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Absolutely Pur?
Alvln J. Martin's Fine
Made Thirty-Five Bushels
to the Acre.
This was Dono Without the Usoof Com
mercial Fertilizers and on Up
lands?Plenty of Pork.
In these days of 11 cent* cotton it is
WOith while to observe that Lauroos
County can produce corn. Mr. Alvin
J. Martin of Youngs has shown The
Advkktiser some specimens of rccord
breakirg corn, that shou'd encourage
all L?uirens farmers.
Tho four ears which he loft with
The Advkrtiseu measure an average
of ten inches in length and eight in
e'.ivum Terence around the middle. Tbey
aro of tho Holt's Strawberry variety,
tho soed of which is Sold by T. W.
Wood & Sons of Richmond.
This corn was raised by Mr. Martin
on upl ind8 and the yield wus from 30
to 40 bushols the aero. This was with
out commercial fcrtilili/.er, though
some stable and lot manure was made.
On tlvo acre3 he harvested 150 bushels.
Mr- Martin is one of those farmers
who makes his own hay, his own corn
and other provender and most of the
meat.that he and his fam'ly consume,
lie is a farmer who believes in farming
aud ho finds it a good calling. While he
is not a rich man, ho has got'.on out of
farming what probably tho wealthiest
of men do not always get out of other
cal'ings?solid and comfortab!e inde
Mr. Martin also brought to The Ar>
VEitTiSEit some magnificent specimens
of pears, showing that he is a ft u!t grow,
er as well as a corn grower.Moreover,he
has porkers, raised on his own corn and
other produce which will net 1500
To somo farmers South Carolina is
naturally the best country on the face ot
tho earth.
Why not to all?
Have you seen Williamson's new
Jewelry Store?
Tho finest quality of granulated loaf
BUgar is used in the manufacture of
Chamberlain's Cough R-medy, and
the roots used in Its preparation give
it a llavor simi'ar to maple syrup, mak
ing it quite pleasant to tike. Mr. W.
L. Roderick, of Poolevllle, Md., in
speaking of thisremody, says: "I have
us d Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
with my children for several yoars and
can truthfully say It is the best pre
paration of the kind I know of. Tho
children liko to tako it and it has no
lnjurous after effect. For sale by Lau
rens Drug Co.
When you can own your own home
with the same money?
The Piedmont Savings and Invest
ment Company will enable you to do
Instead of Paying Rent for years
und owning nothing at the end of the
term the property is yours,
Meanwhile, you have had the home
from the first?with the motive to im
prove it.
Owning one's homo does more to
make an independent man than any
thing else.
Aman with little or no property finds
it hard to borrow and build.
Suoh men this company provides
credit for.
There are hundreds of working
men in this town paying rent on
houses that are no-, cosy and comforta
ble, they have no conveniences, that
are not kept up and that are not im
proving in value.
Lot* in Laurens are cheap. These
same men, with the rent money they
are paying, can all own homes in
which they will take p'ide and which
will grow more valuable each year.
The Piedmont Savings and Invest
ment Company is not a building and
loan association. Why? Beoause the
contraot is certain and definite. The
borrower knows to a day when his
de')t will be due. Moreover the rate of
interest is lower.
State of South Carolina,
Court of Common Pleas.
By virtuo of the decree of the Court
in the ease of J. C. Hutchinson vs.
Mamie E. Fuller and others, I will sell'
at Laurens Court ? House, South Caro
lina, at public outcry, to the highest
bidder, on Salesday in December. 1003,
bolng the 7th day of the month, all that
tract Of land In Laurens County, in said
State, known as the Tlllman Fuller
land, sold in two separate parcels.
Tract No 1, containing one hundred
and sixty-nine acres, more or less,
bounded by lands of Doliy Madden,
Oeo, Winn. J. R. Pinson and others.
Tract No. 2, containing one hundred
und sixty nine acres, more or less,
bounded by tract No. ), lands of L. 8.
K Fuller, R. W. Pitts, Isaac Grant and
Tertns of Sale?One-third cash, tho
balance with interost, to be secured by
bond of purchaser and mortgage of the
premises, duo in two equal instalments
of one and two years from day of sale,
with leavo to purchaser to pay all
ex h. Purchaser to pay lor papers, li
purchaser does not comply land to bo
resold at rlBk of defaulting purchaser.
' Inn? D K/vr in
Miss In? Vance of Clinton is visiting
Mrs. G. C. Albright.
Mr. Wash Drummood of Lao ford was
here Monday.
Mr. William Webb of Nashville is
visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Watts.
Mies Sal lie Itlvors of Spartanburg is
visiting relatives in tho city.
Miss Hall of Georgia Is visiting Mrs.
R. E. I3abb.
J. Conway Elliott has accepted the
superintondeuey of a furniture factory
in Valdosta, Ga.
Solicitor Nease Here.
Solicitor T. S. Seaso was in the city
laftweek. His business hero was to
examine the records of the sheriff's
and clerk of court's ofllces for data for
use in his annual report. Solicitor
Sease Is a capablo and careful ofllcor.
He is always a welcome vi?ltor in Lau
Honor Roll
Of Eden High School for month end
ing, November, 18,/ 1903:
First Grad j?Ruby Babb, Lola Mar
tin, Margie Holder, Lllla Babb, Booth
Second Grado?Fred Armstrong.
Third Grade ? G>bbon Armstrong,
Ralph Martin."
Fourth Grade?Vance Gray, Clay
Babb, Floyd Armstrong.
S x'h Grown?Sallie Brownlee Hask
ell Gray, Murphy Mahaffey.
Eighth Grade?Clay tie Babb, Jim
Sara Copeland,
Fine Harvest Season?Mrs. Jano Wright
Vory III.
Tylbrsvillk, Nov. 20.?Wo have
had a fine fall for gathering our crops
and tho farmers aro ready to sow gram
Mr. Lay ton Cooper ar.d sister, Mrs.
JohnsoD, visited at Mr. C. R. Cooper's
Rev. G.M. Boyd and family spent
Baturday night at Mr. T. P. Poole's.
Mr. Boyd preached a line sermon at
Sandy Springs Sunday.
Mrs. Glenn is on a visit to her daugh
ter, Mrs. Fred Little,
Mrs. Jane Wright Is very sick at
Mr. George Little's.
The nowsover the wire says that Mr.
I. H. Power and Miss Maggie Haddon
ire married.
Wo hoar Mr. H. M. Blakeley and
Ofood lady will loave us this winter. We
much regret to give them up for their
places will be hnrd ti fill. ?
A Thanksgiving Suggestion.
Lf you would givo the members of
your family one gocd reason for a sin
3ere Thanksgiving by supplying them
with good wholesome bread, ueo "Clif
ton" flour in its making. It will pro
duce bread that tickles the palate and
strengthens the body. Call for "Clif
ton" if you want the best.
T. N. Barksdale,
M. H. Fowler.
Gained Forty Pounds in Thirty Days.
For soveral months our younger
tjro'her had been troubled with iodl
restion. He tried several remedies
but got no benefit from thorn. We pur
mased some of Chamberlain's Stomach
ind Liver Tablets and he commenced
baking them. Inside of thirty days he
tiad gained forty pounds in flesh. He
is now fully recovered. We have a
eood trade on the tablets.?Holloy
Bros., Merchants, Long Branch, Mo.
For sale by Laurens Drug Co.
lost.?Betweon Laurens and Clin
ton on Mondav, Nov. 2, black overcoat.
Reward to finder if returned to
W. T. Adaiu,
It Renno, S. 0.
For gAi.--Pine and oak lumber and
pino and oak wood. Call or write to
J. h . Divis, Clinton, S. C.
WANTED ? Persimmon, Dogwcod
Hiokory and Holly Logs Freight paid
on carloads, James Cockskott, Char
leston, S. C.
State of South Carolina,
In Court of Common Pleas.
Piedmont Savings and Investment Com
pany, Plaintiff, against C. M. Mills,
Thomas Sanders and Fannie Cald
well, Defendants.
Pwsuant to a deciv e of tho ourt in
the above stated action, I will sell a'.
Laurens, C. H , S. C?, on Salcsday in
December, 1003, it boing tliH 7th day of
the month, to the highest biddor, tho
following lot of land, to wit:
All that lot of land, containing ono
acre, more or less, situate in tho city of
Laurens, County and Mato abovo
named, bounded by lands of Mrs. .Vary
Y. Garlington, C. M. Mills and Hamp
ton Street, samo being tho lot con
veyed to Fannie Caldwoll, by Jno. W.
Simpson, on July 14th, 1871.
Terms of Sale: Oiie-half cash and the
buiunco on a credit of ono your, with
leave to the purchaser to pay all cash,
the credit portion to bear interest from
the date of sale and to be secured by
bond of the purchaser and a mortgago
of tho promisos, tho mor gage to pro
vide for Insurance on tho oulldings in
favor of said officer to tho extent of tho
mortgage debt. If the purchaser at
said sale do not immediately comply
therewith, tho said offlcor is directed
to sell Immediately, or on some subse
quent Salesday at the risk oi sajkl pur
chaser, and continue to do so until
there shall bo found a purchaser who
will comply with his bid.
- - o. c. c. p.
Dr. Chas. A. Ellett,
Law Range.
Office Days.
Persons having business with
tho Supervisor will find him or his
olerk in the Olfloo Mondays and
Fridays of each week.
Aching Joints
In tho fingers, toes, arms, and other
parts of the body, nro joints that aro
inflamed and swollen by rheumatism-?
that acid condition of tho blood which
?affects the muscles al \0i
Sufferers dread to move, especially
after Bitting ,or lying 1 dig, and their
condition is c UimOnly worse in wet
"It has boon n long Ihne since <-.c bavfc
been without Hood's J-ai-aparUJa. My
father thinks he could not do without It.
He lias boon troubled with rheumatism
since he was a buy, and Hood's Barsapa
rlllo Is the only medicine !??? cap take that
will enable him to take his place in tho
Held." Miss Ada Doty, Bldney, Iowa.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
arid Pills
Remove tho cause of rheumatism?no
outward application can. Take them.
President Snyder ef WoIFord College
Hero on tho Iuvitation of (ho
Weduosday Club.
Proaidont Snyder of WolTord Col
logo lectured Friday evening in the
city school chap 1 on Southern Litera
ture, at the invitation of the Wednes
day Olub, Ladies.
Dr. Snyder recognized,tho fact that
tho South has not produced a ^litera
ture" in the word's full moaning. He
spoko of tho efforts and aspirations of
writers having taken their direction
from tho social and political conditions,
of which the characteristics mo?t dis
tinctive were plantation lifo and.tho in
terlocked Ideas of state's rights and
African slavery. The South's real in
tellectual achievement is to bo found in
tho sphere of state-craft and until tho
war \ he endeavors towards literary
dUtino'lon were socondary.
The address was scholarly and show
ed a lively familiarity with the theme.
The speaker has an easy, graceful and
finished platform style and tho interest
and attention of his auditors were hold.
In closing Dr. Snyder alluded to somo
of tho later writers who have in re
cent yoars won at least a present voguo
in reading circles.} While the lecturer's
statement that the South has not yet
had a true "litoraturo" is accurate,
the question arises: Does not the South
produce more than its share of contem
porary fiction and other writing when
the sparsity of its population, povorty
of its schools and colleges and thinness
of its reading public arc considered? In
other words, is it not almost remarka
ble that so many like Page, Craddock,
Harris, Allen and lessor lights innum
erable of the rank of Miss Johnson, Jno
Fox, II. S. Edward and Miss Glasgow
have been able to get tho eye of the
whole American reading public? The
notable fact to The Advertiser is that
the output of Southern pens seems to
be in such demand throughout tho
country. While its own reading pub
lic is relatively email, Its writers meet
those of the North on equal terras in
their own territory. The explanation
is doubtless that the South before the
whole world is a thome of romantic
and literary interest and that the rich
mines from which they draw aro tho
sources of any extraordinary popular
ity that Southern story tollers may
have. This explanation was hinted by
Dr. Snyder when he alluded to the
part of the South in tho Civil War.
By the way, Dr. Snyder did not mon
tion the unpalatable truth that while
the South toems with clever story
writers,' none has come from South
Carl'na, since, perhaps, William Gll
moro Sims. No* one South Carolina
writer of fiction or poetry has won a
reputation in late years, so far as we
recall. It is rather puzzling that for a
third of a century South Carolina has
been relatively so barren of litoi'ary
production. Tho lamented Coogler
warbled a solemn fact about his state:
1 Sho never was given to literature.''
"Chamborlain's Pain Balm is con
sidered the best liniment on the mark
et," write Post & Bliss, of Georgia,
Vt. No other linimont will heal a cut
or bruise so promtly. No othor affords
such quick relief from rheumat'c
pains. No othor is so valuable for deep
seated pains like lame back and puns
and in tho chest. Give this liniment a
trial and you wi'l never wish to be
without it. Sold by Laurons Drug Co
Energy all gon*? Headache? Stom
ach out of order? Simply a oaso of
torpid livor. Burdock Blood Bitters
will make a now man or woman of you.
Hives aro a terrible torraont to tho
httlo foiks, and to some older onos.
Easily cured. Doan's Ointment nevor
fails. Instant relief, permanont cure.
At any drugstore, 60 cents.
No matter how long you have had
the cough, if it hasn't already devel
oped Into consumption, Dr. Wood's
.orway Pine Byrup will cure it.
State of South Carolinn,
In Common Picas.
Sallle L. Daniel, Marnlo S. Fuller and
Alta Leo Ellis, Plaintiffs, against
Mary 0. Smith, WMmot Smith, In
dividually, and ns Administrator of
the estato of Dr. John 11. Smith, de
ceased, et al.
Pursuant to an order of tho court in
the above stated case, dated October,
80, 1908, I will eell at Lturoas, C. H.,
on Salesday in December next, bolng
tho 7th day of tho month, during tho
legal hours of sale, tho following de
scribed real estate, situated in tho
Connty and State aforesaid.
Traot No. 1,containing 108 7-10 acre?,
more or loss, bounded by lands ot J. P.
Jones, Joseph T. Jol.nson, Thenns
Hood and tracts Nos. 2 and 3.
Tract No. 2, containing 102 2-10 aoros,
more or less, bounded by lands of J. P.
Jones, estate of John K Owings, B. L.
Henderson and tracts Nos. 1 and 3.
Traot No. 3, containing 07? acres,
moro or less, bounded by lands of J. C.
Martin, P. H."aldwin and traots Nos.
1 and 2.
Terms of Sal '.?One-half of purchase
money cash; balanco on a credit of
twelve months, secured by bond of tho
fiurchaser and a mortgage of the prera
ses sold, with intorcst from day of
sale, with leave to tho purchasor to pay
his entire bid in cash. Purchaser to
pay for paper, if tho purchaser Jail
to comply with the terms of salo,
will be resold on the ?an
subsequent suiesday oh the
T tho fin mi e pu
iscr to
ir (alls
Beautiful White Teeth.
F.asy enough if you
use tho right holps.
A Guaranteed Tooth Brush re
placed if the bristles coino out
stamped, "Laurens Drug Co." on
the back only 25 conts.
A tubo of Euthynol tooth paste. Will
not scratch the enamel. Dentists
recommend it. 25 cents.
Telephone whether you can como or
not, we'll servo you just as prompt
Our telephones are hero for servico,
not for show. And there's a de
livery boy here for quick delivery,
not becauso we like to have him
Sales agency for "Huyler Candy."
LaurenS Drug Co,
Goods Delivered ;i'hone.75.
Cures Hlood, Skin Troubles, Cancer,
IMood Poison. Greatest Blood
Purifier Known.
If your blood Is Impure, thin, dis
eased, hot or full of humors, if you have |
blood poison, cancer, carbuncles, eat
ing sores, scrofula,eczoma, itching, ris
ings and lumps, scabby, pimply skin,
bone pains, catarrh, rheumatism, or
any blood or skin disease, take Botanic
?iood Balm (B. B. B.) according to di
rections. Soon all sores boil, aches j
and pains stop, the blood is mado pure
and rich, leaving the skin freo from
every eruptions and giving tho rich
glow of perfect health to the skin. At|
tho samo time B. B. B. improvos the
digestion, cures dyspepsia, strengthens
weak kidneys. Just tho medicine for
old people, as it gives them new, vig
orous blood. Druggists $1 per large
bottlo with directions for home euro.
Sample freo and prepaid by writing
Blood Balm C ?., At'anti, Ga. Descriho
trouble and special free medical advico
also sent In soalod letter. B. B. B. is
especially advised for chronic, deep
seated cases of impure blood and skin
diseases, and cures after all else falls.
Sold In Laurens by B. F. Posey.
Take this ad to WILLIAMSON
The Jeweler and get 5 per cent
discount on all Watches, Dia
monds, Jewelry, Cut Glass and
Silverware bought of him within
next 60 days. ?
Williamson Co.,
Nov. 1, 1903.
ON Saturday, November 21st iost.,
it 11 o'clock a. m., contract will be let to
lowest bidder for ropairing Day Bridge,
on LUtlo River. Bond to be given in
doable the amount of bid.
Nov. 4, l?03-3t. Supervisor L. 0.
Yotril be thankful for the style and variety of our stock, and for our
on a Buck's Range.
The biggest turkey you can
buy won't near fill it.
Dinner your room
should be heated with a
Buck's Heater. We have
them for all kinds of folks.
You can get Hardware that does and Hardware that
doesn't wear well. The element of durability enters into
Hardware just as much as it does into clothing or shoes.
We make a point of selling hardware for hard
wear. Wer aim to give you durability and service.
We have to keep some of the kind that doesn't wear
well, but we prefer the other kind and put our best efforts
into selling it.
"The B23t i? Alwas the Ch eapest.'
brook:? Si jones
Now in Simmons' Block.
Attorneys at Law.
fclT Will practice lu all the State and
Federal Courts. Strict attontlon to all
bublness Intrusted to them
Office up-stalrs, Simmons' Bnlldlng.
Attorney at Law.
Will practice in all State Courts.
Prompt attention given to all business.
?fters his services to the peo
ple of Laurens County
Office Hours.
I will be at my Office every day du
ring the week, except Thursday, and
on that day also, if notified.
Probate Judge.
Now is the Time to Dose Stock.
International Stock Food Company's Products
International Stock Food, 25c and 50c; Colic
cure, 50c; Gall Cure, 25c; Louse Killer, 25c;
Poultry Food, 25c; Quick Cleaner, 25c; Silver
Pine Healing Oil, 25c.
Use in Time; Prevent Diseases!
A Small Investment May Save You Great Loss!
Our Undertaker's Stock is Complete. We carry a well
selected stock of everything from
the cheapest coflin to the best Me
talic4 cases in cloth goods we carry
the best?among them embossed
white plush goods; also black, full
draped in cloth. A First-class Hearse
when wanted. We can furnish white
or black horses when desired. At
night orSunday 'Phone R. P. Milam's residence or call on J. Mills
Hunter at the Balentine House.
If you know, really knew, that the make
of clothing we are selling fs the best ready
made clothing you could possibly buy, and if
you knew that it would be cut on the same
lines as the high=priced custom tailers cut,
and that it would fit perfectly, and wear until
you got tired of it==wouldn't you buy a suit?
We guess you would, and we advise you to
come in and be fitted with one of our
before the sun goes down to=day. When YOU
get into one you will pat yourself on the back
and congratulate yourself on your decision.
Prices $12,50 to $20,00
J. E. Minter & Bro.
Laurens, S. C.
Time Waits
For No Man.
The following seeds are for Present Sow
ing. We have Crimson Clover, Red Clover,
Alfalfa, Burr Clover, Beardless and Bearded
Barley, Blue Stem and Currolls Prolific
Wheat, Rye, Vetch and Rape.
Kennedy Bros.
Figure It Out?
This has no reference to the age of Ann. Simply
a request to figure out and see what you will
save buying a new Dress here for
25 cents the yard
50 cents a yard
These are all-wool goods.
Zibelinc, Melrose, Venetian, Ihilliantiue and
light shades Albatros ?
65 cents the yard,
52-inch All-Wool Suiting a Bargain.
52:iuch Union Black Broadcloth same price?
at 05 cents a yard,
One Dollar the Yard
French Serge, Poplin, Prunella, Crapesula and Broaclcioth.

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