
sales, the property described in
each ease, upon the terms specified,
to wit :
In tho case of Minerva Dial vs.
Addie H. Hill.
All that tract of land, situate, ly
ing and being In the County mid
State aforesaid, containing Ono
Hundred mid Eighty Acre?, moro
or less, and hounded on the North
by land? of Col. J. Washington
Watts and Malinda Crew?, on the
F.ast by lands of Malinda Crew??,
on tho South by lands of Allon Dial
and W, I,. Sholl, and on the Wost
by lands of Allon Dial.
Terms-One-half of the pu reba ao
money to be paid cash, and the
remainder on a credit of twelve
months, with interest from the tiny |
of sah?, secured by the bond of the
purchaser and n mortgage of the
premises. The purchaser to pay
for papers.
Tn the ease of David A. Richard
son, as Administrator, Ac, vs. War- :
ron Walker et ni.
All that tract of land, h in?; and
being in tho County of Laurens
und State aforesaid, ewntaining !
Three Hundred and Thirty-eight
Acres, more or less, on tho waters
of Cane Creek, hounded hy lands of
Dolly Madden, C.. W. Winn, lands
formerly belonging to the Estate of
Isaac Grant, deceased, and .lames
Peirson, being the land upon which
Solomon F. Fuller resided nt the
time i f bis death.
Ternis-One-half of the purchase
money to bo paid cash, and the bal
ance on n credit of twelve months,
With interest from tin? day of sale,
secured by tho bond of the pur
chaser and it mortgage of the prem
ises. The purchaser to pay for pu
Tn the case of Toi Iver Robertson,
as surviving Rx ecu tor, Ac., vs. Ed
win 1*. Simpson, ns Trustee, and in
Iiis own right, et al.
The following described property,
situate in the ('(Minty and State
aforesaid, near the Incorporate lim
its of the town of Laurens, to wit:
Lot No. ?, cont alni nu Two Acres,
fronting on publie rood from Lau
rens to Clinton, and bounded by
Tracts No. o ami 7, and Lot N>. fi.
Lot No. fi, containing Two Acres,
fronting on publie road from Lau
rens to Clinton, and bounded by
Lot No. ?, Traed No. 7, and by a
new street.
Lot No. 7, containing Two .Veros,
fronting on public road from Lau
rens to Clinton, and bounded by
Lot No. 8, Tract No. 8, and a HOW
Lot No. 8, containing Two Aeres,
fronting on public road from Lau
rens to Clinton, and hounded hy
Leta No. 7 and 0 and Tract No. 8.
Lot No. 0, containing Two Acres,
fronting on public road from Lau
rens to Clinton, and bounded by
Lot No. 8 and Tract No. H.
Tract No. 2, containing Fifty
eight Acres, und hounded by Sulii
van and Irby lands, Tracts No. 1
and il, and the main road from Lau
rens to Milton.
Tract No. 4, containing Seventy
Acres, and bounded by lands of
Miss T. Irby, Tracts No. M ami ?,
and the nwt i ll road from Laurens to
Tract No. ft, containing Fifty
four Acres, and hounded by lands
of Miss T Irby, Mrs. S. W. Simp
son, S. K. Taylor, Traed No. 4, and
the main road from Milton to Lau
rens C. H.
Tract No. fi, contolnlng Fifty
eight Acres, lying on the Clinton
road, ami bounded by Tracts No. 5
and 7, and by lands of S. K.Taylor.
Tract Ko. 7, containing Seventy
five Acres, and bounded by Tracts
No. ."?, fi und 8, and Lots No.? and fi.
Tract No. 8, being the Home
stead Tract, containing Sixty Acres,
lying within tho incorporate lim
its of the town ?if Laurens, nm]
bounded by lands of Mrs. Janie C.
Todd, Col. H. W. Rall, by Lots No.
7, 8 mid 0, and Tract No. 7.
Flats may be seen ut my office.
Terms-One-half of the j urehnse
money to be paul cash, and the bal
ance on a credit of twelve months,
with interest from the day of sale,
"ecured by the bond of the pur
chaser, or purchasers, and n mort
gage of the premises, but with leave
to any purchaser to poy entire hld
in cash. The purchasers lo poy for
In the ease of Susan E. Ander
son, as Administratrix, Ac., vs John
C Hunter, ns Administratrix, Ac.,
and Angie Mcclintock.
All that tract of land, ly* Hg, be
ing und situate in the County mid
State aforesaid, on the Wliters of
Rush River, containing Seven Hun
dred Acres, more or less, und boun
ded hy lands of Janies l\ Pearson,
R. fi. Pitts, estates of Thomas N.
Dendy, deceased, and IL H Young,
deceased, and others.
Terms-One-half of the purchase
money to be paid in cash, nod the
bit I ti ii ec on a credit of twelve
months, with Interest Irom the day
of sole, secured by tho lion ll of tho
purchaser and a mortgage of tho
premises, with leave to the pur
chaser to pay the entl re bid in rnsh.
The purchaser to pay for papers.
W.O. il KN KT, 9. P? M'tlim-AV
Abbeville. bmiroiiii.
LU'l'.KXH C. IL. - - - H. C.
LAI* HF.NM, 8. C*
ftvot?ct) ovor ?toro of W. L. Royd.
But a continual puzzle to 01
mente and superb ?tock, ami th
the rank weed of high prices nu
IG yards Checked Homes
I yards all-wool Jenna foi
Ladies' Jerseys only AO c
The Gre
ns dues Hie glittering gold gladden
you can put them "where they will
Ladies' Hemmed Hnndk
2.J cents.
14 yards '1 milt of th?
Bleaching for ?1.00.
'20 pieces Kugle A Phoo
wool, ll oz. Jeans 37j cent:
?Oct nts.
No year in Hie history of our bus
certainly menus something, und ttl
largest, best selected and most coin
merit. Watch the numbers on the
Mens' Brogans, 6, 7 nu
Mens' Brogans, K."> cents.
Mens' Congress Halters, !
We tell you this; don't lu hoodw
know Mr. Su und So," hut look win
publish, mid investigate the corree
emphatically and satisfactorily pru
Of -A.uig
Tho Largest, Fine;
House in
W?- arc now-receiving our Kail stock o
ever hail, ami this is saving very imiel
THE 11,3
I Mit h in Styles and Prices alway:
all the woods made into furniture, i oi
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Walnut Soils. $:{."? nu. Mar?delo
Krames, ff? to f?O Ul). Kino Silk l?i
We carry 'rom WI to 7."?p rtrlor nils u
It will pay you t?, come end see us or
rn application
(.'onie ami price, we \riil hu glad t
843 Broad St.,
New aoode
Attractive additions to hath tie
will not he under sohl. Visitors ul1
our goods Ulld tell mir prices whctl
Hooks u ntl Pieturc Mouldings n sp?
-Deniers in Hough,ami 1
Doors, Sash and
Laths, Mantels, Newe
We eau have done at sipu t not
of laney work. It you mem
( ar Loa 1 of Flour just R
All of Which we sell ut UOTTC
Send Klveeants In stamps nt once for]
our elegantly lllustralctl Catalogue
V. I*..lnlin*nti ?V Son.,
nslnnt SW Main St., I.y nehhurg, Va.
.^ffleo ovar Nwtlonsl Hank,
cc days-Monday* and uesdaya
L.-.i.'RKX?, - - - . - S. tr]
ot a Nine I
ir I ecu) o competitors, is our u in
e continue?] inciense inour sales,
(1 clearing the land for cowing tl
This Week We Scatter B
pun for 22 yards Bleach?
r 85 eta. ('uticos, 2.J cents,
iasy Gresnbacks Lubric?
the mlaor'a hoart. To us either of tl
do you tho most good."
orchiefs 2") yards Shirting
(lents' full ribbed
j Loom regular made, ut 1
20 cents.
nix. nil- Ladies' lO-gnugc
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good value nt ?o coi
?iness bus equaled thc present in vol
0 most obtuse observer cnn (dourly si
p?ete stock in Laurens, und our Hgu
1 wheel and see if you don't "strike i
cl S, 00 Melts' Hoots, (LAC
Childrens' Hoots, !
Womens' Polkas,
99 cents. Ladies'Hutton ni
inked by the old-time phrase of M Ul
.re your interest lies, und where you
tness of ?mr quotations, ami we feel
mounce us the Moving Power, tho H
L A U li E N
"U.S"tEL, Q-EL.
st, and Most EoliabL
ttl? Soutri!
f Furniture. Tim tined mid clio npost w
li, Tar wehuvo for years been
4 sell fog on close margins. We luivo
iislsting of Mahogany, ('lurry, Anthpu
?h, Mol 1(1 Ash, Olivo mid Walnut.
p. $40 00 Parlor Suits, Plush Wainui
ur r suits, $.',."> 00 to $:tun un.
ml from loi? tn L'.o chamber snit* in str>ok
write for catalogue an I prpro H? MMH frei
o show V'iu I In-, ru 3 li
The Leaders.
- -A.vig-ULSta.1 Get
lsT?w Stylos
pur*monts uro arriving daily. Wo
ways welcome. We aro glad to show
1er you wish to buy or not.' Mellool
tctMty Prepared Lumber,
Blindi, A
igs of Every Kin
ls, Sawed and Turned
iee anti in good style ?ny kimi
l 1 nisi ness eal! to sec us.
Laurens C. H. S. C
i " * ... i
UL Shifters
I'l.K nunns, SI . il AS -
dt, CA N N ED ooo DH
eceived. .
Ld of Bagging and Ties.
iVv permlaalon of A. w. burnside.
Probate J inigo, i wilt settle ide Karate of
Nnncv 1'iirkM, deceased, at tins illUce HI
Lauren-. C. II. on I lin ISth ilnv nf Nm
po<7, nt IO O'clock, A. .M.. mel at the same
time win apply for a iiuai discharge.
All persons havlntr de-nan.ls agnlust
sahl catato aro hereby untitled lo present
tin-M.une, in duo form, on or IK-foro ?nid
dav, or bo forever barre?!. And all In
debted are required lo niako payment hy
aald time.
J V PA lt Ks,
lays' Wondei
hated succ?s?. . 'Lpige crowds ol
?how the publie appreciation of (
he seed of real values.
roadcast the Following:
.tl Shirting for Hood Calk
Iii yunis ul
08 cts.
ates the Wheels of Com
leso "circulating mediums" will suth
for $1.00. i 6 yards ?
half hose, full, cents.
0 cents, worth (M Dress
. Cheviots, Tr
hose in solids, at 25 cents, \
roys nt 2"? cents,
unie of trade and amount of sales, ni
BO it is the people's patronage. And
res ure always relied on ns the ii
76c, fl.?>'?, $1.<
See our LIM
nt ?2.25.
E)5 cen tv.
60 cents,
id Lace Shoes,
rout H?rgalas," or bo handicapped in
i can get the most for your money,
satisfied your verdict w ill join the p
egulur Battlers and Invincible I .eade
W ( 1
Houehold W
From thc I
the Sea
? i
Our mammoth F.stnblishment
Goods fi om tho liest Munufacti
I Foreign Goods.
Thc masses which crowd our sb
gains, and go ?way delighted, is tr
We have to-day tho most complet
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We will display to the purchasl
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We have doubled our sales this :
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j We arc in the Dry Goods and Clo
I rather be nt the bead ol our esta bib
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io pieces 51-inch Flannels, on
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27 piceos lllack Silk, from nu Impo
$1.25 $1.40, #1.';??.
Now, if you intend buying a Hine
? line. I f you live (Ult Of tho city sen
ft pieces lilnck Moire Silk, at $1.1
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I pb-te. Wo will display Monday 10
Luton's all wool, ls Inches wide, \
In this Department our stock is v
IIIIM-, regular made I2U\ worth 25c.
A special sale Monday 25c. Ao. (J
Soe our line nt 40c, tl'.ld 50,
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at 25c, 25c. They would bo cheap a
Wo propose doing business and wi
& h% Wkmm.
Female* College.
With a full corps of assistants the
Lauronsvillo Female College will
reorgnni/.e und begin fall session
Sept. 10th. Hooins comfortable.
Standard high. Special attention to
ull Female accomplishments. Now
und splendid Pianos, Non-secta
rian. Government parental. Young
ladle- under the immediato care of
Mrs. Met'asian und Mrs. N. (' Jor
dan. Pupils received ?t unv time
and charged until end of quarter.
Hoard $12 per month in advance
Tuition $20, $80. mid with classical
course fin per Collegiate year, pay
able monthly. We solicit und hope
to merit public patronage. For
any Information address,
. ........ ProaMont.
LA UH ENS, S. c., July 20y IK?7, ly.
T if K N K W
I beg to Inform the publie thnt I nm
p -pared o Kurve them MMTouMonbil Ar
tl j In in uowiniMrtorH, under tho Rob
e: ? -.-.ariJV
' buyers daily attest our im
ouv efforts in mowing down
os, 27 yards for JW els.
j.wool Dress Goods for
co, niul wo will show you how
Cotton Flannel nt OS
doods, Cash meres,
loot? ?uni I'ir Stripes
vorth 50 cents.
ul they are rapidly rising. This
why? Because wo curry tho
olex of cheapness and genuine
?0 und +2.00.
lies' hand-made shot's
your trading, "just because you
Kxamineclosely overy item wo
opuiur one, which unreservedly,
rs ol the Dry doods Marked.
ord in the Land
fountains tc
is tilled with ike u os: IClegar.t
irers in tho World-American ami
r>ro tinily, eagerly purchasing Imr
uly gratifying.
te establishment in South Carolina,
Nothing ami Furnishing doods,
ng public $100,000 Stuck, which is
season for tho mouth of September,
0 month of < lc ttl Nor.
?INS l&
thing Business to stay. We would
diluent than of any other business
ont styles, at fie.
aids ut lue., half wool,
? inches wide, at l?c. worth i Sc. mut
e week only, nt 50c, per yard,
he new shades, sile.
o r
rter'.s forced sale, I0c, 77c, 92c, $1,
k Silk this season, examine this
d for samples.
attention ami our lines aro com*
pieces Black Cashmeres,
vorth *l.u<?, nt ODc., 60c., Wc.
ery attractive, 800 dozen Misses
tt> Nt?. 8J, worth more money.
colors, white feet, regular mado
t :i pairs for ?1.0?,
III make the price to do it.
Notices o il
State of South Carolina,
Ctiuii ty of l< nu re ns,
Kjt t'a,/- Nanny Kntro- * Petition for
kin, Petitioner. ? Homestead*
Not leo ts hereby niven that tho above
nanioil petitioner has upp'icil to the Mos
tor to have n homestead appraised and
set off to nor in the ros! nmi personal Sf.*
late w hereof her late husbaiel, .Fauns
(?. Kntrekln, died aolsod snd pnaaeaaod..
Vi II. lt.VltKSI?.\!.K.
fj A r it R N s rot N T Y
IN Tl IK ?o\tui.N . MtA*.,
Kt ixtrtr Mahala ll. V t Will lon ft?p
oil, Pe Ul hmo i Homestead.
Notice la herc- pivot* ihnt Ihc nltova
named Pstltl? er has applied to the
Master to have a homoatoad appraised1
sud act (?ir to her In tho real and per
aonni estate whereof har lato husband,
William M?ck Mitchell, died Stifled ?nd
M aal?-*?
Nov. S, IHS7 ?t

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