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Kniest Easterby is clerking for J. E.
Minter & Bro.
W. O. Rasor of Cross Hill was in
town Monday.
L. E. Reeder of Cross Hill spent
Monday in the oity.
Prof. T. J; Pyles of the Lisbon
Sohool, spent Saturday in tho oity.
J. R. Weathers and son, Ben Weath
ers of Princeton, were in the oity Mon
Prof. B. Y. Culbertson of the Pros
peot High Sohool was in town Satur
Rev. and Mrs. G. M- Boyd, of Clin
ton, wero In the city a day or so last
Mrs. Frank Hammond of Greenvillo
visited Dr. Clifton Jones' family last
R. A. Cooper has been appointed
Commissioner of Federal Elections for
Laurens County.
Dr. -W? W. Dodson attended the
mooting of the Bhrluers at 'A hite
St on,: Springs last week.
Aoy Todd, second foreman of the
bridge crew on the C. N. & L. rail
road, visited in the city Sunday.
Mrs. Robt. B. Reil wai a member of
tho Laurens party which left last week
for a visit to the St. Louis Exposition.
Eden post office has beon discon
tinued ami all mall Intended for that
olllce db'juld be directed to Gray Cour;
R. W, Compton, superintendent of
the Morgan Iron Works of Spartan
burg, spent a few days in the city last
Congressman J. T. Johnson passed
through the city Friday on his way to
visit Col. Jim Smith's big farms in
Rev. J F. Anderson of Gray Court is
assisting Rev. J. G. Huggln in a re
vival meeting at tho Second Methodist
Church this week. ?
Mastor Earle Olardy, son of Mr. J.
F. Clardy of Motcalf, Ga., is spending a
few weeks with his grandparents, Mr.
and Mrs. John M. Clardy.
Mr. E. E, Smith, spinning room over
seer at the Laurens Cotton Mill for
sometime, has accepted a similar posi
tion with tho Woodruff Cotton Mill.
There Is a general complaint of the
scarcity of cotton pickers. In one com
munity an onterprising negro gave a
?'cotton picking" tho other night and
tho pickers gathered a balo by supper
Mr. C. F. Brooks, County Superin
tendent of Education, spent several
days of last week at his home at Eden.
Ho is very bus / on his report, which he
hopes to have ready to go forward in a
few days.
Tho Criminal Court convenes Mon
day, Oct. 17. There is only one murder
case to be tried, that of tho State
aeainst Eugene Davenport, chargod
with killing Press Taylor last Christ
mas. Davonport was convicted of
manslaughter at the last term of Court
and givon two years in tho Penitent
iary, but bis Attorneys secured a new
Rev. W. B. Duncan of tho First
Methodist Ohuroh Is preaching a series
of highly interesting and instructive
sormons. TU? second of tho series was
delivered to ?< large nudienoe Suuday
Last Mouday was Sslcsday but was
evidenced by a vory ?mall orowd and
only one legal s?.lo. The house and lot
on corner of Jon s street and Irby Ave.
was sold by the clerk of court and bid
off by W. L. Gray for 81,330 .00.
Sheriff Dcckett has written a letter
to Gov. Hey ward, statiug that the rea
son he did uot seud in a report of the
lynching of Babe Stuart, was because
tho affair occurred In Greenwaod county
and of course he thought the officials
of that oounty were tho proper ones to
file the report.
Interesting News from Cincinnati
With Local Confirmation in Laurens.
The thousands of members of frater
nal bodies in this State will bo inter
ested in the following message from
John Theobald, a prominent Foroiter
who lives at 1,111 York Str?et, Cin
Mr Theobald balievos iu living up
to the motto of his organization, "Fra
ternal Love and Charity" and believes
that ho cm do no more charitable act
than to toll his exporiooce in regain
ing health after years of suffering.
Mr. Theobald writes: "For ilvo
years, I sulferod with stomaoh trou
bles, having all the distress and mis
ery that atlliot8 dyspeptics. I co-ild no;
enjoy ea'ing, thinking of tho suffering
that would fo.low. My food did not
digest, .-ith1 although I took all kinds of
meoictnes. 1 found nothing to help
mo, ut tll I used Mi-o-na. Thanks to
this remarkable remedy, I am now a
cured man and believe that it mado a
permanent and ooraploto cure.
Tho Laurens Drug Co. are local
agnuts for Ml-o-na, nature's cure for
dyspepsia. It is in the form of small
tablets and sells at 60 cents a box.
The remedy hr.s mado so many cud
buch remarkable oures umongsc their
customers, confirming Mr. Theobald's
statement, that they will givo the.r
personal guarantee with ovory box
they sell to refund the money if it does
not cure.
Do not suffer longer. Hero is a euro
that costs you nothing, unless it re
stores health. The Laurens Drug Co.
tako all the risk and you do not have
to pay a penny unless you feel that you
have received much more than your
money's worth.
The fire bscks in all sizes of Buck's
Stoves are guaranteed for 15 years. II
one shou d burn out during that time
it will be replaced froo of charge. Ba
sure to see our lino of Buck's Stoves
before you buy.
S. M. & E. H. Wilkes & Co.
Laurens, S. C.
We soil Millinery. Wo have the
right styles and prices. Como to see
us. Davis, Roper & Co.
If you are going to need a Heating
Stove it will be to your interest to seo
our line and get our prices before you
buy. S. M. & E. II. Wilkes & Co.
If you have Black Tafi'etaSilk to buy
don't forget that we sell the $1.25 qual
ity for $1.00 guaranteed and 30 inches
wide. Davis, Roper & Co.
Now is the time to put Grates in your
bed rooms, parlor and offices. Let us
show you our lino and quote you our
prices before you buy.
S. M. <* E. H. Wilkes & Co.
Money Advanced on Cotton.
We are prepared, as usual, to advance
money on cotton stored with us.
Lauhkns Bonded Warehouse,
N. B. Dial, President.
J. 1. Colemau, Manager.
We are daily receiving now goods
and can show you an up-to-date lino of
II0U60 Furnishing Goods. Wo will
take pleasure in showing you through
our store at any time.
S. M. & E. H. Wilkes & Co.
Wanted! 100 Genuine Oases of Chronic Dyspepsia,
Who will each receive, free of Charge, a regular bottle of
The Grover Graham Dyspepsia Remedy is sold under a positive
gttarautee that it will cure Dyspepsia, Heartburn, Gastritis or any
form of stomach disorder, no matter how chronic or severe. The
very first dose removes all distress, tones the weak stomach, pre
vents fermentation and restores digestion. Every nerve and liber
of the body depends upon the stomach for its support. When di
gestion ceases a slow form of starvation begins, and the vital or
gans, deprived of their subsistance, become debilitated. Good di
gestion is essential to health, proper assimilation of nourisluncnl
means pure, rich blood, strong nerves, sound sleep and makes Hfe
worth living. The most chronic case of stomach disorder is i in me
diately corrected by our remedy.
Write for Lecture on Dyspepsia, free, S. Grover Graham Co.,
Newburgh, N. Y.
Remember! The Grover Graham Dyspepsia Remedy is Guar
anteed to cure, and in evidence of the desire of tho proprietors to
convince the public of the wonderful remedial properties possessed
by this preparation, they have made arrangements to distribute,
FREE OF CHARGE, 100 of the regular bottles to genuine cases.
Cut out this advertisement and present at the druggists mentioned
Sold on a Guarantee
Of All Druggists,
50C? g'P.oo
A Determination Sale!
Did you ever hear tell of one? If you haven't, this is one you
want to attend. On Nov. ioth, at 8 a. m., the doors will open to
the public, when the people of Laurens County will see more goods
thrown on the market at such low prices as will open their eyes
and down all competitors. The main reason for holding this sale
is that we have bought too much goods, and we are bound to un
load while your needs are great enough to move them.
Here's A Strong Point:
When SWITZER buys goods, he buys for three
Laurens?he buys for all three in one lump and
them. See the point? Gets it cheaper, does he?
ticulate"?just as you would come to town with a
less per bushel if one man took the whole lot than
the single bushel. Well, that's the way the mills
goods, and when they find a man like SWITZER,
sell to him at 10 to 25 per cent, less than the man
stores==Greenville, Qaffney and
then divides the stufi oetween
Well, we "should smile to ar
wagon load of corn; you'd take
if you had to peddle it out by
and big merchants like to sell
who can use the whole lot, they
who takes only a little of it.
Special for This Week:
One Bale
the 8c kind, 5 cents per yard.
Simpson Prints--Calico--at 4c yd.
1 Bale Outing, 6c kind, at 4 cts.
1 Bale Outing, 10c kind, at 8 cts.
One Bale
of 32-inch
Sheet in g,
the 6c kind, at 4 cents per yd.
November 10=11-12.
Don't miss our sale. Every issue will give you points about it.
Bear in mind that we are the cheapest people in Laurens. Will
sell more goods. Come to our store and save money. Strictly
one price, and cheap. Don't forget the Sale.
The Dixie Clothing and Shoe Store,
Between L. N. Barksdale and Kennedy Bros.
The Store
that saves you
Our Shoes
The Genuine
You never will find a snap
pier sack suit style than the
famous Hart Schaffner &
Marx Varsity; our illustration
shows you one of the Varsity
models; there are several oth
You'll find imitations of
this suit everywhe: ; but
you'll not find the real Varsi
ty style unless you find the
Hart Schaffner & Marx label
in it--small thing to look for,
big thirfg to find.
Our store is the only one
around here in which you can
buy such clothes as these;
you'll save time by coming
here first.
Hand-tailored suits, $12.00,
$15.00, $18.00 and $20.00.
Elegant suits at $10.00.
Boys suits, $1.00 to $5.00.
J?S: z:?$k
UP:?' ? ? li
?,&?< >'.:? ?? ???? ' m&M
r'(. i 1
p pj
C o ]> y right i Q 0 4 h y
1 ! art Schaffner ts? Marx
J. E. Minter & Bro.
Latest Styles
Men's Hats.
October Offerings
When October arrives you feel that Fall
has come in earnest. You may not have
felt the need of making certain purchases,
and so put off buying; but it will be un
wise to delay longer. Cold weather is
sure to come, and why not prepare for it
Our October Offerings are great values
and you will save money buying of us
Warm Wash Stuffs.
Of the Warm Wash Studs
that will be needed for Fall
Waists, House Drosses, etc.,
we have a number of winsome
Weaves that are bound to
27 inch Armure Waistings in
exquisite striped and dotted
patterns, only. |0C
52 inch Broadcloth, superb
quality, in all the most wanted
sWs $1.00
38 inch Zibelines, in brown
and green mixtures, as well as
black, a very desirable c rv ~
fabric OVC
28 inch Flaked Venetian, a
wonderfully pretty fabric in
brown, blue, garnett CAz-r
and tan, only . vVt
27 men Franklin Tweed, ex
cellent for Walking skirts, both
durable and sightly 25C
27 inch heavy fleeced Waist
ings in unusally desirable pat
terns, only 15c
27 inch White Mercerized
Oxford, a superb material for
Fall Waists, only . | EJ^
The sale of so many hats on opening
day and the many favorable comments
on our display, convince us we have the
hats wanted. We show everything from
the modest Ready-to-Wear to the most
Swell production. And not the least at
tractive feature is the moderate price.
Dr. Hart's Fortunate Experience of
Interest to Many In Laurens.
The happiest man in New England
today and one who is receiving' con
gratulations from his friends, is Dr.
Philip Z. Man, of Laeonia, N. II.
Probably no physloiau is better
known In all parts of the United
t >t"s than Dr. Hart, as he has been a
great traveler and knows the best peo
ple wherever ho has been. For years
ho ha* sulfered with catarrh in its
worst form.
Although ho resorted to the latest
scientific treatment and oonsulted
many of his brother physicians. Dr.
fia-t dually said, '1 might-just as well
havthrown my money in the river
for I grew wor.o aDd worse. It is
really due to my wife's good judgment
that I tried Hyumei." Tho Doctor in
his empha'.io way aihied: "Thank God
that I did, for liyomoi cured me com
pletely. My wife and I will swear
that liyomoi cured me of the worst
cam of otarrh that ever existed, f.
used to cough constantly at night, and
had a dropping in the throat, which
kopt me awake a great deal. I raised
thick phlegm and was in a horrible
cjrditii'u. However, I am entirely
cured, sololy througu tho use of Hyo
Tho Ij-iurens Drug Co. are the local
amenta for liyomoi, the famous treat
ment which cures catarrh without
stomach d sing. A complete outfit
oosti hut$l .00, extra bottles 50 couts.
Tho Laurens Drug Co. sell it nnder
guarantee to refund the money if it
does not give quick relief. Ask them
to show you tho strong guarantee un
der which it is sold.
A special mooting of the stockhold
o s of the''Warmers Oil Mill Co." is
h reby called to meet in the ollloes of
tho company at Lanf u*d, S C. on Mon
diiy, October 17th, 100-1, at 8 o'clook P.
M., to vole on tho question uf increas
ing tho capital stock of said company
from $12,000 00 to $15,000.00.
By order of th s directors.
J. M. Fleming,
Pres. Sec. and Treas.
- SSTC iE _ ill ARsJ :vt -TOE'.
1*-?( ou)-/ vai". will* tl\?
i. h<it foo;\y ycato
if o.b.?r s/ntciAt
r _ i.i j<J. &u f..
c'. t Partloul.-.rt ity>m
P! a: - trcntiun'.itis iinprr.
Ne wherry, S. 0.
Marble and Granite
Designsand Estimates
on application.
ii m mi ???? iw i mwii
$1.00 REWARD
For Any Person Who
Takes a Bottle of OUR
(Nature's Remedy. )
The tireat Blood Purifier, Khlnt
Liver Regulator, and Receive
No Itencllt.
A Guarantee Goes With
And the druggist signs tho nw
tee. You run no risk in tho trial.
New Discovery is not an aloof
stimulant, which is worse than"
stimulant, but it is th^ groat buihlll
up and purifying remedy, purifying
tho blood and cleansing tho systooT
from all impurities, which given new
life ami vigor to every organ. It pos
itively cures all blood diseases such as
Itching skin, IMmplos, Eczema, ltlood
Poisou, Scrofula, llhoumatisni, and it
restored tho Nervous Systom to its
Normal condition, prod neos a healthy
appetite, tones and rognlates the heart,
and it regulates th.j Kidneys, Liver
and Bowels. The use of a single bottlo
w 11 convince any one of its wonderful
curative properties. For sale by The
Laurens Drug Co.; W. W. Dodson.
For Sale.
House and lot corner Sul
ivan and Hance streets, M.
H. Fowler residence. Price,
$2,000. Terms easy.
200 Acre tract near Stomp
Spring, Improved, $2,000.00.
135 Acre tract near Cole
Point, Improved, $1,300.00.
135 Acre tract near Cross
Hill, Improved, $1,000.00.
3 large tracts in Jacks
Township, Cheap.
Store house at Mountville,
For Sale or Rent
Store house occupied bv R.
P. Milam & Co.
To buy small tract of land
near Ora, well watered and
M. L. Copeland,

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