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Before You Buy or Sell
any Kind ol
Heal Estate, or Business,
Write us your wants.
J. Y. Gari.ington & Co.,
I-aureus , S. C.
vol. xx.
'04 ?AT?
Palmetto Drug Co.
Get them while stock is
no. 7
Executive Committee Tub
ulated Vote Thursday.
County Result Unchanged by Official
Count of Voto?Earlo Won Rnll
roail Commissioners* Race.
Tbo county exicutlve oommlttee met
in the court houso Thursday and tabu
lated ihe voto cast Tuesday, Septem
ber 18 h for shorliT, supervisor, coro
ner, county commissioners and tho
railroad commbslonor.
As will to noted the results are the
same as given ia Tiik AdvehtiSEb
last Wednesday morning. The official
count follows:
For SherilT?Thos. J. Duckett, 1,892;
J. ThoB. Peden, l.COl. Duokett's ma
jority, 891.
For Suporvisor ? H. B. Humbert,
1,526; J. S. Drummond, 1,302. Hum
bert's majority, 104.
For Coroner?W. ?. Watts, 1,642: R.
O. Hairston, 1,263. Watts' majority,
For County Commissioners - W\ F.
Bailey, 1,854; Messer Babb, 1,135: W.
0. Dock, 1,226; Joe E. B. Roberts,
1,547. Necessary to a choice. 1,441.
B9iley and Roberts having received a
majority they wore declared the nomi
The county voto for John H. Karle
for railroad commissioner was 1,001;
John G. Mobloy, 898. Earlo bun re
ceived the nomination by nearly *10,010
majority in the State.
The total State vote was a little over
80,000, which is more than 20,000 short
of tho 11 rat primary.
Tho vote in Charleston for railroad
commissioner hns been pointed out as
one of the most interesting features of
the last primary . In.the llrst election
Mr. Mobley received 1,631 votes, Maj
Barle, 468. Las'. Tuesday Mob ey got
731; Earle, 1,346
The contests in two of theCoogios
slonal Districts in which a second elec
tion was necessary to determine re
sulted in tho nomination of J. O. Pat
terson from the Second District and J.
E. Ellerbo from the Sixth.
For Solicitor of tho Fifth Circuit,
George Bell Timmerman defoa'.od Gto
R. Rernbort by a hatuUome majority.
Govornor W. L. ryjauldin goes to "he
senate from Greenville, and L. O. Pat
terson and J. J. Watson complete the
houso delegation.
J. E. Speegle, who has been superv:s
or several terms, was defeated by J. \V.
Walker by the narrow margin of Feven
I votes.
For Master. J. W. Gray wai nomi
nated over L. E. Chlldroeo by a safe
Tn Spartanburg Trlmmier was re
elected clerk, defeating Bomar by 00
McCaslan won out In a close content
with McMillan for sheriff of Green
wood county.
Homes Assigned Delegates.
Homes as follows have boon assigned
tho delegates, who will attend f e
'jHurens Baptist Association, wbi -b
?onveno3 with the Baptist Church at
anford, Tuesday, September 'JTlb :
Beaverdam, GJ Lanford; BellvUw,
J Patterson; Bathabara, L M C.m
n; Beulah, R M Parsons; Chestnut
dge, W H Drummond, Clinton, J D
inSOTij Cross Hill, W II Drummond;
rbin, T J Layton; Friendship, M
miog; Harmony, OC Cox; Highland
me, T R L Gray; Holly Grove, W I)
ttereon; Langston, J II Cunning
im; Laurens Firtt, J W Lanford: 8ee>
1 E H Moore; Mountville, H M
nson; Mt. Gallagher, G M Harland;
-Mt. Olivo, J S Higgins; Mt. Pleasant,
B W Lanford; New Prospect, J R
Franks; Princeton, J W Lanford, Pop
lar Springs, C L Waldrop; Rabun
Creek, O L Lanford; Union, J M Do
Shields; Warrior Crook, Gco. Frady;
Waterloo, J M Fleming.
W. H. Drummond,
Chairman Com.
County papers please copy.
Sessions or Many Schools Began.
A number of the schools of tho county
nave Opened their sossions this year in
September and it is a note-worthy fact
that in nearly every instanco former
teachers havo been retained. The early
opening evidently means longer torms.
Aa heretofore many of tho rural schools
do not start until December or Jan?
The following is a partial list of
? those whose sessions have already be
Belfast, Miss Lalla Workman, teach
er; Wadsworth, Miss Alsto Wool, of
Spartanburg; I<Men, MI??? Bar?h Cope
land; Ora, Miss Jonnie Lind MulTatt
and Miss Besslo Hyrd; New Prospect,
B. Y.Culbertson; Trinity, Miss Mamlo
Clardy; Chestnut Ridge, Mits Bossle
Huegens; Croaa/Iili, J. T. Spears,
Miss Mary Daftball and Miss Maud*
Martin; Sarah, Miss Pauline McCar
ley; Rock School, Ml.m'Carrio Peden;
Sardis, Miss Nannlo Simpson.
At public sale, Clinton, S. C., Nov.
3rd. 1004, at 11 a. m, we will sell at
Clinton, S. C, tho ostato of O. M. Fer
guson, consisting of town lots in Clin
ton and farm lands on Duncan's Creek.
For specific information soe plats at
store of H D. Henry, Clinton, S. O.
Terms CASH. John Fkruubon,
Dunk Fkrouson,
Dr. Barkadalo Elected Prestd. nt of
Heard; Mr. Todd, Secretary. New
Kates Soeu Effective
13y a recent net of the legislature 'he
South-Eastern Tariff Association was
allowed to operate in this State. Mr.
Jos. Rain?>, representing tho Associa
tion,-was here last week making a now
rating of the town and tho surround
ing territory. At the conclusion of his
wo-k Mr. Ralce called a mealing of all
tho loc*l agents of o'd lino companies
here In the parlors of the Ben-Delia
hotel on last Saturday morning, at
which meeting Dr. John A. Bark?d\le
was elected Prealdont and A. C. Todd
& Co , Secretary of the local board for
tho term of one yoar.
Tho new rating will go into offect as
soon as promulgated by the head ollico
of the Association at Atlanta. It Is un
derstood that tho rates on mercantile
nskB will bo pract'cally the fame, with
some changes. The new rating on
dwellings and couutry property will not
go into offect until the rate on property
in tho town is promulgated by the As
The recent legislation of the legisla
ture in regard to lire insurance Is con
sidered by thoso interested in tho sub
ject throughout the State as one of the
wisest bills introduced at the past ses
sion as it will no doubt generally cause
* .eduction in the rates throughout the
Stato, putting this State on an equal
basis with the adjoining sta'o* as re
quired by tho Act.
The cow rates will be a matter of in
terest to property holders in the coun
ty as wo'l as in the town.
Tho followiug agencies are n pro
fited in the local Board: John A
I3?rk8dalo. John A Barksdalo & Sons,
A C T)dd & Co, J II Traynham, L. G
Balle, Jr, J Y Gariington & Co, W H
Dial, M L Copelrfiid, W P Ca'ne, H B
Hissionary Societies Meet Socially
With Mrs. McUasIan.
CLINTON. Sept. 11). ? Mis* Ellen
W?hler, from Columbia, is the guest
)f Mrs. T. L. W. Bailey.
Mrs. Lyon, of Savannah, is visiting
ler B.etfcr, Mrs. E Iis.
Mrs. Harris, of Spartanburg, is with
Mrs. Griffith.
Misics Addie Horton and Ilamp
Jopeland are at homo after an enjoya
ble visit to Philadelphia, Baltimore,
S'ew York, Virginia Beach anil Atlan
ic City.
Mr3. Gary Bailey is spending a few
lays in Columbia.
M''s . Kison, of Joncsvilh , w. 11 spend
his week with her daughter, Mrs. E.
Et. Aycock.
Rev. Ellison Simpson filled the pul
nt of the 1'resbytorlan church Sunday
A ?oclal meeting of the missionary
lociet'.es of Clinton' was held at Mrs.
vV. M. McCas'an's Monday afternoon.
Mrs J. W. Copolaud and children
eft Friday for Statosvillo, N.O., where
hey will spend fome time.
Meeting at First Baptist Church.
The revival services at tho First Bap
>iat church closed last nigh1. Rev.
Ci. M. ltopar, who camo to Lanrens
ypnday a week ago, oertalnly did a
:r<atdeal of wonderfully strong and
iffcetlve preaching- Sunday afternoon
tie preached a special sermon to men
ind boys, presenting In a very clear
ind convincing tnannor oight specific
roar-ons why ovory one should be a
Christian. This mooting was largely
lUcnded as wore all the services,
ispecially the evening meetings. Mr.
llopf-r returns to Spartanburg today,
ind tho "well done" of our people gees
with him.
Mr. Cash Watts to Locato Hera.
E. B. 0. Wutts, eldest son of Judge
R. C. Watts is arranging to open up an
Dflieo in Laurons the first of October
for tho praot co of law. He will have
ttssocia'cd with him IL J. Haynesworth
jf Greonvllle. Mr. Watts was ad
mitted to the bar last Spring, having
passed a very creditable examination
before tho Supremo Court at that time.
Since thon ho has attendod tho Sum
mer Law School at the Unlvorsity of
Iudinn Pottery Sale
Some beautiful specimens of Indian
pottory, made by tho fndlans of the
Catawba Roservat:on In this State,
have boon placed on sale at the Pal
metto Lrug Store.
Tliis work is especially valuable, as
tho tribe is rapidly dying out, only
threo of tho sovonty-flvo now numbered
at tho Reservation being full blooded
Indians. Tho dogonoratos are disin
clined to work, and their snooimens
are vory inferior.
Tho artistic valuo of the boat work is
exrollent, and is ovidenced by the
prominent place given tho pottery in
the homes throughout tho State.
King's Improved Chill and Fe\ or
Tonic is the finest 1 ever saw. I sold
one bottle which cured some in throo
famllh 8. The only objection I havo to
it Is that It cures too many people.
Conrad?.-, N. O.
Taste not bad. L rgo bottle. Always
euro* and chills don't rotu- n. Sold bv
Palmetto Di ug Co., Laurens, S. C
Cotton Market.
Ootton is coming in rapidly and the '
Holds aro said to be white. Tho price (
ranges from 10.25 to 10.96?
oo?? spirits.
Good spirit* don't alleoms fro n K>n
tnckey. Their main source is tho livor
and all tho Hnu spirits ever made In
tho U'ue Grass State could not remedy
a bad liver or th?> hundrod-and-ono 111
effocts it produces. You can't have
good spirits and a bad liver at the Bame
time. Your livor must be ia Quo shape
If you would ' bouyant, happy and
tho greatest ot.... medicines for liver
and stomach and a certain euro for dls
pepsia or indigestion. It his been a
fnvorlto household rcniody lor ovor
thirty-five yoaiM. August Flowers will
make your livor hoalthy and uciivo and
thus Insure you a liberal support of
' Good Spirits." Trial size, 2">e; iv mi
lar bottles, 75o. At all druggists.
Opera Season to Open.
Manager J. K. Vanco will open the
season at th?> opera house on October
6th with the Ted Faust Mins'rels. This
popular company was here lastsenron
and mado many friends, M. Clou Do
Bruin, tho bariton-i, who will bo ro
mombored as singing in tho Presbyto
rian church, will again delight bis
hearors. Faust Minstrels aro by odds
the best on the road, and Manager
Vance desorvos to bo congratulated on
bringing such attractions to our ci'y.
I was greatly worried with chills for
years until about four years ago wh?n
I took ofce-thlrd bottle of Dr. King's
Chill Tonic, and I have not bad a chill
Not bad to take, and always no cure
?no pay. 60 conts at store of Lau*
rens Drug Co. ar>d all medicine deal
hopjful, brif
orous and s
Yon can pu.
lion by usinf,
iver in line COndi
b AuKiist Flowor
Peteu TalIjKnt.
Shoo Department Enlarged.
Mr. R. E. Copelaud has doubled h'a
sho-j space by oxt> nding tho Bhelvlog
lo tho colling and putting in rolling
bidders. This will enablo lliid ? Opti^ar
8hocman to c irry a stook of r hoes
equal in size to any in this section. Ap
to the quality of his shoes thy "sv.isllod
expression" on the facos of his many
customers is stronger argument than
anything wo could v. rllo.
When tho quantity of food takon is
too large or tbo quality too rich, sour
stomach is likely to follow, and espec
ially so If the dlgoitlon has been weak
ened by constipation. Eat blowly and
not too froely of oaslly digestod food.
Masticato the food thorough!-. Let
live hours elapse between mea's, and
when >ou fool a fullness and weight In
tho region of tho stomach after eating,
take Chamborlaln's Stomach and Liver
Tablets and tho sour stomach m\v he
avoldtd. For sale by th* 1.an ens Drug
Co. and Dr. B, F. l'osey.
Tent Meeting Begins Friday Night?
Wo are requested to announce that
Kov. N. J. Holmes will bogln a tent
meeting on the depot lot in this oity
Friday night. Everybody is cordially
invitod to attend and take part.
I have sold most all tho chill tonic?
made, but can truthfully say that th<re
are none that givo tho satisfaction
that your Dr. King's Improved Chill
Tonic givo^. It always cures before
ono bo'tlo is taken, Please sond mo
three dozen at onco
Coving ton, N. C.
Sold by Palmetto Drug Co.
Mo?t people coustantly suffer from
lo-s ?>r appetite, especially for break
fast, an unpleasant taste in tho mouth,
low spirits; irritability with ahiavy.
on! I headache, biliousness, sick
headache) blotches ou tho skin, lack of
energy and a feeling of wearlnoss, all
of Whloh aro duo to constipation, Con
stipation h tho forerunner of indiges
tion, sluirtrisb llvor and nervoifnos?,
and it is of tbo utmost importance that
tho bowels sbou'd be gently regulated
by a reliable uperient. Dr. King's
Blood and Liver Pills meet this want.
25 coots at Pal nttto Drug Co.
Big Family Ke-uniou.
Col. Stobo I). Garlington has been
notified by Secretary Clifton T. Chap
pcll of Macou. Ga., of the approaching
re-unlon of tho Ohappnll, Dlekie, Gar
lington. Adam--, and kindred families
of Virginia which will b3 held In St.
Louis, Monday, Oct. 3rd at 2 o'clock In
tho Art Ho .m of the Mnsouri Building,
on tho Exposition grounds. Col. Gar
lington Is vice president, fiom South
Carolina, of the .ro-union, whloh was
organized several years ago with Col.
Phil E. Ohsppel) of Kansas City, Mo.,
as president.
M!ss Naunlo Irono McOardlo of Lan
casler arrived in the city Saturday to
spt?n I a wools with Mlos Lll Irby bo
fore going to Columbia to entor the
Colb-go for Women.
SPECIAL NOTICE? I have jos-t received
a fiu'> line (if fsil and winter samples of
all the latest styles. Prices to suit tho
time-. Pains ma le to order from $1.00
up. Suits made to order from $12 00
up. A fit is always guarantied I also
invite you to join my pressing club,
only >f.o> po:" month. Phone )8o, Min?
tor Building.
E. J DANCY, Tailor.
Death or n Child.
Tho death in Spartanburg Monday
afternoon of lit.In Annio Garlington,
the five year old daughter of Mr. gad
Mra. J. Conway Garlington, has been
tho occasion of many oxpression of
sorrow on 1 sympathy in Laurens for
tho afllloted family. The funeral and
interment took place in Spartanburg
yesterday. Mrs. Cresswoll Garlington,
Mr*. P. A. Simpson, Mr. J. D. Watts,
Mr. S. M. Wllkesand Mr. J. W. Todd
of Laur'ns went up for the burial.
A Popular Couple Married.
John Y. (Darlington and Miss Marle
gono Cairo wore married at U o'clock
yesterday afternoon In Clinton at the
homo of Dr. W.P.Jacobs, who per
formed the ceremony.
Card from Mr Peden.
I wish Io assure the people of Lau
rens County that 1 foel very proud of
the voto that, was oast for mo for shcr
ilT and I desire to thank thorn for
tho hospitality shown me throughout
tho campa'gn,
.1 Thos. Peden,
l find nothing botU r lor liver de
rangement and constipation than Chan
borlaln's Stomach and Liver Itib'cts.?
L. P. Andewf, Des Meines, Iowa. For
sale by Dr. B. F. Posoy and 1.aureus
Drug Co
O. H. Peterson, formorly of Nlw
horry, but who has been living at Ro?c
dile, Mis-*., for the last year or so, is in
the city visiting relatives.
Sole Agents
Dorothy Dodd Shoes for
Get Your
Sole Agents
Extra Good Clothing for
Boys and Youths.
Just as soon as you decide that you want the best clothes your
money will buy, head yourself for our store, and keep your feet
working until you get here
We'll show you
Business SUITS
such as you see
in the cut here,
and if you do not
like that style, we
will show you one
that you do like.
We've got the
right clothes for
you===the HART,
riARX label fsorr
them. A small
thing to look for,
a big thing to find.
You'll find it by looking for it here; it's like finding clothes-money,
you get so much for your dollars here
Men's Suits, $5 to $20; Boy's Suits, $1 to $5;
Young Men's Suits, $5 to $15.
Sole Agents
Crawford $3.50 and $4
Shoes for Men.
Sole Agents
Hart, Schaffner & Marx
Hand-Tailored Clothing.
Address Delivered by Hon. It. A.Cooper
?Large Crowd Attended
The unveiling ceremonies of tho
monument recently erected at the
gravo of sovereign John L. Pilts, by
Myrtle Camp, No. 200, Woodmen of
the World, of Friendship Church," in
Sullivan township, took place at 11
o'clock Sunday In the presence of eight
hundred people. Tho Camps of Lau
reus, Gray Court, Rapley, Woodvllle,
Waterloo and Myrtle wore each lib
erally represented and tho occasion
proved a very notable evont.
R. W. Nash, consul commander, at
sisted by tho othei officers of Myrtle
Camp and C. A. Power, conRul com
mander of Laureus Camp, was master
of corcmonies. W. R. Putman of
Woodville acted as captain of tho pro
cession which marched to the ceme
An appropriate poem was beautifully
roclted by Miss Luna Wood, whioh
was followed by tho address of tho oc
casion, which was delivered by the
Hon. R. A. Cooper, who spoke elo
quently of tho benefits of Woodcraft.
The monument is of pure granite and
is a very pretty peice of work. It is
about nino foet high and tho design
and inscription were very excvllently
The nobbiest lino of fall hats ever
shown in this town, at Cope'and'e.
Solid Or.k Wardroles in different
styles and s'zes can bo found at
8. M. St 15. H. Wilkes Sz Co.
Our Sl.oo stock was never so com
plete. The best Shoe from the loading
manufactures at prices w'thin the
re eh of all.
J. E. Minter & Bro.
Why buy a suit "out cf a drove,"
when you cm have one made to orJer
at the same price? R. E. Copelaud*
Stop! tLlnkll Who has the largest
stock. Who Is it that buys and sells two
or throe times as much goods as any
house in the Piedmont Bet. Doyen
see tho point? Buy cheaper?sell for
Davis, Roper & Co.
Young man! See us for Clothing and
Furnishings and we will convinco you
that wo lead them all.
J. E. Minter & Bro.
Night robes and pajamas at Cope
Bofore you buy a cooking stove or
range, be bure to lot us show you our
lino of Buck's Stoves and Ranges.
S. M. & E. II. Wilkes & Co.
Davis, Roper & Co. sets the pace for
stylish and up-to-date wearing ap
parel. Don't worry. Just como here
and wo will show you what to buy and
save you money besides.
Davis, Roper & Co.
New neckwear?all the latest de
signs?at Copeland's.
Trunks, dress suit easos. All sizes
and prices at J. E. Minter & Bro.
Early hnts for the ladies in all the
new shapes.
Davis, Roper St Co.
Copeland's prices never empty your
See our Shirts at 50 cents that are
creating so much talk.
J. E. Minter & Bro.
Wc wish to impress on tho minds of
everyone that we carry a stock of
hou8efurnlsblng goods, from which
you can sober, anything you may want
to furnish your house with, from tho
parlor to the kitchen.
S M. A E. H. Wilkes & Co.
Look around. The moro you sco of
other Bhoo stores, tho bettor you'll like
this one. 11. E. Copoland.
It will tako 10,000 foot to fit our
shoes for fall. Watch the footstt-ps of
men, women and children this fall and
you will see that at least that many
will lead to
Dav's, Bopor St Co.
The shoo you ought to wear is bere
it. E. Copdand.
School companion, consisting of pen
cil, pen and slate' pencil given away
with every pair of shoes at J. E. Mi?
ter iV Bro.
Your money goos back if the shoes
go wrong. R. Ii. Copcland.
J All the new styles In fall hats at J.
E. Minter A: Bro.
Wo can show you a beautiful lino of
>olid oak, well linisled side boards at
prices that will be to your interest to
boo them oofore buying.
S. M. A E. II. Wilkes A- Co.
Copeland's is tho home of honest
shoos and new ideas.
Dorothy Dodd Shoos at J. K. Minter
* Bro.
Old Williams House Burned.
Yesterday morning at .'$ o'clock tho
old Williams house three miles above
tne city was destroyed by fire. Tho
houso was tljo property of W. W.
Jones and was occupied by Richard
Simpson, a very worthy and hardwork
ing negro.
-?? .I..
A Sentience of Till.'?.
A Germnn periodical states thqt a
yery strange but none the less truo
fact Is that tho predecessor of tho lnt?
Queen Victoria of England wns nt one
and the same time WHllnm I., II., III.
and IV. V ./as William I. of.Hano
ver, William II. of Ireland, William
III. of Scotland and William IV. of
England. *^
Getting- Serloaa.
"I guess Mr. Olden doesn't feel as
young as he did several months ago,"
remarked tho observant man.
"Why do you think so?"
"lie used to Joke with that undertak
or who lives near him, but he doesn't
do It nny more." Philadelphia r.cdger.
Carrie Goodness, it's that horrid old
bore. Wllklns, Teil him I have gone
out. Belle No, I won't tell a story,
but I Will ?ay that yon hnvo not como
Mrs. R. L. Walker of Eooree spent
yesterday Id tho olty.
John A. Wallace of Belfast was in
town Saturday.
Miss Ellen Means of Spartanburg is
the gueed of relatives in the city.
Mrs. R. E. JJughe&Shjl ohihJren have
returned from a visit to Columbia, Va.
J. R. Rodden and little son of tho
Poplar Springs sectiou were in town
Mrs. Warner Damon and children of
Charleston are visiting Mr. O. H.
Mr. and Mrs. John Robinson of Clin?
too spent Sunday in the city with J. A,
Mrs. W. D. Ferguson and Miss
Mamlo Ferguson havo returned from
the St. Louis Exposition.
Miss Ma/.lo Little, after a visit of
several days at Chester is spending
this week at Clinton.
Clarence Bammelt, son of Rev. W,
D. Hammett of Enoree, is olerking for
J. O.C. Fleming & Co.
John II. Copeland returned Monday
from a visit to D. H. A. Mason of Gold
vllle who is in feeble health.
Miss Meli Bolt of Shiloh joined the
Laurons party of young ladies who
left yesterday for Winthrop.
Miss Annie Clardy has returned
from Pickens county, where she has
been teaching during the. summer.
R. P. Sweeney, private secretary to
President Dial of tho Wares Shoals
Manufacturing Co., spent Sunday in
the city.
Mrs. E. S. Herbert of Orangeburg,
wt?te organizer of tho State Temper
ance Workoi s, was in tho city Sunday
and addressed a large Audience at the
Fust Methodist Church Sunday after
Mr. Charlc3 Garing, tho scenic art
ist, lias been engaged by Manager
Vance of tho city opera house to paint
a new drop curtulu and touch up the
scenery. This will add very muoh to
tho appearance of tho house.
The millinery openings, Thursday,
September 29th of Davis, Roper & Co.,
O. B. Simmons & Co. and The Hub will
be events of especial interest and im
portance to the ladles of tho city and
An A not vii ( LcrpimI Ascribes It to a
Wtnji. of CUillft.
By whom or when the use of teu for
drinking purposes was first discovered,
iu lost in antiquity. It Is spoken of ns
a famous herb Iii Chinese literature as
far buck as 'J.tXK) years B. Ct, at which
time Its cultivation and Classification
were almost an thorough and complete
ns they are today. One of tho ancient
legends says tlmt its virtues wero'ac
cidentally learned by King .Shen Nung
She, the Chlneso monarch who, Is also
known as "tho divine husbandman,"
who. the record says, flourished forty
centuries ago. He was engaged in,boil
ing water over a fire tnado of tbe
branches of the tea plant and carcless
ly allowed some of the leaves to -fal
Into tho pot
The liquid which he expected tocoine
from the vessel simply as" sterilised
water was miraculously ?onverted Into
an elixir of life by the accidental'ad
dition of the tea loaves. Boon after it
became highly esteemed in all tho ori
ental el ties and was used na a royal
gVft from the Chinese nionorchs to the
potentates of southern and western
This same King Shen N\iug Sho not
only earned the title of respect of
which be was known through the 4Ufh
covery of the virtues of tea, but too
cnuse of being the brat to tenth hla
people bow to make and use plows
many other Implements of husbandry.
Rmerson on Lincoln.
The president Impressed mo more
favorably than I bad hoped. A frank,
sincere, well meaning man, with n law
yer's habit of nifnd, good, clear state
ment of bis fact, eon eel enough, not
vulgar, as described, but with a sort of
boyish cheerfulness, or that kind of
sincerity and Jolly good meaning that
our class meetings on commencement
days show In telling our old.stories
over. When he has made hla remark
ho looks up at you with great satisfac
tion and shows nil h!s white teeth And
laughs. Ho argued to Snmncr tho
wliolo *ase of Gordon, the slave
trader, point by point, and added that
he was not quite satisfied yet, and
meant to refresh his memory by look
ing again at the evidence. All this
showed a fidelity and conscientiousness
very honorable to him. When I waa
Introduced to him he snid, "Oh, Mr.
Emerson, I. once heard you say Inf ?
lecture that a Kentucklan seems to
soy, by bis air and maimers, Hero Am
11 If you doaf* like me, tho worse for
you.' "?Diary of It. W. Emerson In
In Old Stnrceconoli Dur?.
There used to be rate wars in the
old stagecoach days In Kngland. At
ono time, early last century, one stags,
cdach company not only cut the prJco
from Lewes to London to a very low
rate, but gave also other Inducements,
As the coach started from^xrwes at
a somowlyit uncomfortably early hour
In the morning, by way of tiding over
tho difficulty tho proprietors allowed
the more slothful of their passengers
to go overnight to Brighton, whero
they were accommodated with good
beds free of expense and could proceed
comfortably to London by the com
pany's morning coach.
Of Two KvtU Chooia the l?Mt.
Doctor- If you are to recover, you
must spend the next' three months In
traveling. Patient- But I cant afford
it, doctor. Doctor?Very well, stay at
horns If you must, au/1 I will visit you
dally. Patient Never mind, doctor; I
think 1 will travel after alk ?.

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