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Baking Powder
MaJkes Cleev.rv Brea^d
With Royal Baking Powder there is
no mixing with the hands, no sweat of
the brow. Perfect cleanliness, greatest
facility, sweet, clean, healthful food.
tfull instructions in the " Royal Bakerand Pastry Cook"
book for making all kinds of bread, biscuit and cake
with Royal Baking Powder. Gratis to any address.
Misa Nell Bolt spont a pjrtioa of last
week at Clinton.
Naval Cidet Haskell Dial returned to
Annapolis last Thursday.
No kick coming this time about the
Laurens cotton market.
Mr. L. S. Bolt, of Shiloh, spent a few
hours in town Friday.
Rev. J. F. Pharr and family of Cross
Hill were In the city Thursday.
Mrs. W. H. Gilkerson spent the past
week at Greenwood aud Ninety-Six.
Laurens should handle twenty-five
thousand bales of cotton this season.
Mr. Eugene Simpson, a young fariu
er of Brewerton, was in town Friday.
Mr. J. B. Clardy, of Bainbrldge,
Ga., is spondlng a week or so in this
Mr. A. G. Edwards, an enterprising
business man of Fountain I< u was iu
town Thursday.
Cadets Will Rlcheyank Ma. Irby re
turned to the Houth Carolina Military
Academy last Frid.sy.
An unusually large amount of cotton
was marketed here in Septomber, Oc
tober promises to bo a record breaker.
Mr. Jookey R. Murff, of Huntington,
iB clerking for W. G. Wilson & Co.,
where he will be glad to see his friends
any time.
We can't pay printers with good
wishes, we are truly grateful to you
for tbosc, but we want the price of
your subscrlptiou also.
Miss Mary Boyce, a bright young
lady of Cross Hill spent last Thursday
in the city, visiting the splendid Mil
linery Openings
Miss Emily Simmons, after a pleas
ant visit of several W3eks to her aunt,
Mrs. S. L. Saxon, has returned to
Miss Vaughn Gritton has accepted n
position with The Dixie Clothing an
Shoe Store, where she will bo glad to
meet her many friends.
Mr. Ford Franks is the capable cot
ton buyer at the Laurens Cotton Mills
and the cotton wagons are standing in
great strings on that side every day.
Mr. J. S. Machen was one of the
large number of candidates on whom
the Shriner's degree was conforred at
White Stone Springs last Wednesday.
Miss Lillio Earle Saddler, of Rock
Hill, who was recently elected a9 teach
er of the Sandy Springs school, arrived
last Friday and opened her school
Mr. J. Maxcio McLees, formerly of
[Greenwood haB been transferred by the
festem Union Telegraph Co. from
)nroe, N, C , to the Laurens office of
lich he is the manager,
[r. R. F. Fleming, who went to his
Ime some weeks ago, to recuperate
[om a lung attack of illness early in
10 summer, returned to Laurens Fri'
iy. His friends are glad to see him
lack, looking so well and strong.
re would like to doublo our sub
jriptlon list within the next three
rmonths, but some names will havo to
come off unlees their dues aro paid,
even if the subscription goes down.
Has The Advertleor been worth $1 to
you during the past yoar? Then send
us the dollar.
T. II. Barber, a largo cotton plan'er
of South Carolina, said: "Porten years
I suffered with sovero headache. . reg
ular splitting, unfiitting me for busi
ness and putting me in bed. I find
only Lee's Headache and Neuralgia
Remedy never falls to euro me prompt
ly." A scientific cure. Sold by The
Palmetto Drug Co.
Mies Annie Garrett, a popular young
lady of the upper part of the county,
was married to Mr. G. B. Marchant, of
Columbia last Wednesday evening at
the homo of Mr. W. B. G.-rrett, tho
Rev. T. B. Craig officiating.
When you've been with the boys all
niglu, and havo a dark brown tasto and
your head feels too big for your hat,
call at The Palmotto Drug Co. and get
a 10c package Captura. It will make
your hat fit better. Convenient to car
ry in tho pocket. The gonulno haB
name Burwell & Dunn Co.
Mrs. Burdett Dead.
Mrs. Caroline Burdett, widow of
Rev. Frederick Burdett of Youngs
township, died qnlto suddenly last
Wednesday at the homo of Mr. O. 0.
Cox, where, sho had gone to spend the
morning. Sho was a consecrated
Christian and was a devoted mombef
of Bramlett's Methodist church.
The funeral and burial services were
oonduoted by Rev. Mr. Burns Thurs
day at tho above ohurch.
Mrs. Burdett "?as before marriage a
Miss Peterson, and has quite a large
Connection throughout the county. Her
surviving children are Messrs. II. P?
Burdett and Thomas Burdett, of Lan
ford; John Burdett, of Greenville, and
Mrs. Will Curry, of Texan.
CJ3U5 TO ZVLXjm\.m
fieart tho lh5 ^ Vo i Have Always ?OU?J?
Uinnery, Urist Mill aud all Machinery
Total Loss.
At two o'clock Saturday morning,
the largo ginnery and grist mill of Mr
W.S.Powor, located at Power, a station
on the Greenvlllo road, 13 miles above
the city, was totally destroyed by fire.
It is not known how the fire otarted.
There were three buildings, all com
paratively new, as was the equipment
and machinery, which consisted of two
gins and presses, a suction outfit, two
grist mills and a saw mill.
The loss which included four bales of
seed cotton, a wagon and a quantity of
wood, is placed at 92,500 on which
there was no Insurance.
?To you think your father would ob
ject to your marrying mo?"
Seo?"If he thinks as I do, he cer
tainly would; and, if you don't get
King's Cajarrh Cure, and tatte it for
bad breath, you've got to sit farther
No man has an excueo for Bad Breath
when The Palmetto Drug Co. sells a
positive cure?guaranteed, for $1.00.
Sewerage Commissioners.
City council has elected the board of
sowerago commissioners--W. R. Rlch
ey, O. B . Simmons, J . O. C. Fleming*
B. F. Posey, C. H. Roper.
Pino Hill Stock Show.
Tho Pine Hill Stock Show will be
hold at Pino Hill school house, Octo
ber 7th, 1904. Thepbblic is cordially
invited to attend.
J. T. Donaldson, Pros;
J. W. Strawder, Sooy.
Tho question has been asked?In
what way uro Chamberlain's Stomach
and Liver Tablets superior to tho or
dinary oath art* o nnd liver pills? Our
answer is?They are easier and more
pleasavt u> t>-.ke und their effect is s >
gentle und so Agreeable that one ha' dly
realize* th it it is produced by a mo lf
clno. Tom they not only move the
bowels but improve the appetite and
iild t h i digestion. For sulo at 25 cents
nor bottle by Laurens Drug Co. and
D.\ H F. Pose-.
Union Meeting.
The union of tho Fourth Section of
Laurens Association will meet with
Holly Grove church on Saturday, Oc
tober, 20, 1904
10.30. Prayer and praise service. T.
C. Jacks.
11.00. Organization.
11.15. Some Hindrances to Baptist
Progress. J . A. Martin, M. L. Sum
erel, W. B. Fuller.
12 00. Intermission.
I. 30. Evidences of a true Christian
ife. Hornaus 12th chapter, Ephesians
5th chapter. T. C. Jaoks, P. H, Ander
son, J. L. Boyd.
2 30. Scriptural Holiness and When
Imparted. 2 Cor. 7:1, Heb. 12:10, 14. J.
B. Parro'.t, J. H. Wtiarton, W. P.
Sunday morning, 10.00. Tho work
of the Foreign Mission Board and its
claim9 upon the Baptist Denomination.
J. A- Martin, W. P. Turnsr, T. O.
II. 00. Missionary Sermon. J. B. Par
All Churchos please send full delega
W. P. Oulbertson,
Mothers should always keep in good
bodily health. Tney one it to their
children. Yet it is no unusual sight to
seo a mother, with babe in arms,
eoughing violently and exhibiting all
the sympto.i s of a consumptive ten
dency. And why ehou.d this danger
ous condition oxls*, dangerous alike bo
mother and child, when Dr. Boscheo's
German 8 rup would pub a stop to it
at once? No mother should be without
ibis old and tried remedy in the house
?for its timoly use will promptly cure
any lung, throat or bronchial trouble
In herself or her children. Tho worst
cough or cold can bo speedily cured by
German Syrup; so ?. an hoarseness and
congestion r.f tho bronchial tubes. It
makes expectoratLeasy, and gives
Instant relief and refreshing rest to
the cough-raked consumptive. New
trial bottle*, 25c; large size, 75c, At
all druggists.
Cow Thelf.
Early Saturday morning, a negro,
who gavo his nairo as Young Hix and
claiming Woodruff as his home, tried
to sell a protty Jereey heifer to a local
butcher, whose suspicion was aroused
by tho negro's conduct, and after par
tially closing a trade, with tho negro he
doclined to bo'dupod. A policeman
took up tho case but when be ap
proached Hlx ho abandoned tho yoar
llng and has not been seen since.
It may be a piece of superfluous ad
vice to urgo peoplo at tnis season of
the year to lay in a supply of Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy. It Is almost
sure to bo neoded befo - ' Inter is
over, and much more pro?. and sat
isfactory results are obts J when
taken as soon as a cold i. ontracted
and before it has become settled in tho
system, which can only be done by
kooping tho remedy at hand. This
remedy Is *o widely known and so al
togo'.her good that no one should hee
Itato shoot buying it in preference to
any other. I t Is for sale by The Lau
eren? Drug Co. and Dr. B. F. Poeey.
The Event of tlie Xcear?Hints to Pros
pective IC?trrbkorH?A Great Gather
ing of Prosperous Carolinians.
Th? first Greater South Carolina
State Fair will be held on tho new
grounds recently purchased by the
State Agricultural and Mechanical
Society, and which have been lUted up
with all modern Improvements for the
comfort and convenience of both ex
hibitors and visitors. This will be the
thirty-sixth Fair since the rcorganiza
tlon of the Society after the civil war,
and will be held the last week in Oc
tober, from the morning of the 26 th
to the evening of the 28th.
Every county In the State should be
represented In the exhibits, for there Is
no doubt but what great good resultH
to all the exhibitors at every Fair, the
premiums being only a small part of
the benefits. A great many farmers
and stock breeders count only what
prizes are won, but this should not be
the case, because the greatest benefits
are obtained In advertising what you
have for sale and in meeting with the
progressive men from other sections
of the State and obtaining their Ideas
and seeing the results of their
methods. The management of the Fair
is making every effort to secure new
exhibitors. Arrangements have been
made by which freight charges are
paid on all exhibits from this State,
free stalls are provided for stock, and
free bedrooms are furnished all ex
hibitors who are willing to stay on the I
grounds all the time. * Numerous res
taurants on the grounds furnish meals
at all hours of the day or night at
reasonable prices, and feed for stock
Is delivered right at the stalls at the
regular market prices, and besides,
there are officers who look after all
exhibitors and see that every one is
satisfactorily located. All exhibits
may be shipped directly to the
grounds, for there Is ample side track
provision for all the cars. Solid cars
should be billed "Secretary State
Fair, Columbia, S. C, care Fair
Ground Tracks," and they will be
rushed right through to destination.
Some exhibitors may think they can
not make their entries properly, but
Secretary Lsve will take pleasure In
giving all necessary aid, provided ap
plication Is made to him prior to 10
?'clock Tuesday morning, as the Fair
opens at that hour and no entries can
be made later. All exhibitors of live
stock should arrive on the grounds not
later than Friday or Saturday before
the Fair, so as to get the stock quiet
after shipping and get them to eating
well before being put into the show
The premium list is very liberal this
year, and it is to be haped that the
management will n?eet with success
in inducing a very large number of
new exhibitors to attend the Fair,
so that the Fair will become repre
sentative of every section of the State
and of all the resources of Carolina.
Information and premium lists will be
cheerfully supplied upon application
In {person or by letter to Secretary
Love at Columbia. Let all Who are
thinking of exhibiting, or who have
fine products or stock, make up*thelr
minds right now to exhibit, write for
a premium list and then make their
entries at once. Join the procession
that is making this State one of the
best in the country.
First, soak the corn or bunion in
warm water to soften it; then pare it
down as closely as possible without
drawing blood and apply Chamber
lain's Pain Balm twice daily, rubbing
vigorously for five minutes at each ap
plication. A corn plaster should bo
worn a few days to protect it from tho
shoe. As a general liniment for
sprains, bruises, lameness and rheu
matism, Pain Balm is uneqtialed. For
salo by Laurens Drug Co. and Dr. B.
F. Posey.
Tills Will Bo Truly u Greater Stato
Fair1?It Begins on October 25ih?
Amplo Arrangements.
The fitnte Agricultural and Mechani
cal Society purchased one hundred
acres of level land in the southern
part of Columbia last spring on which
to hold its annual South Carolina State
Fairs. This change was made neces
sary because the old grounds were too
small to accommodate the large num
ber of exhibitors and visitors who an
nually attended the great fairs, and
tho buildings were no longer suitable
for the purposes for which they were
built. On the new grounds there Is
room for everything and for every
body, and they are more conveniently
situated to the transportation lines
than the old grounds were. The dis
tance is less than a half mile from the
new union depot, and the grounds are
reached by several fine roads and by
the street car lines,'and no trouble will
Be experienced in handling the large
crowds that are sure to visit Columbia.
Visitors will find everything brand new
this year. The buildings are all modern
In construction, large, airy, and com
fortable, all one story, with numerous
exits and wide aisles. One building Is
devoted entirely to the handiwork of
women, and Is set apart from the other
buildings so that the fair sex may en
Joy themselves without interruption.
Another building is devoted to the agri
cultural exhibits and Implements, and
another to the commercial exhibits.
Then, the poultry building occupies a
very prominent location and is very
large and roomy. The live stock barns
are so arranged that all visitors can
safely and conveniently pass through
all of them and see all tho stock at any
time, and the management specially
requests that visitors avail themselves
of this opportunity.
The regulation mile race track Is lo
cated in the southern part of the
grounds, and Ib a beauty. The races
may be viewed from the Fair grounds
if it be preferred to do so, but a large,
comfortable grand stand Is located at
the finish of the home stretch, where
the races can be viewed to much better
advantage and with more comfort. The
quarter stretch is not separated from
the grand stand, as was the case on
the old track, but all are combined
under one inclosure, thus Increasing
the social part of the meet.
The Midway or Pike Is located near
the main entrances, and will be filled
with all the modern shows and attrac
tions, with wares from very part of
the world, and with people from every
part of the world. The uthletic
grounds are located Just opposite the
Midway, on tho other side of tho
entrance. Here will be played two
excellent games of football during
Fair week.
The railroads have offered very
cheap rates on account of the first
Greater State Fair, and thoy will run
most convenient schedules from all
sections of the State. In view of all
the attraatlonB that have been ar
ranged for, there Is no risk In saying
that the large cr*wd of last year will
be doubled this fall, and that this
great gathering will be more easily ac
commodated 'han in any former yenr.
Every one ought to attend the only
big fair and social event in the State.
A well known (raveling man who
visits the drug trado says no has often
heard druggists inquire of customers
who asked for a cough medicine)
whether it was wanted for a child or
for an adult, and if for a child thoy al
most invariably recommended Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy. Tho reason
for this is that they know thero is no
danger from it and that it always cures.
There is not tho least, danger in giving
it, and for coughs^ colds and croup|it is
unsurpassed. For salo by Laurens
Drug Co ? and Dr. B. F. Posey.
J. E. Speegle, who protested the ro
cent election In Oroenville in which J.
W. Walker was declared the nominee
by a majority of seven votes, has boon
given tho nomination by the executive
committee, whiob held a special meet
ing for the purpose of hearing the case.
A boon to travelers Dr. Fowler's
Extract of Wild Strawberry. Cures by
dysentery, diarrhoea, seasickness, nau
sea. Pleasant to take. Acts promptly.
O XS. ,*3J 1* O St. X A. m
Be?r? tho The Kind Yon Haw Always
the children have already remind
ed you of the fact that they need
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What is Dr. James' Iron
Blood and Liver Tonic?
Dr. James' Iron Blood and Liver
Tonlo Is a true tonlo and blood food
medicine. It increases the appetite,
strengthens the whole system, by caus
ing the most Important organs of the
human body to perform their proper
funotions. First, iron Is a normal ?on
stiiuent of the biood; puro blood con
tains iron. If you are pale, woak and
nervous, you need a toniu which cea
taiDS iron in a form that will he absorb
ed by tho system and enter the blood.
Dr. James' Iron Jj.ood and Liver Tonio
supplies tho proper amount. Now, tho
largest and most important organ of
tlm bum in boo y must be looked after?
tho liver. A torpid liver means impure
blood, a bad complexion, und a dull eye
and brain ; so you can see the great no
ro sily of an active, healthy livor. The
moment your liver f>ii'H to act every or
vaa Buffers. Your s' ?mach u ddigest
ive organs become affected. Tho gatos
of the citadel of lifo aro thrown wide
open, and diseaeea of every description
attack the body. Dr. Jamoj' Irou Blood
and Liver Tonic contains a laxative
drug, which acts on tho livor, rolioving
biliousness and cures chronic ooustlpa
tiou. We go still further, and wo find
when a person Is suffering from consti
pation almost invariably their diges
tion id pour, the food fails to nourish
and strongthou. Dr. James' Iron BleucV
and Liv Tonic curoi indigestion and
dyspeps . It causes thu food you eat
to hssluit.ate, and the process of diges
tion is again active. Nine-tenths of our
people buffor from indigostlon and con
stipation; to these we recommend the
great tonio compound.
Dr. James' Iron Blood and
Liver Tonic
For Sale by
Sample bottle Free.
W. H. Dial, Agent,
The Fidelity & Casu
alty Co.
Dear Sir:
I hereby acknowledge re
ceipt of Fifty Dollars as pay
ment in full, under my Poli
cy of Disability, for recent
two weeks' illness. Thank
ing you and the company
for prompt and liberal settle
ment of my claim and recom
mending The Fidelity & Cas
ualty for just and honest
dealing to my friends, and
the business public generally.
Am yours,
Most truly,
David A. Davis.
Is Safe and Sane J
Q We will vote for (
a Parker and Davis (
O We believe in "Safe {
Q and Sane" Democracy, (
Q and "Safe and Sane" <
O Insurance. (
O IThe best is none too (
Call on us to write J
2 vou a' line. \
O . <
Q A. C. TO DD & CO. (
"Safe nml Sun' Insurance" i
Uo;, bter Celebrated Guanos
Dr. W. C. lrby is tho Agent for this
Oountv for this celebrat d fertilizer,
an ;i full supply of acids and guanos is
ov>- stor.'d In bhi warehouses, ready
for Imnicdii.te delivery to tho farmers
fur their Fall grain. This guano has
no supt i'lor on the market, and Dr.
lrby is saf>' in rooommending this Fer
til'zer to his brother farmers, it has
glvon perfect satisfaction In tho past,
and the manufacturers are determined
to keep thu quality up to tho highest
Sept. 21?8t.
County Treasurer.
Tho Coiiuty Treasurer's Books will
be open for collection of State, County
and Commutation Road Taxes for fis
cal year lUOIl at the Treasurer's Olllce,
from October 16th to December 31,
1004* Those who prefer to do so can
pay in January, 10U5, with one per cent,
additional; those who profor paying in
February, 15)06, can do so with 2 per
cent, additional; those who prefer to
pny in March, 1P06, to Ihn 15th of eald
mi nth. can do so by paying an addi
tional 7 percent. After said date tho
books will close.
All persons owning property or pay
Dg laxes for others in more than one
Township aro requested to call for re
ceipts in each township in which thoy
live. This is important, ns additional
oost and penally may not bo attached.
Prompt attention will bo glvon those
w'.io wish to p^y their taxes through
ilio mail by ?.heck-, mnnu.v orders, de.
Persons sending in lists of ni'inos to bo
takon oil', are urged to send in oarly as
he Treasurer is very busy during tho
month of December.
Tho Tax Levy is as follows:
State Tax, 6 mills
County Ordinary, 21., mills
Special County, 2\ mills
Public Road, 1} mills
S jhoo', 3 mills
Total 16 mills
Special School, Luis-ens, 3i mills
Special School, Waterloo, il mills
Sp cial Seho.il, Cray Court, 2 mills
Special School, Cross If ill, 3 mills
Special School, Mountville, 21 mills
-??.y i ;i! School, Fonn'aln Inn, 4 mills
rtpec al 3 no , Hunter, :i nulls
All able-bodiod male citizens between
iho dges v>f 121 and 00 years aro liable
0 nay a poll tax of $1.00, except old
soldiers, who aro exempt nt 60 years.
Commutation Road Tax 3100, In liou
? rking the public mads, to bo paid
1 ih i time as stated above
Come early and avo'd tho rush.
County Trcasuror.
Laurens, S. C, Sept. 20, U*01?td.
Cleanses the Kidneys and Bladder, purities the
i.m.,1. 1 no. Flosh <>?> ?,ln poopio. Streegthens
? nie Nerve?. timi-M ihn iir/iin. Cures Nervous
nonuiiy. iiiHoninin, Palling Memory. Restores
tho vim, Vlacr, Vitality i. Strength Ol Yon.h,
In both weak Mbn andWonicn, *
This New it.-ino.lv ?Hl. IlkoMarie.batt?nb<
solute! j linrmloM. Weigh yourself before takln?.
iv^'i0.?/ B,? c,tn,} '? ?">"??. SB.OO, by mnll.
\\o will ? hi if i ti v' rrfuiiil tht. moitoy ff von ant
OOtbcncflttod. Trjltand bo ronvlacvd.
I Laurens Drug Co.

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