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The 1
.oscrlption Pricc-12 Mouths, $1.50
Payable in Advance.
- II. W. ?ALL, Editor.
Bates for Advertising.?Ordinary Ad
vertisements, per square, ono inser
tion, $1.00; oach subsequent insertion,
60 cents. Liberal reduction made
for large Advertisements.
W. W. Ball,
LAU HENS, S. 0., Feb. 2?, 1002.
Our Soious.
Tho Gonoral Assembly adjournod
finally on Saturday morning last after
sitting forty days which is tho limited
number for which they can be paid.
Wo have watched their proceedings
with Interest and are lmprossed that
they havo dono tho Stato good and
faithful service.
Tho jury law and the law as to coun
ty ofllces was in a terrible jumblo on
their assembling, but these matters,
we believe, aro satisfactorily untan
Trusts and child labor were leading
questions beforo thorn but both havo
been satisfactorily adjusted without rad
ical action. Many matters, more or less
consequential, must wait future deter
The body has not been extravagant
but has shown itself liberal. Tho big
appropriation for Confederate pensions
gives greater reason for a watchful ad
ministration Of tho pension law.
There was a slight disposition to
create new ofllces and llttlo disposi
tion to out oil' usolcss ones. It Is use
less now for us to enumerate. What Is
dono Is dono. what is undone is undone.
The peoplo of Laurons are not a nar
row set and will take a liberal view of
votes cast by our immediate represen
tatives. The Advertiser specially
takes occasion and takes pleasure in
stating that they have usually been In
their seats at the right time and have
been watchful of the Interests of their
At 5 o'clock Saturday evening last
tho General Assembly became history.
As affecting Laurens she gets an ex
tra term of court, presumably In May
of each year.
Time for paying taxes extended to
31st of March.
Amendment.- to the pension law do
not go into effect this year.
Salaries and fees of Laurens oOlclals
do not materially differ from announce
ments hitherto made.
Tho Assembly sat forty days and
pocketed the last farthing allowed by
tho law. Wo are inclined to think
that they earned their per diem.
Do In Rome as Rome Does.
Representative Wheeler, of Ken
tucky, has made a great speech In Con
gress which is attracting attention. It
seems the speech attacks the toadyism
of the present Washington administra
tion in many things and especially for
preparation to give Prince Henry, the
representative of Emperor William, a
decent reception. We do not know
from what part of the country of the
land of Boone Representative Wheeler
halls, but very likely from tho land of
Blue Grass, the aristocratic racer and
tho proud shorthorn. Association with
these would entail tho right to speak
in Congress in contemptuous terms of
even older rulers and older blood than
such comparative newcomes as the
Hohenzollerns. Still it is a good rule
to do in Rome as Rome does. We havo
no right to a place In the world except
as a people and a nation wo do as other
peoplo do and conform to good man
If we had proposed to be entirely
Democratic we should havo adhered to
a big log cabin on the banks of the
Potomac for our capitol with Indian
scalps, coon skins, buck horn9 and
other emblems of native prowess hung
around the walls but we are constrain
ed by tho conditions of civilization to
associate with France, Belgium, En
gland, China, Japan and Russia, the
land of the Cossack, and it becomes us
therefore to bo at least decent. So
when the Emperor's brother is sent
here to represent him upon a social oc
casion, oven tho Republicans ought not
to be supposed such barbarians as to
fall in the ordinary duties of hospital
ity. Jefferson, the richest boy in
America passed a great doal of time in
Franco and there became inculcated
with most of his democratic ideas, yet
at Montlcello, In addition to his two or
three hundred slaves, kept two Italian
vine dressers that ho might have choice
grapes for his foreign visitors (and by
the way Jefferson's home was the
Mecca of all foreigners who visited
this country in Its early days.) We
are not to go back and live on ash cake
and roasted potatoes, as Marlon is re
puted to havo done, simply beoauso we
are democratic and bellovo that repub
licans are not to bo trusted with this
government, as dlsingonous, wasteful
and tyrannical where thoy have the
power and are not afraid.
There was a deep feeling of interesb
in 111 tie Teddy Roosevelt, when his
parents wore called to his bedside re
cently in Massachusetts. Notwith
standing the Washington dining inci
dent, there was cloarly as much con
cern throughout tho South as in any
other part of the country. There
seems to be several sides to RooEOvelt's
character, especially a frank, chival
rous nature, which addresses itself to
the spontaneity and generous impulses
of tho Southern people. The South
believes that Teddy carries his heart
on bis sleeve. When ho comes down
South to soe,our Exposition and meet
our p<\>plo in March, swarms from
B' .irtnore to Oalveston will bo. there
t?oheer him.
? *
Susan B. Anthony and Carrie Chap
man Catt, Captain and able Lieutenant,
were before tho committees of both
houses of Congress during last woek.
Miss Anthony has proseouted the cause
of Woman* Suffrage thirty-four year*.
The lesson of patience and perseverance
furnished by Miss Anthony ought to
bo of some value.
Roosevelt Objecto to Tillman's Dining
With Him.
Another incident has sprung out of
the flstlouff between the South Caro
lina Senators. President Roosevelt
invited Senator Till ?nun to a dinner at
the White House, given last night in
honor of the German, Prince Henry.
The invitation was tendered because
of Senator Tillman being the ranking
Democrat on tho Senate Naval Affairs
Committee. The President sent for
Senator Cookreil, of Missouri, and told
him that since the Senate had de
clared Mr. Tillman in contompt, it
would be an affront to tho Senato and
discourteous to tho Prince for Tillman
to bo at tho dinner. He requested
Cockrell to ask Tillmau to withdraw
his acceptance of the invitation.
This, Cookrell did, and Senator Till
man ilatly refused to comply. Cock
rell bo communicated to the President
who then had his Secretary, Mr. Cor
telyou, to write a note to Senator Till
man withdrawing the invitation.
Senator Tillman says that Roosovelt
has Insulted him. He denies that ho is
in contompt of the Senato and claims
that as dueling is out of fashion, there
was nothing for him to do when ho
was given the lie but to respond with
a blow.
The scene in the Senate of tho Unitod
States in which Tillman and McLaurin
wero actors is greatly to be rogrotted
if the good name of the State is rogarded
As a matter of fact a few of us like to call
ourselves Carolinians, notwithstanding
wo are absorbed in a nation, and have
some regard for the supposed charac
ter of Carolinians. For these tho fisti
cuff light between the two Senators is a
serious and greatly regrotted incident
Those had thought that aftor Judge
Longstreot's Bob Durham and Bill
Stallion's and "the native Georgian,"
bloody noses were relegated to the
slums. Tillman was making a speech
about the Filipino taxes when he al
lowed himself to be rounded up and
shoved into a defile by Senator Spooner
of Wisconsin, necessitating an assault
upon the jun*or Senator of South Car
olina. Tillman's big blunder was in al
lowing himself handled by Spooner.
We trust hereafter he will handle him
self with more care . McLaurin is to
bo congratulated on being so carefu'ly
groomed by the Republicans.
During last week at Washington the
D. A. It. (If any body knows what they
are) met in great conclave. One of
the material questions was the basis of
representation hundreds or thousands.
Tho country is to be congratulated
upon tho survival of so many Daugh
ters of tho Patriots. Thoro must be
hope for tho country. Our friends in
California and Wyoming need feel no
further apprehension about John tho
Miss Stone, the missionary, long in
the hands of Bulgarian banditti, has
been released by the payment of about
$70,000. It turns out that the husband
of a fellow missionary was in complic
ity with tho thieves. Until those ras
cals are punished there aro many who
will be dissatisfied.
Mr. Aull, the publisher of tho New
berry Herald and News, had his office
injured by firelastweek. Though pro
tected by insurance, the inconvenience
resulting upon a small fire is necessa
rily great.
Never endure this trouble Use at
once the remedy that stopped it for
Mrs. N. A. Webster, of Winnie, Vs.,
she writes "Dr. King's New Life Pills
wholly cured me of sick headaches I
had suffered from for two years."
Cure Headache, Constipation, Bilious
ness. 25c at Laurons Drug Co.'s drug
After being silent for 6ome time I
will pen you a few dots from this place.
We have had real Winter weather
for quite a while.
Wheat is badly killed out. Also oats
that were sown broadcast; thoso that
were sown in drill are standing the
Winter fairly well.
The farmers in this community will
yet sow some of their best land In oats.
Corn Is too high to feed stock on all
Summer. If the Spring oats should
fail the land can bo planted In corn,
peas or sorghum, all of which are val
uable and popular crops.
Mr. N. B. Woods has built a beauti
ful cottage on the Gospel Tent ground,
near this placo, and now occupies it,
and as Bill Arp would say, looks calm
and serene.
Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Mitoholl visited
at Mr. James Simpson's on last Wed
Mr. George Bobbitt, who has been
with a magic lanturn show for some
time, has roturned, to the satisfaction
of all.
Cures Eczema and Itching Humors
Through the Blood?Costs Noth
ing to Try It.
B. B. B. (Botanic Blood Balm) is
now recognized as a certain and sure
cure for Eczema, Itching ?kin, Hu
mor?, Scabs, Scales, Watery Blis
ters, Pimples, Aching Bones or
Joints, Boils, Carbuncles, Prick
ling Pain In the Skin, Old Eating
Sores, Ulcers, etc. Botanic Blood
Balm taken internally, cures (be
worst and most deep-seated cases
by enriobing, purifying and vitaliz
ing the blood, thereby giving a
healthy blood supply to the skin.
Botanic Blood Balm Is the only
cure, to stay cured, for these aw
ful , annoying skin troubles. Other
romodies may relieve,but B. B. B.
actually cures, heals every sore,
and gives the rich glow of health
to the skin. b. b. b. builds up the
broken-down body and makes the
blood red and nourishing. Over
3,000 voluntary testimonials of
cures by Botanic Blood Balm (B.
B. B.) Druggists $1. Trial treat
ment freo and prepaid by writing
Blood Balm Co., Atlanta, Ga. De
scribe trouble, and free medical ad
vice given until oared.
Buck's great White Enameled line
are the best stoves on the markets.
Sold only by
8. M. & E. H. Wllkes.
at 3t cents at
J. E. Mlnter & Bro.
Miss Carrie Stoddard came home
from Oldcora College, with an attack
of Grippe , last Tuesday, Wo hopo to
see her up again soon.
On account of the bad weather, Miss
Metti Put man could not return to her
school last week.
Mr. Jas. Long made a business trip
to Pelzer and Greenville not long
Some of tho young men of this place
are getting a brass band. Guess wo
will have music soon.
Messers John and I'iorco llonry are
visiting friends and relatives at O wings.
Glad to soe them again.
Misses Dee DuPree and Lucille
White, who are attending Chicora
College, spent last Saturday and Sun
day at home.
Several of our young people attend
ed the entertainment of tho Fountain
Inn Graded School last Friday night,
and report a very nice time.
Mr. Austin Willis anu daughter,
Cora, visited at Narn'.e last week.
We notice that a good many of our
farmers have begun hauling guano for
the next crop of cotton.
Mr. Will Mooro was In town last
On account of the bad woathor wo
only had school hero ono day last week.
Millions are daily finding a world of
comfort In Bucklen's Arnica Salvo. It
kills pain from Burns, Soalds, Cuts,
Bruises; conquers Ulcers, and Fover
Sores; cures Eruption, Salt Rheum,
Boils and Folons; removes Corns and
Warts. Best Pile cure on earth. Only
25c. at Laurens Drug Store.
Grata Fenders at 98 cents. Fire . ice
Fenders at 95 cents, $1.00 and $1.10 at
S. M. & E. H. Wllkes.
Miss Lyde Matthows of Wllllamston
passed through tho city yesterday on
her return home from a brief visit to
friends in Laurens.?Greenville News,
">on*t thiuk loss of your systom than
you do of your house. Givo It a thor
ough cleansing, too. Take Plod's
Messrs. S. M. &, E. H. Wilkes,
Laurens, S . C.?
Gents?The 83 A Buck's Fame s'ovo
bought of you is giving me perfect
satisfaction. It takes less wood than
aDy stovo we have ever used.
Yours truly,
T. R. Blakely.
Laurens, S . C, Feb. 10, 1902.
A line of ? to 7 cents Outings to go
at 4cts, as long as they last.
J. E. Minter & Bro.
House to Rent.
A 6-room Cottage on Laurens Street,
near Public Squaro. Apply at this
Office. Terms, $8 per month.
If it is an Iron Bed you wish we
would like to show you our line. We
brought the entire lino of samples
from a bouse at tho Exposition at
Grand Rapids.
S. M. & E. H. Wille??.
Albert C. Todd,
Every case a Specialty. Olllco
in Law Range, South Harper Street.
Wanted?You to order your whis
key for ''personal use" from Cooper
Farming Distillery Co., Brevard, N.
C. Corn whiskey from $1.65 to $2.00
per gallon; vessel Included. Rye from
$2.15 to $3.15. Peach brandy $2.65. Ap
ple $2.15 per gallon.
A. F. Cooper,
The undersigned havo this day en
tered Into a partnership for tho practice
of law In the Courts of this State, under
the name of Simpson & Cooper and will
promptly attend to all business on
trusted to them.
H. Y.Simpson,
R. A. Cooper.
Mrs. John M. Motes, nee Miss Abble
Worthington, died at her home in
Greensboro, Thursday, Jan. 20th, 1902,
and was brought to her old homo and
laid to rest in the Old Union Cojnotory
by tho side of her father and mother,
who preceded her to tho grave many
years ago. Abbie was twenty years
and eight month* old. Throe years
ago she was happdy married to John
D. Motes, of South Carolina, and since
his marriage had lived In High Point
until a few weeks before her death
they had moved to Greonsboro*
Mrs. Motes had been sick only about
a week, and all was done for her that
was possiblo by two physicians, un af
fectionate husband aud a loving
brother, and other friends, but noth
ing could be done by any of us
to relieve her suffering unt'l her Sa
viour came and took her to her home
above, where no pain, sorrow, sin or
death can come.
Abbie professed roliglon and joined
tho M. E. Church, South, whon about
twelve years of age and hay lived a
happy Christian lifo since. It can well
bo said that Abbie was loved by all who
knew her. She was always a favorite
among her schoolmates and was lovod
by evory one. She leaves a busband
and one little boy seventeen months
old, Macio Shubal, aud four sisters and
two brothers, Mrs. S. C. Lassitor and
Mrs. Benj. Rodge, of High Point:
Mrs. Joel llobins and Miss Annie
Worthington, of Lyons; Mr. J. M.
Worthington, of Sophia; Mr. S. G.
Worthington, of Greensboro.
She was a dear wife, a loving mother,
a kind sister and a true friend.
We loved her, yos wo loved her,
But Angels loved her more;
And they nave sweetly called her,
To yonder shining shore.
Tho golden gates were opened,
A gentle voice said "come;"
And with farewells unspoken,
Sho calmly entered homo.
A Friend.
Sophia, N. C.
?High Point (N. C.) Enterprise.
The World's Greatest Fover Medicine
Johnson's Tonic does In a day what
slow Quinine cannot do In ten days.
Its splendid cures are In striking con
trast with the feeble cures made by
If you aro utterly wretched, take a
thorough courso of Johnson's Tonic
and drive out every trace of Malarial
poisoning. Tho wise Insure their lives
and tho wiser Insure their health by
using Johnson's Chill and Fever Tonic.
It costs 50 cents if it cures; not one
cent if it docs not.
Special values In Table Cutlery at
S. M. & E. II. Wllkes.
See our line 1902 Model Haby Car
riages?they aro tho prettiest we have
ever shown.
S. M. & E. H. Wilkes.
Office H>a?8,
While visiting sohools during Feb
ruary and March l will be found in my
otllce on Saturdays and Salesday.
C. S. K, L. C.
Fob. 0, 1902.
Guanos and Acids.
I am now handling Royster's Guan03
and Acids, which are well known to the
public ami have boen tested and found
first claes, and aro warranted in overy
Also, Ober's Guano, which has an es
tablished reputation.
Parties wishing to purchase, can find
mo at Palmetto Drug Company, where
I will be pleased to give them prices,
W. C. IRBY, Sn.
Jan. 23, lo02?3m.
Ilnbtta Ourod i?t my HunMor
tum, tu ?o <Ih,k. Hundred1*
flj y<*nr* e fpocin'tjv Hoot on
nt rant PJIKK. A<:!n>**
?LbV, m. d., Atlanta. On.
r f rofortM'.cc?!.
Hoir.u 'i'rouinn
by our new invention. Only these born deaf ore incurable.
Baltimore, M<1 , Morch 30, 1001.
Ctntltmtn : ? Being entirely cured of deafness, thanks to your treatment, I will now give you
? full history of my case, to be used at your discretion.
About five year* asjo my right car began to sing, and this kept on getting worse, until I lost
my hearing in this car entirely.
I underwent a treatment for catarrh, fpr three months, without nny success, consulted a num
ber of physicians, among others, the most eminent ear specialist of this city, who told me that
only au operation could kelp me, and even that only temporarily, that the head noises would
then cease, but the hearing in the affected ear would be lost forever.'
I then saw your advertisement accidentally in a New York paper, and ordered your treat
ment. After I bad used it only a few days according to your directions, the noise* ceased, and
to-day. after five week*, say hearing in the diseased ear has been entirely restored. I thank you
heartily and beg to remain Very truly >ours.
P. A. WURMAN, 730 8. Broadway, Baltimore, Md.
Our treatment dees not interfere with your usual occupation*
is complote. Wo try to koop tho
Boat and purest. Doctor's bills
arc costly. Bettor pay the little
extra it costs to procure Groceries
Unimpeachable Quality
The only kind wo ever ask you
to purchase.
Laurens Cotton Mills Store.
? T. C. LUCAS, Manager.
JM Humors
Aro ImpUN matters which tho skin,
liver, kidneys and oilier organs can
not take care of without help, thero is
such an accumulation ot them.
They litter tho wholo system.
Pimples, boils, eczema and othor
eruptions, loss of appctito, that tired
feeling, bilious turns, fits of indiges
tion, dull headaches nud many other
troubles aro due to tlicm.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
and Pills
Remove all humors, ovorcomo all
their effocta, strengthen, tono and
Invigorate tho wholo system.
"I had salt rheum on my bands so that I J
could not work. I took Howl's Sarsaparilla
and It drove out the humor. I continued
Its use till tho sores disappeared." Mas.
Ira O. Bkown, Rumford Kails, Mo. '")
Hood's Sarsaparilla promises to
cure and keeps tho promise.
Thrco Papers a Week.
"? ? ?-? ?
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The Semi-Weekly Journal makes
common cause with the farmers and
publishes hundreds of letters from
them on farm topics, describing their
experience In making crops, etc.
It Is a paper devoted to the develop
ment of tho resources of tho South and
the welfare of its people.
The Journal is the authorized medium
for the publication of matter relating
to the Cotton Growers' Protective As
sociation, and lias contributed largely
to the increasod price paid for cotton
this season.
Besides general news tho Twico-a
Week Journal has much agricultural
matter and other articles of sp ecial In
terest to farmers. It has regular con
tributions by Sam Jones, Mrs. W. H.
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Tho American Agriculturist, of Now
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143 Market fetroet,
Memphis, Tenn., April U, 1901.
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Mrs. J. W. O. SMITH.
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CliaUanootfa, Tenn.
Final Settlement.
TAKE notice that on tho 13th day of
March 1002, I will render a final
account of my acte nnd doings as Ad
ministrator of the ostate of B. A. Martin,
dee'd., in tho Office of Judge of Probate
for Laurons County, at 11 o'clock, a. m.,
and on the samo date will apply for a fi
nal discharge from my trust as admin
istrator .
AH persons having demands against
said estate will please present them on
or beforo that day, proven and authen
ticated, or bo forever barred.
Fob. 10, 1002?it Administrator.
chichester'8 english
/T?v. Ortulnnl anil 0.dy Ormilnr.
8Ar'r\ Alw.fiftUablil Urllc*. ??" l>rut?l??
hi ItKO ?ai Oold nri.lllo bole. tMM
whli ! Hi.rltibon. Tuk.nn other. ICefu.e
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tump, for Particular., Tr.tfmonlal.
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Laxative Bronio-Quinirae Tebieu
the remedy that f ttTee m eold tm one ttejr
J. T. Abernrotnblo, a studont at the
Tigervllle eohool, passed through the
oity yesterdayion his way to his homo
in Laurens.
Prof. C. B. Martin of tho Furman
Fitting School loft yoBterday morning
for his homo in Lauroos county. Ho
received a telegram stating that his
Srandmonther was dying.?Greenville
ews 2lst.
Iho startling announcement of a
Discovery that will surely lengthen
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cine no ono noed dread Pneumonia or
Consumption. Its relief Is Instant
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South Corolina Inter-State and West In
dian Exposition.
Tickets aro now on sale. The
fare from Laurens to Charleston
and return will bo as follows:
You can buy a ticket on Tues
days and Thursdays at $4.60 for
the round trip, ticket good for
seven days in addition to day of
For $9.20 you oau buy a round
trip ticket any day, good until
June 8rd.
For $6.75 you oau buy a round
trip ticket any day, good fo tea
days in addition to date of sate.
J. K. NOLAN, Agent.
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Everybody knows what an interest
ing family paper the Sunny South le.
Come In and Pubscrlbo for this combi
nation of three great papers.
Subscribe for
"The Commoner."
AH subscriptions that began
with first number of Tho
Commoner expire with the
next number of that papor.
As you oannot afford to miss
an i?suo of Mr. Bryan's pa
por, renew at once. Congress
now in session?Congression
al Campaign this year?Mr.
Bryan's editorial comment
will Interest vou.
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w. ii. knicjht. k. k. DABO.
Attorneys at Law.
t?r Will practice in all the State and
Federal Courts. Strict attention to all
business Intrusted to them
Office up stairs, Simmons' Building.
Notice of Final Settlement
TAKE notice that on tho ldth
day of March, 1902, wo will rondor
a limit account of our acts and do
ings as Executors of tho estate of
ToJivor Robortson, deceased, iu
tho offico of Judgo of Probato for
Lnurons county, at 11 o'clock, a.
m., and on the samo dato will ap
nly for a final dischargo from our
trust as suoh Executors.
All persons having demands
ugainft said estato will please
present them on or bofore that day,
proven and authenticated, or bo
forever barred.
W. C. P. Robertson,
A. M. Owings,
Nivea B. Patton,
Feb. 10, 1002.?It
i flstijirja C?ire FfeeT J
?-o- n
I Aathmalene BringsInotantRelief and PermansntCurein all Caseso
I -o- g
Sent Absolutely Fkee on Receipt ok Postal. g
) FOR TtN ~
It bringsg
It cureeg
Thero is nothing like Asthmalene.
instant relief, even in tho worst cases
when all olse fails.
The Rev. O. I\ W?lls, of Villa Ridge,
says: Your trial bottlo of Aslhmalane recelvedg
in good condition. I cannot tell you how lhank-n
ful I feel for tho good derived from it. I was ag
slave chained, with putrid sore throat and asthmao
for ten years. I despaired of ever being cured .?
I saw your advertisement for tho cure of thlen
dreadful and tormenting disease, asthma, andfj
thought you had overspoken yourselves, but re-ra
solved to give it a trial. To my astonishment, theg
trial acted liko a charm. Send^me a full size botble. o
We want to sond to every sufferer a trial treatment of Astbma-n
b line similar to the one that cured Mr. Wells. We'll sond it byg
b mail Postpaid, Ahsolotoly Free of Charge, to any sufferer whon
E will wrlto for it, even on a postal. Never mind, though you areg
5 desoairlnc. however bad your case, tho moro glad wo are to send it.rj
1 Do ?ot delay, write at snce, addressing DR. TAFT BROS.' MEDJ,j
I CINE CO., 79 East 120th St., N. Y. City. Sold by all Druggists. n
::::::: WILL i?
Announce the arrival of New
Spring Stock nn due time.
If you are not quite satisfied
When your purchase you have
If on this store your favor
We will cheerfully exchange it,
Or, if that will not arrange it,
You can have your money back
without a word.
Could anything be fairer]
Try us.
h. e. gray_j. c. bhbaly.
in both states for Lumber Buyoro.
Better than average quality at
loss than averago^pricos.
Material for the Builder
Contractor, ^Carpenter,
Fanner , or Householder,
at itguros bolow 'regular.
-?^f LUMBER.
of all kinds, grades and dimensions.
All reliable, woll-soasoned stock.
Toll us your needs and^wo will quote prices.
Mantels, Columns, Scroll Work a Spsnilty.
GRA\ & SIIEALY, Laurens, 8. C.
MBT" Eloven-room brick houso, in r .r of storo, to rout. Hossession
given 1st of January, 1002.
anA, Flour
Cream of the Wheat of "the
Blue Grass Region of Kentucky*
Makes the Bread
that Makes the Man
Logan & Logan Shobyvhu. Ky

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