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Subscription k'ric?>.-l'2 Mouths, $1.60
Payable in Advance.
it. ?'. BALL, Editor.
Kate? for Advertising. -Ordinary Ad
vertisements, per square, one inser
tion, $1.0U;eaci! subsequentiiibcrtion,
SO cents. Liberal reduction made
for large Advertisements.
W. \v. Hai l,
BAUSENS, S. C, Jou., 17, 1000
Both Houses show inclination for
work. A resolution went whizzing
through the House to investigate the
Dispensary?the .Senate higgled at it
?roferrcd it and it is pending. Mr
Simkins has a bill to remedy an irre
gularity OS to Grand Jurors in this
county, it will be law in a few du\s.
Associate Justice Eugene Gary has
been re-olected to serve for eight years
from next July, when his present term
expires. Mr. Gray don, of Abbeville,
introduced in tho House a Joint Re
solution to investigate Fertilizer
Trusts, and to report If the Virginia
Cemicnl Co. had violated the. anti
Trust law of this State. About the re
commendations of the Governor to dis
pense with the Dispensary hoard of
control and county boards, there will
bo stout debate But Politicians will
1^ hesitate to rede CO lobs and there is
not likely to bo radical changes. It is
good policy to stick to jobs. Other
wise the life in tiranco agent, the real
"stale agent, the look agent, the clock
peddler, and the str<ct vendci of im
proved crystal glasses will burden the
earth. It will not do to reduce jobs
When Pandora's box was opened and
tho thousand "ills that llosh is heir to"
flow abroad the lid was closed and the
hope of olllce alone remained. So long
as there is a director in the Peniten
tiary to be eleoled nobody need de
spair and there are three to bo elected.
A county court Bill passed the Senate
and House, but as Luurens with twen
ty-eight other counties is exempted
from its operations wc do not give its
provisions. Mr. Winklet has intro
duced an elaborate bill to revolution
ize the administration of tho Dispen
sary. It preserves the sale monopoly
to the counties and by Us many
guards is a eavugo commentary upon
tho management of the past. It ap
peals to the cupidity of the Mute as u
tux-saving agency, and in this is ob
iectionablc, but it intends to prov.de
healthful spirits for the stomachs of
the drinkers, und the profits go to edu
cate tho girls und boys. Tho head liar
tender gets $.'{,000 and there .are many
fat jobs provided ami the rush for
them will be cyclonic This bill stands
a good chance to win But there is one
oncouraging prospect in all this. Seme
bold legislator nitty prevail upon the
State to monopolize the tobacco, and
pistol and cartridge business and thus
taxation will be abolished and no man
in the State need bo concerned further
about tho problem of keeping body
and soul together. Bush the principle
and after a while the more a man buys
from the State the more the State will
pay him b ck, and the tbousaudc of of
ficial plums! Sumo Statesman has
chance to eclipse Ben Tollman. A Bill
has been Introduced to prevent shad
being sent out of the State, fit should
provide that a battalion from this lati
tude with lyddite shells be sent to
Georgetown to enforce the law.) One
Solon is moving straight upon the
cigarette column. Charleston is di
recting her forces against the swamps
W along our eastern shores and this is an
? indirect threat upon the mosquito
F fleet. IIovuc passes a bill to require
' marriage license, 2? cents. Income tax
Act will go There is danger of a big
lump sum to rebuild the State House.
In the House, composed of 124
members, Stevenson, of Cheraw. seems
to be the bellwenther, with u Disposi
tion cn the part Of Winkler, of Ke;?
shuw and McGill, of Greenwood, to
first got over the fence. The Senate,
composed of forty Innocents claims a
Sheppard. He bus no crook and Is of
?'old Edgefleld."
.Tho Laurcns Grand Jury BUI passed
tent in his
jeral As
|dd and
[cry do
it and
id us
Governor, notion, v, iintl
in view to give our Legislators no ex
? diso in providing suitable legislation
tier every emergency and all the wants
of tho State. Nothing is presented to
provoke antt.^onism, his idea to per
potuate the Dispensary excepted.There
may be some ou'side the General As
sembly to combat his Excellency's
position that the settled policy of the
State to maintain Clomson, Winthrop
and other State educational institu
tions, should be adhered to. But the
Governor will bo sustained in these
views consonant with the well estab
lished policy of the Stato in tho puss
Ing as well as pust decides. All in all,
it is a most practical paper, showing
industrious Investigation and consid
eration of public conditions and tho
General Assembly, as woll as the peo
ple, should feel that tho public inter
oats are In safo hands. As to tho Dia
ponsary It will probably be allowed
to drift along and uftor awhile it will
sink of its own weight. Nobody is car
ing about it, or bothering, except the
beneficiaries. It will not bo a question
in tho ensuing campaign. If prohibi
tion nuts forth a ticket, however, it
will have to fight the "thrice armed"
hosts of dispensary, and antl dispen
sary. Should tho Governor be a can
didate to succeed himself he nettl ap
prehend no dispensary or anti-dispen
sary Davids in his path. Gov. Mc
Sweenev Is a very level-headed practi
cal statesman and Is giytng us a busl
Tirnn illtTinliiij^I frntrntlnn A gontlo
man Who behoved In purgator-y met
another who denied tho proposition ?
but, got the answer: "You may go fur
ther and faro worse." And so with up
in the caso of our good Governor.
' ***
There hfte been sevoro criticism of a
lecture of Judge Buchanan to a Jury
at Spartanburg which failed to agree
upon a verdict. Of course tho Judge
and the Jury hnvo different functions.
Tho Jury finds tho facts. But tho
Judge might have occasion to say
tart things?as whero there could
bo no hook upon which to hang u
Thero 1b much that transpires In tho
Legislature that wo can't give to our
readers?It would require roams of
paper but wo will endeavor to koop
them advised of all important matlora.
' "Factional bitterness and Htrifo are
thinga of the past, and the people are
united for tho upbuilding, progress
? and development of tho entire State."
?Governor'a Message.
Ex-Gov. Hheppefd, of Edgcilold, was
unanimously chosen President pro
tern, of tho Senate.
w."W7 krnnkdy. h?ht. a. coopkr.
Attorneys at Law,
}ooin Minter Building, over WlIkes'
Vcmpt attention to all Business.
The Twentieth Century?
Isn't it strange that so many of
us cannot, locate tho 20th oeu
tury? The paper?, BOmctimo
since, stated that a church assent
l>ly spent a foronoon in trying to
(lud out whou tlie century would
begin, and a very clever and in
tell igen t gentieinau said ho would
not cure to live into tho twentieth
century. Ho simply Bpoke with
out thinking, imagining, perhaps,
that ho would have to bridge :i
century to roach it.
It is simple enough to anyone
who will hold his thoughts for a
moment. As it takes ten years to
make a deoado and this is the last
year of tho last decade of the cen
tury, it. will 0I08O at 12 o'clock p.
m. on the JMst of next Dooomber
and the new century ushered in
by the ringing of the jubilee bells
all over tho world, beginning at
Jerusalem, tho supposed centre
of tho planet.
There are those who persist in
believing that they entered the
new century on the first instant.
They will find out later that thoy
are mistaken.
I regret that I was unablo to
visit your hospitable city onco
more before I returned home, in
order to call upon some friends
t had not met and to bid them all
good bye. 1 was prevented from
doing so by painful injuries sus
tained in a fn'l and from tho ef
fects of which 1 have not yet
fv'i. recovered.
Trusting that "no hard nor un
towared event may come into your
life" during this year of grace, I
bog to remain,
Yours truly,
H. H. fJrenokor,
Helena, NoWberry, Co., S. C.
"Deeds are Fruits,
Words arc but loaves.'' It is
not what we say, but Hood's
Sarsapnrilla that tells the story.
The many wonderful euros effectod
by this medicine are the fruits by
which it should he judged. Those
prove it to bo the great, unequal
led remedy for dyspepsia, rheuma
tism, scrofula, salt rheum, ca
tarrh and nil other blood ailments
duo to impure or impovetisb.ed
u u
u a
I Tlie Most
I Popular Veteran.
B r
j?j Vote for your choice of Con- p
? federate \ eteran Pensioner in n
rj Laureus County to have a freon
I round trip Railroad ticket to[?
cj the Louisville Re-union.
>j n
a n
u n
? . n
a n
The Advertiser.
Tun Advkrtiser will pay iho rail
road expenses of iho most popular
Confederate veteran who draws a pen
don, in baurenscounty, to the great
Confederate re-union in Louisville,
Kentucky, which opens on the 20th of
next May.
Below appears a printed ballot with
a Idank space on which the name of
the veteran for whom y. u wisli to vote
may be written in ink or pencil. Clip
this ballot and hand it or send it to
The Advertiserofficeby mail. Any
person may vote as many of these bal
lots as ho chooses and persons living
out of the county may vote.
The contest will ho confined to pen
sior.e s, because the advertiskr de
sires some veteran to have this trip
who would otherwise be unable to
make it. Ballots will appear every
week up to and Including May 23rd so
that every subscriber will be able to
vi te about twenty times between this
and the end of the contest. The ballots
can of course be saved and voted alto
The Advertiser prints each week
ber<k, ;iay' papers which are for sale
and are not sent to subscribers. These
papers may lie bought, for live cents
each now ?s heretofore, but no order
for extra papers outside of these Will
be received. Therefore the voting will
be practically confined to regular sub
scribers and the person who subscribes
now will have that many more oppor
tiniites to vote for one of his old
f iends. No one in any way connected
with tho publication Ol the adver
tiser will be allowed to vide.
Eaofa week the names of the persons
voted for and tho number of votes will
be published. It will be a good idea to
begin your voting next week so that if
you have a friend whom you wish to
get this trip the readers of the ad
vertiser will know that he Is being
voted for.
Readers will understand that Tin:
advertiskr will pay all the railroad
expenses of the veteran getting the
most votes to Louisville, ind return.
State of South Carolina,
Laurbns County.
Court of Common Pleas.
Mamie A. Smith, Plaintiff, against
.lohn U- Smith, et. ah, Defendant?.?
Decree for Sale, Etc.
Pursuant to h deoree of ihe Courl
in the above slated case, I will
sell at. public outcry, to tho highest
bidder, at Laureus Courl House
South0arollna,on Salesday in Fel>
u:iry 1900, it being tho 5th day
of tho month, during tho legal
hours of sale, nnd at Iho risk of
tho former purchaser, all that tract
if land, situate in the C unity and
Statu above named, containing
five hundred and two acres, more
or loss, hounded by lands of tho
estate of Mrs. Alowino, Leander
Rdontino, Randall Murir and
Reedy River and known as the old
Brewerton place.
Terms: Oik-half cash, and the
bnlanco on a credit of one year
from day Of'sale, credit portion to
bo secured by bond of tho pur
chaser and mortgage of the premi
ses sold, together with Interest
from dato Of sale. If tho purchaser
falls to comply with the terms of
s:\le, Ihe premises will he r?!-w!d on
same or some subsequent oulesday
at Iho risk of (ho former purchaser,
on the same (erins.
Purchaser to pay for papers and
plain ps.
John F. Bolt,
0? 0. 0i P. & a. s.
Jan. 8th, 1900? It.
Attorneys and Counsellors at Law.
Will practice In all tho Courts of the
State. Prompt attention to nlI busi
ness entrusted to them.
Office, Laureus, 0. H., McCord j new
March 14, 1890.
In sending this, Mr. Editor, it
may bo a souroo of relief to you
and a Joy to tho readers of Tub
Adybrtibeh to announce that this
id my valedictory. A good friend
of mine inquired of me <>u the
Btroots <>f Laurens, why he had
not seen mo oftenor in Tub Ad
vertibeb. of late. When 1 ox*
plained that I had been Bufferiug
of indisposition and had thought
of writing up my valediotory, ho
Baid, "Well write it" und slid off
with a glance und gait that indi
oatod that, in his opiniou, some
thing was better than nothing, if
it wan only quitting. Now, as I
take my leave, I wish to state that
my .short connect ion with Tiik
Advertiser has been a Bouroe of
unmixed pleasure to me, and I
trust to you and your renders. My
effusions have been at least beara
ble evils. When I have time, I
lovo to write. I love to discuss
things, principles und issuca that
touch and clash upon men's in
terests; 1 love to run veins of hu
mor down through men's minds
into their hearts and open up
avenues of ventilation that allows
ii current of air to sweep down
the dusty festoons from u too
much mattor-of-faot, over-laxed,
business crushed, fashion ridden
public mind und renovate the
chamber with streaks of Btinshino
and smile Vos, I love to write,
even though no one loves to rend,
lint, for reasons I need not here
mention and with best wishes to
you, Mr. I'Mitor, unbounded suc
cess to your paper and to your
patrons abundant prosperity and
joy, I beg most respectfully to
tender my resignation as an hum
ble correspondent to your estima
ble pup' :\ Hi so doing allow me
again to assure him that it is with
the plcusuiltest recollections of
the ploasnntesl associations of
my lifo that I shall ever look hack
to tho brief period of 'OS-DO, when
I had lh" honor of pushing the
quill through tho valuablo col
umns of the paper yon so ably
odit. Allowine here to thank you
for your generosity, kindness and
indulgence toward me. Not one
letter has been consigned to the
waste-basket. Whothoror not, in
vour elVorl to do me kindness you
have boon sullloiontly mindful
and zealous of the interests of
your readers in publishing my ar
ticles is a matter between you
and them. 1 have no complaint
to offer. Again thanking you and
your indulgent readers,from whom
1 have had so many kind and en
couraging expresssions for your
forbearance and long Buffering, I
am as ever,
Your Obedient Servant,
Rrothbh Bob.
S.tF' For Pale: A new twenty
horse power Oug'ne and new I) ?* Loach
grist mill on cusy terms at Harris
Springs. Also a lot of shafting and
j. t. Harris,
There is more Catarrh in this
section of tho country than all
oilier diseases put together and
until the hist, few years was sup
posed to he incurable. For a great
many years doctors pronouced it
a local disease, und prescribed lo
cal remedies, anil by constantly
failing to cure with local treat
ment, pronounced it incurable.
Science has proved catarrh to he
a constitutional disease and there
fore requires constitutional treat
ment. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manu
factured by F. J. Cheney A' Co.,
()., is the only constitutional cure
on t he market. 11 is taken i n
ternally in dose's from Id drops to
a teaspoon fill. It acts vVirectly
on the blood and mucous sur
faces of feh$ system. They offer
one hundred dollars for any case
it fails to cure. Send for circulars
and testimonials. Address,
F, J. Cheney & Co.,
Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 7F> cents.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
~~ TN?TlCE""
Ol Settlement and Application
for Fii al Discharge.
Take not ice t hat on the 15th day
of March, 1000, 1 will ' render
a final account of my acts and
doings as Executor of the es
tate of O. VV. Mart in, deceased, in
tho olfico of Judge of Probate for
Laurens county at 11 a. m., aid
on the same day will apply for a
final discharge from my trust as
such ICxecntor.
All persons having demands
against said estate will please
present them on or before that
day, proven and authenticated, or
bo forever harre 1.
dan. Oth 11)00.?h.
Slate of South Caroina,
County of Laurens.
Court of Common Pleas.
.1 Wlstar Golding, I Kichurd Holding,
Susan Murphy, Mary Mugwell, Mag.
Oxner, Martha Orowdor, Ida Cooper
and Jan 08 Anderson, Plaintiff,
against William C Holding, Dcfcnd
fendunt.?Complaint for Partition.
Pursuant ton decree of the Oourl
In tho above slated case, J will sell
at Laurens Court House S.O., on
Balesday i 1 February 1000, it be
ing the r> h day of the month, in
front of Court House door, during
the legal hours of sale, tho follow
ing described real estate, all that
tract and parcel of land situate in
Laurent County and Htato afore
said, on Reedy River, contain
ing one Hundred and thirty-six
acres, more or less and bounded by
lands of William C. (Sulding, John
A. Aoderson, James Anderson,
Austin Anderson, Wille Bros, and
Terms: One-third cash and tho
balance on a credit of twelve
months from day of sale, credit
portion to he secured by bond of
the purchaser and mortgage of the
premises sold, together with inter-,
est on tint smiii", if the purchased
faih) to comply with the terms y-'
sale, tho premises will be rr-s(/d
on tho same or some subsequent
Halesday on thesame terms at tie
risk of former purchaser.Purohasfr
to pay for papers and revenue
Auditor's Office. )
Laukkns, s. c, Deo. l, 1*0?. $
Tiik Auditor's Ollloc will In' open
from the 1st day of January to tlie 20 til
day of February, 1900, to receive re
turns of Personal property for taxation
in I.aureus < ounty.
Tor the convenience of taxpayers,
tlie Auditor will attend the following
named places to receive returns for
said year, to wit :
Sullivan Township, Brewerton, j
January 18, from K> a m to 2 p
Sullivan Township, Princeton,
January I9i from o a in to 12 m.
Sullivan Township, Tumbling
Shoals, January 19, from 1 p m to
4 p m.
Dial Township, Abner Babb's,
January 20, from 9 a m to 12 in.
Dial Township, D. I). Harris',
January 22, from 10 a m to 2 p in.
Dial Township, V. A. White's,
January 23, from lo a m to 2 p m.
Young's Township, Parson's
Store,, January 24, from 10 a m
to 2 p m.
Young's Township, Young's
Store, January 25, from 10 a m to
2 p in
Young'- Township, Pleasant
Mound, January 20, from 9 a in
to Ii? m.
Young's Township, Lau ford
Station, January 20, from 2 to 4
l> m.
Soulllotowti Township, Tylers
villo, .January L'T, from 10 a m to
2 p m.
It will save much time to taxpayers,
also greatly facilitate the Work 01 tin
Assessor, it every person before leav
ing home will make out a complete
list of every item of personal property
in the following order : Horses, cattle,
mules, sheep and goats, hogs, watches,
organs and pianos, buggies, wagons
and carriages, dogs, merchandise, ma
chinery and engines, moneys, notes
and accounts above indebtedness, and
a 1 other property including house
it is always required that the Audi
tor get the first given nameof the tax
payer in full
Under the head of place of residence
on lax return, give the township.
All male citizens between the ages
of twenty-one ami sixty years, on the
1st of January, except those who are
incapable of earning a support from
being maimed, or irom other causes,
are deemed taxable polls (Confederate
veterans excepted.)
And all taxpayers are required to
give the number of their school dis
Alter the 20th day of February next,
fifty per cent, penalty will be attached
for failures to make returns.
In every community there are per
sons who cannot read or that do not
take a newspaper, Those more fortu
nate may do such persons a great favor
by telling them of the time to make
returns or by returning for them.
The assessing and collecting taxes
is done in t lie same year, and we have
to aggregate I lie number and value
of all horses, mules, cattle and other
pieces ol" personal property, as well as
i he acres of land, lots and buildings
and their value that there are in this
county, and have tlie same on file in
the Comptroller General's office by the
30th of June of each year, and from
that time to the first clay of October
tin' Auditor's and Treasurer's dupli
cate have to be completed and an ab
stract ol the work in the Comptroller
General's office by that time, which
will show at a glance that the Auditor
has no lime to take returns, or any
thing else much, between the 1st day
of October, but work on the hooks and
the blanks. We hope, therefore, that
all taxpayers will make their returns
in time.
_ _ _Auditor.
What 1 say
I will do, 1 <lo. <lo.
Competitors, you had as well ta'-y
to lift yourself 111 a basket ?\, ro un
dersoil me.
My desire la to move goods, not to
get caslv Shrewd buyers need no ar
go.Viig. Each and every claim made by
me at this sale is just as represented.
I do not advertise something l haven't
got. I will sell In the next thirty
days, twenty I'ianos at factory prices:
Sixty-live Organs; Forly-five Sewing
Machines: leu head of horses: twelve
wagons: eighty head of lino Jersey
milch cows; twenty head of thorough
bred Jersey heifer calves.
The I'ianos will be sold at wholesale
price for cash,
$460 00 I'ianos for $300.00: $320 0(1
i'ianos for $2Q5.0o; $260.00 I'ianos
$146.00; $85.00 Organ for $05.00: $7.r).00
Organ for $46.00; $65.00 Sewing Ma
chine for $28 00; 945.00 machine for
$18 00.
Will soll milch cows on three months
note, and anyone buying a milch
cow from me, can pasture next
summer, free Pf charge, in tho May
berry pasture, six months, which
amounts to $11.00. It is not so much
money that I want as to get rid of tho
I'ianos, Organs, Sewing Machines,
horses, wagons and cowh, that I have
on hand. I have rented a store in Co
lumbia, S. ('., and will open up busi
ness there Oil January 1st, 1000. Tlie
goods I have on hand must ba sold re
gardless of the cost value tome. 'Ihia
is no fako sale. I have these goods and
stock on hand, and they will be sold. If
you base the cash, show it to me, and
you will be surprised, what will buy a
Piano, organ and Sewing Machine. A
chance in a lifetime to buy at whole
sale price. 1'iano at *llf>.0(). Think
of it! Tlie agent's commission, the
dealer's profit, are all taken oil, and
you get them at wholesaler's profit.
Bowing machine needles at 20 cents
a do/.; 20 o. oil at 6 c. per bottle. $8.00
Guitars for $4.60; $5.00 Violins for
ft:i. Mi. Everything else in tho small
Instrument lino to go in proportion.
Come while tho goods arc on hand.
Greenville. S.O.
State of Soutli Carolina,
County of Laurons.
Court of Common Ploas
Joseph II. Sullivan, Plaintiff, against
J. B. Hollingsworth, J. P. Holiings
worth and T. W. HollingSWOrtb. De
fendants. Summons for Relief. (Com
plaint not Served.)
To the Defendants above named:
You uro hereby summoned and re
quired to answer the complaint in this
action, which is filed in the office of
the Clerk of tho Court of Common
Pleas, for the said County, and to serve
a copy of your answer to the said com
plaint on the subscribers at their of
ilco at I.aureus 0. EL, S. ('., within
twenty days after tho servico hereof,
exclusive of the day of such service;
and if you fail to answor the complaint,
within the time aforesaid, tho I'laln
tiIV in this action will apply to tho
Court for the relief demanded In tho
Dated Dec :il)lh, 1899.
(I,. 8.) John F. Bolt,co.o.p.l.o,
KkrciU80n| ?v. Feathbrstone,
Plaintiff's Attorneys.
To J. P, Holllngsworth :
You will please take no'.ico that the
summons and complnint heroin woro
IIled In the office of the Clerk of tho
Couit of Common Plena for Laurent
County, in said .State, on thoUOth
dny of December, 1800.
Ferooson & Featherstone,
Plaintiff's Attorney?.
Jan. 1st 1000.
on your Spiing Embroideries and Bleaohod Muslins. Wo
hnvo a beautiful lino of Nainsook and Hamburg Einbroid*
eriosaud insortious as well as full stock of Bloaohinge. All
bought bcforo tho reoont
and all will bo sohl you on the sann; basis,
10 pieces, lOcts Outings at 8^ ots.
500 yards assorted Calicoes at 1 ots per yard.
3 pieces, Gray, Bluoand Pink 20c Flanels at 15 c.
50 Young Moil's $10.00 Suits at $7.00.
25 Men's ?Ml'.(k) Suits at$8.50.
(bid lots in Shoes regardless of COST.
50 Young Men's Suits, size l l to 10 at prices indisputably LOW
JLaurens Cotton Mills Store.
I). II. WADSWOltTII, Manager
P. S.?Overcoats did say?
ir Qt Q
Wi Ts V
The Good News Spreads.
One friond tells another, and wo have one more custo
mer. We don't believo there is a Clothing firm which
selects its Stock w i t h more care than wo do, or which
sells good, honest , well-made stylish suits for as
LOw I3rices
Our words aro ably backed by tho oilers we make. Will
take pi, asure in showing.
Very respect fully,
J. E. lylifjter & Bto.
Laurens, S. C, Jan. o, 1000
Don't Try ISxpei'iment^ on Your Crops,
- -ii.ilTT
That have been tested with satis
factory results.
who sells the following well-known Brands of tho Virginia-Carolina
Chemical Company, and who will bo glad to 800 you :
Greenville Fertilizer Co.'s ?
Allison & Addison's Celebrated
Chicora Fertilizer < 'o.'s
Buy early and get in your Goods before
the Rush,
AGENT, Laurens,S. C.
The Kind You Have Always Bought*ami which has been
in use for over JJO years, has borne the signature <>l*
and has been made under Iiis per
sonal supervision sillCO its infancy ?
Allow no one to deceive ynu in this.
All Counterfeits, imitations and Substitutes aro but Ex
periments that triilo with and endanger tin- health of
Illinois and Children?Experience against Experiment?
Cnstoria is a substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric* Drops
and Soothing Syrups. It is Harmless and Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverishness? It cures Diarrhoea and "Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles*cures Constipation
and Flatulency* It assimilates tho Food* regulates the
Stomach and Bowels* giving healthy and natural sleep.
Tho Children's Panacea?The Mother's Friend.
Bears the Signature of
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
Special attention called to out No. 7 Pixie Stove, with Wy
(40) l??vo,ustreceived our largo a took of Plows. I think wo
can giv^yS "nd ? ",0W """" *'t ig "
* * BEST FRI0T-;S * *
We also carry a full assortment ol Tutu and Terace Hows.
Every &VaboalldbS?sUtarting your plows remember you will
h?ve to have the Necessities of rnnnfng them. Wo have everything
you want in ?
Bridles, Collars, Haines, Traces, Backhands,
Plowlinos, Etc.
Wo have boou very careful in buying our stock and fool sure
that we can give you Ihe best good* for the money.
?est Prices Paid for Hides and Bees-Wax.
Wo offer our Bincore thanks to our friends for their liberal
patronage during the past year, and wish to .haw a larger portion ol
in fchG fuiuro' ?MOSEIiijV & ROLAND,
Laurene, B. C., Jan. 5, 1900. West corner, Public Square.
YoU ar> Eye
For Business?
it'ho, sr.-our Millinery, Cloaks, Capes, Undorwoar, Cor
sets, Hosiery, Cloves, Neokwear, ready made Skirts, Vi aists,
Notions, and tho biggest line of Fancy Goods for iho Hol
iday trade ever shown here. And all :it t!i?
LouJest Prices
Call and seo us, and we will convince you we are right" No trouble t<
show goods.
Miss Bessie Bramlott and Mrs. Emma Richardson arc with us
and will be pleased to see their frionds.
(Kind tlie right place).
McCords' New Store, Lauren-, S. C.
has dawned, .say some, othors say not. While theVo
soems to be some uncertainty on this point, there is no
doubt about one thing?-that in order to close oul till
^*?-'$- W ij^ter" Stoek
We are offering s mo of the Biggost, Livist Bargn
you ever saw in the following lines:
Dross Goods, Flannels, Repollants,
Ladies and Children's Undervests and
Union Suits, Men's Undershirts and
Overshirts, Etc.
All Winter Millinery at and
Below Cost.
Conn4 and 806 us and wo will do you good.
Respect fully,
Three Doors West Post Office
W.O. WILSON & CO. will show a new lino of Black
and colored silks. Also clioleo Weaves in line Bin? ?
Ail-Wool Dress Fabrics.
See tho new lino of Tablo Linens. Linen Huck Towels
85 cents per dozen .
on the following Goods for the next ten days for the
1 lolidays:
lMusli and Clotfl ( apes,
Blankets and Heavy Underwear.
It is false economy to buy something you do not require
but if any of the abovo articles como within your im
mediate wants it will pay you to make a personal inspee
11011 of same.
W G WILSON & 00.
Mansion House Steam Laundry,
Basket leaves Laureus Wednesday
and returns on Saturday. M. L. HOPE 11, AtfOllt.
. ^ tr wi'.;, m vKin you ram.
;: v ,-\v- W when your wifo tells you on a Sun
day morning that your shirt front
and collar nvuls tho "beautiful
snow" on hill top and moadow.
(J V ^ VV-jg fherc is nothiug that can oncircie
your neck, outside of her snowy
arm, that will ploaso you more on
Sunday than a collar done up wit h
the perfect color and finish that
wo put on all linon laundered
Cowvr, c|,r |8,
OaroHna Jonthern^orl'^mma'an ? '.' - '.?'?u ""?nK"
missions to agents aro liboral Wn ch>fv L m^at*?1 .?
tit,, qnantttg and rfrioo?*?? X? 'ffl'SlT
Gates, Proprietor, Mansion House, Groonvi'lo, S. 0.

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