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<?>fie OIctuextiser
?ortptlon Fnc?~ia Months, ai.oo
ten tot Advertising.?Ordinary Ad
Usements, per square, one inser
n, #1.00; eaoh subsequent insertion,
n Ih?
beral reduotion made for large Ad
visements. _ _ . ? _
LAURENS, S. C Mar. 31,1806.
TUlman Sticks.
TUlman keeps a stiff backbone. His
rtebral column is all right. In an
borato letter published in the Co
bio Register of Wednesday last, he
tea at large his position that unless
e Chicago platform should accord the
onolal demands upon which he in
ts, then tho South Carolina dclega
"n should seek new pastures. Tho
Ition taken in the recent brief Reld
tor Is adhered to and tho reasons are
stoutly given for the faith that is
In Benjamin. "Consistency, thou art
aJewel," is very old; "oh ? ?that
mine adversary had written a book'
antedates it by cycles. Possibly Ben
jamin -*iay live to regret that a grey
gooso quill is so handy in these alert
days. It remains to bo seen if the
Senator will stand to this standard and
rally around it the great following in
this State, a word.of his, a wave of one
linger of his, has not failed to com
mand, as a hen gathereth her brood.
The sooalled reform party owes its
Creation, its work, its life to day to B.
R. TUlman. There is not an achieve
ment for good or ill which reform can
claim, that is not Tlllman's out of the
whole oloth. The thousands offloo
holders in this State, Governor, Judges,
great and small men in-authority and
eating the broad of ease, loll in cush
ioned chairs and tread upon velvety
carpets, by virtue of tho jonlus of TUl
man, his audaolty and luck, while to
eaoh and every mothers son of
them must be readily accorded the
talent to know to catoh hold on like
grim death and swing to his stout
coat tails. Where they will bo found
in this junoture the next six weeks will
determine. As go Tiilman's office hold
ng thousands, so goes tho socalled
emoorats,?their name is legion and
hey are legion of legions.
The position of Irby confronts Till
man. Irby is for hanging on to the
Chicago aggregation, whatovor may bo
its platform?whether constructed of
gold, of silver, or some composite mix
ture of the two. This is the logical,
sound, conservative position for demo
crats indeed, and this it would seem to
be hard to controvert and successfully
overthrow. The matter of the financial
policy of the government or of tho ad
ministration does not involve a vital
party principle?it involves questions
of expediency, of temporary appllca- j
tion, and does not aria? out of the con- '
stitution or constructions of its limita
tions. Tiilman's position and letter will
be given pith and pointatthis moment
however on account of its bearing upon
Irby, who, it is understood is a candi
date to succeed himself in the United
States Senate. But this is an accident.
Tiilman's stand upon public questions
should be considered by itself, per se,
and sololy as sound or othorwlse, for
the democracy of tho State, (provided
always there Is left a modicum of sound
unadulterated democracy in South
Carolina. Recurring to the personal
aspect of the pending issues, we havo
;Jpjm<ihat it would seem that the strong
position lies with Irby, speaking as we
do, claiming to bo a democrat of the
striotist sect. Wo are not up on the Sen
ior Senator's record. Ho has made but
ono speech In tho Senate that wo re
call In the five years of his stewad
shlp In our House of Lords. Of course
it is to be found in tho Congressional
Record, but public documents never
come our way in these times. Wo are
not concerned as to the sucession in the
United States Senate. It is a matter
of some concern and vast concern, that
the national democratic organization
remain intact as the best Hopo of this
nation, this Stato, the Southern peo
ple, and future generations, and South
Carolina should, be tho lost State to j
break its bands.
' The Bridge of Sighs,
There is danger of our crossing the
bridge before wo -roach It. Suppose
the Democrats have a lovo feast at
Chicago; the contingency of a gold bug
platform never materializing; all going
as dulcetly as marriage bells; TUlman
all glorious and jubilant as birds in
spring time; sweet harmony reigning
from the far east to the farthest wooly
west. Then what are we fussing about?
We have had our grand hullabaloo in
Laurens all for nothing. Bettor wait
till wo reaoh the abutments of tho
bridge. In tho meanwhile thingB are
promising for TUlman and Whitman.
So far. as" now appoars TUlman can
have^tne ohanco for the Democratic
^^-pfesldency at Chicago. While Mc
Kinley, Allison, Morton and Reed aro
rallying their forces with beat of drum
and clarion note all over the land,
there is no note of hopo from demo
cratic quarters, nothing but tho voices
of TUlman, Bowden and Mayfleld cry
ing out in the wilderness.
? ?
The Vets for 1807.
The grand re-union of U. 0. V. occurs
at Richmond this yoar. It would natu
rally go to Charleston in 1807. The
veterans of that oity and the business !
exchanges met on Thursday evening '
last and resolved that "under the cir
cumstances" they could not extend an
Invitation. The defense of Sumtor by
South Carolinians and Charlestonlans
is the crown of glory of the Confede
racy. But Charleston is a beleaguered
city?beleaguered by the Governor and
Government of the State of South Car
olina?orushed to tho earth. Hor
streets arc filled with gens de-armes?
a forel^^niorconary band, crushing
out_hej^^. Sho ts in no condition
invited) guests against
Thoif lu
An organization outside the regular
democratic organization had author
ized Mr. W. D. Mayfield to address an
addre.is to the Blmetallsts of the
State. It would seem to be an inde
pendent political party, if anything, or
possibly a social club with political
functions and Mr. Mayfield Is its or
gan. The address is nominally to bi
metallsts. (if any body knows what
that is,) and is full of council to the
democrats of this State, fatherly, fra
ternally in spirit, warning them
against apprehended disintegrating in
fluences that may be now at work. Mr.
Mayfield coming upon the platform
with credentials from some Memphis
Sanhedrim concerned about what he
calls "Bimetalle National committee''
effuses to blmetallsts that they must
sink or swim, or die in their boots,
holding fast to the standard of the dem
ocratic party. The address undertakes
to smite hip and thigh and every dem
ocrat who does not stand by blmotallsra.
In the event blmetallsm must go, then
to hang like grim death to the old
time patriarchal democratic party.?
Mr. Mayflold's anxiety will be appro
elated by the party over which Irby
it Is claimed, now holds the reins. Bow
den has lately delivered an address to
some Bort of motalists, but Bowden
comes as the apostle of a new party,
crying In the wilderness, and his utter
ance is as one Independent and coming
to loosen shaokles, whilo Mayfield pats
and strokes with a soft velvety hand
with a taint of violets and roses.?
The Irby committee and tho great big
democratic organization, will be thank
ful for the timely and kindly and cau
tionary words in this goody?goody ad
dress. As the State executive commit
tee of the democratic party meets on
the 7th proximo, their address will be
awaited with Interest, with other cau
tionary warnings, and blazing tho way
through the straits which seem now in
fested with a dozen of these rocks and
whirlpools usually obstructing the way
of political sailing. Ono thing about
Mr. Mayfield's address is to be com
mended ospeoially by those of us down
In heart and we refer to Its soft and
molancholy and die-away, appealing
look. It speaks as one In dire distress,
had lost a doar friend, and in danger of
losing another. Sympathy is in order.
* ? ?
Bow Is This?
There is no question but tho property
of the State has largely developed with
in the last six years. Several hundred
miles of railway have been put in
operation. Millions have been put into
cotton mills and other industries. Hun
dreds of thousands of agricultural acres
have been brought Into cultivation, so
that tho State's broad surface begins
to look like a garden. Tobacco has
grown to be a groat and Important sta
ple, adding to tho wealth of a largo
section of the State. Villages and
towns have sprung as if by Aladdlns
lamp along the great railways. Those
are visible facts under every man's
eye who chooses to see and yot taxes
under the existing government have
continually increased. Wo must also
mention a boasted immense revenue to
the State from the State's groat dram
shop, Taxes are higher than since the
days of Moses and good stoaling. Thoy
will be higher still this fall. What
are wo coming to, whither are wo
drifting and how is this?
Senator Tillman is ^engineering a
Bill through Congress dividing South
Carolina into two Federol Districts.
Whereby we will have two United
States Attorneys, with Assistants, two
Marshalls, Clerks, Etc.
"Double, double, toil and troublo,
Fire burn and cauldron bubble."
The Masschu8ett8 Republican Con
vention was first, last and all the time
for Reed. Its proceedings will be nota
ble for unique abuse of tho democratic
administration. It comes little short
of tho virulence of Tillman, failing by
reason of short coming in powers in
that direction. Carlisle is praised for
"financial incapacity."
Tho wigwam being erected at Chi
oago for tho Democratic powwow is cut
out to hold thirty five thousand. If the
specimen delegates from the other
States aro of the dimensions going
from South Carolina?the thing will
hold a million.
? ?
State Treasurer Bates is reported as
saying that dispensary profits are
mostly on paper. This looks like moon
Got ready for tho hand primary,
The Advertiser and tho Weekly
Atlanta Journal one year for ono prlco,
ono dollar and a half, cash.
Cause of
a is bad blood*. It means
? Chilis and fever, scrof -
ola, rheumatism, dropsy,
constipation, indigestion
and almost all the diseases
a human being can have*
There's a cure* prompt and
No/experiment. If you
buy ft?if s an investment.
MonJjr saved?renewed en
ergy^-- good health?and
it's aot a cure for a week
or ainonth, but permanent.
SOLD; some in your neigh
bo fiood. Try a bottle to
JLuf?don't wait. A remedy
Who arc nervous, weak, worn out
with local troubles find pure blood,
nerve strength, and perfect health in
Hood's Sarsaparille.
We do not say the above to raise
false hope. It has been the expert
enco of many, very many women in
those intensely trying periods which
demand and consume so much
force? those special physical trials wo
delicately indicate by merely using tho
words ? Maid, Mother, Matron.
Like a confidential friend wo suggest
tho use of Hood's Sarsaparille, a reli
nblo blood purifier and tonic; it has
helped many others and will holp you.
"I was In poor health five years, brokon
down in strength, and appetite all gone.
Local troubles and other weaknesses in
tensificd my misery. Nervous sick
dizziness, heartburn and pain* In my
back made mo think I should nover be
woll again. A frlond prevailed upon mo
to try Hood's Sarsaparllla. I noon began
to improve! and In six months it restored
mo to better health than for years. I
have found Hood's Barsaparilla a grand
medleino for all troubles peculiar to
I am now strong and healthy and can do
a good day's work. I Btand by Hood's
Barsaparllla, for it cured mo after other
medicines failed." Mas. Lue Dier,
Carlinville, Illinois.
This and many similar cures prove that
Is the One True Blood Purifier. All druggists. $1.
Prepared only by C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass.
14 i" r>Sll are purely vegetable enro
nOOa S flUS fully proparcd. 25 con
Of Settlement and Application
for Final Discharge.
Take notice that on the 7th clay
of April, 1896, I will render a final
account of my acts and doings as
Administratrix of the estate of
Lanson Owens, deceased, in
the office of Judge of Pro
bate, for Laurens county at 11
o'clock A. M., and on the same
day will apply for a final dis
charge from my trust as such Ad
All persons having demands
against said estate will please pre
sent them on or before that day
proven and authenticated, or be for
ever barred.
Feb. 29, 1896.-41
E. M. Caine, J. J. Pluss,
President. Cashier.
WILL be opened on Feb. 1st. Interest
payable on deposits every three
months, viz.: 1st January, April, July and
Depositors must state whether they wish
deposits in Savings Department or on or
din?r" jcount.
1 in ? it also paid on Time Certificates of
Deposit. For particulars call on
Jan. 20, 189G?3m.
A Now nml Complete Trontmont, consisting, 01
BUPPOSITORIHS. OapeuloB ot Ointmont end two
Boies of Ointment, A never falling Cure for FUM?
every natura ond degree. It muk?s an oporntlon will)
tho knlfo or injections ot carbollo acid, which ere
painful nnd seldom n permanent cure, nnd often re
Hulling In death, unnecessary. Why endure this
terrible disease? We guarantee 6 boxte
to cure any pose. You only pay for benefits re
oolvod. &1 iibox.eforfS. Mouthy mull,
rnMQTIPATinMCured, Pilos Prevented,
UUHO 1 Ii M I iUn by Japaneso Liver Pellets
tho ureat LIVKR nnd BTOM?Cfl REGULATOR and
BLOOD PURIFIER. Small, mild and pleasant to
toko.ospocndly adopted for children's use. CO Doses
26 cents.
For Sale by tho Laurons Drug Co.
Attoroy at Law.
Laurens, - - South Carolina.
OT Special attention-given to tho in
vestigation of titles and collection of
Loans Negotiated
to be secured by
Plantations and Farms.
Terms Easy?Apply to
Simpson & Barksdale,
Laurens, S. C. Attornoys at Law.
but ship from our factory At
wholeoalo prlooti. Bhlp any
where for examination: pay
freight hotll ways If not satin,
factory. 100 styles of
Carriages. 00 styles of
Harness). Bend lets,
for 112 pnt(0 catalogue.
Kf kin 11. CARIturiF. IM)
W. B. Piste, Htt'j, Klklurt, Isd,
Ovviob 1MY8? Mouday and Tuesdays.
Each sot of District School Trusteoa
are requested to forward to the under
signed a list of tho number of taxable
polls in their respective School Districts.
Also, the nnmber of children between
the ages of six and twenty-one years.
School Commissioner L. C.
Jan. 14,1896.
Any person having busluess with tho
County Supervisor. I will bo in the
office on Monday of each weok between
tho hours 10 a. m, to."
Of Settlement and Application
for Final Discharge.
Take notice that on the 30th day
of April, 1896, I will render a
final account of my acts and do
ings as Administrator of the estate
of Carrie B, Fuller, dec'd, in the
office of J udge of Probate for Lau
rens county at 11 o'clock A. M.,
and on the same day will apply for
a final discharge from my trust as
such Administrator.
All persons having demands
against said estate will please pre
sent them on or before that day
I proven and authenticated, or be for
ever barred.
Mar. 31, 1896?4t.
Sheriff's Sale for April.
The State of South Carolina against
Claud A. Floyd.
By virtue of a Tax Execution to
me directed, I will sell at Laurens
0. H., S, 0., on Salesday in April,
1806, all that lot, piece or parcel of
land, situatod In tho town of Wa
terloo, Laurens County, S. C, con
taining ono Acre, more or less,
bounded by lota of Dr. W. R. Har
ris, Jane M. Smith and others,
levied on and to bo sold as tho
property of C laud A. Floyd for
taxes due for fiscal year beginning
November 1st, 1893.
Terms of sale cash.
* G. S. McOravy,
Mar. 3, 1896?4t S. L. 0.
County of Laurens.
In Court Common Pleas.
Tho Laurens Building and Loan
Association, Plaintiff, against
Sallie D. Young, Defendant.
By virtue of a decree ot the Court
in the above stated case, passed.by
his Honor J. H. Earle, Presiding
Judge, I will sell at Laurens C. H.,
S. C, on Salosday in April, 1896, be
ing the 6th day of tho month, dur
ing the legal hours of sale, in front
of tho court house door, to the
highest bidder, all that lot, piece,
or parcel of land situated in the
city of Laurens, county and State
aforesaid, containing six and one
half Acren, more or less, bounded
by Harper street, lands of Mr.-?.
Maffet, Fleming and others, except
two ami one-half Acres thereof,
bounded by lands of William L.
Boyd, Little River and George B.
Anderson. This property is also
described In the decree as follows:
All that lot of land situated, lying
and being in the town of Laurens,
in the county and State aforesaid,
containing Three Acres, more or
less, and bounded on the East by
the public road leading from Lau
rens to Seumetown, on tho South
by a street running from Cemetery
towards W. L. Boyd's, on the West
by lands of J. M. McCarley and H.
M. Anderson, and on the North by
lot of A. M. Bramlett.
Terms of sale cash. Purchaser
to pay for papers. If terms of sale
are not complied with, lot will bo re
resold on same Saleday at risk of
former purchaser.
G. S. MoCBAVY, 8.L.O.
Mar. 3, 1896-4t
In Court of Common Pleas.
Perpetual Building and Loan As
sociation, Plaintiff, against J. M.
Visanska and others, Defendants.
By virtue of a decree of tho
Court in the above stated case I
will sell at Laurens C. H., S. 0., on
Salesday in April, 1896, during the
lagal hours of sale, in front of the
Court House door, all that lot or
parcel of land situated in the city
of Laurens, State of South Caro
lina, containg one-half of one Acre
more or less and bounded on the
South by Main Street,on the West
by lots of J. J. Roland and Mrs.
Julia McGowan, on tho East by
Jail lot and lot of A. H. Martin, it
being the J. M. Visanska homo
Terms of Sale?One-half cash
the ballanco on credit of twelve
months, with interest on credit
portion secured by a bond of the
purchaser and a mortgage of the
premises sold, with leave to bidder
to pay his entire bid in cash. If
terms of salo are not complied with
the lot will be resold on same Sales
day at risk of tho former pur
chaser. Purchaser to pay for
G. S. McCravy,
Mar. 3, '96-41 s. L. ?. s. c.
to distribute
j;; >>?: 'm>>><?> 11--. . ...? t ?. ?. , otir advertlrio
nionlij in part, iiayu.oc.*. s. r.ibl.'.-h CTUdo Acmo
blcyci.-?. *>viilch t?? te::'i tyon pa approval No
work tfOOfl nntll llio btoyclo urnve? fcnd proven
Young Ladies ?Sf?
If bovs or f,1r1;> npyl v tlior nwet to Troll rcoorn
mended. WntoioriwtUUlrJT}. . ?
State of South Carolina,
County of Laurens,
In Probato Court.
WHEREAS, C. D. Barksdalo, made
suit to me to grant him Letters of Ad
ministration, with will annoxod, of the
?stato and offects of Jamos Griflln Wil
liams, deceased.
and adtnoniah all and singular the kin
dred aud creditors of tho said Jamos
Griflln Williams, dec'd, that they be and
appear before mo, In the Court of Probate
tone held at Laurens 0. H., S. C, on
the 8th day of April, after publication
thereof, at 11 o'clock iu the forenoon to
show causo, if any they 'have, why the
said Administration should not be
GIVEN undor my hand, this 21st day
of March, Anno Dopjini, im\.
Mar. 23, 1808-?w C J. l\ h. C.
The prices we sold goods at in the Fall, 1895, cre-O
sSated a great storm throughout the country, and people^
Ipfrom everywhere came from far and near to get the bene-fl
Ifit of the
Lou) Prices
?we sold Clothing, Hats and Shoes at.
We are still here and have our Guns loaded heavyu^
_ . _ (eg)
^tor the Spring Trade.
We have made a careful survey of the Clothing, Hat|||
|S|and Shoe market.
Through all the traveling salesmen with the largest^
^wholesale houses, and alBO through our Special Buyer in|p
g?New York city, and we are up to date on prices and qual-|g|
spy* And will be able to show you the prettiest and best|||
j^|line of Clothing, Hats, Shoes and Gent's Furnishings^
^ever shown in Laurens. All we ask is to come and see^
|||for yourself?get our prices and see the goods. p|
Thanking our Friends and Customers of this and.?;
surrounding Counties for their liberal patronage in thefts;
^past, and heartily extending them an invitation to makej^
|||our store their headquarters when in town we are your^
(65) ?
Arriving Daily and Will
be sold at
J. R. Minter & Son.
Gotpei TtmitttAct Vote* ?t South CuqUinu
# In Ood Wo Trust. #
Believing the liquor traffic to be one ot the moat prolific sources of
misery and crime In our country, and standlag directly in the way of
the progress of the cause of Christ, we hereby unite unselves in organ
ization ''Id His namo" for its suppression.
Db. D. L. Boozer, President. T. J. LaMotte, Secretary.
F. H. Hyatt, Treasurer. 0. D. Stanley, Oh'rp Ex. Com.
f Rev. L. h, AunoT, State Organizer.
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