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Davis, Roper & Co.,
Famous Outfitters for Men Wo
men and Children.
Our reporter called at Davis, Roper
?v Co.' store and found Col. Dyer as
usual "up to his oyos" In work?and
nono tho worse for wear, i.otwithstand
ing tbnt lie bus visited almost every
state in our country?and made a ton
thousaud mile tour of Europe, in the
last ninety days. He is here directing
tho arraoginents for his six hundred
and second Mill End Halo which opened
up at Davis, Roper & Co. this week.
In reply to our reporter's inquiries the
Colonel gavo a most interestingdescrip
tlon of his trip to England and the
I spont six weeks In Europe with iny
wife and dntwbthor studying the dry
goods business in all its details as con
ducted over thero?and let mo tell you
ono thing,?our dry goods aud depart
ment 6tores right here in the state of
South Carolina are conducted on a
better system?are more progressive
and "up to date" than mmiy of iho
{'retentions bouses in London and
'aris, aud tho more I saw of Kuropo*n
methods the cld>er I got to the people
over there, and the better Imdght I got
into their various modes and habits of
life, and tho various forms of govern
ment under which each country lived?
the better 8ttLfted I became with our
own p. ople, and our own ways of liv
ing, and our own manner of conducting
tilings over hero. I think no one can
actually realizs what a blessed privi
lege it is to bo an American citizen un
til bo has spent somo time in Europe.
I know thai I always coma back a more
loyal, a more enthusiastic and a more
patriotic American: and I always feel
that this truly Amerluau growth and
progress in itself amply ropays the
time anl expense of the journey."
"Oar hoto'.s," the colonel said, "are
Infinitely bettor than anything you
find overthore.-and very much cheaper.
The service, however, is, in some res
pects, better, and the traveller re
ceives more courtesies and attention in
) European hotels and upon the railroads
than he does here. Hiey aro very po
lite ovor "hero, wherever you go, and
it(ls quite delightful to receiveso many
delicate attentions. I enjoyed the trip
immensely-every one does?and my
business Interests are now such that I
go across twice a year. Tho trip is
easily me.do and quite inexpensive,
and while 1 am not posing as a "Cook
Tourist,'' if you or any of 3 our friends
want to go over next June, pack your
grips and come along with me I will
showlyou how it can be done cheaply
and thoroughly?and at the same time
will show you bow I conduct the Mill
End Sale In London add Paris "
Cur reporter accepted the colonel's
suggestion with alacrity, and intends
making one of his party?that is pro
vided he gets his salary raised or can
work the Cunard lino for a pass.
We are glad to welcome Col. Dyer
to our city and trust his business
interests here will bo so satisfactory
that he will "call again and often."
Biscuit and Rot's.
Tho whitest, lightest, flakiest biscuit
and rolls aro made of "Clifton" flour,
and thoy are pure and wholesome, too.
Buy it and ;ry it For sale by M. H.
Fowler and T. N. Barksdale.
a Xew Mill for Clinton.
Wo extract the fol'owing from a re
cent isMic of tho Clinton Gazette. The
initiation of tho enterprise is encour
aging, and wc note it with pleasure as
an enterprise of Laurens county. Clin
ton has a noble population with tho
courago of thdr convictions. We re
joice in tho prosperity of Clinton,
while tho proposed mill will be for the
up-building not only of Lauroos coun
ty, but of South Carolina. The name
of Bailey ought to bo a synonym of suo
cess. So we await with tho more con
fidence the proposed enterprise to a
successful conclusion:
'?Fine progress is being made toward
the establishment of the second cotton
mill for C inton. What is wanted to
bogin with, is a $60,000 plant operating
5,000 spindles. Of tho capital stock
about one half has been subscribed,
and the books are now open for re
ceiving tho capital subscriptions
wanted. This mill will manufacture
cotton goods, both yarns and cloths.
A ono wishing to subscribe and
take aiock, even if only one share in
the enterprise, is invited to come for
ward and subscribe, whether they are
prepared with the ready cash or not;
the matter can be arranged and the
work begun at once.
This new enterpriso is one of the
things necessary to tho growth and
prosperity of Clinton and the commu
nity, and the Gazette rejoices becauso
Of the spirit of enterprise that is awa
kening our people. And now is the
time to "strike while tho iron is hot."
The mill will bo located out on the
Bell estate near the town, where is
Jilenty of water and tho best of clay
or making tho brick, which will be
made on the ground and placed in the
walls of Factory No. 2 just as rapidly
as tho cash can push it along.
Mr. M. S. Bailey is at tho head of
the enterprise, and wo are sure of the
materialization and success of the pro
Millions are daily finding a world of
comfort in Bueklen's Arnica Salve. It
kills pain from Burns, Scalds, Cuts,
Bruises; conquers Ulcers, and Fever
Sores; cures Eruption, Salt Rheum,
Boils and Felons; removes Corns and
Warts. Beat Pile cure on earth. Only
25o. at Laurens Drug Store.
Messrs. S. M . & E. H. Wilkes,
Laurens, S. C:
Gents?1 can heartily recommend my
Buck's 28 A Emblem Stove I bought of
feu. It bakes to perfection. I dont
hink a better stove could be made.
Yours truly,
John Aberorombie.
Tumbling Shoals, Jan. 16, 1002.
If You aro in Doubt
where to get your Garden
Seed, remember we handel
the best and freshest seed.
We burn all of our old pa
pers aud buy new seed, See
1 that the paper is stamped
Palmetto Drug Co.
Look for sign with the Tree.
Wendling will deliver bis famous
leoture on Stonewall Jackson at the
! Opera House on Saturday evening. lie
is probably the best lecturer who
tones tho South and of course the
tbemo of his looturo will be of great
interest to Southern bearers. He
should be and doubtless wi 1 be greeted
by a largo audience. Tickets for tbo
lecture aro on sale at the Palmetto
Drug Company. Holder* of season
tickets Should not forget to call at the
Drug Company this week and have
their seats rorcrved.
Mi s M. A. Nolson has issued cards
to the marriage of her daughter, Miss
Mayme, und Mr. M. I.uthor Koper,
[ which is to tuko placo at tho honn of
the brlde'smother, at 12.45 p. in., Feb
ruary 4tn. This announcement Is of
great Intetest, as Mis Nelson und Mr.
Koper aro very popular young people.
Miss Nelson is an-accomplished musi
cian and a very charming woman, and
Mr. Roper, who baa long boon con
nected with the llrm of Davis & Koper
of this city, is we'd known and has
hosts of friends.
Como to Court.
Tho Juries now drawn have boon de
clared unconstitutional, and it is not
probable that tbo Legislature will per
fect a law in timo to get legal juries,
Grand and Pitlt, for the present term.
Wo are of opinion however, th it jurors
summoned had b"sf, report, as lh< ro
miy be parties iu jiil who would not
la'.sj objection antl the jail may be par
tially cleared. They will hardly bo
kept for longer than a day.
Daughters of the Confederacy,
Tho birthday of Lee coming c.n the
nineteenth and that of Jackson on the
twentieth, tho two were observed on
tbo afternoon of the twentioth by the
Daughters of tho Conftdoracy, the
Chapter being entertained by Mrs. J.
R. Nolan. Tho attendance was largo
and the meeting one of the most pleas
ant In ,tho lifo of tbo Chapter. M>s.
No!i.n was assisted in receiving by
Mrs 13. E. Mat tin, and delightful re
freshments woro served by'Misses Amy
Nolan, and Julia lrby, of Qreenvllle.
Mouse to Kent.
Mrs. L. N. Boyd's house, near ibo
Graded School, which has been occu
pied for several years by Rev. W. S.
Holmes, Is for rent. Tho bouse Is of
brick and contnins ten rooms. There
is a good well on tho premises and a
stable. There is also a large garden
spot and a largo front yard. Anyone
desiring to know terms can apply either
attbisoflico or to Mrs. Bo.vd by note
or telephone at Col. B. W. Ball's res
idence. Tho house is in easy walking
distance of the public square.
Praises for tho Band.
"A Breezy Timo" has ono of tho
very best bands and orchestras it's
possible for money to ob atn, with
special arrangements made for this
band only. This organization has
what no other band in connection
with a farce comedy has, and that Is,
every man has been engaged as a
specialist for bis particular Instrument,
thus making a complete band of
A Collapse.
rlho town was aroused at 5 J10 yoster
day morning. It was found that tbo
wall connecting two Itugo brick stores
on the south oa-t of tho public square
?avo way, the walls and roof of both
eing tumb'ed into o .e confused wreck
and ma-s. One belonged to Mr. M. S.
Bailey, of Clinton, tbo other to Mr. J.
W. Fowler, of this city. The c mse of
the collapse is unexplained. Mr C. T.
Whitten and Mr. J; W. Fowler were
sleeping in tbo socond story of the
Fowler building and were precipitated
to tho ground amidst brick, the roof
and great timbers. Mr. Whlttou Is
badly bruised and laid up, while Mr.
Fowler is up and about, though with
many bruises. Then* escape was mi
raculous. Tho loss of iho building is
serious, while Mr. Fowler loses his
room furuituro and other valuables.
Ono of tho rooms below was occupied
by Mr. Guy Garrett as an oflice, and he
loses Iiis furniture.
Cond Things to Eat.
Are made of "Clifton" flour, a
pure product. If you don't eat broad
made of "Clifton," you don't eat the
best bread. For sale by M. H. Fowler
and T. N. Barksdale.
Buglers at Cross Hill.
For s one months buglarles have
been oecurlng on a mild scale at
Mountville, Wattrio ) and Cross Hill,
but nn affair which ccourrod at Cross
Hill Wednesday night was signali/.ed
by greater boldness on tho part of the
thieves and a more serious pecuniary
loss to the buglarized, than the
previous escapades of the gang, who
ever they may be.
As reporlod by telephono here, It
seems that Mr. Marshall A. Loaman, on
going to bis store Thursday morning
found that it had been entered over
night, his safe, blown open and $60 in
money and two gold watches belonging
to himself, and $20 the property of Mr.
Robert Crisp, stolen. Futhermore, it
was found that the poatofllce, which is
located In the same store, had been
robbed of $80, the total sum nabbed by
the thieves amounting to $100. The
oods in the store, were untouched.
ofar all efforts to apprehend the
thieves have been fruitless.
tiet it Pure and Good,
If you buy flour as food, see to it that
you get flour that is pure and good.
"Clliion" answers every requirement.
For sale by M. H. Fowler and T. N.
List of Jurors.
The following Urand and Petit Jurors
were drawn on the 15th inst., to serve for
tho February Term of Court:
Grand?H. J. G. Curry, H. E. Gray, W.
A. Traynham, E. A. Adams, It. P. Adair,
J. W. Anderson, J. Frank Little, Thos. P.
Bird, T. J. MoDlll, M. A. Snmmerel, Dr.
Fi M. Setzler, P. M. Pitts, J. H. Phinnoy,
I, P. Moore, T. U. Carter, S. W. Lowe, J.
T. Brownleo, J. C. Mabray.
Petit?John W. Kellett, B. J. Cooper, J.
P. Garrott, D, W. Copeland, Thos. J. Cole
man, James P. Dillard, F. M. Marlin,
T. J. Chandler, 8. W. Dean, X. W. Adair,
J. R. Burton, John F. Sloan, W. M. Sum
merol, R. T. Dan lap, W. 1. Miller, W. K.
Cheek, G. Marlon Mooro, E. II. Crows. J.
A. Culbertson, John II. Jack?, J. L. Craw
ford, W. P. Chlldrosf, W. F. Medlook, P.
B. Bailoy, John A. Eichelberger, John ti,
Bagwell, J. H. Davenport, Pat W. Mad
den, O. M. Busbardt, Henry Young, Jno.
M. Clnrdy, Stobo D. Unrllngton, It. Dunk
Boyd, Jas F. Hill, L. Kemp Henry, L. R.
WANTED?A good, energetio per
son in every locality. Will pay a lib
oral commission amounting from $3 to
$5 a day. Address Box 17, Laurens,
S. O.
Msssrs. 8, M. & E. H. Wilkes,
Laurons, S. C.
Gents?The Buoks Stove I bought of
you cooks all right.
Yours truly,
J. T. Glassoway.
Honoa Path, Jan. 14, 1002.
Dr. Boozer is on a fow days visit to
the family of bis son-in-law, Mr. R* s.
Thompson, in Augusta, Ga.?Clinton
Mr. J. L. McNeill has sold his entire
property In Greenwood connty, and
wishes to invest in Laurens county
real estate.?Clinton Gszette.
It Is report, d that Mr. M. S. Dal'ey
baa purchased a hotel at Henderson
Vtlle, N. C?Clinton Chronicle.
Mr. J. E. Hinter, of Sedalla, was in
the city last week.
Mr. Abner Babb, of Fountain Inn,
was in town Friday.
Mr. Wash Shell spent a few days in
Charleston last wees.
Mr. Gibbon Traynham vhlted Spar
tanburg and Charlotte last week.
Miss Lillian Verner, of Walhalla, is
tho guest of Miss Sara Ball.
Mr. L. W. 8imklns visited Newberry
on legal business last week.
Bo sure to get your tickots for
Wendling at tho Palmetto Drug Co.
Tho President and Cabinet come to
Charleston February 12th.
Miss Myrtle Yoargln spent Saturday
In Che city.
Mrs. Lilletto Caino is visiting friends
in Greenville.
Mr. P. B. Watts, ol Cross Hill, was
iu the city Saturday.
Mr. William Wham, of Babbtown,
spent Saturday iu town.
All old veterans should hear Wend
ling on Stonewall Jackson.
School commissioner Brooks visited
tho schools in Jacks Township last
Don't miss the sale at Davis, Roper
& Co. It's the biggest thing of the
kind that has ever occurred hero.
Mr. Walter S. Gray, a merchant and
leading bUslneSB man of Woodruff, was
iu tho city last woek.
Mr. W. L. Holmes, of Lisbon, has
boon clerking at Davis & Ropor'a dur
ing tho Mill-End Sale.
Mr. Gus Bovd, who sometime ago en
listed In tho United States Army, is at
homo on a furlough.
Buy shoos at reduced prices at Davis,
Roper & Co. and save dollar upon dol
Mr. A. Huff's advertisement will in
terest you at this season of getting
your fertilizers.
The Senate conlirmed the Post ofllce
nominees of this State including Col.
McCravyof this olty.
Misses Mai Smith and Claudia Hart,
who have been visiting Mrs. O. W.
Babb, have returned to Cokosbury.
Mrs V R. Rlchey and Mrs. O.W.
Babb visiiing at Cokosbury this
The Virginia Carolina Chemical Co.
have handed us their Almanac for 1902,
It is jammed full of useful informa
The sale at Minter's continues for
thirty da- s. Read their big advertise
ment and seo what they offer at the
lowest prices.
Plenty of singing, dauclng and musi
cal novelties will bj found this season
in "A Breezy 'Jime." Opera House,
Jan. 24rh.
Mr. George Walker, of Anderson,
has taken charge of Mr. J. D. Adams'
store and will conduct tho business In
There is a great rush on at Minter
Brothors. Goods are going at romark
ably low prices and shoppers are mak
ing money by visiting their store.
The Annual State Convention of the
Young Men's Christian Associations of
South Carolina will convene this year
in Columbia, February 8th and lltn.
Mr. Broadus Clardy Is now in charge
of tho Laundry wagon, Mr. Willlo
Barksdale having gone to Gaffney to
accept a railroad position.
Rov. W. 8. Holmes was called to
Walhalla Saturday, on account of the
critical Illness of Rev. J. D. McOul
The death of Mr. Whit Adams at
Fountain Inn, on Thursday last, is
much regretted here, where ho had
many kindred and friends.
Col. T. B. Crows met tho Veterans'
Committee at Columbia during last
week in reference to a Conjederate
Mr. J. Warren Blakely, of Tylers
ville a staunch friend of The Ad
vertiser and pleasant visitor to the
Editor's don, was in town Saturday.
Tho Fair, the mercantile concern
managed by Mr. W. W. Graham, was
sold as advertised, at public auction
last Thursday. The firm of Minter
& Bros, purchasing tho goods.
We give to-day a long account of
Dyer's Mill-End Sales. Read it for its
especial interest lies in the huge sale
he has been and is still holding at Da
vis & Roper's.
Congressman Johnson endeavored to
be impartial In the distribution of
seed* at his disposal. If they failed to
reach you enclose him a Postal card,
Hon. J. T. Johnson, House Represen
tatives, Washington, D. C.
The County Pension Board was in
session Monday, W. P. Coker, Chair
man, Pat Caldwell, J. R. Hellams and
S. W. Lowe. They have a difficult duty
and only patriotism and humanity
forca it on thera.
Saturday wan a fairly busy day on
the square. There was cotton and hay
and sweet potatoes, wood and eggs
coming in?there were hulls and meal,
and corn, etc., going out. Farmers
do not complain and say they have good
hope of a good crop year.
if the Laurens people wish good lec
turers, musical attractions, etc.,
brought to the city next Winter they
should encourage the managers of the
lyceum course by turning out in foroe
to hear Wendling Saturday night.
The telephono company has recently
stretched its lines to tho farms of Mr.
J. D. W. Watts. Mr. Albert Teague and
Dr. W. H. Dial, six miles out of town.
There Is scarcely a corner of the coun
ty now wbero you are out of reach of
communication by phone.
J. E. Minter & Bro. are selling out
the goods which they bought last week
from the Fair, at figures far below
New York prices. Their sale bogan
Saturday and will last thirty days.
Every man and woman in the county
should mako a point of visiting their
etore-in the next month.
The Mill-End Sale at Davis, Roper &
Co. is still drawing an immense orowd.
Beautiful foulard silks are offered for
50 cents. Think of it, a beautiful dress
of the most ^fashionable of silks for
, about five dollars. A splendid op
portunity for buying pretty Spring
goous at reduced prices.
Dr. A. Fuller, a physician of Liberty
Hill, Edgefleld county, was in the olty
last week looking ovor the town with
a view of locating here. Laurens
would be glad to include him among
her citizens and we also feel assured
that he could not And a more prosper
ous, enterprising community in which
to locate.
"A Breezy Time" is built for laugh
t? r purposes only. After seeing "A
Breezy Time," anil can't laugh see a
doctor. Prices?25, 50 and 76 cents.
Friday, Jan. 24th.
"It is a cardinal
of our store to supply
your wants exactly.
We bellevo it
to bo to our
to carry out
your desires to
the letter. You will
agree with our regular
patrons that such services
to a great deal.
We supply ariythl'ng in the Drug and
Seed line.
Picture Frames made.
Spectacles fitted.
Come for Calendars and Almanacs.'
The Laurens Drug Co.
103 West Main St.
'Phone 75 Goods delivered.
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The Most Popular School Girl and Boy.
Bound Trip Tickets to the
Exposition Offered.
The Advertiser has decided to
have another voting contest, this time
for the most popular school girl and
boy in the county. Everybody remem
bers the contest in the Spring for the
"most popular young lady", and this
contest will be conducted in the same
Frank Dorroh, .
Lillian Burns,..
Arthur Fouohe,.
Charlie Kern,.
Ben Anderson, .. . .
Marie Philpot.
Jockey Murff,.
Bera Bailey..
Miller Smith,.
Bruce Hollams.
Hammond Adams...
Olie Adams.
Mary Brown,.
Duncan Sullivan, ..,
Annie Caine Boyd,.
Hannah Tolbert, ..
Annie Rhoden, .
Addle Gurry,.,,
Hugh Fuller,.
Roth Crisp,.
Bollo Madden.
Wilma Raraey, ....
Hoy Simmons.
Vice Woods,
Paul Gray, .
Marvin Arial,.
Anna Woods,.
Claud Kellet,.
Minnio Gurry.
Salllo Wocdfl.
Willie Gray, .
Ben Taylor,
Allen Tumbling,
Ida Taylor,
Carrie Woods,
Bertie Babb,
Rot* Knighf,
Maggio Woods,
Calvin Curry,
Bessie Babb,
Annie Babb,
Sam Babb,
Tbti Signatur*
Um> ta*i
of thf! genuin?
A Home Industry Stands Well
Michigan, and especially Grand
Rapids, as overyooe knows stands
pre-eminent in the furniture manufac
turing industry. It is therefore the
higher praise for the Laurena Furni
ture Factory that the "Daily Furni
ture Record," of Grand Rapids, speaks
as follows of its exhibit at the Furni
ture Exhibition, now going on:
One of the very lateat and most cred
itable furniture exhibits to make its
appearance in the Grand Rapids mar
ket is the lino of chamber suites, odd
dressers and chiffoniers manufactured
by the Laurens Furniture Co., of Lau
rens, 8. C. Tho delay in the setting
up of thia fine lino of Southern goods
was occasioned by tho car boing lost in
transit. The (roods were shipped De
cember 25th, but did not reach Grand
Rapids until January 10th- Mr. E. H.
Wilkos, President of the company, Is
personally in charge of the exhibit,
which is being shown In the Furniture
Exhibition building. The lino Is han
dled by the Klingman Furniture Co.,
and In design, style and finish is a loa
der among the Southern furniture ex
hibits of I's kind. The de.-igner of
thoso substantial goo'ls Is that well
known gentleman, A. L. Stewart of
Chicago. Tho goods are all in veneer
ed quartered oak, and the pricos
rango from $15 to $50. The Laurens
furniture factory has an annual capac
ity of $150,000, and its goods woro ex
hibited last July for the first time. Tho
plant was established two years ago.
L. H. Swift, formerly superintendent
of the Woodard Furniture Co. of Owos
80, is now associated with tho Laurons
company in the samo capacity.
This Will Interest Many.
To quickly introduce B. B. B. (Botan
ic Blood Balm), the famous Southern
blood cure. Into new homes, we will
send, absolutely free, 10,000 trial treat
ments. Botanic Blood Balm (B. B. B.)
quickly cures old ulcers, scrofula, ec
zema, itching skin and blood humors,
cancer, eating, festering sores, boils,
carbuncles, pimples or offensive erup
tions, pains In bones or joints, rheuma
tism, catarrh, or any blood or skin
trouble. Botanic Blood Balm (B. B. B.)
heals every eore or pimple, makes the
blood pure and rich and stops all aches
and pains. Botanic Blood Balm (B. B.
B.) thoroughly tested for 30 years in
hospital and private practice, and has
cured thousands of cases given up as
hopeless. Sold at drug stores, $1 per
large bottle. For free treatment write
to Blood Balm Co., Atlanta, Ga. Med
icine sent at once, prepaid. Describe
trouble and free medical advice given.
Botanic Blood Balm fB, B. B.) gives
life, vigor and atrength to the blood.
The finest Blood Purifier made. Bo
tanic Blood Balm (B. B. B.) gives a
healthy Blood supp'yto the skin and
entiro system.
How's This!
We offer One Hundred Dollar? Re
ward for any oase of Catarrh thai can
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Props.,
To'edo, O,
We, the undersigned, having known
F. J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and
believe him perfectly honorable in all
business transactions and financially
able to carry out any obligations made
by their firm.
West & Truax, Wholesale Druggists,
Toledo, 0.
Waldino, Kinnan & Marvin.
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, 0.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inU r
nally, aoting directly upon the l>d
and mucous surfaces of the system.
Price 75c. per bottle. Sold by all Drug
gists. Testimonials free.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Too much housework wrecks wo
men's nerves. And tho oon9t?nt
caroof ohlldren, day and night, is
often too trying for even a strong
woman. A haggard face tells tho
story of the overworked housewife
and mother. Dorangod menses,
leucorrheoa and falling of the
womb result from overwork.
Every housewife needs a remedy
to regulate her menses and to
keep her sensitive fomale organs
in perfect condition.
is doing this for thousands of
American women to-day. It oured
Mrs. Jones and that is why she
writes this frank letter:
Glendeane, Ky., Fob. 10, 1901.
X am so glad that your Wlna of Car tint
is helping int. I am feellng better than
I have felt for yoars. I am doing ray
own work without any, help, and I
Trashed laat waek and wan not one bit
tired. That abowH that tho Wine la
doing me good. I am getting fleshier
than I ever was bofore, and sleep good
and eat hearty. Bet?r? I began taking
Wino of Cardni, I'uted to have to lay
down five or six tlmos evory day, but
now I do not think of lying down through
the day. Mas. Riciiaud Jonas.
?1.00 AT JDRUaaiSTfl.
For aJ.lc* sad llttratura, addr.M, fivlof i;mp
lorn,, "Tba l,ad!,i'Advliotr DtpuHmanl", Ta
Chattanooga MadUlna Co., Chattanooga, T,nn.
ANY- ;
by our new invention. Only those born deaf are incurable.
Bai.timork, Md., March 30, loot.
Gtniltmen: ? Being entirely cured of deafness, thanks to your treatment, I will now give yaii
? fall history of my case, to be used at your discretion.
About five years ago my right cor begau losing, and ttiis kept 011 getting worse, until Z lost
my bearing in this ear entirely.
I underwent a treatment for catarrh, for three months, without any success, consulted a num
ber of physicians, among others, the most eminent ear specialist of this city, who told me thai
?uly an aperslica could help me, nnd even that onty temporarily, that the head noises would
thea cease, but the hearing in the affected car would he lost forever.
I then ?iwMur advertisement accidentally in a New York paper, nnd ordered your treat
?scat. After I had used it only a few days according to your directions, the noises ceased, and
te-d&r. after ?vc weeks, my hearing in the diseased ear has been entirely restored. I thank you
heartily and beg ta remain Very truly yours.
*A P. A. WURMAN, 730 S. Broadway, Baltimore, Md.
Our treatment does not interfere with your usual occupation*
Wood's Seeds
Every Gardener, Farmer and
Trucker should have Wood's 1?02
Descriptive Catalogue. t It not
only ^lves reliable, practical, up
to-date information about idl
Seeds, but also the best crops lo
groWj most successful ways of
growing different crops, ami much
other information of special inter
est to every one who plants seeds.
It tells all about
Vegetable and Flower Seeds,
(b ass and Clover Seeds,
Seed Potatoes, Seed Oats,
Tobacco, Seed Corn,
Cow Peas, Soja,
Velvet and Navy Beams,
Sorghums, Broom Corn,
Kaffir Corn, Peanuts,
nillet Seed, Rape, etc.
Catalogue mailed free on request.
T.W. Wood & Sons, Seedsmen,
All persons are hereby notilicd that
Herbert Martin, colored, and a minor,
is under contract for the year to mo as
an agricultural laborer, and are forbid
den to hire or harbor him.
A. C. Full.Eli.
Albert C. Todd,
Every easo a Specialty. Ollice
in Law Range, South Harper Street.
Tho undersigned have this day en
tered into a partnership for tho practice
of law in tho Courts of this Stale, under
tho namo of Simpson it Cooper and will
promptly attend to all business on
trusted to thorn.
IL Y.Simpson,
R. a. Cooper.
Wanted-You to order your whis
key for ''personal use" from Cooper
Farming Distillery Co., Urovard, N.
C. Corn whiskoy from $1.05 to $2.00
per gallon; vessel included. Rye from
|2.15 to $3.15. Poach brandy $2.05. Ap
ple $2.15 per gallon.
a. f. Cooper,
Via.? :?*.*?
r=*ss? Still continues at {? ,;
Davis, Proper Sc Co.
Is it utfotjdet ?be are ptoiid of
Back's Stove ai)d r^ar^es.
Is it any wonder we aru always singing the praises of "Tho
Great White Fiiamel Line"? Is it any womlor vvc arc always
advising our patrons to buy a stove that lasts?
This Testimonial Speaks for itself.
LaurenH, ?S. C, .Jan. 1902.
S. M. <fc E. H. Wilkes.
Genta: Iii December 1800, my father purchased a Bucks
stove, after all these yeara of servicoit is still in exccllont condi
tion and doing flue work. Sinoerely,
Miss Molissa Fouche.
Freight Paid on all Purchases ol $10.00 and up.

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