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Tlio Clinton Cotton Mill really be
gins to assumo enormous proportions.
The second story 1? now being put on.
?Clinton Gazette.
Postmaster J. P. Little comes for
ward with the first bale of new cotton
this season. He was offered 61 cents
and refused to toko it, and will hold it
for free silver.? Clinton Gazette.
The Washington Street Methodist
church has given Its pastor, the Rev.
W. W. Daniel, a two weeks' vacation.
Mr. Daniel left yesterday with his
family to spend it at his old home of
his parents at Mt. Gallagher.?-The
Mr. A. W. Moor?, well known to our
citizens, (says tho Charloston Post) is
making a tour to the Pacific coast and
will correspond with tho Pythian Lodge
Secret, tho organ of the Georgia
Mr. James T. Harris, proprietor of
Harris Springs has decided to move to
Spartanburg. Mr. Harris' family will
occupy tho Mills house on Main street.
Mr. Harris will spend most of his timo
traveling in the interest of his water
?Spartanburg Herald.
Tho County Campaign Mooting for
this Township hold in tho Court House
on yesterday was not largely attondod,
tho crowd in attendance not oxceedlng
two hundred and fifty. The city peo
ple ignored it very largely, most of
the orowd being from round about and
over tho county. There was some lit
tle sparring, but pleasantly, over the
question of voting upon former fac
tional associations, However, the
voice of tho orowd seemed to be
against it?for harmony and unity and
ignoring past, doad and useless issues.
We trust that this spirit will still bo
maintained and that candidates for tho
suiTragos of patrlotlo Laurcns Demo
crats will bo measured by the standard
of sound Domocraey ability and char
Editor Advertiser:
Dense allow mo spaco In your col
umns to return my most sincere thanks
to tho many friends who havo asked me
to becomo a candidate for the oftlco of
County Supervisor and to say that,
while appreciating the compliment and
kindness, I havo, after mature consid
eration, and for reasons that I feol will
bo satisfactory to my friends, derided
that I cannot bo a candidate at this
Respectful] v.
A. W. Sims.
Sohool Exhibition.
The closing exercises of the Eden High
School will be held at Eden Academy on
August 20th, commencing at 3 o'clock
p. m. The public is cordially invited to
attend. Supper will be served on the
grounds, after which the exhibition
proper will commence. Cornel
Masonic Picnic.
The brothren of the Craft (affiliated
Masons) in this County are notified that
a basket picnic will be had in .thin city
on Saturday, the 22d instant, and all
Masons with their immediate families
are expected to attend with their bask"
eta well filled. The Grand Master of
the State will be present and deliver an
L. G. Balle,
W. R. Riciiky,
There will be a Primary Election for
Magistrate for Sullivan Township at the
same time as election for State and
eonnty officers to be conducted by
Managers appointed by County Demo
cratic Executive Committee and held
under the rules governing primary elec
tions in this State.
James Simpson,
Township Chairman.
It is hinted that John Gary Evans is
"holding up" the appointment of Stato
bank oxamiuor until after the primary
eleotlon. It is believed that he has
given encouragement to several antl
Tlllmanlto applicants, at least two that
wo have heard of, and that ho cxpocts
to obtain their influonce and holp In
his fight. Of course when tho olection
is ovor a middle-of-the-road reformer,
thought to bo already selected, will be
glvon the appolntmont. ? Charleston
Bosineaa Notices.
If you want a nicc-fltting, nobby suit
of clothes, go to Mlntcr & Son.
Do not delay purchasing your Fruit
Jars?my stock is almost exhausted.
B. F. Posby.
Our clothing is up to dato in fit and
style. J. R. Mlnter St Son.
For tho noxt 30 days we will offor our
cntlro stock of Mason Fruit Jars, nut
up one do/.en in a case, Mart's fjft and
one half gallon Jars at 75 cents por
dozen. 8. M. Sc E. H. Wilkes & Co.
At Dr. Posey's Soda Fountain you
will find np date delicious cold drinks.
Wo represent some of the best man
ufacturers of clothes, shoes and huts In
tho United States. It will pay you to
examine our stock before buy inc.
Mlnter & Son.
Lato stylos in correspondence and
invitation stationery just arrived at
Tho L^aurens Drug pp.
Wo arp hoaduuartors for low prices
and best valuo in all goods in our lino.
J. R. Minter Sc Son.
Furniture! Furniture!! Tho largest
stock carried by any one house la tho
Stato and prices the cheapest on same
quality of goods. All bills of ten dol
lars dollvered freo at your depot.
S. M. Sc E. H. wilkes & Co.
Now crop Turnip Seed, cheap in
bulk at
The Laurons Drug Co.
Big lot Gents collars at 5 ots. also at
8 and 10 cts. Closing out.
Davis & Roper.
A^rqat lino of noclf wear. Prices
Davis Sc Roper.
Just opened?a nice line of Ladies
Pursos and card cases- Gall and see
thom at Laurons Drug Oo.
Shoes! Shoes!! Now is the time to
Davis Sc Roper.
Wo guarantee one bottle of Johnsons
Tonic to oure any case of chills and
fever and prevent return, on seventh,
fourteenth, and twenty-eighth day.?
Price 50 cents at Laurons Drug Co.
We are the people for the Negllgeo
Shirts. Our stock and prices right.
Davis Sc Roper.
Sec the twenty-mule team hauling
Borax In our store window.
The Laurons Drug Co.
We invite comparison with anybody's
lino Stationery, If our assortment and
prioes are not beat don't buy of us.
Beautiful assortment of ladloV pocket
books and eard eaaeo just opened st
The tauten*
Farmers lost Kote.
During hie visit in the city last week,
President Craighead, of Olemaon Col
logo brought to the attention of the
newspaper Editors the fact that Con
fress makes an appropriation for
'armors Institutes in the different
Congressional Districts. He states
that if the farmers of the county de
sire an Institute held in the county
during this month or September he Is
ready to hold one at tho suggestion of
tho farmers. He will be present him
self, with the Agricultural Chemist,
and Veterinarian of the College and
lectures on matters connected with the
soils, stock, etc., will bo delivered. The
Institute may be held for one or two
days. It cannot but be interesting and
improving. We suggest that the
oflicors of the County Alliance and sub
Alliances meet in the court house in
this city on Monday the 24th Instant
to discuss tho subject and make ar
rangement to extend an invitation to
President Craighead. Also, that
farmers, generally are invited to meet
here with the Alliance officers. We
feel assured that the citizens of the
town will extend every hospitality to
those attending tho Institute.
The Primary Boxes.
Rule .'1 Regulating Democratic Pri
maries is as follows:
Rule 3. Each County Exeoutivo
Committee of the Democratic Party in
this State shall meet on or bofore tho
first Monday in August of each elec
tion year, and shall appoint three man
agers for each primary election pre
cinct in their respective Counties, who
shall hold the primary eloctlon provid
ed for uuder the Democratic Constitu
tion, in accordance with tho Aots of
tho General Assembly of this State
regulating primary elections, tho Con
stitution of the Democratic Party of
this Stato, and tho rules heroin sot
forth. The names of such managors
may be published by the Chairman of
each County Exeoutive Committee in
one or moro County papers at least two
weeks before the election.
Under this Rulo whore managers
were ? appointed and a new voting Pre
cinct established after Saloday In
August, the validity of tho poll might
be challenged and such votes counted
out?Waterloo and Ora willroadlly un
To Tho Physicians of Lanrens County.
Tho present age is one in which
medical science Is making greater pro
gress than ever before?new ideas,
now theories, now discoveries all provo
this in better results';as shown in tho
lower per cont. of mortality in a given
number of cases of any disease. If this
be so and of its truth there ean be no
question how important tho Physi
cians, the guardians of the health and
lives of tho public, should koep abreast
of the advances continuously being
mado. But, wo the Physicians of Lau*
rons county as all can testify do not re
ceive from our professional labors re
muneration sufficient to justify us in
leaving our famillos, losing tne time
and bearing the expenses of again at
tending Medical Schools and Hospitals,
no matter how muoh we may so desire
to do. We thoreforo would suggest
as the next best thing for both our
selves and our patients that we tako
good livo progressive Medical Journals,
road and study them, apply new Ideas,
whou practical and then join tho county
Medical Society whose object is for
mutual good and where an exchange
of experience Is freely given. This
would result we bcliove in largo meas
ure in the benoflts derived from a Post
Graduate course.
Mr. Archie Young, of Charleston, S.
C, is visiting his father, Mr. R. H.
Young. We wish him a pleasant time
while with ns.'
Mr. Louis N. McNeaoo came to Lau
rens with the Pea Ridge Rifles and got
permission from his Captain, J. C. Otts
and visited his friends here and at High
Capt. J. C. Otts, of Kelton, Union
County, S. C, called to see his friend,
J. T. A. Hallow while attending the
Encampment. Mr. Otts ia a stauenh re
former and one of the great leaders of
that faction in Union county. The
people of Union baa honored the gen
tleman for more than one time to the
House of Representatives and also to
the constitutional Convention and he
will bo re-elected again beyond a doubt.
Capt. Otts carried the first prize off for
the best drilled company.
Several went down to Cross Hill,
Friday to attend campaign meeting,
also to see Cross Hill lick Madden Sta
tion boys and I tell you they were licked
and licked badly for the Madden boys
did not make a score I guess they will
post-poiu. playing Philadelphia?hot
there was some excuse for the Madden
boys after riding so far. The boys were
too stiff to play much of a game. I know
that Lisbon can beat them now.
Mr. Julian Young, of Young's Island,
has returnod home after spending a
while here and at Capt. James Drum
mond, Young's Store.
Mr. J. L. Hallow, of Union, will be
over on the 20th inst. Mr. Hallow likes
Lanrens and her good people.
Mrs. E, Shell and children of your
city are visiting the family of Capt. R.T.
Mr. W. N. Wharton went over to
Rocky Springs last Saturday to attend a
picnic given by the good people of that
Mrs. Eliza Fuller has returned to her
home at Monntville after spending a.
few days with her sister, Mrs, Mary
Messrs. Bloom and Charlie Milam
have gone back to Clinton.
Mr. Ed Milam haa just returned from
an extended trip to Greenville.
The hoalth of the community is very
good and the people are trying to get
through with their fodder to commence
picking cotton. F.
List of Letters
Remaining in tho Post Office at Lau
rons, S. C, unolaimed, for the week
ending Aug. 17, 1800.
A?Adams, J 8; Adams, J J.
B?Bowlers, J H; Brown, W Rj Br?x,
Sumte?; Bornemeyer, Miss J; Beasley,
Miss Fella.
O?Cunningham, R A.
G-Gullelt, Gin Co.
H?Hantor, J A.
K?King Bridge Co. Gov, E?2.
J?Jones, Mrs. Rattle.
L?L?ngsten, Mrs. L G; Lucas, Earn
est A; Long, Alex?2.
M?Miller, Francis: Mountain, J II -
2; Miller, Miss, McSissla.
R?Robinaod, Wade.
T?Thomas, E.
W?White, Rev. E D-3. W
Y?Young, Alex.
for the week ending AuQ. 10.
A?Allen, Wm.
D?Dendy, JOY;Demat, Henry.
L?Llttlo, Harry.
M?Mahaffoy, Miss Ella: MoKnlght,
C D: Mo Adams, D, M; Me^the^, ?V>Y;
P-Powers, W H.
II?Raokly, L O.
S?Steele, John; Shell, Larkan.
Persons calling for any of above let
(era will please say, "They are adver
tised, jftflff* B. Oxaw*. P. M.
Miss Lute Wright wont to Spartan
burg to spend Suuday with relativos.
Miss Lil Harris ana Mrs. J. D. Watts
left for Saluda on Saturday.
Chicago has been seleoted as head
quarters for the National Democracy.
Mrs. W. L. Killlngsworth is in town
visiting tho family of her brother, Mr.
S. W. Vance.
Mrs. T. H. Nelson and children are
spending some time with relatives in
the country.
Lighthing on Sunday afternoon
killed a mule for Mr. Benjamin F. Bal
low, two miles east of the olty.
Miss Ida Fuller has rotured from a
stay of several weeks with friends in
Miss Mary Boll Holmes has gone to
to Paris Mountain for the romalndor
of the season.
Mrs. J. O. 0. Fleming and children
aro at home aflor spending somo woeks
with relatives at Due West.
Mrs. Jane Todd and Miss Alioo Todd
are visiting friends in Laurens.?Asso
ciate Reformed Presbyterian.
Last week was the dreariest of tho
year in tho city?almost depopulated
and as hot as bluo blazes.
Miss Lutlo Jones went to Greenwood
on yostorday where sho will join a
party of frlonds and go on a camping
trip to the mountains.
Mr. O. B. Simmons, a prominent
business man of Laurens, passed
through the olty yesterday on route to
Ashoville.?Spartanburg Herald.
Miss LUUe and Minnie Owlngs re
turned home yesterday from a pleasant
visit to Laurons.?Groonvlllo News,
14th inst.
Chas. D. Moseloy and family, of Lau
rens, aro visiting tho former's father,
Col. G. F. Mosley, in Court Street.?
Greenville News, 15th Inst.
Marion County farmors are tho
Nabobs of this country, as this county
is written up by J. E. Norment for the
News and Courier.
Mr. W. A. Johnson lays on our table
beautiful goldon leaves of tobacco
raised and curod in Darlington. Come
and see it.
Misses Mariegene and Lyllian Calno
aro visiting relativos In the city of
Groonvlllo, whore they will remain for
a fow weeks.
Dn and Mrs. Mrs. E. M. Calno and
Mrs. O. B. Simmons loft last Wednes
day for A8hville and other mountain
resorts for a stay of several wooks.
At tho Thornwell Orphanage, in this
county, is a family of one hundred and
fifty, all dopondent for support upon
tho charity of the noble, the good
and the genorous.
Sheriff W. J. Oathcart and Mrs.
Cathcart, of Columbia, were in the
county during last woek, visiting their
daughter, Mrs. W. D. Byrd and other
Miss Fay Hudgons and Miss Mong,
of Laurons, who havo spent sovoral
days here with Miss Maggie Hudgens,
returned to their homo yesterday.?
Honea Path Chronicle.
Messrs, Madden and Garrott of High
point sold the first bale of tho new
crop of cotton on Thursday last,
596 pounds. It was purchased by Mr,
Guy Garrott at 81 conts per pound.
One of the prettiest and most attrac
tive visitors to Laurens this summer
is Miss Mary Nanco Pair, of Nowborry,
who is staying with hor aunt Mrs. J.
Aug. Barksdale.
Mrs. Boyden, formerly Miss Pryor,
of Charleston, is on a visit to her cousin
Mrs. Martha Babb in this city. Mrs.
Boyden as a handsome and graceful
young lady, Is pleasantly rcmomhorod
by many of our older citizens.
It was a splendid, ornate and beauti
ful lecture delivered in tho Opora
Houso on Friday night last by Presi
dent Craighead, of Clcmson College.
Tho audienco should havo been much
largor. The a^sdntoes wcro the losers.
Another election will bo hold on the
question of Electric Lights and Water
works bonds to cure an Irregularity
in tho former election. Nodoubt the
result will bo tho same. By a report
submitted at a public meeting In the
Court House an Issue of $30,000 will be
suhloiont to establish and put the
plants in operation.
A communication from Mr. J. H.
Abercrombio, a candidate for the
House of RoproBontatlvos, roached us
only at 10 a. m. on yesterday, and wo
regrot to say that It is too lato for this
issue. Sickness in his family has pre
vented him from being actively In tho
county canvass,.
The Pastors' Aid Sooiety, of the Pres
Vytorian Churoh, will sorvo refresh
ments with music, recitations and
othor amusements at Mrs. Hart's on
Thursday, p. m., 20th, inst. Tho public
aro very cordially invitod to bo present
and a good timo promisod. Rofrosh
monts served from 7 to 10. Music be
ginning at 8:30 p. m,
Mr. T. O. Lucas leavos Saturday for
Groenvillo. Mr. Lucas has for tho
past six months boon tho partner of Dr.
H. K. Alken in thp Laqrons Drug Co.,
in wnioh capacity ho has shown all of.
iloionoy ana has won oountioss friends.
It is announced that ho has severed
his connection with the Laurens Drug
Company and will study for tho Meth
odist Ministry at Vanderbilt this fall.
In whatovor field ho* may apr% his
talonts Mr. Lucas wlir rocolvo tho best
wishes of his admirers hore.
Th? throe scholarships at Winthrop
allowed to the county upon compotltivo
examinations, havo boon awarded to
the following young ladles, they having
made the highest marks: Misses Mary
Hi Hams, Pearlo Rarnptt and May
Maddon, daughters, respcotlyoly, of
Robert RoUame, of Dials, Township,
D. E. Burnett, of this city, and Sohool
Commissioner Madden. There wore
thirteen contestants for tho plaoos. To
each scholarship is attaohou frco tui
tion and $40.00 in cash.
In a formor issue we noted tho pres
ence, at Tylersvillo, of that talontod
Newborrian, R. H. Gronekor, Jun, Wo
now give furthor space to the fruits of
his sprightly faneyrod interesting ob
servations while renewing Iiis youth
and vigor in that romantic section of
our county the hills and valleys of the
Enoroo. He has been absont from
Nowborry so long that we pardon tho
draught upon his imagination about
glories of his own home, the big
ness of the homo men, the loveliness
of the home women.
"'Tis distance lends enchantment to
the view.'', ' ^ .
Be Wide Awake.
Every Democrat who expeots to vote
must bo enrolled on a olub list five days
before the primary. No registration
ticket is necessary, bear In mind. You
can vote if your name is enrolled
with a Democratic Club. Tho election
in a week from this day.
What Katie Rid?"Folkses in the
Fashion"?Laurena Leads in Home
Things, but Newberry Doctors,
etc. the Beat in the State.
After a free and unlimited rusti
fleation at a favored spot between
Rocky Spring and Sandy Spring,
with all its attending pleasures
and benefits, the writer finds him
self at home agalo.
When he left Laurens the town
was in the mid i of the late en
campment of the Third Regiment
State Militia, and the festivities
were just about beginning in earn
Laurens Is not so large as New
berry, but she has the finer and
handsomer court, house?they say
the prettiest of any in the State.?
Grunted; but when Dose Orews
says they havo a larger cotton mill,
ho?he?he?what did John Gary
Evans say to John Duncan ? Now
B?se knows a great deal, is a good
political prophet, blows the biggest
horn in tho hand, ably edits Will
Motte's Free Silver paper, and is
rearing one of the largest families
to Iiis size of any man in the county,
but ho roust be mistaken about the
relative size of his cotton roil). We
"wouldn't fool you," but Newberry
Is ahead In some things.
But Laurens is great. One man
in that hospitable county has seven
sons, and the eldest is only nine
years?no twins, no triplets. When
your writer thinks of this grand
and glorious result he is led to con
clude that marriage Is not a fail
ure. Surely that man's "pride of
ancestry" must he swallowed up in
his "hope of posterity." How is
that for high, Chips?
And another progressive gentle
man of that land of fertility has
three sons who were born during
the stormy period of the late upris
ing and whose Christian names are
respectively Benjamin Ryan Till
raan F., George Washington Shell
F., John Laurens Manning Trby P.
This is given on information; it is
not positive that the boys havo tho
names in full, but it is probable.
May the little three stick closer
than the big three.
When the correspondent loft Lau
rens there wcro forty-five candi
dates in full Musi, braving the hot
waves from the mouth ol the torrid
zone and struggling in the boiling
waters of tho political sea as
heroically as G. Walt Whitman
frought the simmering air of New
berry Friday. There wero nine
candidates for the Houso of Repre
sentatives and8even for Treasurer,
with ouly three for county super
visor. Laurens had, up to that
date, sixteen moro candidates than
Newberry; but wo have one only
for treasurer, with nino for the
House and five for supervisor.
But, speaking of Laurens, that
lively town presents tho appear
ance of a little Atlanta at tho de
pot when four daily trains roll in
regularly from different directions
about the same time. Tho depot is
a favorlto place at train time for
the young people of the town.
Some pretty girls woro there tho
other day, although it was a' hot
spot; but
Lovely girls, like sweetest llowors,
Need sunshine in the golden hours.
Or silvery hours, for "all that
glitters is not gold" now, by a large
and overwhelming majority. When
tho "free and unlimited" geta un
disputed sway it is expected to
change the color of everything ex
cept the rays of the moon?they
have always been silvery. And sil
very rays remind us that wo met
more than one Kaiie, and that, not
for us, but for some one else, it can
bo said:
When tho right ouo met Kate
She settled his fate
With a glanco of her beautiful eye;
And forthwith she hid,
Was what our "Katie did,"
And tho man thought ho was up In tho
Yes, Chips, that was what this Katio
One of tho most pleasant fea
tures of tho visit to the court
house was our meeting with Col.
Ball, who is well remembered as a
former solicitor of this circuit. He
is the same genial, kindly gentle
When we entered the town it
was with difficulty we relizcd it
was not Newberry, for tho first
porno ms wo met were our citizens
and ex-cItizena--Ed Clary, Loinis
Blalock, Lewis and Arthur Simk
Ins, Tom Lake, Joe Burton, Frank
Bishop, Tom Henderson, the Mere
diths, the Davidsons, the Ilar
groves, and others well known in
Newberry: Engineer 11 am mono,
John Todd, Hugh Workman and
John Smith, with those whoso
faces wcro familiar but whose
names cannot now bo recalled.
One day during tho last term of
court they had a Bryan ratification
meeting there, and tho speakers
wero tho candidates for solicitor,
all of whom woro present. It was
ra Munition, glorification, jubila
tion and Jollification. May it prove
a Justification. Listening to the
articulation of their peroration we
forgot our tribulation. Everything
was ?ilvor?10 to 1. Gobi bugs
were as scarco as lightning bugs in
a Nobraska bliz/.ird. Tho golden
beams of tho burning sun assumed
a silvery hue as tho gifted orators
issued volumes of sweet notes
from their silver hell tonguos. The
silver fooling was so thick it could
be felt, and one could almost see
dollars flying through tho air. You
couldn't toll anti from 'former.
Not a discordant sound was heard;
all blended harmoniously as tho
beautiful colors of tho rainbow?
and they do say that the bag of
gold at tho end of tho bow has
been changed to a bag of silver.
The light shines hore. North
eastward the star of silver takes
its course, and when the crescnt
forms over Washington's dome tho
golden calf of tho henthon will
chango Its metal.
While candidates aro discussing
auestlons which arp now old, we
would Hkp to. have tho fact ex
Slalned why country people, who
ave an abundance of milk, drink
their coffee without oream as a
rule, while town peoplo, who gen
erally have to buy milk never
drink their coffee without; it?that
Is, hardly over. Strange but true.
Whil^at Laurens we
In the latest styles of (ashing
there came to our alleged mind
the Old Testament quotation: "The
woman shall not wear that which
pertalneth to a man, for all that do
so aro an abomination unto the
Lord thy God." The Bible is truth.
How do the women reconcile it
with fashion? Having nothing
else to do we thought It over and
came to the conclusion that
As long us fashion rules anr* women
To be in stylo, though it lead through
No mattor what her changeful attire?
In tho turning of which there is no
Even to wreck of banks it may require,
And ruin of man from son to sire,
Until eaeh had to work and llvo by
While their better throe-quraters talk
by the quire?
From plain Mrs. Blank to Mrs. Esquire,
Man must submit and ever admire.
Or elso bo shocked by her piercing Ire;
Though in admiring ho should porspire
Up to his head in lucre's mire,
And in submitting finally oxpiro,
'Mid crash of worlds In the mad desire,
If not, then I'm an awful-.
Though Laurens has the better
court house she cannot surpass
(politeness forbids us saying equal)
Newberry in lawyers, or in any
other of tho professions. Laurens
is all right in this particular, but
when it comes to ministers, doe
tors, lawyers, teachers and orators
Newberry Is far ahead of Any town
in the State. Our preachers are
always in demand, our teachers are
called elsewhere, our physicians
uro sent for from a distance, our
bar is selected from all over the
State, and at the Laurens Bryan
jolly8treetiflcation meeting the two
Newbesry orators eclipsed the able
and brilliant representatives of
tho-seventh judicial circuit of
mighty South Carolina?the State
of States in the glorious Union.
Laurens could take the lead in
cotton mills, for she has magnifi
cent water power in the Enoree
River. The Enoree Mill shows
what can be done in this direction.
But there are not enough mills
there. That great section should
teem with these paying enter
prises. If a party of Northern
capitalists wero t<5 happen upon
Byrd's Mill and view the wide
flow and fall of water and see for
themselves the splendid sites, cot
ton mills would be built and put In
operation in that land as fast as
money could accomplish the pur
Laurens is noted fur and wide
for her hospitality?Tylersville Is
n aexception to the universal rule.
FJsprybody wants you to "come to
dm nor," "stay all night," "spend a
few days."
between a countryman and a town
man?on an average. The c. m.
wants tho t. ra. to go home with
him when in his community, but
the t. m. will lot tho c, m. hustle for
himself when at the court house?
with a few notable exceptions.
Another mistake?occasionally a
well dressed man sees a shabby
countryman whom he takes to be
ignorant. Sometimes the observed is
somewhat ignorant and sometimes
tho observer is very brilliant. But
once in a while tho well dressed
fellow has moro cuff buttons than
brains and the shabby gentleman
is a scholar. Don't judge by ap
pearance or you might misjudge to
your discomfiture. Wait until you
look tho man in the eye and hear
him talk; too many people have
beon already. The countryman is in
dependent and free?-that's what's
the matter with him?and hero in
Newberry he has sense enough to
know that God made the couutry
and Burr Rains the clothes.
Nee odk.
Tribute of Respect.
Whoreas, God in His infinite
wisdom has seen tit to remove from
our midst and from an active and
Useful work, both in the Alliance
and the oattse of Him "who doeth
all thing well," our much beloved
brother R. S. Culbortson on tho
16th day of May, 1890; therefore
we, the members of Centreville
Alliance, desire to pay our high
est respect to the memory of our
deceased brother, and offering this
tribute to his noble oharaoter
Resolve, 1st, That we bow with
submissive hearts to the will of
our Heavenly Father, knowing
that He is too wise to make any
2d, That we record horo and
now our highest- osteem and ap
preciation of the many virtuos
and strong traits of brotherly love
of which ho was possessed.
Ud, That in his death this Alli
ance has lost one of its most use
ful members and eflioient officers.
4th, That we express our own
grief, and convey to- the members
of the sorely stricken family our
deepest sympathy, and pray that
the God of all graoe ana comfort
may bind up their broken hearts.
5th, That these resolutions bo
spread upon the minutes of this
Alliance, and u copy be sent to
tho bereaved family, and also to
tho county papers for publication.
Y. j. Cui-ueuthon,
Geo. M. MoDaniel,
Dcafnoss Cum?! o Curod
by local applications as they can
not roach the diseased portion of
the car. There Is only one way to
cure deafness, and that is by con
stitutional remedies. Deafness Is
caused by an inflamed condition of
the mucous lining of the Eustach
lan Tube. Wnen this tube Is In
flamed you havo a rumbling sound
or imperfect hearing, and when It
is entirely closed, Deafness Is tho
result, and unless the inflammation
can he taken out and this tube re
stored to its normal condition, hear
ing will be destroyed forever: nine
cases out of ten are caused by ca
tarrh, whleh is nothing but an in
flamed condition of the mucous sur
We will give One Hundred Dob
lars for any case of Deafness
(caused by catarrh) that can not be
cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Sand
for.clreulars, freo.
J. CHENEY & Co , Tolodo, O*.
This is written with the objeot of
making you a convert to the best
Tooth-brush in the World. Full in
structions are sent with each
brush. Every night before retiring
adopt the habit Illustrated in this
scene. Let father, mother, and chil
dren all join in giving the mouth
and teeth a healthy and refreshing
Yes, "Prophylactic" is a peculiar
word, and hard to remember, but it
is a Splendid Name for a Tooth
brush, because you use a tooth
brush to prevent your teeth from
decaying, and Prophylactic means
a "preventive of disease." With
every brush comes a neat little
hook secured to the brush, and
there is a hole in the end of the
handle which enables you to hang
it up. The head will not touch the
wall. Ask your dentist about the
"Prophylactic Tooth-brush," and
see if he will not recommend it. 1
The Price is 35 cents at
Laurens Drug Co.,
Near Post-Office.
Managers For the Primary.
Pursuant to ordor the County Execu
tive Committee met this tho 3d of Aug
ust. The following managers were ap
pointed to conduct the primary election
on the 25th of August and any subse
quent eleotions required to be held un
der the rules of the party:
Langston'a Church?M A Summerei,
J M Clark, Walter Harmon.
Hopewell?A C Workman, J L Craw
ford, George Hopkins.
Mountville?M B Crisp, R T Dunlap,
B H Pasley.
Cross Hill?R D Nance, W S Turner,
John Hollingsworth.
Laurens OH. Box?T D Lako, Waddy
Thompson, P B Lockwood.
Cotton Factory Box, Laurens C H?M
Lukewire, J M Bishop, R B King.
Mount Gallagher?J E Goddard, J C
Martin, W L Cooper.
Tip Top?S A Taylor, J C Sims, W A
Mt. Pleasant?J M Pearce, Jr., J D
Hunter, J B Wharton.
Ekom?W J Box, J G Cooper, Jr., Jno
R Boyd.
Brewerton?W I Freeman, E E Simp
son, J A Balontine Jr.
Tumbling Shoals?M B McCuon, W L
Taylor, W A Baldwin.
Princeton?R B Gilkerson, Jno Car
ter, C C Moore.
Pleasant Mound?W II Drummond,
E H Moore, J E Patterson.
Young Store?W T Dorroh, W C
Coleman, J B Biggins.
Parsons' Store?W P Cokor, Baylis
Parsons, E L Edwards.
Dials' Ohnroh?P M Hellams, A J
White, G P Woods.
Gray Court?W R Cheek, W H Barks
dale, E T Shell.
Power?A 8 Owings, V A White. W
S Power.
Shiloh?H S Wallace, L 8 Bolt, B F
Woodville?W F Medlock, S O Babb,
L P Armstrong.
Clinton?J. L. Hopkins, George W.
Balloy, W. W. Davis.
Sardls?W. 0. Bell, Robert Adair, L.
W. Ferguson.
One of the managers can have boxes
by applying to the Secretory or Clerk of
the Court.
It was resolved that an assessment of
$1.00 bo placed on each candidate for a
county office, $1.00 on each candidate for
Solicitor and $2.00 on each candidato for
Congress to be paid by the 8th of Aug
It was further resolved that any town
ship desiring to nominate a Magistrate
may hold an election at the general pri
mary by the same managers keeping a
special box. the managers to tabulate
tne vote and declare the result.
Chairman Executive Committee.
B. W. Bam., Secretary.
A big lot of Men's suits at roduced
prices. Now is your time.
Davis & Roper.
Attorney at Law.
Laurens, - - 8outh Carolina.
Will praotlce in all Courts of
this State.
Office in Mlnter Building.
Do yon want an Organ?
Do you want the best?
I reprosent the finest line of Organs
in America and at fair prices, and on
easy terms. For Catalogues and pj
t leu It
Candidates' Column.
I announce myself as a candidate
for the House of Representatives.
Will be govered by the rules of the
Democratic party. Respectfully,
* J. R. SMITH.
I respectfully announce myself
as a candidate for the House of Re
presentatives and pledge myself to
abide by the result of the Demo
cratic Primary.
I want to be a member of the
South Carolina Legislature fox one
term, and announce myself as a
candidate for said position, as a free
silver candidate, subject to the
action of the primary election.
J, H. Abercromiui:.
The friends of O. P. Goodwin,
knowing his loyalty and zoal for
Tillman-Reform principles, and re
cognizing his fitness, suggest his
name for the Lower House of the
General Assembly, subject to the
primary election. *
I hereby announce that I am a
candidate for re-election as Solici
tor of this Circuit, and pledge my
self to abide the result of the Dem
ocratic primary.
O. L. Schumpcrt.
Thos. S. Sease, Esq., of Newberry,
is hereby announced as a candidate
for Solicitor of the 7th Judicial Cir
cuit and is pledged to abide the re
suit of the Democratic Primary
C. P. Sanders, Esq., of Spartan
burg, S. C, is hereby announced as
a candidate for Solicitor of the Sev
enth Judicial Circuit, subject to
nomination by the Democratic elec
I respectfully announce myself
as a candidate for Solicitor of the
Seventh Judicial Circuit, subject
to the action of the Democratic pri
* H. Y. Simpson.
This is to notify my many friends
of Laurens County that I am a can
didate for Clerk of Court, and
promise to submit to the action of
tho Democratic primary.
* W. P. Turner.
I respectfully announce myself
eis a candidate for Clerk of Court
Tor Laurens County, subject to the
fiction of the Democratic primary.
I hereby announce myself as a
candidate for the office of Clerk of
Dourt for Laurens county, subject
to the Democratic Primary.
John F. Bolt.
I respectfully announce myself a
candidate for tho office ol Clork of
Court for Laurens county at the
ansuing primary election and
pledge myself to abide the result of
mid election.
* J. H. OOl'ELiAND.
At the solicitation of many
Friends, I announce myself a can
lidate for Sheriff, and will abide
the result of the Democratic pri
mary election.
* G. Pet Smith.
I am a candidate for re-election
to the office of Sheriff for Laurens
zounty subject to the action of tho
Democratic primary and I want all
the votes I can get.
The friends of Capt. A. E. Nance
announce bis name to tho voters
of Laurens county as a candidato
for the office of Treasurer fully
aware that his competency for tho
position could not fail to give sat
isfaction to the whole people of tho
county. Friends.
I want the Treasurer's Office;
Will abide the Primary.
B. W. Lanpord.
The friends of T. S. Langston
respectfully announce him to the
Democratic Voters of Laurens
county, as a candidate for Treasur
er, knowing him to bo fully com
petent for said position. Subject
to the Democratic Primary.
* Friends.
To the voters of Laurens County:
I announce myself as a candidate
for the office of Treasurer of Lau
rens County, and pledge myself to
abide the result of tho Democratic
James W. Henderson.
The many friends of W. E. Cook, of
Youngs Township, knowing him to be
a man of good moral character and
fully qualified to discharge tho duties
of county Treasurer, would respect
fully nominate him a candidate for
said, office at tho noxt olectlon, subject
to a Domocratlc Primary.
I respectfully announce myself
to the voters of Laurens county as
a candidato for tho offico of Audi
tor. To all thoso who will give mo
their support I pledgo myself to
labor for the best intorcsts of all
the people- T further pledge my
self to abide the result of tho pri
* W. Sanford Knight.
I respectfully announce that I
will be a candidato for tho office of
County Auditor, subject to the
choice of tho Democratic voters in
the ensuing primary.
* Jno. R. Fin ley.
Tho friends of R. W. Nichols, feel
ing contidont of his compotency, nom
inate him as a candidato for county
Auditor at tho ensuing Democratic
I announce mysolf as a candj
for the Senate and I will
decision of the people at tin
oratio primary.
* Alex. J,
To meet the expressed]
many friends, I hereby
become a candidate for,
I hereby announce that I am a
candidate for the office of County
Superintendent of Education, of
Laurens County, subject to the ac
tion of the Democratic primary.
* C. K. Hale.
At the solicitation of many friends
I hereby announce myself as a cair-- ?
dklate for School Commissioner ? of
Laurens County, subject to action
of County Primary.
L. T. H. Danikl.
This is to inform my friends and
the voters of Laurens County gen
erally that I am a Candidate for
Supervisor, subject to result of
Democratic Primary.
* A.F. Coleman.
The friouds of Capt. James Dow
ney respectfully submit his namo
to the voters of Laurens county as
a candidate for the office of Super
visor, aud plodgo him to acqulesco
in the result of tho primary.
I announce myself as acaudidato
for ro-election to tho offtce of county
Supervisor, and respectfully ask the
peoplo of Laurons County for re
eleotion In ordor that I may carry
out my plans aud tho public work
of tho couuty, believing that in so
doing tho voters will enablo mo to
leave a rocord for tho public good
for which tho entiro county, irres
pective of factions will bo proud.?
Subject to action of tho Democratic
Many friends of Miles H. Ferguson,
of Youngs Township, bolloving him
ontirely compotont, respectfully nom
inate him for Coroner, subject to tho
Democratic primary.
Fob. 3d, 18?U.
How To Cure Yourself While Using It?
Tho tobacco habit grows on a man un
til his nervous system is seriously affect
ed, impairing health, comfort aud hap
piness. To quit suddenly is too servorea
shock to the system, as tobacco to an in
venterato user becomes a stimulant thut
his system continually craves. "Baco
Curo" is a scicntilic euro for tho tobacco
habit, in all its forms carefully com
pounded after tho formula of an eminent.
Berlin physician who has used it in his
private practice sinco 1872, without a
failure. It is purely vegetable and guar
anteed perfectly harmless. Ynucanuso
all tho tobacco you want while taking
"Baco-Curo." It will notify you when to
stop. We give a written guarantee to
cure permanently any case with three
boxes, or refund the money with 10 per
cent, interest. "Baco-Curo" is not a sub
stitute, but a scientific euros without the
aid of will power and with no inconven
ience. It leaves the system as pure and
free from nicotine as the day you took
your first chow or smoko.
From hundreds of testimonials, tho
originalsof which are on file and open to
inspection, the following is presented :
Clayton, Nevada Co., Ark.,Jan. 28, 1805,
Eureka Chemical & Mfg., Co., LaCros
se, Wis. ? Gentlemen : For forty years I
used tobacco in all its foruiB. For twenty
fivo years of that lime I was a grout suf
ferer from general dobility and heart
disease. For iifteen years I tried to quit,
but couldn't. I took various remidios,
among othors "No-To-Bac," "Tho Indian
Tobacco Antidote." "Double Chlorido of
Gold," etc., etc.. but nouo of them did
me the least bit of good. Finally, how
ever, I purchased n box of your "Baco
Curo" and it has entirely cured me of
the habit in all its forms, and I have In
creased thirty pounds in weight and am
relieved from all the numerous aches
and pains of body and mind. I could
write a quire of paper upon my changed
feelings ami condition.
Yours respectfully. P. II. MaRbURY.
Pastor C. P. Church, Clayton, Ark.
.Sold by all druggists at $1.00 per box;
three boxes (iH) days treatment), $2.50
with iron-clad, written guarantee, or Bent
direct upon receipt of price. Writo for
booklet and proofs. Eureka Chemical
it Mfg. Co., LaCrosse, Wis,, and Bos
ton, Mass,
Wanted-An Idea ESS
Protect your Ideas; tliev may bring you wealth.
Write J?I1N WEnni.UliL llN & CO., Patent Attor
neys. Washington, I>. (;., tor their Si.Suu prlco ?fter
and list of two hundred inventions wonted.
of all kinds go to j
and buy for little money
lie also keeps Ice by the
car load and will sell it
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Paper, Pens, Ink, Cigars!
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