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Subscription PrIco-12 Mouths, $1,00
i'.i) ii'l io Kin uo.
Kates for Advertising.?Ordinary Ad
vertisoinents, nor square one inser
tion, $1.00;each subsequent Insertion,
60 oents. Liberal reduction made
tor large Advertisements.
W. W. Ham,,
LAUKENS, s. C, Oct. 5, 1904.
Now the question 's, IsGurney really
an Englishman? Who is going to swal
low tho story that an Englishman was
riding last? >
? *
Protect the Primary.
Greenville and Bamberg counties re
port frauds in the recent primaries.
It the primary us an institution I<j to he
preserved, the General Assembly niuet
enact laws rigidly protecting it. There
is evident in the State toino growing
dissatisfaction with it as a method of
choos'ng officials and if its friends
would save it they must isssat upon
the adoption of measures to keep it
The Parker Letter.
The Utter of acceptance of Judge
Parker has aroused considerable Demo
cratic enthusiasm throughout the
country and it is evident that new life
has been b oathod into a campaign
horotoforo du'l to a degree. Tne Re
publican newspapers deory the lettor
with un tnimlty bu*. the amount of spaoe
they devote to it indicates that they
are f<?r from cocksure of Koosevelt'a
Meanwht'e, Mr. Babcook, Chairman
of the Republican Congressional Com
mit toe, has publicly admitted the pos
tibi'lty of the Democrats carrying the
lower house and oalls on his party to
rally in tho face of the danger. All in
all, the signs aro distinctly more en*
couraging to the Democracy than they
were a fortnight ago.
The contral and dominant noto of
Judge Parker's letter is the plea for
constitutional government, ? govern
ment by the law as against the rule or
mlsru'.e of a petulaut and impetuous
egotist. Ir is convincing In its common
sense?is rather important as indica
tive of the sterling common sense and
safe balance of the man behind it rather
than as n dazzling appeal to the imag
ination of superGcial voters'
The ilaring Mr. Poosevelt has never
been elected President of the United
States and Is yet far from any such
triumph. Tho American people are
not commonly prone to choose a "cheap
skate" politician for this highly re
speotable position.
Mineral Spring.
A fine mineral spring, located on the
estate of tho late Cant. Johu McGowan
near Cross Hill is about to bedevelopd
ed. It is said to be an excellent min
eral water and the flow is quite bold.
Victim of (Jin Accident.
Mose Jones, co'ored, died last Tues
day at Mr. Ruf us Dunlap's as the result
of a gin accident a few hours before.
In raising up tho breast, of ?Im ?in_ one
of his bunds was caught in the saws
and before the machinery could be
stopped his arm w?s terribly mangled,
necessitating amputation of the mem
ber. He died live hours later from the
loss of blood and the frightful shock
received at the time of the accident.
County Teachers* Association to Meet.
The Laurens County Teachers' Asso
ciation is hereby culled to meet in the
Court House at Laurens, on Saturday,
October 15, 1904.
11.00?Organization. Election of of
11.30?Class teaching versus hearing
lessons.?W. H. Hamilton, B. L. Jones,
Miss Bossie Hudgens.
12.30?Address ly Superintendent
elect, R. W. Nash.
Every teacher in the county is ex
pected to bo present and participate in
the work of tho Association.
W. P. Oulbertson,
Cbas. F. Brooks,
County Supt. of Education.
Tribute of Respect.
Whereas, tho Almighty, has seen fit
to enter our midst and remove our
dear sister, Mrs. Clyde Puller, who
was one of our brightest Christians and
most useful members in the Waterloo
Baptist Church and the Woman's Mis
sionary Society, for what purpose we
know not but that tome good might be
done, "for his ways are just." Our
comfort is that sho has been received
in M'lr ^Father's homo of mansions
and that wo may follow on and meet
her thore. And to tho bereaved hus
band and all of the sorrowing family,
we pray thee dry thino eyes and bid
thy tears now cease. Thy wife far
above tho skies has found a sweet re*
leaso from all her sorrows and her pain.
She is at last made free. Thou wouldat
not call hor back again '.o suffer pain
with thee. Nay, drooping soul, lift up
thy head; thou ncedest not hope in
vain, thy wife lives, she is not dead,
you soon shall meet again. Now, be it
1 Resolved, that we deeply mourn the
heavy afllictlons,
2nd. That we sympathize with the
bereft family.
3rd. That wo commend her example.
4th * That a pago in our minuto book
be inscribod to hor momory.
5th. That a copy of these resolutions
be sent to the family.
0th. That a copy of theso resolu
tions bo published in the Laurens Ad
Adopted by the socloty.
Mrs. Joel A. Smith.
Attention Farmers.
A full supply of High Grade Guanos,
specially adapted to small grain, always
on hard at war* house. Dry and in per
fect condition. Cash or credit.
Augustus Huff.
I find nothing hotter tor liver de
rangement and constipation than Cham
berlain's stomach and Livor Tablets.?
L. F. Andews, Dos Moines, Iowa. For
sale by Dr. B. F. Posoy and Laurens
' Drug Co
. 1
The Auditor's Abstract Just Completed
Furnish Interesting Figures.
County Auditor Power has finished
his abstracts of the tax assessments for
next year. The work h*a been caro
fully done and tho followlug statistics
and figures were compiled by the Au
ditor, who Is an expert accountant:
Number. Value.
Aores.430,910 $2,114,990
Bulld'ngs. 2,690 172.885
Lots, town) a id cities, 921 192,500
Buildings. 974 435,030
Total. 2,915,405
Railroad property. 730,675
personal. property.
Hogs .3.748 9,210
Hortes.1,959 81,671
Cattle.6,749 165,184
Mules.8,966 170,807
Sheep and goats. 853 808
Dogs.1,818 9,090
Watches. 325 4,306
Pianos and organs,. 510 18,094
Vehicle?,.4,658 66,022
Merchandise,. 161,340
Machinery. 67,753
Moneys. 24,070
Notes. 14,697
Household property,. J?2,500
Miscellaneous,. 16,887
Total. 861,900
Grand total of all taxable property,
Including cotton and oil mills, $5,471,
This is a gain of $59,688 over last
year, and $161,231 more than the year
Trespass Notice.
All persons are hereby notified not
to hunt or otherwise trespass on my
g. a. mcPherson.
Letter to W. B. Bramtctt.
Laurens, S. C.
Dear Sir: A gallon saved is $4 or $5
Two gallons saved is $8 or $10 earned.
Three gallons saved is $12 or $15
Four gallons saved is $16 or $20
Five gallons saved is $20 or $25
It costs $8 or $4 a gallon to paint, be
sides the paint; as much to brush-on
a gallon of worthless paint as Devoo.
Mrs. Ezra Rathmell, Williamsport,
Pa., always used U gallons of mixed
paint for his house; Devoe took 6.
Yours truly,
F. W.DkVoe& Co.,
Moseley & Roland sell our paint.
Woodruff Stock Show.
Tho Advertiser has received the pre
mium list of Woodruff Agricultural
Fair and Stook Show, which will be
held at Woodruff, November 3 and 4.
The officers of thq society are Dr. Lv
H. Irby, president; Dr. S. A. Wide
man, vice-president; T. W. Cox, secre
tary; W. B. Westmoreland, treasurer.
About eighty premiums are offered,
covering the various departments and
ranging from a dollar up to ten dollars.
These conditions determine tho trou
ble. The cure is certain?a good thor
ough courBo of Dr. King's Blood and
Liver Pills (they purify the blood and
energise the liver) is as a spring house
cleaning?thoroughi/ renovates and
cleans the system and if followed by
Dr. King's Sarsaparllla you are ready
for the wear of summer work and fitted
for it. The price of these best of all
Pills is 25c. There are none so good as
King's. Got from The Palmetto Drug
Union Meeting.
Tho second and third sections of the
1 aureus Baptist Association will meet
with the Union Baptist church on Fri
day before the fifth Sunday in October,
1904. All the churches in the union
will please send delegates.
The programme is as follows:
Friday 10:30 a.m. Introductory ser
mon by Rev. Homer Owings; alternate,
Rev T. 0. Jacks.
11:80 a, m, Organization. Reces?.
|;i p. m. If we bo tho disciples of Christ,
should we walk as He walked in order
to got to where He is? Rev. T. E, Sea
go and Lewis Martin.
2:30 Why do wo not. sing In tho
churches with tho spirit as we used to?
T. 8. Langston and Maj. Culbertson,
8 p. m. Are our ministers and dea
cons as consecrated as they should be?
A H. Martin, B. Y. Culbertson and
T. B. Brown.
9:30 a. m. Prayer and praise ser
vice, conducted by John M. Hudgens.
10a. m. What does it take to consti
tute a member in a Baptist church, in
good and regular standing and full fel
lowship? J. H. Nash, R. D. Boyd, J.
H. Machen, J. O. Martin and CM.
11 a. m. Would It be better for us to
bo without tho Bible than to have it
and not read it? Rev. I. E. McDavid,
Walter Baldwin i.nd Rev. J . D. Pitts.
1 p. m. Are our ministers and dea
cons as consecrated as they should he?
G. W. Culbertson, J. M1 Wood, Samuel
Bolt and J. H. Mache?.
2 p. in. What sin of the present day
is doing our churches the greatest evil?
Rev. J. O. Martin, Rev. J. T. Taylor,
Rev. J. D. Pitts and John M. Hudgens.
9:30 a. m. Prayor and praise service,
conducted by Kov. M. O. Corapton.
10 a. m. Is our Snnday school work
advanoing as it should? If not, why?
B. Y. Culbertson, J. E Martin and G
H, Roper.
11 a. m. Missionary sermon by Rev.
J. D. Pitts; Alternate, Rov. E. O. Wat
son. M. O. Compton,
Chairman of Com.
TnE LADIES favor painting their
churches, rnd therefore wo urgo every
Minister to remember we give a liberal
quantity of the Longman & Martinez
Paint toward the painting.
Wears and covers like gold.
Don't pay $1.50 a gallon for Linseed
Oil (worth 60 cents) which you do
when you buy other paints in a can
with a paint label on It.
8 & 6 make 14, therefore when you
want fourteen gallons of paint, buy
only eight of L. A M. and mix six gal
lons pure Linseed Oil with it, and thus
get paint at loss than $1.20 per g o on.
?t"au> iiouBf? are well painted with
four gallons of L. & M. and three gal
lons of linseed oil mixed therewith.
Theao Celebrated PaiuU are sold by
W. L. Boyd, Laurens, 8. O.
Clinton Pharmacy, Clinton, S. C.
Thore'a Dysentery -Colic, too
And Cramps; but this remember do
Though enemies all babies must meet,
i "TEKTHTN A" will them all detoat.
"TEBTHINA" Ovote mes and Coun
teracts tbo Elfoots of tho Summer's
I low, AidB Digestion, Regulator the
Bowel* und m ikes teetbt ig easy. Costs
on y 2? ceuts. k
? Final Settlement.
TAKK no'ico that on the 11 tit day of
October, 1901, t will render a ilnal ac
eount of my acts ant doings as Admin
istrator of the estate of J- 1' ? Simpson,
deceased, iu tbj oltloe of Jutl/e of Pro
bate of Ijiureo't County, ut 11 o'clock
a. m,, and on tbo same dato w II apply
for a tln*l disehsrpo from my trust as
such Admiulstr >tor.
All persons having dem.mds against
said etta'u will please pivso it ilium on
or b^foro that da1?, proven and authon
icated, or bo forever barred, and all
persons iudebted to said estate must
muko lavmeut to tho u :d irsignod be
fore that drtto.
Admin is'rator.
Sept. 7, 1904- lm.
The legu'ar Fall ex wninat'on for
tench its' certificate* will bo held la
r.be Court House, Friday, Oct. 21 Ai>
plloanta for lirot gn>do certificates will
bo, examined on tho following i ub
ject8: Arithmetic, Algebra, English
Grammar, Geoeraphy, History, Physl?
ologv, Sil is Manier, Enoch Aivlen,
Hughes' Mis-takes in Teaohiug, Peter*
man's Civil Goviimmont and Current
It will be well for tboso intondinir to
take this examlnaii -n to roview all the
above Mibjects cirofully, officially
those on English Literature.
Tho examination will begin promptly
at 9 o'clock.
Cuas F. Huooks,
County 8up?, of Fduoatlon.
At public sale, Clinton, S. C., Nov.
3rd. 1004, at It a. m, we will sell at
Clinton, S. C, tho ostato of C. M. For
guson, consisting of town lots in Clin
ton and farm lands on Duncan's Creek.
For f-poc'lic Information see plats at
storo of R D. Henry, Clin'.on, S. 0.
Terms CASH. John Fkiu;uson,
Opium, Whiskey and
All Drug Habits
Cured Without Pain at
Your Home.
If you are addictod to tboso habits
you think you will quit it. You won't;
you can't unaidod; but you can bo cured
and restored to your former health and
vigor without pain or- tho loss of an
hour from your busines? at a moderate
cost. Tne mediclno builds up your
health, restores your nervous system
to its normal condltl n; you feol like a
different person from tho beglnnine of
treatment, LEAVING OFF THE
You will soon bo convinced and fully
satisfied In your own mind that you
will be cured.
Mr. T. M. Brown, of DeQueen, Ark.,
says: "Over seven years ago 1 was
cured of tho opium habit by your medi
cine, and have continued in tho very
best of health slnco
Dr. W. M. Tunstall, of Livingston,
Va., says: "I am glad to say that I
firmly bolievc that I am entirely ami
permanently curod of the Drink Habit,
as I havo never even so much as wanted
a drink in any form sinco I took your
eradicator, now eighteen months ago.
It was tho best dollar I ever invested."
Mrs. Virginia Townsend, of Shr^ve
Kort, La., writes: "No more opium. I
avo taken no other remody than
yours and I m&ke no mistako when I
say that my health is bettor now than
it ever was in my life, and I owo it to
you and your remody. It has boen
twelve ycard sir.co I was cured by
your treatmont."
For fu'l particulars addrosn Or. B.
M. Woolley, 301 Lowndea, Bldq:., At
lanta, Ga., who will send you his book.
Wood's Seeds.
Winter Oats.
Sow Early For Best Results."]
Our Trade Mark Brand is the
best and cleanest quality that
it is possible to procure.
Hairy, or Winter Vetch,
Sown with Winter Outu, makes
the largest possible yield of the
bestand most nutritious hay.
Write for prices.
Telia all about seeds for full
sowing. It is the most valua
ble and helpful publication of
the kind issued in America.
Mailed free on request.
Seedsmen, - Richmond, Va.
"I don't think we could kae?
kousa without Thedford a Blaok
Draught. We havo used Ik In tho
family for ovor two yoara wttK, tho
best of results. I hnro not had a
doctor in tha homo for that length
of time. It la a doctor in itself and
at warn rondy to make ? person well
and happy."?JAMLd it ALL, Jaok
Becauso this groat medicine
relieves stomach pains, freeH the
constipated bowels and in vi gor
at ?? tho torpid liver and weak
enod kidneys
No Doctor
is necessary in tho homo where
Thedford'a Mack-Draught it
kopt. Families living in the
country, miles from any physi
cian, havo been kopt in health
for years with this medicino as
their only doctor. Tbedford's
Black -Draught curoe bilious
dyspepsia, colds, chills and
IfSVW. blood, headaches,
diarrhoea, constipation, colio
and almost every other ailment
pecans? the stomach, bowels
hvor and kidneys so nearly con
trol the health.
New Fall Goods
The thin flimsy fabric must soon give place for
one of heavier texture and preparations
are now in order for the change
Dress Goods for Fall and Winter wear
are shown in great variety in the northern
markets. While many vxeaves are shown
Dame Fashion gives Broadcloth the prefer
ence, and has decided Brown to be the
popular shade.
A handsome line of fancy Silks for waist
ings and black Taff-eta for skirtings just
Special care is always taken in the se
lection of Black Goods'; in this department
will always be found choice reliable
Table Linen, Hosiery and Underwear
and all other stocks are well represented
in lowest market values.
Your Inspection is cordially solicited at
|W. Q. WILSON & CO. j
Stationery too fancy for olden times and
stationery with the antique finish?all sorts of
fancy stationery for all sorts of purposes.
Writing paper and envelopes in dainty, del
icate tints?other grades more conservative.
W. W. Dodson.
Witf .nwni??'??iW.nB.ffiMtfijiwjj, WlJ1>i ? mmm ? iHiHiTi?
Kennedy Bros.
The selection of good seed is very important. We give
special attention to this as well as to other departments of
our business. We can fill your orders for Seed Wheat,
Oats, Barley, Rye, Vetch, Clover, Lucerne, Rape, Tur
nip and all kinds of good Garden Seeds.
k:bnnbdv bros
Livery, Feed
and Sale Stable.
I have bought out the Livery business of
C. S. Fuller. I will conduct a First
Class Livery, Feed and Sale Stable.
Always on hand safe horses and nice
turnouts at reasonable rates.
Kentucky saddle and harness horses.
Give me a trial.
J. H. Davis,
Fuller's Stand
The Bank of Laurens,
Laurens, S. C.
Will furnish overy ono who will bocorae a
doposltor to tho amount of ono dollar or moro
in our Savingi Dopartmcnt a bandsomn pri
Viito llo no Safo, like tho ono shown here.
You aro Invited to call and ask for ono of
those safo-t.
It malteis not what a man's income is,
recklessness und extravagance will soonor or
later bring him to ruin. Every mechanic
can BAVO from ono to two dollars per woek
and beoome tho manager of his own shop in
a fow years.
The clerk who saves nothing will always bo
a clerk. Hotter hegin saving today. Tho
omploye, tho mechanic, tho farmer, who
saves fit) cents to Jfl.00 por woek will soon
own a business, a house or a farm of his own. Start a savings account with tho
Bank of Laurens today It will grow: 4 por cent, intoreston savings account.
Capital .$50,000
Profits. 17,000
O. B. SIMMONS, President.
I J. J. Pluss, W. P. Caine,
i ,\:.Mil i
Shingles. at a Bargain
We have just received three car loads of
Shingles and offer them, while they last,
at the following low prices. %fg? j?Sg
$2.00 erade at $1.50 per 1000
2.50 grade at " 2.00 per 1000
2.75 grade at 2.25 per 1000
3.00 grade at 2.50 per 1000
No. 1 Cyprus Shingles
at 3.25 per.1000
Laurens - \ - South Carolina
I? not n new, untried remedy. It
has been on the American market
for more than 30 years. It is tlm
most popular household remedy
known. Why? Because It is gen?
uine, honest, powerful, thorough,
harmless, quick in action and easy
to take?the doses arc vciy small.
Mrs. Mary J. DeGross, of New York
City, in a voluntary letter to Mr.
Lymnn Brown says:
"For years I have been n. chronic dys?
peptic. HavetaVeiiruorcklndR?l medicine
than I can remember, but Seven Burk* lias
proven to be the best. The relic 1 it K'ves
me is speedy and certain. 1 tccl bright and
well alter its use, the efiect is so uood."
Wc have thousands of equally as
complimentary letters.
CPFflAI If YOU Buffer from hc-idarhes,
rim h Ulduey or llvei Uoub en, bib
*??? r lottsness, dyspepsia or any of
the kindred ailments, buy a 50 cent bottle i>l
Seven Itai ks und try it. lithe rcault Is not
entirclv 8i\t|..f:u t'.ry late the bottle bacl;
and Rc"t your money. Tile druggist will
cheerfully refund it.
LYN AN DROWN, New York City.
Laurens Drug
in Jewelry as well as in oth
er things. If you want up
to-date Jewelry you can al
ways be sure of getting the
very latest and the most cor
rect thing from us. What
ever you buy, you can feel
sure that you ate right.
Or if you have anything
that needs to be altered, re
paired or reset bring it to us.
We'll do the work well and
charge you but a moderate
price. *
Fleming Bros.
tclalna \ /Kovici : ;i ]
Scvcrct p H'p'W : ?'
Itcrn. a I x: < n.Ur :r p- (
vrltti Coiufc
We guarantee a lit or money
Laurens, S. C.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Signature of
W. C. IRBY, Jr.,
Attorney at Law,
LAURENS, ?. 0.
new meat market
I have opened up a
first-class meat and
produce market at
the City Market
stand, northeast cor
ner public square. In
addition to a supply
of fresh meats 1
will handle all kinds
of produce ? chick
ens, butter, eggs,
etc. Parties desir
ing to buy or sell
milk cows will do
well to see me. . . .
]f Wade Anderson
City Market.
Spkcial, Notice?1 havojust received
a fino lino of fall and winter samples of
all the latest styles. Prices to suit iho
timos. Pants mado to order from $4.00
up. Suits mado to order from (1200
up. A lit is always guaranti ed I iiIho
invite you to join my grossing olub,
only $l.oo por month. I'hone 180, Min
ter building.
E. J . DANCY, Tailor.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
John Y. Garlington & Co.
Laurens, South Carolina
?Yegctablc Preparation lor As -
slmUating llicFnod nndRegula
tlng (heSioiuU?bs ond Dowels of
Promotes Digeslion.Chcerful
ness and Hest.Contains neither
Opium .Morphine nor Mineral.
I\unpkui Setmv -
/Ux.Setmit ?
liorhrlU SalU -
stitiie .fivrf t
Ji-phentwtl. -
JH (ttlinnwk:Stxfa
llctip Srt>il -
Cfrvtft.'d Stignr
iMnlriyiff't tlnyw.
Aperfccl Remedy forConsUpa
Uon, Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea
YVbr ms .Convulsions, Fe verish
ness matLOSS OF SLliKl*.
Facsimile Signature of
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For Oven
Thirty Years
Your slock and poultry need dosing. Now is the time, rj
vided you use the International Stock Food Company's Prod]
None belter on the market. Here are some of them and the pfj
International Stock Food.25c ana
Colic Cure.
Gall Cure........?.?
Poultry Food.
Louse Killer.
Silver Pine Healing Oil.
Now, we will give with every 100 pound purchase a preml
of 16 pounds of any of the above products ; and a 25-cts packal
with every 25 lbs. purchase. This is your opportunity ; Asraa
investment may prove a profitable one.
Our Undertakers' .Stock as usual is complete. We carry
everything front the cheapest Coffin to the best
First-class Hearse when wauled. At night or Sunday 'Phone
H. M. Wright or R. P. Milam nt their residences.
R. P. MILAM & CO.,
BANA i:ASK? U10 world's host baby
medicine-:sa prompt, snfo, euro and harm
los* remedy for ports of stomach and bowel
troubles of bnhios and children. Keep it al
ways on hand-you enw rely upon it.
At all (iuod drug stor?n, 25c
Manufactured by HA BY 1-;asio no., Macon, c;a.
""mv ?mm
N, B Dim,
A. ('. Ton?,
Attorneys and Coun
sellors at Law.
Enterprise Bank and Todd oilieo Build
La t) U KN 3i B. 0.
Headache and Neuralgia
Ourod by Nervtilgine, For aalo by
Lauroua Drug Oo?i W. W Dodsoo ami
all other Druggists.
W.Bi iv.nk.ii r. n.R. HAiu<
Attorneys at Law.
i?r Will praotloe In all the state and
Kndoral COurtS. Htrlctattention to all
biibtnosH Intrusted to them.
OfSce up?**>a!r*, Simmons' Building
Attorneys at Law.
Will practice. In all Stato Courts.
Prompt attontlon givonto all business.
Dr. Chas. A. Ellett,
Law llangc.
Attorney at Law.
Will practice In all State Courts.
I 'rompt attention given to all busincas.
J. N. LEAK, j
Oilers his services to the peo
ple of Laurons County.

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