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DATE* JAN. 21.
Mr. Georgo Holt sold a wagon load of
?moot potatoes at 75 cents as fast as he
could measure them.
Field peas sold on wagons at 60 cents.
A wagon load of chickens sold at 20
und 26 cents.
Every thing to oat goes. Wagon
loads of hulls went to the country.
Cotton Growers.
Gov. Evans hos appointed the follow
ing delegation to represent this State
at the Cotton Growers Convention
which meets at Memphis to-day: W. G
Hinson, A. B. Watson, J. L. Koltt, J.
D. M. Shaw, J. C. Wilborn, J. D.
Montgomery, A D. Bates.
The Purchase Authorised.
The stockholders of the Columbia,
Nowberry and Laurens railroad at a
meeting on the 17th lnst., authorized
the purchase of tho Laurens railroad
between Dover junnction and Clinton,
a distance of about 12 miles, thus al
lowing a connection with the Port
Royal and Western Carolina for Spar
tanburg and Greenville.
We sell the colebratod Jefferson Hat.
All warranted.
A beautiful line of laundried shirts,
ouffs, collars and underwear to arrive
this wook.
J. R. Minter & Son.
Augusta Steam Laundry,
Work ppomptly and oflleiontly done.
Will bo glad to tako your orders.
W. Peter Richardson,
at Hill & Martin's Drug Store.
Leading Him On.
"Joslar," said Mrs. Corntossel,
"would you light of thoy was a war."
"Yo8-sir-reo," was the earnest reply.
?'Every timo."
?'An'git up In the gray dawn to tho
sound of a bugle, an' not make any fuss
'cause yo didn't hov nothin' but hard
tack fur broakfas' ?"
" 'Course."
?'Well, I'm glad to hoar it. Ef ye're
wlllln' tor do all that, yo suroly won't
have no fault tor fin' bout glttln' up
at 0 o'clock torraorrow mornln' and
lightin' the lire, so's I kin cook yesomo
pancakes that wouldn't be despised by
Tho man who Is to succeod Hon. John
Laurons Manning Irby In tho United
States Senato noods to got up soon.
Irby is a tough old job. Ho has some
claims on tho loyalty of tho Roformors,
but It Is doubtful If ho can show them
up strong enough to down tho wide
spread dissatisfaction existing among
his constltuonts But boforo' our
young frlond, Evans is through with
J. L. M. his contests with his cousin
Willlo Ellorbo and tho crafty Sampson
will have faded into misty droams of
his boyhood days.?Oconoo News.
Unwillens Notices.
For tho cough of measles or in whoop
ing cough nothing Is as good as Rod
Flax Cough Syrup. Largo bottles 25
cents at
Tho Laurens Drug Co.
Wo know you have been looking for
it but haven't had timo to toll you
about it. But look at ;'Orescut Cyclo"
1896 and you'll bo convincod. Wo soil
on instailments. Sec tho one wo aro
S. M. & E. H. WlLKES & Co.
Look out Tor tho sample underwear at
; Davis & Roper's.
J3uists Early Morning Star Pea.?
Ready for tablo in 45 days. None so
good. Laurens Drug Co.
For Rent?Tho cottago opposite
Mrs. Rivers' boarding house. Apply
to B. W. Ball.
Now Stock Flower and Gardon Sood
now ready at* Tho Laurens Drug Co.
Shoes I Bay State Shoes. Shoes at old
prices, at Davis & Roper's.
You wont need a search light to lo
cate 8. M. & E. H. Wilkos & Co. stores.
In fact we aro liable to blind you with
tbe brilliancy of our beautiful line of
Lamps, Crockery, Furniture, Etc. Wo
j pay freight on $10.00 up.
We aro saving a calondar for you.
Tho-Laurens Drug Co.
Big stock good, heavy boots. See
tham at Davis & Roper's.
Somo women havo It! Moat women
have beard of it! All womeu who
havo tried them are well pleased with
the Sunny South Stovo. Thoy aro per
fect cookers.
/ We pay freight $10 and up. 0
d. M. & E. H. Wilkos & Co.
List of Letters
Remaining in the Post Office at Lau
rens, S. C, unclaimed, for the weok
ending Jan. 20, 1806.
B?Blakely, Reed.
F?Franklin. Miss Evorlannle.
H?Henderson, Laurens, col.; Hig
gins. Miss Mittle; HUI, Joseph.
J?Jeans, Shed; Jackson, Bailey, col.;
Jonhson, M E.
L?Laskoy, Pink.
M?McDowell, Jefferson.
N?Nito, Miss Mavy.
P?Park, Mrs. Minnie; Pitts, J.,
S?81ms, W B; Sexton, Jobs; Shop
pard, Miss Emma; Smith, Will.
W?Webb, Miss Sallle.
for thb webk ending JAN. 13, 1896.
? C?Coats, Simpson, L.
D?Don oh, Miss Maggie; Donnon,
Mrs. GW; Dewaught; J T.
H?Hunter, Miss Harriet; Henderson,
Laurens; Hampton, Gray B.
M?McMoore, Rev. C H; Metz, Aleck.
P?Pardy, 8am ; Parks, H J; Powell,
R?Reeder, Sallie; Randolph, Pink.
S?Saxon, Prof. T A.
W?Workman, Miss Mills.
Persona calling for any of above let
ters will please say, "They are adver
tised. T. B. Crkws. P. M.
Why eufTor with Coucrhs, Colds and
LaGrippo when Laxative Brono Qui
nine will cure you In one day. Does
not produco the ringing in tho head
like sulphate of Quinine. Put up in
tablets convenient for taking. Guar
anteed to oure, or money rofunded.
Price 25 cents.
For sale by i fill & Martin.
Notice of Dissolution.
The firm of Phllpot and Fowlor has
been dissolved by mutual consent. The
undersigned will conttnuo tho business
at the old stand under his own name
and takes this occasion to thank the
j public for tholr kind patronage.
J. M. PhiLpot.
1 Jan. 1,1890.
Won, Administration, Etc.
Executors, Guardians, Administrators
id othors, acting in a fiduciary capac
', will please take notioe that the law
pares them to make their annual re
irns from the 1st of January to the 1st
of March. O. G. THOMPSON,
Judge Probato of Lautem Co.
Doc. 2,1895?-1-tl
The old year of '95 Is now num
bered with the past, and we extend
to all new years greeting and wish
every body a happy and prosper
ous seasons.
Every thing passed on* very nice
ly during the Xmas holidays and
with the amount of dispensary that
was on hand they acted well, I am
glad to state.
The farmers have commenced
sowing oats and to turning stubble
and other out door work as the
weather will admit.
Be oareful farmers and don't let
this eight cents cotton fool you.?
You remember what a hard time
we had some twelve months ago
when we sold our cotton at figures
below five cents and a great deal
even lower than four cents, Some
of our farmers say that they ex
pect to um) double the fertilizers
that of last year. They expect to
spoil a home or make a better one.
I am sorry to state that Mr. Reld
Anderson Is very low at this writ
ing and we hope soon he may be
able to be up again.
Mr. Joe Pluson Is down with
Mr. F. S. Teague has a very sore
throat and not able to be about his
Mrs. A. J. Smith is sick with
cold and slatlca.
Mr. lt. H. Young and son, Josh,
visited Spartanburg last week and
Mr. Josh oame back via West
Springs that being the nearest
point to Lisbon.
Mr. Oharley Pitts, of Arkansas,
has been visiting in this vicinity.
Mr. Lee Young has come back
home to take oharge of his father's
Mr. J. L. Young, of Enreka, Is
spending a few days with relatives
Misses Mary and Hattle Cun
ningham, of Maddens have been
on a visit to their aunt, Mrs.
Messrs. J. P. and J. L. Hallow,
of Spartanburg and Union have
been visiting their brother, J. T. A.
The young folks attended a
dance at Oapt. James Deans lust
Friday night. A large crowd at
tended and reported a delightful
time. Mr. and Mrs. Henry chape
ron the crowd. Mr. Dean has a
lovely mansion and some young
ladle would do well to get tgaj?e his
house keeper.
Our efficient school teacher, Miss
Mary L. Pitts has a very large
school now.
Mr. Judson Langston, of Mad
dens was the guest of Mr. W. M.
Wharton last Sunday.
Mr. Oonway Anderson, of your
city, was down last Sunday to hear
the Rev. Mr. Todd at his church.
Mr. Todd preached a splendid ser
mon. All who attended enjoyed It
very much.
llov. Mr. Fowler will supply the
Beaverdam chnrch this year the
first Sunday In every month.
Wantleroru of Uio Tribe Jn tho Went and
North rs Well M the South.
"You'll find crackers in other parte
of the country than the south, "eaid the
tall, grizzled sea captain like mini at tho
inn. "I've ecou them in every land?
yof, und on Long Island. I take it the
cracker bolongs to a class by himself.
Tho cinckors, all the way from the foot
hills of tho Alleghanies in Laucaster
couuty, Pa., to the mountains of Geor
gia, aro, as I tako it, tho descendants of
men from tho north of Ireland. Some
of thorn reached this stato from Canada
and went sonfli by way of tho old Cher
ry Valley turnpike into Pennsylvania,
and thence into Mary land and Virginia.
They are the best of the oraokor tribe.
They still havo some of tho religion
thoy Ht art cd with and a remnant of en
"You find a southern or western
cracker now nud then with a good Now
England name. There was an early Now
England emigration to the south. I met
out in tho mountains of Mie6onri a
cracker who wns a direct deecoudant of
tho old pro\ jcial governor of Massa
chusetts. Endicott. He bore tho family
name and had a trace of the New Eng
l?nder in his face, though he could nei
ther road nor write. He had, however,
his grandfather's diploma from Harvard
college. Tho grandfather hnd removed
to North Carolina, and part or perhaps
all of the family had drifted west and
finally reached Missouri. The crackers
had a way of traveling along tho moun
tain valleys from state to state, and a
good 'many wcut into Tennessee and
Georgia. "?Now York Snn.
Brave Sepoy* and Sikh*.
Tho siego had lasted altogether 40
days, and there had been 89 men killed
and 03 wounded. The sepoys had suf
fered greatly from want of food, as to
eat horseflesh like the offioers wonld
have been against thoir creed, and the
ghi had long rnn out They had only
half rations of flour, and when the reliof
came, they were weak and emaoiated
from want of food and sleep, bnt their
endurance and plnokwere most admira
ble. The sikhs especially showed extraor
dinary nerve. The worso tho ontlook
the cheerier thoy grow. They would flit
all day oloaniug their rifles, with a
quiet smile, as though the anticipation
of defeat had never entered their mind.
They felt sure, they said, that the gov
ernment wonld not desert them and
that in dno time help wonld come. An
ono of them torsely pnt it, "The arm of
the government is slow, but it reaches
very far." Indeed, no praise can be too
great for the Sikhs, who were the very
baokbono of tho defeuse. They not on
ly endured hardship and privation with
out a mnrmnr, bnt they fonght with a
qniot, dignified courage that In itself in
spired confidence.?"TheOhitral Cam
paign," by Thompson.
Make Yourself Strong
If you would resist pneumonia, bron
chitis, typhoid (over, and persistent
coughs and colds. These ills attack tho
weak and run down tho system. Thoy
can find no foothold where the blood is
kept puro, rich and full of vitality, the
appetlto good and digestion vigorous,
with Hood's Barsaparllla, tho one true
blood purifier.
Hood's Pills oure llvor ills, constipa
tion, biliousness, jaundice, slok head
'?-Attention, Debtors!
Those indebted to tho fl;m of Philpot
& Fowler will please come forward and
sottlo at once and greatly oblige,
Laurons, Jan. 14, 1898.?lt._
Wo koep on hand or can have*made
for you in b days any kind of spectacle
over needed! Laurens Drug Co.
For ?alk\?Ono eight jc;r.old mule
in good condition. Apply at L. E.
JSuins & Co.'s Bargain House, Lahrem,
Am Icjr Blust Thursday?Relaxations
of the Week.
That bloyole?hustle for It while you
Mrs. W. O. Prentlss returned to her
home at Beaufort on yosterday.
Pelzer la now the largest cotton mill
operated in the South.
Miss Manette Hayno, of Enoree,
spent several days with friends here
last week.
Miss Mame Ferguson leaves today
for a visit to friends in Columbia and
Mr. Geo. H. Boyd has moved his lino
of hardware into the store just undor
The Advertiser's office.
No new counties, under tho now Con
stitution, can be created at this session
of tho Legislature.
The indications now aro that tho ses
sion of the Legislature will not bo as
protracted as at first apprehended.
Get on a rush and win that whool?
you lack enterprise and pluck If you
don't win the wheel.
Saturday was a most charming day.
Tho town was full of people, and busi
ness lively.
Among the Governor's appointments
confirmed by the Senate is that of J.
D. Mock as Treasurer of this county.
Dr. W. A. Shands, one of tho stal
wart workers of tho coming city of
Clinton, was in the city on Thursday.
Munioipal matters in Charleston aro
muddled as to tho'matter of selecting
the police officially.
After spending somo timo with his
family here, Professor T. P. Wright
has returned to his duties at Clemson.
M. S. Bailey, Esq., Prosident of tho
Bank of Clinton, was in the city on
Wednesday on business.
Bishop Capors will proach in tho
church of the Epiphany on next Sun
day, morning and afternoon.
Miss Thruaton, of Groonvlllo, has ro
turned home after visiting her friends,
Mrs. J. M. Phllpot and Miss Mary
Honea Path Is to havo In ton days a
telephono oxohango to connect that
town with Anderson, Greenville, Spar
tanburg and othor cities.
Court sits for this county tho third
Monday in February. Lawyers are get
ting ready. Judge Townsend will pre
Magistrate J. M. Hudgons on Wed
nesday last had two eases boforo him
for retailing. One he hold; one he let
go. ?
Mrs. Calhoun, who has boon on a
visit to her daughter, Mrs. F. P. Mc
Gowan, returned to hor homo at Nino
ty-six, on Saturday.
During the important session of the
Legislature just commoncod wo hopo
to keep our readers thoroughly advised
from week to week of what is going
forward and what of Interest Is likely
to be done.
The new Bon-Dolla is being largoly
patronized, sometimes to such an ex
tent that it is nocossary to connect par
lors into sleeping rooms. This is along
the line of good news.
Thursday last was a rude, savago
midwinter day. A cold north-easter
with rain and freezing and frosting tho
trees and the earth as it came down.?
Locomotion and all out door business
wero out of tho question.
M. L. Donaldson, is tho member of
the Democratic Executive Committoo
whioh met at Washington on tho 10th
and fixed Chicago as the place for the
"scrap" for the Presldontal nomina
Tho senate has confirmed tho follow
ing nominations of postmasters in
South Carolina: M. P. Trlbble, An
derson; E. E. Poag, Rock Hill; J. P.
Little, Clinton; J. F. Gregory, Lancas
In the Southern Methodist Review
for January and February, is tho ad
dress of Rev. W. J. Daniel on Bishop
William May Wightman of tho M. E.
Church, South, which was delivered at
the Annual Conference held In Lau
rens In 1894.
Sir Henry Irving, tho loading trage
dian of the world, supported by Ellen
Terry and the London Lyceum Com
pany, will present tbe "Merchant of
Venice," at Charleston on tho 24th in
stant. It will be bewitching of courso.
There will bo a fiold full of candi
dates this year for tho various county
offices. Tne moro the morrler. And
The Advertiser at the propor timo
will be glad to mako their ambition
known. Candidates are now recog-'
nized for all the offices.
On last Tuesday evonlng a largo
number of the young people of tho city
attended a dance at Mr. H. A. Wobb's.
Everyone had a delightful timo and
the music, a guitar and mandolin In
the hands of two North Westerners who
were making their way back to yan
keedom, was very good indoed.
Ball Boad Changes.
Under the new management result
ing upon the possession of tho Now
berry & Lanrons road by Mr. W. G.
Childs, we feel confidont that our com
munity must bo bonoflttod. AH
brunches of the service will bo en
hanced. Somo changos will result at
the Depot, Mr. J. P. Gray, of Gray
court boeom i ng the local Agent. It may
be that we will lose from our midst,
Mr. W. F. Young, who has boon tho
Agent of the old company, a most offi
clont gentleman, courteous and kind
withal, with a delightful family. Our
entire community would grontly rogrot
; their loss.
The Concert.
Tho concert under tho nusplcos of
Mrs. W. E. Lucas, assisted by Miss
Hayno, Miss Harris, Mr. Wilkos, Mr.
and Mrs. Mason, on Saturday evoning,
at tho Opera House was a most charm
ing success. On account of tho Inclc
roenoy of tho weather it had boon post
poned until that ovenlng, but notwith
standing a largo and select audience
attended and there has hot boon so do
lightfuI an evening in tho history of
our city. Every one seemed to antlcl
Eate that it could not be otherwise with
Irs. Lucas at tho piano, and presiding,
but the enjoyment was unprecedented
as tho programme proceeded. Wo fool
sure that wo cannot oxaggorate tine
pleasure afforded tho comfortably largo
audience by any praise wo might ac
cord to all who participated in giving
this rare entertainment, The proceeds
wore generously given tho church of
the Epiphany in this city.
Look out for colds at this season.?
Keek yourself woll and strong by tak
ing Hood's Sarsaparllla, tho great
tonic and blood puLifter.
I 1
Teachers' Meeting
The Teachers' Association met in
the Court House to-day, nth inst,
and was called to order by the
President, Prof. J. B. Watkins.
On motion of Pr?f. McElroy
resolutions were passed by the As
sociation memorializing the Legis
lature to authorize the County Su
pervisor to borrow money to cash
school claims as soon as services
are rendered, and the following
committee were appointed to pre
sent the resolutions to the senator
i and representatives of this county:
T. B. Watkins, W. T. McElroy,
Jared D. Sullivan, Jas. C. Hill,
Misses (Malic McDaniel and Sallie
Brooks, and Jas. A. Madden.
The following officers were
elected to serve the Association the
ensuing quarter: \V. M. Bryson,
president; J. B. Watkins, ist vice
president; B. Y. Culbertson, 2nd
vice-president; Miss Clatie McDan
iel, secretary and treasurer; Miss
Mary Bramlett, corresponding sec
retary ; J. B. Watkins, D. B. Bobo
and Jas. A. Madden, executive
committee; Jas. A. Madden, Editor
Teachers' Column.
The following is the programme
for the next meeting of the Associa
tion, which convenes on Saturday,
15th of February next, at 10 a. m.,
at Laurcns:
Educational Demands?Prof. B.
Y. Culbertson.
How to Teach History?Miss
Perrin Farrow.
Is Teaching a Profession??Prof.
W. T. McElroy.
Ought current Events to be
Taught in School??Prof. T E
AU the teachers are earnestly re
quested to attend the meetings of
the Association.
Every teacher will be expected
to contribute to the Teachers' Col
umn, when asked by the editor for
the contribution.
Teachers are requested to endea
vor to secure a wider circulation of
the papers publishing the Teach
ers' Column.
Teachers who fail to perform the
duty required of them by the A?so
ciation, or do not respond to the
support of the Teachers' Column,
when asked by the editor, may ex
pect to sec their names in the next
Teachers' Column.
The Trustees of the several School
Districts will get up a list of the
Poll Tax payers of their Districts
and be sure to get tho full initials
of each name, and not tho "pet*'
name. The list must embrace every
male citizen from 21 to <50 years of
age. Trustees have no power to
exempt any one from Poll Tax, and
it is their duty to list every one
within tho ages and let those claim
ing exemption show cause before
the proper authority their right to
Trustees will make separate list
of white and colored Poll?.
Thoy will also make a list of tho
children between the ages of 0 and
21 years, distinguishing white from
colored, and male from female.
Those lists must be sent to the
Commissioner at once as the ap
portionment of the funds cannot
be made until the lists are sent in.
Trustees should take notice that
the schbol fund for the ensuing year
will be larger than for the past year,
and School Districts which do not
furnish the above lists, cannot ex
pect thoir school fund lo be in
creased as the commissioner would
have no data by which to raise it.
Tho people of each School Dis
trict should use every effort to have
every child within tho school age
attend the public school, as here
after the apportionment of the
public funds will be made on tho
school enrollooent and not on the
school population.
Teachers not holding a certificate
from the Board of this County,
need not prei-ont their warrants to
the Commissioner for his approval
until they procure a teacher's certi
The Rev. O. S. Stringfield, of
Wakefield, N.C.says: "Five boxes
of Japanese Pile Cure cured me after
12 years' suffering."
The Laurens Drug Co.
Do you want an Organ?
Do you want the best?
I roprosont tho llnost lino of Organs
in America and at fair prlcos, and on
easy terms. For Catalogues and par
ticulars address?
M. A. Malone, Columbia, S.C.
County ok Laukkns,
In Probate Court.
WHEREAS, Charles Franklin and
Wm. H. Dendy have made sait to me,
to grant them Letters of Administration
of the Estate of and effects of Willis J.
Dendy, deceaeod.
and admonish all and singular the kin
dred and creditors of tho said Willis J.
Dendy, deceased, that they be and ap
pear before me, in the Court of Probate,
to be held at my ofllco the 21st,
day of January, after publication thoreof
at 11 o'clock in tho foronoon, to fihow
cause, if any thoy have, why the said
Administration should not be granted.
GIVEN under my hand, this 31st, day
of December, Anno Domini, 1805.
O. G. THOMPSON, J. p. r,. 0,
Jan. 6, 1890.?2t.
In Probato Court.
WHEREAS, J. H. Wharton, c. o. 0,
p., mado suit to me to grant him Let
tors of Administration of the estate and
offects of Susan E. Fullor. doccascd.
and admoniBh all and feingular the kin
dred and creditors of the said Susan E.
Fullor,dee'd, that they be and appear
before nie, in the Court of Probate, to be
hold at Laurens C. IL, S. 07, on the 17th
day of February, attor publication
thereof, at 11 o'clock in the foronoon to
show canso, if any they have, why the
said Administration should not be
GIVEN undor my hand, this 1th day
of January, Anno Domini, 18(><>.
Jan. 0, 1890?Ot ? \ j. p. l. C.
In Modern Steam ttattleahlpa Athletlo
8*1 lore PUy n Minor Part.
A proportion of the bluejackets of any
fully rigged ship wero necessarily ath
letes. The "npper yardmen" in a lino
of battle ship or u frigate were excep
tional men in this way, and mnob more
so perhaps jrst about the time that sail
power was receiving its death warrant
(ban ever before. These young men had
to raco aloft to nearly the highest points,
at top speed, eight or ton times a week
when the Khip was in harbor, to keep
their heads and tna'ntaiu their breath
?while "holding on by their eyelids," as
the phrase went, and niunipnlating
with a careful and measured order of
notion tho various und iutricato arrange
ments for' 'crossing" or "sending down"
tho royal nnd topgallant yards. It was
all done at full speed, for it was uni
versally held that tho nppor yardmen
gavo a character to tho wholo ship and
that one whieli was foromost in this ex
eroiso was ever considered "the smart
est Bhip in tho floot. " Tho upper yard
mouworo nlways tho coming men. They
had moat opportunities for distinguish
ing themsolvos, were the best known,
mid wore most under the eye of tho au
thorities. Thoy dovoloped groat muscu
lar power in chest, shonlders and arms.
Their lower extrowities suffered, and
ouo always knew tho men who had been
upper yardmen by their tadpololiko ap
pearance when they were bathing.
But in tho modern steam lino of bat
tlo ship nnd frigate those extremely oth
lotio specimens formod a very small
minority of tho "ship's company," and
nouo of them could lose his turn at be
ing uppor yardman so long as tho ship's
reputation dopeuded on tho speed with
which the upper yards wero crossed and
Bent down. In harbor tho rest of tho
bluejackets had tho handling of yards
and sails for exercise onoe or twico a
week, but at sea the uso of sails for pro
pulsion grow less nud loss important,
and most of tho work nloffc was more of
an oxcrciso and loss of a necessity. ?
North American Roviow.
Pcoplo Who Eat Hair.
It is difficult to imagine peoplo eating
hair, but tlieio are many, especially
girls and young womon, who do so, as
experience proves. Doctors conducting
post mortom examiuations have been
surprised to find a largo quantity of
hair in tho stomach of tho deceased per
Not long ago an English medical
mnn found as much as four pounds of
hair in tho stomach of a woman about
80 years old, and similar eases havo
been officially reported from various
parts of tho world.
Dr. Swaim lately performed an oper
ation for tumor, when, to Ins astonish
ment, tho cause of complaint was a
moss of hair weighing hot ween four
and five pounds.
In this caso tho patient confessed that
sho had contracted a habit of biting off
the ends of her hair, just as soino bito
their finger nails.?Pearson's Wcokly.
Three si r:ui|:<- hikI Kcinnrknblo Men.
As Dumas, tho grandfather, prided
himself more upon his wonderful
strength nnd skill in athletics than his
generalship; as Dumns, tho second,
prided himself more upon his knowledge
of cookery than tho authorship of "Tho
Throo Musketeers,'1 so Dumns, tho
third, prided himself move upon ins
kuowlodgo of art than upon tho writ
ing of "La Dame uux Cornelias, " Thoy
wore three strange and remarkable mon.
?Rochester Post-Express.
The first manufacturing statistics
wore collected by tho government in
18a0, when it was discovered that tho
capital invested was a littlo in exoess
nf half a billion of dollars.
How's This.
We offer Ono Hundred Dollars Ho
ward for any case of Catarrh that can
tot bo cured by Halls's Catarrh Cure.
P. J. CHENEY & CO., Props , Tol
odo, O.
Wo tho undersigned, havo known P.
J. Cheney for tho last fifteen years, and
believe him perfectly honorablo in all
business transactions and financially
able to carry out any obligation in ado
by their firm.
WEST & Tuax, Wholesale Druggists,
Toledo, O.
Walding, Kinn an & Marvin, Whole
sale Druggists, Toledo, O.
H. Hcincman, Milwaukee, writes:
"One box Japanese Pile Cure has
cured mc of a case of 28 years stand
ing, after being treated by New
York's best physicians." Sold by
The Laurens Drug Co.
Tho abovo will bo paid for tho
delivery of Arch Johnson, alias
Chalmers, an escaped convict, to
tho Luurons chain gang, Laurens,
S.O. lie escaped Doc. 81, last.
Johnson is a negro, 15yours old,
flvo feet 10 inches high, ginger-cake
color, noarly bald, uppor eye teeth
missing, hair inclined to bo
straight, turns his foet outward
walking and has a drawling ac
R. 1'. A da iii,
County Supervisor.
Jan. 13,1895,?It.
Receiver's Notice
IN The Matter of Tiil: LA?RENS
Railway Company.
In pursuance of the decree of tho
United States Circuit Court for tho
District of South Carolina, made in tho
matter of tho Laurens Railway Com
pany, on tho IlOth day of December, A.
O. 1895, all persons holding any claims
or accounts, for obligtionsor liabilities
of any kind, contracted or incurrod
during the rccoivorship of tho undor
slgnod, uro heroby notified to prosont
tho sumo to tho undersigned for allow
ance, within tho period of sixtv days
aftor tho first publication of thisno
tlco, which porlod will expire on tho
23rd day of March, A. D, 1890. Any
claims for such obligations or liabili
ties, so contracted or incurred, which
arc not prcsontod for allowance within
tho porlod named, will not bo enforcea
ble against, or payable either by tho
Rocolvcr, or by tho purchasor, of said
Laurens Railway Company.
mALEX. C. Haskki.l,
* Recolvor.
Doc. :11st, A. ?. I??").
A N?w and Omnpleto Trontmonr, wniUrtlr.? 01
BDPPORmilllKS. OapmitM of Olnlment fMJ"S
Buna of Olntmont. A novor fntlln? dir? for 1'Uaaju
awry nnUiro ami il?nreo. It mukf-a nr. OWjUOtJWJW
tho Vnlfo or Inlnutloim of onrbollo WMM* JjJ
painful nnd ?oldoni n l?>rninnont ciiro, iui.1 oU. n to
B.iltln? In denUi, onnewpfftrT. Why endurg this
terrible Uleenso? We ?M??rnnt?eJl
to oure any ppee. You Tmly iff for bonofll? ro
colved. ?1 nbox.oforV. Sontbr mall.
CONSTIPATION by JSpanP08o\l*erpBeli^?
kdM..M?l.fl< fi.Ini.tiid for till dreu'4 UbO. W VOM*
IIMXIII ruitlf I r-U. nmilll. inun m? I'
tolio.ocjttoUfl? adapt** for chlldran'* m?
tb cent*. * . ,
Ear Sale by the tii-i'oiis Drug Co.
jtn flmm Jill Grate
On Installments. Easy payments?
The Cheapest I handle,.$225.00
The next grade " " . 275.00.
" " " " " . 300.00
" " " " " . 325.00
" " " " '?. 4<o.oo
" " " " " . 50O.OO
See Higher Grades of Uprights and Grands from $500.00 to
$1,500.00. Second hand Pianos at ALL PRICES. *
M. A. MALONE, Columbia, S. C.
If you desire to learn why legitimate Pianos can not be
sold at retail for less than $200.00, and that any sold below that
price are without merit or value. Ask by mail The Musical Cou
rier, 19 Union Square, New York, the greatest musical paper in
the world, and it will explain to you without charge if you send
this advertisement in your letter.
"I Want It But I Can't Afford It."
"p: Good Bicycle."
Would You Accept A First Class High Grade
Bicycle if it Were Offered You Free?
The Advertiser will give a line Bicycle to the boy or girl, man
or woman or child who will bring in the largest list of subscribers be
tween now and February 1, 1896, the cash to accompany the subscrip
ttftyi iB^?ite mim '
.Is an "Acme" Machine made by the Acme Cycle Company, oi
Elkhart, Indiana. The Winner of the Machine may make Iiis
own selection from their catalogue.
The "Acme" Bicycles cost One Hundred, Ninety and Eighty
live Dollars each. The winner makes his or her choice from the
Catalogue, regardless of price.
liitliisi ?1 lit dtatti^
All you have to do is to get cash subscribers to The ADVERTISER.
Any boy 01 girl can get subscribers. Any person young or old can get
this fine" bicycle by making a little effort. A list of live subscribers may
win it. If a lady wins the bicycle she may get a ladies' wheel. Or she
may get a gentleman's wheel and sell it if she prefers.
It is a good plan to begin work at once.
As soon as you get a subscriber send in his name and the money so
that the paper may be promptly sent to him. State that you are a con
testant for the bicycle and an accurate list will be kept of all the names
you send. Two half year or four three months subscribers will be
counted in the contest as one.
No Loss Possible.
Not Even of Time. "If I don't get the largest list I shall have had
my trouble for nothing" you say. No you won't either. The Aijver
tiser will give at the end ot the contest, except to the winner of the
bicycle, twenty-five cents for each subscriber sent in by a contestant.
So if you get forty subscribers you may win the bicycle. If you don't
you get ten dollars anyhow.
No person in any way connected with The ADVERTISER will be
allowed to enter the contest.
Don't lose a minute. Begin at once. Who gets the "jump'' has a
big advantage. ?
That there is not
a family anywhere
to which money
means so much?
ten cents means so
much?that it can.
afford not to ex
change ten cents a
month for the art,
the refinement, the
pleasure, and the
information that a
copy of Munsey's
Magazine will bring
to the fireside.
l?l Pifth Avc. New York.
.'?.i!)if>!o copy free.
in the
With a nice line of Furnishing
Dry Goods,
Notions, Shoes.
Tin, Glass and
Crockery Ware,
Stoves and Furniture.
Thanking you for your past
favors and soliciting your future
patronage. As ever,
L.E. & B. C. BURNS,
Bargain House.
I j, C. Burns, Manager; W. EL Gil
rtrorson, Jr., Assist. Clork.
Traynhani & Dial's Sun Block.
OmoB DATS?MouUtty and Tuo&uayr.
.Jl, . .
Attorney at Law,
Laurens, - - South Carolina.
6iP Spocial attontion given to/ho in
vestigation ol titlea and colk/otion of
nlaims. / ....
Notice! Assessoi
The Auditor's Office will be open from
the 1st day of January to the 20th day of
Februaiy, 1890, to receive returns of
Personal property for taxation in Lau
rens County.
For the convenience of taxpayors tho
Auditor will attend tho following name-'
places to receive returns for said ye.
to wit:
Jacks Township, Dr. F. M. Setiler*?,
January 13, from 10 a m to 2 p m.
Jacks Township, Renno, January 14,
from 10 a m to 2 p m.
Hunter Township, Clinton, January
15, from 10 a m to 2 p m.
Hunter Township, Milton, January 0
from 10 a m to 2 p m.
Cross Hill T ownshlp, Spring Grove,
Janunry 17, from 10 am to 2 p m.
Cross Hill Township, Cross Hill, Jan
uary 18, from 10 a m to 2 p m.
Waterloo Township, Waterloo, Janua
ry 20, from 10 a m to 2 p m.
Waterloo Township, Ekom, January
21. from 10 a in to 2 p m.
Waterloo Township, Mt. Gallagher,
January 22, from 10 a m to 2 p m.
Sullivan Township, Brewertoo, Jan
uary 23, from 10 a m to 2 p m. #
Sullivan Township, Princeton, Jan
uary 24, from 9 a m to 12 in.
Sullivan Township, Tumbling Shoals,
January 24, from 1 p m to 4 p m.
Dial Township, Luther 0. Owens,
January 25, from 9 a m to 12 m.
Dial Towuship, D. D. Harris, January
27, from 10 a m to 2 p m.
Dial Township, V. A. White, January
28, from 10 a m to 2 p m.
Young's Township, Parson's Store,
January 29, from 10 a m to 2 p m.
Young's Township, Young's Store,
January 30, from 10 u m to 2 p m.
Young's Township, Pleasant Mound,
January 31, from 9 a m to 12 m. v*
Young's Township, Lanford Station,
January 31, from 2 to 4 p m.
Scuffletown Township, Tylersville,
February 1, from 10 a m to 2 p m.
Real Froperty is not returned this
It will c-avo much timo to taxpayers,
also greatly facilitate tho work of tho
Aseeesoi, it' every person before leaving
home will make out a completo list of
every item of personal property in tho
following oider: Horses, Cattle, mules,
sheep and goats, hogs, watches, organs
and pianos, buggies, wagons and carri
ages, dogs, merchandise, machinery and
engines, moneys, notes and accounts
above indebtedness, and all other prop
erty including household.
It is always required that tho Auditor
get the llrst givonnaine of the taxpayer
in full.
Under tho head of place of residence
on tax returns give tho township.
All male citizens between the ages of
twenty-one and fifty years, on the 1st
day of January, 1890, except those who
aro incapable of earning a support from
being maimed or from other causes aro
deemed taxable polls.
And every taxpayer is required to
give (he number of their school district.
After tho 20th day of February next
fifty per cent, penalty will be attached
for failures to make returns.
In overy community thero aro persons
who cannot read or that do not take a
newspaper. Those more fortunate may
do such persons f\ great favor by telling
them of tho time to make returns or by
returning for them.
The assessing and collecting laxes is
all done in tho satue yoar, and wo have
to aggregate the number and value of all
horses, mules, cattle and other pieces of
personally, as well as the acres of land,
lota and buildings and their value, that
there is in the Oouuty, and have tho
same on tile in Comptroller General's
ollico by tho oOth day of Juno of each
year, and from that timo to the first day
of October the Auditor and Treasurer's
duplicate have to be completed and an
abstract of the work in tho Comptroller's
olllee by that time, which will show at a
glance that the Auditor has no timo to
take returns or anything else much be
tween tho 1st day of March and the 1st
day of October but work on tho books
and tho blanke. Wo hope therefore
that all taxpayers will make their re
turns in time.
Dec. 3, 1895?4?tf
? to distribute
????*^our ndvcrtlsu
moutsJli nipt payment for a Wf[ll ktiuIo Acnjo
bicycle, wnli-h vrp k :>t thorn ouapproval. No
work cio'.iu until iUo bloyolo arrives atra proves
Young Ladies c'^rti???
If boys or ?Irls apply Mwy, must bo wollrcooiu- x
in ?):.:? ?!. Nvrlto for particulars. X
South Carolina and Georgia R- R
Passknokk Department.
Charleston, S. C.,May 20, 1895.
Lv Charleston 7 20 a ra <> 00 p in
Ar Summerville 7 50 a m (> 42 p m
Pregnalla 8 28 a m 7 19 p m
(leorge'a 8 41 a in 7 32 p m
Branchville '.> 10 a ro 8 15 p m
Rowesville 9 25 a m 8 29 p m
Orangebarg 9 38 a m 8 43 p m
St Matthews 9 58 a m !> 01 p m
Fort M/>tto 10 10 a m !? 17 p m
King\ :llu 10 20 a m 9 2'.) p m
Columbia 11 05 a m il) 15 p m
Lv Columbia 7 00 a m 4 00 pm
Ar Kingvillo 7 45 a m 4 44 p m
Fort Motto 7 57 a in i 5r> p m
St Matt'icws 8 08 a m 6 09 p m
Orangeburg 8 82 a m 6 27 p ra
Rowesville 8 48 a m 5 42 p m
Branchville 9 05 a m 6 10 p ra
George's 9 45 a m o 34 p m
Pregnalla 9 58 a m 6 44 p m
Summerville 10 82 a m 7 18 p m
Charleston 11 10 a ni 8 00 p m
Lv Charleston 7 20 a in C> 00 p ni
Branchville 0 2) A m 8 15 p in
Bamberg 0 47 a m * 8 40 p m
Denmark 9 55 a m 8 ~>?, p in
Blabkville 10 12 a m 0 09 p m
Williston 10 27 a m 9 24 p m
Aiken 1103am 1007 pm
Ar Augusta 11 45 p m 10 50 p in
Lv Augusta 0 25 a m 3 30 p m
Aiken 7 14 ft m 4 12 p m
Williston 7 57 am i49 p in
Hlackvillo 8 14am 5 CO p m
Denmark 8 28 a m 5 20 p m
Bamberg 8 41am 5 20 p in
Branchville 9 20 a m 5 65 p m
Ar Charleston 11 10 a in 8 00 p m
Connection via A. C. L.
Lv Augusta 2 25 p m
Ar Aiken 3 05 p m
Ar Donmark 4 12 p m
Lv Dnmnark (i 10 a m
Ar Aiken 7 19 a m
Ar Augusta % 8 CO a **
Lv Cnmden /?
Camden Jun
Ar Kingvillo
Lv Kingville
Cumden Jr
Camden i
Southern Railwa
Connection u
W ?

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