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Before You Buy or Sell
any Kind of
Real Estate, or Business,
Write us your wants.
Laureus, S- C.
Palmetto Drug Co.
Get them while stock is
Figures and Statistics of
Interest to AIL
Total Enrollment Last Year, 8,027 ?
Total Expenditures for Term,
Ghas. F. Brook??, county superin
tendent of education has finished bis
annual report, the abstracts of which
have been forwarded to the oftlca of
the Hon. O. B. Martin, etuto superin
tendent of education.
From thin report the fo low in* fig
ures and statistics a-e gathered
Total number of school districts, (54
Total number of schools, white, 68
Total number of schools, negro, 7?
Total number of w lite teachers,
men, 24
To'ai number of white teachers,
women, 71
Total number of negro teachers,
men, 31
Total number of negro teachers,
women, 47
Total number of weeks taught,
white, 1,832
Total numbor of weeks taugbf,
negro, 1)88
Total enrollment, white, boy*, 1.390
Total enrollment, white, girls, 1,871
Total enrollment, nex.ro, boys, 2,f'70
Total enrollment, negro, girls, 2,684
Total average attendance, white
boys, 1,115
Total average attendance, white
girls, 1,415
Total average attendance, neg>o,
boys, 1 240
Total average attendance, negro,
girls, 1,780
Amount brought forward, July
1, 1008, $5,073.16
Amount apportioned from poll
tax, 5,105 00
Amount apportioned from three
mill tax, 14,394.78
Amount apportioned from dis
pensary, 7,765 62
Amount apportioned from ex
tra or spoclal local tax. 4,661.00
Amount received from State
for rural libraries, 120.00
Amount received from other
sources, 30.00
Total receipts, 37,839.62
Deficit, 806.52
Total, 38,146.14
Amount paid for teachers' sal
arlep, white, $23,087 74
Am Hint pa<d for teachers' sal*
arles, negroe?, 5,611.00
Amount paid for rent of school
houses, 26 00
Amount paid for repairs on
school housos, 1,006.46
Amount paid for school furni
turo, 505.00
Amount paid for fuel and inci
dentals, 54 00
Amount paid for apparatus,
(globos, maps, charts) 21.46
Amount paid for bouks for li
braries, 140.00
^uount paid for school house
sites, 245 00
iount paid for building school
houses, KiO.OO
iount paid for other pur
poses, 1,702 02
tl expenditures, schools for
whites, 26,393.37
)tal expenditures, schools for
negroes, fi,257.11
Ifatal, 32,650.48
'Balance on hand, 5.405 66
Total, $38,146.14
A boon to travelers Dr. Fowler's
Extract of Wild Strawberry. Cures by
dysentery, diarrhoea, seasickness, nau
sea. ^Pleasant to take. Acts promptly.
Charged With Murder.
Ab Smith, colored, was lodged in
jail last Friday by Deputy Sheriff Ow
ings to await trial at tho approaching
term of the Court oa a murder charge.
Smith, it is claimed, shot and Instaatiy
killed another negro named Joe Lin
sey in Jacks Township two weeks ago.
Captain WUlnef's Remarkable Escape
Shows What to do In Time of Trouble.
For many years, Captain Willnef,
says the Times of G'oucester, Mass.,
was one of the best known sfamnn in
the Gloucester Fleet. The sea and its
dangers had no terror for him, but the
catarrhal troubles with which ho suf
fered for tlftoen years, made him dread
the nights at sea. for he had to walk
the cabin floor, being unable to He
down and sleep on account of the con
stant catarrhal dropping.
Captain Wilnef went to tw:> differ
ent hospitals for treatment, but could
get no lasting benefit. He constantly
raised yellow and grren phlegm and
his trouble became to unbaara^lo ard
nauseating that he was ashamed t i go
out in company. When despair' of
over getting relief, his wife purchased
a Hyomel outfit for hi n and trying it
before going to bed, be enjo^ot thi
flrtt whole night's s!t ep for ten yi ars.
Osptain WlPnef s ?y : "I hav.j used
less than two bo tics of Hyomel and
have been cured by tho remedy. My
friends ask me what is responsible for
my improvement, and I tell them Hyo
m*i, which has glv. n m-j full and com
plete reovery
Captain Willnef a experience shows
our readers what to do in time of ca
tarrhal trouble,?u e Hyomel. This
remarkable treatment kills the germs
of catarrh and makes lasting and per
manent cures. The Laurens Drug Co.
?eil Hyomel under their personal guar
antee to refund the money if it does
not give quick relief.
?????the Ito Kiwi Vom H?ve Always Bought
Messrs. Harris of Youngs ami Simmons
of Mountvllio Sustain Heavy
Lobsesby Fire.
Wl-hln a week three gia houses, all
machinery an 1 outtn of each, were
swept away by lire In the crmnty. The
loss of the Power ginnerj Saturday
morning, Ootob.r 1, was noted in The
Advertiser last w.ek.
This week wo have to roo rd the
burning of two more?that of Mr. '.V.
P. Harris, 3f Young's ttore and Mr.
John VY. Simmons, of Mountville, both
of which were burned Friday morning
In both instances the loss was total
and tho property of each was unin
Mr. Harris thinks his ilro was of ac
cidental origtu. It was discovered
about Odo o'clock ? too late to save
anything. The loss is placed at about
Mr. Simmnns was hit harder as his
loss amounts to $3,600. He had a com
plete Munger system of ginneries and
the loss is a hoavy blow. He Is strong
ly of the opinion that some one set
Are to his property as it occurred be
tween 4 and 5 o'clook Friday morning.
A well known traveling man who
visits the drug trade says he haB often
beard druggists inquire of customers
who ask( d for a cough medicine,
whether it was wanted for a chi'd or
for an adult, and if for a child they al
most invariably recommended Cham
berlain's Cou^h Remedy. Toe reason
for this is that they know there Is no
danger from it and that it always euros.
There is u >c the least danger In giving
it, and for c mghs, colds and croupjit is
unsurpassed. For sale by Laurens
Drug Co and Dr. B. P. Posey.
Woman's Missionary Union.
The ff.ll meet ng of the Woman's
Missionary Union of Knoree Presby
tery is In session in Greenville.
Mrs. W. T. Austin of Cross Hill and
Mrs. J. O. C. Fleming will each read a
paper before the Union today. The
subject of Mrs. Austin's paper is "The
8in of Standing Aloof from Mission
Work" and that of Mrs. Fleming's
' Missionary Heroes."
THE LADIES favor painting their
churches, ' nd therefore we urge every
Minister ti remember we give a liberal
quantity of Ihe Liongmnn & Martinez
Paint toward tho painting;.
Wears a d covers like gold.
Don't p?y $l.60a gallon for Linseed
Oil (worib (>) cents) which you do
when jou buy ?thor palms in a can
with a paint label on it.
8 ?Si U make 14, therefore when you
want fourte n gallons of paint, buy
mly eight rf L. A M. and ni\ six gal
lons pure Linseed Oil with It, and thus
get piint at less than $1 20 per gallon.
Many houses are well painted with
four gallons of L. it M. and three gal
Ions of linseed oil mixed therewith.
These Celebrated Paints are sold by
W. L, Boyd, Laurens, S. C.
Clinton Pharmacy, Clinton, S. C.
J. Dunk Adams for Congress.
At the congressional convention held
by the Republicans in Greonyillo last
Thursday j. Dunk Adams, United
States Marshal, was nominated as a
candidate for congress from the Fourth
dis'ricf. Louraas W. 0. B'alook, of
Goldvil e, was chosen secratary of the
convention. It ie the purpose of the
Republican party to put up a candidate
lor congress in evory district.
Mi (i mi, Nature Care for Dyspepsia,
Costs Nothing If It Fails.
The guarantee given with Mi-o-na Is
no ordinary promise. It is a guarantee
bond signed by your own druggist, a
reliable firm right in this town. Read
the following guarantee bond and see
how s'mple and plain it is:
We horeby agree to refund tin
monov paid for M'-o-na on return of
the empty boxes if tho purcha>er teilt
?is that it has failed to cure dyspepsia
>r stomach troub'e, This guarantee
covers two f>0 cents boxes, or a month's
It does not always happpn that two
boxes of Mi-o-na will cure a c*60 of
stomtch trouble that has been present
for years, but they will cflrtainly give
more than enough benefit to prove
that the remedy will cure. In ordin
ary oases one or two boxes will restore
perfect hoaith.
A few doses of Mi-o-na will strength
en the nerves of the stomach so that
the appetite will return and you will
he tt-arted on tho right road to health.
Ninety-three per cent of chronic dis
eases begin with dyspepsia. Cur? the
dyspeptic troubles, regulate the diges
tion acd avoid tho fate of chronic in
Remember you run no risk in using
Mi-o-na. The Laurens Drug Co. war
rant it, and it costs you nothing un'ess
it euros.
Letter to J. s. Dennett.
Laurens, S. f.j
Dear Sir: A big mill-owner. Spar
tanburg, S. C, wanted 5,000 gallons of
paint and bought by price; paid 5 cents
le*s than ours; got a "load-andzlno"
paint: but the lead was sulphate of
lead, not carbonate. Hulphat*? costs
about hflf; and covers about half.
Tint paint was adulterated about
six times as much as the 5 cents paid
f>r. He "saved" f> cents; and it cost
him 80.
Oh no; it cost him more than that;
wo forgot the labor. Can't work it out
exnctly; don't know how long it'll
Short-measure beddes, that alore
was twice as auch as bis "aavlng" 5
It was thin, too, some loss there;
don't know how much.
There was too much dryer in it. The
mak?r made snnethlng on that; he
Taking it altogether, he didn't make
much by that 0 cents.
Go by the name: and the name is De
"r;. -iead-Snd'Z ne.
Yours truly,
Moseley & Rolnnd sell our paint.
The World's Prbe-Winning Aurora
"The ix>mp and eireumstancoa of
glorious aar" is notably manifest in
the military features to be presented
hero on October 29th by tho great
Adam Forepaugh and Sells Brothers
arenlc, animal, hippodromatio and
martial aggregation. Conspicuously
wonderful and popular, as having, time
and sgaln, both at home and abroad,
and before all the world's leading mili
tary expert), conclusively proved
themselves far and away the best
drilled oompany of either regular or
volunteer soldiers ever known, oome
the Aurora Zouaves. They are oham
pion marvels in phenomenal speed and
perfection of drill and manual, and
while it 1? high praise, it mav be truth
fully said of them that they notably
surpass even their famous predeces
sors, the Ellaworth Zouaves of Chi
cago, whose triumphal tour in the
deepening shadows of the greatest
war of wars is still remembered by
many veterans of both the Blue
and Gray, who gained from them
their first instruction in the funda
mental essentials by which battles are
won. Ard In this connection, a pass
ing tribute to the brave, brilliant and
lamented Col. Elmer E. Ellsworth Is
due, In recalling the faot that at the
very outset of a career wbloh promised
to crown him with unfadiog laurels,
he was shot dead by the landlord of a
hotel in Alexandria, Va., for hau'lng
down tho Confederate flag flying de
fiantly from the flagpole on its roof.
Those who have seen the Aurora
Zouaves, of which he was the tactical
progenitor, can Imagine how enthu
siastically he would have praised and
applauded them, and the aptness of
simile employed by Tho New York
American and Journal, in rem?rking,
"The Aurora Zouaves are a huge red
legged centipede, whose celerity and
precision have established the military
I find nothing better tor liver de
rangement and constitution than Cham
berlain's 8tomach and Llvor Tablets.?
L. F. Andews, Des Moines, Iowa. For
sale by Dr. B. F. Posey and Laurens
Drug Co
Attentiou Farmers.
A full supply of High Grade Guanos,
specially adapted to small grain, always
on hand at warehouse. Dry and iu por
feet condition. Cash or oredlt.
Augustus Huff.
These conditions determine the trou
ble. Tho cure is certain?a eood thor
ough course of Dr. King's Blood and
Liver Pills (they purify the blood and
energise the liver) is as a sp Ing house
cleaning? thoroughly reuovaces and
cleans the system and if followed by
Dr. King's Harsapa-illa y. u are ready
for thu wear of summer work and fittt d
for it. The price of the-e best of all
Pills is 26o. There are none so good as
King's. Get from The Palmetto Drug
The regular Fall examination for
teachers' certificate* will bo held in
the Court House, Friday, Oct. 21. Ap
plicants for first grade certificates a lit
be exarr..ned on the following sub
jects: Arithmetic, Algebra, English
Grammar, Geography, History, Physi
ology, Silas Marner, Enoch Arden,
Hughes' Mistakes in Teaching, Peter
man's Civil Government and Current
It will be well for those intending to
take this examination to review all the
above subjects carefully, especially
those on English Literature.
The examination will begin promptly
at 0 o'clock.
Ciias F. Brooks,
County Supt. of Education.
Executor's Sale.
By virtue of authority given me in
the last will of D. A. Swiizer, Sr., de
ceased, I will sell for cash, to the high
est bidder, at the Court House door at
Laurens. S. C , on November 7th,
(Salesday), 1904, at 11 a. m., Throe
Hundred Aoros of land, more or less,
situated in Laurens County, Sullivan's
Township, and ne r Princeton and
hounded by the Isnds of Capt. J. B.
Humbert, J. H. Eons, H. L. Machen
and Frank Davis. This is a part of the
land deeded to D. A, Switzer by G. H.
Jordan, and ii known as the "Old
Ware Place. For full information see
O. G. Thompson, Probate Judge, or ad
dress 8. M. Pllgram, Attorney at Law,
Woodruff, S C.
Executor of the Last Will of D. A.
Swiuer, Sr., deceased.
October 5th, 04.
State of South Carolina,
In the Court of Probate.
Maggie N. Compton, Individually, in
herown right, and as Administratrix,
of the Estate of L. D. Compton, de
ceased, and lt. W. Compton, Mattle
G. Lindsay, Laura Sloan, A'lieTem
pleton, Lina Workman, Samuel
Compton, and John Compton, Plain
tiffs, agalmt Lldlo Davis, et ab, De
Pursuant to a deoreo 10 this caso, I
will sell at Laurens, C. H., S. C.,
within the legal hours of sale, at pub
lic outory, on Salesday in November,
1904, it being the 7th day of the month,
the following de?crib'd tract of land to
wit: All that tr..ct of land, situate, ly
ing and beta? in the County of Lau?
rens, State of South Carolina, contain
ing One Hundred and Eight (108)
Acres, more or b>s, bounded as fol
lows: On the North by lands of Martin
Poole, on the South and Bast by lanes
of G, F. Little; on the \V? st by lands o#
E, E. Lindsay, estate.
Terms of Sale: Cash Purchaser to
: pty for papers If term? of sale are
no' complied with, premises to be re
sold on the same or come subsequent
Salesday without further order of the
Court, and at the risk of the former
v. p. r... o.
OotoberlHb, '04.?4L
Home Made
Have your cake, muffins, and tea bis
cuit home-made. They will be fresher,
cleaner, more tasty and wholesome.
Royal Baking Powder helps the house
wife to produce at home, quickly and eco
nomically, fine and tasty cake, the raised
hot-biscuit, puddings, the frosted layer
cake, crisp cookies, crullers, crusts and
muffins, with which the ready-made food
found at the bake-shop or grocery does
not compare.
Royal is the greatest of bake-day helps.
R. P. MILAfl & COn PA NY
Moved to W. L. Gray's old stand.
We have the choicest line of Funeral Directors.
Staple and Fancy Our equipment iu the Under
Qroceries, Hardware taker's line is better than ever
Harness, Guano, Etc. before- 0,1 Sundays or at night
^v, , ... , ,, parties desiring anything in this
1 hese goods will be sold on a 1 0/0
Low Price Full Weight Guaran- linc wiU 'Phone R' l>? Milain ;lt
tee, and the quality is the best his residence or call on Alec. N.
that can be found on the market. Rramlett at his home.
Adolphus M. Owiugs, Alec N. Bramiett ond Martin Poole are
with us and will be pleased to see their friends.
R. P. MI LAM & CO.,
More Good Eatables
We are still striving to give you the most
up-to-date grocery store in Laurens.
Irish Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes
Cream Cheese
Northern Apples
Cooking Apples
Malagra Grapes
Currents, etc.
Oat Meal
Buck Wheat Flour
Grape Nuts
Ralston B'kf ?t Food
Pan Kake Flour
Maple Syrup
Kinghan's Reliable
Kinghan's Boneless
Pork Sausage
New Mackerel
Boston Beans
Fresh Bread
Fresh Butter
Syrup and Molases
I guarantee all our goods to be of the
best quarlity obtainable. I give you
quick deliveries and polite attention.
YOU see it is this way when you buy drugs you
want good drugs, the best drugs that you can
Poor drugs are dear at any price. Good drugs
are a bargain at any price.
In the first place we have pure drugs?there are
no better drugs anywhere.
Ordinarily, that is all that you would care about
if you were ill and needed drugs.
But we can do more for you than that- we are
selling these pure drugs- -the best drugs -for what
we term very moderate prices.
No drug store in this vicinity is giving better
We sell everything that a first-class drug store
should sell.
Dodson's Drug Store.
??*- - ??- ' ?
Important Subject Will Come up Tor
Tho Syno.'of South Carulinameeia tit
Clinton, Tii-silay, Octobor 18 Tho
openlug s.iuvon will bo preached by
Rev. Urb'. Ad-ims, tlio retiring mod
erator. Tres'8?lon? will last through
Probably tho most important mat
ter to eomo before the Synod wi 1 be
tho rep rt of t. special commitsee as to
tho proposition of ontablisbing a large
University in Atlanta by tho several
Synod *.
If baby'-, health is dear to you,
Then lo' mo toll you what to do.
Ere pain has racked its tender frame,
Just ii "1 BETH IN A" eass tho same.
"TEE I'll I \ A" Allays Irritation,
Aids Digtsti^n, Overcomes and Coun
teracts th i Effects of Summer's Heat,
Regulatas tho Powels and makes toeth
iug easy, and co.ts only 26cents.
.Merry Milkers' Club.
Master Samuel Fleming entertained
tho Vorry Makers Club very delight"
fully at his homo on North Harper
Street last Friday a'ternoon.
Varied and unique contests charmed
his little guests and the occasion will
be pleasantly recalled by the entire
The llrst prize, a protty pin tray in
tho new Ko/.iino Ware, was won by
Miss Lillie Miller, while the booby
prize a many-colored bandana, was
awarded to Miss Sadie Sullivan.
Thea) are the members of tho Club
who succeed in making it ali i s
name signifies: Misses Toccoa Caine,
Radio Sullivan, Weesle Loo Din', Ruth
Payne, Helen Mix, Mamie Tolbert,
Carrie Heas Vance, Julia CJilkerson,
Lucia Simpson, Ktbol Simmons, Lois
Estes, Lillie Miller, Florence Brucning;
Masters Albert Dial, Hoy Little, Rich
ard Simpson, Marion Wilkes, Henry
Count-', Qus Hart, Er icst Easterby,
Frank Vance, Boyee Clardy and ( bar
ley /Zimmerman.
Only one remedy in the world that
will at onoa stop Uihlne.<s of the -kin
in any part of the body. Dean's Oint
ment. At any drugstore. 60 cents.
?MtJmaWllllllM,' Mill IVIII I MIIMI mi I ??! Bill
County Treasurer.
Iii - County Treasurer's Hooks will
be open for collection of State, Com ty
and (\>m*nntation Road Taxes fo* fis
cal year 1003 at tho Treasurer's Oflloe,
from October 16th t.> December 31,
1U01' Thuso who ptvfer to do so can
pay in .1 -unary, 10 ~>, with one per e int.
addi lonal; thoie who prefor piylng in
February, h"H)6,can clo S3 with 2 per I
rent, uddltloua j those who prefer to
j? n Mural), 1005, to tho 1 nth of .-..<:
in nth. oto do so by pajing an addi
tional 7 percent. After said date the
h oU?? will e 030.
All p i s ns owning property or puy
"n^r axes for others In more than one
Township are requested to o?H for re
c ipts In oaoh township lu which they
live. This is Important, as additional
c si and penal'y may not b,; attached
1'romp', attention will b>. glvon those
who wish to pty their t.ixes through
the mall by chocks, money orders, e'o
Pei sons s mding in lists of names to bu
taken oil*, are urged to semi Id early as
the Troasurer is very busy during tho
in ii h of December.
The, Tax L-vy is as follows:
State Tax, 6 mills
County Ordinary, -'i m Iis
Spoe.ial <iounty, 2J mills
I'ubl'c Road, * ij milis
S-.'hoo', 3 mills
Total 16 mills
Special School, Liuren?, 31 mills
Speolal School, Waterloo, 2 mills
sp otal School, Cray Court, 2 mills
Speolal Seh? ol, Cross Hill, "l m lls
Special School, Mountville, 21 mills
Special School, Foun ain inn, i mil s
Special School, Hunter, :' mills
All able-bodied male citizens between
tho ages of 21 and 00 years are liable
(O pay a poll tax of $1.00, except eld
soldiers, who are exempt at .'>') years.
Commutation Road Tax $1 00, in leu
of working the public, roads, to be paid
at the time as stated ab iVO.
Come early and avo'd the rush.
County Ti ea urer.
Laurons, S. 0., Sept. t>o, mot td.
What is Dr. James' Iron
Blood and Liver Tonic?
Dr. James' Iron Hlood sn-J Liver
Tonic is a true tonic and blood food
nudicino. It inoroases tho appetite,
strengthens tho whole system, by caus
ing the most important organs of the
human body to perform their proper
functions. First, iron is a normal con
stituent Oftho blood; pure blood con
tains iron. If you are pale, weak and
norvou?, you need a tonic which con
tains iron in a f inn that will lie ab orb
ed by the system and enter the b'onl.
Dr. Ja me.-.' iron Blood and Liver Ton e
supplies the proper amount. Now, th >
largest and most important organ of
the human body must b i look id after
iho liver. A torpid liver meausimpure
bio id, a bad complexion, and a dull i ye
and brain; so you can see tho great ne
ccsslty of an active, healthy liver. The
moment jour liver fails to KCtevery i i -
ran suffers Your s'omaoh aid digo ,
Ivo organs booome e.iToutod. The gates
of the citadel o[ lifo are thrown wide
open, and diseases of every description
attack the body. Dr. James' Iron Bit od
and Liver Tor i ' contains a laxativ
drug, which sots on the liver, relieving
blliotuncss and cures ohronio constloa
tion. We go stlil further, and w<3 find
when n person Is suffering fr? m consti
pation almost invariably their <li<,'os
t'oii Is po>r, tho food fails bp n luriah
and strengthen. Dr. James'Ir u niood
and Liver Tonic curoi Indlgestloa and
dyspepsia. It causes the food you eat
to assimilate, and I hi process ol tllgi s
tion is again active, Nine-tenths of our
people Buffer from Indigestion .<n I c
Btipatioo; to theft-3 v96 recommend th ?
great tonic, oumpound.
Dr. James' Iron Mood ami
Liver Tonic
For Sale by
Sample bottle ?"'reo.
<-> ./ ?3 i.? '_'' '.c. "u. ~k'. ./.' v. .,
BoftM tfcd jO1 ;'a Kin'1 Ypu Have Always B0t$ii
Kor SALS?Store house oc
cupied by R. P. Milam & Co.
M. h. Copeland.
For Sat.k?A trood farm situated on
the Greenville and Laurens railroad.
Apply to j- l. Power,
Rapley, b. C.
For sal.k ? 600 bushels Red Rust
Proof Oats. Home raised. 75 cents
por bushol. Apply to
J. Dunk Watts,
Laurene, S. C.
Oct. 8th?tf.
We havo on sample floor a complete
lino of Solid Oak, well finished lied
Room Suits a* pric s that will be to
vour interest to sec thorn beforo you
buy. S. Mi & E. H. Wllkes Sz. Go,
Wo want to keep in your minds that
we carry a stock of House Furnishing
Ooods from which y^u can select any
thing that you may want to furnish
your house with fr im the parlor to the
kitchen. S. M. & E. H. Wilkes & Co.
What condition is your cooking stove
in? If it is not cooking to please you
come and let us show you o.ir bne of
Bucks Stoves tbat are guaranteed to
cook perfectly or your money will bo
cheerfully refunded.
S. M. & E. H. Wllkes & Co.
Do you neod a Heating Stove? If so
let us bhow you our line of twenty dif
ferent styles and sizes for using either
wood or coal.
S. M. & E. H. Wilkos&Co.
We can show you a beautiful liuo of
Pictures; different sizes and styles to
select from.
S- M, A E. H. Wilkes & Co.
"It was almost a miracle. Burdock's
Blood Ditto's cured me of a terrible
broaklngout all over the body. I am
very grateful." Miss Julia Filbridge.
West Cornwell, Con.
Safe and Sane
We will vote for
Parker and Davis
We believe in "Safe
and Sane" Democracy,
and "Safe and Sane"
jjThe best is none too
Call on us to write
you a* line.
r A. C. TO DD &j.CO.
lf**k ".Safe, and Sano Insurance."
W. H. Dial, Agent,
The Fidelity & Casu
alty Co.
Dear Sir:
I hereby acknowledge re
ceipt of Fifty Dollars as pay
ment in full, under my Poli
cy of Disability, for recent
two weeks' illness. Thank
ing you and the company
for prompt and liberal settle
ment of my claim and recom
mending l'he Fidelity & Cas
ualty for just and honest
dealing to my friends, and
the business public generally.
Am yours,
Most truly,
David A. Davis.
Attorneys at Law.
Will practice in all State Courts.
Prompt attontion giveato all business.
Dr. Chas. A. Ellett,
Law Range.
Attorney at Law.
Will practice In all Stale Courts.
Prompt attention given to all business.
Oilers his services to the peo
ple; of Laurens County,
Headache and Neuralgia
Cured by Nervalgino. For sale by
Liurens Drug Co., W. W.Dodson and
all other Druggists.
w.u. kn1uht. r.k, iiaiiii
Attorneys at Law.
iW Will practlco in nil the State and
Federal Courts. Strict attention to all
business Intrusted to thorn,
Oflioe ui -'talr-i, Simmons' Building
C'oaimm ?ha ki.1ho.vh and Madder, nrirMcs (he
Kl I "f?H?ahon thlnpoop|o. Siroi.Kiii.no
ho Nerve?, clean the. Ilrnln. Cans Nervous
im!* .,'"*>nmln. KnlHiiK Memoryj iN-mres
Vim. Vloor, viiiilitw nnu strength or Youth,
In both weaRJIon and women.
This New Remedy works like Magic, imthmh
' ".'.v linrmkMM, Weigh yourself before takln?
w^'lfnf ^0o,,?i:, '? ?e.oo. by mall.
Wo will ? h.h rf.il v n<fniM| the money f you nro
Dot bciientled. Try It ?ml be convinced.
Laurens Drug: Co.
Couferenco of Railroad Commission
Was Held Thursday With K. R.
Ofllcials and Local Committee.
A meeting ot the railroad commis
sion was held in this city Thursday
with President W. G. Childs of the
Columbia, Newberry & Laurens rail
road, G>n?ral Superintendent A. W.
Andorson of the Charleston & West
ern Carolina, and a committee com
posed or Messrs. T. D. Darlington, D.
If. Counts and J. O. Owlngs of the city.
Tho purpose of the conference was
to take definite action In the mat'or of
relieving the passenger depot situation
as prayed for In petitions filed with the
Commission and tho railroad officials
soveral weeks ago. After considerable
discussion Mr. Andereon cf the C. &
W. C. railway proposed to submit the
whole matter to the head offloe of his
road. This proposition was accepted by
tho cili/.ens' committee and tho confer
ence closed. Mr. 0. W. Garais of the
railroad commission was not present.
The citizens will ask for another con
ference sometime later when It is hoped
a full ntteedince of railroad comrals*
sion can be secured.
A special meeting of tho stockhold
ers of tho "Farmers Oil Mill Co." is
hereby called to meet In the offices of
the company at Lanford, S. C. on Mon
day, October nth, 1904, at 8 o'olock P.
\1 . to vote on tho question of increas
ing the capital stock of said company
from $12,000.00 to $15,000.00.
By order of tha directors.
J. M. Fleming,
Pres. Sec. and Treas.
$1.00 REWARD
For Any Person Who
Takes a Bottle of OUR
(Nature's Remedy. )
The Great Rlood Purifier, Kiduey and
Liver Regulator, and Receives
No Hencflt.
A Guarantee Goes With Each
And the druggist signs the guaran
tee. You run no risk in the trial. Our
New Discovery is not an alcoholic
s imulant, which is worse than no
stimulant, but it is the groat building
tip and rmrifylriK remedy, purifying
tho b!ood and cleansing tho system
from all impurities, which gives new
lifo and vigor to every organ. It pos
itively cures all blood diseases such as
Itching Skin, Pimples, Kc/.oraa, Blood
Poisoo, Scrofula, Rheumatism, and it
restores the Nervous System to its
Normal onditlon, produces a healthy
appetite, tones and regulates the heart,
and it regulato* tho Kidneys, Liver
and Rowels. The use of a single bottle
w i! convince any one of its wonderful
curative p-operties. For sale by The
Laurens Drug Co.; W. W. Dodson.
Newberry, S. C.
D E A.L.E1 R I N
Marble and Granite
Designsand Estimates
on application.
Made by Liddell
Not only up with th?
times, but m*nr ream
. fkt-i-.'l, if othnr ?ytt.m?
ore modern.
? ?and m?
Qet Particulars from
i'leaso ii ntion this paper.
Wood's Seeds.
Winter Oats.
Sow Early For Best Results, 1
Our Trade Mark Drand Is the
best und cleanest quality that
it is possible to procure.
Hairy, or Winter Vetch,
Sown with Winter Outs, makes
the largest possible yield of the
best and most nutritious hay.
Write for prices.
Tells all about seeds for fall
sowing. It is the most valua
ble and helpful publication of
tho kind Issued in America,
.Mailed free on request.
Seedsmen, - Richmond, Va.

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