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Commencement Exercises
Held Last Week.
Eloquent Sermon mid Addresses Deliver
ed?Debating Contest and Some
Interesting Announcements.
Clinton Juno 1G. ?The college com
mencement began last Sunday morning
with a most excellent sermon by the
Rev. Dr. 1 S. McFlroy, of Columbus,
Ga., on "Character Building," taking
his text from First Corinthians, third
chapter, 10th verse, "But let every
man take heed how he buildeth there
The speaker held his audience's close
attention nearly an hour. There must
have been a thousand in the congrega
In the evening the Rev. F. W. Gregg,
of Abbeville preached to the Y. M.C.A.
on personal Christian work.
. The public exercises on Friday even
ing consisted of a debate on the subject,
"Resolved, That the United States
Novy Should be Increased." One of
the debaters appointed stopped college
just before the close of the session and
this necessitated the dropping out of
another. The two remaining were Mr.
J. B. Frozier, of Blairs, S. C, repre
senting the Philomathcan Literary So
ciety, and B, M. Schlotter, of the
Thornwell Orphanage, representing the
Bukosmlan. The debate was close but
the judges' decision awarded Mr. Fra
zier the medal.
On Tuesday evening was held the
Declaimers' contest between the two
societies. The speakers with their sub
jects were: W. W. Sprouse, of Fair
view, S. C , "Constantius and the
Lion;" W. L. Latham, Joncsville,S.C,
"The Cross of Gold;" R. Frank Cun
ningham, Lancaster, S. C, "Napoleon
Bonaparte;" Daniel Crawford, ol Lin
colnton, N. C, "The American Flag;"
W. W. Addison, of the Thornwell Or
phanage, "The Heritage of the South;"
M. M. Sellers, of Latta, S. C, "The
Confederate Girl Wife."
The decision of the judges was close,
both the last speakers having made
strong impressions. Mr. Sellers was
awarded the medal on a majority vote
and the judges announced that they
were unable to make it unanimous.
Following the exercises Tuesday even
ing the . lumni reception was held in
the Jud(. dining hall.
Wednesday morning the regular com
mencement exercises were held in the
college chapel. The members of the
hoard of trustees, the faculty and the
graduating class were seated on the
platform. The exercises were opened
with prayer by the liev. S. C. Caluwell.
Only one of the three graduates spoke,
the Valedictorian, Mr. Sidney Brooks,
of the Thornwell Orphanage. His sub
ject was "International Arbitration."
The other graduates were Miss Essie
Young, of Clinton, and M. E. L. Power,
of Abbeville. Diplomas were presented
by Prof. Spencer, who spoke very ap
propriate words of advice and counsel
for the future and commendation for
the past.
The Kev. Dr. Adams announced the
election by the Board of Trustees of
the Rev. Dr. S. C. Byrd as president,
and the Rev. Dr. W. L. MePheeters as
vice-president. He also announced that
the degree of Doctor of Divinity bail
been conferred on the Rev. E. L. Fra
zior, of Anderson, and the Re". J. K.G.
Frasier. of Charleston. He then pre
sen ted Dr. J. K. G. Frasier to the
audience. Dr. Frasier delivered an ad
mirable address on "The growing sen
sitiveness of the public conscience as
shown by criminal statistics, our treat
ment of criminals today as compared
with fifty years ago, the modern spirit
<d* philanthropy, our ways of handling
labor problems, the new patriotism
based on truth and honesty and service
to our fellow-men, and the modern
temperance movement." He brought
out the part religion and church influ
ences have had in bringing about these
improved conditions. In conclusion be
deplored that the colleges have not
taken their proper part in this great
onward movement and pointed out the
probable development of the question
of religious training.
The Rev. S. L.Wilson, of Ninety-Six,
presented the different medals in nappy
The Beta Chapter of the Pi Kappa
Phi fraternity gave its annual banquet
at Judd Hall on Wednesday evening of
June 10th, which proved one of the
most enjoyable events of the com
incitement season.
Mountville, June 16. Cards are out
and preparations are making for the
marriage of Miss Ruth Crisp to Dr.
Bigham, of Florence county, next
Thursday afternoon, 18th inst. The
marriage ceremony will be performed
at 1 o'clock in the Baptist church by
the pastor, Rev. 0. Lewis Fowler, of
Clinton. A number of guests from
other places will be present.
The big Mill End Saleof Davis-Roper
Company, put on last week, has brought
many a buyer to Laurens. It has been
one of their best bargain giving sales
and they ask that you visit them this
week and share in the big bargains that
are being ofTerred.
Mr. J. 0. C Fleming was among the
veterans attending the Birmingham re
Local Committees Appointed to Arrange
For Entertainment of About
Sixty ?uests.
At a nicotine; of the local Furman
men here Thursday afternoon it was
decided to have the Laurcnscounty ban
quet on the evening of Tuesday, July
7th. This date seemed the most suit
able for the largest number and it is
hoped that the attendance will be as
large as possible. On Monday of next
week a letter with reply blank will be
sent to all the men whose addresses are
known and they are urged to respond at
once. Possibly there are some whose
addresses are not correct; if so, and
they do not r< ectve this loiter, let them
consider this press dispatch an invita
tion. The banquet is for every Laurcns
county man who ever at tended Furman
University and every Furman man now
residing in Laure is county. The indi
cations are that about sixty men will be
on hand at the banquet.
The following committees were ap
pointed at the Thursday meeting: C. A.
Power, general chairman: C. 1.. Fowler
and I''. P. McGowan, finance committee;
invitation and programme committee,
U. A. Dodson sad ('. D. liarksdale; ta
ble and arrangement, ('. A. Power,
Barle 10. Wilson and Alfred Barksdale;
and publicity committee, S. F. Boney,
W. C. Wharton and W C. Irby.
Dr. Edwin AI. Poteat, president of
Furman University, has signified his
intention to attend, as have a number
of other distinguished speakers. The
programme will be of unusual interest.
Former Dials Township Citizen Dies Quite
Suddenly of Heart Trouble.
Mr. Toliver R. McCauley, aged sixty
two, died of heart trouble las! Thurs
day afternoon at the home of his son,
Mr. T. C. McCauley, who resides near
Ora. Since Christmas Mr. McCauley
had been a sufferer from heart disease
and about three weeks ago he, with
Mrs. McCauley, removed from Wood
ruff to the home of their son. He ex
perienced no change for the better by
the change, anil on Thursday last as he
was reclining on his bed he suddenly
fell back and expired.
On Friday the body was taken to
Dial's church for burial, the services be
ing conducted by the Masons. Practi
cally all of Mr. McCauley's life was
spent in Dial's township and he always
enjoyed the confidence and esteem of
his neighbors and friends.
lie is survived by his wife, who was
a Miss Curry, of Dial's, and two sons,
Messrs. T. C. McCauley, of Ora, and .1.
C. McCauley, of Clinton.
Excursion to Charleston.
On .ext Monday morning the Atlantic
Coast Line will run an excursion from
I.aurens to Charleston, leaving here at
7:10 a. m. Monday and arriving in
Charleston at 3 p. in. Returning, pas
sengers have the privilege of leaving at
0:10 a. m. Wednesday on the regular
train, No. 52, and arriving here at 2:12
p. m., or leaving at 7 o'clock the same
morning on the special.
This schedule gives the visitors two
nights, one whole day and a good part
of another in Charleston and on the Isle
of Palms. The pleasure to be derived
from a visit to this famous summer re
sort need not be enlarged upon. The
people of Laurcns and l.aunns county
are well acquainted with them, and no
doubt many will take advantage of this
excellent opportunity to visit the "City
by the Sea," and the Isle of Palms.
Tins is the first excursion of the season.
The schedule appears in another col
umn and attent ion is directed thereto.
The round trip ticket from I.aurens
costs only $3.00.
Airs. Moses Madden Dead.
Cole Point. June 15. .Mrs. Moses
Madden died at her home last Monday
evening at 5 o'clock having been sick
only a short time. This news will come
as a distinct shock to Mis. Madden's
many friends in I .aureus county where
she has lived all her life and was most
favorably known. Before her marriage
she was a Miss Paslev. daughter of
Mr. B. II. Pasley, of tliis county. She
was married to Mr. Moses Madden, :>f
this place, some years ago and a num
ber of children have blessed this union.
The deceased was an excellent Chris
tian woman, a true friend and loving
wife and mother. Her place will be
hard to fill.
The burial services occurred Thurs
day morning at Mt. Pleasant church,
near her home, in the presence of a
large number of sorrowing friends and
Air. Carl Wharton Nominated.
Editor Advertiser: As several candi
dates have already been suggested for
the legislature, we would add to this
list the name of Mr. '.V. Carl Wharton,
of Waterloo.
He is a gifted speaker, a graduate of
Purman University and thoroughly in
touch with the needs of the masses.
He is young, ambitions in the laudable,
with an honorable desire to be of ser
vice to his people, making friends with
out effort and holding them with hooks
of steel.
In his veins good old I.aurens county
blood Hows and no one questions his
While not a politician, yet he would
make one of the most useful and popu
lar member from this grand old coun'.y,
with all its wealth of princely men, and
he should ho sent l>v all means.
Waterloo, June 13th.
Excellent Address by Col. Wharton-East
Game of Ball.
Waterloo, June 16.?-The Long barbe
cue given Friday in Anderson s park
was a complete success. Col. J. H.
Wharton delivered an excellent address
on "Woodcraft," which was very much
In the afternoon there was a fast
game of ball between Laurens and Wa
terloo, the home team defeating the
visitors to the tune of 11 to6. Puckett,
of Waterloo, was the twirler for the
locals and he kept the Laurens boys
from touching the leather only in high
places. The visitors did their best but
were not in the game at all. They are
all splendid looking young men but sim
ply can't play ball. Come again, boys,
when you practice up.
Mr. L. L. Dendy is in '< 'umbia this
week on business.
Mrs. Rex W. Lanford, ?. .Ireenville,
is visiting her parents, M . and Mrs. H.
I). Winn.
Miss Marie Compton is the charming
guest of Miss Sunie Pearce.
Misses Marie and Lola Henderson left
last week for a visit to relatives in
Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Smith have gone
to Glenn Springs.
There was an enthusiastic meeting of
the local camp, W. O. W., Friday night
in the Woodmen hall. Visitors from
Laurens, Cross Hill, Ekom and Friend
ship camps were in attendance. This
camp is now in a very flourishing condi
tion, new members being added every
Baseball at Gray Court.
Cray Court, S. C, June 15. ?A good
game of ball was witnessed by an in
terested crowd Saturday afternoon be
tween Landford and G. C. O. I. boys,
the score standing 6 to 2 in favor of
Landford. The game was the best that
has been played on the home diamond
and it was ours until the sixth inning
when Moore, for the locals got weak
and let the Landford boys get away
with him.
Misses Mary Vermillion and Lydia
Dodson, Mr. Walter Razor and Furman
Vermillion, of Donalds, were the guests
of Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Willis,Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Willis and Mr.
J. R. Willis are on an extended visit to
relatives in Birmingham. They arc ex
pected to return Tuesday.
Mr. M. H, Burndine has just returned
from the reunion in Birmingham and
reports a grand time.
A large crowd of the W. O. W. at
tended the unveiling of the monument
erected to Mr. L. R. Roper at Rabun
Sunday. This is a very appropriate
and impressive ceremony which the W.
O. W. give as a last tribute to their
dead brothers.
Laurens County Institute.
I wish to call the at ten'ion of teach- j
ers and prospective teachers to the fact [
that the Laurens County Institute will I
open Monday morning, June 22d, at
Laurens City School building.
On behalf of the teachers in this In
stitute I wish lo say that every means
will be used to make this session of the
Institute a thorough success in every
way. We desire as large an attendance
as possible so that much good may be
derived from the work and the schools
of Laurens county be benefited. The
work will be made as practical as pos
sible, considerable attention being given
methods of class inspection and devices
for improving same. All who attend
will have an opportunity to take part in
t he discussions, and we desire that all I
who at tend may find it beneficial. Come
and join with us in elforts to improve
educational conditions in our county.
Principal Laurens County Institute.
Nominating Mr. J. I). Watts.
Realizing that what the General As
sembly of South Carolina needs is men
of intelligence, st.ro? g character, far
sightedness in publ affairs and with
the real interest of he state at heart,
the friends of Mr. .>. Duncan Watts do
hereby make this call upon him to enter
the race for the legislature from Lau
rens county. We believe in his Inte
grity and are convinced that he would
well and truly represent Laurens county
in the General Assembly of South Caro
Lacked Only One Cent.
At the close of the recent revival
meeting at the First Baptist church
here a call was made upon the member
ship to give $110 to pay the expenses
thereof. Envelopes were issued and
when the collection was gathered the
amount was exactly $1.19.00, one cent
short of the mark. Needless to say
that penny was very easy to secure.
This collection certainly came nearer to
the proposed figure than any ever re
ported here.
Lydia Mills Beats Cross Keys.
Clinton, June PL In the fastest game
ever played on the local grounds Lydia
mill defeated Cross Keys 3 to 2 Satur
day afternoon, the game going 16 in
nings. It was a pitchers' battle from
start to finish. Bailey struck out 10
and Hetsill 21. Doley Barksdale's base
running was a feature, stealing five
Lydia..1 8 3
Cross Keys.2 8 .'1
Bailey and Young; Hetsill and Steph
ens. Time, 2 hours. Umpire, WofTord.
Watts Mills Defeated.
In an 11-inning game at the Watts
Mills park Saturday afternoon between
Watts mills and Saxon mills the local
team was defeated by the score of 5
to 4. M~
Well Known I.aureus Mau Claimed by
Death in Columbia.
News of the death of Mr. P.B.Langs
ton, a former I.aurens man, but muri'
recently a citizen of Andersen reached
here Thursday. His death occurred
in Columbia on Wednesday morning, the
10th. Following is a brief sketch taken
from the Spartanburg Journal of .Inno
"P.B,L?ngsten, who was well Known
in Spartanburg, where he lived for
several years, died in Columbia yester
day morning, after an illness "i' a few
days. The no\VS of his death will be
learned with regret by his many friends
Mr. Langston was formerly < oiinected
with the Spartanburg herald ami later
was agent of the Metropolitan Life In
Buranco Company. Ho was also book
keeper for S. B. F./.ell. Several years
ago he moved to Anderson, where he
was manager of the circulation depart
ment of the Anderson Daily .Mail.
About two weeks ago ho wa.1 taken id
and was carried to Columbia and placed
in the hospital for the insane.
Mr. La lgston was in his i33rd year.
His first wife was Miss Emma Mol'.lroy,
and of this union are four children.
They are: Mrs. .1. K. Cart, r, of Green
ville; Larry L?ngsten, of San Antonio,
Texas; Miss I.alia L?ngsten, of Spar
tanburg, and Bonner Langston, of An
derson. His second wife wi ? Mis 1'al
mirah Ramsay, of Williamston, and she
with one son, Law ton Lam' ton, l\ ivej
him. Yancoy L?ngsten, at Senaca,\vas
a half brother of tne d< coast il
Mr. Langston was a prominent Ma
son, having been Worshipful Master of
the Williamston and Spartanbui 1 i Iges
for several years, lie was also promi
nent in the Knights of Pythias, Odd
Fellows, Red Men, etc., lodges.
The body will be taken to Anderson
and interment will be made jn that
county. He was a member of the Cen
tral Presbyterian church of Anderson.'*
Passion IMaj I In.; day.
So numerous have been the requests
that the Passion Play be reproduced
here that Manager Roman, of the Eloc
trie Theatre, has consented to give this
admirable entertainment again on
Thursday, afternoon and evening, of
June 18th. When shown hero befon
this beautiful picture was seen by hun
dreds of people who were well plea i.
No doubt many of these will nll< >.
again anil those who failed to see i|
should by all means take advantage ol
this opportunity.
The picture consists of five films, In
all, over a mih' and a half long. The
work is exquisite and shows up in line
effect. The regular prices prevail for
this entertainment. Remember the
date- Thursday, June 18th,
Death of Infants at Kalma.
Rabun, June 16. Last Thursday the
infant of Mr. L. R. Brooks was buried
at the old church yard, Mr. \V. \. Haid 1
win conducting the funeral service.
On Sunday morning the death angel
entered the home of Mr. Waller A.
Baldwin, the beloved sup< riub iul< nl of
the Rabun Creek Sunday school, and
bore away the spirit of little Mayo, his
ten-months-old daughter, who had I.n'
sick for several weeks. The burial look
place Monday at Rabun ' ircl
Heavy rains fell in t his secti
the past week, in many pla< - v\
the lands pretty badly and inju
All fruit crops are plentiful around
A Sunday nn etltfing.
A very happy homo wedding took I
place at the residence of Mr. P.- njamiu
Coley, near Boyd's mill, on ! after
noon of Sunday, Jure 1 Ith. In the
presence of many relatives and invited
guests Miss Mattic Coley was married
to Mr. Thomas J. Pitts,' of Bivwi rlon.
The handsome bride was .
attired in pale blue silk and the I
couple were much admired as the mm
ister made them man and wife. The
marriage corcmony was performed h\
the Lev. J. Max'w. 11 Walla . 0
Presbyterian church. Tin
pic are both well known in I.aurens
county and belong t<> two of th<
and honored families in the community
Experienced H?fel Mau In Clinrgi ami
Everything Now Most Inviting,
Harris Springs, Juno 15. I i o 1 '? '
hen; formally opened foi imm
(tors this morning. Mr. I lean, '/. Lies,
an experienced hotel man, recent I;, of
the Jefferson hotel, Richmond, Va., hn
leased the properly iu re for II period ol
years and it is his purpose to make it
one of the best of Its kind in the
Mr. Rees has been here himself two
weeks and with a large forcoof carpen
ters and painters has gotten e . ei , tl
in first-class condition, lie will enter*
tain his visitors royally this nunmcr,
Ho has arranged with II magnificent
Philadelphia orchestra to furnish the
music during the hotel season. The
grand opening ball, nlway n great so
cial event, will occur Friday night,
July 3d.
Magistrate Hellanu in the City.
Magistrate P. M. Hollnms, of Dial's
township, was in the cit\ Friday oil a
brief visit. Mr. and Mrs. lb Ham have
the sympathy of their many friends
over the county in the lost of their Iii
tie two-year-old daughter, whose death
occurred on the last day of May. She
was a bright, sweet little girl, the pride
of nor parents and ihopci of the i
1 neighborhood.
\ Number of Cases Disposed t)f--Tlic
Conviction of Lawrence
Judge Klugh, of Abbeville, arrived in
the city Monday morning and the Court
of Genera) Sessions convened at 10.30.
Alter the preliminary work ot organiza
tion and the findings by the grand jury
the following eases were disposed of up
to press time:
John Brown, on the charge of larceny,
wn found guilty and sentenced to two
years on the public works or in the
state penitentiary.
Bonnie Johnson, housobreaking and
larceny, found guilty on both counts. ,
Attorneys Cannon and Blackwell gave
notice of appeal, so sentence was de-)
I erred.
Trod Fllodge, colored, on the charge
of assault with intent to ravish, pleaded
guilty and received asentenceof twenty
;> < ui'H at bard labor in the penitentiary. ,
Jim Little, assault and battery,
pleaded guilty and was given live years
in the Stale penitentiary.
Lawrence Hunter, a young while man
of I aureus Cotton Mills, on the charge
if assault with intent to ravish, was
found guilty with a mercy recom
mendation It is remembered that in
February of this year the arrest of
young Hunter, accused of attempting
to ravish the young daughter of a Mr.
.Moore, also of the cot ton mill, at t raided
a great deal of attention. Messrs.
Itichey & llichey represented the de
fense and will doubtless make an ap
peal. 1 hinter hail not. been sentenced
up to the hour of going to press.
Death of an Aged Woman -Miss Annie
Austin Wins Medal at Clinton.
Cross Hill. June 15. There was quar
terly meeting at the Methodist church
la l Saturday. Rev. Mr. Roper, pro
: idingelder, preached for Rev. Mr. Kin
ard at the big tent on Sunday to a large
Mrs. July Simms died last Friday at
the homo of her daughter, Mrs. I). II.
Ii III, and was buried Saturday at Bit
lhabara. She was nearly'.'S years old
would have been 98 in September.
Messrs. W. R. Kuller and G. M. ;
llanna stopped over at Cartersvillo,
'?a., on their way home from Rinning-!
ham and visited friends there a few
days. They report a splendid lime ad
i he way around.
Row Mr. Kinard will continue the
meeting at the tent during the week.
Services at 10 o'clock a. m. and at 8 in
t'ne evening.
At ihe commencement of the Presby
terian College of South Carolina last
week Miss Annie Austin won the essay
ist medal offered to the student in any
college class on some subject connected
with tho history of South Carolina.
Her subject was "Uosomont." In 1002
the lato Col. 11. W. Rail offered a prize
lor the best composition by a pupil in
the county schools under I" years of
age. Miss Annie won that prize and
her paper was printed in The Adver
tiser. She was then a pupil in the
I ro Hill School under Mrs. L. S.
McSwain, teacher.
Mr. Fnoch I'inson has the contract to
build an addition to the dwelling of Mr. ,
It, A. Austin.
Mr. W. T. Austin will have his house
r< modeled, repainted and otherwise im
Misses Co t rude and Leonora Leaman
are at Clinton a few day., attending
t onimenccmenl.
Miss Theresa Davenport has. been
quite ill for several days.
Scholarships for Oiris.
Vacant scholarships of free tuition
iir<!offered throughout tin- South Caro
lina Federation of Women's Clubs as
South Carolina Kindergarten Associa
ioti One Scholarship of free tuition
good for two years.
Leesville College Three scholarships
of frei tuition for four years.
Theso will be awarded by competitive
>? .initiations to be la Id July Huh, 1908.
Applicants must file their names with
the chairman of the department before
? Inly 1st. Students must be at least
if teen years of age and prepared to
inter Freshman or any higher class and
. : t inform the chairman which col
I . lie desires to enter.
!' r further information apply to
( h'n Dopt. Ed. S. C. F. W. C,
Dnlzell, s. c.
Rev. J. M. Shell, who was stricken
with paralysis three weeks ago, is
Steadily improving.
Misses Josie and Sadie Sullivan en
tertained a large number of their
friends Tuesday evening complimentary
lo thou* guests!
Messrs. Clarence Cuningham and .).
Wade Anderson today announce them
selves as aspirants for oflico, the for
mer for the legislature and the latter
for I reasurer.
< mgrossman Joe Johnson spent Sat
nr.;.i, an I Sunday night in the idly. He
is a candidate for re-election without
1 opposition.
Mr;. J. F, Tolbcrt, who was operated
on last week at the Pryor hospital in
Charleston, is improving rapidly. The
operation Was quite successful.
The following young ladie; are the
popular guests this week of Misses
Josie and Sadio Sullivan: Misses Kate
McSwoon, of Timmonsville; Alma Ran*,
? >i Leesville; Frances Finloy, of York
vilie; Gladys and Vclma Smith, of
l a lev, and lOmmio MeCrary, of Clin
1 Ion.
Woodmen <>r World
Pay Tribute.
two fink, Ai)i>iu:ssi:s
Ceremonials Meld ;u tlx- Rabun Creek
Church-, - immense Crowd
in Attendance,
On Sunday morning at Rabun Creek
church Hie handsome monument erected
to tho memory of the late I.. Ruther
ford Roper by Ihc Woodmen of the
World was unveiled with Otting and in
t eres ting ceremonies. The crowd was
estimated at liftoen hundred and In
eluded two hundred and fifty Woodmen,
representing liftoen camps located in
I.aurens, Greenville, (iroenwood and
Abbeville. The oxorcises of tlio occa
sion consisted of the unveiling eer< mo
nies, appropriate music and t wo admira
ble addresses.
Promptly at 11 o'clock all the Wt od
nu n present assembled near the church
and, forming in line, marched to |t?o
cemetery, each camp carrying its hi
nor, with liftoen members of the Tray n
bam (Suards, under (he commaiul of
First Sergeant .lohn Arthur Taylor, as
honorary escort, the entire procession
being in charge of John W. Kellett,
master of ceremonies, ami Paid .1.
Roper, captain.
Tho regular unveiling exercises were
conducted by C, A. Power as con,id
commander, assisted l>y I.. I?. 101 ledge,
adviser lieutenant; W. K. (.'lardy, bank
er; J. Lee Langston, clerk; R. C. < >w
lugs, escort; J. W. Kellett; master of
ceremonies; P. J. Roper, captain.
At. thi- conclusion of (he en remonios
tho crowd repaired to the chin ch, where
Congressman J. T. John on and Solici
tor R. A. Cooper, the invite.I speakers
for t he occasion, delivered eloquent and
admirably appropriate! add re ? a
feature of the day's e.xel ? wti the
fine vocal music by Mi r . ("list .Micks,
M. Ii. Roper, W.'P. I hotna ion, Jr.. R.
(J. Franks, of I,aureus, au I Prof. .1. I .
Thomason, of North Augusta. Thons
scmbly was dismissed by II. II. Mahoii.
'I'hus. ended a very impressive occa
sion, held in honor to '.he memory of a
deceased sovereien wll i Wll a loyal
member of Laurcns camp. No. '.?-, \V.
<). W. Mr. Koper died I., .i September
in this city. Ids body was carried out
to Rabun Creek church, which i near
the former home of hi, parent . wliei'e
t he deceased spent his child a ltd early
manhood days, lie! was .the eldest son
of Mr. and Mr . 'I'. Vic Ropi r, now of
this city, and id the time of his death
he was assistant chief of police and
first sergeant of Company !'? tTrnyii
ham (Suards), First liifuiitry, N, (i S.
<'. lie was also a veteran of t Is- Span
ish-American war. In all po itioris of
hon?- and trust he vv.'is lailhfill and
t rue and at 11h? t ime of hi ijnlihi ily
death tiiore Was no more popular young
man in I.aurens than Ford Roper.
Personal Mention.
Or. J. Ii. Fe.Ii. of Waterloo, wa ,
in the city yesterday.
Mr. J. A. Fowler of " asp nt Satur
day in t he city.
Mrs. J. F.. ('ark. lo <?! C| ;i | ? t.,,, j.;
visiting her mother, Mi . M >?. Roland.
Miss Noll Chil Ins . i vi lliiig in
Miss Harriet And? r On ol !pai tan
burp, is visiting Mi Aiiiii' II t f.
Mrs. M. Ca. selbary, of A ugusfa, is
the guest this v.eel. of Mri . Adolph
Shay or.
wood, pen' a few diiv Hi ? ?<?' With
Miss Willie .'one .
for a visit to f rief ah1 in < I hi ton, aftera
brief visit id Mrs, w. If, Dial.
Mi Mat I
v i si t lo Co i
Master llarve, .Jojnj .... ,,f - partim
bore is spending a few weeks With Iiis
Mr. Iteul eh P. < I r!. , of Nullius, Is
parents, Judge and Mi' .John M. < lardy.
RdSh Uiakeley, who liv< oh Hrown
Franklin's place, on M wd?; ; (ho l?th,
brought ill tho first cotton bloom wo
have seen thi > soii oh.
Miss Robin Arthur, < t' i ? ? stun, is
visiting at the hohie of Mr. J Si, Phil
yelher they Will spend some tithe; with
friends in the i '
[ A party of young people from Lau
rcns went to Clintor- last Wednesday
. evening for the dahco. i. . Were:
.Messrs. V. S. Ciiki r on, Fai l Wil on.
! F. K. Sunlit, J, W. Ihinkliii; Ml ju i
I Lena ( ahtiou, and Zolin u Cray.
I.aurens had fohr young me: to grad
uate in thi" various departments at
I Clem on last week. T|l0\ were. Mr.
Frank W. <'risp, in agriculture and
chemistry; Mr. L. v. (Jarrctt, in civil
I engineering; Mr. T. (1. Robinson, in
agriculture and chemistry, and Mr. W.
L. Riser in civil ongincori
Our proof render overlooked ,m error
in J. F. Minier ? llros.' advertisement
in this issue ai.d wa.-. printed before it
was discovered. "Sau o colored suits"
should have boon "'om coloro<| sultrt'*
but the price- remain ju i as low. Se(;
if you can find ihe error.

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