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Subscription Price 12 Montlis, ?1.00
Bates for Advertising.?Ordinary Ad
vertlsemonta, per square, one Inser
tion, 91.00; each subsequent insertion,
Liberal reduction made for lsraje Ad
.verliaementa._? . ? T
LAUREN?, 8. C.t Nov. 21, 1893.
To Hxtentl Iis Blessings.
The approaching session of the leg
islature Is in a largo part to bo devoted
to tho "perfecting" of the dispensary
law?several sessions, a hundred thous
sand might be utilized in tho samo
way and tho task remain unfinished?
and it is popularly bei loved t hat an
amondmont providing for tho establish
ment of dispensaries in all incorpora
ted towns will be passed. If such Is In
deed tho benevolent design, of "Ro
form" legislators it is inexplicable to
us that, moved by tholr well known and
ardent zeal for tho clause of temper
ance and morality, thoy do not provide
for tho establishment of dispensaries
In tho country neighborhoods as well.
It is argued with a lino show of virtu
ous unthusiusm that disponsaries are
well springs of sobriety in the com
munities whoro they aro locatod. A
Jacob's ladder of statistics reaching to
wards high Hoavon is being construc
ted to illustrate tholr blessed Infiuencc
for goodnoss and purity. Thoy are
pictured by Reform editors as mighty
instruments in tho redemption of so
ciety from tho evils of drink. Why
doos Reform restrict thorn to tho
towns? Tho towns roecive no consid
erable share of tho rovenuo? a mean
littlo pittance which the towns don't
want. Neither do tho towns want dis
ponsarios. A dispensary had to be
choked down the thront of Laurons. If
thoy are good things, good for all the
people, it is a hardship upon tho people
in the country to bo compelled to get
along without them. Town people us
a rule have no faith In dispensaries,
thoy arc no friends of the law and
. regard tho pleas made for it as a moral
measure us ridiculous. Why not place
them then in localities where they
would bo given an opportunity to ex
emplify their abilities to improve pub
lls morals unhindered by bitter "politi
cal" animosity? If they are better than
prohibition for the town of Laurens
wo submit that it is not fair, that it is
a flagrant sin that other communities
less densely inhabited are deprived of
thoir precious advantages.
Scattering dispensaries, say four or
five at equal distances in every town
ship in the state, would open tho way
for another glorious Reform. It would
afford the Governor a means to get a
now, tighter and firmer grip on the
peoplo than over before. Ho could im
mediately proceed with the inaugura
tion of his "metropolitan" police sys
tem and extend Its authority over
ovory man, woman and child from "tho
mountains to tho sea" us the orutors
say. .His hundreds of spies, armed
with power to search the houses, kitch
ons and hayricks of blacksmiths, far
mers and plutterorats, co-operating
with a thousund policemen all to be ap
pointed by and at his own will, would
form a standing army which aided by
*i?<?. hundred members of the boards of
;Obto*pl and two or three thousand dis
pensers* with their clerks would re
move any possibilty of his loss of polit
ical power. Tlvtir^ is a total absence
of probability that a general desire for
emancipation from Tillman's rule will
ariso but it would be doubly safe for
him to insure the permanence of his
prestige. There has been no objection
raised by Reformers save in excep
tional eases to the metropolitan police,
spy system and dispensaries for towns
and we presume that Reformers every
where would hail them with joy when
applied tp themselves. If not, there is
no reason why not.
Anyhow there is not a township in
South Carolina whore a majority of the
freehold voters cannot be secured to
petition for a dispensary. Negroes
are always handy and an eighth of an
acre is sufficient to make them all
landlords in a bod v.
A Democratic lMntlorni.
Tho Australian ballot system to in
sure to the poor man independent suf
frage and to save him from the poll
A low tariff, to reduce tho cost of
clothes, plows and all necessaries of tho
State Banks of issue to give us all a
currency flexible and plentiful and not
procedlng from the "money centers."
A graduated income, tax to removo
tho burdens of taxation from labor and
to placo them on capital, thus cheeking
tho growing ascendancy of wealth and
with it a tax on inheritances to servo
similar purposes.
On those linos the Democratic party
is working with rolontless energy for
tho rollof of the masses whilo Popu
lists and Cnialaltes persistently obstruct
and hinder their endeavors by shouting
for schomos whose worthlossness tholr
loadors are entirely conscious of.
Proud is.nl Itohort.
Tho Abbeville Tedium has alluded
to some of us as "little dog cart edi
tors." Now look horo, boys, aro wo
going to stand that? Shall v/o allow
this pluttorcratic editor who rides
around in eight wheel vehicles, this
bloated aristocrat, this lordllng pub
lisher of a two dollar sheet, this domi
neering follow, with hie steam yacht,
private coaches, balloons and other fly
ing machines to brag over, us und humil
iate us becauso wo can't travel savo in
an humble way in two whool gigs or by
tho "courtesy" of tho railroads? Shall
wo rest under the imputations of this
swollcd croaturo of tho monoy power
who vaunting in his pomp and prido of
*blue-bolllcd Uefa win tremendousness
and rolling in a Senatorial charlot.de
ride , us and spurns us and tolls us
"Begone you little two wheeled, "dog
cart editors," git out, I'll havo nono of
The Advertiser is reliably in
formed that tho dispensary law is so
openly disregarded in this city that it
is sometimes a matter of notoriety not
only that blind tiger whiskey is con
fe^unedfehut who drinks and gets drunk
Thk Advertiser is still unablo to
11 nd out the politics of Professors Jamos 1
Corbett and Charles Mitchol. Unless
they are .Tcffersonian Democrats and
agreo to support the ocala demands
their entertainment ought not to bo
Will tho Abbeville Medium inform
us if these gentlemen are whipper
# #
Kcfuwm contemporaries,Thk Adver
tiser has addressed polite interro
gatories to each of eight or ton of you
and you answer not a word. You aro
dumber than canned oysters, bimetl
cally sealed. Tho young American
that the taurus ran over is eloquent
compared to the like of you. Why, O
yo generation of wind instruments,
don't you speak out and toll us, for In
stance, whoro tho sub treasury plan or
"something bettor" Is?
Some peoplo will go to Augusta and
bring back as personal baggage enough
liquor for Christmas while some people
who can't affoi'd a trip to Augusta will
continue to purchase at tho dispensary
paying twice as much monoy for tho
same kind of stuff. In other words,
peoplo who must stay at home must
ulso pay a hoavy tax to support tho dis
pensary, or else do without whiskey.
The lust is tho best horn of the di
lomma to lay hold of.
* Mr
Once upon a time (it wasn't so long
ago) tho editor of tho Register "bided
a woe" in Spartanburg and tho Spar tan -
burg Herald spoko of him in sweotly
perfumed torms. Now tho Herald's re
marks about him are scarcely parlia
* *
Cotton Plant, brainy, brilliant, auda
cious comtempOrary that you aro,
please toll The advertiser whether
the late George Washington was an
enemy to the peoplo or a Joffersonion
Hereafter there will bo u Democratic
party in South Carolina oven if it docs
not outnumber the dofonders of Thor
* *
"Gush" about an uprising of the peo
plo against Cleveland and the National
"goldbug" democracy is getting scarce
since General Hampton's letter.
General Hampton evidently thinks
that the patriarchal dispensation is
still in force in South Carolina, but
that day is past, und the froo mon of
the State no longer make an idol of
any man.?Oconeo News.
True, in part, mournfully true, con
temporary. It is the "whiskey" dis
pensation that is in force now and tho
chief whiskey dealer is the idol exalted
abovo all other idols! Hail to the high
and mighty Alcohol wrapt in the robes
of Reform!
The Aiken Times rises to explain:
"Thk Laurens Advertiser draws
a wrong conclusion when he thinks we
oppose W. I). Evans, for wo consider
President Evans one of tho branicst,
most conscientious men in public life.
Thk Advertiser is a shrewd paper
but it can't force a light between the
Times and any Reformer."
Thk advertiser stands corrected.
Does The Times mean to declare that
W. D. Evans is its favorite for Gover
nor among the Rsformers:1
bun ord Locals.
Quarterly Mooting convened at tho
Methodist Church on lust Monday:
quite an able sermon was preached by
tue Presiding Elder, Rev. Boyd, he
also preached on Sunday night and ad
ministered tho Lords Supper. This
was the close of tho Ecclesiastical year.
Wedding bolls aro ringing now. Mr.
B. Pitz Lanford and Miss Lillian Par
sons, daughter of Mr. Henry Parsons,
wero married in tho Baptist Church at
Lanford on last Wednesday. The
Church was very beautifully decorated.
At five o'clock, p. m., the bride and
groom marched slowly up tho aislo and
stood under an arch of evergreens and
white chrysanthemums, while our be
loved Pastor, Rov. E. C. Watson, per
formed the solomn ceremony which
made tho happy couple ono for life.
After tho marriage the bridal party
returned to tho bride's home for refresh
ments and spe nt a very pleasant even
ing. And oh such a supper! Only those
who wero present can testify to what it
was. Next day thoy wont to tho home
of Capt. B. W. Lanford, (father of the
groom,) where they also had dinner.
Some very lovely and costly presents
wero on exhibition.
Liston! Listen!! Cards are out for
the marriage of Mr. G. W. Wolborn,
our atYablo depot agent, and Miss Ethol
Fleming, one of Lanford's most charm
ing young ladios, noxt Wednesday af
On last Thursday morning at 2 o'clock
the alarm of lire was given, and before
help could bo rendered the barn and
stables of Mr. Henry Parsons wero en
tirely consumed by tho flames. Ho
lost all his provender, a portion of his
corn, two very fine mulos and two
fine horses; another horse was some
what burned, but we hope not serious.
No insurance, the loss Is very hoavy
indeed. It is not known how the lire
originated. Mr. Parsons has tho sym
pathvaof his many friends in this com
School will commence at this place
on next Monday morning. Will be'
taught by Mr. W. E. Hunter, of Wa
terloo. We hope to havo quite a nour
ishing school.
Now Job Type.
We havo received within the last
fow days additions to our job printing
department whieh more than ovor
makes us able to give tho public the
best elass of job printing. We have
some now and tasteful typo faces, suit
able for commercial work of all kinds
which will dolight admirors of artistic
printing. In addition to bills, noto
and letter heads wo print cards, pam
phlets and anything that anybody dc
siros as tastefully as it can be done
anywhore. Legal blanks for sale, of
course. Nov. 14-tf
Of Settlement and Application
for I'lnut Discharge.
Take notice that on the 13th day
of December, 1893,1 will render a
final account of my acts and do
ings as Executor of the estate
of La visa Smith, deceased, in the
office of Judge of Probate for Lau
rens county at 10 o'clock A. M.,
and on tho same day will apply for
a final discharge from ray trust as
such Executor.
All persons having demands
against said estate will please pre
sent them on or before that day,
proven and authenticated, or be for
ever barred.
?_ S- ?. K"IOHT.
Eden too, like all other important
places, has Its visitors. Besides others
we name the follwing:. Mr. S. J. Evans
and family of Roanoke, Va., Mr. Wade
Gray of Furman University, Misses
Sue and Nannie Owings, Miss Lula
Willis and others.
Mr. John Brooks also camo out home
a few days ago.
The health of our community is good.
Our teacher is endeavoring to or
f;anize among us a literary and debati
ng society. It's first regular meeting
will take place Friday night, Novem
ber 24. hssays, readings and a debate
will be the order of the exorclsos. The
public are cordially invited. The sub
ject for debate, the first meeting will
bo "Whether the hope of reward or the
fear of punishment most controlls and
influences the lives of men and women."
A certain young man who has always
thought, like a great many other good
people, that there wore moro-. women
than mon in the world, has, by care
fully examining the last United States
Census been no little moved to find that
oven if ovory woman in our own U.
S. wore to. suddenly 'conclude to get
married und take for herself a husband
?why there would be left standing
nearly two millions of lonely, wifeless
men. So, boys, if you havo a chance
you had best close the bargain; for they
are scarce?appearances notwithstand
The jokes circulating in our neigh
borhood will perhaps appear in our
Miss Salllo Brooks has again been
elected to tako charge of the school at
Dials. Her school will open in a few
Hoping to soo you all again I remain
silently, tho unknown.
_J uniu8.
High olas8 job printing done at
this offiee.
Vuluable Tract of Land for sale con
taining One Hundred Acres, two and
a lud r milrs from Cross Hill, two miles
from Mountville, two and half miles
from Harris Llthlu Springs. For furth
er information, cull on
John W. Turner,
Cross Hill, S. C.
Probate Court.
Whereas, John B. Brooks,
has applied to me for Letters
of Administration on the estate of
Lemuel R. Brooks, deceased.
These are therefore to cite and
admonish all and singular the kin
dred and creditors of said deceased,
to be and appear before me at a
Court of Probate to be holden at
my office at Laurens, S. C, on the
7th day of Dec. at 11 o'clock, A.
M., to show cause, it any they can,
why letters should not be granted.
Given under my hand and seal
this iSth day of November, 1S93.
Nov. 20, '93.-21 j. r. l. c.
County op Laurens,
In Court of Probate.
Whereas, Nancy C. Miles,
has applied to me for Letters
of Administration, on the estate
of Martha R. Young, deceased?
These are therefore to cite and
admonish all and singular the kin
tired and creditors of said deceased,
to be and appear before me at a
Court of Probate to be holden at
my office at Laurens, S. C, on the
7th day of Dec. at 10 o'clock A.
M., to show cause, if any they can
why letters should not be granted.
Given under my hand and seal
this 20th day of Nov. 1893.
Nov. 20,'93~2t j. p. l. c.
County ok Laurens?Court
ok Probate.
James M. Hudgens as Administra
tor of the Estate of James Hud
gens, deceased. Complaint to
sell realty and pay debts:
Pursuant to a decree of the Court
in tho above stated case, I will sell
at Laurens C. H., S. C, on Sales -
day in December, 1893, the same
being the 4th day of the month,
the following described property
lying near the corporate limits of
the city of Laurens, S. C, County
aforesaid, to wit:
Tract No. 1, bounded by lands of
E. M. Caine, public road from Lau
rens to Cross Hill and tracts num
bers 2 and 3, containing 24I Acres,
more or less.
Tract No. 2, bounded by lands of
tract No. 1, public road from Lau
rens to Cross Hill, Arthur Sullivan,
R. H. Hudgens, J. D. Sullivan and
tract No. 3, containing 28$ Acres,
more or less.
Tract No. 3, bounded by tracts
numbers 1, 2 and 4 and lands of
E. M. Caine and J. D. Sullivan,
containing 50 Acres, mere or less.
Tract No. 4, bounded by lands of
E. M. Caine, Mrs. P. Allice Greer,
and tracts numbers 3 and 5, con
taining 60 acres, more or less.
Tract No. 5, bounded by lands of
E. M. Caine, Mrs. P. Allice. Greer
and tracts numbers 4 and 6, con
taining 48g acres, more or less.
Tract No. 6, bounded by lands of
A. V. Eichelberger Mrs. P. Allicc
Greer and tracts numbers f> and 7,
containing 45 acres more or less.
Tract No. 7, bounded by lands of
A. V. Eichelberger, Mrs. P. Alice
Greer and tracts numbers 6 and 8,
containing 53^ acres, more or less.
Tract No 8, bounded by lands of
Pratt Suber. James M. Hudgens,
tract number 7 and public road lead
ing from Laurens to Maddens, con
taining 53 1 acres, more or less.
Plats of the above decribed proo
erty may be seen at my office.
Each tract will be sold on follow
ing terms: One-third cash, balance
one and two years in equal annual
installments with interest from day
of sale, the credit portion to be se
cured by the bond of the purchaser
and a mortgage of the premises
sold; tho purchaser to pay for pa
pers and have option of paying all
cash. If term are not complied
with, property to be resold at risk
of former purchaser on the same or
same subsequent Salesday.
^ JNO. M. CLARDY, p.l^B
Mr. George Smith
?Yaldo, Texas.
W?st Mr. Smith Think* Ho
Woul* U*v*
Said About Hood's Sarsaparilla
"Had Bhakespoare lived hero and suflered as
I have, I think ho would have said. Throw
away all medicine except Hood's Sarsapa
rilla. As au Englishman, coming to this
climate. I havo folt tho heat very much. In
the spring I felt as It I had all the care aud
anxiety of Ainerloa on my mind. I got on j
bottle of Hood'h Sarsaparilla and after I had
taken it I felt as UI could undertake
The President's Duties.
Last month I had a return of prlokly heat; It
seemod Impossible to stand up or He down
without almost tearing myself to pieces. I
then got one moro bottle and it has not only
cured the heat but I believe it put my blood
Hood'sS Cures
In good oondltloD. I advise all to take
Hood's Sarsaparilla In the spring and fall."
QaoBO? Smith, Uvaldo, Texas.
Hood's Pills oure Nausea, Slok Headache,
indigestion, Biliousness. Sold by all druggist*.
Itch on human, mange on horses,
dogs and all stock, cured in 80 min
utes by Wool ford's Sanit ary Lo
tion. This never falls. Sold by
H. P. Burdette & Co., Druggists,
Laurens, C. H., S. C.
County of Laurens.
Probate Court.
Mary E. Nelson, as Administra
trix, against Eflie McDanicl,
et al.
Pursuant to decree rendered in
the above stated case I will sell on
Salesday in December next, being
the 4th day of the month, during the
legal hours of sale, at public out
cry, to the highest bidder, the fol
lowing described real estate, to wit:
All that lot of land situated in the
city of Laurens, S. C, county
aforesaid, fronting Laurens Street
about 100 feet, and bounded on the
East by Carolina street, on the South
by jail lot and West by lot of E. S.
McKinley, containing Thirty-five
one-hundreths of an Acre, more or
Terms: One half cash, balance
on credit of twelve months with in
terest on the credit portion from
the day of sale. Credit portion to
be secured by the bond of the pur
chaser and a mortgage of the prem
ises, with leave to the purchaser to
pay his entire bid in cash. If pur
chaser fails to comply with terms
of sale property to be resold on the
same or some subsequent salesday
at his risk. Purchaser to pay for
Nov. 6, '93-at j. p. l. c.
County of Laurens,
Court of Common Please.
By virtue of a decree of the court
in the case of J. H. Wharton, as
Clerk, against L. W. Simkins, I
will sell at Laurens Court House,
South Carolina, on Salesday in De
cember next during the legal hours
of sale, at public outcry to the high
est bidder, all that tractor parcel of
land situate in the county and state
aforesaid, containing One Hundred
and Twenty-four Acres, more or
less and known in a survey made
by R. A. Austin on January 21,
1891, as tract No. 3, and bounded
by lands of A. S. Nickols, M. B.
Crisp, Dr. F. G. Fuller antl tracts
No. 4 and 2 of said survey.
Terms, one-half cash, balance on
a credit of twelve months fiom date,
credit portion to be secured by a
bond of the purchaser with inter
est from day of sale together with
a mortgage of the premises sold.
Purchaser to have option of paying
all of the purchase money in cash.
If terms of sale are not complied
with, the land will be resold on the
same day at the risk of the former
purchaser without further order of
the court. Purchaser to pay for
papers. J. H. WHARTON,
Nov. 6, 03~4t c. c. c. p.
County of Laurkns.
Court of Common Pleas.
Copy Summons for Relief.
B. H. Teaguo and Albert A. Oar
lington as executors of the will
of Narcissa M. Uarlington de
ceased Plaintiffs against L. C.
Teague and R. F. Teaguo Defen
To tho Defendants L. C. Teague antl
R. P. Teaguo
You are hereby summoned and
required to answer tho complaint
in tills action, of which a copy is
herewith served upon you, and to
serve a copy of your answer to the
said complaint on the subscribers
at this olllco in the eity of Aiken
S. C. within twenty day8 after the
service hereof, exclusive of the day
of such service; antl if you tail to
answer tho complaint within tho
time aforesaid, the plain till' in this
action will apply to the Court for
(ho relief demanded in tho com
Plaintiff's Attorneys,
Dated Nov. 1st, A. D. 189?.
To tho Defendants, L. C. Teague
and R. P. Teague:
Take notico that tho complaiut
in this action together with the
summons, of which tho forego! ngJs
a copy, was tiled in tho ofneo of the
clerk of the oourt at Laurens S. U.,
op the 6th day of Nov. 1898.
Oar object so far thib season has been to show the people that we
have, in every line represented in our stock, a collection never surpassed
in Laurens. _ Having done this, we desire to impress on the trade the
matter of prices as of equal importance. What every buyer wants is
the best assortment at the lowest prices. It is conceded even by our
competitors that our stock towers above all others, and an inspection
Will convince the closest buyer that our prices arc as low as reason* can
demand. Scan a few quotations taken here and there from our numer
ous departments:
Dress Goods 5 cts to $2.50 per
Elegant line of Henrietta 10, 15,
20 and 25 cents. Worth 25 per
cent.more money.
A great line of 40 inch fancy
worsted Dress Goods at 45 cts.,
marked 65 cts elsewhere.
A line line Flannels, Serges, Hop
sacking and other new weaves at
astonishing figures.
The finest line of Trimming, Silks,
Velvets. Fin, Etc., to be found.
Nice Dress Styles. Ginghams,
only 5 cts. Full standard Calico,
only 5 cts.
A nice Jersey Glove, only 10 cts.
The very latest in extra long Kid
Gloves at 75 cts., worth $1.00
A tremendous line of Hosiery
I from 5 cts. to 75 cents.
! Ladies winter Under Vest from
I 25 cts to $1.50.
A good line Towels, 10 cts, reg
ular 20 cts size.
Clothing and Men's Hats.
Great is our line and our prices arc surprisingly low: Suits from
$1.00 to $20.00. Pants from .jo cts., to $8.00. Big line Hats from 15 cts.
to $5.00.
Childrcns' Shoes from 25 cts to $2.50. Ladies' Shoes from 50 cts
to $j.oo. Men's Shoes from 75cts to $5.00. Zeiglcr Bros., The Bay Co.,
and Hess' are our leading makes, and they can't be beat.
Our Millinery Department.
Our Millinery Department is stocked with the best the maikcts oi
the world produce, and is in charge of the best talent we can procure.
County of Laukkns.
Court of Common Please.
D. P. Goggans vs. O. P. Hunter.
Pursuant to a rleoreo of the court
in tin: above stated case, I will sell
at Laurens C. IL, 8. C. on Salesday
in December, 1808, the same being
the 1th day of the month, during
the legal hours of sale, at public
outcry to the highest bidder, all that
tract or parcel of'tand, situate, ly
ing ami being in tho County of
Laurens, Stale of South Carolina,
in the corporate limits of the city
of Laurens, bounded by lands of
Sam Fowler, P. W. Ball and new
street, Haid lot being a part of the
lot formerly owned by Rosanna
Fowler, dec.'d , containing one-halt
of one acre.
Terms: One-half cash, the bah
an3e on a credit of twelve months
from the day of sale, witli inten s:
from day of sale, .secured by bond
of tho purchaser, and mortgage of
tho premises, with leave to pur
chaser to pay all cash. Tho pur
chaser to pay for papers. If terms
of sale are not complied With,
premises to be resold on same or
subsequent Saleday at risk of for
mer purchaser.
Nov. G, 1893?It o. 0. O. I?
County of Lauubns,
Court of Common Please.
Cornelia G. Strong, against, James
II. Leaman.
Pursuant to a decree of the court
in the above stated case, 1 will sell
at Laurens C. II., S. C, on Sales
day in December, 1893, the same
being the jth day of the month,
during the legal hours of sale, at
public outcry to the highest bidder,
all that tract or parcel of land, sit
ute, lying and being in the County
of Laurens, State of South Caro
linn, containing Thirty-one Acies,
more Or less and bounded by lands
of Eugenia Leaman and the Par
sonage tract and the public road
leading from Cross Hill to Milton
post office and others
Terms: One-half cash, the re
mainder on a credit of one year.
The credit portion to be secured by
a bond of the purchaser and a
mortgage of the premises sold. It the
purchaser does not comply with
the terms of the sale the land will
be resold on the same day without
further order of the court. Pur1
chaser has leave to pay his entire
bid in cash. Purchaser to pay for
Nov. 6, '93.-41 c. c. c. v.
By virtue of the power vested in
mc under the will of Reason Cur
ry, deceased, 1 will sell at public
outcry at LaurcnsC. II., during the
legal hours of sale on Salcday next
the following real estate of said de
ceased :
One tract of land situate in Dials
j township, containing One "Hundred
and Ninety acres, bounded by
j lands of Dr. W. H. Ball. Rebecca
Dial, T. Robertson, Willis Check
and others.
One house and lot situate in the
! city ol I.aureus, with buildings
j thereon with a frontage of Thirty
I six feet on Harper street, and
Eighty-seven lcet deep, bounded by
lands of Miss Lou Fleming and
?e'orge Pool and others.
One other lot with dwelling
thereon, containing One acre, more
or less, in said city, bounded on the
south by new street, lands of Myers
? and Hammond and others.
Terms cash, and if not complied
with la ml to be sold on the same
! tlay at the risk of the former pur
| chaser. Purchaser to pay for pa
, pcrs. Plats may be seen at Pro
i bate office.
j Nov. 6, '93-4!. Executor.
j -( dealer -
I Pure Liquors,
DOS Broad St., Augusta, On.
1 ( hoick old whisk i ks.
BUMS, winks
and LIQUORS OF all kinds.
The Largest Liquor
House in the South.
BUB" Mail orders receive prompt
' attention.
Sept. 35, '93-3in
? N. A. Craio. W. C. Winters.
ion line public by
8 inch or 12 inch Wells.
Wc do our work economically
and guarantee satisfaction.
Mr, W. C. Winter will be glad
to give all needful information,
[ov. 7, 1893-31
isbebbu 0\ jjt j I I ujj j j P% cbcbebeb?jjaaaaaaaa
\ome line Has plundered.
^PaottanB 111
rrrr r
Make Good the Opportunity
While you have it.
(2. o
We have been badly deceived in the cotton crop?it is going to be
very much shorter than \vc thought and as a natural conscqcnee the peo
ple will have but little to buy with, so must hunt the place to get the
most and best goods for their money.
As wc have already intimated we have bought too^lWny goods, and
rather than keep the money tied up in them for the next twelve months
have decided to cut the very life out of
that we may turn our stock into money. Everybody knows wc
keep nearly all lines known to the trade.
J. 0. C. FLEMING & CO.
Keep Your
The Secret
Say What You Want
Furniture, Carpeting, China,
Cilass, Crokery, Tinware,
Stoves and GJrates.
We Are On Top Once Again.
And am prepared to furnish anything in my lino at reasonable
rates. Now Goods arc arriving every day. Mending and repair
ing done at short notice and special attention given to watches.
?Mi?b> Ml|$
And in Fact Kvci-ything Kept in a\First Class Establishment. Calljat
Jewelry Store, Southwest CoVor of Public suture.

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