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Organs and Pianos
Do you want an Organ or Piano? Don't buy one
under any circumstances until you call and see what I
can do for you. The very best class of our people are
buying my
In fact everybody would buy it if they were informed of its merits. It is your duty to
buy the best Organ for the price. I claim in my KINDERGARTEN ORGAN to have
the best and I will prove it, if given a chance. I will do more than sell you the best
Organ, I will duplicate any price and terms you may have offered to you. Remember!
another thing, you will not only save money by selecting the KINDERGARTEN OR
GAN but you get the best Organ. Again, if you buy from me, you will save much an
noyance by collectors and you will avoid misunderstandings?law suits. It will be too
late to amend after you have bought. Many people are persuaded to allow an Organ to
be left at their home on trial and then are induced to buy it. Do you not know that
you are paying the expense? You are hypnotized, and made to believe that you are
being befriended and given special inducements. Let me tell you, beware, for it is
not so. No man can do better for you than your home dealer, who has less expense
than any transient salesman. If you want an Organ in your home on trial all you have
to do is to write or send to yourdealer for it. Don't be caught with the "let me
leave it at your house for awhile?for a night, or a day;" that leaving it is the
opening Wedge, and IT HAS SPLIT many happy homes. Go to your dealer, who
is always with you, and select your Organ or Piano.
Am I not right in my views? I know that I am. I know many good people
have regretted buying from transient men, and I know there are people who are
pleased with their purchases, yet, who knows but they might have done better?
The traveling men may be all right, and many of them are, but the very best salesman
cannot do as well for you as a man selling his own goods. The way to do this is, buy
from your home dealers. See your dealer before you allow an instrument to be placed
in your home. I will promise to sell you
A Better Organ and on Easier Terms.
Don't forget. Watch, or before you know it, you will be a victim. You may not know
much about an Organ or Piano, then it is the more necessary that you should go to your
nearest home dealer, who assumes the responsibility.
Call, or write for prices and terms.
In Faultless Style
From Ankle to Crown
THE HUB is prepared to fit any woman out in faultless style from ankle
to crown. Every requisite of Fall and Winter costume is to be found here,
in precisely the styles that are latest, lovliest and best. No words could do
justice to our showings, and we must rely on you to personally inspect them,
if you are to fully realize their merits.
The following items give only fleeting glimpses of the stock's real worth
Among the Trimmings
Among the trimmings for this Fall, we show especially inviting and
varied selections of the following.
Gilt Braids, ioc to 25c per yard.
Silk Clunys, 25c to 50c per yard.
Persian Bands, 15c to 25c per yard.
Chenille and Cluny Bauds, 50c a yard
.and much else of similar merit.
Splendid Skirts
We have an especially fine stock of Walking and Dress Skirts this Fall?
one from which you can almost surely find just the kind and style that will
precisely meet your fondest fancy. They are of most stylish fabrics of the
season?Serges, Venetians, Novelty Suitings, etc.?and their cut, fit and
tailoring is of the finest. The prices?from $3.00 to $7.50?arc in each in
stance the lowest at which Skirts of equal value could possibly be sold.
A Veritable Beauty Show
No one can gainsay the beauty and tastefulness of our elaborate showing
of Fall Millinery. In both the large, showy shapes and in the chic and fasci
nating Turbans we display is a superb revelation of the skill and taste
of our Milliners. We can provide you with any kind of Hat you wish, from
the simplest street hat to the most elegant and elaborate Dress Hat, Drop
in and see all the pretty things and talk over the Hat question with us.
Well Dressed Feet
Proclaim their owner a woman of tatse, neatness and elegance. "Regi
na" and "Portia" Shoes meet all the requriements of good dressers. Only
the finest grade of material is used in their make up, and they are made to
fit the feet, and do not require any breaking in. Try a pair, and we are
sure of your continued patronage. Prices, $2.00, $2,50 and #3.00.
Mr. EU Huff of Snore ? was in town
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Copeland went to
Clinton Sunday.
Mr Ja?. N. I.oak of Lanford was in
th j oty Monday.
Mr and Mrs. R. A. Cooper spent
Sunday at OAingavill?.
M'si LMHan Jaiuleton of Newberry
is visiting in toe city.
R. D. Boyd and family of Aust'u
wero in the city Saturday.
Miss May Singleton of Acton is 'be
gueet of Mies Maymn Ferguson.
Mr. G. Wistsr Babb and ILtlo?on,
< harUs D , wore in the city Moiiday.
E-Jgcne Yearglr, who is a young and
capable typo has accepted a position
wi h Tim Advbrtibbr.
Prof. W. H. Hamilton of the Cr>y
Court-Owings Institute, was in town
Miss Maggio Conts and Mr. Joe
Chony wore united In mairiago at Wa
terloo, Sunday, Sept 26th, Ryv. J. A.
Martin, tfiloia ing.
Miss Katharine J< n<?8 went to Ninety
Six Tbu-sday to assist in a musical en
tertainment, ?? hieb was given ry Prof.
Ih'.is. F. Jo.i et,' school.
Mr J. Waren D akoly broi'ghtto
The Advertiser . (.1 a fow d^ys ago a
basket of m?g<i;lo nt pears of tho
Keifer v iriet). "' .ry were beauties.
C. W. Taylor ha returned from So
dal'a, where he spent a week at the
beds.do of his brother, A. Jeff Taylor,
who h?s boen 111 about two week'. He
is improving.
Mr. C B Brooks, a veteran of the
War Between the States and a Sur
vlv r of Company G., Third Regimen',
U. C V., known as ih'j famous com
Pmy of "Briars" has in his posses ion
among other relics and old papers of
the War, a furlough or le.u e of ab
sorce from his company and reglu cir,
signol cod countarsigned by tho va
rious otliueis, includirg Hampton and
Cra'e Fowlc. tolortd, picked 402
pounds of cotton last Wednesday ou
Mr. Wistar Babb's farm at Babb's
Meadow. On Saturday Ihe sum hoy
pickoJ 108 pjundj in 01 minutis.
Mr. and Mrs. John Y, Gariington re
turned to tbo city Thursday from an
ox i nded bridal journey a>.d a--o at
homo to their friends at their hand
some new residenco on North Harper
The first autumn meeting of the Eu
chre Club was hold with Mrs \V. D.
Forgueon on Saturday afternoon. It
was, as is always the case with Mrs.
Ferguson's entertainments, a delight
ful affair, greatly tnjoyed by all the
'1 he numerous fnonds and acquaint
ances hero who wore made by Miss
Ruby Stuart Pickeas of Livingston,
Ala., while in the city last summer as
the art teacher in tho Summer School,
will bo lnteroated to knosit she.
will be married to Mr. William P.
Tart next Tuesday.
Miss Josephine Mlnter goee to Glenn
Sptings this week to bo prosent at the
double wedding of Miss Elizabeth Smith
to Judge U. B. PhllipBof Jacksonvll'e,
Fla., and Miss Emma May Smith to Mr.
Richard H. Barry, of Moo o, Sparen
burg county. The brides-elect art sis
tors, daughters of Mr. and Mrt. C. Eber
Smith of Glenn Springs and their mar
riage, which will take place, Tuesday,
October 18tb, at 4 o'olock p. m., will bo
a notable and interesting society event.
Misi Minter will be the guest of Mr.
! Ralph Smith while at Glenns.
Dedication of This Handsome Etlillce
Takes Place Sunday.
The First Methodist Church will be
formally dtdlcated next Sunday. Bis
hop W. W. Duncan will preach the
dedicatory sormon at 11 o'clock Sun
day m jrnlng, after which will follow
the ceremonies of the dedication. Rt v.
J. W. Kllgo, Presiding Eulor of tho
Spartanb'irg District, will a'so be
present and participate.
At half past seven Sunday evoning
an address will be delivered by Dr.
Henry N. Snyder, Presidont of Wof
ford Co'.l -ge.
Tho congregations of a'l theChurches
of the city have been invited to attend
those inU resting exercises.
Tho First Church was built about six
years ago during the pastorate of Rev.
R. II. Jones and is a very handsome
and imposing structure. The present
pastor is the Rev. W. B. Duncan who is
completing his fourth year and a most
highly successful torm.
State of South Carolina
Whereas, Landon E Reeder rmde
suit to mo, to grant him Letters of Ad
ministration of tho E-tateof and effects
of tho tald John C. Reeder, deceased,
These are therefore to cite and ad
monish hU and singular tho kitidrod
and creditors of the said JnoC. Roedor,
deceased, to bo and appear before mo in
the Court Ol Probat", to be hold at
Lauron? C. IL. S. C, on tho 20th day
of Otober, 1004, noxt, after public-tlon
thereof, at 11 o'clook in the forenoon,
to i-how cause, if any they havo, why
tho said administration should not bo
Given under my hand, this 3rd day of
October, 1904.
.1 v l. O
October 8, 1004? 2t
Notice to Teachers.
Toachors of free public schools will
see that their certificates are regis
tered in tho ofllc-o of County Superin
tendent of Education on or before pre
senting tholr pay warrants for first
month's salary.
A certificate must be loss Mian two
yoars old to be of full force and effect.
Teachors holding certificates from
Laurens County Board of Examinorp,
and who attonded a County or State
Summer School will present samo for
renewal at onoe,
A cert'floate will bo given ttachcts
presenting a full diploma from any ac
credited College In this State
Those not being able to comply with '
the above bad best take advantage of I
the examinations on the 2ist Inst.
Charles F. Brooks,
County Stipt. of Education, i
October 8th--td.
Famous Outfitters for Everybody
We are FAMOUS because we have made ourselves fa
mous by selling Good Goods at the prices that lots of mer
chants sell their shoddy and poor made goods. Never in our
history have we had such an enormous stock in all the de
partments. We have them in all the wearable grades for
all kinds of people. We handle only the best makes. Buy
from the largest factories in the United States. None have
any better and many of our customers say NONE AS GOOD.
We ought to sell every man, woman and child in Laurens
county their goods for fall 1904, because we know what goes
in our goods to make them reliable and wear?and we know
that none are better for the price. Don't buy shoddy clothes
when you can get the best for same price. A visit will con
vince you.
Dry Goods and Millinery Department.
Some specials that you should be interested in.
Black Cat Hose for children, the kind you
have been looking for?Leather Stockings, we
call them, because they wear. Price 25 c
30 pieces of light colored outing, positively
the lSc kind, our price
36 inch Black Taffeta Silk, the $1.25 kind,
our price $j qq
9 oz. all wool Jeans, the 35c kind, come and
see. Our price 25 c
Extra good Walking Skirts, the kind that
you generally pay $1.50 for, our dj| (\f\
price * ? " "
Yard wide shirting, the kind that sells for
6c and 7c, our price by the bolt and c r
by the yard
Come and see our Black Satine Skirts. We
sell you the same kind you pay d?| AA
$1.25 for, for 4*1. uu
How about your Jacket for this winter?
Come and see what we have to offer you. We
have a Jacket worth $6.50 that dj c (\(\
we are selling for ?JfOmX?x?
Ladies' Jackets in grey, special, J 98
Standard Prints, in short lengths,
our price
We can save you money on your full purchases if you will only give
us a showing. We have a stock of merchandise that is not equaled in upper
Carolina, and you have no trouble in finding what you want when you
come to this Mammoth Store and we will be delighted to show you through
our stock whether you are ready to buy or not. Come to see us and we
will make things to your interest.
Clothing, Shoe and Hat Department
Hello There!
have: you bought
your fall su it yet?
Or are trying to squeeze a little more wear out of that Summer suit al
ready looking seedy?
Better come here and take a look at our snappy array of
and other fine makes
for FALL and WINTER, before all the choicest patterns have been gob
bled up.
You can't tell these clothes from the highest class merchant tailor
work, because they have the same tone and refinement of appearance
something not to be found in ordinary ready=to=wear garments.
Why dally with the unknown quantity of doubtful make, when there's
the absolute certainty of always getting properly made garments here at
the right prices.
It is not a question of how little you pay, but how much you get for
what you pay. That is the secret of real economy.
Of course we have the lower price clothng~$3.50 to $ 12.50 for those
that do not want to pay so much. Our boys and children's department is
up to the minute in values and styles==$1.00 to $5.00.
Greatest stock of shoes ever brought to Laurens.
"Drop in and let us talk it over."
Outfitters to Particular People
Laurens, South Carolina.

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