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Subscription Price-18 Months, $1.60
Pnvnhle in Advance.
Ii. W. HALL, Editor.
Hates for Advertising.?Ordinary Ad
vertisements, per square, onu inser
tion, $1.00; each subsequent insertion,
60 conts. Liberal reduction mado
for largo Advertisements.
W. W. Ball,
LAUKENN, N. C, Fob. 19, 1002.
Our Solans.
The fight wa? hard during hist week
to make up for lost time.
The appropriates wore up on Wed
nesday and went through without much
Higher eduoatlon gave sonio trouble,
citizen Ashley leading the obstruc
tionists, with his motions, but ho raro
ly gave a reason "for the faith that
was in him " Rut ho knocked down
Winthrop (tho Woman's ."'ollego) from
?60,000 to $50,000. and this Beema '.o
have met tho good sense of the House.
All parties wore generous in praise of
the conduct of the old South Carolina
Collego, tho officials of which account
ed in dotail for every penny that tho
State gives.
There are (3) big items?.$200,000 for
Stato Pensions; Interest on Public
Debt $285,000; Insane Hospital $150,000.
It would be useless to add the many
other smaller items, which make an ag
gregate close on to a million, In many
places there could be a saving,--that Is
to say $500, in probably fifty places.
To instance, there is a phosphate In
spector at $1,20). ITeshould go quick
ly. At Winthrop they have a littlo
vegetable farm to raise peas and ber
ries for th- girls (tho sweet darlings), a
Supor-intendont at a good big salary
and an Assistant. Now this Assistant
is clearly a Super and he should go
quickly. Wo fear there are too many
80op-ers in every department?with
too many type-writers and stenograph*
The militia are growing luxurious
and tho health department is getting
its hand deep into the grab bag. Lo
cal communities should learn to com
bat diseases as they como.
We have not (space to particularise,
but thrift is a good word for Legisla
tors to smoko with their Spanish to
bacco. The Bill as it swung through
the House will likely without material
alteration go through tho Si-nate.
Many Legislators have wheels in their
noggins und feel that *he Sta'.o is all
right if the State levy is not increased
and this it seems will be the case with
the present levy! But it should bo
less. We have all just been Hinging
up our caps and hurrahing ourselves
hoarso at the statement that tho State
assessment has* gained about eleven
Millions. But to what g^od end, to bo
sure? Wo aro not criticising the ac
tion generally of tho assembly?gene
rally they have done well?especially
in killing a ream of?of?fool bills.
Some of the work was admirably done
and promptly?notably th-j Jury and
tho county salary laws, which were in
confusion run mad.
Tho Sonate killed tho bi-ennial ses
sions bill?all wrong?the assembly
should only meet onco in two years, as
ia tho case with live sixths of tho
States. A cession costs $50,000 and
$25,000 should bo annually saved and
we would have betts-r Legislation.
Nevermind! A ntiwsetwlli "gitthar"
(thanks to Citizeu Ashley) after awhile,
who will not bo so considerate of Co
lumbia?boarding house keepers and
laundry mamas.
Representative Theus, of Hamp'.oo,
died last week of pneumonia.
Tho ?'chicken" bill po! it in the neck
in the Senate. A'so the Bill to put the
State into manufacturing fertilizers.
Pelham, tho manufacturing village
just North of the Enoree stays with
Greenville and is lost to Ppartanburg,
(Spartanburg iB a whulo all ihe same.)
Tho MnGowun redlstrioting bill is
law, and oar Dist ict is I.aureus, Spar
tanburg, Greenville and Union. It is
the groat District of tho State. We
have the men, wo have the money, we
have tho mentality, we have the (beau
tiful) maid*, wo huve the matrons, we
have the morality.
The Houso shied for ten days Mr.
Johnson's (alias Bellii uer's) anti-trust
bill. Wo bought a black pony fifteen
years ago from the tail eud of a Bun
combe wagon and named him Souter
Johnnie, after Burn's blacksmith in
Tarn O'Shan'or. Latirons lies in a
valley liko tho valo of Tempo and ns
we rodo this pony homo to our soup,
he could spy a Buncombe bow-covered
wagon a mile onTodd's Hill nod would
budge no furthor. When tho wagon
came near and he got a whiff of the
apples, chosttmts, cabbage, and cab
bage seed ho was ea'dsfied, bowed his
head and meekly boro his master
homeward. We always suspected this
pony of boing mooneye!. Johnson
finally got his anti trust wagon up in
the Houso on I hursday last, and the
statesmen, smelling no brimstone or
dynamite, voted it almost to a man.
A new read law for the whole Star.-,
will be enacted. It is like one of United
States Sonator Morgan's speeches
and too long to read or quoto.
Representative Nichols mado a brave
fight to help out Sullivan Township
against tho Railroad Tax?it is yet un
Laurens is asking for a 4th term of
Court to hold in the month of May.
MoGowan wants a section of broken
Granito column for U. D. C. of Lau
Senator Goodwin is pushing his Bill
for a sinking fund Commission for
Somebody want* $20,003 to paint tho
Stato House, and Bepresontative Bi
cot wants to know why tho Now State
I Houf.C'fr&? filthy? (To get an appro
'.. pilatlon ) (^hakosparo has something
about tho maw of the salt-sea-shark.
He wants our little State Houso.)
Cincinnati had a great party of dis
jfc|fl^fegni?hed citizens who had been to
arlestou to opon their building.
Theytfrisitod our Legislature and when
tho oiit*onn of rich 1'orkopoles, that
great city on tho Ohio, hind of hog
?od h?mlny, saw 'he Speaker and tho
President of the Senate and the Clerks
of the two houses clad in 11,000 robes
of royal crimson and purple, they stood
like statues in amazement. Thoy were
-how n tho old silver mace, and two
edged sword of State, about which so
much hist nie research has been made
and eaeh man and woman stood like
Macbeth at the ghost of the blood
battered Banquo.
Fifty dollars has been voted to rub
up the venerated Maco. Ashley vot
McLaurln and Lincoln.
MoLaurin addressed a Republican
club at Chicago on Lincoln's birthday
the 12th instant. He went to praise
Lincoln and he did^it and to that ex
tent, no more, wo 1&uM^vMcLaurin.
The argument was^Boavff>tancoln had
lived it had beenbetter for the South.
Hut Lincoln was at the. head of the
government which armed the slaves
against their masters, their mistresses
and daughters. If he had had the
spirit of a Jackson it could not have
happened. Lincoln had his good traits,
but he wanted In courage and man
hood, and was dominated by Yahoos
like Staunton and Thad Stevens. This
side of Lincoln's character should have
been presented, always provided that
-the speaker knew it.
The Montagus and tho Capulets.
On tho Gth Instant, at Washington,
a son of W. C. Whitney, Sooretary of
State in Cleveland's Cabinet, married
Miss Hay, daughter of the present
Republican Secretary of State. But,
?'Presents almost without number
have been pouring into the Hay homo
for tho last fortnight. It is believed
their number exceeds 400, including
houses and lands, a yacht and jewels of
great value."
The bridal tour, it is thought, is to
Thotnasville, Ga. Thomasville is in
the midst of the groat pines, and the
roses are ready to blow and tho mock
bird to air his vocabulary?Ed. Ad
* *
Must the Negro Hoi
We clip the following from the News
and Courier, a dispatch from Mom
"Mr. Kuntz Is touring the Stato of
Arkansas in search of a spot whore he
proposes to launch a schome which, if
successful, will revolutionize the cot
ton-picking industry of tho South.
"Kuntz and his companions are trav
eling on a special train, composed of
three vestibule sleepers. Kunts pro
poses to colonize a large number of
monkeys from Africa and South Amer
ica, which, bo says, make excellent
cotton-pickers. He is looking for a
large tract of land, which will be
bought in and a stock company formed
from the number of capitalists now
with him. He then proposes to embark
for Africa and bring back two ship
loads of monkeys. He sayB he has
(riven tho subject much study and has
spent many days in tho African jun
g'es, and understands monkey talk as
well as the Ethiopian language."
Then what becomes of the negro
cotton picker? What sort of a greet
ing will he give Jocko? A body of
Southern Christians built just after
tho war when they were very poor a
college at Sewanee, Tenn., in the midst
of tho mountains for the economical
education of their children. About
400 boys attend. Until recently tho
wives of tho Mountaineers did their
launderincr, when for economy a steam
laundry was established. And now the
free and independent mountaineers
threaten to dynamite and blow to atoms
the college, destroy the Professors and
have driven two of them out of tho
State. And there could be found coin
pla'.ners against the Bulgarian banditti
captors of Miss Stone I
* *
The Bill in the United States Senate,
to create a National Park In the moun
tains of North Carolina, Virginia,
Georgia and South Carolina, has the
favorable report of the committee. It
appropriates five Million Dollars and
it is thought the lands can be purchas
ed at two and three Dollars per acre.
It is about as good Democratic doctrine
(poor indeed) as clearing rivers and
harbors and building dikes, and as the
moasuro may conserve the timber, and
prevont suddon Hoods In the great
rivers that rush through our State, wo
l.opo our Representatives may sustain
the measure.
* #
Col. J. 14. Eaeteiling returned on
Friday to God's country, after a busi
ness trip through the snowy, sleety,
slippery East. He stopped several days
i-i Washington, and gave Senators and
Representatives some eye opening in
formation. Ho expects a prosperous
Summer and Is preparing to plant a
thousand acres In oantaloupes, and
three-quarters of that area in water
melons. His praise will be in the
mouths of all Yankeedom next Sum
mer.? Harnwell Peoplo. /
This at least eoiello like diversifica
South Carolina at Chickuuianga.
This office has received a neat and
Interesting pamphlet of fifty pages,
containing an account of the ceremo
nies at tho unveiling of tho South Car
olina monument un the Chickamauga
battle Odd, May 27, 1001. Veterans
oh! obu??i> can secure copies on appli
cation to tho E. H.Aull Publishing Co.,
Newberry, S. C, by enclosing a two
cent atamp with the request for the
Congressman Johnson is hopeful of
a 9200,000 publio building for Spartan
burg. Spartanburg sonds two of her
prominent oitizens to Washington who
appeared boforo tho Publio Building
Committee. The time to strike if you
hope to make an impression, is when
the iron is hot. There is a brief sur
plus now on hand and Senator Tillinan's
idea is to get our share, Tho money is
bound to go.
Charleston has "laid out" a good
deal of money and has bad a deal of
work to do, but sho is well repaid in
the visit of tho Cook County Dcmoe
raoy of Chicago to the "oity by the
* *
Big barrels of irish potatoes now be
gin to adorn Green Grocer's frouts,
and from now on thoy may bo planted.
Plant two varieties?an early and a
late. By the way, at the South tho
potato is our "sweet tater," olsewhere
the potato is tho Irish potato and our
"sweet tater" Is a yam. And when we
speak of 'possum and tater, a simon
pure Southorn monopoly, we mean the
yam in tho combination.
The superstition is that the ground
hog crawls out from his hole on tho 2d
February, and if he sees his shadow
he retires, until April, satisfied that
there Is to be a cold late Spring, The
ground-hog Is a common name for tho
wuodchuck, burrows in the ground and
is dormant during winter. It is ex
tinct in this State.
* *
* ?
It seems that Ilobson wants to be
"retired" from active Navy service.
Schley has been retired, but he don't
retire. Coventry is a city In England
where tho citizens have immemorially
refused to associate with Military men
and so when ono is ostracised socially
he Is said to be "sent to Coventry."
There should bo some quietjretreat for
theso two Southorn heroes.
A despatoh from Washington read? :
"Senator Tillman has gone to Provi
dence, R L, to speak on tho 'Solution
of tho Negro Problem' "
It depends op how long the Southern
cottontot, the Kentucky grunter, and
the possum and tater hold out. But
why should these bluenose down- isters
bother about It?
Tho Lauron8 Lyceum Course.
Mr. Editor:?Please allow mo space
for a few words upoij an important
matter. Tho Laurcns Lyceum Course for
tho season closes with tho next lecture,
which, I understand, is to be given in
the near future. The thanks of the en
tire community are eminently duo Dr.
Washington, T. O. Lucas, and any others
who may have aided them in the prcse
oution of tho plan, for tho entertaining
and elevating course of attractions. But
while wo sincerely thank them for tho
past, we must at tho samo timo look to
the future and plan for the coming season.
Let me exhort the cntiro community
to take an active interest in this groat
educational institution, for suoh it is.
Laurens cannot afford to bo behind her
neighboring oities in suoh enterprise?.
Let mo urge the }oung people, who lam
persuaded realize that 1 am their friend,
to take an active interest in tho work.
If all would support the cause, the cost
would be very light.
I would suggest tho following plan :
Let as, on the evening of tho next lecture,
meet a half-hour before it is to begin,
talk over tho subject, and elect a ooui
mittee to arrange for tho next season.
Of course I would suggest tho election of
those who have served us so faithfully in
the pi as this Committee.
With best wishep for every enterprise
that looks to the betterment of the com
munity, I am,
Very sincerely,
Watson B. Duncan.
February 18,1902.
HOW's This.'
We offer One Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any case of Catarrh that can
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Props.,
Toledo, O.
Wo, the undersigned, having known
F. J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and
bellevo him perfectly honorable In all
business transactions and financially
able to carry out any obligations made
by their firm.
West & Truax, Wholesale Druggists,
Toledo, O.
Walding, Kinnan & Marvin,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Curo is taken inter
nally, acting directly upon tho blood
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Prlco 75o. per bottle. Sold by all Drug
gists. Testimonials free.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
C. & W. 0? 1000 Mile Hooks Uood
Over Plant System.
The Charleston and WoBtern Caroli
na Railway hog to announce (hat ar
rangements have been perfected, effec
tive at once, whereby 100D mile books
of their issuo will bo honored over all
parts of tho Plant System of Railways.
This arrangement will no doubt be of
interest to the travelling public.
W. J. Craio,
General Passengor Agent.
TJ?ese Goods
at First Cost, with Freight.
Oije If or) Bedsteads
(A Baauty)
Ofje Cottojt) Waitress
(Double Section?Best Quality.)
OJ^Z Set of Springs.
These goods are nicer quality than we gene
rally keep in stock. They were ordered for a
special customer who didn't tako them.
Henoo there is a rare bargain in them.
Laurens Cotton Mills Store.
t\ T. C. LUCAS, Manager,
I ?
Speaking of politics, and everybody
speaks of politics, ien't this a nice
compact, homogeneous congressional
district, under the McOowan redistrlot
lug bill?Spartanburg, Greenyillc,
Laurens and Union. Joe Jhonsm can
hold ihr office about as long as ho wants
it under this arrangement. He has
Spart.vohurt,- solid and if he gets the
fiublic building it will be copper-riAOtod
or him. He has Laurens solid and
there is not a man in Greenville can
heat him in that county. One of my
neighbors, in speaking of Johnson, said
that it would be foolish for anybody
elso to run against him, for he has
already gotten all of the seed to be had
end there is nothing elso for a congress
man to do. I don't think Joe will have
any serious opposition. But if anybody
wants to run, may the Lord have mercy
on them.?Isom Garner in Spartanburg
This Will Interest Many.
To quickly introduce B. B. B. (Botan
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S. M. & E. H. Wilkes.
Teachers' Examination.
The Regular Spring Examination of
Teachers for the purpose of granting
certificates of qualification, will be
hold by tho County Board of Educa
tion, at Laurens Court House, on Fri
day February 21st, 1002, beginning at
10 o'clock, a. m.
No claims for pay ai j allowed to bo
approved for any teacbor not holding a
certificate unproved by too County
Board of Education in the county
where school Is taught.
County Supt. of Ed'n.
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Final Settlement.
TAKE notice th: on tho 13th day of
March 1002, I will render a final
account cf my acts and doings as Ad
ministrator of tho ostafo of H. A.Martin,
dee'd., in tho Officoof Judge of Probate
for Laurons County, at 11 o'c!ock, a. m.,
and on the same dale will apply for a fi
n*tl discharge from my trust as admin
All persons having demands against
said estate will please present them on
or before that day, provon and authen
ticated, or bo forovtr barred.
Feb. 10, 1002?4t Administrator.
Notice of Final Settlement
TAKE uotioo that on tho l.tth
day of March, 1002, we will rouder
a final account of our acts and do
ings as Executors of tho ostato of
Toliver Robertson, deceased, in
the oflico of Judge of Probate for
Laurons county, at 11 o'clock, a.
in., and on tho same dato will ap
ply for a final disohargo from oar
trust as suoh Exocutors.
All persons having demands
against said estate will ploaso
present them on or before that day,
proven and authenticated, or be
forever barred.
W. C. P. Robertson,
A. M. Owings,
Nivea B. Patton,
. Exeoutors.
Feb. 10, 1002.?Kt
South Corolina Inter-State and West In
dian Exposition.
Tickets aro now on sale. The
fare from Laurons to Charleston
and return will bo as follows:
You oau buy a ticket on Tues
days aud Thursdays at $4.CO for
the round trip, ticket good for
seven days in addition to day of
For $9.20 you can buy a round
trip ticket any day, good until
June 8rd.
For $6.76 you can buy a round
trip ticket any day, good for ten
days in addition to dato of sale.
J. R. NOLAN, Agent.
The startling announcement of a
Discovery that will surely lengthen
life is made by Edltor O. H. Downey,
of Ghurubuseo, Ind., "I wish to state
ho writes, "that Dr. King's New Discov
ery for Consumption is the most in
fallible remedy that I have over
known for Coughs, Colds and Grip.
It's Invaluable to people with weak
lungs. Having this wonderful medl
| cine no ono need dread Pneumonia or
Consumption. Its relief Is Instant
and cure certain." Laurens Drug Co.,
guarantee every 50c and $1.00 bottle,
and give trial bottles free.
If You arc in Doubt
where to got your Garden
Seed, remember wo handel
tho best and freshest seed.
We burn all of our old pa
pers and buy now seed, See
that tho paper is stamped
Palmetto Drug Co.
Look for sign with the Tree.
The Auditor's Office will be open
from the 1st day of Januaay to
the 20th day of February, 1002, to
receive returns of Real Estato and
Personal property for taxation in
Lnurcns county.
It will savo much time to tax
payers, also greatly facilitate
the work of the Assessor, if ev
ery person before leaving hotno
will make out a complete list of
every item of personal property
in the following order : Horses,
cattle, mules, sheep and goats,
hogs, watches, organs and pian
os, buggiep, wagons and car
riages, dogs, merchandise, ma
chinery and engine:', moneys,
notes and accounts above indeb
tedness, and all other property,
including household.
It is a!way8 required that the
Auditor get the first given name
of tho tux-payer in full.
Under tha head of place of
residence on tax return, give the
All male citizens between the
ages of twenty-one and sixty
years, on the 1st of January, ox
bept those who aro incapable of
earning a support from btdng
maimed, cr from other causes,
are deemed toxablo polls. Con
federate veterans excepted.
And all tox-payorsare required
to give D Um bor of their school
district. They aro also request
ed to state svhothor tho property
is situated in town or in the
After the 20th Jay of February next
fifty per cent, penalty will bo attached
for failures to mako returns.
In ovcry community there are persons
who canuot read or that do not take a
newspaper. Thoso more fortunato may
do such persons a great favor by telling
11.? m of tho time to make returns or by
returning for them.
Tho assessing and collcoting taxes is
dono in tho samo year, 'and wo havo to
aggrcgato tho number and value of all
horses, mules, cattle and other picoes of
{personal property as woll as tho acres of
and, lots and buildings and their valuo
that there aro in this county, and havo
tho samo on filo in tho Comptroller Gon>
oral's office by tho 30ih of Juno of each
year, and from that timo to tho first day
of October tho Auditor's and Treasurer's
duplioato bavo to be completed and an ab
stract of the work in the Comptroller
General's office by that time, whioh will
[show at a glance that tho Auditor has no
timo to tako returns, or anything else
much, between tho 1st day of Ootobor,
but work on tho books and tho blanks,
We hope, thcreforo, that all taxpayers
will mako their returns in timo.
Deo. 5th, 1901.?tf.
Tbl? al/pmtui? Is on every boa of Mm genuine
Laxative Bromo-Quiaine Tablet*
Um> rooMdy thai tans a c*I?t bp ?mt) ?ay
I pstfyxja CLiire FireeT I
a Aathmalene Brings Instant Relief and PermanentCurein all Caseeg
Sent Absolutely Free on Receipt of Postal.
There Is nothing like Asthmalone. It bringsg
instant relief, even In the worst east's. It curesn
when all olse fails. .E
Tho Rev. C. P. Wells, of Villa Ridge, Ill.,n
says: "Your trial bottle of Asthma-laue reeeivodg
in good condition. I cannot toil you how thauk-n
ful I feel for tho good derived from it. I was ag
slave chained, with putrid sore throat and astlining
for ten yearn. I despaired of ever being cured .g
I saw your advertiseiuent for the cure of this-n
dreadful and tormenting disease, asthma, undg
thought you had overspokou yourselves, but re-n
solved to givo it atrial. To my astonishment, Ihefl
trial acted like a charm. Scnd.mo a full size bothle. g
We want to send to every sufferer a trial treatment of Ast hma-o
Ine. similar to the one that cured Mr. Wells. We'll send It by!
mail Postpaid, Absolotoly Free of Charge, to any sufferer when
will write for it, even on a postal. Never mind, though you areg
dosnairlntr, however bad your case, tho more glad we are to send It.tj
Do not delay, write at snce, addressing DR. TAFT BROS.' MEDJ-g
aaceoGGBa DnoocconaannnanactaaaauaiaaB n
a CINE CO., 79 East 120th 8t., N. Y. City. Sold by nil Druggists.
Embroidery and White Goods, whicb closed ou Saturday,
was a most
Gratifying Success,
and we wish to thank the many fiiendsaiui customers who
visited our store during this sale, for their liberal
patronage, and to assure them that we shall
continue to put forth our best efforts
to please, and that wc shall
have many more good things
to offer as tho Season
Prompt and courteous attention
at all times, and your money back
if not satisfied.
IfSf" Watch these columns.
For the next IS Days we
willoffer our entire line of One
Dollar, fine wide all-wool, Ve
netian and Broadcloths at OOc.
These goods are all this seasons
purchase **nd embrace the most
desirable shades.
Those who are on the look
out for a nace Black Dress of la
test weave, fast dye and perfect
finish at a moderate cost, here
end your quest at
W. G. Wilson & Co.
h. e. gray
j. c. 8h;-: wa".
in both states for Lumber Buyors.
Bettor than averago quality at
loss than average prices.
Material for the Builder
Contractor, Carpenter,
Farmer or Housoholder,
at figures bolow regular.
of all kiuds, grades and dimensions.
All reliable, well-seasoned stock.
Toll ub your needs and we will quote prices
Mantels, Columns, Scroll Work a Specialty.
GRA* & SHEALY, Lauren, g. C.
t0~ Bleven-room brick house, in rear oi storo . ^ r?
given 1st of January, 1?02. ?to reut' Possession

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