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Hubscription Prlce-12 Months, $1.00
Parable in iFrance.
Rates for Advertising.?Ordinary Ad
vertisements, per square, oft? inser
tion, $1.00; each subsequent insertion,
50 cents. Liberal reduotlon made
for largo Advertisements.
W. W. Ball,
LAURENS, 8. C, Nov., 18, 1903.
The Canal To Be Built.
Tho people of tho isthmus of Darien
or Panama havo seceded from Colom
bia and set up a republic. They will at
once sell the rights to the United
States to build the Panama Canal aud
it will bo built. This seems certain. In
a few short years the Atlantic aud
Paoiflo oceans will be connected and
..the commerce of the world will be re
volutionized, under the direction and
control of the United Stales.
It is widoly b3llovod that after the
Colombian government refused to
ratify what Is known as the Hay-Her
rau canal treaty the Uuitod States gov
ernment conspired with the paoplo of
Panama for the secession which has
lately followed. No ono will say that
the Panama crowd wouid havodreamod
of secession oxcopt for Its rolianco for
protection and recognition by the gov
ernment at Washington. This protec
tion and reoognlt'on havo already been
substantially given.
That the Washington govornment
whloh coorced the Confederate states
when they exorcised their right to se
cede has connived at secession by a
part of another government is a settled
fact. This is merely another illustra
tion of tho old, old truth that In tho re
lations between governments, good
morals, good faith, consistency and
sentiment aro not as a rule regarded.
It would have been more to tho beno -
lit of the South if tho Nictrauga route,
advocated by Sen\tor Morgan for thirty
or forty years, hid been selected. It
will, bowover, benefit the South
greatly to havo the Panama canal a
It is possible that tho Democratic
minority in congress will oadeavj? to
make capital out of tho conduct of tho
Republican administration in recogniz
ing the new Panama republic. Wo fear
that the endeavor will fall. Fra'1 hu
manity judges by results. Succass, in
tho present stage of civilization, is the
supremo test of virtue. The Republi
can party is in the saddle If tho ex
isting situation develops into the
prompt construction of tho canal, the
methods and morals, or immorals, lead
ing to that event will soon be forgot
ten. The Democratic party will pro
bably gain nothing whether or not It
opposes the Republican policy. The op
portunity is one which belongs to the
majority party. The minority is help
Had tho Democratic party given ear
to John T. Morgan, a Southern states
men, who has lived and thought 25
years ahead of his associates who has
towcrod ovor southern men in congress
as an oak dwarfs a dogwood, the Nie
uraugaAanal would probably have been
built and opened some years ago.
Meanwhile tho Democratic party has
had a good time chasing free silver and
other creatures of nonsense for the past
seven years.
"On with the dance, let joy be un
Mnking Fine Furniture.
A Charleston man who was recently
preparing to furnish a new residence
consulted ono of the leading furniture
dealers of that city. After inspecting
with him catalogues of several celebrat
ed factories of Grand Rapids and other
places the dealer said: "Lot me show
you the equal of the best in these cata
logues mado here in South Carolina."
Ho then exhibited a suit from tho Lau
rens Furniture Company and the gen
tleman, who told tho writer of the in
cident, found that what the dealer said
was strictly true.
Our own people aro scarcely aware
of tho high class of goods made by
their home factory. President Aiken
and Superintendent Bruening, both
first rato men in their positions, are
rapidly bringing this factory to the
front in tho furniture trade and it is ap
parently a matter of only a few months
before it will have a reputation second
to none in the country. Alroady its
output is in demand wherever It is
known and it is becoming better known
each day. '
Laurens is well known as a cen
ter for fine toxtile manufacturing in
the South. The prom he is that some
day it will have a similar repute in the
furniture industry.
McMastcr and Moonshine.
The editorial statement below is
taken from Mr. R. R. HemphilPs Ab
beville Medium:
"An item has appeared In various
newspapers to the effect that a .man in
Vormont 1ms the largest applo orchard
In the world. It contains 4500 trees
aud this yoar's crop has alroady been
sold for $1500.
"This apple orchard is not in it, for
Fitz MoMas'er, business manager of
The Stato, has an apple orchard on his
place in the mountains known as Zir
con a containing 47000 trees. This is no
newspaper yarn for the information
oamo from the owner himself. The
trees are growing finely but are not
old enough yet to bear fruit."
The only amazing feature of this
story is that McMaster told on him
self. Ho has been stealing away to
"Zircon a" at intervals of a few weeks
for seVoral yca>s, saying that "he
needed rest" and that "his health was
breaking down" but those who knew
of his desperate animosity to the dis
pensary law suspected that he was
fighting it from the North Carolina
side. It is strange that none of his ap
plejack wagons has ever been sen.*, by
way of Laurens. It was not like tho
generous nature of the man to negleot
his friends. Wonder how many apple
jack wagons he is running anyhow?
Our New DIsoovory is sold by W. W.
Dodson, Laurens Drug Co. and Youngs'
Pharmacy under an absolute guar
antee. Price tl.OG.
B?arp the 11,9 Kind You Haw Alwajs Bought
"Uncle Franklin" Curry, the Patriarch
of the Township, Is In no Better
Health?Other News.
Dials, Nov. 7.~Thl8 morning is a
"reminder" that hog and hominy is
close at hand and if it will only romain
cool for a few more days thore is no
doubt but what many hogs will be
slaughtered In the next week.
The recent frost is thought to bavo
out the cotton crop olf a great deal. Mr.
D. D. Harris, one of Dials' most promi
nent and successful formers, was heard
to say a day or so ago that he knew he
had lost at least ten bales on account of
the frost.
In spite of rain and mud your cor
respondent and a great many others
from this section took in the Barnum
& Bailey's circus in Greenville.
Uncle Frank Ourry who was reported
being critically ill sometime ago, we
arc forry to say is no better.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Moore visited
friends and relatives in Laurons City
last week.
Mr. Robert L. Henderson and sons
have returned from an extended visit
to Columbia.
Mr. J. W. Godfrey, formerly of this
pection, but now a salosman for the
Gordon Morchantllo Company In
Greenville, came down accompanied by
his bride and spent a few days last
wook among bis many friends and rela
tives In this section.
Capt. J. A. Balontine Is making pre
parations to build an addition to his
Mr. Brooks Sullivan and Superin
tendent O. F. Brooks were here last
Mr. Arthur Chapman writing from
Durban, Natal, South Africa, says:
"As a proof that Chamberlain^ Cough
Romedy is a cure suitable for old and
young, I psn you the following: A
neighbor of mine had a child just over
two months old. It had a very bad
cough and the parents did not know
what to give lt. I suggested that if
they would got a bottle of Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy and put some up
on the dummy teat the baby was suck
ing it would no doubt ouro the ohild.
This tiny did and brought about a
quick relief and cured the baby." This
remedy is for sale by Laurons Drug
"One of Dr. King's New Life Pills
eaob night for! two weeks has put me
In my 'teens' again" writes D. H. Tur
ner of Dempseytown, Pa. They're the
best In the world for Liver, Stomach
and Bowels. Purely vegetable. Never
grip-). Only 2"? cents at Laurens Drug
Co. and W. W. Dodson.
Sale of Bank Stock.
By authority glveu by an order of O.
G. Thompson, Judge of Probate I will
sell befo-e the Court House door on
Salesday in December next, being tho
7th day of the month, within the legal
hours of sale, two shares of s ock of
the National Bank of Laurens, S. C,
said stock being of the par value of
ono hundred dollars per share.
Terms of sale?Cash.
Wilmot Smith,
Administrator of John R. Smith, dee'd
Executor's Sale.
By authority of O. G. Thompson,
Probate Judge, I will sell on Friday,
November, 20th, 1003, beginning at 10
o'clock A. M., at the late residence of
L. W. Ramage, deceased, in Laurens
County, South Carolina, a lot of farm
produce, plantation tools and imple
ments, horses, mules, hogs, cattle,
at public outcry to the highest b'dder
for cash.
R. B. Bell,
November, 3rd, 1903.?2t.
Executor's Sale.
By virtue of a Decree of the Court of
Common Pleas in the case of William
C. Irby, Jr.. Executor, Plaintiff, against
Nannie M. Irby, et. al., Defendants, I
will sell at public outcry to the high
est bidder, at Laurens, ?. H. S. C, on
Salesday in December next, being the
7tn day of the month, the following lot
of land: All that lot of land In the City
of Laurens, bounded by Harper Street
on the East, Academy Street on the
North, Chestnut Street on the West,
and lands of the estate of E. M. Caine
on tho South, containing 23 acroo. be
ing the home place of the late j. L. M.
Irby. I will sell in lots or in ontlrety,
announcement to be mado on doy of
William c. Irhy, jr ,
Nov. lO.h?td.
ON Thursday, November 10th inst.,at
11 o'clock a. m. contract for re-building
both approaches and making till at east
end of McDaniel's Bridge on Rabun
Creek will be let to lowest bidder. Bond
to be given on the spot in double the
amount- bid. Place of lotting?at said
Bridge. Also, nt same time and place,
under same requirements for bond, con
tract for re-building Bridge on Walnut
Croek, near Washington's Mill, will be
let to lowest bidder. Specifications to
be seen on day of letting.
ON Saturday, November 21st inst.,
at 11 o'clock a. m., contract will bo let to
lowost bidder for repairing Day Bridge,
on Little River. Bond to be givon in
doublo tho amount of bid.
Nov. 4,1903-3t. Supervisor L. 0.,
/' ' '
Charlesin and Western Guoliiia R B.
Schedule in Effect Mar. 1,1903.
2:07 p m Lv. Laurens Ar 1:80 p m
3 30 pm Ar Spart an hur?. Lv 12 01 pm
(Nouthern Hallway)
3 40 pm Lv Spartanburg Ar 10 26 am
5 33 pm Ar Saluda Lv 8 89 am
6 11 pm Ar Hendersonville Lv 8 06 am
(O. A W. O. Railway)
1 65 pm Lv Laurens Ar t 45 pm
2 61 p m Lv Greenwood Ar 12 4( pm
5 20 pm Ar Augusta Lv 10 10 am
2 36 pm Lv Augusta At 11 65 am
0 30 pm Ar Beaufort Lv 7 60 pm
? 45 pm Ar Port Royal Lv 7 40 am
2 00 pm Lv Laurons Ar 185 pm
8 26 pm Ar Greenville Lv. 12 15 pm
For information relative to tiokets
rates,schedules, eto., address
J. R. NOLAtt, Agent Laurens 8. O.
Gen. Pass, Agent, Augusta, Ga.
T. M. EMERSON. Traffic Man.
Baptists To Meet.
Tho Union of the Feu th Section of
Laurens Association will convene with
Bethabara Church, Saturday, Nov.
28tb, 1903.
The following Is tho program:
10.30. Prayer, Praise and Song ser
vice.?M. A. Summerei.
11. Organization. Appoiutmont of
11.16. Discussion. Subject: Tho Bi
ble in the hand, in tho heart, in tho
life. -Rev. J. A. Martin.
12. Intermission.
1.30. Coldness of the Churches, cause
aud remedy.?W. P. Brown.
2.15. Is tho Sunday School accom
plishing its missions? If no*, who is
responsible??Wade II. Plnson.
?.00. What is Bible consecration??
W. P. Turner.
Sunday, 10.00. Addresjes by J. L.
Boyd and J. II. Wharton.
1100. Missionary Sermon by J. B.
Hives are a terriblo torraont to the
lltt'e foiks, end to some older ones.
Easily cured. Doan's Ointment never
fiils. Instant roliof, permanent cure.
At any drug storo, 50 cents.
The Best Wheat Only Used.
A bull or boar market has nothing to
do with the selection of tho wheat
from which Bransford's "Clifton"
Hour Is mado. It requires tho best
wheat to keep the Hour up to its atan?
ard, and it is bought regardless of tho
price. Tho roputation of "Clifton"
Hour has been gained by li'tcen years
of uniform excellence.
T. N. Barksdale,
M. II. Fowler.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
Money to Loud.
On llrst mortgage of improved farms.
Easy terms. No commission. Borrower
pays only actual oxponses of loan.
October, 20, 1903.
Laurens, 8.
County Treasurer.
The County Treasurer's Books will
bo open for collection of State, County
and Commutation ltoad Taxes for lis
cai year 1902 at the Treasurer's OHico,
from October 15ih t> Decomber 31,
1033. Those who prefer to do so can
pay in January, 1904, with ono por
cent, additional; those who prefer pay
ing In February, 1904, can do so with 2
per cent, additional; thoso who prefer
to pay in March, 1904, lo the 15th of
said month, can do so by paying an ad
ditional 7 por cent. After said date
tho books will close.
All persons owning property or pay
ing taxos for others in moro than one
Township are requested to call for re
ceipts in each township in which they
live. This is important, as additional
cost and penalty may not bo attached.
Prompt attention will bo given tho?c
who wish to pay their taxos through
the mall by cheeks, monoy orders, otc.
Persons sending in lists of namos to bo
taken off, aro urged to send in early as
the Treasurer is very busy during the
month of Decomber.
The Tax Levy is as follows:
State Tax, 5 mills
School Tax, 3 mills
County Tax, 2} mills
County ltoad, 2 mills
Special county, i mills
Special local tax, } mill
Railroad Tax, 2J mills
Total, 15} mills
Special School Laurens, 8} mills
Special School Clinton, 1 mill
Special School Fountain Inn, 4 mills
Special School Mountvillo, 2| mills
Special School Cross Hill, 3 mills
Special School Gray Court, 2 mills
Special School Waterloo, 2 mills
All able-bodied male citizens between
the ages of 21 and 00 yoars aro liablo
to pay a poll tax of $1.00, excopt old
soldiers, who are exompt at 50 yoars.
commutation. Hoad Tax $1.00, In lieu
of working the pub'ic ro?ds, to be paid
at the time, as stated above.
Come early and avoid tho rush.
County Treasurer.
Laurens, S. C, Sept. 25, 1003?td.
C, N. ?l L. R. R.
In effectlSunday, October i9th, 1902.
No 52.?Passenger.
Columbia, 11 20 a m
Leaphart, 11 40
Inno, 11 46
Balontine, 11 61
White itock, 11 50
Hilton, 12 02 p m
Chapin, 12 09
Little Mountain, 12 19
Slighs, 12 23
Prosperity, 12 32
Newborry, 12 40
Jalapa, 1 00
Gary, 1 05
Kinards, 1 10
Goldville, 1 17
Clinton, 1 30
Parks, 1 42
Ar Laurens, 1 50
No. 53 ?Passenger.
Laurens, 2 02 p m
Parks, 2 09
Clinton, 2 22
Goldville, 2 34
Kinards, 2 43
Gary, 2 49
Jalapa, 2 54
Newborry, 3 10
Prosperity, 3 24
Slighs, ?3 31
Littlo Mouutaio, 3 39
Chapin, 3 51
Hilton, 3 57
White Rook, 4101
Balontino, 4;07
Irmo, 4,17
Loaphart, 4 23
Ar. Columbia, 4 45
For rates, tims tables, or^fnrtherein
formation call on any Agent, or writ
W. G.Childs, President.
James A. Summerset!, Train Master
Union Meeting.
The Union meeting of the -Sec
ond and Third Sections of the
Laurens Baptist Association will
meot with tho Mt. Gallgher Bap
tist Church, Novomber 27th-29th,
1903. Tho following is tho Pro
gramme submitted by Kev. M. C.
Friday, 10 o'clock a. tu. l'rayer and
praise sorvico?conducted by the Pastor
of Mt. Gallaghor Church.
11 o'clock a. in. Introductory Sermon
by Rev. J. T. Hcnu. Alternato, Rtv, M>
C. Comptor.
Enrollment of Delegates and organi
Sl' U.IKCTS VOn Dl8Cl'i8lCN.
1. Are tlio Biptists of Laurens Coun
ty taking tho Inter* st they shou'd in
tho education of their boys and giils?
?Profs James A. Madden and B. Y.
2. What part shojld tho Pastor take
in tho development of a stronger tem
perance cenliinont among his people?
?T. II. Bnrts an i Lewis Martin.
Saturday, ?.I10 o'clock a. m. l'rayer
and Praise service?conducted by Capt.
John Moore.
3. How can we host reach our vouug
peoplo for the Lord Jesus ?- T. B. Brown,
W. S. Knight and C. B. Bobo.
4. What is tho preaont status of the
Baptist Churches of Laurens Associa
tion, spiritually ??II. II. Mahon and C.
B. Bobo.
6. What Biblo doctrine does our
Churches most need to linvo preached ??
lt. Ilawkins.Jno. M. IIudgons.Rov. J. O.
0. The revivals our Chun lies need and
bow Ihey may bo secured? Revs. J. T.
Renn, T. 0. Jack3 and J. 1). Pitts
Sunday, 0.30 a. m. Prayer and Praise
service?conductod by Rev. T. C.Jacks.
7 Is our Suuday School work what it
should bo? If nit, how can wo best im
prove it??Samuel Bolt, W. E. Wash
ington and C. II. Roper.
11 a. u. Missionary Sermon by Rev?
J. D. Pitts. Alternate, Rev. B. J. Wood
For Committo?.
The Union of First Section of
tho Laurens Association will meet
at Friendship Baptist Church on
Saturday before the Fifth Sunday
in Novombor, 1908.
1. Devotional meeting, 30 minutes.
2. Organization.
3. Discussion.
1? Relation of Pastor to bis peoplo
and rotation of people to their Pastor.
W H Drummond.
J R Fowler.
2? Tho obligation of church members
to attond Sunday School,
A J Christopher,
T J Hughes.
SI?Tho practicability and hclpfulncsss
of a Uniou Missionary Society In every
T F Jones,
John Putman.
Many Mothers of a Like Opinion.
Mrs. Pilmcr, of Cordova, Iowa, saye:
"One of my children was subjoot to
croup of a sovoro type, and tho giving
of Chamberlain's Remedy promptly,
always brought rolicf. Many mothers
In this neighborhood think the same us
I do about this remedy and want no
other kind for their children." For
salo by Laurens Drug Co.
Sick headache, backache and all
Rheumatic Pains destroyed by Our
Now Discovery. A guarantee with
each botllo at Laurans Drug Co., Dr
Dodson's and Young's Pharmacy
Price *1.00.
First Cost Not the Cheapest.
Tho first cost of an article does not
necessarily determine its cheapness.
For Instance, a sack of "Clifton" Hour
may cost you a little more than other
so-called patent Hour?, but It will bo
cheaper to-you in the end. Why? Be
cause it will not only make moro bread
to tho sack, but take less lard and soda
to make It. Order a sack of "Clifton"
and make a test for yourself. It will
prove the truth of this statement.
T. N. Barksdalc,
M. H. Fowler.
Wo forbid bunting, fishing, making
paths and otherwise trespassing on our
E. A. Hamilton,
W. P. Brown,
H, L. Blakeloy,
T. B. Brown,
Dr. B. F, Posey,
Dr. Clifton johos,
A. M. Ramago,
B. F. Hallow.
the great
Family medicine
Thedford's Black-Draught has
saved doctors' bills for more than
sixty years. For tho common fam
ily ailments, such as constipation,
indigestion, hard colds, bowel com
plaints, chills and fever, bilious
ness, headaches and other liko
complaints no other inedicino is
necessary. It invigorates and reg
ulates tho liver, assists digestion,
stimulates action of tho kidnovs,
purifies the blood, and purges tho
bowels of foid accumulations. It
euros liver complaint, indigestion,
sour stomach, dizziness, chills,
rheumatic pains, sidcacho, back
ache, kidnoy troubles, constipation,
diarrhoea, biliousness, piles, hard
colds and headache. Lvcry drug
gist has Thedford's Black-Draught
in ?,?) cent packages and in main
moth size for $1.00. Never nccopt
a Substitute. Insist on having tno
original made by the Chattanooga
Mcdicino Company.
I believe Thedford's Black-Drauaht
Is the best medicine on earth. It Is
good for any and everything. I have
a family of twelve children, and for
four years I have kept them on foot
and healthy with no doctor but Black.
Draught. A. J. GREEN. Illewara, La.
It is not what a store claims that counts. It's what it docs.
YVhv HUB makes no pretensions to selling fine goods at prepos
terously small prices. All we say is that we offer worthy quali-c
Sties and correct styles at fair and honest figures. Our trade is\
sgrowing every mouth; because every single thing we sell, small?
cor large, contains service, style and satisfaction We earnestly;
?ask you not to buy anything in Women's Wearables until you seeS
^precisely what we have to offer. \
> Let us mention a few noteworthy items.
;VVinsomc Winter Fabrics.
Black Sicilian, 45 inches wide,
150 cents a yard.
Snow Flake Suiting, 38 inches
>wide, 50 cents a yard.
Black Cheviot Serge, 44 inches]
[wide, 50 cents a yard.
ZibelhieSj strikingly dressy ef-]
yfects in both.
Black and Colours, 44 inches]
>\vide, 75 cents a yard.
Satin' Prunellas, lovely new
^shades, 44 inches wide, 75 cents.
Broadcloths, magnificent qual
ity, Blacks, Grays, Greens, Gar*
^nets, etc., 52 inches wide, #1.25.
Black Taffeta Silk, 36 inches]
[wide, very fine, 85 cts to $1.25
Coverts and Homespuns, the
?proper material for Walking
(Skirts, handsome shades, 56;
[inches wide, 75 cents and #1.00,
Petty Stuffs that Cost
but Little.
26 inch Brocadines, i2>^c. a yd<
27 inch Tricot Waistings, 25ctsj
27^ inch French Flannels, 10 cts<
36 in. Cashmeres, all colors 25c'
36 in. Henriettas, all colors 25c.
36 in. Percals, 8c, 10c, i2><cts<
Shapely Shoes.
Shapely, Stylish, Comfortably}
Kitting Ladies' Shoes are one of)
the HUB'S specialties.
The Portia Shoe, $2.00 U><
The Famous Radcliffe $2.50.
The splendid Regina $3.00.
All sizes and all seasonable
The Handsome Hats
Our Milliners turn out arc the exact counterpart
of the latest city styles. Remember it.
Time Waits
For No Man.
The following seeds are for Present Sow=
ing. We have Crimson Clover, Red Clover,
Alfalfa, Burr Clover, Beardless and Bearded
Barley, Blue Stem and Currolls Prolific
Wheat, Rye, Vetch and Rape.
Kennedy Bros.
'vI'" & "Jlf 11?)H Kl 1 ' *'VJ/ VA/ VJ/ VJ's<?' VA\ V JLj 'ii vfT v.Hi.i ',1- JL',iL nt? '??
'/?\ /?N /Ts /"Ts /Ts /Ts /Ts /Ts /TS /Ts /Ts /Ts /Ts ^^r~/W\/f\/fs/lN/fs/1K/|s^N
Dress Goods
^?^i^^>X ^-wlll duO1 /i<^2zm?^?
For Thirty Days Every Piece ofg^
Goods in this Line we offer for just
This is far below First Cost. Any
piece marked $1.00 will be sold for 50cts*j
and so on.
Remember the first gets choice.
\y \^ ^^^SJ/Nt/Nt/vt/VM/^A/vJ/vi/va^v./ My v/ \j/ Km.; \i/ \%/ \*/ \m/ v/ ?
T^nTs^nK^nrri^nnrTs'^nFl'fIT nTl /I \'F'T!,'fs'T.Its!V.'?'nr.'
W. C. IRBY, Jr.,
Attorney at Law.
Will praotlco In all State Courts.
Prompt attontlon given to all business.
All land owners in Laurens County
are hereby given notice that all streams
running through their lauds must be
cleaned out on or before the first day
of December next, as provided by law.
Streams not so cleaned will be cleaned
at expanse of owners.
II. B Humbert, Sup. L. O.
Oct. 19, 1003.
Dr. Chas. A. Ellett,
Law Range.
Office Days.
Persons having business with
the Supervisor will find him or his
oierk in tho Office Mondays and
Fridays of eaoh week.
H. 3. Humbert, Sup. L. 0.
Jan. 29,1908.
-?- ? -
AycgctabfePreparaiionfor As
similating lUcFood andHe?ula
ling ihc Sloinaclis and Bowels of
< 1nfanis/( hu dki:n
l'romolcs Digeslion.Cheerfur
ness anclResl.Contains neilter
Upium,Mor?lune nor Mineral.
Kot Narcotic,
ysh^e afOMtirSAMUELPtrCHER
I\imfjfiui Seejr"
/ilx.Senrui *
lloth?U* S.-Ms -
Jil TflltiitinteSoda *?
/f&f(*.lW?// -
Cfnnfitd Aignr
Aperfecl Remedy forConslipn
Hon, Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea
Worms .Convulsions .Fcverish
ncss and Loss OF SLEEP.
Vac simile Signature of
At (>. inon Iiis old
3 5 O a s > s - j ^ C i ; jn i s
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Yudrs
Look! LOOk
Here are Some Specials at the
Cash Bargain Store.
Treco Flannel 20 cents the yard; Ladies1
Ready=to=wear Skirts $1.00 to $2.25; Shoes
for Everybody; Sicillian Suitings 40 cents the
yard; Outings 5 to 10 cents the yard; Frank
lin Tweeds for Ladies' Heavy Skirts at 23 cts
the yard; The slickest line of Hose in town.
The only place in town that you can get 6
Plates for 35 cents. TOBACCO: Brown Mule
29 cents the pound by box; Rock and Rye
32'; the pound by the box; Golden Grain 40
cents the pound. Parched Coffee 10 cents the
J. L. HOPKINS, Proprietor.
Ccsto On
Cures E" i
Cures Clftlsra-lnfant um,
Diarrhoea, Dyscnicry, aiul
the Bowel Troubles of
Children of Any Age.
Aids Digestion, Regulates
the Bow els, Strengthens
(teething powDEtiSMM "??
!y 2Sc at llruggists, or mail 25c lo C. J. lHOFFIilT, ill. D? St. lonis, Mo.
uptlono and Soros, Collo. Hives and Thrush. Removes und Prevents
White Stone Lithia Water!
Is the lightest water on the market. Wo realize that this is claiming a groa
deal, and we could not afford to make this assertion unless wo know that we
could prove, it to bo true. But it does not tako an expert to test the softness of
a Mineral Water. When carbonating a mineral water, if it is a hard water the
gases will not bo absorbed in the wat9r, and when the bottle is opened, the gas
es escape, and the water is left tlat and hard, while if it is a soft water, like
White Stone Lithia, it will retain its gases for hours after being unstopped.
Head what somo prominent persona you know have to say of the merits of
the White Stono Lithia Water:
Laurens, S. C, Sept. 10th, 1902.
J. T. Harris, Eari.,
White Stono Sprin?, S. C.
Dear Sir:?I am using White Stone
Lithia Spring's Water, and am very
much ploascd with results. I think it
the best I havo used.
Yours very respectfully,
O. B. Simmons.
Laurent, S . a, Sept. 12th, H>02.
Mr. J T. Harris,
Whito Stone Spring?, S. 0.
Doar Sir: ?I tako pleasure in saying
that my family rocoivod groat benefit
from tho use of White Stone Lithia
Water. I can heartily recommend it
to any one in need of a healthful
Mineral Water.
Very truly,
J. O. O. Fleming.
Greenville, S. 0., Oct. 10, i!)02,
After a service of one soason at
White Stone Lithia Spring?, a3 resi
dent physician 1 do not hesitate to ?ay
that the effect of the water upon those
who drink it for any length of time,
has boon perfectly marvelous. Invari
ably an increase both in tlosh and ap
petite was perceptible in one week,
proving it to bo a mineral v/ator of
undoubted powerful tonic property. Its
peculiar adaptability to diseases origi
nating from disorders of the kidney,
bladder ami liver, such as Dropsy,
Height 's diseases,Diabetes and uric acid
Oalotlll, and all forms of Dyspopsla,
Rhen mails in and Gout is to be ex
pected from the splondid analysis. It
has boon noted frequently that visi
tors before coming here had to follow
every meai with somo form of correc
tive, or confine themselves entirely to
predigosted foods; soon discard Umso
entirely, being delighted to find that
tho water alone -nature's oMn remedy
sufficed, Of iiic iimnj who drink this
water this season for ton days consecu
tively,not one but experienced decided
benefit and a percoptiblc gain in wcigt,
varying from two to five pounds.
L. C. Stevens, M. D.
Wo have tho largest brick Hotel in tho Carolinas or Georgia, with all mod
Cm Improvement?. , ,
K>\ Elcotrlo Gar Lino runs from Southern Road to Spring.
White Stono Spring, S. C. _
White Stone Lithia Water Co.
Carriages, Bugles and Wagons
- ^ Cheaper than Anybody. Come and See. to m %

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