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ieip Asked for Confeder
ate Bazaar.
Opportunity for Lovers of
the South.
tier from tho Secretary of Laureas
Chapter-Facts About tho
Tho following with regard to the
Confederate Bazaar will explain itself:
: Mr. Editor . Please give space in
your next issuo to the following eircu.
lar of the Confederate Bazaar to be
held in Richmond, Va , April 1903, and
?kindly repeat it three or four times be
tween now and April 1st, thus partak
ing in the loyal and patriotic efforts of
the U. D. C. to erect a monument wor
thy of our noble Chieftain, of whom
?'Death makos no conquest,"
For now he lives in Fame."
Mrs. J. R. Nolan,
Secretary Laurdns U. O. V.
Circular of the Confederate Bazaar, I
to be held in Richmond, Virgfhia, I
April 16th 1903.
The United Daughters of the Confed
eracy, assisted by tho Confederate Me
morial Associations, will hold a Bazaar
for the benefit of the Jefferson Davis
Memorial Arch and for the Confederate
Museum, which is now established in
the mansion in which President Davis
resided during the war.
They therefore ask the help of every
man, woman and child in order that
the entire South may share in the
The Association of tho Jefferson Da
vis Monumoot, U. D. C., has a Director
in each State, and the Confederate Mu
seum, a Regent, who represents the
room owned by each State in the South
ern Confederacy, and will be repre
sented by a tablo bearing its name,
shield and colors, and articles received
will be givon to tho tablo which may be
designated by the donor.
It is befitting that to tho dauntless
Chieftain and his heroic followers
these two monuments bo raised in
the ICapital of the Confederacy,?tho
one spot which can nevor lose its iden
tity with the cause for which they
struggled and died.
The Southern and Adams Express
Companies will deliver, Free of Charge,
ail packages limited to 25 pounds.
Whenever possible, packages ehould
bo forwarded from thtsa Companies.
All artioles, small and larga, for table
or restaurant, for use or beauty, should
be addressed to "Confederate Bazaar,
Richmond, Virginia."
Name and residence of the consignee
should be in the corner, but not given as
part of the address.
All sums of money should be cent by
money orders or check to the Treasurer
Mrs. Kate Winn, 800 Ernst Marshall St.,
Richmond, Va.
The Basaar will begin April 15th, and
each table will bear the name of a book.
The South Carolina Table will be ??Over
the Teacups." Its decorations will be
Japanese and Chinese, while the young
ladies waiting will be appropriately
Donations of every kind will be grate
fully accepted; also, anything Japanese
and Chinese. Mrs. Eubank, formerly
Miss Wbitner, of South Carolina, has
qonsented, at great personal sacrifice, to
take charge of our tables. She will be
assisted by Mrs. Hugh Miller, lately
Mies Poppenheim, of South Carolina.
These ladies feel the grave responsi
bility they have assumed, and earnestly
beg the prompt and zealous help of all
South Carolina women.
Any salable article will be gratefully
Mrs. Auoostinb T. Smyths,
Direotor for South Carolina.
Fuller & Darlington has Become the
Fuller, Darlington Co.
The firm of Fuller & Darlington has
become the Fuller, Darlington Com
pany, incorporated. T. D. Darlington
is president, Brooks Swygort, treas
urer. Dr. W. C. Irby and Dr. L. S.
Fuller are directors. Mr. James Craig
has an interest in the oompany.
The Company will deal exclusively
in whole-sale groceries, including ci
gars. As Fuller & Darlington, a large
and successful trade has been built up
and the incorporation is beeause of the
enlargement of the business. The capi
tal is $15,000. The Company's business
in flour is understood to be larger
than any other in South Carolina.
This house is dolug a great deal to
advertise and further the growth of
Laurens and as the pioneer wholesale
business of the town ought to have
generous support by Laurens people.
Prices Quoted by Alester G. Furman,
Broker, Greenville, S. C, Feb. 3.
Bid I Asked
Abbeville Cotton Mill.
Arkwright Mills, . 119
Helton Mills. 99
(Clinton M'f'g Co.,.126
Darlington M'f'g Co,. 80
Enoree M'f'g Co.,. 88
Greenwood Cotton Mill,.. 99
Grendel Mill.102
Laurens Cotton Mills. .... 155
Newberry Cotton Mills, .. 118
Pacolet M'f'g Co.190
Reedy River,.
Union Cotton Mills.149
State of South Carolina.
County of LaareuB.
In Court of Probate.
Whereas, Martha B. Rowland has
tnado suit to me to grant her Letters of
Administration, on the Estate and effects
I of Elbert C. Rowland, deo'd?
These are therefore to cite and admon
ish, all and singular, the kindred and
I creditors of said Klbert 0. Rowland, deo'd
that they be and appear before me in the
Court of Probate, to be held at Laurens
C. H., 3. C, on the 27th day of February,
1003, after publication thereof, at 11 o'clock
in tho forenoon, to show cause, If any they
have, why the said administration should
not be granted.
Given under my Hand this 10th day of
Feb., 1003.
O. Q. THOMPSON, i. r. l. o.
& CO.'S
Sale of
Has come to a Close. We wish to extend our Friends, Customers and Public generally for their hearty response and
liberal support. By your help and our efforts we have made this one of our most successful, for which
we thank you. We now turn our thoughts to our
**r. Davis and Mr. Anderson will leave in a few days for New York and other points. You can rest assured that they will buy for the coming Spring one of the Largest
and best Selected Stocks of reliable Seasonable and Fashionable Goods it has ever been our pleasure to show. All the Newest things will be found here for
Men, Women and Children, JC
Jf\ /hrs Jw\ Sw\ /fs /Ws /9\ /fs SV\ /*N SV\ /W\ /Ts /?\/W\ /Ts rV\/W\ /T\ /t\ 'w\ ? Vs /W\ 'Is sT\ "\ Mis ?Tfs "IK "Is ? ?s ? /f " '"\ )f\ /f\ ?s /-Ts /Is /TT. /Ts /fs ?-fs ? /TT? /
i 4? ii* it* ^tj. itc in iSi
We wish to say though that we do not ask your trade from merely mercenary motives but because we honestly believe and know that it is to your interest as well as ours
to trade with us, because :
1st. No house has better facilities for buying and selling than we.
2nd. Buying in such quantities always place our prices lower than the average merchant.
3rd. Our long experience places our judgement of values second to none in these parts. Thereby assuring you of a good
article at a moderate COST.
4th. Because we do* not handle shoddy goods==ALWAYS THE BEST.
5th. Because we honestly believe we save you 10 per cent average in your YEARLY PURCHASES.
' ^fci ?Oliv Wi Uli nfli U? ^ "ij** ^4? Vlfci itL lim ?&. \ ?!? ?mV ifli Wltm'Jli "i V iJL' ^ SM./ KM/ KM/ KM/ KM/ KM/ KM/ KM/ KM/ KM/ KM/ KM/ KM/ KM/ KM/ KM./ KM/ KM/ V/ KM/ KM/ KM/ KM/ KM.' KM/ vy/v/v./v -v./v.-v./v./
* /V\ SW\/W\/W\ SW\ /WN /WS /WS /WS /WS /WS /MS /WS ? Ws /WS /W\ /TS /WS /WS /WS .- PS sms /?\ /WS /Is /WS /Is /W\ /fs /fs /fs /fv/fs /?s^T^^^^^!^^^\^^^7fs^!^;^^/ls^s ^^Jfs^^rwfs^^fls!^
These are facts and reasons why you should think before you decide where you will place your business for 1903. We have many things left in Short Lois of
Clothing, Hats, Shoes and Dry Goods,
that it will pay you to sec before buying elsewhere. Thanking you for past favors and soliciting a large share of your business for 1903, we are, your friends,
Davis, IRppet & Co.
Laurens, S. C.
Faniotis Outfitters for Men, Women and Children.
In order to prepare for my Spring Stock, which will soon be com
ing in, I have decided to have?
and have gone through and marked every article mentioned at a price
that can't be duplicated any where?lots of articles to go for
Can only mention a few of the reductions, but there are many more
in stock that are as great. A look will convince the most skeptical
that this week of Special Prices will easily discount any sale ever held
in Laurens. We offer you one lot of Ladies' Shoes:
All $2.50 shoes at
$2.00 shoes at
$1.50 and $1.65 at
$1.25 shoes at -
$1.00 shoes at
75-cent shoes at -
This lot contains about four hundred pairs, all good style, to select
from?lace and button.
One lot of plain White Lawn, 10c. and 12 1-2 cts. quality, at 9cts.
only; 12 yds. to the customer.
Seventy-two Inch Half-Bleached Table Linen, worth 65 cents, sale price, 44 cents; one piece
60 inches, worth 50 cents^sale price 33$ cents.
Twenty-five dozen Plain and Drop Stich, worth i5cts. and 25cts., sale price xocts.
SHIRTS ! SHIRTS I! All of our shirts to go at Half Price?#1.00 shirts, 50; 75cts.
38cts\ ; 5octs. shirts, 25013. This is one of the greatest bargains of the season.
HATS 1 HATS 11 ? All #1.00 and #1.25 Hats to go at 8octs.
One lot of world's renowned Charles Holser'? Patent Leather Shoes for men. In small sizes from 6J
for $3.50 and $4.00, sale price $1.90. Ono lot of same make, Viel Kid and Box Calf, sold for $3.50, to elose at
lot of French Calf Shoes, lace and congress, $3.50 and $4.00, to close at $2.24. One lot of Men's Shoes, congr
$1,50 to oloso at 89cts. One lot of Men's collars, worth lOcts , sale price 4ots.
Komomber those prices are only good from the 10th to the slat, and we only make them to reduce
buying Spring goods. Oar loss is your gain.
's, sold
One I
sold fof
k before
Men who Prosper
Do not attribute their prosperity to good luck. It is
ninety-nine times out of a hundred due to shrewdness
and economy; often to their wives' economy as much
as their own.'
And Right Here is One Place to Come
. if you want to economize. It isn't economy to buy
from us if you don't need anything ; but when you do
need goods in our line, it is the very best kind of econ
omy to buy them here. Our prices make it so.
R. P. MILAM & CO.,
We ?fter to our Farmers the chance to buy
goods, especially Groceries, at?
We sell all Supplies, the best kinds, at
and make your dollars go furthest by trading here. Try us and
sec for yourselves.
Our Undertaker's Stock is Complete. We carry a well
selected stock of everything from
the cheapest Coffin to the best Me
talic Cases ; in cloth goods we carry
the best?among them embossed
white plush goods ; also black, full
draped in cloth. A First-class Hearse*
when wanted. Wc can furnish white
" or black horses when desired. At
night or Sunday 'Phone R. P. Milam's residence or call on J. Mills
Hunter at the Crisp rfouae.
i i "'
lt. P* JULAM & CO
In the Workshop
That's where the
real value of our article
is determined. The way
a Jewel or a piece of Jew
elry is handled in the
workshop often deter
mines its price.
We buy from the best
manufacturers. It is our
intention to sell the high
est grade of
and Silverware.
If a ring, a pin , a
watch, or any other article
of Jewelry whatever goes
from here, which isn't as
represented, we are here
to give satisfaction .
We want your Jewelry
trade?we will treat you
so that we will help you.
Fleming Bros.
Schedule In Effect Dec. 29, 1901.
Lv Augusta. 10 05 am 2 05 pm
Ar Greenwood.12 80 pm .
Ar Anderson. 7 15 pm
Ar IiHurenn..1 40 pm 6 35 am
Greonville. 3 25 pm 10 30 am
Glenn H?rings. .
Hpartauburg. 3 30 pm 9 00 am
Haluda. 0 33 pm
Henderaonville.... 6 11 pm
Asheville.7 15 pm
Lv Afdievllle. 7 05 am
tv Henderaonville. 8 05 am
v Flat Kock.8 15 am
Lv Haluda. 8 39 am
Lv Tryon. 913 am
Snartanburg.12 15 am 4 00 pm
Glonn Spilngs.... .
Greenville.12 22 nm 1 40 pm
Laurent? . 2 07 pm 6 3o pm
Anderson. 7 25 am
Greenwood. 3 07 pm 8 35 pm
At Augusta. 5 40 pm 1135 am
Lv Augusta . .... 4 15 pm
Ar Allendalo . 0 20 pm
Ar Fairfax . 6 20 pm
Ar Yeiuaeee.10 25 am 7 US pm
Ar Boaufort.11 40 am 8 35 pm
Ar Port Royal.11 56 am 8 45 pm
J .v Port Royal. 1 00 pm 0 40 am
TjV Boaufort. 1 15 pm 6 60 am
Lv Yomasoe. 2 30 pm 7 40 am
Lv Fairfax. 8 48 am
Lv A Head ale. 8 68 am
Ar Augusta. 1100 am
Close connections at Greenwood for
all points on S. A. L. and O. A Or. Rail
way, and at Hpartauburg with South
ern Railway.
For information relative to tickets
rates, sohedules, etc., address
W. J. ORAIG, Gen. Pass. Agent,
Augusta, Ga. (
Is Headquarters for
Fruits and Candies and Confections.
Our Groceries, Canned Goods and Eatables
Of all Kinds are Reliable, which the People Know.
Therefore we are prepared for a bigger hristmas trade and
with Finer Fruits, Candies and other things than ever.
Kennedy Bros.
We have sold out our entire stock of
?Clothing, Shoes, Hats and
Gens' Furnishing Goods ^
These Goods were sold at a Sacrifice in order to give
room for our immense line of Dress Goods, Fancy
Dry Goods and Millinery for Spring to
which we will devote our entire attention.
We cordially invite all persons wanting anything in Dress
Goods and Millinery to call at our store and see
what beautiful goods we are closing out
at reduced prices preparing to
get in our Spring Stock.
The McCord Mdse, Co,

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