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!?e Qeluertiser
Isorlption Prtoe-i2 Mouth-., $1.00
tto? for Advertising.?Ordinary Ad
:tlsemonts, per square, omo inser
o, >i.io; each subsequent Insertion,
jtnoral reduction made for lKruo Ad
IlAUUKNS, S. ('.. I), c 7, 1807.
It Is announced that a big caucus
held at Columbia during Fair
lek to 'Mix" a slate for Governor and
fate officers for next year's campaign,
lltors of super-virtuous tendencies
ho commenting in lugubrious terms
rer the Incident These Kdilors with
irltnn instincts might as well dry up
mir tears They are in the role of
iticipating the millennium. It is
UOunding what innocents are to be
^und all around us. "Dost think, be
luse thou art virtuous, there shall be
more cakes and ale?" Prepare for
('anslation. You are fit for the crystal
ators and delicate atmosphere of a
iror planet ?the moon, say. There
)U may miss the city "boss," the
jtato-fair political forecaster, the
Itato House ringster and the x-roads
Manipulator. Oh, thou beautiful,
thereul, dreaming enthusiast, dost
link because you are content with hog
Ind hominy, grist and hoe-cako that
thers should not have their mouths
wator for blue points, X X X, the
Iuall-upon-toast and the sweet-tatcr
anked opossum*.-' Far above the
jrrostial clouds, upon some crested
[?arnussus, disport yourselves with
lio Muses, tho Graces, Nymphs, 'he
'estals/'to tho lascivious pleasing of a
["tte." Up?up?up.
Nowbohi was granted bail by Judge
I'ownsend of tins Circuit, on the 29th
lt., at Union, in the sum of $2,500.?
lo is now at large. Here is what the
institution says of bail: "All persons
hall, before conviction, be bailable by
uflloiont sureties, except for capital
ffencos when the proof is evident or
ho presumption groat."
The Spartanburg Herald has this to
lay of what His Honor. Judge D. A
pownse nd. tiad to say upon tho occasion.
)f course tbe .lodge is the Judge of the
(Vldenco as presented upon the nppli
Stiou. He judges and orders as it ap
ears from the facts as then presented.
?Vhen it comes to a trial the con.-titu
ion eliminates his right to pass upon
iho facts, whioh are loft to a Jury.?
Jolicltor Sense represented the State,
"tcfcordiiig to tho Herald's report:
"After the arguments were con
sludcd Judge Townsend stated that at
nost it could only bo considered a case
)f manslaughter against tho p isoner
ind th it Nowbild was entitled to bail.
3olicitor Sense then in a most
orccful manner pleaded and urged for
k heavy bond, asking that it. be fixed
it not 1. ss than $7,000."
Tho vacancy of '.ho- Sherlft'alty of
Dharleston will be fillod by appoint' I
ment of Governor Kllerbe. .1. KI more
Martin will probably be appointed.?
"Ho is worse than an infidel who p o
vldeth not for his own household."
P. S. Since tho above was written,
IMartin, the itnmaculjite, has landed by
the Governor's app dntmont.
Tho Columbia Register says:
"The question has been ;t^i<..-.l why it
hrlhat from the bench, from tbe bar.
from the councils of government, from
our great institutions of learning, men
of ability are everyw here turning to
Cho corporations for employment rath
jer than to the service of the people."
"Well, contemporary, if "serving the
I people" moans going to tbe Legisla
ture, to Congress, and to other of
clal positions, we have not yet c m,o
to a conscription in these parts.
The man who can devote a little of
his superlluous time and talents ?o
the "good roads" question will show
himself public spirited. a friend to bis
country, his species and his horse.
A State "Good Uonds" Association
has been formed and Col. John I'.
Thomas chosen President. We trust he
and Gen. Untier may give us hard
roads to travel
I$ov. Mr. Holmes, of Laurens, who
servos St. Luke's parish, Nowborry,
has just closed a series of thoughtful
and interesting sermons on the pott*
tlons of tho Lord's prayer. Tho logi
cal connnection of the parts and peti
tions of this complete and satisfying
prayer?so universal in its scope and
appreciation to the many needs of the
? brothorhood of man?remarkable for
Its brevity as , oil as for its compre
hensiveness, was most happi'y sus
tained and presented by the earnest
young mlnistor. ? Nowborry cor. of
j Register.
Our jovial friend, Zimrl Carter, was
In tho city Saturday and a'though not
fanoylng tho low .?price of cotton, he
was In his usual good spirl .a, and had
a pleasant word for'ovory one ho met.
Mr. Carter has tie roputation of boing
the friendliest man in South Can Una
I and he justly deserves It.?Houea Path
According to ft celebrated
anatomist there are upwards of I
6,000,000 little glands in the human
. stomach. These glands pour out
the digestive juices which dissolve
. or digest the food. Indigestion is
want of juice, weakness of glan<ls,
need of help to r ..lore the health
of these orv.f. The best and
most nati'.al help Is that given by
Shaker Digestive Cordial. Natural,
!>ee.in . It supplies the materials
need* d by the glands to prepare
'tho Jigestive juices. Because it
? ' etror gthens and invigorates Hie
glan* 8 and the ho mach until they
are bio to do their work alone.
Shak r Digestive Cordial cures In?
digest, >ii certainly and perma
nently. It does ho by natural
means ah.1' therein lies the secret
of its wonoTful and unvaried suc
At drugglrt.i, price 10 cents to
$1.00 per bottle
Why take Johnson's
Chili <? Fever ionic?
Clinton College.
B. K. A., a Clinton correspondent of
the "StatV among other things said
of this prominent Institution, con
cludes his letter as follows:
Many graduates of this school are
tilling important positions. I will men
lion a few of them and tho pla es thoy
OOJUpy: Rev. S. P. Fulton, missionary
to Japan; Uov. i>. M. Brannon, pastor
f first Presbyterian church, Nl 11 lodge
vlllo, Ga.; Rov. \V, s. Jacobs, pastor
of Presbyterian church, Columbus,
Miss.; Rev. 8.0. Byrd, pastor of First
Presbyterian church, Macon,Ga.; Uov.
I). M. Kulten, pastor of First Presby
terian church, Darlington; Rev. 0. b\
Jennings, pastor of the Presbyterian
church at ?nion; Rov. Thornwoll Jen
nings, pastor of a ohuroh In Now Jer
sey: Rov. Thornwell Jacobs, son of Dr.
Jacobs, of the Thornwell Orphanage,
is a studont in the Theological Semin
ary at Princeton, N. J., and I could
mention a number of others promt
nontlv known.
If you have ever seen a little ohlld In a
paroxysm of whooping cough, or if you
have been annoyed by a constant tickling
In the throat, yen can appreciate the value
of One Minute Cough Cure, which gives
quick relief. 11. l<\ Posey, wholesale ami
retail ih inr -int.
State of South Carolitin,
Court of Probate.
Copy Summons for llriic/.?Complaint
not Served.
Mattlo . AloDutlio, Plaintiff, against
H. Morgan Louko, Foster Brown,
Willis 0. F, Brown, John Henry
Brown, Mary Crowder, Sallie 11.
Fleming, Minnie. E. ('handler, J. F.
Brown, flattie T. boyd, Defendants.
To the Defendants above named?
You are hereby summoned ami required
to answer the complaint hi this action,
oi* which a copy is herewith served upon
you, and to servo n copy of your answer to
the suhl complaint on the subscribers at
the otllco of N 11 Dial, baurons Conn
llouso, South Carolina, within twen
ty .lays after the service hereof, exclusive
ni tho day of such service; and if you fail
to answer the complaint within tie1 time
aforesaid, the plaintilf in this action will
apply to the Court for the relief demanded
in the complaint.
W. U. Martin,
N. B. Dial,
Plain tills1 Attorney.
To Sallie 15. Fleming and Minnie K.
Chandler, non-resident, Defendants:
Please take notice that the com
plaint in the above stated cause was
tiled in the oflico Of Judge of Probate
for Laurens County, at Laurens, S. 0.
November 2?' 1^.17.
W. H. Martin.
N. T. Dial.
Plaintiffs' Attorney.
Nov. 30, l^'JT?tit.
Was Very Nervous
Had Smothering Spells and Oould
Not Sleep--Doctors Called It
Neuralgia and Indigostlon.
"I had pains In my head, neck and
shoulders and all through my body but
they were most Bcvero In my left side.
The doctor called II neuralgls nud In*
d igest Ion. I was confined to my bed for
eight mouths. J was very nervous, hud
Bmothoriug spells and could not sloop. I
rend of cures l>y Hood's Sarsaparille and
of a case similar to mine. My husband
procured a bottle, und I began taking it.
After taking one bottle I felt better, WSB
able to rest and mynppotito improved. I
continued until ny nervousness was
cured and I was much better in every
way. My husband has also been bono
fited by Hood s Sarsaparille.." Mary S.
BTONK, Bpaluville, Virginia.
Hood's 8a?
) >til.- Boat In tact thoOnc True Blood Purifier.
Sold by all druggists. St. six for 86.
7? i? act harmoniously with
noOU S PlllS llood'o Sarsaparllla.
Of Settlement and Application for
Finn] Discharge.
Take notice tliat on the 3d day of
January, iS'.IS, I will render a
final account of my acts and do
ings as Executrix of the estate
of Allen Dial, deceased, in
the office of Judge of Probate for
Laurons county at 10 o'clock, A.M.,
and on the same day will apply for
a final discharge from my trust
as such Executrix.
All persons having demands
against said estate will please pre
sent them on or before that day,
proven and authenticated, or be
forever barred.
N,,v. 20?41
Coro sick headache, bad busk ? ? ?
taste in the mouth, coated BLj all g%
tongue, gas in tho stomach, I I f^fc
distress ami Indigestion. i>n si ? ? %^
not wonkon, i?m Imvo Ionic t-fTpct. 2? cents.
Tho only fills tu take with lluud's S:\r8iipurllla.
/, DR. SAMUEL PITCHER, of Hyannis, Massachusetts,
was the originator of "PITCHER'S CASTORIA," the same
that has borne and docs now y/ffcZZSu"* 0,1 emxJ
bear the facsimile signature of 0&<*Z/xMZ?&tf wrapper.
This is the original " PITCHER'S CASTORIA," which has been
used in the homes of the Mothers of America for over thirty
years. LOOK CAREFULLY at the wrapper and see that it is
the hind you have always bought //f*>\ S"*" 0,1
and has the signature of C^a^x^^c^^ wrap
per. No one has authority from me to use my name ex
cept The Centaur Company of which Chas. H. Fletcher is
March 8, 1897. qS^^ &&*4**->**, z>.
Do Not Be Deceived.
Do not endanger the life of your child by accepting
a cheap substitute which some druggist may offer you
(because he makes a few more pennies on it), the in
gredients of which even he Joes not know.
"The Kind You Have Always Bought"
Insist on Having
The Kind That Never Failed You.
O?r Piatforn?
Not our Political but our Business? Platform is bound to be
popular with all parties. Hero are the planks on which we Stand
for the Fall of 1897 s
For all customers from over charges, mis-statements or
poor values.
With everyone who buys of us for the cheapest good?
on the market.
Between buyer and seller. We make a small profit. You
get extra values.
Of shoddy goods, inflated values and oppressive high
People's Party
Of course "The People's Store" is where "The People's
Party" buy their goods. That is the simple, truthful
platform on which we present these candidates to you.
Domestics, Hosiery, Under
wear, Notions, Trimming, But
tons, Gloves, Knitting Cotton,
Boots and Fine Shoes, Slippers,
Oxford Ties, Mats, Umbrellas,
Parasols, Etc.
Full line of Stationery, Drugs
and Perfumery, Hardware, Sad
dlery, Harness, Whips,Crockery
and Fancy Grocery, Sugar, Cof
fees, Bacon, Lard, Corn Flour,
Sewing Machines, Etc.
If you like the Platform patronize the Candidate. We aro
not asking any favors at the hands of McKinley, but we do beg
that you examine these lines and prices. (
Ti?ese are tije
Iivipdof Days
which make one think of the Winter Wrap?the
warm underwear?and the Other autumn wearables, all of which
are heir in lull force.
Mali Over
Now , is the Millinery .Season. From this date we
will sell all goods in this department at greatly reduced prices.
Our Millinery can't be surpassed in quality, style and Novelty.
We would be glad to have you call and examine before purchas
ing elsewhere, as we are sure you will be pleased.
When the Mercury Drops
is the time to buy your Winter Clothing, it' you
havn't before. lint "don't lock the stable door after the horse is
stolen," and don't wait until you catch a heavy cold before you
buy a better overcoat?a warmer suit.
Drop in, look around, feast your eyes on the good clothing.
It is pleasing to the eye, easy to the pocket, and will wear to sat
isfy. The best of everything that goes to make good Clothes is
in ours. Prepare for the holidays?the quicker, the belter.
JUst a Little
change in the crown, a little difference in the
brim, and there you are ; but what a difference it makes in the
IIAT. There's satisfaction in knowing that you're wearing the
correct Shape. We've the pick of the season's plums in HATS.
No need to wear old styles with such prices.
Laurens Cotton Mills Store
Of Settlement ar '1 Application
for Final Discharge.
Take notice that on the 16th day
of December, 1897, I will render a
final account of my acts and do
ings as Administratrix of the estate
of Samuel Franks, deo'd, in the of
fice of Judge of Probate for Lau
rens county at i t o'clock A. M.,
and on the same day will apply for
a final discharge from my trust as
such Administratrix.
All persons having demands
against said estate will please pre
sent them on or before that day
proven and authenticated, or be for
ever barred.
Nov. 10, '97. Administratrix.
The scholastic year begins each
year July 1st and ends dune Both.
Teachers please remember that the
amount of salary should be written
in Words in lace of certificate. Alst),
if they send pay certificates to be
collected by others, they should
write their names plainly across
face of onler.
Fill all reports carefully?enroll
ment, average attendance, value of
building.and furniture, etc., and at
the end of the term, when you
make your last report, send with it
a complete list of all the pupils that
have attended the school during the
term, giving the names and num
ber of days attendance by each.?
Have your trustees to certify to it as
correct. Bring this list with your
last report, or Superintendent can
not approve said report,
Tbc law requires Trustees to send
in their annual report by first of
duly of each year, (blanks will be
furnished) and unless this is done,
it is impossible for County Hoard to
make a correct and just apportion
ment .
L. T. H. D A NIEL,
County Supt. of Education.
*;;xvRates West,
other point, with FREE
MAPS, write to
District Passongor Agent.
Louisville & Nashville B R
8O4 Wall St., Atlanta,Ga.
HFpICE over national bank, laurens
()ff;ok dath?Monday anil Tu end ays.
Chairs to si:it fcho most fastid
ious onos from 25 cents to $9.50.
S. M. & E. II. Wilkos & Co.
Davis, Roper & Co.
I it p
Ff If ?W
K I - ' ) |\ |A
W\ i 10$ ? 'I /fA ! *
R?te! ' ???? . V / A \ /
Standard Clothing
brings standard prices and to
pay loss than wo aro asking i* to g:l loss value. A careless uiau thinks
ouly of tho appearance of a suit of clothes the day it is bought, while
sonsiblo mou tako an iutorosl in tho way clothing bought to-day will
look- six months from now. If you waul an up to date suit, neat and
nobby, and one that will give entire satisfaction you can get it in any
color, any size, any out, for -1*7.50
The Largest
Stock of Clothing
Cheaper Tliiin Ever Before.
ll will pay you to sec those Goods and got the prices. Now is
the time to got a good suit for less nicnoy than you will again soon.
Wo mean business, those Goods must and will bo sold in the next
60 Days. Come, see for yourself.
Davis, Roper & Co.'s
Famous Clothing, Hat and IJig Shoo Store.
Laurons, S. C, Oct. M, 1807
. M, & E. R. w'ilkes & CO.
Fall Goods.
Plain and Brocade Black Satin Rhadamos.
[ridosoeut Silks for Skirting, width Ho inches, price
50 eonts.
Black French Henriettas. Brooatelsand fancy weaves
in Black.
Double width heavy, all-wool, Suitings variegated
Colorings only 2b cents a yard.
One lot Novelty Suiting at 12^ cents, 15 cents and
20 cents.
French Broad Cloths, Silk Velvets, (limps and
Special Value in Ladies and Misses Hosiery. All
Domesti" Goods at
Lowest Prices.
- For neatness, Comfort and Durability visit our SHOE
DEPARTMENT for Footwear,
ft0F* Th? above Goods purchased oarJy and woro not
aubjoot. to tho advance in tho readjustment of tho Tariff,
Inspection Solicited,,
fjAURENB, S. 0 , (
Sept, 27, 1897. S
THE Books for the collection of
Statu und County TaXOS for the
fiHcu 1 year, commencing January i
I, ls(.>7, will bo opon for the col
lection of said Taxes from the 15th
day of Ootobor, 1M)7, to tho 81st
day of December, 1897. Tho Tax
levy is as follows:
State lax.5 mills.
('onstitut ional Sohool tax, li "
Ordinary County tax,.. . ,24 " |
Hail road Tax.8? ??
Total.18| "
special levy Laurens Gra
ded School,. 84 mills.
Special levy Cross Hill
Graded School.8 ?
Special levy Fountain Inn
Graded Sohool.4 "
Tax-payers will please take no
tice that unions an extension of
time is given, the Book? will eloso
according to law at tho abovo-Hta
ted time, 81st Decombor, 1807.
" County Treasurer.
, A?pt. 80. 1897^td.
Dry Goods,
? Shoes
For the Fall trade, and bought them before the High Tariff
was put 011 and can offer you goods at as low or lower prices than
ever before. Goods in all lines are advancing, but my prices will
remain the same tor goods already bought. My line of?
Dress Goods and Millinery
will be unsurpassed in the city for Style, Quality and Trice.?
Come early and make your selections. Satisfaction guaranteed.
LAURENS, S. 0., Sept. 7, 1897.

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