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Subscription Price?12 Months, $1.60
Payable in Advance
IL W. BALL, Editor.
Kates for Advertising.?Ordinary Ad
vertisements, per square, one inser
tion, tl.OO; each subsequent- Insertion,
50 cents. Liberal reduction made
for largo Advertisements.
W. W. Ball,
LAURENS, 8. C, Jan. 22, 1?02.
The Governor's Message.
The messago is full, written with
clearness, and puts the peop'o's repre
sentatives and the people in intelligent
understanding of tho condition of the
State's affairs. All tho departments
are healthy and honestly conducted.
Troasurer, Secretary of State, Comp
troller, Attorney Goneral, and Adju
tant General, all doing their duty. His
Excellency has little to do but to com
mend and congratulate tbe people.
Tho samo may bo said of thu charita
ble, penal and educational institutions
?as tho Colleges, the Insane Hospital,
the Penitentiary, the deaf and the
blind Institution. The State us a whole
must be congratulated. Tboroarc fea
tures that may be criticised: too many
candidates aro scrambling to get into
our great two million dollar grog en
terprise and it leads to tbe suspicion
that thero is something rotten in the
State of Domark?ordinarily tho Hood
people would not, hankeraftor handling
whiskey for tho pitiful salaries attach
ed; and henoo the suspicion.
The Governor appreciates the ne
cessity of dolDg a good part by tho old
soldiers and it is probable that a homo
will be built for the homeless.
The Governor congratulates tho
State upon tho increase of taxable
property by some ten millions. This
he may well do, but not incuriously
taxes aro Incroased from year to year.
It was ever thus, Statos aro not unlikH
men. As wo climb tho mountain tide
the view oxpauds and wants expand.
All the. departments want more money
?especially the insane a&sylum and
the schools. We all know the case of
the old gentleman whoso gals being
grown up wanted a new bouse; then
when tbe houso was up a piano?then
the carpets und the curtains and the
Governor McSweeney however, hss
given tho S'ate a first-class public doc
ument showing tho State In good con
dition and bis administration of the
State's affairs eminently creditable,
lie is to be congratulated.
Child Labor?The Governor urges
legislation on tbo subject and favors it.
We advise to go slow as yet This is
a yankeo proposition, in apprehension
of our cotton manufacturing competi
tion. Go slow for the present. This is
not a manufacturing State as yet, but
an agricultural State. Cotton, rico and
tobacco are our moneyed crops, with
sugar and tea it may be, yet to add.
Lot our lilliputlan manufacturing in
terost get into the saddle.
The Governor favors compulsory ed
ucation and nrgues that ignorance is
dangerous to society. This may be or
may not bu true. Circumstances mako
it an involved questiou with us. There
should bo no hurry and the question
be conservatively < onsidcred. It will
be ft question on the stump this Sum
mer. It may be al! right for Germany
or Massachusetts and yet a bad lit for
South Carolina.
J. II. Hoyt, Jr., the intelligent Co
lumbia correspondent of his father's
paper, the Groenvllle Mountainoor,
writes as follows:
"With tho opening of tho Legisla
ture comes a tlood of political talk and
gossip to the capital. Candidates for
State ofllces are already in the field.
It is understood that Gov. McSweeney
will stand for re-election, and the
other candidate* so far announced are
ex-Solicitor M. F. Ansel, of Greenville;
Mr. D. C. Heyward, of Colleton; Con
gressman W. J. Talbert, of Edgelield,
and Lieutenant Governor Jas. IL Till
man, of Edgefield. There will be
others. Including perhaps, Secretary of
State M. U. Cooper.
Attorney General Bellinger will
stand for Congress in his district to
succeed Mr. Talbert. Tho assistant
Attorney Genernl, Mr. U. X. Guntor,
Jr., will be a candidate for Attorney
Genoral, and it is understood Speaker
Stevenson will oppose him.
For Secretary of State, the present
assistant, Jesse T. Gantt; the Gover
nor's private Secretary, E. H. Aull;
Col. J. Harvey Wilson, a representa
tive from Sumter; Hon. J. Thomas
Austin, of Greenville, and doubtless
one or two moro will be candidates.
Washington, D.C., Jan. 14.?WuTing
Fang is openly credited with boing the
author of a mvstoriotio anonymous
book attacking the proposed re-onact
ment of tho Chlno?o exclusion law,
which caused a sensation In official cir
cles. If it is developed that he is re
sponsible for the printing and distribu
tion, it is expected that he will be
called to strict account by Secretary
Hay owing to a similar incident two
years ago. \
These would appearjvery ridiculous.
These Yankees, tho brightest people
on earth, with Secretary Hay at the
head of the class, ought to be able to
^answer the Chinaman. Besides, the
grunt is in the teeth of the Text?"Oh
that Mine enemy would write a book!"
Again, only the Congress has to do
with the Exclusion Question, and the
presumtlon is not violent that Con
gressmen should be equal to meeting
Wu or any other of the Celestials In
Chips of News.
Prlnco Henry, brothor of Emperor
of Germany, William, and Admiral of
"the Imperial Navy, will reach this
country about the 22d of February
next to be present and represent the
Emperor's Yacht In Now York. New
York and Washington aro all agog in
arranging the ceremonies for the mo
mentous occasion. It is fortunate for
us. 'The occasion will provo a sort o/
nursery training for tbo imperial ways
we are to indulge in the fast impend
ing future
Charleston gots ninety thousand to
help {take care of the Government ex
hibit. Moody, of Ma-a., helped Klliott,
(There are moro ways of killing a oat
than hanging ) The last house refused
a penny.
A petition has been tiled to romove
the case recently brought by Attorney
General Bollenger against the Virginia
Carolina Chomlcai Co. from the State
to the Fedoro-1 Courts.
r,Tho Ne#s and Courier, nor the State,
gave the vote on the Governor's veto
of tbe Free Pass matter.
Sohle/ was handsomely treated In
Savannah during his visit last week.
Foraker is re-elected Senator from
Ohio. _
Never endure this trouble. Use at
once the remedy that stopped it for
Mrs. N. A. Webster, of Winnie. Va.,
she writes "IV. King's New Llfb Pills
wholly ourcd me of sick headaches I
had suffered from for two years."
Cure Hradsohc, Constipation Bilious
ess. 25c st Lauren? Drug Go 's drug
re. ^rnmxj.
? Ol
Oar Solon*.
The two bodies got promply to work.
Many bills coming over from last ses
sion were prom ply killed.
A cigaret bill exoited debate but tho
Kastern Tobacco nabobs slaughtered it.
Citizen Ashley thought a shingle the
remedy for boys addioted to the oigaret.
The Governor vetoed the Free Pass
In the redistriotlng Bills Laurens, in
one, is grouped with Spartanburg,
Greenville and Union?in others with
Greonwood, Edgefleld, Alken and Sa
Georgetown wants all the fish?tho
brain food.
McGowan has an anti-trust bill?and
other bills. Cooper a Code Bill and an
amendment to his pistol Act.
A stout debate occurred to give coun
ties looal option on Dispensary or no
Dispensary. It panicked the House, as
a blue-tailed hawk In a covey of Spring
chickens. It was lynched?McGowan
and Nichols opposed, Cooper for.
Lien Law, Agricultural contracts.
Compulsory Education .Confederate
Home( it will pass), biennial sessions,
The Jury Laws, pay of public officers,
^districting, and ohild faotory labor,
aro the leading questions.
Senator Goodwin has a bill to pro
vide for an oil lospector.
Dantzlor, of Orangeburg, is Judge
of the First Circuit In place of Judge
Benet Mr. McGowanfs bill for tho
roliofof P. H. Martin, whosj horse
and buggy were confiscated, was killed.
We regret want of space for fuller
Delegation to the Coronation.
Tho President has appointed the fol
lowing citizens and eoldiory to repre
sontth!s Goverment at tho crownlDg of
I'M ward, in June:
Special ambassador, Wh!telaw Bold,
of New York.
Representative of the United States
army, Gen. James H. Wilson, Dela
Representative of tho United States
navy, Capt. Charles E. Clark, comman
der of the battle ship Oregon, during
the Spanish-American war, and now
governor of the Naval Home, at Phil
There are to be three sooretarlos, as
follows: J. P. Morgan, Jr, son or J.
Plerpont Morgan, of New York: E. L.
Baylies, a barrister, of New York;
William Wetmoro, son of Senator
Wetmoro, of Rhode Island.
Retd is editor of tho New York Tri
buno and has been a Foreign Minister,
has kissed tho fingers of royalty and
will be up to StlllfT in all ceremonial
A darkey with a pair of mules hitched
to a wagon rigged to carry lint cot
ton was hauling somo household furni
tore from Aiken to a placo in the
country on Saterday ? On his way he
stopped at tho dispon?ary and when he
reached the outskirts of Alken he was
somewhat ioaded. In attempting to
light his pipe he managed to sot fire to
the cotton batting frame of the wagon,
and tho flames spread so rap'dly ho
had to losp to aave himself. The bed
stead and other things In the wagon
.were consumed and tho mules ran
away, spreading tho Ore along tho
road8ldo. This set fire to tho under
brush and dry grass at.d farmers
along the lino have been fighting lire
ever slnoe, only stopping long enough
to ens' out the darkey who caused the
trouble.?Aiken Journal and Review.
Apropos to this string of casualties?
"How to tell bad news." Tho house
maid met the son of the houso sum
moned home; What's thomattor, Mag
gie? The Magpie is dead. How? Grief
for the dog. The dog dead? Yea It was
too much for him, the lo38 of tho Ost
ler. Tho Ostler gone? Yes, he could
not stand It, the poor cook. The cook
dead? Yea tho loss of your poor moth
er. What mother goae? Yes, loss of
your dear father, etc. There was noth
ing left but for the boy to marry the
maid and take charge of the house
If local option bad only passod, Alken
would bo a dry county, but she clearly
needs "dsmperture" or fire escapes.
Anent the proposition to raise the
nay of Congressmen from $r>,000.00 to
$10,000.00. A Weatern Congressman
declares that not a man is worth It.
This Congressman wears a coonskin cap
and leathor breeches. He has worked
for twelve hours at 50 cents and "de
ration?." The sams needed depond
largely upon a man's "raisin."
Although seemingly a long time, but
"better late than never, I desiro to thank
the good peoplo of your city for their kind
contribution to the inmates of the County
Home on Thanksgiving Day. On that
day we received a visit from Mrs. L. O.
Balle, Mrs. J. F. Bolt and H. Terry, who
came in a carriage loaded down with good
things, such as pork, beef, rice, butter
candy fruits pickle?, etc.. aswell as smok
ing and chewing tobacco. These good
things, with numerous otbor bundles,
wore given by the kind-hearted people of
Laurens, for which they have the heart leit.
thanks of all concerned. Mra. Bolt kim.ly
remembered the old vets with comfort
able garments, sent by theDaugbters of tho
Confederacy, of which she in a worthy
Miss .Ian it Staun kh,
Matron County Home.
Mr. J. W* Copeland has purchased
All-Healing Sp.ings N. C. and will
probably put that place to the front as
a summer retort.?Clinton Chronicle.
Interstate and West Indian Exposition.
The Charleston and Western Caroli
na Railway beg to annouoce that on
account of South Carolina Interstate
and Went Indian Exposition, that re
duced rates have been arranged from
all their stations. Parties can avail
themselvos of.a season ticket, a ton day
ticket, or a seven day ticket at very
low rates from any station en this line
Apply to agents lor furthor informa
tion in regard to schedule?, rates, etc
W J Okaio,
General Passenger Agent.
Notice to Creditors.
ALL persons having claims against
the Estate of the late O. P. Edwards
are required to present them to the
unders'gned by tho 23d of February,
next, or they will be barred.
Jan. 22, 1002. Executor.
Tax Time Extended.
BY virtue of anthority from the
Comptroller-General, approved by
the Governor, the time for tho
payment of State and Oonnty
Taxes baa been extended, with
out penalty, to March 1, 1002.
Treasurer L. 0.
In I IK O ?n4 Mai 4 ib.UHIc twin, ??!?!
?Ith blu.rii.boo. Taken* other. Hefa-to
Hangt-r?*? flab.lltutloa? Iijlta.
ties*. Buy ?f j.nr Dr.ffl.t, .r wo< 4t. Id
Mint* fer ParUoalar?, Tratlaaanlal.
All Stuffed Up
That's the condition of many* sufferort
from catarrh, especially in tho morning.
Great difficulty is experienced in clear
ing the head and throat.
No wonder catarrh causes headache,
impairs the taste, smell and hearing,
pollutes tire breath, deranges the stom
ach and affects tho appetite.
To cure catarrh, treatment must hf
constitutional?alterative and tonic.
?'I was afflicted witb cntnrrh. I took
medicines of different kinds, giving each
a fair trial; but gradually grew worse until
I could hardly hear, taste or smell. I then
concluded to try Hood's Sarsnparllht, and
after taking five bottles I was cured and
have not bad any return of tho disease
since." EuoKitK Forbes, Lebanon, Kan.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Cures catarrh?it soothes and strength
ens tbe mucous membrane and builds
up the whole system.
Mr. John B. Humbort, who has been
connected with the Citizens Bank for
ttie past year, has accented a position
as book-keeper for the Anderson Oil <fc
Fertilizer Company, and loft last
Monday to enter upon the discharge of
bis duties. Mr. Humbert is a popular
and enorgetio young man, and tuado
many friends during Iiis stay in Honen
Path.?Honea Path Chroniole.
Consists in keeping all the main or
gans of the body in a healthy, regular
uotion, and in quickly destroying
deadly disease germs. Electric Bitters
regulate Stomach, Liver and Kidneys,
purify tbo blood, and givo a splendid
uppetite. They work wondora in cur
ing Kl iney Troubles, Female Com
plaints, Nervous Diseases, Constipa
tion, Dyspepsia, and Malaria. Vigor
ous health aud strength always follow
their use. Only 60c. guaranteed by
Laurens Drug Co., druggist.
A few soloct Mantels to offer at
prices never bofore heard of.
S. M. & E. H. Wilkes.
Tho startling announcement of a
Discovery that will surely lengthen
life Is made by Editor O. H. Downey,
of Oburubusco, Ind., 1'I wish to stale
ho wrltos, "that Dr.King's New Discov
ery for Consumption id the most ln
falliblo remedy that I have ever
kuown for Coughs, Colds und Grip.
It's Invaluable to peoplo with weak
lungs. Having this womlorful modi
cine no one need dread Pneumonia or
Consumption. Ks rolle' is Instant
and cure certain." Laurens Prug Co ,
guarantee every .>0o and $1 CO bottle,
and give trial botUes free.
If you Knew!
If you knew what the milk-r knows,
and what your physician knows about
adultorated Hour, you, tco, would in
sist on your givcer sending you
"Clifton." Try it. It is the best and
pureit. F?Vr sale by M. H. Fowler and
T. N. Barksdalo.
Notice, Notice
Executors, Administrators,
Guardiaue and Trustees are re
minded that tho time for making
returns bogius with tbo 1st day of
January of each year. Under the
amended law, failure to mako re
turns works a forfeiture of com
J. P. L. ?.
W. D. KNIGHT. K. E. 11A Uli.
Attorneys at Law.
Ster Will practice in all the State and
F?deral Courts. Strict attention to all
Wusiucss intrusted to them
OOlce up-8talr8. Simmons1 Building.
of Clothing, Shoes, Hats and Dress Goods
We have bought this stock at almost half price and beginning1
JAN. 18
We will put these goods on the market at and
w York Cost.
This sale will continue for 30 DAYS.
This is the greatest opportunity the people of Laurens have ever had to buy good
merchandise at and below New York cost. If you don't need these goods it will pay
you to buy and keep them, as they will never be offered at this price again.
We haven't space to mention many prices, but come and see for yourself.
50c Dress Goods, at
25c Dress Goods, at
15c Dress Goods, at
3.50 Shoes, at
3.00 Shoes, at
6.00 Suits, at
9.00 Suits, at
4.00 Suits, at
Standard Calico, at
Good Ink, per bottle
Mucilage, per bottle
15 balls Thread for
Jeans Pants
25c 10-4 Sheeting
25 unbroken pieces of Red and White Flannel, at New York cost
If you have been waiting for Bargains, here they are, and no mistake! We must
turn the stock into money. Everything must go in 530 Days. We invite all country
Merchants to come and supply themselves with everything, as we can sell Cheaper than
tnha same Goods could be bought at in New STork.
This is no catch advertisement, but the greatest bargain sale in the history of
This is a strictly cash sale. No goods charged; no goods on approbation.
And join the thousands who are happy over Minter's Great Bargain Sale.

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