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The Laurens advertiser. (Laurens, S.C.) 1885-1973, March 05, 1895, Image 3

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^fe Qduertiser.
mjI.m.I., ?:. ?iii ??!.'? -:?-!?'?
. ... .Vi;:::'.: ' ?I l??l ' '?':</
LAUREN&H8? ?.f~M?roh 5, 1895.
. ... >,?.,,', , ?!-???~~?I-r
[Tri 3
0 t n.n
111 i y/jj
^ -i.,n.- ?? :-<~- -
?1 fcwj IRA ?BW. ENTERPRISE. ?
.^jfquictlons Concerning It?j
The Southern University Mugavrino n
? journal -for college^fcwJetttHris goon to bo
lanto1C<?lftTurfon ?pdaks In tho high
est toDteshtts Mr. Qsrifngton and proph
orel^?^eWIucocBtful Oaroer for tho
n'Muiw ,??4or ji|a editorship. Mr.
"' ^rjLaMlfcns, friends invoke
'?'?"iJ j: r ' '
. .iA The Cour^ _
J?e?^B'V.?WupU<l'ihe Court until
noepj WeA^f^y,JMt,;'wheiitho jurors
worodtsebnvgod.. Ret?g.ui?Btly farmers
andtha'\wlpa$hev?atotyje.tous j for farm
work,; taey. became Impatient after ten
days!attendance and Uiv Honor dis
chargo<| them. The-Court, finally ud
journod at noon on Saturday after hav
ing disposed of u largo volume of busi
ness not demanding ,jui*Ors> Hia.;Honor
opened Court at Union on_ye8torday?
?00 SAWfMlMW lITUO'd
A friend of tho ADVERTISER in
forms us U?at Lpng Uraneh in this
county Ift'ltt faS mohd/.tttf Vtrcak and
that wo may also listen for golden
news in that quarter oro long. Our
friends will bo pberul'-jif tbey ''.strike
it rich" uniL we rojoico that Slooum
Gilson is onrhe border of the now El
Of Deep Importance.
b?'- WAlry?^ flret-fclttss'dreBs-rnftk?!"' Is
now needed in I ,au ivns, Any lady so for
tunate as to bo a thorough mistress of
tho art'tf?uM find opo?lYig 'out a dress
making establishment lioro an adj
vantagous move, tho town,is growing
and euatom.Qrs would be found Hocking
if such an enterprlso could bb started-.
til , i .' . . i i ? i ? i.-r^--. i , i . I I
Pun for the Mirthful.
?nco in a life-time, for all thoso wlio
attend tho recitals of Prof. Kord on the
il\h and 12th of March.
DURHAM. N. C, January 31, 1805.
".I havo hoard Prof. Kord in Greens
boro, and ho gav? ontiro satisfaction to
hl$ audience. He has rare powers of
mimicry, and Is free from anything
vulgar .and low.".
" .jno; C. KlT.go,
Pres. Trinity College. ,
; Concor?, N. C. Fob. IS, 1895.
"I had the pleasure of hearing two
recitals by Prof. Ford on tho 8th and
i>th of February.
? uHe Is superb as a roader and hu
morist. Not tho slightest irreverence
or coarseness is indulged in by him.
"His rendering of negro melodies
carried mo back to my happy boyhood
days in tho country, where J so often
hoard those happy, joyous songs of tho
negroes. I certainly enjoyed Prof.
Ford. Iiis every effort, whether of
pathos oi" humor, was successful."
juouk W. .1. mont'oomkry.
Nervous People
And thoso who are all tired out and
havo that tired, fooling or .sick head
aeho can bo relieved of all these symp
toms by taking Hood's Sarsuparillu,
which gives, nerve, montal and bodily
strength and thoroughly purifies tho
blood. It rtls? creates a good appetite,
euros indigestion, heartburn and dys
?tt",v .u 4 ? ? -? i nil ,. ?
A New Poem.
Wo sMok to business and it sticks to us:
Our prices, where knowu, always
create a fuss.
In fact, thorc rolls not a single minute
When the Laurcns Drug; Co. isn't in it.
-Moral: Ride with tho Band Wagon.
Pawn Office.
I have oponod in connection with my
other business, in Robertson Building,
(next to post oflieo) a pawn olllce. Mon
ey advanced on Jcwerly, Watches.
Rings; Diamonds, Furniture, Buggies,
Carriages and Household Ai'tlelcs for
thirty days. If not redeemed in tho
time will be sold for loans.
w, c. Myers.
_r, -;??
Business Notices.
Soed Potatoes for sj'ale, Yellow Yams,
call at this office. V i,
See Davis & Roper's now ud.
?.'{..v. )!.' MHVdl'5 '10 PSMAB ? i
J,cut'commenced with, last Wednas-i
day-and laatb for forty, tlaysi 5*ni iim i . ;
Sonntor J. L.M. I rhy .returned to'.hjs
hpruo in tho cii-y oivSMndaytT .?/ i\
Rev. S. C. Todd'Wft od fMiiM !?
'stay of soulo days' ili Rhflad^uli la.,,.
Editor A. B. WflliUmsisbp a.vls'it ih
MaWland: '
?? ;; ?; i. i; ?\l nv ail 01 -nallon -fttn-t <(f >
?? There was a groat oroWfl ultf) attend
ance on yesterday, saresdayV but" no
sales were inado by publie- onteors.n<
t*i) h ; 'att tftOJ uii I .d'fljQftl ji.od.
. Th? King's Daughters ate requested
to moot at tho Baptist-chuV?h 'Oft' Fri
day afternoon next, id if u
. I ?. -.?'! ? ? .': 1 :.?> Y.:U<> Ji't/t; J '
We learn with rogrel of i tho serious
illnoss of Mr. J. Y. Royd at, hi- homo
on South. Rabun.<
Died Saturday EeWaih'd, 1?!?."?, Rob
ert, Arnold, infant so" of .Mr, and Mrs.
.?juuios,Wassoji. Aged8, ino.ntb*. ,
Attorney <5, fr.Rarksdule made, a Hy
ing business visit to Atlanta during
hist week. " ' '? ??'???
a.i T to ij'.i.. 1)1 ? ' y/107y ">0* "-'M.'
ltov. A. G. Wardlaw has accented
the call tendered him by Westminster
Presbyterian Church, Charleston,, i.
Mrs. T. F. Jones and Miss T.utie
Wright havo returned from a visit to
Mr.-. S, .1. Simpson at Spart anbury.
.'?.?' Ton per cent. of tho stock "ijiiusoribed
to, tho.buiUUng oi' tiie Cotton Milt has
boon culled for. . ? .
re :*dlnTl mil in >il .? ? ? Ilm an ? '? ??: \
, Hundreds o'f 'no." roes crowded around
the registration office On yesterday fok"
hours:1 it is said vor'y few 'got'/eertilij
^tcs^'^'-,:;...;-.^;-;'''*'^ \
\ Mr; D. A: Davis, of Davis!?TRupdr's
Shoe and -Clothing House is in^rfew
York buying up an elegant and exten
sive line of {jqods. ? Fl
3 .t; "rti'int? Esq. ?rtni Greenville
Bar was cordially greeted in his old
home last week. He was attending
tho Court on professional businoss,
Wc see from the State that Mr. J. j!
MeSwaln who is a Lnurens' boy at tho
S. C. Collego, bas been elcetod an as
sistant editor, of tho South Carolina
Tho Mutual Life Insurance Company,
through their' agent M. T. Simpson,
paid to Mrs. Eli/.a Chapman on :vioivb?v
last, $1,000 on the life of Mr. John
Tho Directors of the Cotton Mill
nave ?purchased''? 1 acres of laud, in the
North-Eastern parts of the city'boyoiid
tho Oil Mill as a site for the Cotton
factory. Situate upon it is a dwelling'
und three tenant' bouses. Tho land
cost $34.00 per acre.
Dr. .1. 1'. Simpson left for Philadel
phia on Friday last, lie will bo absent
for some days visiting t he city hospitals
and taking the touch of "the. e.lbow,
with the front rank oi" bis pi'ofe'ssiijli'
in the great city of progress in medical
spionco and skill..
Sli?'. William Heckler, who recently
delighted our people with two charm
ing entertainments, will repeat his
Performance to-night, Tuesday. The
admission fee is 10 ahn IG cents. Mr,
Heckler's s how Is a fairly good one, in
troducing the latest modern specialties,
and ho deserves a "full house,!*
Gardening is very kite, this year and
the first breaking of dirt occurred dur
ing the closing days of last week.?
English peas, spinach, onion, lettuce
und radish, were looked after. This
week irish potatoes will be put into the
ground and sweet potatoes will be bed
ded for slips,! Let. every gardener bo
sure of a supply of spring turnips and
?spinach for tender and juicy salads.?
Look carefully into the columns of tho
AnvKK Tis Kit for places to lind fresh
unfailing seeds.
Casli Coinpanj's Locals.
The best 10 cents hose for Indies and
misses at damieson's Cash Store.
New goods arriving daily at Jamio
son's Cash Store.
Goto .lumicsnn's and secure one. of
his premium Cards free ft Is -
Laurent*, HpartapluuV aud
vlllet" {<\
B^Vj^^mJuUiMHM|xt en
/VTI4pB'enjB JBeHdver
Jnfbfnt ' "r^l 18 to
and have 5. ophj The
of this enterprise uj>&i conti
8eW9^^ttinelt oo^Bt? feet*1**
r T^tTVi^i>l??e-JAiirens in speaking die*
\JA*Jt) with.the people of Spartanburgj
I ^''y^XjilPj^QQdT-M^i Plokans, Glenn
hS7n*ing8lin(f nearly everybody else.
Of cOurso thqlocUl exchange Will bo|
of iuiiueuso Valuo and cpnVpnio^ty t?
the .people of the town. No ?? eriterprlsj
Ing merchant, canait'ord to be without
a^phpnx?;; m tira* storfca a phono' will
he a necessity A doctOB. without oho
nt> hie orHpo and another1 'at1.his hotnd
fwii'iidti be ^rh'it'."' A?plMfi uvlatr" -1
i tieal ofabuainoga to livery .stahlen,
depots and tet?gr^ph and,express oftlc/eti
; ^lu^?^?^^unlc'?tt^a,'^ wqMffw&j
lile, where it is possible. ilA'i 'puOUq
should b6 lh db loast ono Of tho ctfur
;il?'?m?, ... . ?-"!?.::;:.:?:. i
iro The dispensary should of course have
a 'phono TOdjJao should1 qpzert' <Jf WcOplt
futholr'prtvale1 resldoncos.''1 ,7 ,, (
xLaurons will-wonder how ?ho ?vor
managed togot a^ong/wlthout 'phoNes.
Dig holos and put In tho poles. Hand
the Wires; arrange1 the batteries.
"Hollo! Who's that-" This is Tib
Advkrt iHHR-talktng to you!"
Frank Shell.
Tim, Charleston News and ?^purier's
Washington correspondent.|tt>Uw Tues
day's issue, liss tho followinj?.to^pay jn
refereijeo to-''Congressman Shells son,
Krp??$entative Shell's scm<Ffahk has
pio?tted^ateriiiHy by tho'tegwjtjUon in
l:ie rdneVat dt licienCy hill wlpou.'"passed
the IloUaO'to-day. 'Frank Shell tamo to
\Va<lrtoa|.pn to Bervo aa derktoais fath
er nt ^fw'por mont"r.*'In.Hhe Organiza
tion of ulw.1. House Capt.SbOli/ was ap
pointed cfliirmanr of the/cominitteo on j
Ventilathm und acoustics..VA(T this com-]
mitte? haa^ldonj been known ijlrpre
vious Congre>ees to hold a meeting no |
provision ffoB ftiftde for a clSrk to tbnt
committee. Owing to the disagreeable
and u n c l'en a ha ?ft e ? f. SOoie .oL th? 0),em -
hern upon the flow;tbto! ventilation of
of the vUe-odora 'tyrtt'repitorcd^be 1/oupo
sbeir^ned XS^W^m^i^imm
p wfirn er? And' i lx?y.V h* a V?'';bad* uu ru?iiot>*
ui'4et.iuR9.> Frank Shell noted' 'as clerk
of th'ft c;5mh\itte'e'{bVd' ftu'(t.Jh>' cloWVM
$HG0 for ' e'i'&'ra: setVieeB.":rltvwaaVAnally
redact di ib ^?00, and then< riflM'Ontop
extra pay along .with, the. other employ?
eefc of i fcbo Hpuse. 1 Tlvhi has' beKnijl
,'? a"A crick in- the. bm-k," n'pah*'under
the shbulder-bjhdeS, water- brhshy'blH
lotisncss,. ttnil fmW^wmi l^pWBo
foms, ot disordered >SLomaeb, 'kidilov9,'
liver, and' boy.-*!"WJ^*1ffl;^tty$lg?
paginating i,? a\d^iiW?^i4i-W,^rtli0sa
organs, take Ayer's lniUs* oiWeitiO ;:? "t
,- i|, -i t 1 I I lit 1 MJwd ifoUffl "-? PSW I nllH 1
[U'.nii?mrrtowT ^tu uO .lhow
Uflinaiaiaft u? th'e,p,P?t ??1c?,'atvXaD:'
renn, S. 0.s uncloimeUvforiehb Wfcdk end:'
nig ?iat'....i. IfflM,.,-)!. uiiwM boIIM .?a oill -<d
l'j ?l'.dwards, Mr. Photogrupor.
F?Fuller, Thomas: Finley. Will.
H?Holmes, Rev. W S; Heinson. J N:
Hastey, ^ ill. . _ ...
J?Jones? P S; Jennings, Ida.
P? Pitts,. Wadu.
R -Roed^, Melton.
S--Senjet:e, NBA?
V?Va??:^i Mfes.Liiura . . :'
W?T>Va*ta, ca-aut.
Y- Young, Coet-N.
:?'.' ?;'?,-:.,
kou ^it8i waaK^?^DiNo kkh.t/sSj lSf'?.
A - Alexanden,. W M -*j.
J- -;J.acksi?n; XlovJT.
IjLcdbettor, -Miss Ma.ttio.
R ?eod- MrsB S.
\\- - :\Vi1s:oir, Fjetchor.
Persons calling for any- of above let
tors will pte|vVevB*r, "Tljey aro adver
tised/' rV " ? 'T. ft*. CIthws. P. M.
Kutioo, Jiytyittiva Committee!
frhoj L'oufity Derrocrulic ICxecu
tlve eoiinnit tee in culled to meet nt
L urn-lie LV;|L ?>n Friday, 8th lost.
A full atlentlaneo Is urgt^d as btHi
h??a <>l nnie!f'p(Vlitfc,;i|-importiineo
is to bo t.rarisa'cted.'
Ry Order WIhe-Ohairtrtan.
n.i>X? T: Crews, See.
. i.-j in.. n,-.viu,:i .V?
^KIuO,aX Building "5teid*d?
er an? with more Light than the
, ibmdrlia \ im.m.ucr's iiapl-i
.. v . i .iiujuunuo iii ww 'in dotd* *
10 WhO'llbiiild it? ? ; -i v.
Build what? ?'?-"'' *'" : '
(W,hy,the,new hotol ol coureo. ?
. Whotheri.'tho .Bouderlai wilL ,bo re
built or, not. THE. Ajdvertibbh| ia uno
biotQ- 6,?y.,i But. abatnl.isnoeded.?
That's ;a. toot*- Lauren* hue good board
ing houses but boarding houses are. not
hotojs; <s oiui 3ii'?vi yjanuti >>i
" You want; ai.hojtolr^oa, th?! publiei
..square," said, ouo ol the most,, popular
cominoricul mou on tho . road to. an AD".
fiamiigm reporter.. :'(\Aud," he'tcon-t
tinuedj iVilt aeed not. bo as larger: as tho
.JBendoUui'i...Twenty-live room? . arfc
enough, lt> A .smallor,! inoro modern i
house with-move light and:iuore air and
more comfort would fill, thei bill^i.'It
could be pat up for a great doaHess*
/monqy than tho Bendolla cost.
... LauretS has,been without a hotel- too
loug already, intelligent business men.
Know that a good hotol-is the very host
advortisemont a town can have, In- ?
.deed, strangers, estimate a town by its
hotol. "Why,'.'said this same drum
mor, "T.nnif ftti..Sim''bW''>"stir She has
tho very best hotel in Spufh Carolina.1
iThoi'Smir'tiinii.lhikils' hotter: Vhtihi tho
Now Charleston and of courso the pos-i
session of thls!li?tbi is* daily making
hundreds.of friends for Spartanburg.
I^jlVeiOMbuHinoss niuolslioulU1 seel that
a hotel is built 'and that quiek. Lau
rens business-interests nro sugoring
fgy?tl_\e;,want. of. or*er. To.bo:without
onoidoee-not look well. ':
it'sh^uid r?9t 'be'.f?rfeot.tq'a'. ^haV^u-i
re us is not.itlie Lnurens-of .a. month
gone. Hho is mow the liveliest't?wn in
the'State, a regular junco making town
,tb tho rec?rd-ibreakors, o town with a
bettor outlook than -any Other in all;
South Off,rpUna'a$tl tyi6'can't;afrbrtl to
lay even alittlo just for. tho want of a
hotol. -?? i ? ' _ ';; ?;' -.- ' t. I
, TT,' ? I1. ?. 1 e 11,'n, I i "ii'.? . '?
Honor Roll. , i
Honor Roll City 'Graded; Schools'fpf
the roonUi ending Feb 15, 1895: m n
'. iJPiTat Grade-fr-iCafle' Barksdale, Susie
Whitteii. ? '?.' " ?' ?'-??) ? i
j fjenonti Gnado^Frankie G ritten^ AbWIe |
Ilampion, Lint Jones', Grace Sirpihoj/is,
Mol lie Smith, Frank Cpnuor, John Ar
'hui Moselyi. i ?
' . Jf n,frd' Gradc.TT.Vaufikan G ritten, Bessie
Hix, Willie Barksdalo, Mnck Irby.
? Fourtli G.radH-r-Ta|l.ulaih Ca'ine? Popo
Irby, Lillian Jamieson, - 'Willie Jones,
ClaMdla Crows.' ' ...'.'?".
- FiTth Gtiute-rrNbra Smith, Lylliau
Caine. I ? ??<> 1
Sixth Grade?MaH' Armstrong, Rosa
Lee Burton SaUie^jjugstou, Lillu Vis
anskn, David AmleTserv"; Yaney^Girker^
i??b, Malcelfn Smith.
I . Seventh' ,Grado-r-L\llieiBrown, Olivia
jiiurts, Mariegene Caine, Bessie D'^Vid
[SOn,1. EnpU.a? HudgenaK ,Mabel' .Harn'e,
iLyllian Irby, Gouuio Jones, Paulino Mc
jGarloy, LUKtt'\YatfC'ei LI lit'. WilHon, Lau
jra .Wright,.' Nahnie May'Wright,, Uuu
ben Clardy, Young Fowler,- John Mc
! Ktnley, Wi'lliflm-Meretlitb, Marvin Yea**
i??a. ..
I Eigth Grade?Bauline Anderson: Kato
j Hampton, Louise' Riehey, Klla ltohmd.
! NjjithGrade?Willpii B.oyd, Alue.Iiic.h
jelberger, F>t<i Latinier, Janio Tbomae,
jMvrllc Yeft'rihl) P.-'rriti ,Minter, I.iuretiS
iPitts, ,Kddie Pbilooi,. Albert lodd, Ca
I pets Audi-raou,- HomerOwings.
! Honor Roll of Waterloo High Schoo1,
ifor hipntlV'piid'li|g March 1st'.18115.
Advanced Class?Lcouido Whartpn.
jFred Mc HI roy, Samuel Agnew, (,!ny
\ Moprc, Carl.^ haPton, Laura Header
Isom Frank Riddle, Walter Andersun.
'Vannah Lpwej Kugenc Fuller, IOarnost
IHendei'^on, Eva Smith and Tulmago
j McKlroy. ...
" Iiltoi'inudlate Class?Paul Alidei'tOn,
I'hdle Whartpn, Lucio AJidorson, Maud
Smith. Marie Henderson, Ellio Wine
hrenhei', Clyde Riddle, Al?o Andcrsdi),
Patrick Snoddy and James Suoddy.
l'rinuirv C'lass- -Fannie Anderson',
Willie MCNcll, Joe Smitli, Lpne Har
ris, Liz/-ic ' Wharton, Lillian Nulson,
lial Hondorson, Minnie Culbertson,
jDaisy Lipford, I'Moidde Wharton, Mer
ji'ell Peace, George Washington, Con
ner Winn, Willio Du vail and Bessie
Luquiro. ,
j The blue-bird ts bailed as a harbing
:er of Sjndag. it is also a romindor-that
in blood puriller is needed to prepare
ithe system fPr the debilitating weather
rvai i. *vf vim l<? f.a?'.:1!' at-u-~????i
Of The Laureusvllie Herald Against
The "Forty.?
KtnTOa'bP The Advertiser:
,/WiU you do Die the kindness to allow
,uie space in you? columns .to reply to
ithe vile, wanton and.ig ratu tLous, felan
idera of the editor of the Herald against
>tho body of patriots and-.gentlemen,
?who undertook to counsel the Democra
cy of South Carolina, to compose their
differences,and unite for- the ;common
weal, in view of thesupreme-interests
Involved,;? pending the. action of the
Constitutional Conventkm-?-soon to as
semble. IsdJ lou'dijitos v.!ad*4i'{4.4a;ii
: Ordinarily, I should treat With silent
contempt, as others have done, tho vile
froth and toaiai ajftdjjdiotio stuff, erne
nating from.that sheet, but wheu I and
otrfettf c'o'ristttfttlng thb bMgTOar Forty
aro charged with Trwoxkmg..In, se,prot
?ttnTsoV wiYJi/tb^sQj^ who
aro bidding for fbei nogro vote, and
thov dal-'q not nntngdhizoany1', measure
?which1 that class proposes,-* ahd' this,
"Surely 'SenAtm' Tiffino*. ?na Gov.
Rvuns cab sec' '.'.that tad .' "Bavnwellr
Hemphlll "faction capnbt 'str?bgthpn
.'the ltruc-bhib RofPrnieri-i sufjiefehtly
to counteract tho btfcdW Of the Cfon
1 z'ales-Wllllanls faCtibb, fbrty' ti-altOrs
-ahd tbo Republican tiegroest''' Decent
self-i'cspept and the '-.public, good ro
puiro its to speak, and' 'h.urX;;'i5ac^,'ijaose
willful, and wicked (danders, into tho
?tooth' of this R,ebpey .'Sitj'nl'o,. Who doubt
' tees' uttp'rs Mfi^v^^r^HWre1^ purposes
'lipd 4s seeking'le keep,', up strife- bud
'bitterness in the'rank's of t)\o Demoe
'i-uey. , Wh'ob, lip ehargos'thp "Forty"'
?'With collusion and'p?nsb'racy with nc
jf'irbbs,?h^S0'tp,lp ''tr?p-ldbe-roformer"'
' forgotten or dees he think others have
'.sb $oon rprgotlou his deal iit Laurens
"Hvitfy 42-ne^'rbps?(b pycr-vido the free
;:BoTu dhiuse of lap Dispensary .Act, and.
oy ,>vlne.Jl lie became a member of that
tanVous ReuFFstato Syndicate, 'and.a
jfrije-hpld^.vptpjt', pw'niug. ohp sixty-three
p'av't1 p} ppcJacf^ *pf land. in. a swamp?
. raflggbs^as apropos, that'be' >viltthbik
,bt thait/ wlieu bp,Lis, about to phargo
J?thers' with, "collusion apd conspiracy
; with/ Rqppbliean negroes. (Now, on
'dpybu rbturn,' tbat real, estate tp the
,A\ud iterator t'^xatiop"?),, Again,.1 would
,usk.tbis "Trup-Rluo Rpfprmof,;. to re
V^lyp in tho prqfou.nd depths of his in
npV consciousness,; the query, whethor
.Up, wbb.seeks tp harinouuo op au hon-i
.prablo apd'' just busis, tho disscntionsi
t La tho ranks of tho Democracy for tho,
safety of tho commonwealth, or he who.
(Stfra strife and bitterness botweon tho
ifaetidns.,by falso-hood and slander, is
!thp trup ' fYiond of the .Reform move-j
nicht apd tbo Democratic party? ..An'
.intelligent pepplo cannot ho hum
bugged long by tho cry of "Truo-bluej
Reformer or,traitor;"' which last term
vou So illppantlyi Jling at men who aro
by every token better patriots and rp-i
formers than yourself. As ono of tho
'.'Forty". 1 baye no controversy witbj
Senator Tillman and Cov, EVatUVdjuJu,
ain glad to know that in lhj^mmmfFm-T
ponce and hn.rJHvny tTIey"have not only
? caught ?Ko spirit of tho "Forty" but;
havo, outstripped them, and actually!
formulated with Messrs. Sloan, Darn-'
woll and Hemphill.a plan for uniting
the Democracy, and -brown their pow
erful influence on the i.'dp of peace and
harmony and a non-partisan conven
tion, a. c. Fuller,
One of tho Original Forty.
Acting through the blood, Hood's
Snrsnparilla not only cures scrofula',
suit rheum, etc., but gives health and
Vigor to the whole body.
"i'ho man who determines to be
blMtrdeless and harmless will bt*
SttTO to reach holiness whether he
! ncbipts .anybody'.s theory or not.
Our troubles have not come be
cause Jbsus was ignorant of our
needs, or unwilhng to help us,?
Let us have no doubt on this point.
Men sometimes get credit for
great liberality, when they are
really doing very dishonest .tilings
?giving away other people's mon
There is more solid comfort in a
smilb than In a whole gross of
frown?. Xl Is good economy to
fj ?? ?> t. I i ??? -_) ,i 0 I?
Our Cotton Mill~What a Newspaper
Does For a Town?One Mill
Won't Make a Chicago,
V)~l Uli
I ! / ? I :>di ul
Ox.vxmx, S, j& m>5.
Hi Register to-day. Id
And if you nogleot to register today,
do not forget to register to moreow.
. . Last wook I mado a mistake in saying
that the.new registration.would begin
on the fourteenth of March, a serious
mistake it Was too. The new rogistirn.
;tion boganiyosterday and'it will end on
tbo fourtoehth of March. After today
but ono week and ono dayI remain but
they are ample for all tho people In
Laurone, oounty if they aro proporly
nt i 1 i
But tlioro .is certainly no. time to
waate and the importance of so'ciuring
a registration ticket is too urgent? to
admit of delay.
Time will show w lie the r or not It
was.a break in tho slang souse of the
word. It was cortainly a bveakj-^olY
from Tillpaan and Evans. Perhaps it
will bo inouded,?porhups and indeod
I think it quite probable, that the
triumvirateJsiJLeoatiuuo in business
tqgothovLor some time to come. - The
dissolution'will come when the occa
sion arrives; to objot a .successor-; to
Senator Irby., In my opinion, H will
coino i then, iunsmueh as a seat in tlio
U. S. Senate will not admit of cutting
in half.
Senator Irby's lottor, it must he con
ceded, is a high testimonial to his pol
itical courage. It is not the habit Of
discontented Reformers to attack the
ox-Governor. When Mr. McLaurin has
dritlci'/.ed him it has been In the mildest
gentlest manner conceivable as though
it wero "moro In sorrow than in
anger." Hut Senator Irby while he
Says' nothing that derogates from Capt
Tillman as a man of truth and sinceri
ty says moro and worse things. Ao
cording to vho Senator, Tillman Has
been rounded up and operated upon by
the vilest of the vile, weak Consorva*
fives. According to tho Sonator, Joe
Barnwell and CaV Homphill havo made
ridiculous little fools of Tillman and
Evnns,?tho Senator questions if Evans
has not been bamboo/led ?and after
all the two mighty leaders of Reform
aro no matches for the astute presti
glators of Charleston, It is a dread
ful accusation tojffiako after alt thoso
years,?that thefgamest of tho gamo
and the kcenostylLJJiP keen, having
been into tho "ml
?^U' "' "'-'?' liianki. Dot?
without the shadow of a doubt
distinguished Reformer to marsha
a company of arguments going to,
show that Tillman is sometimes just
such a fool as other men are capable of
proving thetnsoives.
1 think that Senator Irby will bo able
to inspire Capt. Tillman with genuine
"sorrow that ho wandered from bis
own lire-side" and that Tillman will re
pent in sack-cloth and ashes. Irby
will not back down,?but Tillman has
backed before many a time and it will
come natural to him. As for Evans,
that remark that be "lied the State"
in tho time of need was too vitriolic;
not to bite'deep but there is no reason
why a truce should not be patched up.
Some men never forgive especially
when ci.rcuniStap.CC9 are of a kind to
force them into rivalry much as they
might wish to shun it.
, it will be observed tbat Congressman
Staanyarno Wilson while abstaining
from Irby's salty expressions bolsters
tho hitters position. Wilson is by odds
u smarter politician than any of thorn,
smarter than Irby, Evans and Till
man with their beads altogether.
So Laurens is to have a cotton mill.
Eor months and years, long yours of
waiting, Till: AiWEUTtsEK has deluged
Laurens with factory talk. lias dinned
and howled and shrieked it into your
ears. And The ApVERTISEK never
abandoned the notion that Laurens
would have a mill at some time or oth
er. Whou you have solid, sensible,
capable business men to begin with it
is no risky ta.-k to prophesy tbat a town
will do something for itself.
News papers do not build factories.
It's the "1111111" that takes. Never yet
did a nowspdpor or ', j?,
with "sticks'
All commupicatlons ..cph
should be eent to B. Y. Culberl4en;
Msddan, 8. C. .
Another' Appeal to the Teachefs.
I' I > to ? t h 1 s timo only four teachers
in Laurens County have sent' in
reports of;their schools. Why this
is we cannot say. Surely vac. have
more than four wideawake teachers
in Laurens County who are willing
to say and do something in,,?the
interest?o ,f education- . Probably
you have' misplaced the queBtlbns
that We ?Ske'd-. If so this pha)l nbt
bo an excise any .longer.. \y*e,ppb
lish I hem one more time tbi6>WecK.
Now wbilo you have thenv mid
evcrythin'g rs fresh on your mindjs,
wr)tc your report, You can do j a
great deal bettor after, you get
started- than-you think you can'.
If you w^h to have the s,u\y|i^er
school, now is the tube tb;^?y ^oj-|
I'he County Board will not give St
unless you Want it. Neither Will
they think tbat you apprecitttt;, it
unless you are w.illing to;say sp,;.
. If you wish the.. conyenliontJ to
help our schools pOW js the'tiinb^o
say so. : Wi&ito?ffitkty ijM1i$cln
this subject the more goqiv it. \vi;ll
do. . -. - n' j j>.ir-.i?-- tub oda baa ,?-uo
The following is the list of f&b\:
lionsi . , ,: . !
ist. Name of school.. :n.. -.h-h \
2d. When did this session begin?
3d. Length ot term'. ;' ! "! t"1?"
4th. Number of'pupils ?|?{w(g<f?
5U1. Do you use the late aifpptptl
text books? .. en
6th. When should a child';'bigin
mental arithmetic? Wi'itten' afirli
:metie???l,! '. .f"';,,, ?
7th. .In \vh?9h 0f tbc j ;vv>n?
studies, viz.: geography*, .'?hjftjpry
and grammar, wouhl yon begin |t
child first, suul why? . n
8th; When sh-mld a pupil begin
the study of Latin? Algebra?'
9'.h. State your opiuipp on..(au
length of daily session; (b),literary
societies in school; (c) corporal
iptft. What would y.v u suggest
to the delegates of lb- Constitu
tional Convention?
nth. What do you think of es?
teachers ? who have
Tiot a decided opinion top'b.p any of
the above questions ht them An
swer what they can. He sure to
send in a report if nothing else
Arrange it ready for publication,
that it may not have to be rewrit
ten. Always sign your name and
name of assistants, if any.
Mental Arithmetic Questions.
ist. A boy was sent to a spring
with a live and a three quart meas
ure to procure exactly four quarts
of water. I low did lie measure it?
2d. A man having a fox, a goose
and a peck of corn was desirous of
crossing a river. He could take
only one across at a time, and if he
left the fox and goose while he
took the corn the fox would kill
the goose; but if be left the goose
and the coin the goose would eat
the corn. How shall be get them
all safely across the river ?
3d. A man purchased a hat for
live dollars, and handed the mer
chant a fifty dollar bill to payB
it. Tho merchant being unnblJH
make the change sent the "billflfl
broker, got it changed and tfl
gayejtheanan sy.ho, bquflht,!^^?
forty-five dollars. The urokerjfl
ter the purchaser of the hat lfl
gone, discovered' that the bill \fl
counterfeit, jnncj, jtth^refcujO returJ|
it to the merchant and icceivvflj
fifty doll.lro of good' money, i Hoffl
operation?,,.., .,,,,,':.<!. 0g oT M
t ... ui?I >,i ..ii .'tin 'in aau 1 H
As we aio considejahly .wroUglH
up In our cotncr',ortll'tfce1 s'ehoJfl
as the wafceh &n the Aoj^wr^HnoM
how we sre getting nlongi:in>l W
There ts'a 'section iiv achb^W?
trict No; i not with.n 'reactF?fSM
school established. Ion annul a fij
The abtivo sectipn'bbittfritt?^ tH
38 chil^p; Vv^hir^V#^?^
There is ?Wo, a small actctiQtoiin.lSy.H
4, same township* ridjoining) thdfl
above sebtidn in ,No. i, thM'br'veryW
inconvenient on account of ?istancefl
and mud, and contains from-tori1 tofl
twelve children irr 1he'lsxifb?i1 agc.H
In the above, community there isfl
a schopl bouse and grounds belong
in;- to the peoples ambis also acces-?
sible to half a dozen ciiihlreii in ?
Greenville County which 18 de- flj
prived of school opportunities. - jfl
Vop \sill very readily see that fl
the above school location is in thefl
centre of-plenty of-children. fl
In consideration j Of1 jttyc>; ftbove fl
facts wc went before bur board of fl
trustees and asked tho.grant ot our fl
pro rata share of the school money fl
in order tbat wo might go :to ir fl
school more convenient. They te- |
fused on the authority, of , Sec- I
tion 1013. We went to tho county
board,doping they would reverse
tbe*dKJisioiiOf the subordinate;-?
They denied our petition; on Wpat
grounds we know not, except on
their own authority to do'as :t^ey
Phrase. " ', ;a
Since I began this letter ,1-have?
talked to one of tber uusteesum-.?
school district Nb. t. He Ulls'-rnc 1
that the other two trustees li.'ui fc'p^n J
. the honoi ahle School Commiss/ioner, J
and he said that what they said jk
would be law. fl
Mr ^l-'^'- my impi'cssipn fl
PUs always iiTenTu; L -the jcgjslatorsfl
made the laws, the judicWtabIjnter>fl
pieted the law, and the e>;c7utiv<^B
enforced the law. ',. ,,' j . ji
If Mr. Madden knew all tpe iime
tbat the will <>!' the trustees was
law, it seems to nie tbat he' treated
the contestants vei y badly hv not
notifying them and saving them the
trip of over twenty miles in t-lect
and mud to attend a mock trial on
a subject that we were deeply .in
terested in. If Mr. Mnddenls plan
is to deprive children of educational
advantages, then vyc have ch'dugh
of Ids plan.
We are taunted, Mr. Editor, by
our and trustees that it's reform,
measures that we are being gov
erned by. . .
In the general law of 1890 there
is a section, 1013, making it the
dllty of the trustees, where if is
convenient by desirable, to estab-_
lish a school. But 1 suppose the
trustees don't desire that wo haven
school, and it is in their hands.
District Numhi-k One.

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