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Subscription Price-18 Months, $1.00
I'l/IM Li Vir a ne.
Rates for Advertising.?Ordinary Ad
vertisements, per square, one inser
tion, 91.00; eaon subsequent Insertion,
50 oents. Liberal reduotlon made
tor large Advertisements.
W. W. Ball,
LAUKENS. S. 0., Sept. 28, 1004.
A Spartauburg jury has convicted a
ptominont young white man of murder,
wilh a recocueodation to meroy. Per
haps there may s ill be a county in
South Caro'lna in which murder is a
If every "Beforeday Club" recent y
discovered in Georgia contains even one
"IJgger" then the colored popula l> n
of Georgia Is increasing. Wo *us;ect
there are more liars than murderers in
What*,vi r ruble improvements may
be made in 1 .aureus it. should not be)
forgotten that passible streets arej
moro essential to ine business pros
perity of the t- wn thun anything else.
It can scarcely bo a joy to Mr. Roose
velt to know that by a large number of
bis countrymen he Is the best hated
pres'dont since the period immediately
f allowing the 'Aar Between the States.
Net Hayes, Gsrtleld, Arthur, Harilson
or McKinley were personally dosplsed
in the South but the South has b en
driven to bitter dislike of Roosevelt.
Gambling is becoming an uncoinfort
able habit in the town in which The
Columbia State is published. The re
tiring, even bashful natures of the Col
umbia sports have been severely
wcuaded by recent publicity. There is
no police force equal to a newpaper
that is not timorous.
If the legislature negleots to enact
l\ws Bafo-guarding the primaries, the
tlmo will soon corn's when rich men
will bo able to buy themselves into of
fice and the poor man who retains his
honesty and self-respect will be practi
cally disabled from taking other than
tbo humblost part in party politics?
just becauso he is poor. The time has
already come when the very poor man
has little chance in South Carolina
Some member of the general assem
bly has tho opportunity to confer a
Listing benefit upon the people by In
troducing and engineering to pasaage
a ruarriage license measure. The or
dinary formalities necessary to con
summating the marriage contract in
other Slates would prevent many hur
ried and consequently unhappy alli
ances in South Carolina if they were
reeiuired by the laws.
A Matter of Record.
Considerable adverse criticism has
been caused by a let;er of Senator Till
man on the negro question and, yet
strange to remark, the expressions of
tbo senator arc rather more temperate
than those in which ho usually in-1
Uulges The Sonator appears to have
been unfortunate in hie text, the
Statesboro horror, and if Iiis letfer had
been bottomed upon a less brutal
lynching affair it is likely that it would
have occasioned little sharp comment,
however untenable may be some of his
Meanwhile the question of the sena
tor's reputation for personal courage
has been discussed, introduced by the
Richmond Nows-Leader and ventilated
by tho News and Courier, the latter
paper holding that he is undoubtedly a
man of brabory. Tho Advertiser sug
gests thad a referonce to a published
correspondence which took place be
tweon Tillman and a now deceased
gentleman and Kx-Confederate soldier,
? f Union, printed in the nowspapera
in about 1800, possib'y 1892, settled this
question once for all. A man's courage,
like a woman's honor is not permitted
to lapso. Between tho gentleman re
ferred to snd Tillman an issuo was clean
Jyde lined and whether or notB. R. Till
man is a man of spirit was once for all
as shirply determined as need be to
i1? j discriminating In such things.
1*. o<inwhilo whother Tillman Is cour
ageous or not is of little consequence.
Heisa vote-getter soflioient for bis
own purposes and what matters it to
Tillman if ha get the votes and the sal
The Station Ranger.
If the union station at Columbia
wore so placed that passengers would
ho oompolled to leave trains on the
n juth side, off from the city proper,
we think a howl would go up.
If in Greenville all carriages and
h?cks wero compelled to cross the
. .o.i'horn's tracks at the Washington
street station and then cross back,
wouldn't Chore be a howl?
If In Spartanburg passengers left
the trains on the side of the tracks
next to the Spartan mills instead of on
tho city sldo, how mighty would the
howl be?
So far as wo know, Laurens is the
one town in South Carolina where all
vehicles meeting trains must twice
n" SB a net-work of tracks, to the im
minent p.'rllof the public. Moreover at
ibis Laurens station, they must ap
proach this not-work of tracks from a
hillside. Tho space in which the vehi
cles must wait is such, that every day it
is crowded. There is scarcely room
enough for comfortable turning. We
ropoat that not in South Carolina is
thoro another town in which such a
disgraceful and dangerous condition is
allowed to exist. 'Ihero is nothing
similar to it In South Carolina. If the
railway commission has no power to
r bate a flagrant, self-evident and ever
present nuisance and source of peril to
' ?/o, limb and property, then the rail
wi.y commission is a ridiculous piece of
expenslvo dead wood itself. We can
see how the commission may have dif ?
limit;' in adjusting rates to suit the
public. We cannot soe how It oan fail
to protoct the people against actual
and certain danger to life.
The railway officials and the commis
sion are to meet the people here on the
?Wh. ot October. The p sltlon of the
people 1? (hit the nnDance and the
danger most be removed, regardless of
cost. It w re bot*er to insist that the
p<8?enger station be located at sc me
point half a mile from Its present bas?,
that it be re- orated, than that the ox
*i1 ting danger remain.
The argument that certain citizens,
whoso identity by the way Is soarce'y
established, consented to the present
location is no arg ment. Tho fact is
tlat if Ho town had in the most
mm miii wii seieo'ed this location, it
would none tho loss be ? public duty in
the f-eo of a grave danger to correct
Let it be understood that the people
of Laurens will ne\ er give up this fight,
no matter what action or non-act on
m?y be taken now, until they are given
a s'ation at which they may leave the
cars *-"hout the peril of being ground
! to f indor the wheels.
?ors and the Yanquislicd.
Hark . jin the polls a doleful sound,
Mine ear attend the try;
We've been defeated at the poll",
We do not know the reason why.
Tho battle of ballots has beon fought,
Friends and fre* met face to face,
Every cand'dae thought he ou^ht
To come out ahead in the ra<*e.
VlcGowau bad no ruuuiog mate,
He bad what's called a walk over;
He went in at a moderate gate,
He's grazing now in high clover.
For Clerk of Court were Bolt and Gray.
And, also John A. Frank*,
John F. Bolt he won the day,
His name ia Nanoy Hanks.
Miller, Irby and R* D. Boyd
Reached the Legislature plum;
They're the ones to make our laws
Wait ifig for the day to come.
Our good friend John H. Copeland,
Ran all alone for county treasurer;
Ran into ofilce slick as soap and?
Still stands six feet eight, in measure.
\od in the second battle of ballots,
Brave men fell thick and fast;
We stood to ours while the battle raged,
We fell at the last bugle blast.
Tho political ship went out to sea,
Manned by a gallant crow;
Balled through the land of the bravo
and free,
The band playing Dixie and Yankee
Doodle Doo.
The race run between Meesrs Nash
and Brooks
Was run- with many hooks and crooks;
8chools were dlsouasod so were school
Eaoh of the candidates put on his
good looks.
Bat Brooks waBdefeated by Mr. Nash?
Nash's whip bad the longest lash,
He carried the biggest spoon, got all
the hash,
For the next two years will distribute
the cash.
Our County Auditor C. A. Tower,
Made the raoe and made it easy;
He made sixty miles and hour,
?|Thu track was slick and greasy.
Drummond and Humbert, th > present
Both went into the fight to win;
Late in ths day Drummond gave way,
As Humbert came marching io.
Now to the victors belong the spoils,
The flag is floating high;
And while the political kettle bolls,
They're waiting patiently for the pie.
Peden and Duckott kicked over the
But when the smoke had cleared
Peden went down with a mortal wound,
And Capt. Duckett gained the day.
Hairston and Watts were on their cot*,
When the gallant crew went down;
Hairston fell with a rebel yell,
And Watts stl'l wears the crown.
Bailey was saved from a watery grave,.
So was Joa Eugene B;
Babb and Deck went down in the wreck,
la the raging political sea.
True, gallant sons, they fell at their
While the ballots fell thick and f?s.;
Onward came charging the mighty
And victory was won at last.
So, why do we mourn defeated friends,
Or shake at our defeat?
'Tis bnt the news the voters Bend
That caused us to be beat.
Why should we start and fear to die?
Only defeated candidates we are,
Victory was the gate of endless joy,
At.d yet we failed to enter there.
Then, weep not defeated ones,
Do not 6hed a single tear;
Return to your loved ones at home;
The ones to you most dear.
While you're sitting by the fire side,
Tears may spring up in your eye;
Take it easy my dear comrades,
You'll feel better bye and bye.
We ran with patience the race
So easily set before us;
We've been defeated, Ite no disgrace,
Sing this song without the chorus.
Most people constantly eufTor from
lo-s of appeilte, espeoially for break
fast, an unpleasant taste In the mouth,
low spirits; irritability with a heavy,
dull headache, biliousness, ?ick
herdache, blotches on the skin, lack of
energy and a feeling of weariness, all
of which are due to constipation. Con
stipation h the forerunner of indiges
tion, sluggish liver and nervousness,
and it is of the utmost importance that
the bowels should be gently regulatod
by a reliable aperient. Dr. King's
Blood and Liver Pills meet this want.
126 cants at Palmetto Drug Co.
Attention Farmers.
A full supply of High Grade Guanos,
specially sdapied to small grain, always
on hand at wareboute. Dry and in per
fect condition. Cash or credit.
Augustus ??ff.
I find nothing better lor liver de
rangement and constipation than Chan
berlain's 8tomach and Liver Tablets.?
hi V. Andews, Des Moines, Iowa. For
sale by Dr. B. F. Poeey and Lanrena
Drug Co
Laurens Cotton Mills Store
Try Us for
'Phone Us
Your Orders
I Laurens Cotton Mills Store |
^ T. C. LUCAS, Manager.^
Stationery too fancy for olden times and
stationery with the antique finish?all sorts, of
fancy stationery for all sorts of purposes.
Writing paper and envelopes in dainty, del
icate tints?other grades more conservative.
W. W. Dodson.
Kennedy Bros.
The selection of good seed is very importont. We give
special attention to this as well as to other departments of
our business. We can fill your orders for Seed Wheat,
Oats, Barley, Rye, Vetch, Clover, Lucerne, Rape, Tur
nip and all kinds of good Garden Seeds.
Livery, Feed
and Sale Stable.
I have bought out the Livery business of
C. S. Fuller. I will conduct a First
Class Livery, Feed and Sale Stable.
Always on hand safe horses and nice
turnouts at reasonable rates.
Kentucky saddle and harness horses.
Give me a trial.
J. H. Davis,
Fuller's Stand
The Bank of Laurens,
Laurens, S. C
Will furnish every one who will become ft
depositor to the amount of ono dollar or more
in our Saving . Department a lundsomn pri
valo Ho r.e r-afo, like the ore shown here.
You arc inv'tcd to call and ask for ono of
, the?e safe*.
ft, matters not what a man's income i.?,
r?ckles-ness nn 1 extravagance will sooner or
I la er bring him to ?u'n. Every mechanic
j can ssvo from ono to two dollars per week
! and become tho manager of his own shop in
I a few yoars.
Tho clerk wb > saves nothing wld always bo
a clerk. Better begin saving today. Tho
omploye, the mechanic, tho farmer, who
saves 50 cents to ?1.00 por wock will soon
own a business, a house or a farm of his own. S'.art a savings account with tho
Bank of Laurens today ft will grow: I par cont. inte-eston savings account.
Capital .$50,000
Profits. 17,000
Total. $67,000
O. B. SIMMONS, President.
J. J. Pluss, W. P. Caine,
Shingles at a Bargain
We have just received three car loads of
Shingles and offer them, while they last,
at the following low prices.
$2.00 grade at $1.50 per 1000
2.50 grade at 2.00 per 1000
2.75 grade & 2.25 per 1000
3.00 grade 5t 2.50 per 1000
No. 1 Cvpifcg Shingles
at 3.25 d?Pf.1000
Laurens - - South Caroiina
never sickern tlm patient nor leaves
its work half dour. It is an absolute
euro for Dud lilood, Kidneyand Liver
Troubles and ailments emanating
from impaired digestive organs.
For Over 35 Years
This kins of remedies bns been ma
king bieaiitiist triends. Jt is not a
patent m? il ,l ine, but a puro vegetable
extraction from a ?pecles of Hydran
gea plunt. It' llio i'n -l linlllu does not
prove Its offlcaoy go buck and get
your money.
? ^ i.i) nv
Laurens Drug Co.
in Jewelry as well as in oth
er things. If you want up
to-date Jewelry you can al
ways be sure of getting the
very latest and the most cor
rect thing from us. What
ever you buy, you can feel
sure that you are right.
Or if you have anything
that needs to be altered, re
paired or reset bring it to us.
We'll do the work well and
charge you but a moderate
Fleming Bros.
Retains \ AMoyrcaJMreon
Severest V IDpt or Dick,
i:. : : \ I J\> Miilersirap*.
ttb Comfort. I l.'evcr muvca.
We guarantee a fit or money
Laurens, S. C.
For Infants and GhildfQIL
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
of C^^<^>^&^
W. C. 1RBY, Jr.,
Attorney at Law,
I have opened up a
first-class meat and
produce market at
the City Market
stand, northeast cor
ner public square. In
addition to a supply
of fresh meats I
will handle all kinds
of produce ? chick
ens, butter, eggs,
etc. Parties desir
ing to buy or sell
milk cows will do
well to see me. . . .
J, Wade Anderson
City Market.
spkciad Notice?-l have just received
a I'm ? line of fsll and winter namplos of
all tho latest styles. Prices to suit the
times, Pants made to order from $1.00
up. Suits made to order from $12 00
up. A lit is always guaranteed. I nlno
invite you to join my pressing club,
only $1 oo por month. Phono 18o, Min
ter building.
K. .1. BANCY, Tailor.
Many men and women are constantly
subjected to what thoy [commonly torm
"a continual st'uin" because of fomo
financial or family trouble It wears
and distresses thorn both mentally and
physically, affecting thoir nerves bad
ly and bringing On livor and kidney
ailments, with tho nttondant evils of
constipation, loss of appetito, sloepless
noss, low vitality and despondency
They cannot, as a l?lo, got rid of this
"continual strain, but they can romo
dy Its health destroying elTocIs by tak
ing frequont doses of Croon's August
Flowor. It tones up tho liver, stlmu
lates tho kidneys, Insures healthy bod
ily functions, glvos vim and spirit to
one's whole being, and eventually dis
pels the physical or montal distress
caused by that "continual strain."
Trial bottle of August Flowor, 25c; reg
ular size, 7f?o. At all druggists.
Biau the A1 !l9 v?" H?-? Always Bciughl
John Y. Gar?ngton & Co.
Laurens, South Carolina
^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^
Tho Kind You Have Always Bought, and which has been
in uso for over 30 years, has homo the signature of
and has beeninadounder his por
fz^Zyty^/T^ , sonal supervision since its infancy.
^i^ryyt /<Zcc^i4/i4 Allow no ono to decoivo you in this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and ** Just-as-good" uro but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger tho health of
Infants and Children?Experience against Experiment*
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops and Soothing .Syrups. Jt is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphiiio nor other Narcotic
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Foverishncss. It euros Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates tho Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving- healthy ami natural sleep.
Tho Children's Panacea?The Mother's Friend.
Bears the Signature of
The KM You toe Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
R. P. MILAM & 00.
Your stock and poultry need dosing. Now is the time, pro
vided you use the International Stock food Company's Products*
None better on the in irkct. Here are some of them and the prices:
International vStock Food . . .-:5c and 50c.
Colic Cure.50c
Gall Cure.25c
Poultry Food.25c
Louse Killer. .25c
Silver Pine Healing Oil.25c
Now, we will give with every 100 poind purchase a premium
of 16 pounds of any ol the abov s products 5 and a 25-cts package
with every 25 lbs. purchase. This is your opportunity ; A small
investment may prove a profitable one.
Our Undertakers' .Stock as usual is complete. We can y
everything from the cheapest Coffin to the best
Pirst-class Hearse when wanted. At nighl or Sunday 'Phone
H. M. Wright or R. P. Milan, at their residences.
R. P. MILAM & CO.,
Warm wenthor brings danger Im babies.
Keepnb Itloof Hnby Knso- tho world's
host bab. medicine ? on band. It i-;
t'> ? pnfo, niro, hnrmlc?s remedy for all
sntnim i- bnw'i 1 and Huinuch troubles.
A* t?ll (food ilvuff storosi ';J c?>*\tu.
Manufactured by HATtY EASIO CO., Macon, Oa.
N. B. Dial. a. 0. Todd.
Attorneys and Coun
sellors at I^aw.
Katerprist! Bank find Todd OHioo Build
Lauukns, s. ().
Headache and Neuralgia
Curod by Nervaltrino. For sale by
Lauren9 Drug Co., W. W.Dodson and
allotber Druggists.
w.u. knjhht. u.k. iiahu
Attorneys at Law.
6iT Will praotloo in all the Htato and
Federal Court?. Strict attention to all
biibtnoM Intrunted to thorn.
Office up-statrs, Simmons' Building
Attorney: a I Law.
Will practice In Si ? Courts.
Prompt attention fjiv< .??'...i business.
Dr. Chas. A. EHett,
Law Range.
HIM IIIBHHII II III l ?Hill . . !? ?? ?n?I
W. Y. BOY I),
Attorney at Law.
Will practice In all Ktato Courts.
Prompt attention glvou to all business.
Oilers Iiis services to the peo
ple of Laurens County,
CP @?
Ann all
m "? t '?? -V ?? 0 Stove, hlw.ry r#
? (iintft ?' tt U (toes you 1:0 pood after
C . r fsfr trial.
W. H. Dial. Agent,
The Fidelity & Casu
alty Co.
Dear Sir:
I hereby acknowledge re- .
ceipt of Fifty Dollars as pay- i
ment in full, under my Poli
cy of Disability, for recent
two weeks' illness. Thank
ing you and the company
for prompt and liberal settle
ment of my claim and recom
mending The Fidelity & Cas
ualty tor just and honest/
dealing to my friends, and
the business public generally.
Am yours,
Most trul
David A. Davis.
Safe and Sane
We will vote for
Parker and Davis
We believe in "Safe
and Sane" Democracy,
and "Safe and Sane"
The best is none too
Call on us to write
you a'line.
A. C. TODD & CO.
?"Safo and Sana Insurance"
The thousands of people
made miserable by the awful
tortures of some skin afflic
tion will rejoice at the aston
ishing good news that we
have secured the agency fcr
that wonderful medicament
known as the
D. D. D.
This prescription to a sped*
fic formula for ?J?bti titoeases,
not a panaoea for aU aftments.
At our store oan be teen the
evidences of its most remark
able curative qualities. Th<
proofs of its wonderful cur^
are indisputable. We
for your inspection a nun
of photographs of pe<
showing their condition
fore and after using
wonderful medicine. C<
see these actual proof*
Accept only the gej
prescription with the D.
trade mark on each
and package.
Sold only by
Laurens Drug
Wood's Seeds.
Winter Oafs.
Sow Early For Best Results.''
Our Trade Marl? [{rand is the
besl und cleanest quality that
it is possible to procure.
Hairy, or Winter Vetch,
Sown wit!) Winter Onta, makca
tho largest possible yield of the
best and tnoal nutritious hay.
Write for prices.
Tells all about p< c<Vh for fall
bo wing, U is the most valua
ble and helpful publication of
the kind issue* in America,
Mailed fr?".' <>m reqth .st.
T. W. W??d & SONS,
Seedsmen, - Richmond, Va.
Mcanso* tho Kldrtoys And Mndrtor, nurifles the
? "Nerv'? " RttS ?.ni ,h,.7 p?0",<>- WhSE
SOh!tl%^n?W,yw^r.k" UU" M.?P,C> ,,"< ""'h
Boiiii. i> iiarralcm. Wcljcli yourself before, taking
Laurens Drug Co.
Bear* tho _l'lfl Kind Voa Haw Always BoupM
, Bignaturo

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