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A Letter Written to Mrs. ?. P. Smith.
Dkak MRS. Smith.
As I promised some time ago I novr
sit down to reproduce my recollections
of tho Incidehts of our expedition to
Kansas in 1850 under tho leadership of
your grandfather, Gen. A. O. Jones.
At that period he had grown tobe past
middle age, having led a company from
this county in 1836, in a war with the
Seintnoles in Florida.
It is a tiro remark, but nevertheless
accepted as more than truo that a re
Ireduction of past facts Is only toaeh
ng by example. The writer as a sur
vivor and participant In the incidents
sent you boiieves that the prompt re
spon8o by young men of our county to
a call of * he South in a cause which in
volved her constitutional rights in
times past will have a patriotic effect
upon our youug men. While the names
of some noble actors of Laurens will
be preserved. The writer only regrets
that his memoranda are so Imperfeot,
but the faets ere ?tili vivid in his mom
It was pending tho quasi-war in Kan
sas, the question being the adoption of
a constitution by the Terr lory, and
tho bona fide Southern set'lers and
proBlavory people wore being butcher
ed by the roughs 8ont out by Eas
tern Abolitionists under the leader
ship of the "Sainted" John Brown,
ho who by his slaughter of men and
women of Southern proclevltles for
ever baptized tho territory as "bleed
ing Kansas".
At a meeting called at Laurens to
take steps for the relief of the South
ern sufferers, (I think in January 1850 )
James H. Irby, W. R. Farloy, B. W.
Ball, A. C. Jones, W. D. Watts, Ohas.
O. Lamotte and others took part. The
following promptly upon the first call,
responded as to their readiness to go to
Kansas at any sacrifico In aid of their
suffering Southern brethren: Gen. A.
O. Jones, P. T. II. Jones (his son), G.
W. Moore, A. W. Anderson and W. B.
Anderson. At a subsequent meeting,
W. H. Manly, Thomas Harris,'Thomas
Burton, Thomas Lindloy, R. Watt*
Hill, Thad. S. Teague, Danuridgo M.
Boyd, Marshall Arnold, Baker Mc
Dowell, George W. McDowell, Laurons
Balleutlne, John W. Fraukp. 8tan> B.
Chappcll, Jack Goldlng, Willism B.
Moore, W. H. Carter, R. B. L'gon,
Lowndes Griffin, all of Laurens joined
with us, and from Abbeville, A. M.
Richardson; from Andirson, Middle
ton Norrls, Evans Norris, Ibzan J.
Rice; from Edgefleld, L. R. Cogburn,
William Evans George Reddon, Char
ley L'ndsey. William White, James
Maroney a Mexican veteran,, and sub
sequently - McCleman a lawyer
of Georgia und wife. Othors united
with US in our long route to Kansas
and after our arrival, but their names
now escape me. I recall however, of
Union and Fairfield, Dr. Thos. White
sides, William Traylor, William Augh
try, John No'and, William Price, a
Mr, Clifton, and a Virginian named
On the 10th May, 1850, we met at
Laurens In the Court House, organised
with Gen. A. C. Jones as leader. Fiery
Bpeeches were made by Charles O. La
motte, B. W. Ball, W. D. Farloy and
others The good ladles, whose hearts
were in the movement, presented each
man with a copy of the blble(I regret to
have to say that while I carried mine
safely through the Kansas troubles I
lost it in the struggle that followed
hard upon it). The next morning wc;
boarded thctfruin for Columbia accom-:
panied by otlr- disiinguiihed fr'.ond,'
Col. J. H. Irby, (then Lieut. Governor'
I believe,) who thero secured for us an
equipment of arms, State Yawgers.
Spending the nightat Columbia where
we were entertained free of charge at
a hotel. The next morning, at tho de
pot, Col. Irby bade us good bye assur
ing us that we had only to adviso hlih
of our wants. We proceeded by way
of Brauchvillo to August* where we
spent the night, thence to Atlanta
where tho night again was epent. All
along the route speeches were calltd
for and our companions .... McClellan
and lbzan J. Rice, eloquent speakers
performed this servico for. our hand.
Thence to Chattanooga and on to Nash
ville where we boarded a little stem
wheel vessel, Tuscumbla, thence to
Paduca, Ky., where we embarked on
a magnificent steamer the Fashion,
thence to Cairo and on to St. Louis,
where we further equipped ourselves
with pistols and tho bowie knife, a ne
cessary part a soldier's outfit in that
day. Provisions and medical supplies
wore also l^.id in. Thero we boarded
the steamer Martha Jewett, reputed
named for the handsomest woman in
the United States, ai:d commanded by
Capt. Silvers an elegant gontleman
and truo bluo Southerner. As wo pro
ceeded up the Mo. at night the dark
less was so Intenso that the vessel
\>u'd strike the bank and the passen
jrs be thrown to the Moor by the jolts
After various adventures and hardships
we arrived in time to join in tho excit
ing events then tramping in the con
tested territory, run mad with slaugh
ter and murder by Brown and Lane
the abolitionist leaders and murder
ers, of which wo propose to write in a
subsequent issue.
Consists in keeping all the main or
gans of the body in a healthy, regular
action, and in quickly destroying
deadly disease germs. Electric Bitters
regulate Stomach,Liver and Kidneys,
purify the blood, and give a splendid
appetite. They work wonders in cur
ing Kidney Troubles, Female Com
plaints, Nervous Diseases, Constipa
tion. Dyspepsia, and Malaria. Vigor
ous health and strength always follow
their use. Only 60c. guaranteed by
Laurens Drug Co., druggist.
Biscuit and Rolls.
Tho whitest, lightest, fl :klest biscuit
and rolls aro made of "Clifton" flour,
and they are pure and wholesome, too.
Buy It and try it. For sale by M. H.
Fowler and T. N. Barkedale.
Messrs. S. M. & E. II. Wllke?,
Laurens, P. 0.?
Gents:?After using my Bucks 83 A
Emblem Stove for several weeks, will
say that I am well pleaded with it; its
baking is pp.rfoct. I would not take
$100 for it if I could not get another
Yours truly,
Mrs. S. A. Loaman.
??The prettiest ever soon" is what
everybody says about our Spring Shirts.
The price is only $1.00
J. E. MInter & Bco.
Our Special Sale is continued till
Saturday, 15th. If you havo not at
tended, bo sure to do ?eo during the
week. The Hub.
Albert C. Todd,
93F Every case a Specialty. Office
In Law Range, South Harper Street.
Wanteo?You to order your whis
key for "personal use" from Cooper
Farming Distillery Co., Brcvard, N.
C. Corn whiskey from $1.65 to $2 00
per gallon; vessel included. Rye from
$2.15 to $3.16. Peach brandy $2.65. Ap
pie $2.15 per gallon.
A. f. coopkr,
The undersigned havo tbio day en
tered into a partnership for the practice
of law in tho Courts of this State, under
the name of Simpson & Cooper and will
promptly attend to all business en
trusted to them.
if. Y.Simpson,
R. A. Cooper,
Our Maid of Houor.
Among tho many fair maidens from
other counties and other States, chosen
to represent their homes in the Car
nival in Charleston last week, there
woro none more lovely than our own
Maid, Miss Meta Sullivan. In tho
procession on the Exposition grounds,
where tho young Queen and her Maids
of Honor rode in carriages beautifully
decorated 'with Unworn, and in the
eooial attentions given by day, and re
ceptions in the evenings, our Maid,
in exquisite costumes, did tho honors
of old Laurens royally, for which she
receives our sincere thank?.
Death of Former Laureus Gentleman.
News has reached his rolatlves hero
of the death of Dr. Asbury H. Nabors
at his homo In Rutherford county, N.
0. Uo was a son of tho late Alexan
der Nabors, of this county, and about
00 years did. Ho leaves brothers and
Bisters In this county and many friends.
Uet it Pure and Mood.
If you buy flour as food, see to It that
you got flour that is pure and good.
"Clifton" answers every requirement.
For ealo by M. II. Fowler and T. N.
College Boys.
At tho recent examinations at South
Carolina College, Laurens bo\ s are re
corded : Senior, J. A. Stoddard, profi
cient in pedagogics, ethics, geology
and Spanish.
Sophomore, J, H. Machen, proficient
In Biology.
Senior Law, R. B. Pasley, highly
distinguished in law, distinguished in
psychology, proficient in political
A regular communication of Palmet
to Lodge No. 10. A. P. M., will be held
at Masonic Hall, this city, Feb; 21,
"fcotter out than in"?that humor
that you uotlco. To he sure it's out
and all out, tako Hood's Sarsapurllla.
A new onterpriso for Gray Court is a
marble yard run by Entrekin Quarry
Co. Mr. G. P. Puckett io tho experi
enced cutter for the company and Is
turning out some nice jobs.
At the Methodist parsonage on Sun
day the 0th, lost. Mr. Ebb Knight
and Miss L!da Hughes wore married
by Uov. J. K. McCain. This makes
nlno marriagt-s in a llttlo over a year
In our suburbs Riddleton, and they all
live in a mile of each other. A wid
ower of this community was married a
short time ago and by that marrlago
,the widower's married son became
step-brother to his own wife.
Our Prof, and our Rail Road Agent
went out for n stroll on last Sunday
afternoon they thought they would go
to the rock Quarry about a milo from
town, they got lost and when about
three miles from Gray Court had to
inquire tho way homo.
Mrs. VVady Hill widow of tho late
Henry Hill who lived near here was
found doad in her home where she
lived by herself. On last Sunday, she
was sixty-three yenrs o'.d. and from the
circumstances she must havo dird from
heart failure od the day before she
was found.
Wo want ovcrybody to come on next,
Frii . y night to the Hot Supper at
Gra,.- (?ourt, at which a regular supper,
with Oyste.s in all the dtfferont dishes,
Will be served by the ladies of tho
town, for tho bouelit of the school
Millions are daily finding a world of
comfort in Bucklen's Arnica Salve. It
kills pain from Burn?, Scalds, Cuts,
Bruises; conquers Ulcors, and Fever
Sores; eures Eruption, Salt Rheum,
Bolls and Felons; romoves Corns and
VVarts. Be?t Pile cure on earth. Only
25c. at Laurens Drug Storo.
Messrs. S. M. & B. H. W Hires,
Laurens, S . C.?
Gents?Tho Buck's Stove I bought
of you over one year ago la giving per
fect satisfaction and its baking is per
fect, and can highly reeommond your
line of etoves to anyone.
Yours truly,
\V. P .-mlllvan.
Laurens, 8 . C, Feb. 8, lin)2.
Bryan's Commoner and The Ad*
vertiser for $1.05.
Mrs. Geo. Culbertsou has been very
sick with Lagrlppo this week at her
father'*, J. A. C. Martin.
Mr. John Culbortson, of Baldwin,
visited relatives at this plnco one night
tin- week.
Mrs. Frank Odell, of Atlanta, Ga.,
is visitiDg her father-in-law, Mr. J. N.
Odell, of this place.
Mr. J. W. Cooper, of Ekom, was on
this sldo one day this week.
Mr. F. M. Buzhard,of Browerton, is
doir.g somo work on Mr. Daniel Balen
tlne's dwelling, which will soon be
Mr. Johnnie Wronn, visited at Bald
win's ono day this week.
Mr. Luther Bo'and and wife, of
Poplar Springs, visited their parents,
Mr. S. F. Boland, recently of .this
Mr. Willis Washington and wife, of
Mt. Olive, visited the family of Mr. J.
A. C. Martin this week.
Never enduro this trouble. Use at
once the remedy that 3topped it for
Mrs. N. A. Webster, of Winnie, Va.,
she writes "Dr. King's New Lifo Pills
wholly cured me of slek headaches I
had suffered from for two years."
Cure Headacho, Constipation, Bilious
ness. 25o at Laurens Drug Co.'s drug
Just received a beautiful lino of Por
calos at 10 cents per yard.
J. E. Minter $ Bro.
If it is an Iron Bod you wish we
would like to show'you our line. Wo
brought the entire line of samples
from a house at- the Exposition at
Grand Rapids.
S. M. & K. II. WIIkm.
Uood Things to Eat.
Are made of "Clifton" flour, a
pure product. If you don't eat broad
made of "Clifton," yon don't eat tho
best bread. For sale by M. II. Fowler
and T. N. Barksdale._
If you have not. attended our Special
Sale, anothor opportunity is afforded.
The time Is extended till Saturday.
The Hub.
WANTED?A good, energetic per
son In-evcry locality, Will pay a lib
eral commission amounting tyom $3 to
?5 a day. Address Box 07, Laurens,
S C.
Hopse and Lot kor Salb.?Valua
ble house and lot for sale at Gray Court
on easy terms. Known as tho Dr. R.
G. Christopher placo. Attaohed Is
every convenience. Address Dr. A. J.
Christopher, Gray Court, S. C.
Don't fall to visit our store this week.
You'll regrot It if you do. Ask those
who attended .Monday and Tuesday.
The Hub.
A line of 0 to 7 cents Outings to go
at 4ots, as long as they last.
J, fi. Minter & Bro.
Calico at 31 cents at
J. E. Winter & Bro.
Mrs. Alex Long visited in Spartan
burg lust week.
Mrs. Casper Smith, Jr., of Waterloo,
was in tho city on Thursday.
Miss Janie Simpson, of Tumbling
Shoals, was in the, city Thursday.
Mr. G. L. F. Toaguo, of Waterloo,
was in the olty Thursday.
Mr. D. A. Davis is in New York buy
ing bis Spring stock of goods.
Got tho Atlanta Journal, Southern
Cultivator and Advertiser for $1.75.
Mr. and Mrs. C. C, Featherstono
went to the Exposition last week.
Mrs. Emma Mosely has returned
homo after a visit to Tennessee.
Mr. H. Terry left yesterday for the
Northern markets.
Mrs. Rosa Caino and Miss Lil Caine
have returned from Baltimore.
Subscribe for tho Sunny South and
tho Constitution. Now is your oppor
Mr. W. J. Balloy, a leading business
man of Clinton, was in tho city last
Messrs Lewis Simkins, Jr., and Gib
bon Traynham visited Greenville 'last
Mr. Edgar Owens, a prominent mer
chant of Clinton, was in the city Fri
Mr. W. B. Putman, of Carksdalc,
made a plea?n?u call on Tu? Adver
tiser on Friday last.
Tuk Advertiser and the Weekly
Constitution for $1.75. See ad in this
Mrs. W. B. Owens, of Clinton, and
littlo daughter Nancy were the guests
of Mrs E. II. Wilkes last week.
Mr. W. B. Bramlett Is erecting a cot
tage on Church Street noxt door to Mr.
A. N. Bramlott'8 rcsidonce.
Tho Weekly Constitution, Tho Sun
ny South and The Advertiser for
$2.25. Read tho offer.
Mr. S. M. Wilkes left for New York
Monday to buy furniture and china
for his big concern.
Miss Nannie May Wright has return
ed from a visit of several weeks to her
brother Mr. Perry Wright of Pacolet.
Read the splendid clubbing offers
this week. Subscribe for "The Com
moner, or Tho Atlanta Constitution.
Mrs. P. A. Simpson ontortalncd a
large number of her friends at a beau
tiful Valentino Tea on the afternoon
of tho fourteenth.
Mrs. John F. Bolt and little Sadie
are visiting Miss Nellie, Mrs Bolt's
daughter, and other young ladies at
tending the Columbia Female College.
Read about Logan's flour in The
Advertiser. It Is one of tho purest,
best flours on the market. Ask your
grocer for Ids brands.
Tho Presbyterian College for Wo
men, Columbia, on Friday night last,
presented tho play of "Florlnda,"
which was much enjoyed. Miss Lillian
Irby of ill's city had a part in tho cast.
Mr. G. C. Young, residing near Clin
ton, lost his dwe ling by a supposed ac
cidental lire on Thursday night last,
Be carried no Insurance and his many
friends sympathise with htm.
One of tho most delightful affairs
of the season was, a "Harlequin Party"
given by Miss Connio Jones, on Friday
evening, in honor of her guest, Miss
Relnhart, a charming young lady from
North Carolina.
Tho National Association of Rail
road Commissioners aro touring tho
South, and visited Columbia and Char
leston last weok. They aro in Florida
this weok. Commissioner Wbarton
and Mrs. Wharton aro of the party.
Mr. T. J. Hughes, a prominent far
mer of Jaohln, In Youngs, was in the
city last week and called on The Ad
vertiser. He was in good spirits and
not hanging his head at the price of
corn and bacon.
Two horses belonging to Mr. Ed
Martin ran away with a sleigh on Sun
day afternoon last, and In passing the
crossing on Northeast corner of Public
Square both horses slipped and fell,
one of them breaking his neck. This
is quite a serious loss to Mr. Martin.
Ten days of unusually cold weather
culminated in a fall of snow on tho
night of tho 14th, (St. Valentine) of
about ten lnc ios. Sleighing and snow
balling havo been greatly indulged,
by the lads and lassos. The small grain
may bo benefltted but crop prepara
tions are delayed.
Mr. W. E. Owens, a woll known cit
izen of Clinton, was in tho city on Frl*
day last. He Is assured Mr. Cad Bai
ley's Cot'.on Mill is a cortainty. A few
years and our enterprising neighbor,
with her colleges, academies and
churches will be In the column of In
dustrial, educational,ami architectural
cities In the State.
Lewis Berry, colored, a notorious
thief, who has committed many rob
boring during the last six months, was
run down and captured on Sunday last
by Chiof Hughes Tho follow show
ed fight, and nad to be Rhot with a shot
gun. He Is not much hurt. He had
two pistols on his person. Hen roosts
and Smoko houses wore his favorite re
Invitations are out to tho marriago
of Jas. B. Henderson, son of B. L. !
Henderson, a prominent oltlzenof this
county, to Miss Elizabeth Catherine
Dukes, daughter ot Mr.and Mrs.A.F.H.
Dukes on the morning of February
the 10th, at the homo of latter, at
Branehvllle, S C. YeungMr. Hender
son is a flao young citizen engaged in
taaching at Branohvllle. lie is an
alumnus of Furman,
Our young kinsman, RoubonS. Ball,
Proprietor of "Meokor Hotel," Bonds
us his Calendar and picture of his ro
mantic establishment in tho midst of
the wild and far off "rookies". Look
at the ploture when you drop In on
The Advertiser. It Is hoad-quartors
of President Roosevelt and there he
finds tho mountain lion, tho elk and
almost every living thing to interest
au eager and strenuous sportsman.
Mr. Ball is a native of Laurpns and so Is
his lair Dial Township wife.
Federal Grand Jurors.
J. II. Neighbors, of Renno, and R.
Li Gray, of Gray Court, are down as
Grand Jurors for United States Court,
at Florence, Maroh 4th.
The Advertiser Is not used to give
advloe on this trioKsy Jade. We will
not be responsible, But, if you have
held out till now, you may get nine
conts In a month.
House to Rent.
A 6-room Cottage on Laurens Street,
near Public Square. Apply at this
Offloe. Terras, $8 per month.
Buck's great Whlto Enameled line
are the best stores on the markets.
Sold only by
S. M. A E. H. Wilkos.
They are Here!
Our Supply of New Crop
Seed for Market Gardens.
We can give Truck growers
who buy in quantities as
Low Prices as those of any
reliable Seedsmen. Our
Seed come true to name
and are tosted.
Seed for Merchants.
We can supply smaller
dealers with half and full
quantity papers to retail
at 21& and r> cents per pa
Seed for hi nail Gardens.
Wo havo a full stock of pa
pers in all tho best varie
ties. In Onions we can
supply Red,
White, )
Yellow and ^SETS.
Multiplying, )
IN PEAS?Morning Star,
First and Best, Champion
of England, Early May,
American Wonder, Mar
row Fat.
BUNCH BEANS?Early Valentine,
Green Pod, Mohawk,
Black Wax, Golden
POLE BEANS?Ivy. Wonder, Crease
Back, Southern, Pro
lific, Corn Field.
MELONS?Rocky ford, Canteloup, Rat
tlesnake, Bradford
and others.
Give our seed a trial and you wont
often lose a crop. Old and inferior
seed are dear at any price. We havo
a Book called "999 Questions and An
swers" about Seed. Anything you
want to find out come in and see If we
cant answer It for you.
The Laurens Drug Co.
103 West Main St.
'Phone 76 Goods delivored.
Capt. J. Hampden Brooks, of this
county, has been 6poken of as a candi
date for tho office of Secretary of State.
Capt. Brooks is of service to Green
wood county now, and his voluntary
retirement from the role of legislator
would bo regretted. This report does
not have the sanction of Capt. Brooks,
and his feelings in the matter are not
known.?Greenwood Index.
Don't think loss of your system than
you do of your house. Glvo It a thor
ough cleansing, too. Take Hood's
If you Knew!
If you know what the miller knows
and what your physician knows about
adulterated flour, you, too, would In
eist on your grocer sending you
"Clifton." Try it. It is tho best and
purodt. For sale by M. H. Fewler and
T. N. Barksdale.
A few Bicycles already roceived by
us, and wo aro offering some special
bargains in them.
8. M. & E. H. Wilkes.
We are offering some great bargains
in uuderwear. See the lino at 8?cts.
J. E. Minter & Bro.
Last week wo received throe foldln
beds from the sample fioor of tho Fur
niture Exposition at Grand Rapids.
S. M. & E. H. Wilkes.
We have just received an early ship
mont of whlto Goods?India Llnena
Elain and oheoked Nainsooks, Persian
?awns, etc. Call and see them.
Tho Hub.
Notice to Creditors,
A.LL persons having claims againit
the Estate of the late O. P. Edward
are required to present tho.in u> the
undersigned by the 23d of Fobrunry,
next, or they will bo burred.
Jan. 22, 1002. Executor.
Wood's Seeds
Every Gardener, Partner and
Trucker should have Wood's 1002
Descriptive Catalogue It not
only givos roliable, practical, up-_
to-date information about nil'
Seeds, but also the best crops to
grow, moat successful ways of
growing different crops, and much
other information of special inter
est to every one who plants seeds.
It tells all about
Vegetable and] Flower Seeds,
Grass and Clover Seeds,
Seed Potatoes, .Seed Oats,
Tobacco. Seed Corn,
Cow Peas, Sola,
Velvet and Navy Beans,
Sorghums, Broom Corn,
Kaffir Corn, Peanuts,
nillet Seed, Rape, etc
Catalogue mailod freo on request.
T.W. Wood & Sons, Seedsmen,
Two Weeks Lon
We will continue the Bankrupt Sale.
-We do this in order that every one may have an opportunity to get some of the
We are giving the people. All goods to remain at the same mark-down price."%Jf you havejiot visited our store come now, and we are sure you will be
pleased with what you buy. We want to clean our shelves of all goods, so as to have room for our Mammoth Spring Stock.
Our buyer leaves for New York in a few days to buy our Spring Goods.
J. E. Minter & Bro.
Watch Us Grow! Largest Store under one roof
? in Upper Carolina!
Wo want to thank the people, and our customers generally, for the
valuable patronage they have given us in the past, aud as
sure them that they will always find us with an
Good Merchandise, with prices that
cannot and will not be undersold!
Our Mr. Davis and Mr. W. II. Anderson will leave for Northern
Markets Monday, February 17th, to buy our Spring Stock.
Don't buy Spring Stock till
T> you see our line, because we
can save you money!
Famous Outfitters.
TJ?e Ivet?ft? of tr?e f)oitaf.
When a business man sees his
Dollar go away, lie wants to
see it return bringing another
dollar with it.
When a Man Invests in Furniture
Ho wants a Dollar's worth of good value as well as a Dollars
worth of satisfaction. That's what he gots whon we furnish his
A good place to Trade.
, .. .illI .
Thone 58.
Lanrens, s. C.
journ- are supplied from the river Soil
after- filthiest river in nil Franco. On
ti, of dred detoctlvot f.ro employed to
? and those boys, but vho boys have
(urinal lives, too, and aro soldom cau
arrested. The superlntennent of
I out. says it is impossible for one hi
lurall) men to follow and watch eight hi
)ssible boys and ho now asks for two
oceod- aud.
This watorcd milk quickly vov
tchard oy tho tima it is delivered to
o and lajior at daybroak it haa to bo wl
, olhoi again with a solution of bicarl
of soda. This is the milk that so
in out, ftn Paris, and is daily fed to
- children and in a brief lirao the;
cholera infantum or diarrhm at
IA Tho medical faculty all lestiflei
Jr^ this milk caused the doath of ov
n 000 infants in Paris in one yea!
PD , tho mortality was on thr> increaS
?OU?lll ihiB does not include tho doa1
children over one year old.
eight hundred boys are organize
a powerful syndicate for pro
and defence. Each pays int<
Final Settlement.
TAKE notice, that on the 18th day of
March, 1902, I will rondor a final ac
count of my acts and <loing?-??H Ad
ministrator of the estate of A. O. Mar
tin, dec'd., In tho Office of Judgo of
Probate fur Laurena County, at 11
o'clock, a. in., and on the same date
will apply for a final discharge from
my trust as administrator.
All persons having demands against
said ostato will please present thorn on
or boforo that day, proven and authen
ticated, or bo forever barred.
Feb. 10, 1002?4t Administrator.
Dr. liolfe ?. Hughes,
*9" Office in Dial Block -over Pal
metto Drug Store.
Bpeoially prepared for Examin
ing and Treating diseases of Bye,
Bar, Throat and Nose.
the Undertaking business at tho old stand. COFFINS, CASKETS
and ROBES, and HEARSE, at- tho
? ?^ LOWEST PR10E3.
A oontmuanoe of the gonoron patronago hithorto extended us
olioited. Rootfully KENNEDY BROS., Laurens, S. C

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