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Subscription Prlcc-12 Months, $1.50
l'nvnhlo in Advance.
B. W. BALL, KdBor.
Bates for Advertising.? Ordinary Ad
vertisements, per square, ono inser
tion . $1.00; each subsequent 1 nsortion,
50 cents. Lib3ral reduction made
for largo Advertisements.
W. W. Ball,
LAIJRKNS. S, C., Feb. 12, 11)02.
Our Solous.
Tho red ist rioting Bill (McGownn's)
wnsa#poeia order for yesterday. It
will be several days under lire, and
thore will be much wrangling.
During last week a great delegation
from St. Louie, in the interest ' the
Louisiana Purohase Exposition, visited
our Grand Capitol and addressed the
Soloes in jo nt session urging that tho
Stale send a big exhibit and build a
house for Its accoutodaiion. We
couldn't do better with our little money
than advertise our State and her re
Coopiv has a bill lo create a 1 aurons
County Fluking fund commission. This
strikes us as promising good for the
county. Our county debt is an awk
ward stump and wo are continually
stubbing our sore too upon it. Our
County tax is 7 mills, and .'1 is for inter
est on a debt twenty years old. We
should gradually reduce the debt and
very soon a one mill tax will meet it
and then we can make good roads and
other needed Improvements.
Sevoral Hills have boen ratified and
aro now Acts: The New Jury Law: To
put a stop to 'cannon crackers; and a
dozen others of no interest to our intel
ligent loader." (who pay tho piper).
Thore is a Laurons Bill, we believe,
to enable the City School Trustees to
charge a small incidental fee.
There was a Stout fight in tho House
on the resolution not to puy the Solons
for the two lays they are absent In
Charleston, but it fell*by the way side
and the statesmen had the stuff to in
Indulge their oysters, and buy the
morning paper.
In 1901 Little Mountain a part of tho
dominion of Lexington voted Itself
with 08 inhabitants into Newberry
county. Oranjiobnrg thereupon, claim
ed one representative from Lexing
ton. It lost--W88 a funny debate and
Orangeburg should have the member.
Redlstrieting was a 8 ecial order for
yesterday in the Senate and other im
portant matters.
The Legislature did the handsorao
thing in sending a committee to the
depot to welcome Teddy to tho State
as he passed Columbia. One lone vote
against it.
Both bodies hard at work. Nothing
important will likely be done exc-po
Supply and Appropriation bill*. Lau
rens levy will bo about as usual, 5 for
Stato, .1 for Genera School, tit or 1 for
County purposes?about 14 mills.
Lo k for i.^'j Mivnment the 20th or
Child Labor.
After a hard light child labor in the
Goi.oral Assembly was killed. It was
very well, considering the manufactur
ing conditions In the state. As wo
have before urged manufactures are In
leading strings in this State and the
proposed legislation was premature
The mat'er of child labor is no great
evil as ye*. When in fact manufac
tures assume Importance, the demand
to regulate child labor will come, when
tho hills aro capped with smoke stacks
and the roar of machinery is hoard all
around. Tho texti'o industries will
probably grow. It seems to bo uncon
tradictec1 hat tho South can produce
cotton to . .iy extent?only limited by
the capital and labor supplier. As ag
riculture ceuses to be profitable labor
as well as the dollar will ceaso to fool
with it?men do r.ot Idle away mufele
nor money. Tho fine will come
when every stick of timber, rawhide,
bone and feather will be. subjected in
this State to skilful handling, and be
come materials of woalth instead of
waste. It is therefore wise for the
peoplo of this State to encourage by
every means tho present tendency to
multiply industries for thoso whoso
destiny is to work.
In redlstrieting tho State for Con
gressional representation tho General
Assembly every ten years (or new cen
sus) has a delicate job. Counties or
divisions must bt> placed so as to soctre
"compact" and "contiguous" territory.
The difficulty arises in avoiding put
ting two incumbent Congressmen in
the same District?as one In such case
would necessarily have to go overboard.
Here oomes In the "politics," trading,
scheming, and wire pulling. To Illus
trate?here is a young Demosthenes
who thinks he could lift the rafters at
Washington?in la t campaign, woll
called "spoil-binders"?he agrees with
an Incumbent to vote to fix to suit h'm
on condition that ho retire after a torm
and throw the weight of h's m'ghiy
influence In favor of the coming Oaf
hnun. And thus there aro a thousand
trick-, and maneuvers in the scramble
for political place.
Ye Olden Times.
A good lady of Waterloo, In this
county, a most estimable matron, basin
her possession about seventy-five yards
of hompspun cloth, that can scarcely
be anywhere parallelled. The cotton
of which the goods wero mado was
raised at home on her own lauds, card
ed, spun, and woven into cloth by her
own hands. She Is a rare survivor of
many housewifely ladles who wero an
honor to our ante-bellum civilization,
who wero tho gracious mistresses of
unpretentious but raro'y comfortable
While our Solons are down In Char
leston lis.oning at the chimes of old
St. Mlehad, gazing into the gaudy
show windows and seeing tho white
elophant and the black swan In tho al
luring Midway, don't forget.that Con
gress sits.
Holuon and Sohley aro on the road;
the ^President goes to Charleston on
Lincoln's birth day Feb. 12th; and
Prlnco Henry, brother of Kmneror of
Germany, arrives in Now York on the
22d lust., Washington's natal day.
"- - ??sect
How's This;
We offer Odo Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any case of Catarrh that can
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. Chunky & Co., Props.,
Toledo, O.
Wet tho undersigned, having known
F. J. Cheney for tho last 15 years, and
bellevo him perfectly ho orable in all
business transactions and financially
able lo carry out any obligations mado
by tho'r firm.
WkST&Tkuax, Wholcsalo Druggist*,
Toledo, O.
Whole -ale Druggists, Toledo, O.
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nally, noting directly upon tho blood
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gists. Testimonials free.
Hall's Family Pills are tho best.
Hood Roads Conventions Move
Smoothly Along.
Washington, February 0.?JolT Rich
ardson, of the Greenville News, who
was recently appointed postmaster at,
Greenville, was hero to ascertain who
is blook'ng his confirmation. He did
not have to go far to find out that he is
stubbornly opposed by Senator Tlllmau.
Senators Tillman and MoLaurln are
divided on the subject and the Presi
dent has had both of the South Caro
lina Senators at the White House re
cently, with the hope that a compro
mise of some kind might be rescued
which would result in the confirmation
of Mr. Kichardsor.
It is understood that Senator Till
man refuses to withdraw his opposition
on the ground that Richardson has
gone out of his way to heap personal
abuse upon him through the columns
of bis newspaper. Senator Tillman
declines to accept any explanation or
permit tho responsibility for tho objec
tionable articles to be phlftcd to other
shoulders than those of Mr. Richard
son's. In his opposition to Mr. Richard
son on personal grounds he Is sustain
ed by a long lin > of Senatorial prece
dents and, unless be can bo induced to
yield to the appeals of Mr. Rich-rd
8on's friends, the indications are that
tho appointment will fall of confirma
tion.?News and Courier.
Our readers will readily recall that
when Senator Tillman begun bis
political career (careoring as it were)
be ta ked about having a"stumpy road"
to travel. Now it seems he is stud
ding tho paths of others with Edge
lield pino knots and Santeo Cypress
knees. Benjamin is "a hard road to
travel." Ed advertiser.
Washington, 1). 0., F. b. 5.?The Rev.
Dr. Tulllus C. Tupper, of Atlanta, has
just been appointed chaplain of the
Southern Federal prison. There has
beon a lively contest for this place,
which pays $1,600, with applicants from
nil parts of Georgia and the South.?
Greonville News.
Merce?nary and not Mercy?nary Is
tho true spelling for tho times. Won
der if those ''applicants" in swarms
hnve hoard of tho Text: "And be sent
them to preach tho Kingdom of God,
and to heal the sick. And ho said unto
them: 'Take nothing for your journey,
neither staves, nor scrip, neithor bread,
neither money; neither have two coats
apiece." There is a proposition in
Congre-s to raise all salaries fixing the
Presidents at $100,030.00. There is a
proposition in our Legislature for tho
State to enter upon a business that
would require a hundred salaried ofli
In the Senate.
Tho Committee on Military made a
favorable report on the bill to allow
county commissioners to give aid to
Confederate soldiers at "their homes"
instead of putting thom in tho poor
Yes, when the poor follows are turn
ed loose from the Poor House to go to
' their homes," they will havo the ex
perience of:
"A scholar, being so fuddled th>t he
could not. unlock his door, complained
t hat somebody had stolen his key lio'e."
Maj. Croft, of Aiken, who cham
pioned the Child Labor Bill made an
able speech in its boh'ilf, will be a can
didate for Congress from whatever Dis
trict Alken is assigned. Should Bel
iebiger, of Barnwell, and Croft, of
Alken, have the race, It will te worth
while, as buth aro stong men.
Mr. H. S. Cunningham retires from
the Saluda Sentinel and goes to the
new county, Leo, whore he will pub'isb
a paper. Ho deserves success and we
predict he will conquer it.
* *
Mr. C. J. Terrell, will hereafter edit
the Saluda Sentine1. We hopo to see
the Sentinel grow and flourish*
We see in one of our good exchanges:
Mr."A.B.C. entertained at cards." We
take it that It was a printer's mistake
and should have read?"Mrs."
The Chester Lantern nominates for
Lieut-Governor, Hon. J. Lyles Glenn,
Senator Irom that county.
Spartanburg Veterans oppose a State
Home for tho homeless old soldiers,
but want appropriations doubled.
Distress after eating, balching, and
nausea between meals are symptoms of
dyspepsia, wb'.ch Hood's Sariaparilla
always cures.
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ic Blood Balm), the famous Southern
blood cure, into new homes, we will
send, absolutely free, 10.0CO trial treat
ments. Botanic Blood Balm (B. B B.)
quickly cures old ulcers, scrofula, ec
zema, itching skin and blood humors,
cancer, eating, festering sores, boils,
carbuncles, pimples or offensive erup
tions, pains in bones or joints, rheuma
tism, catarrh, or any blood or skin
trouble. Botanic Blood Balm (B. B. B.)
heals every sore or pimple, makes the
blood pure and rich and stops all aches
and pains Botanic Blood Bilm (?. B.
B.) thoroughly tested for 80 yeara in
hospital and private practice, and has
cured thousands of cases given up ns
hopeless. Sold at drug stores, $1 per
large bottle. For free treatment write
to Blood Balm Co., Atlanta, Ga. Med
icine sent at once, prepaid. Describe
trouble and free medical advice given.
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life, vliror and s'rengtli to I be blood.
The finest Blood PurifL-r mado. Bo
tanic Blood Balm (B. B. B.) gives a
healthy Blood Bupply to the skin and
entire system,
Grats Fenders at 93 cents. Fire placo
Fenders at 05 cents, $1.00 and $1.10 at
S. M. & E. H. Wiikes.
Mr. W. O. Brown, of tho United
State Mail service, was here on last
Friday with a view of establishing a
Rural Dellvory route from this point.
Mrs. Beulah Christopher and two
children, of Atlanta, are visitlngnt Dr.
A. J. Christopher's.
Miss Sue Owings spent last week at
Mr. J. E. Patterson's, of Young's.
J. D. and O. B. Owings have bought
the White-side lot and aro building an
other house on it, which will be occu
pied by Mr. und Mrs. W L. Curry when
Veteran C. B. Brooks has been sick
for two week?, but is better.
Mr. ti. P. Puckett has moved to the
Frank Garrett place.
Miss Beta Meredith is visiting her
sister Mrs. D. D. Peden.
Little Miss Jessie Bolt visited at Mrs.
Pattern's last week.
Miss Sadio Hamilton has returned to
her position in tho school room, look
ing none tho worso from her tussle
with tho measles.
We miss our telephone c ncectlon,
as a consequence of the big sleot lust
week. Hands are at work on the line
mid wo hope Itwii toan bo repaired.
Quarterly Conference for North Lau
rens will convene in the MethodUt
Church here on next Saturday.
Mr. C. P. Curry, of Ninety Six, vis
itod his mother last week.
Mr. J. I West was hero last week
buying cotton for a Greonville Mill.
Tho World's Urcatost Fever Medicine
Johnson's Tonic does in a day what
slow Quinine cannot do in ten days.
?Its splendid cures are in striking con
trast with the feeble cures maele by
If you aro utterly wretched, take a
thorough eourso of Johnson's Tonic
and drive out every traco of Malarial
poisoning. Tho wise insure their lives
and the wiser Insure their heu'.th by
using Johnson's Chill and Fever Tonic.
It costs 50 cents if it cures; not ono
cent if it docs not.
THE Commissioners of Lau
rens and Greenwood Countios will
meet at Smith's Bridge on Saluda
Rivor on Saturday, Feb. loth,
15108, at 12 M, to lot said Bridge
for ropairs. Part es iulerestod
will govern themselves accord
Supervisor L. C
Feb. 5, 1002?2t.
?ffice SDaY28.
While visiting schools during Feb
ruary and March I will be found in my
ollice on Saturdays and Sulosday.
C. S. E. L. C.
Feb. li, I9b2.
Notice of Final Settlement
TAKE notico that on the l.jth
day of March, 1902, we wi 1 render
a final account of our acts and do
ings as Executors of tho estate of
Toliver Robertson, decensod, in
the oiTico of Judge of Probate for
Laurens county, at 11 o'clock, a.
m., and on the same date will ap
ply for it final discharge from our
trust as such Executors.
All persons having demands
again?! said estate will please
present them on or before that day,
proven und authenticated, or bo
forever barred.
W. C. P. Robertson,
A. M. Owings,
Nivea B. Patton,
Feb. 10, 19-2.?4t
-OF ?
Final Settlement.
TAKE notice that on the 13'h day of
March 1902, I will rend r a final
acenunt of my acte and doings a* Ad
ministrator of theestatoof B. A.Martin,
d'c'd., in the Office ot Judge of Probate
for Laurons County, at 11 o'c'ock, a. m.,
and on the same date will apply for a fi
nal discharge from my trust as adnin
All persons having demands against
said estate will please present them on
or befoio that day, proven und authen
ticated, or hi forever barred.
Fob. 10, 1902?4t Administrator.
Teachers' Examination.
The Regular Spring Examination of
Touchers for tho purpose of granting
certificates of qualification, will be
hold by tho County Board of Educa
tion, at L iurens Court House, on Fri
day February 21st, 1902, boglnnlng at
10 o'clock, a. in.
No claims for pay are allowed to bo
approved for any teacher not holding a
certificate approved by tho County
Board of Education in the county
whoro school is taught.
County Sunt, of Ed'n.
Notice of Final Settlement
Tako notice that on tho 15th day of
February, 1902, I wld render a final ac
count of my nets and doings as Excou
tor of tho estate of Bethany C. Hol
combe, dee'd, in tho office of Judge of
Probate for Laurons county, 11 o'clock,
a. m., and oo the samo date will apply
for a final discharge from my trust as
such Executor.
All persons having demands against
said estate will please prcsont them on
or before that day, proven and authen
ticated, or bo forever barred.
J. J. Hor.coMmo,
Jan. 15, 1902.?4t
by our new invention. Only those born deaf are incurable.
DALTIMORC, Md., Mnrch 30, tool
Gentlemen: ? nein? entirely cured of deafness, thanks to your treatment, I will now give you
A full history of my case, to be used at your discretion.
About five years ago my right ear began to sing, and this kept on getting worse, until I lost
my bearing in this ear entirely.
I underwent ? treatment for catarrh, for three months, without any success, consulted ? num
ber of physicians, among others, the most eminent car specialist of this city, who told mc tha'
only tn operation could help rae, and even that only temporarily, that the bead noise* would
then cease, hut the hearing in the affected ear would he lost forever.
J then saw your advertisement accidentally in a New York paper, and ordered your treat
ment. After I had used It only a few days according to your directions, the noises ceased, and
to-day. after five weeks, my hearing in the diseased car has been entirely restored. I thank you
Searfily and beg to remain Very truly yours,
P. A. WURMAN, 730 3. Broadway, Baltimore, Md.
Our treatment does not interfere with your usual occupation,
Washington, Feb. 4.-? Congressman
Joseph T. Johnson has to his credit a
remarkable record on seed distribu
tion. Each Congressman is allowed
13,400 package*, but up to date the con
gressman from tho Fourth District has
sent out over 27,700 packages. Matty
of tho congressmen from tho large
citlos never think of the seed to which
they are entitled, so they siinp'y turn
over their quota to whatever friend
asks for them.- -The State.
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Fa senger Schedule in effect Oct.
0, 1001. Subject to ohange.
without notice. Kast
ern Standard
ItKAO DOWN. read up.
Leave. Arrive.
Atlanta, (S.A.L.)S 7 45 am. 8 00 p n
Athens, 10 11 6 28
Elberton, 111? 4 18'
Abbeviile, 12 23 p m 3 15
Greenwood, 12 48 p m 2 48
Ar Clinton, din'r, 1 18 p m 2 00"
0. & W. c.
Leave. Arrive.
Glenn Springs, 10 00 a m 4 00 p m.
Spartanburg, 11.45 3 10
Greenville, 12 01 3 00
Waterloo (ii.Spring) 12 62 p m 2 08
Ar Laurens dinnor 1 16 p. Lv 1 38
No. 53. No. 62
Leave. Arrivo
Laurens, 2 02 p m 1 47 p m
Barks, 2 08 1 40
Clinton, 2 22 1 25
Goldvillo, 2 ?2 1 12
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Jalapa, 2 51 12 55
Newberry, :i 0d 12 42
Prosperity, 3 20 12 21)
Sligbs, 3 30 12 20
Little Mountain, 3 81 12 10
Cbapin, 8 45 12 03
Hilton, 3 51 1157
White Bock, 8 65 11 51
Halentine, 4 00 11 40
Inno, 4 00 11 40
Leaphart, 115 1133
Ar. Columbia, 4 80 Lv 11 20
No. 22. No. 85.
Loave. Arrive.
Laurens, ? 00 a m 5 01) a in
Parks, fl 10 4 50
Clinton, o 40 4 8)
Goldville, 0 58 3 51
Kinards, 7 08 3 40
Gsry, 7 17 3 31
Jalapa, 7 20 3 22
Newberry, 8 00 3 o0
Prosperity, 8 25 2 22
Sligbs 8 42 2 02
Little Mount iin, 8 55 1 58
Chapln, 9 15 1 30
Hilton, 0 24 1 29
White Rock, i) 29 1 24
Balentiue, 9 87 1 15
Irmo, 0 52 1 00
Leaphart, 10 02 12 48
Columbia, 10 30 12 30
A. O. L.
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Columbia, 3 45 11 10
Sumter, 4 55 0 40
Charleston, 8 10 7 00
For rates, timo tables, or (arther in
formation call on any Agent, or write
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8. C.
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Cardui will quickly reliovo thoso
smarting menstrual pains ami
tho dragging head, back and
side nohcs caused by falling of
'tho womb and irregular menses.
has brought permanent relief to
11,000,000 women who sufforod
|overy month. It makes tho men
strual organs strong and healthy,
lit is tho provision made by Na
turo to givo women relief from
the terrible nohcs and pains which
I blight so many homes.
Gukrnwood, I.A., Oct. 14,1000.
I havo boon very Hick for somo tlmo.
I wax taken with n Rovoro pain in my
eldonud could not got nny rolicf until
1 I tried a bottlo of Wino of Cardui. Ilo
foro I ba<l Inken nil of it I was rolieved.
I foci it my duty to say that you havo r.
wondorlul incdicino.
Mita. If. A. Youmt.
IKori?dTlfo?n<l literatnro, r.ddroM, (living ayinp.
tont?.''ThoLcUlM'AdVlft iy iHiMmmont/'Tlia
Chattanooga ModlcluoCo., Chattanooga, i>nn.
Charleston and Wesieri. Carolioa H.H.
Schedule in Effect July 21,1001.
Lv Augusta. 10 05 am 3 00 pm
Ar Greenwood.12 86 pm .
Ar Anderson. 7 15 pm
Ar Laurens.1 10 pm 6 35 am
Greenville.3 25 pm 0 00 aiu
Glenn Springs. 4 (5 pm .
Spartanburg. 3 30 pm t) 00 am
SnludA.B 33 pm
llendorflonville.... (> It pm
AHhovillo. 7 15 pm
Lv Ashoville. 7 05 am
bv Hendernonvllle. 8 05 am
Lv Kbit Rock. 8 13 am
Lv Snluda. 8 .'H mil
Lv Tryon. 0 13 nm
Spartanbtirg.11 00 am 3 30 pm
Glenn Springs. 0 00 am
Greenville.1110 am 145 pm
Ijanreus.12 IB pm 63o pm
Anderson. 7 25 am
Greenwood. I 45 pm
At Augusta.4 10 pm 11 35 am
Lv Augusta . 4 16 pm
ArAllendale . 6 21 pn>
Ar Fairfax . 0 82 pm
Ar Yemnsee.0 00 hiu 7 25 pir
Ar Iloaufort.10 15 am 8 25 pm
Ar Port Royal.10 80 am 8 86 \ m
Lv Port Royal. 1 00 pm 5 40 nr>
Lv Boaufort. 116 pm 5 60 am
Lv Ycmaseo. 2 30 pin 6 40 4m
Lv Fairfax . . 7 44 am
Lv Allcndale. 7 65 am
Ar Augusta. 10 00 am
Close connections at Greenwood for
all points on 8. A. L. and C. *G. Kail
way, and at Spartanburg with South
ern Railway.
For information relative to tickets
rates, schedules, cto., address
W. J. (PRAIG, Gen. Pass. Agent,
I i ??.,.. Auguaia, Ga.
South Corolirva Inter-State and W?t In
dian Exposition.
Ticket8 aro now on sale. Tho
faro from Luurcns to Charleston
and return will be as follows:
Youcanbuya ticket on Tues
days and Thursdays at $4.60 for
tho round trip, ticket good for
soveu days in addition to day of
For $0.20 you can buy ft rouud
trip tickot any day, good until
Juno 8rd.
For $0.75 you can buy a round
trip tickot any day, good for ten
days in addition to date of eale.
J. It. NOLAN, Ageut
Iho start'tiriK announcement of a
Discovery that will surely lengthen
life is made by Fditor O. H. Downey,
of Churubusco, Ind., ' I wish to state
he writes, "that Dr. King's New Discov
ery for Consumption is the mo3t in
faUlble remedy that I have over
known for Coughs, Cojds and Grip.
It's Invaluablo to people with weak
lungs. Having this won lerful medi
cine no ono need dread Pneumonia or
Consumption. Its relief is instant
and euro certain." Laurens Drug Co ,
truarantec every 50c and $1.<J0 bottle,
und Rive trial bottles free.
If You arc in Doubt
where to get your Garden
Reed, remember wo handoi
tho best and freshest seed.
Wc burn all of our old pa
pers and buy now seed. Sec
that tho paper is stamped
Palmetto Drug Co.
Look for sign with the Tree.
The Auditor's Office will be open
from the 1st day of Januaay to
the20th day of February, 1002, to]
receive returns of Real Estate and
Personal property for taxation in
Laurens county.
It will save much time to tax
payers, also greatly facilitate
tho work of the Assessor, if ev
ery person beforo leaving home
will make out a complete list of
every item of personal property
in the following order : Horses,
cattle, mules, sheep and goats,
hogp, watches, organs and pian
os, buggies, wagons and car
riages, dogs, merchandise, ma
chinery and engines, moneys,
notes and accounts abavo indeb
tedness, and all other property,
including household.
It is always required that ihe
Auditor got tho first giveu name
of tho tax-payer in full.
Under the head of place of
residence on tax return,give tho
All male citi/.eas botwo.-n the
ages of twenty-one and sixty
years, on the l?t of January, ex
oept those who aro incapablo of
earning a support from being
maimed, or from other caup.es,
are deemed taxablo polls, Con
federate veterans excepted.
And all lax-pay ere are r< quited
to give number of their school
district. They aro also request
ed to state whether the properly
is Situated in town or in the
After the 20th day of February next
fifty per cent, penalty will be attached
for failures to mako returns.
In overy comoiunity there arc persons
who cannot read or that do not tako a
newspaper. Thoso moro forlunato may
do such persons a great favor by tcl?Dg
them of tho timo to make returns or by
returning for lluni.
Tho assessing ami collecting taxes is
dono io tho same year, and wo have lo
aggregato tho number and value of all
horsca, mults, cattle and other pieces of
personal property as woll as the acres of
land, lots and buildings and their value
that there aro in this county, nod have
tho samo on filo in tho Comp'roll.r Gen
oral's r ffi^c by the 80.h of June of each
year, and from that lime to (ho first d..y
of October ll o Auditor's and Treasurer's
duplicate bavo to be ouiplctcd and an ab
stract (f the work io the Comptroll r
General's oflk-c by that time, which will
show at a glanco that the Auditor has uo
tioio to tako rot urns, or anything else
much, buweon tho lit day of Ojtt ber,
but wotk on tho books and (ho blanks.
Wc hope, (he:efuro, tliut nil l.ixpiyers
will mako their returns in linio.
[ Dec. 6th, 1901.- tf.
n flstljipa CUte Ff eeT
Thoreis nothing like Aslhmalono. It bringst)
instant relief, eveu in the worst oases. Jt curesl
when all olso fails.
The Rev. C. P. Wells, of Villa Ridge, III. |
says: "Your trial hottlo of Asthmulano received"
iu good condition. I caunot tell you how thank-"
ful I feel for the good derived from it. I was aP
Asthmalene BringsInsUntRelie?and PermanentCure in all C
FOR ttN_
slave chained, with putrid sore thront and ast?'mal
for ton years. I despaired of ever being cured.0
I saw your advertisement for the euro of thhg
dreadful and tormenting disease, asthma, aiwiG
thought you had overspokeu yourselves, but r< -"
solved to give it a trial. To my astonishment, lh< D
. v.. . > trial acted like a charm Send.meu full size bottle, r.
We want to send to every sufferer a trial treatment of Asihma-R
line, similar to the one that cured Mr. Wells. We'll send It byfi
mail Postpaid, Absolotoly Free of Charg-o, to any sufferer who"
jjj will write for It, oven on a postal. Never mind, though you arc"
a despairing, however bad your case, the moro glad we are to ppnd it.R
a Do not delav, write at snce, addressing DR. TAPT BROS.' M F.DI.n
g CINE CO., 79 East 120th St., N. Y. City. Sold by all Druggists. R
bBbbbbbbo coBBnoBDCjananaaacaaaaaaaarccccccc
Still Continues!
Now is your chance to buy
Goods Cheap.
J. E. Minter & Bro.
is our host advertisement, and the many pleased cus
tomers who visited our storo on Monday and Tuesday
testify to the Immense success of our Special Salo.
The results have been so satisfactory that wo have de
cided to continue the salo till
Saturday the 15th.
This affording all who havo not taken advantage of this
Great Feast of Values an opportunity to do so during
the week. While the main features of tho <-alo will
be Embroideries and Whito Goods, tho price on every
article in tho store will bo cut to tho Quick, thus
enabling you to supply your needs in our line at prices
that cannot bo matched. Cotno and see for yourselves.
We promiso only what wq do, and do all wo promise.
SLJ H?*?
Trjese Goods
at Ftrst Cost, with Freight.
Ot\z \tot\ ?edsteadfg
(A Beauty)
Oije Cottot) lylattf ess
(Double Section?Best Quality.)
Ol^E Set of Sprites.
Theso goods nro nicer quality than we gene
rally keep in stock. They were ordered lor a
special customer who didn't tuke them.
Henco Ihore is a rare bargain in then. * 'a ' \
Laurcns Cotton Mills Stop?.
T. C. LUCAS. Manager,
Cream of the Wheat of the
Blue Grass Region of Kentucky
Makes the Bread
that Makes the Man
Loo an & Logan

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