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An Article From The Manning Times
There is an old saying that "every
man is a prophet save in his own coun
try." This axiom applies equally as
well to your home town, that whatever
produced in another locality is sup
posed to be superior to what can be
produced or obtained at your own
No town can make the desired and
always to bo hoped for progress by
sending off for what you may require
to neighboring towns and cities. This
method of supplying your needs must
of necessity retard and restrict the
business advancement of a town.
There should be entertained and main
tained a pride and desire to build up
and develop your home town, and this
can only ho accomplished by endeavor
ing to secure whatever you may need
at your home. By this means trade
will be stimulated, a larger demand will
be created for merchandise of every de
scription, and consequently larger lines
of goods will be carried by the commer
cial clement of the town, who will nat
urally be compelled to purchase in
larger quantities, thereby enjoying
every advantage possessed by the mer
chants of neighboring points, increased
volumes of commodities will exert an
influence on the railroad officials, who
will give reduced rates and better fa
An increased trade will make a pros
perous town, which goes without say
ing, wHl induce capitalists at home and
abroad to invest money, aud a progres
sive town draws strangers to our gates
and fresh blood will have a tendency to
produce extra exertion and inject a
spirit of rivalry, which will be surely
the means of increasing the resources
of our town, which will in time assume
larger and more prosperous proportions.
This spirit of rivalry will contribute to
augment a natural desire for progress,
until from a comparatively small town
with limited business capacity the town
will expand until we will be sharp com
petitors of neighboring cities.
All these advantages can only be at
tained and enjoyed by patronizing and
encouraging home industry, not alone
by words, but the magic of the mighty
1 .et there he a concerted movement
to get together and develop our town
so it will be second to none in commer
cial influence.
Let us leave our money where we
make it and good results will surely
"Health Coffee" is really the closest
CollVe Imitation ever yet produced.
.This clever Coffee Substitute was re
cently produced by Dr. Shoop, of Ra
cine, Wis. Not a grain of real Coffee
in it either. Dr. Snoop's Health Coffee
is made from pure toasted grains, with
malt, nuts, etc. Really it would fool
an expert who might drink it for Cof
fee. No 2D or .'1(1 minutes tedious boil
ing. "Made in a minute," says the
doctor. Sold by .J. M. Philpot.
Pneumonia Worse Than Tuberculosis.
Contrary to the general opinion tuber
culosis is no longer ti e scourge of so
ciety, says the New York Times. Its
place as a death-dealing destroyer has
been taken by anotherdisease which is
making great havoc the world over.
This dominant slayer of the race is
pi cumonia. It is now the most deadly
of all diseases. Every year it is killing
oil' about 110,000 persons in the United
States. Allowing a mortality rate of
pne-fifth of the total number of cases,
this means that there are about 700,000
Cases annually in this country. In New
York, with its sudden changes of weath
er and severe winters, 36 in every 10,000
persons die of the disease every year.
Boston comes next wit h a death rate of
.'{0 in every 10,000, and Philadelphia and
Chicago are not far behind. In some
European cities, however, the ghastly
rcsujts are much worse than in the
United Slates, notably in Vienna, where
pneumonia carries off 40 in every 10,000
persons every year. London's popula
tion suffers severely from the inroads
of the disease, as also of Stockholm
ami other cities. Berlin is perhaps the
bei i olf of the European cities in this
respe? '; its mortality rate from pneu
monia is about 10 in every 10,000.
No Need of Suffering from Rheumatism.
It is a mistake to allow rheumatism
to become chronic, as the pain can al
ways be relieved, and in most cases a
Pain Palm. The relief from pain which
it affords is alone worth many times its
cost. It makes sleep and rest possible.
Even in cases of long standing this lini
ment should be used on account of the
relief which it affords. 26 and BO cent
Bi'/es for sale by Lauren^ Drug Co.
? _,_
bryan's Nomination Certain.
Col. Henry Watterson, editor of the
Louisville Courier-Journal, has the fol
lowing to say in reference to the nom
ination of William J, Bryan at Denver:
"1 have accepted Mr. Bryan as the
Inevitable candidate for the Democratic
party. He will be nominated on the
first ballot. I think Mr. Bryan is
stronger than over and has a much bet
ter chance to win."
N'o greater mistake can be made than
to consider lightly the evidence of dis
ease in your system. Don't take des
perate chances Oil ordinary medicines.
Use Holllster's Rocky Mountain Tea.
Rfi cent.'. Tea or Tablets. Palmetto
Printed In 1892.
Drug Co.
-* ?
i i??* k ? ? ? * ? 4 4+4***
Laurcns to he Congratulated.
The Advertiser came out last week
and announced its platform in the fol
lowing words:
"Our platform: Whiskey drinking is
dangerous to say the h ast of it. and as
a citizen we refuse to help create de
mand for a commodity which may harm
us or others.
"Our platform: Whi?kcy selling is
wrong in principle, inherently wrong,
and as a citizen and vot< r we refuse to
authorize its sale."
We congratulate not only Editor
Honey, hut the county of I.aureus upon
having a newspaper that prizes princi
ple above everything else. It is a great
thing for the people of that old county
which has been ruin cursed for so many
years to have such a newspaper.
Of course some of the nu n who ad
vocate the sale of liquor Will slander
him and his newspaper. They cannot
help it. That is the stock in trade of
most of the men who stand on that
side, but it will all amount to nothing.
Truth is eternal and it is bound to win
in the end in spite of the lying slander
ers of the enemy of all that is good.
And what is more, it will not be long
before a newspaper that stands for the
liquor traffic will not be tolerated in any
conmuinity. ?Greenwood Journal.
An Unwilling Sacrifice.
One hundred trunks full of feminine
finery, belonging to the sweet girls of
Winthrop, were burned to ashes in a
baggage car at Rock Hill yesterday.
Was there ever, since the days of
Savanarola's pyres of vanity in Florence,
such a sacrifice to the insatiable flames?
0, the pity of it! Charleston Evening
Those New berry Husbands.
A Laurens woman says that "a hus
band is such a handy man around the
house." She went on to tell how he
could wash the dishes and on a pinch
get a very good meal. A Newberry
woman finds her husband quite a handy
man also, for he "picks up chips and
minds the baby; then he is company,
too." But most Newberry husbands
spend mighty little time around the
house except nights and Sundays.
Newberry Observer.
True! Too True.
Candidate Blease, by the way, has
changed his platform since his last ef
fort for gubernatorial honors. Laurens
How many times has Gov. Ansel
changed his platform in the last six
years. Most of our leaders are rather
followers than leaders. We have a
recollection that is somewhat distinct
that all of our candidates for governor
six years ago were whoopers up of the
State dispensary system, including the
present governor. Two years ago Gov.
Ansel won on the platform of abolish
ing the State institution and having lo
cal county option as between county
dispensary and prohibition. Now he
stands for Stale wide prohibition.
Somewhat a follower of the tide of
public opinion as he interprets it.
Newberry News and Herald.
The Need ol Men.
"The Index is deeply gratified to note
the great interest which is being taken
over the country in the important mat
ter of sending a strong delegation to
the Legislature from this county.
"The need of good, strong, sensible
men can be illustrated by an incident in
last week's Slate Convention. In the
midst of a parliamentary tangle when
it took close attention and no little
mental effort to know where one was
at one Greenwood delegate, new to the
business, turned to another Greenwood
delegate in the same boat and said,
'Suppose this was the Legislature, what
chance would a pco-WCO have to get
anything accomplished?' And the other
delegate answered, not elegantly, but
forcibly, 'As much as a tallow legged
man would have in a walking match in
Hades.' And so he would." Green
wood Index.
Stomach Troubles.
Many remarkable cures of stomach
troubles havo been effected by cham
berlain's Stomach and Livor Tablets.
One man who had spent over two thou
sand dollars for medicine and treatment
was cured by a few boxes of these tab
lets. Price 2? cents. Samples frei- at
Laurens Drug Co.'s drugstore.
Dreams ami Nightmares.
Many of our commonest dreams are
occasioned by bodily conditions or sur
roundings. Loosened sheets at the foot
of the bed on a cold night soon deposit
a sleeper's feet in rivers or snow banks,
just as a second helping at dinner or a
tendency to lie on one's back in bed
readily conjures up whole l< gions of
spooks. Certain evidence on this point
was collected in Dr. G. Stanley Hall's
psychological laboratory at Clark Uni
versity from personal testimony. From
this it would appear that children prefer
animals for their nightmares, whereas
adults incline toward burglars, jailers
and the like. Lad} 'a Realm.
Von can't loll a woman's ago after
she takes Hollistors Pocky Mountain
Tea. Her complexion is line. She is
FOUnd, plump and handsome; in fact.
She is young again. '?'<?> cent Tea or
Tablets. Palmetto I ll'Ug I o.
Another Laurens Church Speaks Out.
A week or two ago we published n
notice of the step taken by the First
Baptist church, of Laurens, in deciding
to discipline any members who vote for
the sale of liquor.
We felt confident that this good ex
ample would be followed, and sure
enough the Advertiser reproduces a
letter from the Raptist Courier written
to that paper by Thomas H. Hurts,from
which we take the following:
"At our last conference the church
took high ground in favor of temper
ance and prohibition against the use of
liquor as a beverage and its sale legal
or illegal, by private individuals or cor
porations, and wo went on record in the
following resolutions:
"That it is the duty of every church
member to abstain from its use and
take his stand for total prohibition.
"That it is the duty of every member
of this church to vote against the traffic
and sale of the same whenever an op
portunity is afforded.
"I believe the time has come when
Christian people must take a decided
stand for the right, have convictions
and stand by them.
"I hope to let you hear from us later
on. *'
The name of this church is Union and
it is in Laurens county, and the pastor
is KeV. W. D. Hammett. This is not
the end. The day is coming when no
decent man will dare raise his voice in
the interest of the liquor traflic. It
will not then be necessary for churches
to discipline their members for voting
for the sale of whiskey. There are
some mighty good people in Laurens.?
Greenwood Journal.
To stop any pain, anywhere in 20
minutes, simply take just one of Dr.
Shoop's Pink Pain Tablets. Pain means
congestion?blood pressure that is all.
Dr. Shoop's Headache?or Pink Pain
Tablets ?will quickly coax blood pres
sure away from pain centers. Aftei
lhat pain is gone. Headache, Neural
gia, painful periods with women, etc.,
get instant help. 20 Tablets 25c. Sold
by Palmetto Drug Co.
Who invented soap? That this is not
a modern convenience is well known.
Hut just when it came into general use
is a mystery.
In Biblical times cleansing agents
were used. The books of .Job and Jere
miah contain the word "soap." Hut
this is merely a convenient use of the
word in translation. The Hebrew word
"borrith," for wdiich it was submitted,
is a general term for cleaning sub
stances. What these substances were
is unknown, but were probably little
like the modern soap.
Pliny speaks of the invention of soap
by the Cauls, wdio, however, used it
only as a sort of pomade or hair dress
ing. He also refers to the use of both
hard soap and soft soap by the (icr
mans. The use of fuller's earth which
has saponaceous qualities, for cleansing
purposes, was known to the Romans.?
Philadelphia Kvening Telegraph.
Sore Nipples.
Any mother who has had experience
with this distressing ailment will be
pleased to know that a cure may be ef
fected by applying Chamberlain's Salve
.is soon as the child is done nursing.
Wipe it oil* with a soft cloth before al
lowing the babe to nurse. Many trained
nurses use this salve with best results.
Lor sale bv Laurens Drug Co.
We Want
You to See
run ?
New Veil Pins
and to know what values we
have to offer in this line.
These pins can be used on
the new style bows called the
Merry Widow Hows
or they can be used for Veil
Pins or Belt Pins or for any
similar purpose.
Fleming Bros.
Notice to Creditors.
State of South Carolina, Laurens Coun
ty, In Court of Common Pleas.
Walker Pros. & Co., Lid.. Plaintiffs,
against Crescent Co., Defendants.
Pursuant to the decree of U0O, W.
Care, Presiding Judge, filed in tlu
above stated case May 8th, 1008, notice
is hereby given to the creditors and
persons having claims against the Cres
cent Company of Laurens, S. ('., to
present said claims properly proven to
llii" undersigned on or la-fore the 1st
day of July, 1008; persons and credi
tors failing to present the claims as
herein required will lie barred.
Laurens, S. C. 46 tf
Weak women should try Dr. Shoop's
Night furo. Thoso soothing, hcnlii
antiseptic suppositories go din cl t<> tho
scat of those weaknesses. My "Hock
No. 4 For Women" contains- innnj val
uable hints t<> women, and it is free.
Ask Dr. Shoop, Racine, W; ., to mail
it. Ask tho Doctor in strictest confi
dence any questions von \vi: h answered.
Dr. Shoo*p's Night Cure i sold by Pal
metto 1 )rug t o.
I.aureus People Can led Veil Why
It Is So.
Donn's Kidney Pills ? ni e the cause of
disease, and that is why the cures are
always lasting. This remedy strength
ens and tones up i he kidneys, helping
them to drive out of the body the liquid
poisons that cause backache, headache
and distressing kidney and urinary com
plaints. I.aurens people let tify to per
manent cures.
W. H. Franks. UM Chestnut street,
Laurons, S. C, says: "I have used
Doan's Kidney Pills al various i im.
for several years and think them the
best kidney remedy thai can be had. 1
was bothered a great ?1? al by pai
through the small of my back and did
not know what to <1<? to ?.Utain relief
until Doan's Kidney Pills were hrouj 1 I
to my attention. I purchased a box at
the Palmetto Drug Co, und they proved
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me relief in a short lime. Mv wife
also thinks highly of I hem and join i me
in recommending them to oth<
ered in a similar way."
For sale by all dealers. Price "
cents. Fostei-M ilburn Co., Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name I loan .- and
take no other.
of Soda
~" 4
The finest Fertil- &
i/.er for To}) Iii
sing', beats cotton rv?
seed meal. Highly [5
recommended in I he ?.
"Williamson" plan. $>
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trade. H!
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i Garden
THAT Wll.l.
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?j^l Gloves.
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KILL the COli
with Dr. King's
New Oi&eoyery
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I muri
Everybody knows what that
means?the 1 staunchest, last
built, lightest running, h t
material wagon on the marie t.
Not nil dealers like to handlo it because it costs them a
little more and they have to sell it lor a little more than
other wagons.
We Choose To Sell
The Wagon^of Qualify.
Wo believe we know what the people of this community want.
While it costs a little more than others it is worth a great deal more.
Every MEIburn Is Worth More Than It Costs.
It's worth while to brty right while you aro at it. fiel the wa i
that is not going to bother you with lire sottiug( breakdown s, etc.
Wc have that wagon.
H. Douglas Gray &Co.
Mastic Mixed Paint.
"The Kind Thai Lasts."
How do yoti figufe your Painl expense? I'"
von decide l<> lake the cheapest in dollarsaiul cents?
It' you do yo\i never decided to u e the most expel)
sive- it's not the- first cost that counts. The man
who figures his painting oxp< use, uol b\ tin- tu i
cost, but on tin- broader basis of cost per mouth ?>i
year- -he is tin- man who considers .ill all tin < !>
incuts entering the Paint problem?auc] lu usutilh
decides to use only
...Mastic Mixed Paints...
"The Kind That Lasts"
I-'or it is a demonstrated fact that Mastic
Paint covering 300 s<|uai'c feel :i coats is cheapi 1
50 percent, higher price than .1 paint covering
sqUafc feet, to say nothing of the different** in weai
in favor of ihr Masl'c colors ami cord at
i Dodson-Edwards Drug Co.
11 iiiiiI iiifiniiMnu 11 ui 11 iHiiiiii 1'iini 11 iiniiniu 1 -
We can't duplicate this \
1 order.
1 Box Violet Glycerine Soap, I!
j Calces. 3 Cakes Guest Room Si>.?. Ml
?j for
1 Pound Box Eastman's Talcum
t Powder, Kose or Violet, for
A 7 1
1 Can I ounce Violet Talcum Powder
Remember the nlatiufuclufei give u '< spi
goods on iiiarkci and wc an- < ^tending you t
.iv loilg US onr stock last.
See Window l)is|>hl\\
ten 81
I?G 1
Palmetto Dmt
Try Our Fine 100 per cent.
Henry Clay
Patent Flour.
Wc also have a good stock <>f Pin iid Second
Patent Flour, Molascs, Syrup, Unknown : nd
Peas, Good Fresh Water Ground Meal, ? ; und
Shorts, Cotton Seed Meal, Good Peed Oats and
Corn and Chicken feed.
Simpson, Cooper <$: ?abl),
Attorneys at Law.
Will |>VrtOtlco in all Stile CoUl'lrfi
l'rom]>l nttonllon given to nil hunlnoHa
If you ?iv mi iii'o?l (?I a u.ci' Monu*
mbnl feit* loved oh I ion prepared lo
furnish ii !?> yon ai vt'ry i'oriHonablo
prices. Nob Ma'.
.1. WAiU. Wim |{; ON, I nun n . S, ('.

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