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Wie Advertiser
Yo? cnn still find piont y of nicklo hats
\Vron's (Jallery will oloso July H.
View plcturcH a spocialty.
Tho numerous frlouds of Mr. \V. A.
Jamieson aro glad to MOO him on tho
Htrvota again alter his long and suriotuj
Hov. N. J. Holmes lina gone to Spar
enburg, whoro ho will tako charge of
the Proshy lorian Church during tho ab
lion co of its pastor in Kuropw,
You will lind a inagnlflcont display
and sumo spoclnl bargains in Jllack and
colored cashuiurs and Henriettas at
Wo oro ploasod to hoar that wo aro
?ooo to hu ve a musical and dramatic eu
ertalnmont, Mrs J K Wilkes has tho mat
tor inehargo und is drilling sumo of tho
best talent of th* city, both juvenile and
adult. Puller announooinont will bo
m ?ole next wook.
Th? touchers and pupils of our Fornido
College oro hard at work preparing for
th? coining eoinmsneemont.
An attraotivo featnf o of tho W?ok wit
boa broom drill, in tho evolutions of
?which Mina Board ls now preparing tho
young ladles os drill sargeant of the
Ncvrp>< ntl .t .
Dr Kugone;IIoleoniboayoungdontlalof
Hpurtsnbtirg County ona %roeo.it gratlu
atu of the dental department of tho Univ?
erslty of Tennossoe whoro ho took socoml
honor, has ostahllshod an ooloo hero.
Wo boarti'y wolcoino him lo ?. atreus.
.Summer Excursion.
Tho tJrironvillo and Laurens Railroad
now sell a round trip tickets from Can
on? to Groenvillo on Sundays for sovon
ty-flvo couts, A train loaves boro carly
Sunday morning and roturo, lato that
nftornoon, giving all persona an oppor
niiy of spending a day tn tho Moun
tain City. ,
Corner-Stone Ceremonies,
TheCornor-Htono of Memorial Hall,
Tbornwoll Orphanage, will ho laid on
May,'28th (Monday) at 8:10 p.m. Kev.
t). lt. Ur.ick Mit 1). l>., of Charleston, will
deliver thu address. Our friends
throughout tho county ure invited to
hu prosont. Wu. 1'. JACOBS,
Died, May 16th, 1888, little Many, In
fant tlaughtor of W. II. liagwnll, of Tri
unglo nolohborhood.
Mr. John Dunnon, a highly respected
citixoo ol' tho Tylersvillo soction of tho
Tylersvlllo section of tho county, died
lust Thursday.
Mr. Dunnon was in Ids nighty-third
Mr. Klhert Workman, nu estimahlo
young man, ogod about 21 years, MOM of
Mrs Caroline Workman, dietl at his
homo near Rocky Springs on tho 10th,
Hui-TftVlira Notice.
Tho coiiiinittoo appointed at Uroy
eotirt to fix tho timo and place for tho
Ko-uuiou of tho 3rd S. C. Regiment and
3rd liataltion, will meol at Cuirons on
Saleduy In June, as soma changos must
bo ma.ie, J. W. WATTS,
Pursuant to previous notlco a mooting
of tho committees representing iho dif
ferent Companies organised in Laurens
County, which nerved In tho 3rd Reg
iment, S.C.V. and of tho Jarnos Battal
lion, mot st Laurens C. II., on tho vt h
Inst, und resolved to hold a re-union of
tho Hurvivora of said cominan Ja at
Lanford'a Biatlon ou tho O lit K R, on
on the Stn of August nex t.
It was further agreed thai tito survl
vlvors of tl1? other omi pan ion of said
command.i bo ro<|Uostod to participate
in thia i o union. A eoinmiltou was thou
appointod io notify thone eoiupanios of
this red ut ion, and also ta Invito tho
following gontlemon to inako addroa-ies
on that occasion : Col. HW Hall of Lau
rons; J nd ga Allen Uarksdolwof Loilisaua
(lepond Y J I'ope of Newbeny; Capt,
ll I. Fal loy, ti M Smith, ofHpartaiihurg;
O W Shell Ot I.au rena,
j W Watts
Baso Dull.
Tko Lotirons Hase Hall Associa
tion has been reorganized, and the
follow lng officers have boon elected
for tho season of 1888:
President, J. T. Johnson; vice
President, L, E. Irby; Hec'y und
Treasurer W. W. Dall: Manager, J.
A, Crisp; .Scorers, E. II. Wilkes anti
O. S Ourrott.
Tho material fora base bali team
In Laurena la unusually good this
season, ami we ere certain to have
some groat ball before tho summer
ls over.
Commeneemesit nail.
Ata meeting of tho young men
of tho city held In Wilkes' Hacket
(Store Monday P.M. lt was unani
mously resolved to have the Hall
ns usual at commencement. The
various committees will be given
Dime Reading.
There will be a Lime Heading
at the Y. M.C. A. Hall on Friday
Evnlng nt 8 Oclock, under the
management of Mrs. 8. H. Plus*.
Youiig ladles and Young mon ot
tho town will take part.
One of the Incidents of O il moro's
southern tour occurred In Columbia
last week. While In that city tho
great maestro was Invited to hoar
the Viaanka children play on the
plano and violin. At tho close of
the performance, which was Infor
mal, Oilmoro expressed his wonder
and anton (ah me nt at such infantile
musical precocity, and Oilmoro had
seen and heard a great many otu
?foal prodigies lo his fife. lie gava
?bom a leaUmonlAl bolero leaving.
A Jolly excursion party boarded
a special conch at this place on
Monday last, 14th inst., bound for
Port Royal, where they proposed
to camp for several days and in
dulge in that recreation which Dr.
Boteler describes as tho most calm,
quiet and Innocent, God over made
-angling, it is doubtful however
if this calm and quiet view would
have been expressed if Dr. Boteler
had benn a member of this partic
ular fishing party. The veliant
crew who venta.ed 208 miles from
home on this expedition, consisted
of A, W. Anderson, C. W. Tune, M.
ir. Fowler, A. it. Fleming, J. A. j
Copeland, O. H. Simmons, Oswald
Richardson, J. D. Adams, A. C.
Dillard, John IL DeShiebls, Tims.
Hay, Dr. 15. E. Martin, with his
three little boys, Dugnr, Karlo and
Hen and J. C. Carlington. Hill Ho
mar, colored acting porter. This
party was Increased to nineteen by
the addition of Jos. T. Simmons and
-Montgomery, of G roon wood.
Hitched to tim passenger train,
at .'ir* miles to thc hour, we dash
ed along that road which is
familiar to most persona in Ibis sec
tion to Augusta, with ao incident
of special Interest, except tho lam
entations of some man who had
ventured to ?nit his head out of the
window w ithout thc precaution of
holding on to his hat. Reaching
Augusta, nt near ll o'clock in tin;
night, a special train was made up
by that most clever and aecomoda
ting ol all railroads, the Central,
wu pulled through to Port Royal
without a dolay,'! reaching thc de
pot at 10:30 a, m., Tuesday.
if it bo true that occupations are
crowded as many mou believe who
ure engaged lu (business, whntnn
inviting Hold ls Port Royal fcc young
men! Haifa do/.cn stores, which
have n fair exterior, with half Ulled
shelves and invariably a saloon ?ri
th* rear. This dilapidated old town
Is a standing example of what a
railroad eau do towards pulling
down a thriving city in a very few
Having provided ourselves with
provisions fora three days journey,
with tho necessary cooking uten
sil, and a cook, wo hoarded two
splendid little sail boats, Hm "Yum
Yum," which was kindly tendered
the part y by Capt Hubert Jenkins,
who also accompanied us on our
voyage to Hay Point, twelve miles
from Fort Royal, on St. Helena Is
lam). Capt Jenkins, and bis broth
er John Jenkins with half a dozen
of tho party occupied this bond, and
started out bravely on a smooth sea.
1 [alf an hour later thc "Mayflower,"
Which is to may of us as memora
ble as her snintod mother, who
landed the Puritans on Plymouth
Rock launched forth in the seething
water. Tho gently flowing waves
bore us slowly ulong, but having
scarcely n trace of wind tho pro
gress was almost ?imperceptible.
Thc boat left tin; dock at 8:80 p. m.
and after bair hours the Captain in
formed us we were two miles from
Fort Royal. It was evident that
unless tho wind ^should risc, wc
must spend ono night upon tho wa
ter. As wc stood on deck ami wit
nessed the lasl rays of thc setting
sun, a finding of utter loneliness
seemed to creep over tim party,
and now and thou some one on
bead would suggest a return to
Fort Royal. At length the wind
?lied away completely, and the talc
being against us, at 9 o'clock WO
wore compelled to drop anchor for
the night. The "Y'um Yum" being
a lighter boat bad steadily gullied
on us, ami was now completely
hidden from view. A lantern was
hoisted us a signal from our boat,
Which was caught by the "Y'um
Yum" who sent out a courier to us,
which raised thu drooping spirits
of our crew several degrees,
At nine o'clock at night thc scene
was grand,-more wild und waste
and desolate, never rose before ti
party so 111,-nccustomed to tho
bring deep- W Ii i le one of thc par
ty rocked ia tho cradle of the deep,
had fallen into the arms of Mor
pheus, another was raising a strong
protest against a mariners life, ami
a thin} declared that in thirty min
utes be would shu fl] o oft*those mor
tal colls; ami yet a fourth and fif
ty invoiced the speedy aid of a dis
ciple of thoplll-boxj while a sixth,
Wno sat mute and witti extended
arms as if endeavoring to break
tho fury of tho surging waves, af
terwards declared that ho was all
?ho offering such prayers as must
have battered thc gates of Heaven.
It was agreed by all on board that
it wits a long time between meals.
With the llrst dawn of morning,
our dusky captain, wllO30 lingo was
scarcely intelligible, made signs of
hoisting sails, ami with a wild mad
dash the faithful "Mayflower" sped
onward in her course. The tide
was once more with us and tho
wind, Which was now nearing a
gale, moro favorable, so that wo
had an entirely new experience.
Onward we rushed,-now riding on
tho crest of a foaming White cap,
now hidden in thc yawning gap it
left, so that in less than an hour
and a half we lumbal on thc sea
girt iles, Ht Helena.
The dolay occasioned by the
calm on the one hand, ami the ex
ercise afforded by the blow which
followed, conspired to produce a
set of hungry men, so that fat ba
ron mid corn bread was to many
the heat hrcnkfnst of a lifetime1.
Breakfast over, we sot to work lu
earnest, and caught a goodly sup
ply of Ano fish. Hero wo lingered
for a day and a half, having found
quarters in a number of comforta
ble cabins. Thc air was pure and
bracing. Not a Hy or mosquito dar
ed disturb tho slumber which'was
lcd on by tho Hound of (he gurgling
waves Just a few feet lu front of our
dumb il.
Tho hours passed in strolling over
tho isle, which at that time contain
ed but a solitary COU plo I In fishing,
gathering shells and shooting hut
never hitting tho numerous birds
which occasionally rested on thu
On tho morning of tho second
day all hands and tho cook went a
flshlng, and after a roynl breakfast
and dinner combined wo once moro
.prend salle and headed homeward.
Both tide nod wind hoing favora
blt?, it was n delightful Kail of ono
hour and forty minutes, and weare
constrained to holievo that many
of the pledges and promises brought
out by tho Atorm, woro forgotten;
but ono man insisted that nothing
hut a family at homo, could liavo
induced him to step from Hay Point
upon tiie "Mayflower."
Ono hour later found us ahoad
our couch, bound for Yemassec, a
station .it", udlcs from Port Royal.
Wo had determined now to test
tho merits of fresh water Ashing by
trying tho flah of tho Bulkehutchlo
Uiver. As wc pulled up to the de
pot at Ycmassec, tho Kngineer
Conductor and train hands were
engaged lu a baud to hand light
with a highland moccasin, while
passengers in the rear coach amus
ed themselves watching the mano
uvres of a school of water-mocca
sins in a pond bard by.
Wo wen? side trucked and a par
ty of which tho writer was a mem
ber, shouldered arms, and declared
war on Alligators. We had gmo
fi ft v foot, when tho w ri tor discharg
ed a load of buck shot into the
lu ad of a klug snake and thc quick
report of another gun brought low
a Coach Whip and In six inches of
his head was a Black Snnko of un
common dimensions, Darkness be
gan to gather and put an end to our
hunt for Alligators. After finding
that tho fishing grounds lay seven
and a half miles from the depot,
and no conveyance could be had,
we determined to leave tim scaly
inhabitants of the Bulkehutchlo to
the teodor mercies of n party of
Augustinian who were encamped
ou its bank.
Nothing of Interest happened un
til we roached Augusta, Thor? we
remained half a ?lay, ami started
once more in tho direction of home,
having our coach hitched behind
two heavily loaded freight boxes,
and two Huts of lumber, and in
front of sovon passenger coaches
which contained an excursion par
ty from Bradley, When wo had
gone .about H milos from Augusta,
a freight car jumped the track, and
tho train wits Stopped within thirty
teet of a trestle, which was at least
50 feel high ?ind 200 yards long. The
freight box was badly shattered,
but was bitched on, and thus it was
with many doubts and fears we
crossed the Savannah Uiver. There
it was side-tracked and our jour
ney home was speedy ami pleasant
arriving ?it Laurens at ll o'clock p.
Boforo roaching the depot a
meeting wita call atula resolution
passed unanimously that tho
thanks nf the entire party bc t< ti
llered the Hort Hoya I and Western
Carolina Hallway Management for
their kindness lind many courtesies
shown us. Also to Capt Jenkins
who aided so materially in making
nar trip pleat ant from Hort Royal.
When it is known that the railroad
ran throe extra trains for our bene
fit, in order to prevent delays, ag'
gregating nearly two hundred
miles of extra running, the great
big heart'of this corporation is seen.
Resolutions were also passed in
favor of repeat log the trip next
year, but two of tho party put in
"Excuse mo." J. C. <;.
The newly created chaira lu the
South Carolina University have
been tilled as follows:
Veterinary medicine and velerc
narian to tue station, W. H. Niles;
physiology and hygiene and micro
scoplsts and bacteriologist to tho
station, H. M. Relton; botany anti
/.oology and botanist and entomolo
gist to the Station, George fr\ Atb
inson ; agriculture and vice director
of the station. Milton Whitney; pe
dagogies, H, rc Shelli; mathemat
ics a tl is. onomy, I). W. Davis;
Latin, ? . H. Murray Jr., moral phil,
osophy and chaplain, W. J. Flynn;
English, P.C. Woodward; assistant
professor of analytical chemistry]
nndfmateria medica, H. J. David
son ??instructor In modern langua
ges, J. J. McMahan; instructor in
drawing, W.O. Randall, (Thoelec
tion of Instructors in mat hematics
and book-keeping und timi machine
work was postponed until the June
meeting.) Instructor In?phurmacy,
Silus J. buttle. Dean of the college
of agriculture and mechanic arts,
Frof. Sloan ; of t be college of liberal
arts and sciences, Prof. Woodrow;
of pharmacy, Prof. Burney; of the
normal school, Frof. Shelb; of tho
law school, Prof. Pope.
Tho following nominations by tho
President were confirmed: Secre
tary of tlu Station, I. Ii. Withers;
Assistant Chemist of tho station,
C. W. Sims; Physicians of the in
llrinary, Drs. Taylor und Tulley.
W. A. W _
The rogues have J been visiting
us a few times too many. They
have stolen from some neighbors, I
hear, a largo amount of eora ami
cottonseed, and they have stolen
right from under my nose tv set of
tuiggy harness, an axe and un old
gray hen.
ID. G. Mitchell und N. H. Wood
paid a visit lo their friends at Baa
ley last week.
Thc Farmers' Club at Mt. Bothel
is still booming. It has a member
ship of about seventy-five or eighty !
In looking over my neighbors
flinns I And that Mr. E. G. Mitch
el has tho best (Mitton and Mr. J.j
IL Carlisle the finest corn.
The late rains have been the
making of fall oats. Spring oats,
too, will bo ll success If wo can get
How about tho C., K. * W. It. lt.,
ls lt dead? Will lt ever traverse
tho section between Saluda and
Reedy rivers? Homo of our farm
ers who have long cherished the
idea of a railroad booming by their
doors seem almost "heart-broken
becauso tho railroad does not como
nt onco. Nearly the entire lino lins
been graded and hands aro now nt
work laying tho track from Knox
ville to Greenville. But som?
think when it is built fo Groen
ville that lt will go by Laurens in
stead of following up tho gradod
lino between tho rivera. Thia muy
be true but I hardly think so. It
is certain though that if tho rail
road is not built now ?twill bc Homo
future ?lay, for tho great water
powers of both rivers cannot al
ways lie dormant. When the road
is once built there will be factories
booming up all along both rivers,
and then the farmers can get a
higher price for their produce.
Iiobl nj) your honda boys and don't
get impatient, lt is coining by and
H|M'r. T. Taylor caught nil col on bis
trot line last week which weighed
three pounds.
A while man said to a negro, wi o
passing ulong in the public road
picked up one one of the man's
chickens. "Say follow what you
mean taking a man's chicken that
way ?"
Ain'dis do public road?
Well, den according to my esti
mation anything (lats in de public
road Mongs to the public. Do pub
lic use'oin ns dey please. Ain't dat
so mistah ?
"You black scoundrel ifyou don't
pet out of this in two seconds, I'll
boat you into a jelly and break eve
ry bone in you," und willi this bo
gave tho negro a, kick which sent
him tumbling bead-long. Dropping
tho chicken and scrambling up the
negro went holding oil" muttering.
"It seems dal I'll nebl >r be able to
depress dc fact on dot n white mon
dat whoo a thing is ii. Jtho publie
road it Mongs lo do public. No, I
reckon I nobber will."
Queen Victoria ls kv\rnhig Hludostaneo.
'Ju. co ( 'lu l a ln.x of Bpulu wears an oyo
Mrs. Oscar Wilde ts a ernst charming
hos tesa
Mrs. Clovcluild liss a great fondness for
Queen Olga of Greece usually wears drofsos
of bluoand white silk.
Miss IiOlllsa M. Alcott never answered re
quests for her autograph.
Mrs. Holen Cnmplioll has gono to Paris to
study tho condition of tho poor.
Tho now empress of Germany has an hnio
pondent personal Income of $80,000 a year.
Mrs. A. II. Holloway has l>oen given n llvo
year contract to olcdU tho streets of H?llalo.
Maria Mitchell, the celebrated professor of
astronomy at Vassar college, is "o years old.
Mrs. Kilon goats Peay, who died In I/mis
ville tlu> other ?lay, was a niece of John
Keats, tito |KMit.
Miss Kinma Abbott says thirteen ls her
lucky manlier, and sho expects some day u>
bo killed in a carriage accident.
Tho willow of OOH. Thomas V, Mcagher
took a Jubilee present to tho pope from tko
Catholic North Ann rican Indiana
Mrs. Sarah P. bartlett, of Hope, Mo., ls 90
years old, and has just taken her lii-st spoon
ful of medicine. She lina decided not to 1M> a
Mrs. Mackay, writes a I/ondon COrTOSpond
on t, looked remarkably well in white velours
frappe, sprinkled with tiny silver spoLs, at a
recent reception.
Professor Hattie Allen, who has Just as
luimod an important chair In the medical de
partment of tho University of Michigan, ls
only :!0 years old and is a Vnssar alumna!.
I Mrs. Ritchie, tho daughter of Thackeray,
has put np a memorial tablet in Holy Trinity
church, Ayr, Scotland, ta her father's step
father, who was the original Col. Nowcombo.
Mme. Carnot ls said to have transformed
the El yitCO, having | ..-autillo I tho former cold
interior of tho palace mid made its receptions
more nought after than they wero lu Mme.
Orevy's time.
I Mrs. Mary E. Hird, colored, who died re
cently, was for many years a missionary tn
Africa. While tliTo she several timos had
M her guest David Livingston, the grev?t
English explorer.
Tho actress Lotta attributes her youthful
spirit, in a great part to her Invariable habit
of taking a nap between ?I anil o every after
noon, she usually rises nt ? o'clock, anti, no
matter how busy she may Ixi or how much
tllOl'O is hi do during the day, she always
manages to sot asido three hours for tho cus
tomary sleep.
Mrs. Ik-lva Lockwood, of Washington, who
once ran for president ami ls again spoken
of as tho female suffrage candidato this year,
ls giving out soiuit Moa of tho policy of which
.ho approver hy pul.li -I.mg bur vluws upon
tho fisheries tmaty, the foreign relations of
the government, eoinmurcial reciprocity and
International arbitration.
Mme. Tnttl contributed' $4,000 to tho hos
pital for children in Lisbon, and ba rotura
received from tho queen of Portugal a fuU
length portrait, accompanied hy an auto
graph nole, reading: "Greatly touched st
your having, with your grouttalont, cometo
tho aid of eur croches, kindly accept this
souvenir. Hignod, '-'llntnha, Marla Pia hr?
Louts XIV Jewelry ts stilt largely worn Ly
tho I. m ton.
A protty watch charin ls lu the form of a
tiny gold leo pitcher.
Purse? aro seen mado ot plush, with floral
designs In silver bcAiU.
Tho latest Indies' ?hopping pencils are of
gold, compactly sot with turquoise*.
Brooches In tho form of mythological
heads, of translucent on oin ?I, ar? unlvursaUr
A now Idea li Raphael'! cherub, mounted
In gold, as a brooch, with a chain and pin
A small ball, entirely composed of dia
monds, has a dazzling etfoct as a queen
chain jHMidnnt.
Genuino English crajxi stone, tioth In liar
pins and brooches, continues in the lead for
mourning Jewelry.
Pocket rules have ?p|>onrod In oxidized sil
ver. They can bo folded up small enough to
lie worn as a charm.
Among Insoot Jewelry ls a brooch repre
senting a miniature^>ld caterpillar, sot with
rubies and sapphires,
Eyeglass holders In tho form of a gold
book, sot with a small diamond, have boen
placed 011 the market.
An antiquo looking brooch ls an old gold
coln, ovor which Iii? a small ancient dagger,
m ein of oxidized silver.
Otb!, At least, ls a tiny gold mulo, studded
with diamonds, and having oxidised silver
harness, to bo worn os A brooch.
Gentlemen's collar and cuff boxes made of
Kassia loather aro oi nuinonUxl with ruined
floral designs in oxidised silver.
Ornamental AB well as useful for tho
sawing table ls a silver pincushion, In
the form of a ?mall waste basket,
Tho calla lily In puro white, and other deli
cate ?hades of translucent euarnol, 1? a suita
ble loco pin for the Lenton season.
A handsome bracelet rooently soon was of
dull gold, simul?t lng a boree shoo. On tbe
top the legend "good luck" was lncrustod In
diamonds, ami Ute sidos were set with rubik*
Sad diamonds.
Joseph Wlllerd, tba. proprietor ut r? IIIAIU ?
hotel, Washington, is worth $18,000,000. Hu
began lifo as one of the porters in tbe hotel
tbat ho now owns.
William O'Brien, M. P., worked out Ute
Mm od a novel while In prison, bul having
wo wYT?rig materials was no* abie so oommtt
ODO of th? Rocrentlonn of tho Cou hoy.
Taming f. Vlotou* itrnto.
While, the head inen aro gathered In n
little knot, planning out tho work, tho
Others ure dispersed over tho plain in
overy direction, racing, breaking rough ?
horses, or simply larking with ono an
other. If n mun has an especially had
horse, ho usually takes such an opportu
nity, when ho has plenty of time, to rido
him; and while saddling he iii surrounded
by a crowd of most unsympathetic asso
ciates, who greet with uproarious mirth
any misadventure. A man on a bucking
horse is always considered fair game,
every squeal and jump of tho bronco
ticing hailed with cheers of delighted
irony for tho rider and shouts to "stay
with him."
Tlic antics of ft vicious bronco nhow in
finite! variety of detail, but all nro mod
eled on ono general plan. When tho
rope Bettles round ids neck tho fight bo
gins, and it is only after much plunging
and snorting that a twist is taken over bia
nose, or else ft hackamorc-a species of
severe halter, usually made of plaited
hair, slipped on his head. While being
bridled be strikes viciously with his foro
feet, and perhaps has to l>o blindfolded
or thrown down; and to get tho saddle
on him is quite aa dillie ult. When sad
dled, ho may get rill of his exulierant
upolu by bucking under tho saddle, or
moy reservo all bbl onorglos for tho rider.
In tho Last caso, tho man, keeping tight
hold with Ida left hand of tho cheek
strap, so ns to provont tho horse from
potting his head down until he Is fairly
seated, swings himself quickly Into tho
saddle. Up rlsc9 tho bronco's back Into
an arch; his head, tho cars laid straight
back, goos down between his foro feet,
mid. squealing savagely, ho makes o suc
cession of rapid, stiif legged, jarring
Sometimes ho Inn "plunging" bucker,
who runs forward all the timo whilo
bucking; or ho may buck steadily hi ono
place, or "sunfish-that is, bring first
one shoulder down almost to the ground
and then tlio other, or clso ho may
chango o?ala whilo In tho air. A first
chis* rider will sit throughout it all with
out moving from tho saddle, quirting his
horse all tho time, though his hat may
I?.' jarrett ol F his head and his rovolver
out of ita sheath. After o few Jumps,
however, tlio nvcrago man grasps hold of
tho horn of tho saddle-tho delighted on
lookers meanwhile earnestly advising
bim not to "go to loather"-and is con
tented to get through tho affair In any
shape provided bo can escape without be
ing thrown olT. An accident is of neces
sity borno with n broad glin, as any at
tempt to resent the railery of tho by
standers - willoh is perfectly gtxxl
humored-would bo apt to result dis
astrously.-Thoodoro Roosevelt lu The
Com premed Air for Motivo Pownr.
M. Victor Popp is making good pro
gress with his system of distributing
compressed air for motivo power purposes
in Paris, Tho works for compressing the
air in tho Koo St. Fargeau, at Mcnil
montant, aro of considerable magnitude.
They cover an area of 15,000 square
meters, of which an extent of 2,000
meters ia roofed over. There aro already
fixed and in notation nevon steam en
gines of -100 horse lower and two of 100
horse power each, a total of 3,000 horse
Eower. Tho conduits havo already boen
dd over tlio whole area comprised l>o
tween tho linn of tho boulevards and tho
liuo do Rivoli. These aro sometimes laid
In trenches cut for tho purpose mid some
times in the sewers. The total length of
the pi|H's laid was at the end of last De
cember a little over thirty miles. This
source of power ls used for working
electric light machinery in n largo num
ber of establishments, among which may
bo mentioned tho Cafo Americnin, tho
Cafe de Paris, tho Cafe Anglais, tho
offices of Tho Figaro and Tlio Jardin
d'Hiver.-New York Graphie.
rncumnnln nnd Kindred r>t?oa*oa.
Tho Ftroii? presumption la that much
of the afiliction is caused by what aro
called modern improvements in heating
houses. Nothing has taken adequately
the pince of the chimney as a ventilator.
Open flues have grown fewer and fewer,
and tho oven principle has been substi
tuted in tho halls ns well n3 tho rooms of
tho average ill ventilated household. To
walli outdoors is to suddenly transfer
tho individual to another climate. Tho
over or ill regulated heating hos Inion ac
companied hy an increase of closet and
other drains that tho utmost caro ap
parently cannot prevent from affecting
tho Interiia- atmosphere. Our peoplo
havo l>een made physically moro tender
in valions ways. They ride In warm
cars moro and wnik less than formerly.
Tho elevator has robbed them of salutary
excrcLso they used to take. Modern coin
forts, no called, and conveniences aro
probably lieing bought too dear. They
should either bo made better or usodksa.
-Now York World.
Itnrnlntj Polld Petroleum.
According to Tho Revue Scientifique,
Dr. Kaufmann has succeeded in solidify
ing petroleum by heating it for tlio space
of half an hour with from 1 to 8 per
cent, of common soap, until tho latter
has quito dissolved in tho petroleum,
forming with it a homogeneous mass of
tho consistency of tallow, Cut up in
cubes, this compound can be used an fuel
for heating pnrpoaes. It does not ignite
easily, but when once net on Aro it burns
steadily, nlowly and smokolessly, leaving
a carbonaceous residuo of about 2 per
cent, of its weight. Solid petroleum
burns three times ?lower than coal, but
yields n greater beat than tho latter.
Scientific American.
For lt Good Mucllajro.
For ti Strong mucilage pulverizo sepa
rately about equal parts of gum arabic
and gum tragacanta; mix thoroughly
while dry, nial then add sufficient water.
This ia ? l>ctter mucllaga than you can
get at tho Stationer's, is cheap, and will
keep for a long timo without anything
to preserve it. Gum arabic ls too weak
nnd brittle for good mucilage, and gUW
tragacanth, if used alono, only parli/
dissolves, and remains in lumps,-"D.
T 1? M lr. Tim Wriliir
The Qnnk?r'a IVnilUr Ide??.
Tho Quaker never makes oath. Ile
avoids as far as possible coming whore
such procedure ls necessary, lnit if obliged
to mako a declaration, tho falsity of
which would subject hin to legal pen
alty, bo affirms. Nor doeo ho observe
any holy days or feast days. Ho believes
that tho obligation to regard one day
moro than another ceased with the
Mosalo dispensation. The visiting of
theatres, taco courses, dancing halls, or
tho investment In any kind of lotteries
grab bags in church fairs Included-aro
declared to be Incompatible with the
teachings of the society, and are forbid
den. No matter what station in life you
occupy, a Quaker does not uso tho pro
fix "Mr." As soon as your Christian
name is given you aro addressed by it
whenever necessary. All theso things
aro of course known to the Quakers
themselves, bat not to tho averago Phlhv
delpbisu. Tlilladeiphla Ocr. Qlobo-Dotm
Wo 1 VIII Not.
Why ls tt t nat wo havo not had a wild
yoll of bloody shirt Ism from tho rao
qulshed Warmoth, of Louisiana? Is there
no presidential campaign material in tbs
Republican falioro lu tho Pelican statel
Now York World.
CauM no.l KftVct.
No vor ha<l a party a better chanco to
rovolullonl/.o a Btato th tm tho Republican
party havo Just had In Louisiana. Hut
Democrats who had property Interests
threatened hy Democratic legislation, and
Democrats who hoted eaeh other, allko
forgot ovorythlng In view of tho outside
pressure that tho Republicans brought
upon their utato. Thoy would not rubel
and thoy wottld not divido whllo tho
eitomatlvo was In accepting a party which
kopt up on assault against their state on
sectional grotintls. AH to Virginia, tho
Republicans mado tho inlstuko of allying
themselves with dlshonosly there. As re
gards tho whole south, their attlttido ls
eno of soctiomd hostility, lite density of
prejudice that ls Htlll unconvinced of tho
futility, If not of tho Injustice, of this
policy ls amazing. Sherman, (.'handler and
Ingulls havo Just thrown away as promis
ing a clianco to carry throe, If not mom,
sou thorn status as could wed I havo boen
Tho original t?ctica lu this respect, ns
ortglnatod hy Mr. Dlalno in 187?5, woro to
disregard the south as a voling popula
tion-to abuse lt, lu fact, unjustly, with
a viow of gaining Ibo north by appeal to
a spirit of animosity, tho remnant of the
war, toward that other section. As s
cold blooded politician's policy this might
havo had somo reason then. It has none
left now. Wo doubt If a voto st tho
north ls to lw gained hy bloody shirt ?p
poola which ls not moro than neutralized
by two votes repelled by such methods.
Ordinary sagacity, therefore, should havo
soon that whllo everything ls repelled at
tho south moro strongly, If possible, than
ever, the timo has como when nothing bi
obtained at tho north to offset lt. Dut In
grained habit and hidebound pro] udloe are
too much for Dotirbou politicians. They
go on In their old way. This ejection Ut
Louisiana Is tho first rosponae to lt.-Don
ton Herald (Ind.).
Absolutely Pure.
This Powdor never varies. .\ marvel
ot purity strength and wholesomeness.
Moto economical than the ordinary
kinds, and cannot he sohl in competi
tion with the multitude of low test,
short weight alum or phosphate now
tiers Neild only lu CANS. ROYAL RAK
RAINO Powder., 180 Wall Stroot. N.Y
ALL land owners of Laurens coun
ty arh licrcbp notified lo clear
all running streams on their prem
ises ?d' all?tirnbcrs, brush, trash, or
any^thino; obstructing ?nid streams,
during thc raontv of May. 1888, oth
crwise~the^law?innv bc enforccp.
Ch. lhl. c. c. i., c.
CoLLECR,la|uila,Gao {)'>?-< 'il.?moncorrw
SUI? Institution? ?II the South. .Heel Goods ; Beti
I tr R a Cu rr rm y. Many graduates In froud pay 104
bQEttibaq - Jill HMT, 4 mon 1 ha. 60nfl torcircula-nj
TO My Friends and
Tho suis of uiy draying business to
Mr. Ii. <'. Anderson not having hcou
completed, I beg leave to say to tho pub*
lie that I will ?continuo In tho dr ny ago
IIUHIIIOSS hauling packagos for mer*
( liants for three ? < nib Hoping to
re?oive a liberal patronage sud promis
ing oloso attention.
Ros sctfully,
Laurens, s.e. mnySgm
-:-Not ce to Creditors.-:
( South Carolina, , Common
Laurens County. ( Pleas.
John II. spoon, rinlntiff,
Sarah L. Anderson, ns ndmx. et ni.
-Complaint foritoiief.
Notice ls hereby given to the cred
itors tif the estate of .lohn W. An
derson deceased, lo present and
prove their demand? nt a Reference
to bv. held ?n tho above Bl ft tod cause
in tho Muster's omeo on the Roth
inst., at IO o'clock A. M., or be bar
t G 9 Master Ii. C
Iioans on approved Farm Lundi
negotiated. Reasonable time ant
easy torins. Apply to
C. D. BAttKSDALl.,
Attorney ut Law.
Laurens, S. C., Jan. 17? 1888-6n
Ii A U lt E N S COU N T Y,
Whoroas, w. B. Owensand W. R.Ow
ens have applied to mo for l>ottors of
Administration on tho ostato of It. H.
Blakcly. deceased.
JP'iese aro therefore to cito anil sd mon
.3S all ami singular the kindred and
creditors of said deceased, to be and ap
pear before mo at a t'ourt of Probate to
be holden at m y oflieo at Laurens C. Il.,
on the 17th day of May, 1888, nt 10
o'clock ll. m., to show call HO if any they
can, why letters should not bo granted
Gi^en lintier my band amt seat tins
tho :wth dav ol' April 1888.
Prooato J lld tJO.
May 2, 1888.
For Sonnie.
1 mu a candidate lor tho offlooof .Sun
alor for Laurens County.
* LKW is W. Si M KINS.
For House of Representatives,
\\'o are authorized to announce Col.
JOHN II. WHARTON a candidato for
re-election to the House of Representa
tives subject to the result of tho Primary
We tro authorized to announce ?MIL
JARED I). SULLIVAN a candidate
fortin? House of Representative* sub
jccMo the result of tho Primary eloe
For Probate Judge.
Col. A. NV. BURNS!!)!*: is respectfully
announced as a candidate for ro-cloetlon
to the ellice of Probate Judge, subject to
tho result of the Primary election. *
I wound respectfully announce to the
voters of Laurens County that I atti a
candidato for i ho oflieo of Prohato Judge,
subject to the Democratic Primary.
I respectfully announce myaolf a can-,
didate for thc oflieo of Probate .imigo
subject to the result of the Primary Eleo
\ lion.
For (Merk of Court.
I would respectfully announce myself
a catulldulo fur tho office of Clerk or tho
< 'min for Laurens County, BUOjoct to tht?
Primary Licet ion.
I respectfully announce myself as a
eandidalo for re-election for tho ofllce ot
Cl erk of Court, subject to the result O
the Primary election.
. O. W. SHELL.
Cor Auditor.
I respectfully announce myself as a
COIldhhtlO for the oflieo of County Audit
or at the approaching election, subject to
the result ol' thc Primary.
G. M. Langston is anouneed as a can
didate for re-election to Hie oflieo ol'
County Auditor for Lau ron s County
subject to thc action of tho Primary.?
For Treasurer,
W. SO ITT KNIGHT respectfully puts
himself before the voters of Laurens
County as a candidato for the oflieo of
County Treusur, subject to the Primary
election. .
I would respectfully announce myself
a Candidato lor the oflieo of County
Treasurer, subject to the primarv.
I would respel l fully present* myself
for re-eh dion lo Ibo* oflieo of County
Treasurer, subject to tim Primary.
For School Commissioner.
.Ino,c. Cook of Cross Hill Is nominated
. f School Commissioner subject io tho
result ol' the pri nut ry. Mr. Cook is a
man ol line education a successful school
teacher of vears experience, anti is
eminentlyquid i tied to till tho nineo.
It ls desirable that he consent to run.
I respect f\i 11 j* announce myself a can
didato for tho oflieo of School Commis
sioner subject io the Primarv.
I respectfully announco nivsolf a? a
candidato for School Commissioner sub
ject to the primary,
' . T. I?. BY RD.
Tho b londs of M. L, Bullock boin g ful
Unsatisfied with him in discharging thu
duties of I ho ellice of School Commis
sioner for Laurens County respectfully
nominate him for re-election, subject to
i he Primary.
Por Sheriff.
I respectfully announce mysolf a can
didato for tho ollleo ol'SI tiri fl's object to
tho result of thc Primarv olectlou.
? Ll>\\ C\' P. SI M PSON .
I respectfully announce mysolf ?ts a
Candidate for re-election to the ofHco of
Sherill, subject to tho result of thu Pri
. B. F. BA LLEW.
I respectfully announco myself as a
candidate tor the ofllce of Sheriff',
I would respectfully announce my
self ns a candidate tor the < lill CO of .Sher
ill for Leurrns County, subject to tba
Primary Flection. .
Cross Hill, H. C. W. L. T F RIM Xl rt.
We ate authorized to announce Capt.
'I'llOM AS J. DUCKETT a candidate for
the olTii e of Sherill, subjoet to tho rosult
of the Primary election.
AprllS, 1888, *
For County Commissioner.
I respectfully announce myself a .can
didate for Hie office of county cominis
Stonor subject lo the Primary.
Many Friends.
I respectfully announce myself as a
candidate for County < 'omroiasloner sub*
jobi tn the primary election -
I respectfully announce myself a can
? IdatO for re-election to tho ofllce o
County Commissioner for Lauran?
County, suhjoci to tho Primary election*
I respectfully announco myself a can -
tlidatti for re-election to tho ofllce of
County Commissioner for Laurena
County subject to tito Primary election.
I respectfully announce mysolf a can
re-election to tho ofllca .ot
ointulsslonor for Laurena
?et to the Primary election.
i II
RopAira on tho Court House will be
ict to tho lowest bidder In Mal bid? to
i be presented to tho County Cotntnlaa
I onors on or by i be 19th day of May, 1888.
jAnd any wanting to examino and aeo
what ropa!rs to be inado, call on C. M
Ml'.ler who will show yon. The rlghs
ts reserve? to rojeel any or all hld?.

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